June 9, 2016

DUP Brexit push may weaken UK - and sign the party's death warrant

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I’ve just had a surreal moment in the Centra at Donegal Square, Belfast, right opposite the City Hall. Blaring on the radio was The Police’s ‘Invisible Sun’. The Polish shop assistant was oblivious, but think about it: this is a song penned in 1981 by Sting about the Hunger Strikers, the conflict in the North and the nihilism of the Troubles. Those dark days are very far from the sunny Belfast I am strolling around today. While it’s no Dublin, the transformation is truly extraordinary. In the same way as Northerners, particularly unionists, should travel South more often to see that we don’t bite, we Southerners should also head North, to see what has been achieved here. It’s only two hours from Dublin and when you think of the carnage of the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s and 1990s, the results of (an often difficult) peace are worth savouring.

I’m up in Belfast to take part in a panel discussion on the Brexit poll, which is in St Mary’s University on the Falls Road. For a variety of reasons, I’m more familiar with the other side of town, so a trip up the Falls should be interesting. Unfortunately, or maybe predictably, it appears that the Brexit debate has more or less split the North on religious lines again. True, the diminutive Ulster Unionist Party is grudgingly pro-Remain, but the main unionist political tribe, the DUP, is deep Brexit and the nationalists are flying the star-spangled EU banner.


It’s just the way it is up here. Things break down religiously. Billy says black, Seamie says white. Alison says bacon, Mairead says rashers. There are all sorts of little tells that give you away.


Sigmund Freud – a man who thought that psychology was wasted on the Irish – described this tribal search for bizarre, infinitesimal micro-distinctions as the “narcissism of small differences”. When the differences between two groups are so small to the untrained eye, those tiny ones that exist are elevated by either side as evidence of a profound distinction. When you come up North, the narcissism of small differences is flamboyantly on display. You see the same sort of thing in the Balkans.


In fact, speaking of the Balkans, doesn’t British Prime Minister David Cameron remind you of an Ottoman Pasha trying desperately to keep the warring factions together? He is the last of the Ottomans. In the end, the poor Ottomans couldn’t hold the warring tribes together, leading to what the British pejoratively described as “Balkanisation”. Interestingly, are we now we are seeing the Balkanisation of Britain?


In England, you have anti-European, pro-British, English nationalists ahead in the polls. In Scotland, you have anti-English, pro-European, Scottish nationalists firmly in power. In Wales, you have anti-English, kind of pro-European nationalists driving their own Brexit agenda. Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, you have the anti-each other, whatever you’re having yourself, British and Irish nationalists pulling in opposite directions. Is it any wonder that Pasha Cameron looks jaded? Who is going to hold it all together?


History tells us that one thing is clear: when you dilute the glue that bonds nations together, you do it at your peril. Consider what could happen to Northern Ireland in the coming years.

The DUP is campaigning for Brexit, but it should be careful what it wishes for because Brexit may loosen the UK so much that the DUP could be signing its own death warrant. Here is the possible scenario that could unfold if there’s a break-up of the UK.


The English lead the British out of Europe. The Scottish react by going to the polls again, wanting to stay in Europe. They have to leave the UK to stay in the EU, and by a small margin they vote to stay in Europe but leave the English. Not unfeasible.


The rump UK becomes an entity involving a Eurosceptic England, a modestly pro-European but compliant Wales and an ever-divided Northern Ireland. However, it is a Northern Ireland shorn of its fraternal brothers, the Scots, in a union with the ambivalent English. There has never been the same cultural affinity between the English and the Northern unionists.


The Shinners then go for a border poll, triggered by the Scots leaving the UK. At the moment, there is still a majority for NI to remain in the rump UK, but the focus of attention on NI prompts an ambivalent England to question this. If they can have a UK without the much more significant Scots, the English will ask why they should bother with these punters in Ireland, who they have less and less in common with?


Economically, the Union has been a disaster for all the people of NI.


If we go back to 1920, 80pc of the industrial output of the entire island of Ireland came from the three counties centred on Belfast. This was where all Irish industry was. It was industrial and innovative; northern entrepreneurs and inventors were at the forefront of industrial innovation. By 1911, Belfast was the biggest city in Ireland, with a population of close to 400,000, which was growing rapidly. It was by far the richest part of the island.

Fast-forward to now and the collapse of the once-dynamic Northern economy versus that of the Republic is shocking. Having been a fraction of the North’s at independence, the Republic’s industrial output is now 10 times greater than that of Northern Ireland. Exports from the Republic are €89bn while from the North, exports are a paltry €6bn. This obviously reflects the presence of multinationals, but it also underscores just how far ahead the Republic’s industrial base is.


The total size of the Republic’s economy is now four times that of the North, even though the labour force is not even two and a half times bigger. In terms of income per head, the Republic is now almost twice as rich per person as the North. The average income per head in the Republic is €39,873, while it languishes at €23,700 up North. The differing fortunes of North and South can be easily seen in the fact that, having been smaller than Belfast at the time of partition, the population of the greater Dublin area is now almost three times bigger than the greater Belfast metropolitan region.


Even the perennial deficit which funds NI, the £7bn annual subvention, is no more than 5pc of Irish GDP and would obviously would be smaller if both economies were conjoined.


Maybe the DUP’s best long-term strategy is an alliance with middle-ground, I’m-all-right-Jack Southerners who wouldn’t contemplate union with Northern nationalists. Conor Cruise O’Brien once said the last great battle of unionism would be with the English, not the Irish. Could it also be the case that the last great battle of Northern nationalists will not be with England, but with Ireland? Interesting times lie ahead.

  1. ross81

    Not sure you can put the North’s industrial/economic decline down to “leaving Ireland” & sticking with the Union. Other great British industrial centres like Manchester and Glasgow have also suffered the deindustrialisation fate as the globalist race to the bottom disembowelled that part of the economy. Also, we earn more but their cost of living is way less in terms of food, bills, rent & other essentials so its not really a fair overall comparison.

  2. Pat Flannery

    There is no doubt that you are (bravely) going into the belly of the beast at St. Mary’s. It’s permanent Chair is the serving Bishop of Down and Connor, ex-officio for God’s sake!. Nothing left to chance there. The crozier is firmly planted on the Falls Road and will remain there.

    It would be nice to see a recording of this debate on YouTube if you could arrange it. It sounds from your piece for the Indo yesterday that you will be thinking in terms of ”the last great battle of Northern nationalists will not be with England, but with Ireland”.

    I agree but I would amend that slightly to ”…with a Catholic dominated Ireland, north and south”. The key to unity is a loosening of the grip of the bishops. A good place to start would be right there in St. Mary’s. Watch out for a belt of that crozier. Have a car running outside. Good luck.

  3. McCawber

    Leaving the “United Irelabd” agenda aside.
    Pasha Cameron and the Freud reference to small differences
    Thatcher Reagon Bush and Bertie thrived physically on power – got off on it basically.
    Cameron Obama on the other hand have aged while in power.
    WHY the difference. What does it tell us about the individual.
    Personally I think Cameron and Obama care more for all their citizens, they are naturally inclusive.
    Now look at Trump and Clinton – Who has thrived the most during the primaries.

    • Deco

      In the US Presidential nomination process, mantras have defeated debate.

