May 23, 2016

A bolt out of the blue

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Peter the “Captain” of the bamboo raft is an extremely observant Seven Day Adventist and a mine of information on the Marla Brae river, on Jamaica’s North coast. He gushed with details of the history of the area, the flora, the fish, the weather, the termites, the ganja, the rum and of course, the Lord. As we floated effortlessly down stream, the river bloated by last night’s rains, he explained why he doesn’t eat shellfish, has never drank and how he observes the Sabbath in its entirety. The local Rastamen and himself – despite their religious differences – are “brothers’, sharing a deep love for the land, the nature, football, cricket and the power of the Almighty.

This is Trelawny Parish, not so far from the glitzy Montego Bay but spiritually about as far as you can get from that “all-you-can-eat” five star buffet gluttony of the typical beach resort.

Trelawny is also this Usain Bolt country. The world’s fastest man is born in the village. His mother worships in Peter’s church. Bolt was always incredibly athletic but, according to the Captain, his flamboyant running style was honed dashing through the fields to school to avoid a “flogging” when the young Usain, ever acting the maggot, missed the one school bus.

Jamaica has an image for spliff, reggae, hanging out, chilling, not to mention, the out-of-control gang violence, terrifyingly captured in Marlon James’ Booker Prize winner novel “A Short History of Seven Killings”.  But there is another Jamaica, an observant, Christian Jamaica.

Tiny churches are dotted all over the place – at every crossroads and up each country lane. There is choice of Christian denominations in every village.  Earlier today, at the Caribbean Development Bank’s Annual Meeting (where I am speaking) lunchtime grace was enthusiastically belted out before anyone touched a morsel.

When quizzed as to why the people have such faith, Peter reckoned it was a legacy of slavery. When everything is taken from you, he laughed, “what man got to get he through?”

Further down at a bend in the river, lay the remains of a sugar plantation and the cemetery of the long gone, plantation owners. There are no cemeteries to the slaves. There are constant reminders to the true horror of slavery everywhere. It is impossible to ignore. It is also amazing that a culture can survive such trauma, rebuild itself and function. The Captain suggested that God plays a huge part of overcoming the collective damage that slavery wrought.

We floated away lazily on his bamboo raft in the late afternoon heat, chatting about the Lord, Jah and the voodoo witches and their chicken slaughtering ceremonies that are practiced widely around these parts.

All this belief, faith or superstition, call it what you will, unifies people. It gives them a sense of purpose and a laudable set of rules.  As we nattered away, Peter pointed out some wild sugar cane growing on the banks. I’d never seen cane before, have you?

When you see the size of sugar cane, you realize how awful cultivating this crop must have been. It is huge and when you see it you understand how much work went into growing, chopping, crushing and refining the juice. In slave times, there were few implements – almost everything was done by hand. In the mills, the cane was fed into rollers and the slightest mistake costs mangled limbs. In fact, the boiling cane created a scalding syrup, which stuck like glue to the misfortune whose arms of legs got splashed by this molten goo.

All this backbreaking work was done by brutalized slaves.

In all, over ten million slaves were taken from Africa to the Caribbean alone. These were just the ones who survived the passage. At least as many again, died horribly en route.

Jamaica was at the centre of a two hundred year financial, economic and trading system called the Atlantic system of the Triangular trade. British and, I suppose, lots of Irish, people were central to this.

The first leg of the trade was British goods were sold to African slave traders. These manufacturing goods would have been guns, nails and gunpowder.

These goods were exchanged for human beings, captured slaves who were then sent on to the Caribbean to work in the plantations. The plantations owners bought the slaves with money they made from selling sugar used to sweeten coffee. Soon after it was brought back from South America, coffee became the drink of choice for the chattering classes of London, Edinburgh and Dublin.  17th and 18th century Dublin was full of coffee houses and salons where the intelligentsia hung out, addicted to sweetened caffeine.

The Caribbean slave islands also bought food from Ireland and Britain because all the cultivated land was given over to this cash crop, sugar, so they imported lots of foodstuffs, salted beef and eventually salted butter. Some of the so-called merchant prince families of Cork had deep 18th and 19th century trading links with the Caribbean. This would not have been unusual because the Caribbean was a crucial corner of triangle trading system.

Slavery was eventually abolished in the 1830s, thanks in no small measure to men like Daniel O’Connell who saw the obvious parallels between slavery and Catholic emancipation here in Ireland. O’Connell was a tireless anti-slavery campaigner. Ultimately, the British commercial class was shamed into abolishing slavery by more and more evidence, produced in independent journals about the brutality of the slave trade.

However, black slaves were merely replaced by the next victims, indentured labour from India. This explains the large Indian populations of the Caribbean islands. In time, this too was phased out but not before thousands of Indians suffered similar, if not quite as horrific, fates. VS Naipaul’s account of the Indian Trinidad community is a good source on this particular exiled tribe.

Like all trades, the slave trade generated huge profits for the countries involved. Some economic historians argue that two hundred years of profits on the back of black slaves gave Britain the capital needed to fuel the industrial revolution and the Empire’s expansion. This allegation is very difficult to quantify but equally difficult to refute, at least, in part.

The brutality, violations, the starvation, the rapes and floggings meant that the Caribbean slaves, unlike those in the Southern State of the USA, actually died quicker than they reproduced. More and more slaves had to be brought from Africa simply to keep the slave populations static. All had to endure a period of “seasoning’ which referred to the torture in the first few weeks when the slaves arrived. “Seasoning” was designed to weed out troublemakers and break resistance. You can only imagine.

The sun was going down on the river and the swarms of mosquitoes were having a field day. We were chatting away, a few of us now, at a fantastic little shack called “Tarzans” at the side of the river eating Conk stew, washed down with cans of Red Stripe. Junior Gong  – Bob Marley’s son – was playing in the background, as one of the young Rastas did his best Robbie Keane goal celebration impression, for the benefit of me, the Irish guest.

As I waved to these few lads, maybe eight in all, while the Captain tried to negotiate the current, I thought about the serendipity of life, the luck and the bizarre lottery of it all and how you can never tell who you are going to be, where you’ll be born, in what era into either poverty of privilege?

We headed to towards the village, past shacks and babies running around barefoot. It was nearly dark and we turned into the makeshift jetty. There, the raft was welcomed by a huge billboard of a smiling Usian Bolt, directly under a massive logo of his sponsor for this summers’ Olympics, Digicel.

The Irish are still trading here.

It was time to go home.


  1. mike flannelly

    We can say and do nothing as others are cast into misfortune.

    Calculated misfortune.

    • Truthist

      Sometimes we & / or someone else can effectively intercede to ;

      prevent the misfortune

      mitigate the misfortune

      rescue the victim from the misfortune.

