May 19, 2016

Official Ireland has it all wrong - we could win big if UK opts for Brexit

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Yesterday, the American Airlines flight from Dublin to Charlotte, North Carolina, was jammed. There were five flights leaving Dublin airport for the United States between 8am and 9.30am. The very friendly American immigration official at the US immigration in Dublin told me that 3,000 people travelled from Dublin to the States on average every morning. That’s a huge amount of people and, obviously, it only gauges the punters going one way. There must be a similar number coming the other way. He told me that when college term is finished, that figure will go up to 5,000 leaving Ireland for the US every morning.

The majority of people on my flight were US tourists heading home after spending time in Ireland. Americans from all over the US are coming here and they are not just from the traditional heartlands of the Irish North East. In short, lots of Donald Trump supporters, who believe in the right to bear arms, are coming here too.

The special relationship between Ireland and the US is becoming more and more significant and this will not change if Trump wins the election, which looks less remote by the day.

As the US economy has recovered in recent years, we’ve seen a big rise in the number of Americans coming here. Last year, the US figure jumped by 14.7pc to 659,200 visitors while this contrasts with an overall figure of 11pc growth in all visitors. The renewed interest from Americans has helped drive the total record figure of 3,876,200 visits to the country last year.

Of course, visitors are only one example of the deep bonds we have with the US; the other obvious one is direct foreign investment.

US direct investment stock in Ireland totalled a record $310bn in 2014, according to data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Ireland’s share of US investment stock in Europe has soared over the past decade, with Ireland’s share amounting to 11.1pc of the total in 2014 versus 6.2pc in 2004.

US investment flows to Ireland surged to a record $58.1bn in 2014. Ireland performed strongly within Europe during 2015, accounting for nearly 20pc of total US investment flows to Europe in the January-September period. The comparable shares for France and Germany were 3pc and 2pc, respectively.

Ireland’s investment stakes in the US are also significant, with Irish affiliates estimated to have generated some $90bn in sales from their US operations in 2014 and $35bn in US economic output. Whether through rising output, employment, or R&D expenditures – Ireland’s local presence in the US bestows a host of benefits to that country.

We are two nations intertwined. Ireland is a significant part of the American supply chain and we have to be aware of that.

Since 2008, Ireland has been second only to the Netherlands in attracting more US investment flows to the eurozone on a cumulative basis. However, the UK remains the king of inward investment, receiving almost one euro in every three invested into Europe.

This fact undermines the notion that the euro is the reason for US and other international flows into Ireland. Obviously, if being in the euro were a significant factor, the UK with its sterling would suffer – but it doesn’t.

The reason the US companies are here has little to do with the currency and is more cultural, linguistic and tax-based – and, of course, there is the obvious fact that they have been making money here for a long time and this track record speaks for itself.

And the links are getting deeper. Corporate America does not just produce in Ireland, it banks in Ireland – this is evidence of the profundity of the commercial links between both countries.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Ireland emerged as America’s fourth-largest creditor, following China, Japan and the Cayman Islands, after the US government revised the way it reports the figures.

Investors in Ireland owned $264.3bn of Treasuries at the end of March, based on official data issued on Monday – less than $1bn off a record high of $265.1bn in December. China is the biggest holder of US bonds with a $1.24 trillion stake. Japan is next with $1.14 trillion, followed by the Cayman Islands with $265bn.

How could this be?

The answer is in the IFSC. Corporate America makes profits in Ireland which it doesn’t want to repatriate to the US because the companies will have to pay the difference between the Irish 12.5pc corporation tax and the 30pc in the US. Therefore, they choose to keep the money in Ireland and put it on deposit in American banks in the IFSC. They “park” the money in the safest asset they know, which is US government debt. And they do this via the IFSC in Dublin.

So it’s not Irish people who are financing the US government. What is happening is that US companies are financing the US State through their Treasuries in Dublin.

The fact that this huge trade is going through Ireland is something we should note. The benefits of Ireland are small compared to the benefits to both the US companies and indeed the US government, which is being financed by these companies.

In the years ahead, our relationship with the US is going to be deeper. We are not really a European economy but part of the US world game, with a European passport.

If the Brits decide to leave the EU and this undermines the UK as a location for investment (as the official view suggests), then some of the US investment in the UK will be diverted. If this is the case, where will this investment be diverted to? Ireland is an obvious answer.

When we stand back, it is clear that our strongest strategic economic relationship is the one with the US. This will not change whoever is in the White House. Trump talks about building walls and bringing US companies home but in truth he will not be able to get this through Congress, so it will just become another “elite” target to sloganeer against.

He fully understands this, but having permanent “bogeymen” to rail against is part of the Trump strategy. This won’t change if he wins office.

As for Brexit, we could win big if it’s a vote to leave. But you wouldn’t think that from listening to the Government’s efforts to agitate for a ‘Remain’ vote. Not for the first time, Official Ireland has misread the situation.