      Sanders tried to make the process about the issues facing American society. The Clinton machine (and the advertising revenue that it delivers the networks) destroyed that.

      Likewise, in the GOP, the Donald “trumped” anybody who tried to have a serious discussion.

      TV has negatively impacted the intellectual development of society.

      In fact, both contests ended up being “won” by people who avoid ever addressing anything in an open and honest manner.

      Time for a third party ?

  4. Antaine

    Subscribe :-)

  5. Deco

    There was a similar article a few weeks back. But this is even more nonsensical than that.

    The article also reminds me of an article about the Carribean which ended on a upbeat comment about Denis O’Brien’s mobile company.

    This article will preumably be syndicated to the Belfast Telegraph. And as such it will send a signal to the DUP, don’t fight the new Imperial racket. Because the Belfast Telegraph is part of Indo News Media. And INM is pro-centre right. And the EU is currently dominated by the centre right.

    And let’s be honest here – the Euro centre right is increasingly corrupt.

    Far from damaging the DUP, I reckon they are correct to question the EU imperial project.

    What is the point in wanting devolution for NI, when Brussels wants to effectively reverse the process, by other means ?
    More EU-rope effectively reverses the entire peace process.

    The DUP is effectively showing it’s ability to grasp what is happening. The SNP are on a trajectory to absurdity, currently. Take 120 Dollar per barrel of oil away from Nicola Sturgeon, and you are dealing in the realm of Bertonomics. Incidentally, Scotland is currently borrowing hand over fist, thanks to the SNP.

    The SNP started out on the Norwegian model, but now they are committed to the Brian Cowen model. They have yet to go grovelling to the Berlin. But that is where the SNP will evventually lead Scotland, if the Scottish people believe them. Personally, I doubt the Scottish people will follow Sturgeon and her band of clueless chancers.

    I don’t think Brexit will break the DUP.

    It might break the Belfast Telegraph. Which might be a remarkable achievement considering it is a near monopoly in the unionish population.

    We standard issue PAYE taxpayers (I don’t think Denis O’Brien is in that category, as he is resident somewhere else) might be lined up to fund another debt write down, when that happens.

    The DUP are to be informed that you cannot count yourself as a mainstream political party, in media coverage, if you oppose the EU.

    It is not Cameron that is Pasha, but perhaps Jean Claude Banker, ehading up the EU Commision.

    The EU has lost the plot. It is increasingly dysfunctional.

    In fact the irony of the situation, is that as NI veers gradually in the direction of functionality, the EU is increasingly showing itself to be dysfunctional.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Take 120 Dollar per barrel of oil away from Nicola Sturgeon, and you are dealing in the realm of Bertonomics. Incidentally, Scotland is currently borrowing hand over fist, thanks to the SNP.”

      You hit the nail. Remember “the second oil boom” that Nicola Sturgeon spoke of in Shetland during the referendum, or their sums on tax revenues – which even at the time looked optimistic?

      Btw, there was an unknown (here) twist to SNP’s campaign, which was partly financed by their Polish operation. How? Sir Brian Souter established a successful intercity coach service operator in Poland called PolskiBus. Considerable parts of their profits were going to finance the SNP campaign (where Poles residing in Scotland were allowed and encouraged by SNP to vote – I wonder how would that be with “United Ireland” referendum)?

      At the end of the day, most (but not all) of SNP misunderstands the sources wealth. They imagine it in a Marxist way, as resources-based zero-sum game. Mr George Gilder said,

      ‘Unlike an inexorable, Newtonian “great machine”, the economy is not a closed system. The zero-sum caricature applies much more accurately to socialism, which stifles the creation of new wealth and thus fosters a dog-eat-dog struggle over existing material resources.’

      Of course, one good thing that SNP did was to revive nationalism.
      By nationalism I do mean a bunch of skinheads swaggering the streets and looking for differently looking people – even though it looks like by facilitating the entry of terrorists into Europe the liberal elites are giving potential rise to it.

      Before WWII, patriotism was understood as love for one’s country (either national states or multinational monarchy/republic – that way it was understood by Józef Pilsudski from house Butler, who saved Europe from bolshevics or by Mr Kaczynski today); nationalism was love for one’s own nation (that way it was understood by Polish pre-WWII nationalist Roman Dmowski or Marian Kowalski – leader of nationalists today). Hatred of other nations was called chauvinism.

      To discourage people from cultivating their national identities, a semantic shift occured.

      Pre WWII patriotism + nationalism = patriotism.
      Pre WWII chauvinism = nationalism.

      A word chauvinism was removed (in other words every nationalist is now called a fascist or racist).

      • Deco

        This is about power. The EU imperial project wants to get rid of the nation state, not out of benovelence, but out of love of a large central power structure.

        In other words, the motivating factor is not to end all state aggressions, but to start a different form of state aggression.

        The SNP are a collection of opportunists. All the moaning about the English, and give it a few years and they will be moaning about somebody else. Like all opportunists they see a gravy train coming, from a distance.

  6. ” Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” box still not working.

    Anyone voting on the one hand for independence from Britain, as Scotland may do, and on the other to join Europe suffers from delusions all round. It is totally irrational.

  7. Deco

    The RoI cannot afford to prop up NI, in the standard of subsidy, with which NI is accustomed.

    And it definitly cannot do so, whilst bailing out Merkel’s banks.

    The barrier to a united Ireland, is the current EU bailout of the bondholders program. And the garrison enforcing that is the pro-Brussels element in Irish politics.

    But I don’t see SF doing anything about that. In fact SF have completely dropped the subject.

    The Union with Britain did not ruin NI. It prevented NI from meeting the consequences of being a rust belt region. NI failed to adapt. Pretending it is 1690 all over again….year in, year out, does not make you any more succesful in the economic sphere.

    The income statistics in the RoI are a statistical joke thanks to transfer pricing. Similarly, in NI, due to income transfers from Westminster.

    England without Scotland, and NI would economically be hyper-competitive. Think of a more flexible economy than Germany. Wales will not leave. Soon an increasingly debt ridden Scotland and an insolvent NI would be running back to England looking for more money.

    [ well, they could try Germany also....but how ias that working out for the Greeks ? ] Germany does not offer income transfers, but instead offers harsh austerity. And austerity is a big buzz-word that Nicola Sturgeon uses frequently…..

    Think carefully about SNP economic policy, and it quickly transpires that it is a cul-de-sac. And I suspect the Scots will figure this out, also. If Scotland wants to be indepndent, it needs to come up with something better than the SNP.

    • coldblow

      I agree the EU is a mess, which may be just as well as if it were not it would be even more dangerous.

      My understanding is that they want and encourage regional independence to make it easier to exercise control. Powerful national states are harder to bully. I used to wonder about the big sign you’d see by the roadside travelling west across the Shannon: ‘You are now entering Ireland West’. I used to think it was a tourism thing. It didn’t make sense then and still doesn’t.

      • Deco

        They could have stated “welcome to an empty space that has suffered 150 years of continual depopulation”.

        But that would imply that FF/FG have been useless.

        And that would be more honesty than the political machines can tolerate.