  2. michaelcoughlan

    No slaves, no pyramids, no woman no cry.

    • stevedublin

      Actually, a documentary I saw suggested the pyramids were built by the Egyptian warrior class in time of peace (so they would not get restive), who were well treated.

      • Truthist

        Sounds like smart discipline.
        Sounds “Germanic” ;
        Of course, not attributing them to being direct ancestors of the Germans.

        And, the Hebrews / Hiber-os [ the original Irish who later settled in Hiber-nia ] were doing what in Egypt then ?
        Raints & Rholars already ?

        Bookies for camel-races ?
        Seanacai ?
        Purveyors of Beers, Wines, & Spirits ?
        Mercanries ?
        Civil Servants ?

  3. bluegalway

    Daniel O’ Connell campaigned for Catholic emancipation, notably in the British parliament. And the Irish have a very iffy record when it comes to slavery in the Windies.
    William Wilberforce, an Englishman, campaigned for 20 years from 1787 for the abolition of slavery, resulting in the abolition of the slave trade in 1807, and the abolition of slavery itself in 1833. O’ Connell’s political life didn’t really get going until the 1810s.
    In 1823, the Anti-Slavery Society was founded in London, with members such as Wilberforce, Joseph Sturge, Thomas Clarkson, Henry Brougham, Elizabeth Heyrick and Jane Smeal, as well as others. O’ Connell wasn’t among them.
    In 1808 the Royal Navy established the West Africa Squadron to suppress the Atlantic slave trade by patrolling the coast of West Africa. Between 1808 and 1860, the West Africa Squadron captured 1,600 slave ships and freed 150,000 Africans, and they resettled many in Jamaica and the Bahamas. Britain also used its influence to coerce other countries to agree treaties to end their slave trade and allow the Royal Navy to seize their slave ships.
    Most, if not all, of their time was used chasing down US slave ships – Baltimore Clippers – which could outrun the Britsih fleet, the the Royal Navy captured them, and copied their design and then designed their own. So much for the ‘Land of the Free’, a legacy the US is still paying for today.

    • McCawber

      The Irish had a very iffy record in Jamaica etc
      Make that Jamaica including North America.
      For example General (President) Jackson (born in NI but reared in the US and one of the founding members of thr Democratic Party) used slaves on his plantation. Not an unusual practice for the times it has to be said.

      • Pat Flannery

        McCawber: Actually ‘Old Hickory’ was born in the US. but his elder siblings were born in NI. His biggest sin was against Native Americans.

        He did own slaves on his cotton plantation, the Hermitage in Tennessee (which I have visited more than once) but was considered by the standards of the South at the time to be a ”benevolent” slave owner, if there ever could be such a thing. In any case he is a very interesting historical figure.

      • EugeneN

        We wont get nowhere on this discussion unless we distinguish the Irish from both the Scots-Irish and the Anglo-Irish.

        • Pat Flannery

          EugeneN: the most natural republicans are the Presbyterians. The Scots-Irish were mainly Presbyterians. The first newspaper outside America to publish the American Declaration of Independence was the Belfast News Letter in August 1776.

          Presbyterians had no need of priests, they just put the Bible under one arm and a musket under the other and disappeared into the mountains and woods west of the Delaware. They were natural pioneers. Catholics on the other hand hung around cities in ghettos for fear of dying without the sacraments, not because they were afraid of working free land.

          That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it :)

          • Truthist

            Nay ; About why [ many of ] the [ Irish ] Catholics hung around Cities.

            But, of course there are reasons why they did :

            There was always full demand for Irish Slaves by the Cities & near hinterlands of the eastern coast of North America.

            Sinister Klu Klux Klan were even more to an Irish Catholic of a threat the further inland one went.

            inter alia

            Most of the early Irish Catholics in North America were “Slaves” [ NOT indentured Slaves ; Not destitute persons [ Men, Women, & Children ] enticed by silver-tongued “Tribal” Slave Traders nor their Proxies from perfidious Britain [ Or British Isles ( Islands of Britain, Wight, & what have u ] to go yonder cutting Sugar Cane & digging Canals & logging Lumber on the promise of getting a Stipend in distant future from the Slave Masters.
            The Irish were never Indentured Slaves ;
            And, if any were deceived that they were,- they did not soon find out that it was not as promised.

            A complaint atimes uttered by the Black Slaves of North America ;

            “Hey, Boss, u are making us work too hard like the Irish.”

            The Blacks were for picking Cotton & being servants around the Mansion.

            The Irish were for the heavy slog work.
            And, no doubt the main target for rapes by the racist & picky Slave Masters in that long epoch that put fair skin & blue eyes & slender figure on the pinnacle.

            Eventually, it was understood by the smart plantation owners & the burgeoning Industrialists that it is far more easy & economical to replace Slaves with Employees only.
            Much less “Money” [ sound Fiat Currency back in them good aul days ] investment to procure the worker.
            Much less “Money” equivalent cost involved in maintenance of the worker.
            By having the workers as Employees ; ==> u actually had a “captive” market of willing workers.

            And, Slavery did not all of a sudden vanish ;
            The Black Slaves would be the latter slaves to be freed.

            Meanwhile, Work-Gangs comprising of the Irish only out-competed the estimates that it would cost the plantation owners & others for to accomplish whatever very heavy work was in question.

          • Truthist

            Typo ;

            Sinister Klu Klux Klan were even more of a threat to an Irish Catholic the further inland one went.

          • Sideshow Bob

            That and the 12 kids hanging off them probably held them back…

            Pat, I haven´t forgotten about that final installment on REITS & Social housing, etc, I promised from 10 days ago but I unfortunately got “snowed under´´…I am coming back to it and I will post it on the thread as soon as I get around to it.

    • Truthist

      The pathetic comment ;
      “The Irish have a very iffy record when it comes to Slavery in the Windies.”

      Depends which “records” that u are referring to Messrs. Bluegalway

      “Iffy” -= “Yes” — if u are referring to Lies & other forms of anti-Irish Catholic Propaganda ;
      Even, to so-called “reports at the time”.

      “White is White” or if u prefer “Red-Leg is Red-Leg” if u are referring to the whole Truth & nothing but the Truth.
      The Irish were Slaves only in the Windies / Carribean.

      The Role played by the Slavery Repealers & the British Armed Forces — incl. The Royal Navy — was not sincere ;
      It had ulterior motives.
      I can return to u with explanation on that later.

  4. Mjhint

    I find it ironic that people in Jamaica talk about slavery & Christianity as if they were both mutually exclusive. How is it that a parallel cannot be drawn by a people so affected by slavery.Christianity as well as other beliefs thrived on slavery & to this day still has written rules governing it.