  1. Deco

    1. Official Ireland is not interested in our interest. Because Official Ireland is a ponzi scheme built on lies, obedience and control. And that type of arrangement always relies on a “Big Brother” to provide (legislative and financial) muscle.

    2. Yes, we can win big – by joining Britain in exitting the increasingly dysfunctional, centralist, control obsessed EU.

    3. 100 years ago one part of Ireland was fighting to prevent Europe becomming subservient to a floundering, error prone Kaiser. And the other wanted to stop Ireland particitpating in the British Empimperial racket.

    Today, we are subservient to a continental wide imperial racket that is dominated by a clueless German Kanzler, and we are treated with respect by the former constituent parts of the British empire.

    We are not getting respect from Brussels. The behaviour of hypocrites like Olli Rehn has already exposed this.

    4. The central premise of the last three arguments by David on Brexit, all amount to the same thing. They are instilling fear that Britain will lose investment. This is a recurring theory of Official Europe.

    It amounts to scaring people into obedience, or else it will cost you.

    We are not going to be free from official Ireland, by making ourselves subservient to (yet more flawed) theories from official Europe.

    The entire dicsussion from the EU, with regards to economics is a soft form of bullying and intimidation.

    The concept of respect is dead in the EU.

    Just look at Greece.

    5. Investment to Britain will not decrease as a result of Brexit. Britain will become empowered to increase it’s attractiveness in terms of inward investment.

    Put it this way – would the British be better at running their own affairs, with their reliance on an aversion to central planning, than the clowns in Brussels, with their dictats (the actual term that gets used) that tems from central planning ?

    Of course they would.

    6. Does Ireland have a plan to counter a more competitive Britain, unbossed by the EU imperial construct ? The plan of the Irish establishment is to prevent Britain reaching that level of empowerment.

    In other words, official Ireland is making Ireland into a bad neighbour.

    Now, I for one wish to express my disgust at this.

    • tony_murphy

      I don’t really understand how billions of dollars of US treasuries makes Irish people rich?

      Yes I get the likes of Intel investing and creating jobs, but some racket in the IFSC? really?

      I agree with Deco, the UK will prosper outside of the EU. No Stupid regulations which increase by the day

      The EU is the 4th Reich, get out while you can.. but many of the Irish Establishment like to seem important – Ryanair’s O’Leary for example. The worst sort. Sellouts, self interest – screw everyone else

  2. Deco

    By the way, you metioned the US presidential election.

    Currently, we have one overpaid quangocrat after another queueing up to insult Trump, describe Sanders as a quaint irrelevance, and another Clinton as deserving of reverence.

    Trump wants the jobs to return to America, and Sanders wants the money to return to America. Both are serious threats to Official Ireland. Which explains the official position of Official Ireland.

    It all comes down to income.

    Official Ireland is overpaid, and underperforming. And very often un-necessary. We do not need hundreds of quangos. And the greatest crime of the “recovery” was that there was no instrospection.

    The Ponzi scheme that relies on scamming money from the productive part of the workforce, and increased “regulation” (read control) knows where it’s bread is buttered. It knows that it is dependent on an uneconomic arrangement for ecnomic provision.

    Therefore they are in favour of a powerful centralized state.

    And the EU is built to same template. Management of the monetary system for the sake of control, rather than performance. Restriction on the populace for the sake of control, instead of freedom.

    The defining “modus operandi” of the entire EU is now best summed up in one word – CONTROL.

    • Deco

      Official Ireland knows that it needs to keep the rest of us busy, and controlled in order to continue “business as normal”.

      We are now oppressed by the systems that promise to protect us.

      The French (I think) (in a sublime moment of irony) produced a proverb “Protect us from our protectors”. It is reference to what happens when some people get too powerful, because they promise to protect us. Eventually, they are proven to be the predators.

      We do not need a system that facilitates this. We need a system that facilitates our empowerment so that we do not have to obey such false pretences.

      The British may choose freedom. Thereafter Britain will provide a beacon to other oppressed societies, stiffling under the weight of cluelessness coming from EU institutions that are obsessed with control. The Greeks will want to do likewise. And there will Italians looking at the corruption, and the insiderism in Italy demanding the same thing.

      BREXIT – not just for Britain.

      And that is Official Ireland’s biggest problem. They have strapped themselves to a model of centralized political statism. And they love it. It is just glorious. It is also a fraud on the rest of the populace. And it will eventually improvrish Europe. In fact, I predict that it will turn Europe into a hellhole.

      Exit the nEU fascism. Remember Mussolini defined Fascism as the merger of state and corporate power.

      Ireland already passed the point when the bank bailout, committed the taxpayer’s sweat to prop up failed private sector investors.