  8. Pat Flannery

    Having watched the Loughinisland massacre families’ press conference today exposing British Government collusion in sectarian murders, I am even more convinced than ever that a Brexit from Europe would lead to a Brexit from Ireland and that that would liberate Ireland from the most lethal British import of all, its religious sectarianism and virulent anti-Catholicism.

    I really hope they leave and bring the Catholic bishops, who draw their power from British-inspired anti-Catholicism, with them. We need an all-Ireland republic with American-style separation of church and state with an emphasis on the rule of law, not on religion.

    The most prominent and most central building in every American town is the Court House, not the Church building as in Ireland. That struck me very forcibly driving around America when I first went there.

    It says to everybody: ”we are a government of laws not of men”; we are all equal under the law; your religion is your private affair. That is the glue that holds together many different religious and ethnic groups in a very diversified America. It can happen here.

    • Antaine

      We are a Government of Laws… (made by a few men who are bought and paid for by the highest bidder and the majority can suck a lemon. The difference in sentencing based on incomes show up the hypocrisy of the system in the US.

      • Pat Flannery

        Antaine: “The difference in sentencing based on incomes show up the hypocrisy of the system in the US”. Absolutely not so and would be hotly disputed by the millions of honest hard-working dedicated people employed in law enforcement across America.

        In fact many Americans think that lower income offenders get preferential treatment in that they automatically get free legal services and other benefits that those with private means have to pay for.

        The sad sociological fact all around the world is that lower income people tend to get into trouble with the law more often than do the better off. That would suggest that a more equitable distribution of wealth would help the problem. It is not because of any hypocrisy in the US system.

        • This account suggests the US judicial system is totally corrupted.
          I go further.
          Society is so corrupted that the distinction between what is right and what is wrong has been obliterated.
          It is so corrupt that to be corrupted has become the new normal.
          Amorality rules.


          • Pat Flannery

            Tony: he doesn’t just suggest it he SAYS “The US judicial system, both civilly and criminally, is intensely corrupt.”

            I don’t normally read conspiracy blogs like The Daily Bell but out of courtesy to you I did today. I really think you should read less of this kind of stuff Tony. It is very misleading.

            On May 30, 2016 it wrote “One [of the Federal Reserve's two goals] is to keep the dollar strong against gold and the other is ensure that the world’s quasi-depression continues.”

            So, according to the Daily Bell, the US judicial system is totally corrupt and the Fed’s goal to keep the world economy in continuous depression.

          • Truthist

            Pat, DMW’s blog is a “Conspiracy” Blog ;
            It would not be much of a economic-politico-cultural blog if it was not.
            Because, all politicos are always “conspiring”.

            Unfortunately yes, the 3 arms that are government — the L.E.J. [ Leglislative, Executive, Judicial ] — of the U.S.A. is totally corrupt.
            Corrupted by the Khazarian mafia ;
            Corrupted as Preston James PhD of the USA & http://www.veteranstoday.com diagnoses, & prescribes for ;


            Recently posted by Tony Brogan on this blog.

            I mean in all fairness Pat, u surely know that the U.S.A. is at the abyss when Males masquerading as Females are allowed by Federal Law to use the toilets & changing rooms of Females ?

            Preston James PhD’s diagnoses is spot on ;
            But, regrettably, I believe that his prescription will not work ;
            Because, the Khazarian Mafia is too entrenched to be removed as PJ PhD outlines.

            Thus, what we will see from the strategists fighting against the corrupt L.E.J. of the U.S.A. within the next 4 years is concrete movement to “secede” from the Federal Union of States.
            Initially some of the likely States to do so are Idaho & Iowa.
            I trust with ur intimate knowledge of the USA that u will add more.

          • Pat Flannery

            Truthist: You say ”DMW’s blog is a “Conspiracy” Blog”. Hmmm.

            That may explain why I am beginning to feel more and more isolated on this blog. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Such thinking is too simplistic for me. It reminds me of religious fundamentalism and just as dangerous.

            But thanks for pointing that out, I will adjust my contributions accordingly.

          • Sideshow Bob

            Pat F,

            I for one would hope that you won´t alter your contributions.

            Your choice however!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Dear Pat,

            You write

            ‘That may explain why I am beginning to feel more and more isolated on this blog. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Such thinking is too simplistic for me. It reminds me of religious fundamentalism and just as dangerous. But thanks for pointing that out, I will adjust my contributions’

            I think that if we want to avoid the danger of being entangled in the web of miscommunications and mutual accusations, an important distinction should be made between two different world views.

            One such world view is that there is one group of people behind one conspiracy and that this conspiracy can explain everything that is going on in world affairs, from the US election, quantitative easing to the start of WWII. This view is obviously too simplistic and it can be easily falsified (I’ll come back later to problems with the concept of falsification of conspiracy theories).

            As an example, take the conspiracy theory that the world in general, and the US in particular, are run by Israel, or the Jews in general. While I could point out some facts in support of that conspiracy theory (for example

            - Hollywood,
            - A.I.P.A.C. – no one can become a candidate of either party in the US if he does go to their mass rally and tries to outdo the other candidate in his declaration of loyalty to Israel (interestingly, amidst plethora of evidence gathered to discredit Mr Trump – as you have perhaps gathered, I am not exactly his fan – this – Mr Trump’s one big psalm of praise for Israel – was never pointed out in the campaign – despite the opulence of A.I.P.A.C mass event); the only exception this year was Mr Sanders, who was exempted from this weird racist cult as he had spent his youth in kibbutz;
            - or Act No.: 1066, signed by the previous Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski of Civic Platform, which Act enabled Mossad agents to carry guns in Poland while escorting Israeli tourists – which once resulted in a Kraków-residing Italian ending up in a hospital for a few months because he did not believe in their self-assumed right to physically push everyone – including 80-year olds – off the street when an Israeli tourist group is walking the cobbled streets of otherwise safe and romantic city of Kraków),

            I could also point out some facts that would negate that Jewish-conspiracy theory (for example:

            - if the Jewish lobby runs the world, then how come President Obama stood up against Prime Minister Netanyahu, who wanted to attack Iran and almost turned blue in his face from anger during their meeting in the Washington (there is a wonderful photo from that meeting;
            - or how come there was a huge anti-Israeli Jewish protest in New York a few years ago, related to said plan of attacking Iran;
            - or how come my friend Matthew Tyrmand is a Wall Street insider New York Jew (albeit he is an atheist, but as you know, for in most of Jewish theology that does not matter), and he goes publically against the (predominantly Jewish) liberal agenda in the US/English media, etc).

            On the other hand though, an opinion that there are no conspiracies at all is also too simplistic, extreme and it belies obvious facts.

            Both approaches – that everything is run by one conspiracy/group of people, and nipping in the bud ALL conspiracy arguments by condescendingly (I am not referring to You on that one) describing them as “conspiracy” – assume (not always intended) that by uttering one-word judgments (“it is but a conspiracy Sir, a folly, a lapse of reason – Sir, you are a village fool, an idiot-savant at the most!”) entitles them to a rather patronising approach, imposing power from their haircuts and eyes and assuming an air of someone whose towering presence hovers miles above those who have wilfully mislaid life’s sublime reality.

