June 2, 2016

Ireland had better start preparing for the reality of President Trump

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Have a guess at who said the following:

“I love getting even. I get screwed all the time. I go after people, and, you know what, people do not play around with me as much as they do with others. They know that if they do, they are in for a big fight. Always get even.”

Yes, of course it was the man who could be the next President of the US, Donald Trump, in ‘Think Big’ one of his many best-selling tomes. It reveals the psychology of the man: he believes the world is out to get him, that people are inherently aggressive and that the key is to be always ready to fight.

The Trump campaign is a lot like the build-up to an MMA fight. It’s an outrageous drama where insults are hurled, threats are issued and the candidate struts around with a “C’mon have a go, if you think you’re hard enough” swagger. His opponent becomes the target, not the adversary; the foil, not the contestant; and, in an orgy of publicity-seeking, anything goes. Trump is news and news is Trump – and that matters.

In terms of the limits to the slurs, there are none. Hillary is now “Crooked Hillary” to go with “Lying Ted Cruz” and Hillary’s left-wing supporter Elizabeth Warren is dismissed as “Pocahontas” – after she tried to claim that she was a bit Indian. Actually, I quite like this one, as nothing so riles the Trump constituency as the right-on, left elite pretending to be down with the truly poor and marginalised.

The point is, Trump could win. His campaign hits the one-year mark this week and it is real. This is a bruiser who instinctively understands the theatre of politics, he knows the election is showbusiness and he understands a person’s visceral fears and burning aspirations. He would be difficult to beat for a popular Democrat – he may be impossible to defeat if the candidate against him is Hillary Clinton.

Remember, this is the man who saw off Jeb Bush – for many, a shoo-in Republican nominee. Bush tried to play the old country club game of proper politics on stage and nasty manoeuvres out back, but Trump wouldn’t play by the rules. He ridiculed the Republican grandee as being simply the next in line from a blue-blooded political dynasty – and he won.

He won because he is saying what others won’t say and if he can destroy Bush (a decent, mild-mannered, reasonably popular guy) and take down the rest of the Republican chosen with his brand of populism, vulgarity and in-your-face insults, what might he do to the already-tarnished Hillary Clinton? Trump has momentum. He has shown an uncanny knack of tapping into the American national mood and every day he is gaining converts to his crusade, which is a type of uniquely American class-war. In contrast, Hillary is losing ground. She is emblematic of everything that Trump targets: over-educated, highly political, far too close to Wall Street and, more egregiously, she is a political insider.

In most races, these would be attributes, but for Trump these insider traits are yet more evidence of cosiness at the top, jobs for the boys – and they can easily be turned into ammunition to fire at Hillary.

Trump has managed to paint himself as the Outsider, despite being a regularly bankrupt frat kid with a rich daddy. None of that seems to matter now. What we have is a contest between two very different world views.

Trump’s view is “kill or be killed”. It divides the world into friends and enemies. Compromise is seen as weakness and revenge is a legitimate part of the toolbox of diplomacy. This type of ‘you versus me’ stuff works amazingly well on reality TV and in the real estate deals that made Trump all those years ago; it is also the stuff that wins elections. Ultimately, elections these days are reality TV with slightly more at stake.

Don’t rule him out. Think the unthinkable.

So what might a Trump presidency look like?

Economically, Trump is being advised by some old-fashioned Reaganite supply-siders, Arthur Laffer being a case in point. These people believe in tax cuts to stimulate the economy and are hoping for a repeat of the Reagan 1980s. The implications of this for the US would be bigger fiscal deficits, because when you cut taxes you actually lose revenue. This would drive up the dollar further, make interest rate hikes more likely and see the US suck in more imports, from both China and Mexico – two countries that Trump rails against. However, part of Trump’s nationalist, ‘America First’ agenda also pertains to US corporations investing abroad. Trump has said that he will not tolerate American companies heading offshore in order to avoid American tax. If the usually measured Obama referred to such companies as “corporate deserters”, God knows what Trump will call them. This is of particular concern to Ireland.

Up to now we have played a nuanced game, appealing to globalisation and the free movement of global capital. Successive American presidents on the right and the left up to now have always being supporters of globalisation. They have subscribed to the motto of President Coolidge in the 1920s: “the business of America is business“.

Could Trump – the deal-maker, the capitalist and the tax-avoider – be the president to challenge that notion?

Could he abandon the Republican Party’s proximity to big business and truly become a friend of the little guy? Or will he drop his populism and revert to being a friend of his friends in big business?

This is the big question for Ireland.

Either way, we should be making preparations for President Trump. Historically, official Ireland has always leant Democrat, with good reason. However, this should not blind us to the electoral phenomenon that is Donald Trump. If he keeps going like this, he could win in November.

It’s Hillary’s to lose and Donald’s to win. Therein lies the beginning of Hillary’s problems.

  1. Truthist

    David’s article is remarkable for not taking on board any of the comments made about “Flip-flopping” Trump or Kill-ery by the contributers to this blog.
    That is his prerogative ;

    Given that Trump has entertained the notion of possibly closing the so-called Fed ( because “momentous” amount of populace are against the whole Bankster Scam Bundle now, what are David’s thought on such a “momentous” event finally occurring to Paul Craig Robert’s constantly attributed “1%” ?

    • The bit where is asks ‘Could trump stand up for the little guy’ is funny. These days all politicians are scum, dirt, filth who try to stand on the little guy, but look after the corrupt interests of the crap who pays for their election campaign, there are honest people in politics these dsys,in my opinion.

      • That should have read ‘There are NO honest people in politics these days’

        • It realy does not matter which bag of sh1#e wins the US election or an Irish election for that matter, the power is with the dictators above them who can not be voted out of power. The politicians are just wind bag entertainers whose job is to preserve the illusion of democracy. Who get changed every few years

          • Truthist

            That link above supplied by Tony Brogan is so good that it should — as I have felt need to state so recently about Sideshowbob’s analysis of Irish Green Party — be archived.
            Come to think of it, a great many of the posts in DMW’s blog should be archived ;
            Particularly those revealing :

            the Bankster Scam Bundle — Fake money ( NOT Gold or Silver ) got from Rothschilds ONLY is forced by gov. to be the Legal Tender & Fiat. Although, issued frpm our own Treasury would be OK though not choice ; so-called “Khazar” so-called Mafia — actually “Tribal Cult” — orchestrated Private Central Banking ; Fractional Reserve Banking ; Petro-Dollar ( PC Roberts’s “1%” folks ( whoever they are he too PC / shy to say 8-) get the only benefit from this particular scam currency invented from thin air )


            the nasty Institutional State ( of the Irish State ; ISIS )

            Irish Civil Service ; Especially Mid & Snr. Civil Servants & the Garda-Landlord Peeler Criminal Inc.
            EU Administration in Irish State
            Corporate Ireland
            Media in Irish State
            Pro Class ; Judiciary, Lawyers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, “pseudo” Economists ( DMW being notable exception of course 8-) ), Management Consultants, etc.
            F.I.R.E. ; Finance, Insurance, Real Estate “F..kers”

          • Sideshow Bob

            Cheers again re: my comment on the GP Truthist.