    • Truthist

      The pathetic comment ;
      “The Irish have a very iffy record when it comes to Slavery in the Windies.”

      Depends which “records” that u are referring to Messrs. Bluegalway

      “Iffy” -= “Yes” — if u are referring to Lies & other forms of anti-Irish Catholic Propaganda ;
      Even, to so-called “reports at the time”.

      “White is White” or if u prefer “Red-Leg is Red-Leg” if u are referring to the whole Truth & nothing but the Truth.
      The Irish were Slaves only in the Windies / Carribean.

      The Role played by the Slavery Repealers & the British Armed Forces — incl. The Royal Navy — was not sincere ;
      It had ulterior motives.
      I can return to u with explanation on that later.

    • Truthist

      The pathetic comment ;
      “The Irish have a very iffy record when it comes to Slavery in the Windies.”

      Depends which “records” that u are referring to Messrs. Bluegalway

      “Iffy” -= “Yes” — if u are referring to Lies & other forms of anti-Irish Catholic Propaganda ;
      Even, to so-called “reports at the time”.

      “White is White” or if u prefer “Red-Leg is Red-Leg” if u are referring to the whole Truth & nothing but the Truth.
      The Irish were Slaves only in the Windies / Caribbean.

      The Role played by the Slavery Repealers & the British Armed Forces — incl. The Royal Navy — was not sincere ;
      It had ulterior motives.
      I can return to u with explanation on that later.

  5. McCawber

    The only serendipitous thing I’m getting from this piece is that too much rum can have a strange effect on some people.

  6. Sideshow Bob

    ”In all, more than ten million slaves were taken from Africa to the Caribbean alone.”

    This is very inaccurate. It should read 10 million were taken to the Americas.

    1-2 million died on route. That is the equivalent of totals in major Irish famines.

    About 5 million went to Brazil alone where they the mortality rate for slaves was far higher than anywhere else. It was a brutal environment. Brazil has the largest population of people of African or partially African descent outside of Africa. Slavery lasted until 1888 there, however the effects live on. There has only been one person of obviously African descent in a senior post in that country. For an obviously black or even half cast person to take presidential office there would be a MUCH bigger thing than Obama taking office in the US was.

    Take one look at ethnic mix ( or lack of ) in the oligarchical Government which has illegal removed Dilma Rouseff ( in a coup without arms ) and installed itself recently and you will see how slavery can still hold a grip on a nation many, many years after it’s supposed abolition.

    One thing I often see disputed is the fourth part of this triangle and to be hones D McW should have been mentioned in this Economics article is the financing of these voyages. is this not the origin of the word ”guinea” still used in posh racing circles? I think I read that it was the price of a share ( a pound and a shilling ) or the minimimum investment in an enterprise involving a ”guinea” cargo ( i.e. human beings ) from west Africa to America. This is where it entering into betting language. Am I wrong? There have been attempts to hide this since…

    ( and for information on slave numbers via British ports:

    • Sideshow Bob


    • Sideshow Bob

      a lot of typos there sorry…

    • Truthist

      Some warranted points Bob :


      Mr. Louis Farrakhan is the most authoritative source per Slavery to the Americas sourced from Black Africa :

      Approx. Numbers of Black Africans sourced to be Slaves

      Approx. Numbers of Black Africans who died before reaching the Americas

      Occupations of the Black African Slaves in the Americas

      Predominant Slave Traders

      Predominant Slave Owners

      Territories in Africa from which the Black African Slaves were sourced

      Territories of the Americas to which Black African Slaves were placed

      Search Terms entered into
      And, would be very censored by not just Google on this issue.

      farrakhan AND slavery

      5+ [ Five + ] Million Irish died in the Great Hunger Genocide by “The City” of London in the 1840′s.
      Do not be dissuaded by any GCHQ Cheltenham Warehouse Hasbara Operative Troll that it is not as stated.

      U having a passion to solve the Housing Crisis have good reason to be knowledgeable about Guineas ;
      I am reliably told ;

      The Garda-Landlord “has a right mind to arreshet the alleged Vagrant [ Homeless AND Roofless Citizen ] because he is not carrying the minimum of a Gold Guinea.”

      Actually,- I think that it may be a Gold Farthing.

      • yadayada

        5 million died? You might have to take issue with the general belief that one million starved, one million died of disease and one million emigrated, presumably based on a recorded 3 million drop in population.

      • 5+ [ Five + ] Million Irish died in the Great Hunger Genocide by “The City” of London in the 1840?s.

        Cecil Woodham Smith In The Great Hunger says (this is from Memory) that the Irish population was in the range of 8.5 million in 1840. By 1855 it was closer to 3 million and fell every year thereafter until the 1960′s
        During 1845-50 it seems over 1.5 million died in Ireland. 1.5 million moved to England, 1 million died on the coffin ships to North america and 1 million made it there alive.
        In addition the next generation of UK born Irish moved in huge numbers to the US.

        Whatever the figures it was as large a genocide as any others on a percentile basis.
        The UK population at the time was around 11 million.

        The question as to whether it was deliberate policy, benign neglect or opportunism to be rid of a thorn in its side is moot. It is past history as is the hundreds of thousands of Irish indentured servants sent to the West Indies before the black slave trade who subsequently moved to the US, as the black slave trade was established.

        The current manifestation of servitude is appearing rapidly as financial serfdom and coupled with growth of authoritarian government is reducing the options of millions of peoples to wars, pestilence and plagues. No change there.

        The EU is a part of this. Brexit is mandatory for the survival of Britain as a nation. ditto for any other nation.

        The exercise of national sovereignty is the forerunner to individual sovereignty. The shackles and handcuffs are essentially the international banking system as operated by the nations utilizing central banking fiat currency and fractional reserve commercial banking and the use of “weapons of mass destruction”, unregulated derivatives, amounting to 1.5 quadrillion dollars.

        Honest money systems are essential to have and maintain democracy, freedom and prosperity. Honest money is the antithesis of slavery. The current money system leads to slavery.

      • Truthist

        Typo ;

        The usual Garda-Landlord Peeler pronunciation of the term is ;


  7. Nice total distraction to discuss irrelevant subjects as the world looks forward to economic collapse caused by the same people who financed the slave traders.

    International financiers.

    The more things change the more things stay the same.

    • Truthist

      No disrespect to what has happened to the Native Americans & the Irish of yesteryear nor the Black Africans too nor the Scottish & Welsh & English lesser percentages that were the Slaves of North America & the Caribean ;

      But, given that we live in the NOW ;
      ==> U are totally correct here Sir !

  8. survivalist

    No doubt it is true as Mr McWilliams observes that: “…you can never tell who you are going to be, where you’ll be born, in what era into either poverty of privilege?”

    But regardless of the era, the challenges facing the people have remained the same.