            To me, the difference between those who claim that all we see and hear is a Jewish/American/Russian/British/Kaczynski’s government/Bilderberg/freemasonic/Catholic Church conspiracy and those whose only response to that is that “this is a conspiracy theory” is that there is no difference – they both claim that there is a conspiracy – the first ones that there is, say, Jewish conspiracy, the others that there is a conspiracy of conspiracy theorists who are trying to filter through the hitherto conspiracy-free and unbiased liberal media.

            Bear in mind that one Lenin was brought to Russia as a result of German army conspiracy, while other conspirator – Trotsky – was at some stage taking instruction and drawing financial support from another German army officer, one Parvus (as well as being financed by Wall Street), so ask not if something IS a conspiracy theory or not, ask whether a given conspiracy theory is TRUE or FALSE.

            Some conspiracy theories are well supported by documents. Others seem to have some kernel of truth to them, but lack enough support to make them likely. Others still are easily to debunk – but not because they are conspiracy theories, but because they are false conspiracy theories. We should distinguish all of those cases and be precise in our way of expressing, otherwise we would just produce nothing but information noise.

            I will give you now an example (other than Lenin) of a conspiracy theory that is a conspiracy and it is true.

            The name “Polish concentration camps” was invented by German intelligence (I am talking about the post WWII Germany) in conjunction with the US in order to shift historical guilt (and possibility of compensations) from Germany once they had become the US ally in NATO.

            Supporting evidence:

            After the fall of the Third Reich, USA (as well as the Soviet Union) needed former Nazi intelligence to fight the cold war. The man the USA had decided to entrust with building a new German intelligence was Wehrmacht’s General, Reinhard Gehlen (in Eastern Germany the de-nazification was even more symbolic rather than real – they even left the Nazi uniforms and just changed emblems; besides, as I have pointed out before, WWII would not have been possible without prior German-Russian military cooperation). Herr Gehlen established the Bundesnachrichtendienst, in short BND). With it he created the so called Agency 114 – a cell aimed at revealing Soviet agents in West Germany. As revealed by Mr Hans-Henning Crome – one of its former workers – in his interview for Der Spiegel, The Agency 114 had been employing almost exclusively former Nazi agents (mainly SS, Gestapo and Abwehr).

            Mr Gehlen passed over to the US microfilms with secret Soviet archives; in return, he was allowed to organise so called “rat lines” – routes to smuggle the Third Reich war criminals to South America and (over 5,000 in total, as described in the book on A. Eichmann by Neal Bascomb) and even to the US (10,000 – this was only revealed in 2010 based on the 1960s document of Organisationseinheit 85; a special branch of BND).

            I can personally confirm the former, as when I was in my twenties, I have had a year long flirt with an US born girl – her phone number I have up till this day – who, having built some trust, told me her family story and it turned out that her grandfather was a high ranked member of Waffen-SS and had been smuggled to America precisely that way – a strange friendship of two people whose one grandfather was shooting that kind of Germans – I remember being perhaps 10 years old and him trying to train me to do precisely this (I mean to shoot, not to shoot Germans), somewhat unsuccessfully as most of my shots landed on the barn door – but I have some familiarity with weapons left from that experience up till this day (many years ago I experienced a foiled armed robbery attempt at work in Ireland, which resulted in me taking the weapon off the balaclava wearing robber thus scaring the shit out of him (unlike that Garda officer who, after a similar experience, was awarded money – I did not expect any money for saving my employer 200 grand from the safe – and disability due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – and the other persons grandfather was doing the same with Poles for somewhat less noble case).

            The Agency 114 was commanded by Mr Alfred Benzinger (known as ‘fatso’). Herr Benzigner employed people such as Herr Konrad Fiebig, who had killed 11,000 Belarusian Jews, or Herr Walter Kurreck from SS Einsatzgruppe D, who had killed even more Poles. This was approved by Konrad Adenauer (Gehlen was in close touch with Adenauer’s Chief of Staff, Mr Hans Globke.

            When in 1949 in Hamburg Feldmarshall Erich von Manstein went on trial, Winston Churchill himself publicly gave money for his defence in court. All in all, every third member of Adenauer’s cabinet was the NSDAP member, as well as every fourth west German parliamentarian (one of them, Mr Wolfgang Hedler, gave a speech in Bundestag in 1950 where he claimed that those who had fought the Nazis are traitors and that Germany is better off today because it got rid of “the Jewish spirit” – admittedly he was then trialled for that, but as 2 our of 3 judges were NSDAP members too and Mr Hedler obtained support of Konrad Adenauer, he was acquitted, and met with massive support crowd after leaving the court building); 8 of them became West German ambassadors).

            The aforementioned Alfred Benzinger said, “a little bit of historical false can, when years pass, contribute to erasing German historical responsibility for Holocaust”. He asked Gehlen for approval, and Agency 114 worked out a concept to introduce a semantic manipulation by entering into media circulation a phrase “Polish concentration camps”. First they started using it in West Germany, then the rest of Western Europe and the US; finally it ended up being used by blissfully unaware fools such as President Obama or Dr Kevin McCarthy from Cork University (with the latter I am not sure if he is so unaware as, incidentally, he is financially involved in the Jewish Museum in Dublin; Dr McCarthy’s ignorance, for example, about the events in Kielce 1946, is encyclopaedic, and for me he is the best exemplification of the adage that the worst fool is the educated fool – a prove how the Irish overinvested in some academics:



            An example of a conspiracy theory that has some kernel of truth in it, but the supporting evidence is inconclusive, is a theory that conflicts in the Ukraine were historically fomented by the British intelligence to prevent the grow of Catholic countries (for example the seventeenth century saw a huge Ukrainian uprising against the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania – for example one of the main commanders of Khmelnicky, the leader of the seventeenth century Ukrainian uprising, was one Cameron from the Scottish clans of Camerons; later British diplomacy would support the 18th century partition of Poland, financing Prussia and supporting their 7-year war; some historians claim that Great Britain offered military guarantee to Poland to precipitate Hitler’s decision to start WWII, thus diverting the main attack from Great Britain – but there are things that might be argued against it too, so all in all it is an example of a conspiracy theory that it can neither be easily proved or debunked).

            Another thing which has to be distinguished from conspiracy theories (true or false) is the information war techniques. Information war is used by intelligence of all countries, perhaps except for Ireland – as I am not sure if Ireland has her own intelligence (spying on water protesters and listening to peoples phone calls is not intelligence).

            The main information war techniques used by intelligence services all over the world are:

            1. Propaganda has to confirm the existing experience and bias of their receivers (that way it can be easier absorbed).
            2. Method of emotional stirring, effective during crises.
            3. Method of specialisation – propaganda has to be adjusted to the level, concepts and expectations of its target audience (to diverse from the tiresome Nazi/Jewish topics, I will give a different example – a well known Polish 80s oppositionist and a former chief editor of the most influential – in the 90s – Polish newspaper ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ (now financed by Mr George Soros), a Trotskyite Mr Adam Michnik, when in the 70s he wanted Trotskyism to be the dominant view of the Solidarnosc movement, as Solidarnosc was mainly a Catholic movement, he wrote a book – published in Paris – called “The Church, the Left, Dialogue”, in which he portrayed himself as a man on the verge of converting to Catholism (Mr Michnik is an unorthodox Jew, his father was a member of the Ukrainian Communist Party, and his brother was a Communist butcher who had murdered a few dozens of WWII underground heroes and currently resides safely in Sweden); but when Mr Michnik wanted to win over nationalist underground movement based on the tradition of Józef Pilsudski, he wrote a book “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, in which he declared himself as anti-communist nationalist).
            4. Method of authority – that way people of authority are created (for example one mentions en passant that some academic is of “world class”, while avoiding substantive debate over his/her legacy).
            5. Method of not telling the whole story (actually harking back to Socrates) – information is given by juxtaposing certain true facts in such a way that its receiver would reach his own conclusions, while being convinced that he had arrived at them on his own.