            It was almost cathartic to get to write something like that and see it recorded somewhere in the public domain, even under a pseudonym!

            Additionally, I would like to put on the record that I am doubly disgusted with them, though, aside from what I have outlined previously and also aside from their substantial duplicity of going into bed with FF and the betrayal of the Irish people in terms of the Bank Guarantee, paying Bond holders, etc.

            I am hugely annoyed by them because in Ireland they have given a bad name to a critical and very ethical human issue, i.e. how we interact with the environment or `green issues´. I believe now that this important topic will be forever associated with the most inept bunch of opportunists ever to sit in the Daíl and will never be taken seriously here by the populace again. If this interaction by us with the environment was to be tackled properly, in a sustained way over many years (i.e. with the creation of genuinely `green´ domestic Irish economy or even just a substantial `greening´) it could have enormous benefits for us as a society in the future (medium to long-term)and be used as a true bulwark for Ireland as a society to buck the negative impacts of financial (and in particular disaster) capitalism that is the way of the world and is set dominates our lives until we all die.

      • Sideshow Bob

        It is a script, let´s see if America is stupid enough to buy it.

        See the following link for an insight into the simple `sales´ doublespeak;


        Key example for the above link:

        “If potential students hesitate, teachers are told to read this script.

        ( Trump University property get rich quick seminar script )

        `As one of your mentors for the last three days, it’s time for me to push you out of your comfort zone. It’s time for you to be 100% honest with yourself. You’ve had your entire adult life to accomplish your financial goals. I’m looking at your profile and you’re not even close to where you need to be, much less where you want to be. It’s time you fix your broken plan, bring in Mr. Trump’s top instructors and certified millionaire mentors and allow us to put you and keep you on the right track. Your plan is BROKEN and WE WILL help you fix it. Remember you have to be 100% honest with yourself!´

        Trump University staff are instructed in how to persuade students to put the cost of the course on their credit cards, even if they have just battled to pay off debts.

        `Do you like living paycheck to paycheck? … Do you enjoy seeing everyone else but yourself in their dream houses and driving their dreams cars with huge checking accounts? Those people saw an opportunity, and didn’t make excuses, like what you’re doing now´.´´


        “ `If you look at the facts of this case, this shows someone who was absolutely shameless in his willingness to lie to people, to say whatever it took to induce them into his phony seminars,´ Schneiderman said.´´

  2. Bamboo

    This trump character is doing well because he’s a nasty bad character joker. The type of character you find in comics, games, tv series, and reality tv, etc. No character is getting anywhere if it is a boring goody goody character. The modern western world needs to see and enjoy a real good dose of nastyness, badness an evil. Look at all the popular tv series and online games. Mainstream media and columnist only think this is now an easy one to talk about. What a field day it is for them. Just giving the reader lots more nightmare scenarios and plenty of unanswered questions and dilemmas. This trump character is the best any sensationalist can produce. A nasty comic fantasy reality tv character nightmare turning into reality indeed. Simple evidence of how the American public live in a fantasy world gone horribly wrong. It is bad against bad now, evil against evil. No more the old fashion good against evil. The BADEST will win.

  3. Irish PI

    David,what are you on about??We dont do preperation or reality in Ireland!!
    Our “Yearra ,be grand ! Nuthin will happen!!! “attitude will always do and serve us well.[Sarcasm mode off]

    • Exactly – cant-be-arsed-itis sets in each and every time. Preparation is too much effort. Too much like hard work. Dependency and entitlement culture rules. Colonial hangovers (and other hangovers).

  4. Deco

    Historically, official Ireland has always leant Democrat, with good reason.

    This is what we get from the Tamanny Hall party in return.


    Let us not be so stupid, as to follow what official Ireland instructs. Official Ireland always betrays the working people, and advocates theft of their toil to provide a spoil for the politically powerful.

    Does Official Ireland have a strategy ? Apart from ignoring the problem donors in the Clinton Foundation ?

    Official Ireland has a very consistent tendency to be totally inconsistent.

  5. hasbeen

    “after she tried to claim that she was a bit Indian”. It appears this is true, she seems to be a little bit native American. I’m not aware she ever made much of it or used it for any advantage she might have gained.

    • Deco

      She was applying for an academic position.

      This is the type of nonsense that is prevailing in US Acadmia right now. Note, it does nothing to resolve the conditions of Native Americans. But it does enable a certain sort of liar to get ahead.

      She claimed to have Native American ancestory, because she was applyign for a position. I think she might have been lying.

      When I heard about it, I was disgusted. I had expected Warren to be honest.

      If America does not cut out the nonsense that is going on in the University sector, then the Chinese will own the next 100 years. It really is that serious.

      In other words, appoint people based on ability.

  6. Deco

    A few weeks back, I accidentally ended up listening to the Marion Finucane show on the radio.

    Believe me, I deliberately avoid it, because it is possibly RTE’s most cliche ridden production.

    Anyway the commentators were all trying to outdo each other at producing a dismissive reaction to Trump. Presumably the status of most sophisticated response, would grant standing amongst those present. And suddenly I realised something. These people don’t like transparency. They don’t like the rest of us, asking questions about their access to easy income, position, and stimulus, via the institutional state.

    Trump has grasped that the entire system is the source of badness and unfairness. And he was not “supposed” to talk about it. In fact the official “correct” (in other words ‘allowed’ ) response was to demand more of the same.

    I doubt Trump will make America great aagain. But Clinton will start WW3 to protect the donor list, and is being investigated by the FBI for law breaking.

    If Michael Lowry had a donor list like Hillary Clinton, the “Irish” Times would want a tribunal. (think of all the scandals that they have ignored down the years, or the feeble attempt to explain Eamon Gilmore’s wife getting a massive pull of money for a site sale in the back of beyond, from the institutional state). The Propaganda quango would have the story every day for a week.

    I get the sense that we are just being pumped with news to make us outraged at people that are likely to question to insiderism that is rampant in the system.