    Debt bondage is still regarded as a corner stone of proper economic functioning and as almost a civic duty for people to enter into, that he or she may stand in the proper relationship to the corp/state.

    All that has changed are the PR skills of the ruling class to engender that such a relationship is tolerated and persists.

    With the exception of having ownership of the person as property per se, the relationship between people and the corporate/state alliance has not changed in actual function or essential nature.

    The essence of slavery is, after all, not a technical or legal distinction but a particular relationship type.

    Where the relationship exists that one, has absolute power over another, and controls his life, liberty, and fortune; that is slavery. And how so very familiar we are with its presence over us.

    As Michael Collins in 1921 identified: “Our strength as a nation will depend upon our economic freedom, and upon our moral and intellectual force.” – The Path to Freedom

    We must be reminded that economic slavery is just slavery after all. This consequence was well understood in Irelands recent modern History and given voice by James Connolly; his wisdom is always worth repeating.

    “…unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country…” – Shan Van Vocht 1897

    How much have we moved away from such relationship types, and in what direction does it appear that our political ‘representatives’ seem to desire that we move? How have the people of Ireland so quickly lost sight of what was once a common knowledge.

    Without economic freedom there is no freedom.

    Whether as a nation subservient to European economic power or as an individual subservient to business power bargained away for a wage, the person standing in relation as a slave to Government and Capitalist is the essential relationship.

    Democracy and Capitalism stand in opposition to one another.

    “It is a system which in its least repulsive aspects compels thousands and tens of thousands to fret and toil, to live and die in hunger and rags and wretchedness, in order that a few idle drones may revel in ease and luxury.”
    – Irish People, July 9, 1864
    Irish Republican Brotherhood

    • Sideshow Bob

      “Debt bondage is still regarded as a corner stone of proper economic functioning and as almost a civic duty for people to enter into, that he or she may stand in the proper relationship to the corp/state.´´

      This is a comment which resonates a lot with me, I would even go so far to say that the brainwashing is so complete here unless you have a huge mortgage by say age 35 at the latest then you do not fit into the Irish ideal of what a proper adult of that age should should be.

      However this comment is hyperbole;“The essence of slavery is, after all, not a technical or legal distinction but a particular relationship type…´´ is well off the mark and bears more resemblance to Gerry Adams recent Twitter comments where he decided to equate his people to African Americans. In slavery people where chattels or goods and could be killed for no reason at all. You can never equate this to modern life in a developed or even the vast majority of underdeveloped countries, no matter how adverse conditions seem. I think perhaps only in North Korea where absolute power lies in the hands of a madman could you possibly state that a type slavery exists. Human rights have moved on from here and are not ( with the very odd exception ) going back to those old relationships.

  9. Truthist

    Henry Makow — a Canada Firster — again informing u that the indentured-slavery is actually to be in perpetuity for u & ur offspring & their offspring … until 1 of ewes all the way finally has the moral courage to WAKE UP !

    But, it is not a nice experience “waking urself up” ;
    Having to dump all those illusions that u are so proud of learning from ur schooling, the main-stream Media [ Radio, TV, & Newsprint, & Movies ], the intelligentsia approved books, & even the internet [ Well, the main-stream stuff & the dis-info stuff ( e.g. Naom Chomsky ) ], gives u a wrenching feeling.
    “I don’t want to forsake my toys ; Please let me keep my toys.”

    Wake up !

    Read Henry Makow’s short article on ur Slavery NOW !
    Do not continue being a Fool by not waking up.

    The Fraud that Begets all Others
    May 21, 2016

  10. “Democracy and Capitalism stand in opposition to one another.”

    i agree in general except with this statement. Bad mouthing Capitalism is a ploy of the internationalist, financier. It is to prevent the average person from employing the one method of economic activity that provides the greatest benefit to the most number of people. True capitalism can only operate as the result of thrift and providing the savings that can be deployed to obtain the capital resources required to acquire the plant , equipment and training of the personnel that operate for wages.

    Our current system relies upon money that is debt. It suggests debt is a substitute for savings. It suggests that we are a consumer society without explaining how we can buy if we do not produce.

    We must not be fooled by those who suggest that central planners make better decisions than self interested individuals. All central planners be they government socialists, mercantile bankers or international conglomerates in cahoots with government (fascism) will run an economy into the ground resulting in economic serfdom of the people.

    Capitalism that is allowed to function, which has not been the case for nearly a century or more, will provide society with the greatest benefits and the highest standard of living.

    We must be rid of central bankers plans; Be rid of government central economic ans societal plans;be rid of internationalist corporist agendas of overriding sovereign states with illusory free trade plans that have nothing at all to do with free trade and everything to do with control of we the peoples of the world.

    The first place to strive for freedom and democracy is to remove the central banking system cartel of the right to create the nations’ money at debt and on which interest is charged. The money system is a pure Ponzi scheme that is bound to crash sooner of later. It requires ever increasing numbers of borrowers be loaned ever increasing amounts of money just to maintain the status quo.

    With no action taken to repair the system, which in itself is going to create havoc, it will collapse with even greater problems. It has been operating for 100 years plus and the increases in money supply and debt are now exponential. All the while the nations’ economies continue to worsen and will soon implode.

    As an individual you must take steps to protect yourself as nobody else will be able to help you. Government support and private pension plans will be equally as broke as each other. Lets all be good scouts and “Be Prepared”.

  11. coldblow


    I haven’t looked in here for a few weeks because of the trolling, although I read your articles.

    Looking at this thread I estimate that the vast majority of the comments (apart from Adam and perhaps one or two others – and that’s being optimistic) come from one poster. I came across this on another blog in the past(though with a different man of course, and he’s still at it as far as I can tell). In both cases the contributor is, I’d say, manic depressive. If you look at the comments on certain YouTube videos, those of a sensationalist nature (eg Savile), you get more of them.

    • Truthist

      Well, Mr. “Drafting his Magnus-Opus ‘Psychology’ Degree”, it was u who has been doing trolling on me & some others on this blog.
      And, we did not troll u.
      And, neither did we cast false accusations about u.
      And, neither did we perform ad hominem attacks on u.
      And, neither did we try to be “psychological” bullies on u.
      And, neither did we go off-topic.
      And, neither did we go on piddle-some meanderings in which it is claimed that humanity is to be separated into just 2 categories of persons, vis Introverts & Extroverts, & that this profound theory is relevant to a economic-political [ And, arguably -socio-cultural ] blog.
      And, neither did we not have justifiable assertions to link the likes of Savile with the Politicians ^ Civil Servants & other Politicos involved in major Economic decision-making.

      As far as I know, for u to be equipped with a Psychology award, & certainly, a license, u are subject to vigorous scrutiny.
      Lest u be a danger to the public with ur “Psychology” weapon.