            And many other information war methods.

            The best of way of counteracting information war is to systematically debunk information prepared in such way (I once wrote that what motivates me to write here is to “fight cultural Marxism” (that antagonises people within often artificial classes, promotes the zero-sum way of economic thinking and lowers their critical skills), but I think that more precise way would be to describe that my ultimate goal is to contribute to creation in Ireland of the so called “citizens counter-intelligence”, which would be familiar with information war methods, able to identify agents of influence and would make the Irish society less susceptible to falling victim of media manipulation (of course the ideal would be to have media competition and new political system based on different world views, not on different family/pals interests).

            Mind you, it is not enough to say that everything on this blog should be based on facts (although it is a good point to start), as the sheer concept of a “fact” can be challenged and this does not answer the information war methods described by me above.

            To start with, factual conclusions are often influenced by history and consensus, rather than a strictly systematic methodology (take global warming); secondly, we have a problem of confirmation holism (to know what facts to measure, and how to measure them, requires the use of other theories); etc.

            There are methodological problems with the method of falsification too (here I differ with Mr Nassim Taleb, as Popper’s theory Mr Taleb assumes is correct has a following logical structure:
            Potential falsifier = base sentence + the negation of other base sentence (mind you, the existential sentence cannot be a potential falsifier, because a negation of other base sentence cannot be derived from it, neither can be more existential sentences than they follows only from the observation).

            Mr Taleb is one of my favourite authors, and his books are in my opinion a must-read for every potential investor as well the economy student, but a better (better than falsification theory) supported way of explaining the black swans and why both Black-Scholes-Merton option-pricing model and the Long Term Capital Management models do not always work is the model theory itself is the Loewenheim-Skolem theorem (model theory – the theory of the relationship between a purely formal system and its interpretations (“models”) – was created by a Pole Alfred Tarski, who – when working in Poland before WWII – was known only to specialists, but after he had emigrated to the US, him (and Austrian Kurt Goedel) dominated the whole logical landscape in America, reaching over a million scientific quotations – Truthist has correctly pointed out that the great Edmund Burke – if only 1916 leaders had a man of his intellect – was “claimed with some chutzpah by the Brit. Conservative Party / Tories to be their inspiration” – from my part I would also like to add that the Irishman Edmund Burke, apart from being the father of modern liberal conservatism, was also an Irish nationalist who had been involved in the struggle to preserve the Irish language, something which – when pointed out by me every time I have heard the phrase “the English philosopher Edmund Burke” – would utterly jargogle the mind of every Tory person I spoke to).

            The Downward Loewenheim-Skolem theorem:

            Let S be a system over a countable language L; then if S has a model M, it has a countable model M*, such that M* is a submodel of M;

            in other words,

            if S has a model of
            cardinality K then there is a submodel of cardinality < K.

            or speaking less precisely, that no theory of significant complexity can determine its interpretation (and that system’s formalization will not be enough to determine the domain of its models, as there always be some non-standard, not-intended models).

            This theorem provides ample support for my thesis that you mention conspiracy theories, you should specify what kind of conspiracy theories do you have in mind and is their intended domain, as it follows from the theorem that no one single theory (so no conspiracy theory either) can explain all, but it does not support your assumption that conspiracy theories are by definition false (thus engaging in them is irrational).

            Like I said, some conspiracies turned out to be true, some false, others we do not know yet – out of the latter, some of them are more, some less likely; some of them (most perhaps) are irrational, but some of them are not.

            The Loewenheim-Skolem theorem proves – better than Popper on whom Mr Taleb relies in his excellent books – that in every theory that has a model there are non-isomorphic interpretations, so all we can do (and what Myron Scholes and Robert Merton have done) is to dogmatically fix the interpretation (but then we still need language to communicate this interpretation to other mathematicians and furthermore, there is no way to ascertain that the interpretations are the same without using language); admittedly some mathematicians, like Benacerraf in his 1985 work, argue that formalizations are only made in order to express and explore structures that already exist, whether invented informally or discovered Platonically by mathematicians – thus it makes sense to consider some models (the non-denumerable ones) to be intended ones (using the upward version of the theorem, in which we can prove that if there is any model at all, there are models of any cardinality greater than that of the original model, so why should a denumerable (countable) one be a priori preferable to any of these?), also pointing out that if the quantifiers do not have
            the same range, then the definition of denumerability never means the same as are never talking about the same set (called the power set) in both models; but that argument can be thoroughly confuted by the simple reminder that how else can we formally define denumerability if not within a model (the great American philosopher Putnam has also added to that that a “second-order” solution to the problem would not help either, for second-order formalizations cannot determine their interpretation either, unless we have non-natural mental powers of “grasping” second-order concepts).

            The important thing, Pat, is that you stay here on this blog, challenge our views, prepare for your views to be challenged, and contribute to creating an uncensored forum – a fulcrum of my idea of “citizens counter-intelligence”: a critical, rational society that does only rely on diverse narratives The Irish Times, BBC, Russia Today, CNN or Fox News (I knew some that rely on only of one of those sources), but is able to investigate on its own; a nation is not easy to be brainwashed and manipulated; a free nation able to make decisions rather than having all decisions made for them – and that also means free intellectually.

            Do not dwell on comments that you find offensive – you will only find regret; do not look outside for people to praise you; instead, look inside to unpack what is yet to come from you.

  9. Deco

    Perhaps a better starting point concerning the future of NI, is what is in the interests of the people there, and not merely what will prevent embarrassment being incurred in Brussels.

    The best route to a solution in NI, might be to follow the Swiss model, and have more democracy instead of “more Europe” (which in recent years has not meant more democracy).

    If anything will not solve the NI problem, it is more control from Brussels. In many ways the powerlessness that is felt on the streets of NI, has already produced some tough results. More powerlessness is not the answer. The real solution to NI’s problems is more democracy, more devolution, and a culture of responsibility.

    What has been a disaster for NI, is not simply the union with Britain, but the failure to achieve an effective sense of responsibility in the society. NI lost shipbuilding to Korea and Taiwan a long time ago. Korea now designs the latest hi tech stuff. NI produces murals of events that happened a long time ago.

    In other words, NI needs to build it from the bottom, up. And “more Europe” is exactly the opposite.

    In fact, it would seem that everywhere, it is powerlessness that is causing the sense of uprising against more Brussels.

    If anything could create a disaster for Scotland it would be an independent Scotland, run by amatuers, with cheap North sea oil, Swedish aspirations, and a far more competitive England next door. I don’t think Scottish people will buy that. A more likely scenario is what is unfolding, a return of the Scottish Toe-Reeeees (to use Sturgeon-speech). Westminister Austerity is rather tame compared to the version that comes from Frankfurt. Sturgeon (talking out both sides of her mouth) seems to think that people do not notice.