    The problem, now, for us all, is that this insiderism is liable to bring the entire system down. At a certain level of “monetary-easing-of-the-political-system” you get endemnic failure, misallocation, and societal disaster.

    Standard issue centre right parties like FG, Germany’s CDU, the French centre right, and the USA’s Democratic party have all become corrupt. [ note, the DP in the US are centre right, in terms of how readily they attend to lobbyists ]. They have become corrupt to a frightening degree.

    The corruption that exists in today’s political centre right, and centre left, is the biggest problem facing society today. It is the source of all ills.

    Blaming the people for being voting for Trump is what has been occurring in the “official” media. This is a sure case of selective blindness.

    It takes massive numbers of people rejecting the corrupt political gangs, to cause the media to reach a frenzy about “grave consequences”.

    Could anything have more “grave consequences” that having the likes of Jean Claude Juncker in charge of the EU ? [ especially given his tenure in Luxembourg]. For EK it was simply a case of supporting somebody sufficiently compromised to be unwilling to question the IFSC.

    The entire system is corrupt.

    Don’t blame that on Trump. And certainly don’t blame the people being abused by the lies, and the scams that prop it all up.

  7. Deco

    Trump has not yet revealed any solutions.

    But the Trump campaign, has indicated that there are serious problems to be addressed.

    Something is no longer working, and the people are requesting that it get fixed. So far, it has ll been very reasonable and calm. This is what democracy is about.

    It is not about Enda Kenny trying to get his relative a job on one of a shorlist of five state quango, after several electoral rejections.

    • McCawber

      In a way it’s to Trump’s credit that he hasn’t come up with solutions yet.
      Most politicians tell you what they are going to do and then don’t do it.
      The border between Mexico and the US.
      Whether you think its a good idea or not it’s technically very easy to do.
      If Trump wants to keep Muslims out he also needs good border “defences”.
      Maybe he’s not as dumb as our dumbos make him out to be.

  8. Deco

    Actually, I reckon if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination it could present the Irish establishment with a frightening dilemma.

    It would then be in their interests to plump for Trump.

    You, the Irish insitutional state is a massive complex of inefficiency, scams, and pretence.

    And the hard sell, of such a scam is “we care”. We know, they do care – about themselves, and the continuance of money for underperformance.

    It is all based on a racket of taxation that is designed to leave a large proportion of society with next to nothiing at the end of the week. And the current investment policies in Ireland prop it up. And Sanders will want these taken apart.

    And if that happens, the population here will suddenly be no longer able to deny that the “Patrick Neary factor” is the biggest problem in Irish society.

    Ireland cannot afford such nonsense as RTE, or FAS, or the Central Bank of Ireland, or the ESRI. They are expensive, and produce little of economic return. And they lie to us. In fact their entire business model is scamming the populace.

    Which is where Sanders comes in. Sanders could upset the apple cart, and cause the populace to get outraged at the Irish establishment.

    Of course, official Ireland cannot agressively put down Sanders like it does Trump. This is because Official Ireland uses much of the same language as Sanders, as justification for the scam.

    However, there is one critical difference. Sanders believes what he says. Official Ireland does not give a sh!te, except to ensure that the income plan the institutional state continues, as before.

  9. Deco

    Since the “property crash” we have had almost 8 years to fix the cost base of the Irish economy, and make business, and life more efficient.

    Instead, those in charge have continued with Bertienomics. Quangos are fatter than ever. Taxes are more complex and ridiculous than ever. The Irish institutional state has grabbed even more power, and found new ways of favouring and disfavouring. The private sector, outside of the mnc has been given loads of positive spin, and there have been relentless hard sell initiatives to tell the wage earners, to spend money that they have not got (thanks to increased taxes – both direct and indirec).

    In other words, we have failed to adapt.

    The luas strike is indicative of deeper problems in the Irish state.

    If Trump starts getting tough on the mnc sector, then the question will arise, as to the persistent inefficiency of the Irish state. Such questions have been shoved under the carpet for far too long.

  10. Brianolinn

    FACT CHECK, Mr. McWilliams:
    As both Kennedy and Reagan proved, very high TAX RATES depress business and reduce TAX REVENUE. At this point, a tax RATE cut stimulates business and increases REVENUE. It’s time for a U.S. tax RATE cut.
    “Economically, Trump is being advised by some old-fashioned Reaganite supply-siders, Arthur Laffer being a case in point. These people believe in tax cuts to stimulate the economy and are hoping for a repeat of the Reagan 1980s. The implications of this for the US would be bigger fiscal deficits, because when you cut taxes you actually lose revenue.”

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej





  11. Shane F

    David deserves great credit for starting this debate.

    (Given the number of american multinationals here. I personally believe this is a more important debate than Brexit for Ireland. Will people in the Uk really want to upset the status quo.)

    • Deco

      Correct. This is far more important than Brexit.

      Brexit, will cause the Irish state to examine some aspects of it’s relationship with t’s subjects.

      But the next US President, will direct policy in a way that could have massive implications for Ireland (which is not good at being either efficient or transparent).

  12. Shane F

    In the next few weeks it will be easy for journalists here to simply regurgitate news from the British media on Brexit.

    Far more difficult for the intellectually minded to predict/anticipate the future effect of a very likely Trump presidency on this country

    Its a debate the country needs to have once the shadow of Brexit is lifted IMO.

    Back to lurking, and look forward to the more knowledgeable deleloping this theme.

  13. Truthist

    Whilst the Irish Civil Service grossly ineffective & inefficient at performing worthwhile duties, they are excel at being criminal against the righteous citizen of lowest station in life.

    And, how come we do not experience Joe Duffy & co. from RTE doing exposes on Dept. of SW denying SW Claimants their basic entitlements ?


    Parents on SW only who are denied Child Benefit & other Entitlements for to provide for their children.
    And this vicious & criminal & very lengthy victimisation coming directly from very ambitious Senior Civil Servants.
    And their salaries & ( secret atimes ) bonuses most likely still exceeding what the President of the USA gets.

  14. Truthist

    Always something about Kill-ary Clinton that stinks;
    But, I could never put my finger on it.
    Dare say that Bill could but would not.
    And now. with the stuff oozing out about her from federally vindicated paedo victim Cathy O’Brien & also the sodomy murder she directed on the enemy of Paul Craig Roberts’s “1 %” ( Still an enigma as to whom the bashful PC Roberts ( Genuinely nice man by the way. And, former Treasury Sec. under Reagan ) is actually referring to.

  15. Truthist

    ), it appears that the euphemistically called “1 %” are only going to use her as fall-gal for Prezzie-Elect “Big Fat Cigar” Trump.