      Please Mr. Big Little-Man, leave ur “Psychology” Weapon outside the Building of this Blog before u enter.

      U are already surpassing urself with diagnosing people now as manic-depressive.
      That should be very alarming to ur Course Director.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Jesus would you please calm down, gentlemen.

        To start with, trolls entries are usually limited to a few sentences to start with (this comes from the nature of their work to hit the target of maximum entries on maximum websites and make it short enough for maximum people to read them), so for that reason alone, I do not think that any of the commentators at this thread so far, and I repeat at this thread, is trolling. But I am not infallible, so I may be wrong.

        Read the links on trolling and propaganda to have a better picture.

        And, for the sake of balance, on a sophisticated US economic propaganda (David should have become familiar with this website a long time ago). Off to other things.

        Galatians 2:4-5 King James Version (KJV)

        4 And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage

        • I agree, not much (if any) trolling going on.

          Just incompatible opinions and personalities.

        • Truthist

          Hi Grzegorz,

          I have been meditating on those Import & Export statistics u gave in the last article’s blog.

          Without, actually researching them hereon but instead going on previous knowledge & rationale [ partial Aristotle & full Plato methinks ], I aim to return to u with some interesting information.

          Still though, I would welcome having Links to the those Import & Export stats that u gave.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            The problem is that the most accurate ones are in Polish – Ireland’s way of doing statistics and data access in general (try to access some archive things from RTE, it would cost you a grand) reminds me of the freedom of information under the previous Polish government of the Civic Platform – they would have only revealed what they had been forced to, by Eurostat for example + widespread spying on its own citizens, simultaneously staging police provocations (like, as revealing from leaked tapes, setting the booth in the Russian embassy on fire and blaming it on the nationalist movement and going to Europe to warn Europe of “Polish fascism”).

            To shorten my overlong reply, as I have to go back to my things, the accurate links would not satisfy you (yes, there is google translate, but…):


            and the Irish ones are a bit general:


            That’s why I referred all the readers to the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Poland, they are most up to date.

            By the way, you might take interest in this:


            P.S. I think I agree with you that Ms Le Pen might be a controlled opposition, a bit like neo-Nazis in Germany (controlled by BND, in two lands even directly run by them – it never ceizes to amaze me how little coverage this thing got that twice they tried to delegalise neo-Nazism in Germany and twice it turned out you could not because they had been controlled by the state). I think her aim is to focus all debate on immigration without any attempts to reform the whole system – socialism is good, but only for the French. Come to think of that, maybe the stillborn idea of bringing the fake refuges (I would say something about our Presidents who loves to talk on everything whether he knows about it or not – and his ignorance of subject he touches on is of encyclopaedic proportions – btw, He was not even able to answer to my simple constitutional question during RTE presidential debate, He had to pass it off to his expert – and I saw his legs were shaking – but I would first need to check whether this might set off some paragraph against me, as it did with a blogger who criticised the previous Polish President Komorowski and got arrested for calling him a Russian spy; I mean it would the most stupid thing in the world to get in legal trouble for a comment) was aimed to trigger riots and discontent in Europe that would justify the totalitarian state legislation and thus allow to retain pan-Europeam socialism.

            I really have to scadoodle now, I cannot stay here all day; I cannot even proofread what I have just said. Sorry

          • Truthist

            Thanks Grzegorz for swift reply.

            I will view ur Links in due course ;
            Similar to u, I must attend to other stuff than this blog.

            Meanwhile, I must reiterate an observation by some learned Irish questioners over the years ;

            “The Irish State is a most secretive entity.”

            Former Left Wing Senator Brendan Ryan has written an interesting book that should be easily available to u from main adult libraries & university libraries ;

            “Keeping us in the Dark”

            I note he says that Cork is the most secretive of places in Ireland.
            Wonder would u concur ?

            Here is the only result I could get for above book ;


            And, here is some info on Ryan ;
            By the way, I think that Ryan was in a Seminary [ studying for the priesthood ], but then quit along the way before becoming a priest.
            Something like that anyway.

            He has been a full-time lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Cork Institute of Technology [ C.I.T. ] ;
            Again, something like that.


        • coldblow


          I’m afraid I don’t have the time to read the links. I’m using the word ‘trolling’ in a particular sense and it wouldn’t be the same as state-organized propaganda. I am thinking of it in terms of people who are mentally unwell, probably living on disability benefit and with the whole day to kill, who create a private world of online characters and who spend every day (and much of the sleepless night) blogging on their site of choice.

          It seems all you have to do is create a new name (like ‘Truthsearcher’, ‘Vengeur’ or something out of Dickens) and create another email account. Deceiving others becomes an obsession. The fellow on the other blog is a complete fruitcake. I even came across him (and his stupid aliases) on the Amazon reviews, where to give his puppet characters ‘cover’ he had written slews of hasty comments about all kinds of things, like replacement lawnmower blades, along with the book he really wanted to talk about, just to fool everyone he is real. Of course it doesn’t work and the unfortunate suppliers and manufacturers are left scratching their heads over the one star reviews! The odd time I leave a comment on the other blog he *still* tries it on, with one or other of his ‘personae’ sidling up to me and trying to engage me in discussion.

          You simply cannot reason with them or appeal to their better natures as they are in the grips of a mania.

          You can tell if there is a ‘haunting’ because the blog just goes dull and flat and is full of endless, tiresome, recycled clichés and a curious mannered way of expression. I have only ever regularly blogged on three or four sites and two of them have ended up this way.

          I suppose it’s like playing chess against a computer. If you are happy with it then fair enough.

          Anyhow, I’ll leave it at that. I might pop in to have a look in a few weeks time, to see how it is going.

          • coldblow


            Before I go the lunatic on the other blog includes the following on his books:

            a Protestant evangelical religious maniac (and various associates) who saw a diabolical vision at a Papal mass when he was a teenager
            a retired atheist, married and living in Germany, who still plays badminton at age 80 or 81
            a lute-playing American aesthete who resembles Nils, Frasier’s brother
            a mouthy Mormon woman married to a Pakistani living in America
            a literate, Russell-reading character, living in Australia but who was born in Deptford in London – I questioned him on his origins but, as always, it peter out as you can only push the deceit so far – and he tried it on again with me only yesterday
            Some gobdaw who says he is in Rumania (and is of course an expert on that country)
            an old lady from Suffolk, full of homely wisdom, who loves to reminisce about the good old days. She once spoke lyrically of the time ‘she’ had her first period at school and a kindly teacher took her home etc
            an unhinged born-again ‘dyslexic’ woman who ends every sentence in dots…
            an irascible middle aged man from the West Country who is an authority on the former Yugoslavia
            a policeman in Scotland
            a retired businessman from the north of England, who assured me on a couple of occasions of the authenticity of the atheist in exile in Germany mentioned above (!) and who is always mocking the next character below, who his
            a retired soldier of fortune and security expert, with dyslexia, who holds extreme Right views
            a Jehovah’s Witness

            The list just goes on and on.