    The deeper problem is that the EU is failing the people. That is the simple truth of the matter. Why is there no honest debate about the continued failute of the EU, in this regard ?

    Because if there is no honest discussion about this, then we will see more failure, and a failure to fix things.

    The greatest problem the EU faces is the incorrectly named EPP. It is proving to be a disaster. It has formulated one policy after another that has failed. It loves boom-bust. It loves austerity. It loves taxing labour and everyday purchases, and stimulating other sectors like speculation.

    The centre left is happy to go along with everything it does.


    The entire idea of one body of the well-connected running everything for hundreds of millions is a disaster. It is contrary to the spirit of consultation and consent.

    France is run according to this model. And France has massive youth unemployment. The entire centralised, controlled model of government is utter nonsense.

    NI should go for BREXIT, and start embracing concepts like responsibility, and individual growth. Picking sponsors to subsidize itself, is not the answer.

    • “More powerlessness is not the answer. The real solution to NI’s problems is more democracy, more devolution, and a culture of responsibility.”

      +1 Deco
      It is the requirement for all peoples.

    • thirdeye

      We had under the 1922 Free State constitution we had the similar model to the Switzerland model you mentioned. Articles 47,48 & 50 of the Irish Free state constitution gave the whip hand to the wider citizens in relation to organisation of referenda on local and national issues& state resources . Irish 1937 constitution with Dev and Catholic church gave the power to the politicians and away from the wider citizens. We have seen what has happened with various Catholic church child abuse, Politicians that are corrupt and caused continuous exodus of mass migration of Irish citizens to other places in the world. since the states 1937 gave away your national resources to Europe from Fishing, Oil and Gas. Added to the fact the refusal of the Irish political class and business golden circle in 2 EU referenda of NICE & Lisbon shown democracy is dead with FF/LAB/FG/GREENS/PD’s/SF/Renua/ Social Democrats all being supporters of immigration and cheerleaders for austerity policies.

      • Deco

        When the RCC (an empire of sorts) was playing tricks, Official Ireland was blaming every wrong on the previous (British) empire.

        Now, the EU (another empire) is playing tricks, Official Ireland are blaming every wrong on the previous (Vatican) empire.

        I think you see a trend here. It is called flagging a dead horse.

        The EU is far too centralists to be a success. And that is why it is failing. Greece would be better off out. Britain would be better off out. Ireland would be better off dropping the bondholders. But Brussels is doing well….

        • thirdeye

          Official Ireland always sided with foreign interests over its own native populace at every turn. Official Ireland in the Civil Service and Political parties don’t want the EU gravy train to end if they get chucked out of Irish politics.

  10. coldblow

    I think religion plays the role that skin colour did in all the other capitalist colonies. It was the only way of distinguishing the colonizers and the colonized.

  11. Deco

    Religion in NI, is merely a moral justification of convenience that is worn on the surface, to deflect from something more troubling.

    Jesus of Nazareth, is nowhere to be seen, when both sides are indulging in spite for one another. They don’t take Jesus of Nazareth seriously. At least, not based on the evidence of their actions.

    Here is something that never gets discussed. The importance of class in society in NI. NI is obsessed with class. But because of our consumerist oriented media, there is no discussion about this.

    • Deco

      NI seems to have two ends of the spectrum in terms of role models.

      One is a bible thumping soldier, inspired by a Calvinist heaven concept, underneath a crown banner proclaiming concepts that he readily dispenses with, when suited, a

      The other is a soldier in green, aiming for a Maximillian Roberspierre vision, whilst readily throwing out contempt for those on his own side that don’t see this as perfection, and contempt for the opposition for standing in the way.

      To be honest, NI still needs to work on it’s own internal demons.

      The worrying thing is that there are elements of both that are visible in both Ireland and Scotland.

      In fact both elements are producing their own toxic problems in both societies.

      • Truthist

        Maximilian Robespierre’s family came from Ireland before they went to France.
        A bit like the descendants of Bob Geldof being said to have had their family come from Ireland before they were in whatever country in question.

        And, Maximilian Robespierre’s family name when in Ireland being “Rubin” or “Ruben”.

        Robespierre was a very ruthless & blood-thirsty chappie.

        Edmund Burke the politics philosopher & Irishman — claimed with some chutzpah by the Brit. Conservative Party / Tories to be their inspiration — made war “by pen” on Robespierre when this Ruben descendant was leading “the Terror” on France during the French Revolution.

        So, the international war being fought by France during the French Revolution was between 2 Irishmen ;
        Or 1 Irishman [ Burke ] versus the Descendant of the Rubens from Ireland.

    • StephenKenny

      They may just view the other side as nothing but a bunch of money changers…..

  12. Daithi

    Where is the evidence Freud said that about the Irish? The same reference was made in the movie ‘The Departed’ but no valid evidence supports it?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Freud’s museum in London debunks the myth Freud has ever said it, but, as in every nation, it’s one of those myths that linger, grow and wrap themselves around society’s tissue – so perhaps having such myths is needed for some evolutionary reasons. The mis-attributed quote is taken out of context (the continuation is ‘because they talk all the time but say nothing’, which makes is more clear).

      There was a series of funny little books, called “Xenophobes Guide To…”, and they have picked up on that quote:

      ‘There’s no use denying it, Irish people talk a lot. They don’t know why. It just seems to pour out of them. Maybe it’s something to do with living on a lonely mist-covered island on the western fringe of Europe. Whatever the reason, they just can’t abide silence. It’s a vacuum that must be filled.

      Apart from the sheer volume of words they produce, they are also noted for the eloquence of their speech. The colorful phrases just comes to them naturally, like whiskers to a goat.’

      In that I think I fit here quite well.

      I think that a much more profound quote about the Irish than the one mis-attributed to Czech (that alone would explain his need for psychoanalysis) Freud is the one by Yeats:

      “In spite of hosts of deniers, and asserters, and wise-men, and professors, the majority still are adverse to sitting down to dine thirteen at a table, or being helped to salt, or walking under a ladder, of seeing a single magpie flirting his chequered tale. There are, of course, children of light who have set their faces against all this, although even a newspaperman, if you entice him into a cemetery at midnight, will believe in phantoms, for everyone is a visionary, if you scratch him deep enough. But the Celt, unlike any other, is a visionary without scratching.”

      In my opinion this quote explains a lot about the Celtic Tiger culture – good, bad or beyond good and evil, to quote Nietzsche.

      I also like (if that’s a right word) this one, late-Wittgensteinian in its intuition:

      “He had been thinking of how landscape moulds a language. It was impossible to imagine these hills giving forth anything but the soft syllables of Irish, just as only certain forms of German could be spoken on the high crags of Europe; or Dutch in the muddy, guttural, phlegmish lowlands.”