    Yes, Kill-ary is going down at climax of this Kibuki Theatre.

    Was Yoko Ono’s vignette & endorsement of Killary earlier a death kiss ?

  16. If the Democrats really want to win this election (and it’s entirely conceivable that they don’t, simply because of the way the demo-publicans and the republi-crats orchestrate things between them) then their best bet would be to persuade Hilary Clinton to stand aside, once she has secured the party nomination, throwing her weight behind her opponent in this contest – Bernie Sanders. Why, one might ask, would the Clinton clique agree to that? Well, because securing the Democratic Party nomination would be a largely hollow victory for them – it’s their home turf after all. The Clintons success in this arena is probably nothing more than a reflection of the political connections that they have made over the years. They’ve got the Democratic Party hierarchy sown up but the campaign that Sanders has run has shown this hierarchy to be hopelessly out of touch with a large swathe of grassroots Democratic supporters. Of course, the irony is that Sanders isn’t even a Democrat – he only joined the party last year – presumably so that he could run for nomination. Before that, he was, like a lot of American voters these days, an independent. The victor in a presidential election will have to be able to sway, not just their own party supporters but significant section of supporters from the other parties – Republicans and independents in the case of a Democratic hopeful. The question then becomes, who among the Democrats has a better chance in going up against Donald Trump? The answer is becoming increasingly obvious – Bernie Sanders, even though Hilary Clinton will, in all probability, beat him in the race for her party’s nomination. Her only chance against Trump is if she can convince supporters of Sanders to get behind her – and they are strongly articulating that they will not. My prediction therefore, is that Hilary Clinton will make history by becoming the first woman to win the nomination but she won’t run – she will be prevailed upon to step aside in favour her challenger. Any takers on that outcome?

    • Deco

      Nobody will convince Hilary Clinton to stand asside.

      It is her turn. Everybody needs to get with the program.

      • And that is why she may secure the nomination but she will NEVER win the presidency. You could almost have written her speech for her there. ‘Everyone needs to get with the program’. She’s set her stall out on that. She isn’t even asking people to vote for her; she’s telling people that they have to! Americans won’t like that.

        Trump, on the other hand, is like the joke candidate who never considered that anyone would take him seriously. Now, he realises that that he has to run with it. When the prizefighter isn’t up for the fight, the sparring partner has to step in.

  17. Deco

    I think we will be on good terms with President Trump.

    Didn’t we send baldy Noonan, and a harpist, to meet him, getting of Air Trump, in Shannon ?

    [ cringeworthy moment, of the year, I believe it was ].

  18. Deco

    Time for Ireland to start looking seriously at the inefficiency that exists in the internal economy.

    Residential housing in Dublin.
    Indirect taxes.
    Third level degree courses that come after exams that are dumbed down.
    Institutional chaos, and 700 quangos.
    A failure to jail anybody over the Moriarty Tribunal, or indeed any tribunal.

    • tony_murphy

      Jeb Bush – “a decent, mild-mannered, reasonably popular guy” Really? Read Roger Stones Book on the Bush Family. You are mistaken.

      Clinton has skeletons in and out of the closet. Trump isn’t afraid of her. There is no one else in politics who will take her on and expose her and her husband for what they are.

      Trump tells the truth, that’s what makes him different, Bush disappeared once Trump started talking about 9/11 Truth and the classified 28 pages. He got rid of Lyin Ted by talking about Lyin Ted’s father and possible connections to Oswald.

  19. Why do we not talk about who is really running the World.
    Criminal cartel of political persuasion.
    Criminal bankers controlled by the criminal cartel.
    corrupted politicians controlled by the Criminal Bankers.
    Endemic corruption in business and industry allowed to flourish by the corrupted institutions and regulators who turn a blind eye.

    The people know something is wrong but are not yet informed as to what the problem is. The result is anger and a desire fore change.
    Trump and Saunders tap into this anger.
    It remains to be seen if either understand the nature of the problem.

    For Trump or anyone else to make America Great Again will require the defeat of the Criminal Cartel.

    “”If you want to truly stop world terrorism and all these illegal, unConstitutional wars for profits that are based on big, lies, false-narratives and false-promises, the root cause (which is the KM) must be attacked and eliminated, one way or another. And let there be no doubt about it, the American People have the Constitutional Right to bring these KM Perps to justice and final judgment for all the capital crimes they have committed including murder, mass-murder, RICO, Treason, Sedition, and numerous other major felonies.

    Unless the American people stop these KM Terrorist Kingpins, American cannot survive as a Republic because insiders have claimed that the KM plans to reduce America and the world’s population by 90% unless they are dis-empowered. And they have put this in writing in their white papers and in stone at the Georgia Guidestones.”"

  20. Deco

    This clip is entertaining.

    The last sentence on the clip, is the punchline.


  21. survivalist

    Even today are people are willing to believe that there is a semblance of democracy in the USA or even that elections are democracy?

    Elections nowadays are best described as ‘power rituals’ and symbolic performances but lacking of any actual democratic substance.

    Forget about any personal opinion on this and examine these two extracts:

    “Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.”

    “When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

    Read the full piece Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens; Prof Martin Gilens and Prof. Benjamin I. Page (Princeton and North Western Universities)

    The meaning here is perfectly obvious. Democracy does not happen. Not in the USA, Europe or Australia or any ‘developed’ nation.

    But in each of these regions we do have massively successful propaganda that beguiles the people into believing otherwise. Deep down people know that supposing that their representative democracy and lofty EU institutions work genuinely in their best interests is an act in self-deceit.

    Until direct democracy or participatory democracy is the system of governance, and until the 1% have exactly that degree of influence over the system, we are deluded in believing we have democracy.

    Elections are on a par with the X factor, you are encouraged to vote and made to feel like your participation is meaningful – but it’s not.

    With respect to public policy the person’s influence is statistically insignificant. And such is the attitude in which power holds the person-AS an insignificant statistic.

    But watching Trump is entertaining. Voted on any legislation recently?

  22. dwalsh

    I agree with David; Trump can win; and he is dangerous; for all of us

    Clinton is a glass cannon; a very vulnerable candidate with far too many skeletons in her closets. If Trump wants to win he will not give Hillary a free-pass like Sanders has. I cannot see Hillary being able to compete with him.

    We have no idea what Trump would do in power. He has no clear or coherent policies on anything. Everything he has said thus far he has contradicted. He is just playing to the crowd; making it up as he goes along. He is driven not by ideology or policy, but by a psychology of narcissism and megalomania and I would say a deep sense of inadequacy and victimhood which he deals with by being ruthless and vindictive.

    Very scary guy.