            I am convinced that a small number of people like this are behind much of the obvious deceit in so-called ‘abuse’ cases these days. They just make it up as they go along and the wilder the stories get the more their listeners believe them.

            ‘Our’ man here is an expert on gold and much else.

          • Truthist

            Instead of trying to “psychologically” “psychologically” diagnose OTHER people, would u not try to diagnose URSELF ONLY.

            Be vigorous with urself.
            Get out ur aul psychology text books with view to ascertaining do u really have such & such a psychological trait or not.
            Attending to it as u would a Physician’s medical textbook ;
            U know the aul scenario ;
            The one where u give serious thought to each topic asking urself do u have this or that physical weakness or not ;
            But, instead of it being a physician’s medical textbook, it is from ur beloved idiosyncratic field of psychology.

            I am being more than kind to u ;
            Even exhorted u along with everyone else to stock up in Gold & Silver ;
            DMW Blog being definitely more an Economics Blog than a pseudo-science Psychology Blog.
            We both know how Mr. Chris Spivey would describe u by now.

          • coldblow

            Be honest. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

            Are you taking your medication?

            How long have you been unwell?

            What are you going to *do* about it? The other fellow has been at it hard for four or five years now. I feel sure nobody reads him any more than they read you. One day the blog will suddenly be empty (he even keeps it up on Chrismas Day) and all his carefully contrived characters, the deceit and the fantasies, will disappear (no loss) as he is carted off to hospital in a straitjacket.

            Where is Deco now, for example? I used to enjoy reading his thoughts.

            Sorry to be so blunt.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Hi all,

            I am grateful for all comments. I am not in a position to relate to all points raised above – I think I’ll leave it to You both.

            From my part I can only say that as for writing I am only active on this blog and even that I need to cut down (plus I have started writing articles in Polish for a niche Polish magazine, my recent one is on Chinese, US and Australian defense doctrines and the previous one was on abortion and gay referendums in Ireland (I am now looking for research material for my next article on the Irish diaspora – examples of successful lobbying)).

            I suppose a topic that may trigger interest of yous both is this upcoming event:


            As to links on exports, I really cannot spend time on attaching what would have to be like 10 links I used for my research and translating most of them, but if someone is seriously interested in it, they should contact the Irish Chamber of Commerce and bear in mind that Indo would not have published my stuff had I made it up that Ireland exports more to Poland than to Australia or to Canada.

            Take care all of you and listen summer is coming, lassies are showing their legs, birds are chirping – there is a world outside the computer too :-)

          • Truthist

            Re ;
            “… (I am now looking for research material for my next article on the Irish diaspora – examples of successful lobbying)).”

            I may be able to help u with non-cliched AND non-bland stuff per the Irish Diaspora.

            However, I am confused as to what u mean with this part ;

            “… examples of successful lobbying ) ]”

            Some day, I hope to be able to disclose to u crucial info. on De Valera ;
            And, thus help enormously to make sense of most of Irish History made in most of 20th Century A.D. [ So sorry to u & ur Masters for not abiding by ur example in using that communist ( Euphenism ) term "Common Era" / "C.E." 8-) ].
            And, also, help enormously to confirm what u may already believe as to the real truth about WW 2 & all that jazz.

            However, I must be a cute Irishman for the while.
            Thanking u in advance for ur acceptance of I indulging in the cuteness that is practised by the bulk of the blog when faced with the stark truth about the corruption in The Institutional State of the Irish State.
            The more they stay stump about such matters;
            ==> the more it indicates that I am touching base AND the more u know as to how much afraid they are of the authorities.
            Of course, chasing trollish superior-complexed “Psychology” pseudo-scholars excepted.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “examples of successful lobbying”

            As in relatively recent (from the last 50 years) examples of when the Irish diaspora combined with/or independently of the Irish diplomacy did something positive to the image of Ireland abroad, either by

            1. Projecting the soft power of the Ireland (defined as the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction of Ireland as a place or the image of Irishness)

            2. Exerting influence to restore the tarnished or wronged image of the Irish abroad, as Ambassador Anne Anderson was able to do:


            For example, was the introduction of Morrison visas

            - a move from the US
            - or a result of a successful lobbying by the Irish diaspora/Irish-origin US Congressmen?

            Was there any post-WWII case when foreign powers tried to influence the worlds public opinion and jaundice it against Ireland/the Irish (on the lines Mr Soros is now financing the anti-government protests in Poland or Bundesnachrichtendienst – BND – took over newspapers in Poland and directly bribed a Defense Minister Klich),

            and yet the Irish lobby or diplomacy managed to counter-act and change the negative attitude – in case where there was, for the attitude towards the Irish it’s mostly positive, also in Poland – of people abroad against the Irish via
            - soft power or
            - via what Ambassador Anne Anderson had done or
            - via influencing the US Congress/UK House of Commons elections?


        “Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union.”

        Thanks Grzegorz, This link is worth the read.

  12. coldblow

    Hi Adam!

  13. Slavery is something I feel very passionate about.

    My little girl is 1/2 Irish, 1/4 Montserratian (some Irish in there too) and 1/4 Black American, meaning she has the remnants of slavery everywhere in her precious genes.

    If you really want to wind me up (difficult) that’s my weak spot.

    • McCawber

      Apparently Afro Americans baby girls are the healthiest baby so say a little ta to her forebears for those BA or A genes.
      I’m not familiar with the Montetc gene mix but no doubt there is some Afro gene in there too.

    • Not to mention the fact that I live in the Caribbean – where the wonderful WONDERFUL local people are dealing with the legacy of slavery far better than the Irish are and governing themselves way better.

      Ireland is a lovely place with incredible potential but it’s a disgrace how badly it’s run.

  14. Any thinking person will enjoy this essay by Hugo Salinas Price. He discusses the errors of modern economists in the use of numerical data as against the economic study of the actions of people in making choices of preference. Each leads to widely different conclusions.

    currently the decisions of policy makers based on numerical scientific data are driving us all to economic and social oblivion. The coming world will be unrecognizable compared to the generally accepted view points we have today.

  15. Home Counties Girl

    This blog is being turned into a ‘man’ playground – seriously, get a grip! This squabble nonsense is just petty. I for one do not think that Coldblow is a troll, clearly there is a conflict of opinion, but that’s what makes these discussions amusing. These troll allegations flying around at the moment are a turn off for anyone parting their precious 10-15minutes in trying to catch up with the blog. It’s simply demeaning for the intelligent reader.