      ? Alexander McCall Smith, Portuguese Irregular Verbs

      Some of them little “Xenophobe’s Guide” series books offer surprisingly deep insights. i.e. on the English:

      “Two equally fundamental but contradictory English characteristics are a love of continuity and a yearning for change. In the English character these two opposite desires vie with each other constantly, which produces some curious behaviour patterns and several characteristics most usually observed in the classic split personality”

      and on the Americans:

      “Americans are friendly because they just can’t help it; they like to be neighbourly and want to be liked. However, a wise traveller realises that a few happy moments with an American do not translate into a permanent commitment of any kind. Indeed, permanent commitments are what Americans fear the most. This is a nation whose fundamental social relationship is the casual acquaintance.”

      On the Poles

      “When the Communists rather foolishly tried to stop the Poles practicing their religion, the churches filled to overflowing. “Forbidden” is a term of encouragement to a Pole.”

      Btw, when David writes,

      “described this tribal search for bizarre, infinitesimal micro-distinctions as the “narcissism of small differences”. When the differences between two groups are so small to the untrained eye, those tiny ones that exist are elevated by either side as evidence of a profound distinction. When you come up North, the narcissism of small differences is flamboyantly on display. You see the same sort of thing in the Balkans.”,

      I can recognise a lot of that “narcissism of small differences” in mutual perceptions of Czechs and Poles (we even have a phrase “czeski film” – “the Czech film” – that describes an absurd and incomprehensible plot or story-telling: I think it would perfectly describe the constantly off-topic, jejune and meandering content of Mrs Marian Finucane radio show; I suppose the closest one in English is the Double Dutch, but this does quite cut the linguistic mustard, as the Double Dutch is derogatory, while “the Czech film” is more like condescending and sarcastic).

      Btw, language-wise Poles are the closest to Slovaks – Slovakia was the only Slavic country where I could understand the news on the radio (and to think that they had actually attacked us with the Germans:


      a fact not exposed in neither country for the good-neighbourhood reasons and which I usually do not expose because in general I do not like this mood of nations self-pitying themselves and holding eternal grudges for past wrong-doings true and imagined (I think it is counter-productive: Germany do it recently with Die Vertriebenen): but this simple fact is a reminder to Dave that s o m e t i m e s being close linguistically, culturally, geographically and historically (the Irish and the English) d o e s n o t mean that countries have country-friends rather than common interests (that might diverge at some point): did some of the most cruel feuds in history not happen within families (brothers murdering their throne-pretendent brothers)?

      For an Irish observer however, there is probably hardly any difference between the two cultures. For Poles and Czechs though, there seems to be a cultural world apart (even though these two nations lived in one state – Austria – for 123 years!), which is reflected in both Polish and Czech movies (btw, when one of the Irish lecturers went to Oxford to talk about Mr O’Brien’s Third Policeman – arguably the best Irish novel – she said that the English students were like totally not getting it ; but then she went to Prague and they digged everything instantly (communism resulted in a certain type of absurd humour only understadable with certain experience and it is intriguing how the author writing in a non-communist country accidentally touched chord with that sense of absurd); same thing happened with Leopold Tyrmand (father of Mr Matthew Tyrmand) book “The Chronicles of Culture” in the US.

      • coldblow

        I have noticed that with the Czechs, that they have an off-beat, or surreal, sense of humour. The Good Soldier Schweik is one example, and Kundera has it too. There is an almost unbearably funny scene in one of his books where the Clovis family discuss the teenage daughter’s announcement that she won’t go bare breasted or something. Actually there are quite a few very funny scenes in his work, one describing what is meant by the work ‘litost’ (I think). Following his references to Don Quixote in his book about the novel, Le Rideau, I read the book (in Icelandic with Motteau’s sublime 300 year old translation) and it has a surprisingly modern feel to it (I wrote contemporary, but I mean modern as in the sense of, say, thirty years ago before political correctness really got into its stride and everthing is now irredeemably surreal) and Kundera was right: it is very, very funny (‘The whole company looked with amazement at the knight as he spoke…’).

        It is years since I read The Third Policeman but it is superb and it is true that many English don’t get it. However, they would definitely have got Dustin the Turkey’s Eurovision entry a few years ago if it hadn’t been voted down at the semi-final: the sound of annoyed whistling from the Euro audience is hilarious in itself. (I’d also recommend Dustin’s classic reworking of ‘I’ve Never Been to Me’, I’ve Never Been to Meath. O’Brien’s section ‘For Steam Men’ in the Best of Myles is terrific, and I remember one episode where our steam expert recounts a happy hour in a railway carriage singing together with John McCormick.

        As for Freud never having said that about the Irish, it is interesting to remember what Engels said about them. The famous lines in De Valera’s Dream Speech were never written, let alone uttered: ‘maidens dancing at the crossroad’. Apparently another modern day myth is of the ‘Evil Jimmy Savile’ staying at Chequers for Christmas several years. I think he paid a visit in passing one year.

        Going back to humour, oddly enough some of the funniest books I have ever read were written by Germans, including the Tin Drum (in the original German I seem to remember nearly every sentence ending with a punchline, as it were) and Lenz’s So Zartlich War Suleyken – the scene in the latter where one villager wants to set off to town to buy some nails turns into a massive expedition by the whole town is memorable.

        • coldblow

          There is also an amusing story in Banville’s Prague Pictures about how Tycho Brahe’s pet reindeer got drunk one night while he was journeying to Prague.

  13. Deco

    Alright, here is a subject that needs to be talked about.

    And….it is explosive.

    Who owns the development land on the outskirts of Dublin that is zoned for residential development ?

    I mean surely, this should be available information.

    It cannot be a big secret can it ?

    Because this is a big issue, with respect to the housing crisis.

    Alan Kelly seems to be unhappy with whoever owns that zoned space.

    • McCawber

      Carrickmines Valley served by Luas and M50.
      Did NAMA own. Do they still own it or who owns it now?.
      Are land banks been sat on by official ireland to force Dublin to build up (you’d like that bit)

  14. [...] interesting take on it. DUP Brexit push may weaken UK – and sign the party’s death warrant | David McWilliams Sign in or Register Now to [...]

  15. McCawber

    The real problem we all have is EGO.
    The EU non elected politicians are not interested in our opinion, they know better.
    Our politicians suffer from the same malaise.
    The citizens suffer from similar delusions of granduer.
    The lack of self awareness is truly frightening.
    It’s not just the emporer who is wearing no clothes.

  16. cooldude

    Bildeberg meeting going on in Dresden at the moment where Brexit is one of the main topics. According to this journalist Brexit will not be allowed as the EU is originally a Bilderberg concept and these people hold the real power. Very interesting video from a couple of real journalists who are not afraid to investigate these power brokers. By the way just two Irish attendees Michael Noonan and Michael O Leary. Peter Sutherland is part of their “steering committee” but he doesn’t seem to be there this year.

    • cooldude

      Here is this year’s agenda and list of attendees. This is where the real power lies.


      • Truthist

        “The Main Stream Media [ M.S.M. ]” & most of the “Conspiracy Blogs” also have been saying that the annual Bilderberg Meeting is the most powerful, & pernicious, meeting that can be held of each, & any, year.
        Actually, “No !”

        More important meetings would be the likes of :

        “A.I.P.A.C.” Annual Meeting
        It is A.I.P.A.C. who basically are delegated to decide who will be the next U.S.A. Prezzie.

        “Trilateral Commission” Annual Meeting ;
        Sir Peter Sutherland / Sir Suds is the Chairman of the Europe Branch of the Trilateral Commission.