    Just look at the madhouse the USA is today. Look up the figures on suicide and shootings and psychoactive pharmaceuticals and on and on. There is a cauldron of frustration and resentment and media induced ignorance that is potentially explosive.

    • McCawber

      Churchill covers it.
      “Insert name” would be a very dangerous president until you’ve tried the alternative.
      The real attraction of Trump is that he “APPEARS” to be offering something difference.
      For an electorate that is becoming less and less enamoured with the status quo, that might be enough.
      Ireland is a good example of that phenomenon.
      Nothing has changed yet but it’s early days yet.

  23. Truthist

    “Kill-ary” & “Flip-Flopping” Trump essentially are both the “official” AIPAC Candidates.
    And Sanders is the AIPAC “unofficial” Candidate.

    All are going to start WW 3 against Iran.

    Preston James has written a magnificent essay ( Ref. Link given by Tony Brogan above ).
    But he wrong about calling them “Khazars” ;
    They really are who they themselves say they are ;
    Yes, they have taken in new DNA along their migrations.
    “Goyim \ Beastial” husbands & wives are sometimes permitted.
    Although, according to themselves, to be really of the tribe one’s mother must be of tribe.


    The Dommeh ;
    Kamal Attaturk,

    Kaifkeng ;
    Premier Xi of China is one ( Bet that will come as shocker to most of u ! )

    Asjkananazi ;
    Churchill ( Mother ),
    Eisenhower ( Reason millions of German prisoners of war after WW2 were starved to death ( Check it out ; “Official” History is just lies agreed upon
    by the victors ; So said Napoleon )
    Tony Blair ( Mother’s family have concocted “Irish” family name. This the present “cryptic” element to “phony” Tony. All know by now that Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was before Magistrate Court twice for “cottaging” when he a Transvestite as student at Cambridge University.
    Boris Johnson
    British Royal Family ( Another shocker for some of u )

    Arabic ;
    “Saudi” Royal Family

    African ; Obama ( Mother )

    • Truthist

      That link above supplied by Tony Brogan is so good that it should — as I have felt need to state so recently about Sideshowbob’s analysis of Irish Green Party — be archived.
      Come to think of it, a great many of the posts in DMW’s blog should be archived ;
      Particularly those revealing :

      the Bankster Scam Bundle — Fake money ( NOT Gold or Silver ) got from Rothschilds ONLY is forced by gov. to be the Legal Tender & Fiat. Although, issued frpm our own Treasury would be OK though not choice ; so-called “Khazar” so-called Mafia — actually “Tribal Cult” — orchestrated Private Central Banking ; Fractional Reserve Banking ; Petro-Dollar ( PC Roberts’s “1%” folks ( whoever they are he too PC / shy to say 8-) get the only benefit from this particular scam currency invented from thin air )


      the nasty Institutional State ( of the Irish State ; ISIS )

      Irish Civil Service ; Especially Mid & Snr. Civil Servants & the Garda-Landlord Peeler Criminal Inc.
      EU Administration in Irish State
      Corporate Ireland
      Media in Irish State
      Pro Class ; Judiciary, Lawyers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, “pseudo” Economists ( DMW being notable exception of course 8-) ), Management Consultants, etc.
      F.I.R.E. ; Finance, Insurance, Real Estate “F..kers”

    • Truthist


      Other :

      Angela Merkel ; Deliberately bringing in deviant foreigners ( not reflective of their home respective attributed countries ) — & they bogus as real refugees — to rape etc. as did those horses of degenerates instructed by USSR’s Bolsheviks to do so to as many German women & children as possible at end of WW 2.
      Am curioua to know if we was directed atPolish so-called goyim
      PM Turnbull of Australia
      PM Keys of New Zealand
      President Porky ( & most of his cabinet ) of Ukraine
      Geert Willders ; Dutch fascist politician
      Fidel Castro

      Robespierre of French Revolution “Terror”
      Karl Marx
      Vladamir Lenin
      Rosa Luxembourg ( Fanatical Marxists Leninist in Germany ))
      Yagoda ; 1 of History’ s greatest mass murderers ( >20 Million )

      And, interestingly, Gadaffi

      And, arguably, Trump

      • Truthist


        Not reflective of their attributed respective home countries.

        Hordes of degenerates

        curious to know

        at Polish

      • Truthist


        am curious to know if they were directed at Polish women & children

        Rosa Luxembourg was NOT Leninist

  24. https://fee.org/articles/the-pretense-of-nation-building/

    Educational article except for the fact that all the policies, resulting in the destruction of the countries named, were deliberately designed to destroy. The end results were not a mistake but the desired outcome.

  25. SMOKEY

    “I would remind you that extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice. And let me also remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!
    I am the only one on this blog, perhaps on my Cutting Edge Ireland show too, and maybe even in Ireland, that has backed Trump from the beginning. He is going to show you what time it is. Plain and simple.
    By the way, I started Cutting Edge Ireland over a year ago, 16 or so shows, and when RTE got a tweet from me to “lawyer up” on BOC twitter feed, they blocked me. I dont believe a stone weight loss and a military buzz cut on the side of your head suddenly makes a self hating Irishman cutting edge. What a joke.
    Vote Trump. Steve Jackson’s Cutting Edge Ireland, To the right of the devil, and to the left of God. News, Views, and Revues.

    • McCawber

      You are not the only one who has said they think Trump might just be what we need.
      You haven’t told us so and don’t bother claiming you told us so when he does get elected.

      • SMOKEY

        Now now Mr. McC, yes I have told you so, and I have repeated it again and again. That is not up for debate, Im right and you are wrong. And you better believe when he gets elected many like you will have to eat Crow. I will be telling you so very soon. Now, go take your meds and eat a greasy snack box and when you come out of the fantasy world in which you reside you may proceed to contemplate the vast nothingness that is your life. Vote Trump.

    • Truthist

      I asked u some very sharp direct questions in David’s last blog on foot of ur “Get tough with the Narcotics players” ( my description of ur theme ) ;
      But, u did not answer them.

      Following the info u give above I inserted search terms ;

      Cutting Edge Ireland Steve Jackson

      I tried a result ;


      Appeared to be USA Evangelical Christian Religion Enterprise

      Then I did a worthy test in the search field of the site ;


      Voila !

      Clearly a Zio-Christian Organisation

      Given ur rather charming retort to other posters concerned about the continuous “momentous events” assailed on the helpless Palestinian Men Women & Children by the chosen ones ( e.g. the little Palestinian boys ( Muslim or Christian they still revere Christ & would never say that he boiling in load of excrement ) chased along the beach whilst they trying to play soccer by Israeli fighter plane & then duly annihilated by said fighter plane’s personnel ) in which u instructed those interlocutors of urs to “Go eat Sh..t!”, I wonder might it be appropriate to translate ur name in Irish as ;
      Stiofain Mac Leithreas ?