    David, I appreciate that this blog is censor free, but, maybe consider a ‘mute’ button ( for your readers to drown out the noise, rather than having folks scrolling through lines of endless of drivel. I know it sounds like infringing on ‘freedom of speech’ but what the hell, if it improves the reading experience. I’d imagine there are a number of people out there that tap into this blog but are turned off to contribute when such comments go into overdrive.

    Final note, been meaning touch on this one for a while. Grzegorz, I strongly urge you to put together your own blog. You’re exceptionally brilliant. I may not agree with you at times, but you’re eloquent and hold integrity with each statement you make – please consider this as I for one would subscribe, maybe call it ‘The Pole Position’ for those that think ahead – you’ll clock up readership in no time.


    • Sideshow Bob

      On your final note: I think I already suggested this to Grzegorz, perhaps not so delicately though! And I still think it would be a good idea ( and I say that with all sincerity, Grzegorz ).

      • Home Counties Girl

        I think a few people have Bob. It makes sense, the guy’s great with his comments. Engaging, witty, his comments come to life and leave an impression. For me, it’s just frustrating to see someone of his calibre not hold ownership on his own platform. Only trying to push you G – just do it!

        • Grzegorz’s posts are great, even though I don’t agree with a lot of them. I hope he stays here. Especially since he discarded the Hari Seldon ‘psycho-historical’ crystal ball aspect of them some time ago. Keep going Grzegorz! There are some great writers on this blog.

    • StephenKenny

      I think you’re over stating it just a little. It happens on this site, from time to time, and it tends to go away as quickly as it arrives. All the people in this one are generally pretty reasonable.

      Discussion sites can be killed by real trolls, but with one exception, a few years ago, there haven’t been ay real problems here, that I can think of. Even that one could not have been called a real troll, if you think of occurrences on some other sites.

      This site clearly runs all sorts of filters (there are none of the usual forum adverts). With most of the media being so astonishingly ‘on message’, having contrary views, even if they seem to me a bit wacky sometimes, is something I’m very happy to live with.

      • Even saying that Stephen, the much lamented Mr. bonbon did put out some cracking posts on occasion, like it or not, so even he wasn’t a proper troll.

        The blog is fine, diverse opinions are great and one can always ignore or delete comments that one doesn’t like.

        • StephenKenny

          You absolutely right about that. In fact I began to think that bonbon wasn’t one person – his grasp of language was far too variable between posts. Another reason he wasn’t a ‘proper’ troll was that he was not, from what I recall, a flamer.

      • Home Counties Girl


        I appreciate your response, Stephen. I agree with you that there are none of those ad banners flashing in your face and that heated topics tend to dissipate. It was a mere suggestion to incorporate the ‘mute’ (snoozes comments at the readers discretion) option which facilitates readers who don’t participate on the blog often (like me), or for folks who just like to read the article and then sift through comments. Not everyone ‘subscribes’ and then to trash comments, and most folks lose the will to scroll, the thread can get messy at times. The other suggestion would be to part hide the comment, and then if I choose to further read it I can collapse the remainder.

        I certainly wouldn’t suggest in censoring – no way, that’s one of the key reasons why I follow David McWilliams (almost 10 years in).

        It would be great to see Andrew G Mooney and DB45 come back – both contributors that I value immensely.

        Warm wishes,

      • coldblow


        I promised yesterday I’d leave it at that (for the moment) but this is just to clarify what I am saying.

        I agree with you that form time to time the site has been overwhelmed or derailed by a an individual poster but that isn’t what I am talking about. When I looked in yesterday there were over fifty comments and, from what I can tell, leaving out Adam (Grzegorz hadn’t yet made an appearance), all of the other posts, or very nearly all of them, seem to have been written by one person using various aliases. It’s a mental health issue because it has gone way beyond being a joke.

        I came across this before on an English newspaper blog so I know what I am talking about.(I won’t say which one out of concern for the mental health of the individual involved although I have listed some of his ‘creations’ above.)

        Now, it’s not the end of the world, nobody gets hurt, but it ruins the blog for the simple reason that nobody, no matter how clever, can imitate real life discussion. People sense something is amiss and avoid the place. I used the example before of a pub or restaurant that actually plays good music: because most people aren’t musical they are faintly repelled by it. They can’t put their finger on it but just decide they’d prefer to eat somewhere else.

        It’s strange how nobody else notices it. If you go to a proper blog with real people you can tell the difference immediately.

        • StephenKenny

          Maybe you’re right. On all blogs and forums I frequent, I find myself skipping some entries and threads, and indeed some people.
          I guess that I look at these things like this: I look at websites, blogs, forums, and whatever else, where I feel that there is truth to be found amongst the noise. It’s so rare these days.

          • coldblow

            I agree. You have to skip through some and read others and occasionally you are rewarded with an insight. On Facebook I wouldn’t say anything of consequence as I would be immediately ‘unbefriended’ by everyone. I only joined out of curiosity anyway.

            Take the immigration/ refugee issue. The media were all in step – Brendan O’Connor actually suggested that it wouldn’t be a good time to let in Syrian immigrants wholesale, but was back in line by the following Sunday (‘Don’t be afraid. It will all turn out all right.’) On the Irish Economy website hardly anyone criticized the standard line. Here there were a few voices of dissent, some of them unnecessarily crude and stupid. David threw a wobbly. Looking back I suspect that few of those posts were genuine.

            The fruitcake on the other blog, the British newspaper, living on diability benefit and with the whole day to kill, is always winding up the host and he keeps falling for it. He’s an atheist one day, a defender of dyslexia another, a supporter of drug liberalization another. And then he’d bring in other characters to take part in the argument, for and against, often going off at tangents. It can be funny sometimes but it has ruined the blog because very few (I suspect) read the comments any more.

    • Yeah you would get loads of readers to that Grzegorz. Then again, I don’t want you to leave here either.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Thanks all for your kind comments.

      The idea of a blog is enticing, however the downside would be that it would require even a bigger commitment while I am trying to cut down on my laptop sessions (I write my comments as some sort of stimulating variation to my actual laptop-related work, which also requires the ability to speed-type – so by commenting I kill, as it were, 3 birds with 1 stone – I get in touch with educated publin opinion, I stimulate myself and I keep up the typing speeds in free hours).

      Recently I was entertaining an idea of creating a YouTube channel, but having consulted it with a specialist I reached the conclusion that it would be more time-consuming that I have ever imagined.