        “Federal Reserve Central Bank of U.S.A. ; ‘New York’ Branch” Annual Meeting

        “Bank of International Settlements” [ The Mother of all the Central Banks" Annual Meeting

        And, for sure the most important is ;

        "Rothschild Family" Annual Meeting

        Think of Bilderberg as where Industrialists & Commercial Entrepreneurs are allowed to pitch their cases & then negotiate where they can pitch their wares in the world-wide market.
        Every wonder why the Irish market has significant presence of such & such a foreign brand but not another such & such another brand that would actually be very popular with this market were it sold here ;
        It is because the Bilderberg Meetings decided which brands are allowed to have action in such & such turf.

        And, if u don't show up, u will suffer for it.

        Even Industrialists & Entrepreneurs are beholden to the Illuminati [ Really, the Roths ; But, obviously conducted on their behalf by their Lieutenants ; "It does indeed become a touch tiresome looking after one's Bankster Empire that one must delegate. Delegate... Delegate...Delegate says I" ]

  17. Truthist

    Always relevant to any DMW Blog is stuff about the ongoing Housing Crisis.
    And, the following “Personality” is someone with has had an intriguing involvement with the North East of our Country / Island in the capacity of the very controversial The Workers Party & is long-time deeply up to his neck in Quangos — including Housing ;
    It being none other than the Quango Whore himself ; Mr. Des Geraghty

    I spotted an article on Blue Shirt rag “The Irish Independent” yesterday penned by Comrade Geraghty about Housing ;


    And, here is the Google.com result page for search terms

    shane ross on des geraghty


    And, here is 1 of some features by Shane Ross — now Min. for Transport — on Comrade Geraghty ;


    Can u imagine what the Catholics & all the various Sects of Protestanism think of us “outside of the North East of the Country” — vis. The Irish State — when we indulge such fellows as Comrade Geraghty ?

  18. McCawber

    Sometimes it takes a while for the penny to drop.
    Usually the connection you’re missing is in full view.
    The penny in this case is the “Bail In” legislation.
    Would I be right in thinking that if Deutche Bank and it’s derivatives went belly up then pretty much all EU banks would activate the Bail In.
    The bit that dropped tho is WHEN will DB go?
    The answer is so obvious.
    When all (or all the important) countries have passed their Bail In legislation.
    At this point in time it would be interesting to know which countries are leading the charge and which ones are dragging their heals.
    There might be another penny waiting to drop in a table like that.
    What would would be the effect of such an event.

  19. McCawber

    And now that I think about it.
    If Brexit were to happen and they have there own derivative problem what could the consequences be.
    Maybe that’s why Cameron hands are a bit sweaty looking.
    Bottom line here.
    Bail In legislation wouldn’t be happening if someone wasn’t seriously worried about something.
    So who is pushing/driving this legislation?
    Maybe David you could give us some insights.
    SOON please make it SOON.

    • cooldude

      Bail In will happen . It’s only a question of when. I think it could be soon. I got a two page piece about my tiny savings account telling me all about the protection `I have. I have never got this before. Deutsche Bank when it goes down will bring the whole lot down and we will all be “shareholders” in a load of insolvent banks. They are all technically insolvent anyway if you used the accountancy principles applied at leaving cert level. Big stuff on the way.

    • StephenKenny

      Someone who has money in the bank, in the US & Europe etc, is a low level creditor. i.e. They have leant the bank money.
      When the bank goes down, the higher level creditors – bond holders and banks that have sent them money in various forms of transaction – will get paid using the cash at hand that the bank has.
      Low level creditors (punters with bank accounts) will also get paid, with what’s left after the higher grade creditors have been completely paid back.

  20. McCawber

    Re bail in – How would post office prize bonds be treated.
    I have some governments four year savings bond coming due how would a bail in affect them if I reinvest .
    Any thoughts.
    Ta in advance.

    • StephenKenny

      I would guess that they’d be ok. A government default is unlikely.

      An interesting point though, on government bonds, is the state of pension funds. Pension funds are full of their government’s 0.1% paying bonds, so not only are the funds not in shape to pay what is due, but even what they can pay is dependent on their governments borrowing from someone else to pay them off.

      As David recently said, governments don’t pay of debt, they roll it over. Which means that to enable pension funds to pay out even 50% of what was expected, they’ll have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. And since Peter is being offered 0% interest, all you can think is, poor old Peter.

      • McCawber

        I was actually thinking about writing to my fund trustees to suggest they have some gold on the books.
        Thanks btw very concise and simple explanation.

        • gold is the ultimate in money. Its time is rapidly approaching. Physical bullion in hand is the only sound method of ownership.
          any gold fund that issues a promise in paper is not gold friendly and is just like the fiat, a promise to pay only as good as the counterparty making the offer.
          Some funds are worse as they are merely a reflection og the gold price and in fact may own little or no gold at all. Note this applies to the largest called GLD. It is not a fraud as it states in the prospectus that this is so.

          For those with interest in security of possessions this is a very good account.


  21. Truthist


    Further to ur very interesting thoughts about conspiracy theorism [ I just made up this word apparently 8-) ] in which u mention Gehlen, I found the following from http://www.aanirfan.blogspot.com which u may wish to peruse ;
    Important to state that whilst I often read Aanirfan & its predecessor Angirfan — both seemingly non-attributable words to any language — I do not necessarily ‘believe every article or all of any article’ or ‘endorse any angle that Aanirfan promotes’.
    Indeed, there are articles that I would be very much against, & articles that I would believe only some of their content.
    Later, I might revise my opinion on a particular topic.


    There is an Irish connection with the above.


  22. oe1

    Interesting to read a Brexit discussion without any reference to migration. I think the UK have the best form of border control which is called the ocean, which mitigates from the worst problems seen on the continent.

    Economics and politics should be really the main issues. Can these be sorted out within the existing framework of the EU, is a key question for Brexit voters. Some good points here about the transparency of Brussels, can this be improved. Can EU politicians do more than national governments about youth unemployment is another.

    Personally think that instead of imposing austerity, profitable EU firms should be required to provide more employment to poorer economic regions. For example, how would people think about Google or ntel setting up some operations in the North to aid EU integration .

    • Truthist

      Dear oei,

      I gather that for quite a while now that rather than wish for more E.U. “In-tegration”, increasingly a majority of E.U. citizens wish for :
      E.U. DIS-integration

      true benevolent Nationalism + Patriotism to find life again

      foreign countries withdraw their nefarious armed forces & spooks from all countries around the world

      termination of private central banking

      replacement of existing currency with currency issued by each country’s Treasury ; And, this currency backed by Gold & / or ‘The Good Name of that Country’ ; And, that this new currency not created as a Debt to be paid by the Treasury.

      termination of Fractional Reserve Banking

      inter alia

      But, then again Irish E.U.-philic Symbols with appropriate names such as Dick Roche & Pat Cox would claim the opposite is so & demand a re-run of Referenda that the E.U. citizens did not vote as “instructed” by the E.U..

  23. McCawber

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.
    When governments start passing “bail in” kinds of legislation then it’s a fair bet they are out to get somebody.
    Which when you’re are paranoid also means it’s a fair bet that they are up to other sh!t too.

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