      Steve Son of Jacks

  26. Sideshow Bob

    Speak of the devil and he will come!


    Perhaps David McW you should try to get to be the one to interview him?

    I would watch!!!

  27. Truthist

    Appears the “1%” have a new strategy for how the political leaders are to engage with the citizens for the next 4 years at least ;
    Brute Force & Brute Arrogance & Brute Indifference to their real problems.
    Hence the line up of :

    Kill-ary & Flip-flopping Trump as AIPAC’s USA Prezzie

    Cute Honor Pretend-Bufoon Boris Johnson for UK PM


    obviously a plethora of similar characters for top job in numerous other countries

    Unless Trump immediately does as Preston James PhD of http://www.veteranstoday.com prescribes ( Ref. Tony Brogan’s link above );
    ==> Trump will only have “appeared” ( Ref.Mc Cawber’s wise observation of Trump thus far ) to be the savior.
    And, given that “Leopards cannot change it’s spots”, Trump is going to be a big disappointment.

  28. Truthist


    Cute HOOR pretend bufoon Boris Johnson

    Casually thinking about who in the Irish scene can adeptly portray Arrogance & Indifference ?
    I assuming that all in Dail Eireann & Seanad Eireann have developed the “requisite” Killer Touch by now.

    Eithne Fitzgerald ( Min. for Injustice )
    Me-Hole Martin ( Leader of FF )
    Simon Harris ( Pro. Politician )

    • Deco

      Simon Harris – some kindergarten has lost their least grown up member.

      Honestly, he has no clue. And EK is grooming him to be the next FG leader.

      • Truthist


        I cannot see any politician or other politico as all-round worthy.
        I admit to there being worthiness with John Ross ;
        But, he would not have rounded enough sentiment or understanding for most of the populace outside of his rarified constituency ;
        This aside from he being very good on certain core issues common to the multitude & he being vigilant against the boards of certain banks, gov
        dept.s, companies inter alia.
        Ross would not be partial to citizens on longterm SW etc. nor the Nationalists of North East of our country, inter alia

  29. Deco

    I personally hope that Trump insults the main gangster groups in Irish politics.

    I see Rich Boy Barrett (RBB) (not the sharpest plastic knife in the childrens teaset) has already made a fool of himself. What if Trump compares RBB and his mates to Trotsky (who incidentally had to leave the USSR, because he pissed off the Bolsheviks with his excessive violence and meglamania) ?

    The interesting thing about RBB, is that Trotskytes in general seem blind to all the blood, murder and mayhmen that accompanies their struggle for peace.

    I just the feeling that Trump might do us all a massive favour. Maybe he will rubber stamp the clowns as befitting of a circus.

    All he needs to do with FG is give them a donation. If he is dealing with FF, that will be a cheque made to cash. And if it is the ILP, then it is an internship for a politician’s daughter.

    By the way the Clintons will also be arriving. I bet that will be fun when Hillary “cattle futures” Clinton gets to meet Bertie “I won the money on the horses” Ahern.

    Celebrity Island.

    • Truthist

      Is Rich Boy(d) Barrett in any way related — & I am told that actual “blood-wise” ( he a Dowling AND not a Barrett — to Justin Barrett ( Public figure & meant to be one of the intellectual ( I would seriously contradict that claim given personal encounter ) voices in defence of the Unborn Child ?
      And, in light of qualification as to Rich Boy ( or Posh Boy if u prefer ), I would be asking is his Barrett family related to Justin ?
      I may have respective spellings of their names wrong.

      RBB always reminds me of that “Agit-Prop” fellow from Victoria Nuland ( Changed from Nudleman 8-) )’s camp in Moscow always seeking to hassle Putin.

  30. Pat Flannery

    California may yet save the world from Donald Trump and give it President Bernie Sanders. The Wall Street Journal thinks it could happen

    • StephenKenny

      Trump can be beaten, but “Trump” cannot (next time etc).

      What’s interesting about Trump isn’t Trump, it’s’ that such a high proportion of the US population support him.

      The more that the national press, the TV, and the radio attack him, the more popular he becomes.

      Actually, to me, he just looks like a old fashioned US isolationist, wading through the sort of media found a 100+ years ago.

      It isn’t as bad as all that incredible nonsense in the UK, with the EU vote causing the most elite of their commentators in the newspapers, tv, and radio, warning of WW3, house price collapse, complete hair loss, and immediate erectile disfunction, if you vote the wrong way. That place is just so over!

  31. redriversix

    America is a Empire building War mongering Police state.

    Hasn’t had a President since Eisenhower. Elections ? give me a fuckin break.

    Greatest sponsor of Terrorism. Biggest arms dealer in the World. Slowly eroding whatever rights its people had.

    Has “fought” 30/40 wars since WW11,overthrown Governments ,stolen resources etc. etc.

    Has never paid for its War crimes in Vietnam / Iraq / Afghanistan.

    No longer has Habeas corpus in Law , a basic right.

    A dire health system, a worse education system. Promotes socialism for big business and capitalism for everyone else.

    Rife with corruption.

    The illusion of freedom portrayed by elections where 40% of people vote, shouldn’t have the T.V remote , never mind a vote, not that it makes any difference. The only art form created by America is advertising and they sell Presidents the same way they sell soap.

    America will get us all killed. No checks & balances, no accountability. Truly shocking , shocking Country.

    Who ever the New “p.r person” is, they will have their hands full in 2017 as Russia takes back Estonia , Latvia & Lithuania.

    Since the “end” of the Cold War ,the West has lost, broken , trampled and dismantled its moral compass.

    We live in very dangerous times….

    Home of the free, land of the Brave..?

    horseshit , garbage & bullshit

    • McCawber

      The key point in all of the above “A worse education system”.
      That one statement is core to a lot of their internal problems.
      It’s worthy of a good article from a scribe near us.

      • Pat Flannery

        McCawber & redriversix “A worse education system”? You both speak with all the certainty about America as Americans who have never been to Ireland but know more about it than you do. They know for certain that we all live in thatched cottages and use donkey carts as our main mode of transportation. And as for our education system, maybe they’re right, maybe it’s no better than theirs.