      Additionally, a few months ago I committed myself to writing articles to a Polish-language two-monthly specialist magazine on a voluntary basis – they even asked me for royalties, but I thought I’ll do it for free while they have small circulation and are still crawling on their all fours, so to say (the magizine originated from a conservative grass-root movement in Poland which brought about a change in legislation in Polish law, as a result of which change 400,000 people were able to purchase guns legally – and guess what, no shootings or feeling of nervousness on streets – even in the AD/HD states of the US they almost always invariably occur in no-gun zones like schools, campuses, etc. – I was always suspicious towards any government that is afraid of its own citizens, especially that in every country, perhaps with the exception of North Korea, the criminals can always acquire guns if they want to – as my hundreds of visits to Irish courts of law confirm).

      This new commitment turns out to be more time consuming than I though, as it requires checkig for copy-rights and cross-examining different sources (in the case of my latest article, also Pentagon and Australian Department of Defence documents) – like Ireland, Poland is also big on defamation law culture when it comes to journalism, unless you are as rich as my friend Mr Matthew Tyrmand, who made money on Wall Street and made selfies with the most corrupted Polish polticians, which he then published in the bloggoshere giving a title to each photo “sue me, whore” – that included the then Polish Foreign Minister ;-).

      So my own blog is probably, to paraphrase Richard Wagner the Artwork of the Future (Das Kunstwerk der Zukunft);-), I think that a YouTube channel in this decade would be more likely, though in order to make that happen, I would probably have to pay my friend from Co Sligo (a former video-editing lecturer, now free-lancer) to do the professional work (no point of doing as sloppy job – life is short).

      At the moment all I can offer is my short discussion with Mr Tyrmand – I am the guy in the audience appearing at around 36 min 30 sec until around 49 min; funny enough, as this went as a life-stream both in the US, a think-thank related to Pentagon started sending me some of their analyses for free after that cameo apperance, probably pursuing a more balanced portrayal of the American involvement in Poland (I am not sure if you would be able to hear that, as the quality of sound is terrible – unfortunately Matthew decided not to put it on YouTube perhaps for security reasons – but I basically called the deal that Poland got from the US a Polish subsidy to the US industry (Poland was offered an older plane than Greece and paid more money – they also paid more than the same version of F-16 the US sold to Morocco, which I did not say on this video – and in return the US promised to start assembly line of F-16s in Poland, which would be a huge technology transfer – but once Poland bought those planes, the Americans just renaged on their off-set promise, happy they had found such shmucks – even Matthew has admitted this in his answer).

  16. Truthist

    Hi Grzegorz,

    I think I agree with you that Ms Le Pen might be a controlled opposition.
    A bit like neo-Nazis in Germany controlled by BND.
    In 2 lands even directly run by them.
    It never seizes to amaze me how little coverage this thing got that :
    Twice they tried to de=legalise neo-Nazism in Germany
    Twice it turned out you could not because they had been controlled by the state.

    I think her aim is to focus all debate on immigration without any attempts to reform the whole system ;
    Socialism is good ;
    But, only for the French.

    Come to think of that, maybe the stillborn idea of bringing the fake refuges …”

    “… neo-Nazis in Germany controlled by BND.
    In 2 lands even directly run by them.”

    Grgegorz, I am confused as to ;

    “In 2 lands even directly run by them [ BND ].”

    Meanwhile, I recommend to u one of the very latest articles from ; ;

    Monday, 23 May 2016

  17. “Conclusion: Since everyone is involved, no one will be identified or accused. The best thing American citizens can do is probably to stay far away from Capitol Hill. Take care of yourself and your family and be prepared for a variety of unfolding scenarios. Nothing is certain but the corruption.”

    The message is repeated. All government and associates are corrupted. Look after yourself as nobody else will.

  18. McCawber

    Hillary Clinton email shocker – wow that is a surprise.
    The “spin” is going to be mighty.
    The democrats have a tough decision.
    The US electorate have an even tougher decision ahead of them.
    White Male Supremacy is raising its’ ugly head.
    It strikes me that we have kkk lodges, orange lodges etc oh and beaver lodges.
    Do the frer masons have too?

    May their gods guide them.

  19. mike flannelly


    Ulster Bank are selling 900 owner occupier mortgages and 2000 investment mortgages that are in arrears to a vulture fund because they say that mortgage holders are not engaging.

    False financial reporting by Irish banks and the claims of not engaging have never been reported on by the Irish media including some of the print media that think that restructures and writedowns are only for themselves.

    We know that failed professional Irish bankers completely ignored the basic principles of banking( official 2011 banking report) while they overvalued the debt on land banks by 900%, apartments by 200% and houses by 110%.

    Have these failed bankers that recieved unfair gain while overvaluing debt engaged with bank customers trying to cope with high ratio debt?

    Why would a firesale to a vulture fund be better for the country with a housing crisis than an industry best practice split mortgage restructure? The restructured mortgage would surely retain the full capital value on the banks books as the parked splitcapital is only warehoused till end of term and the splitinterest @0% would be covered by their present 2bn profits and the ESM fund from the ECB.

    The Irish central bank with their bogus mortgage arrears process failed Irish bank customers with the anxiety of grossly overvalued debt by stonewalling split mortgage restructures for all high ratio mortgages.

    We need profitable banks at any cost the 31st dail told us.

    More important that the Irish domestic economy, Irish mental health costs and certainly more important than the Irish central bank/ dept of finance created housing crisis.

    We need to CPO these 3000 mortgages at the vulture fund buying price and restructure the mortgages with industry best practice split mortgage restructures. Cheaper than building 200,000 euro prefabs.

    With a housing crisis we need to CPO all firesale houses at the knockdown prices that are given to vulture funds.

    Why would the vulture lover minister not CPO the mortgages and then restructure them to long term sustainable split mortgage restructures that would help keep the people and tenants in their homes?

    We are in a 0 % zone and bad decisions are killing us.

  20. mike flannelly

    The restructured split level mortgage would surely retain the full “asset quality value” on the banks books as the split capital portion is just warehoused till end of term.

  21. Banks are the centre of corrupt activities. enabled by the central banking system and supported by corrupt government and blind regulators.

  22. Well one more appeal. It has been 6 weeks or more now.
    Non of the other avenues to the webmaster seem to be open. I still get no emails of postings.
    At the beginning of each essay and it resulting in my first posting, I dutifully tick the box that asks for me to receive the aforementioned postings.
    The box promptly disappears and that is the last of it.
    There are still no postings to my email.

    Please, please, pretty please, has anyone a suggestion as to why this is??

    • McCawber

      I’m not a specialist but something in your web browser could be resetting the “tick”
      That assunes you always use the same device and brower
      Try using a different browser and/or device
      I will tick the box the next time I log in and check if I’m getting emails.

  23. Home Counties Girl

    History Channels new series ‘Roots’ looks interesting. Chronicling the history of an African slave sold to America.

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