        • McCawber

          My comment is based on conversations I’ve had with Americans themselves.
          All schools are rated and you can only get into a school if your address links you to that school. People take this into account when purchasing their houses which suggests all schools are not equal (are they anywhere?)
          You are no doubt aware of the cost of going to University in the US, ie the cost to the user.
          I agree my knowledge of the US system is limited but I suspect regardless of the quality, our system is more available to all citizens.

          • Pat Flannery

            McCawber: If Ireland had a student loan system similar to the US thousands of Irish graduates would not emigrate the moment they get their degrees – ”you dance with the one that brung you”.

            One only has to pay for the final two years in the US because community colleges are free and count towards two of the four years for a college degree.

            Health care in the US costs less per head of population than it does in Ireland, which has one of the highest health care costs in the world and its delivery is one of the worst in the world.

            The US on the other hand has the undisputed best health care and delivery in the world.

          • McCawber

            The US user pays approach to third level is probably one of the very few occasions where the user pays principle is wrong.
            As regards emigration.
            If we can’t create jobs for our people in our own country then we should at least prepare them as best we can.
            Most people do not emigrate lightly, particularly in a small close knit country like ours – that’s from personal experience.
            You’ll get no argument from me re Health.

          • Pat Flannery

            ”If we can’t create jobs for our people in our own country then we should at least prepare them as best we can.” A defeatist concept?

            Not really. It is a deliberate policy to make Ireland an private club. Just try returning, you will see how those who got to stay have pulled up the ladder. Go and don’t come back.

            The education system is in fact a disguised emigration system. It is modelled on the Catholic Church’s old ”foreign missions” system. The State still has very little say in the education system. That’s the problem.

  32. Pat Flannery

    redriversix: you sound like a typical Trump supporter.

    • redriversix


      How the hell did you figure that ?

      I shall take that in the good nature it was intended….

      your a funny guy Pat.

  33. Truthist

    America ( u mean USA ) :

    is not an empire building for itself ;
    It is a proxy country for a nation within it.
    Why did u not read the seminal article written by Preston James PhD of http://www.veternstoday.com & it highlighted by Tony Brogan as link that should be read ?
    U are misinformed.

    did not have a President in Eisenhower ;
    Like was s psychopath who starved to death over 1.7 million German prisoners of war and they forced to be outside en-mass on the elements in Germany.
    Check it out.
    He also deliberately prolonged WW2 so as to exacerbate German civilian casualties.
    U are misinformed.

    Russia has no expansionist plans ;
    Thus, it not wants to replicate USSR which held Russia & Rus cousins & Slav cousins & other ethnic neighbours as proxy super pseudo republic by dreadful few nation that is within it & also within USA.
    In fact the Bolsheviks & Trotskyites came from Broklyn, New York to control Russia.
    And, Harriman the Bankster & USA Ambassador to USSR took over control of USSR during WW2 because Stalin had nervous breakdown.
    Of course Bush family have been the money bag men for the Harrimans ;
    Nice mild mannered Jebb Bush should be nice enough to tell.
    U are misinformed.

    By the way ;

    Which countries’s education systems do u think are good ?

  34. redriversix

    Hi Truthist

    We are not so far apart…not that I seek nor require approval.

    Harriman, if in “charge” in Russia did a piss poor job.

    All education is poor…just some are worse than others and Americas is appalling.

    Eisenhower was the last American President, Prescott Bush was one of many funders of the Nazi War machine..Joe Kennedy could be deemed a Nazi with his Fascist views .Henry Ford was awarded the highest Nazi Medal a civilian could receive for his work and productivity in Germany. It was Ford and G.M Trucks which rolled into Poland and across Europe.

    Henry Ford and Adam Opel sued the U.S Government after the War for Damages to their German Factories and Won.

    I read the article you recommended….waste of time really as I care not who is running things..it is more important to discover it is NOT Governments , Democracy or any such ideal. I learned this many years ago and wanted to find out who was in charge. I decided after several years I no longer cared..what I could try & do was look after my family. Give my opinion were relevant and go from their.

    Russia is expansionist .That is not a criticism..just the way it is.

    Why ?

    NATO is weak. The Security Council is weak. The Allies are weak.

    Russia could roll into the Countries I mentioned earlier and the above can do little about it.

    Unless they go Nuclear immediately after the invasion.

    German prisoners of War.

    I am aware of their treatment. Not a great surprise really. The realities of War.

    Eisenhower Prolonging the War ?

    I have seen no evidence of this .

    False flags ?


    USS Liberty

    USS maddox

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      Here is a little known fact about WWII. Polish intelligence – which provided around 50% of all Allied information, including technical documentation on V1/V2 rockets and and broking – before WWII – the Enigma code (Turing broke the Kriegsmarine Enigma), had a guy in Lisbon called Jan Kowalewski.

      He almost managed to convince Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy to switch from the Nazi side to the Allies side at the same time thus shortening WWII.

      Why did it not come into fruition?

      Because Stalin went furious and demanded Churchill to act against it because that would mean the USRR would have no reason to further expand into Eastern Europe (at that time called Central Europe in English (Mittel-Europa in German), then Eastern Europe – I do not care much what it is called as long as it is not called fascism or communism ;-), having gobbled the Baltic States, 1/3 of Poland and part of Finland (and now their propaganda claims they fought against fascism – btw, it is an old Soviet trick to call fascist everything that goes against their expansion plans, similar to the US using the ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ buzzwords to justify their petro-dollar expansion).

      When it comes to President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, their perfidy is too well known for me to write about it (just two examples – when the Soviets asked the Brits to pass over the White Russians in the British Army so that they could kill them all after torture, the Brits kindly obliged; as to President Roosevelt, when informed on the Holocaust by the Pole Jan Karski (thanks to hero Witold Pilecki who escaped from Auschwitz), Roosevelt was clearly bored (this is not an anecdote, this is in protocol) and change the subject to horse racing in occupied Poland (and later dismissing and sending to Pacific one of his diplomats who mentioned the Holocaust again).

      Or perhaps you might have heard about the debate in the House of Commons, during which one MP said that should the Germans invade Britain, we will simply refuse to sell them anything in the shops (at least Prime Minister Churchill was not retarded – not sure about President Roosevelt though).

  35. Truthist

    Harriman did mighty job to defeat German army.

    Of course main reason for Germany to build war capability was they aware of Bolshies & Trots having slaughtered millions of goyim in socallef Russian revolution.
    They expecting same to happen to their families.

    Hitler was Brit trained agent (Tavistock) who went somewhat rogue a times against the City of London.
    But essentially fulfilled what the Roth’s planned.
    Nazis &,Zionists were actually allies during WW2

    Fascism is too often a missapplied the & also over abundantly used

    Orwell wrote useful essay or 2 on that phenomenon.

    Nay ;
    Real education is worthy.
    Likewise is Training.

    USA good at producing engineers of many types.
    Also good at the Arts
    Hollywood Knowhow

    But dumbing down long time with *…ology” majors.

    U not explain how Like was a President & latter names not so.
    To dismiss genocide of millions if prisoners of war ( also facilitated the Soviets to take 7 or so million to be slave lboures & be exterminated when burnt out as somewhat frivolous or at least insignificant has me perplexed.
    Ike actually prolonged WW2 with Gerries so as to have opportunity to drop A-B..mb on civilian targets.
    Ah well, .. long-running German suits for peace must have mitigated fate.

    Re Fascism again
    Most admin \ mgt & military & cops & parents too resort to fascism to rule the roost.

    Ironicallt, Israelis are big big fans of fascism

    Myself ; No
    Anyway, unsustainable

    Ford supplied Germany with military vehicles directly financed by Rothschilds.
    He just doing what the masters instructed.
    But Nazis & he were mutual admirers.
    Ford not racist though.
    Nazis were racist.

    Amazing how some are conjugal with each other.
    War Mongerer Kill-ary Rodham (Clinton) & peace activist Yoko Ono together dining ..WH…Y ?
    Because they were somehow attracted to one another
    But does not this revelation about Kill-ary from Billionaire Yoko mean Kill-ary is a Cheater & a Liar character ?
    Cheating on John Lennon.
    Pre-Bill I understand.

    Ford then supplied Allies as instructed to.

    Does later set up vehicle manufacturing in USSR as instructed.
    Methinks Ford “was given an offer he could not refuse” if u follow my drift.
    Meyer Lanksy type of threat.

    Russia heretofore under Putin not expansionist.
    Tony Brogan’s post support this assertion.

    NATO is nasty !
    Fascism indeed.

  36. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    All empires are expansionist – Persia, Rome, Byzantium, Spain, France, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia:


    , Prussia, Austria, UK, Germany, Soviet Union, USA, Russia again dividing the Vistula Spit and blocking sailing of trade ships to Elblag via the Strait of Baltiysk thus violating protocol to the Border Agreement between Poland and the USSR of 16 August 1945 and theoretically providing casus belli (heaven forfend it shall ever be used as such), China (if there ever be WWIII, it won’t start on the Baltic Sea but on the South China Sea), I could go on about Greater Israel, but I will be a good boy and I won’t given we are supposed to rely after the US after Brexit I do not believe in, though new polls are interesting – suffice to say that there is one country in Middle East where there have not been revolutions, civil unrest or Arab Springs – and that country is Jordan, which Jordan signed an agreement with Israel in 1994; even Ireland was expansionist in her glorious days when it was colonising then backward Scotland and then backward Northern France as Ireland was, at the time, one of the two places in Europe as Ireland that retained the wisdom of ancient Greece and Rome thanks to Ireland embracing Christianity (who says imperial expansion always has to be bad? – if it can sometimes lift other nations culturally?).

    That’s why they are called the empires – because they expand.

    If one empire stopped to expand, it would create weakness other empire would try to fill – it’s been happening all the time in history: “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks”.

    Wars usually start not because one empire is bad/aggressive/expansionist and the other is peaceful/well meaning/benevolent, but because of blunders and miscalculations (von Clausewitz even says that it is the weak country that starts the war because it provokes the stronger country by its weakness – the only difference being some civilisations do it first by means of war and others first by means of trade).

    To use moralistic language means to completely misunderstand geopolitics (this would be like betting on Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix based not on whether Red Bull’s superior traction in slow corners like Casino and while braking will manage to overcome Mercedes’ power advantage on the long streets of Montreal, and saying instead ‘Red Bull are motivated by greed and are aggressive in their technical development, while Mercedes just want peace and all they want is to keep winning, and if they do, there will be no technological war in Formula 1 for they are the good technical empire’ – see what I mean by misunderstanding power play by using moralistic language?).

    One cannot have serious discussion about the US, Russia, China, Germany, etc – Brexit too – without first slowly studying the Melian dialogue from Thucydides’ “Peloponnesian War” and then analysing the current geopolitical situation (especially on the South China Sea, but also on Baltic and in Turkey) within the framework of the Thucudides’ Trap – David (good article though – make that great article; one of the few I actually read twice and with applause, apart from Laffer’s Curve that is – but as it has been pointed out in one of the funniest scenes in the history of cinema:



  37. Truthist

    Irish / Scotia settlements in Scotland would be more so haphazard colonizing with own Hiberos / Hibernians.
    Not full scale conquering of Alba in short time.
    Picts were losers & pushed to North & East.
    Irish character is too individual & self-sabotaging once coming to Land of Ire that we as sole enterprise incapable of ever truly being empirical with our particular adventurers.
    But, excellent assistant to master builder.

    Byzantine Empire theost

  38. Truthist

    Sorry ;
    Mickey Mouse smart phone a struggle for me ;
    Premature sending.

    Byzantine Empire the most benign I am informed on good authority.

    Some conflicts are solely “spiritually” based ;

    The grievance against Russia under Putin is because Russian people have been facilitated yo be Christans again.

    By the way, http://www.veteranstoday.com report Putin States that evidence from Soviet archives attest to the genocide & other decimation of numbers of the peoples under Nazi occuation as occurring under good auld mass executions & slaughter & burning of folks in barns.
    And disease & starvation.
    Not really difficult to dispose of corpses by burial.
    Irish Great Hunger is proof of that.

  39. Truthist

    Important to be blunt in saying that many Irish are a despicable people

    Moral Cowards
    Traitors against Ireland & those tare foreigners who genuinely help
    Readily adopting vice
    Nosy F..kers
    Skillful Liars
    Status Seekers
    Social Snobs
    Intellectual Snobs
    Vindictive Bastards

    And there is a saying that crops up out of the blue from our own to great shock but instant approval of merit about such & such a dirty slimy deed done by another party

    “That was very Irish out of him / her”

    Some of above are racist against blacks

  40. McCawber

    Have to say it’s a bit early for this sort of initiative but it is one of the steps towards Utopia.
    At least the issue has got an airing of sorts.

  41. Utopia.

    Money for old rope.
    There IS such a thing as a free lunch
    Where the givers keep giving and the takers keep taking.
    where debt are never repaid, just Rolled over.
    Only on the space ship Enterprise can you order a meal from the computer and it is produced from nothing at no cost, just for the asking.

    Utopia—fools paradise.
    Fake money is fools gold.
    Fake money for free is the blind leading the blind.

    hot weekend here with highs at 30C

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