    • E. Kavanagh

      I have a feeling that the pro-Brexit numbers may be underestimated in polls. Like people who didn’t want to admit to voting for John Major, I could see many people not wanting to admit they intend voting to leave the EU and end up being associated with various contrarian politicians and the UKIP.

  3. E. Kavanagh

    Would Irish politicians lobbying for the Brits to leave the EU, so Ireland could get more US business really encourage the Brits to vote to leave?

    By lobbying for the Brits to stay, the Irish look like good Europeans to Brussels; and may actually annoy some Brits enough so they vote to leave.

    On another point, David McWilliams has repeated several times in various posts that Ireland is really a part of some greater Anglo Empire. But the facts just don’t back that up. Ireland exports more to mainland Europe than anywhere. While the US is the leading single destination at about 20%; Ireland exports the same percentage to Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany combined. And exports to EU nations (excluding the UK) total about 50% of all exports. To say we are some kind of US satellite state, when we export 2.5 times to Euro countries seems like very poor analysis.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I cannot help but noticing though that Ireland exports 34% of her goods to the US+UK compared to only 13.2% to Germany + France – the hard core of the EU.

      By the way, did you guys know that Ireland exports to Poland:

      - THREE times more than to India,
      - more than to Russia,
      - almost as much as to Brazil, Argentina and Turkey
      c o m b i n e d,
      - more than it exports to Australia,
      - more than it exports to Canada,
      - and that Poland buys from Ireland HALF of what CHINA buys (all in all, Ireland runs a trade surplus with Poland)?

      And on a completely different note – the Visegrád Group countries had the been the biggest importer of German goods for the last 25 years, only recently overtaken by China (and even that only slightly).

      As to David’s article…

      As I understand, David’s answer to my objection that Britain leaving the EU means increased role of Germany+France in the EU = more regulations = more trade deficit for peripheral Europe is that Ireland will have the US to counter-balance the German influence? I do understand that David with his high profile cannot say this straight… Btw, I assume that David predicts Brexit, but would not bet money on it?

      As to Deco, you know, I go along with all your arguments regarding the UK, I proposed similar arguments in the past and I know the UK relatively well, as I lived there and I got to know some of their politicians (btw, this + the knowledge of history makes me convinced that they are NOT driven by cultural sentiments in their foreign policies), but Deco…

      you are looking at the glass half full and assume Britain will deregulate itself after Brexit (in which I do not believe anyway, not this year),

      but but but

      what if they go the other way round, towards socialism (or national socialism – every socialism turns to a national socialism at some stage), like they had been for pretty much all the years after WWII untile the late 70s?

      This was even stated (that Britain was the most regulated European country – they mean apart from those occupied by the Soviets of course) in Europe:

      And it (the overregulation) is alluded to it in this Monthy Pythons sketch:

      Socialism in Britain was driving the country down so much that Labour had to start de-regulating, and some of the reforms attributed to Baroness Thatcher were actually initiated by Labour (but most people are interested in confirming their stereotypes rather than in facts finding);
      i.e., Prime Minister Callaghan had made a distinct break with Keynesianism in rejecting the post-war commitment to full employment full employment in 1976, and Labour had introduced monetary targets and cash limits.

      Yes, when one listens to the leaders of UKiP, they are all against overregulation. But when one talks to ordinary UKiP supporters (so not like you smart fellows blogging here), the picture is very different.

      I am not saying the detached UK w i l l embrace butskellism – I am just amazed that so few consider that this may be an option too (Mr Max Keiser does, he predicts that after Brexit Frankfurt will become Europe’s financial centre and London will become totally irrelevant).

      And btw, on 3 December 2015 (in “How the Iron Lady drew up the original blueprint for a Brexit”) we were predicting:

      Gentlemen Michael Coughlan, Adam Byrne: OUT

      Gentlemen Stephen Kenny, Coldblow (oh, how much I miss his references to history and his understated sense of humour!) and your humble servant: IN

      Deco btw made an excellent comment on Baroness Thatcher under that article:

      “Ireland in 1979 was also ruled over by trade union politicians. And like Britain it was in a resulting state of lethargy. Unlike in Germany, the unions in Ireland had a childish irresponsible attitude. Though it was not as absurd as that which prevailed in Britain at the time.
      Thatcher’s key message to Britain at the time was “grow up and become responsible”. In many respects we waited until 2009 before that hit us.
      There were other aspects where Thatcher was completely wrong. And debt was one key aspect. Another was failure to rebuild devastated communities after the miners strike. And another was jingoism.”,

      while yadayada noticed that “her grandmother was Catherine Sullivan from kenmare. How did we not know?”

      • Deco


        It is always a pleasure to read your posts.

        I do not think that it is in the the British character, to adopt socialism, with a national barrier.

        I reckon the British will adapt. And adapt well.

        I do not think that the EU, with it’s present mindset, or scale of operation is capable of addressing serious problems like debt, competitiveness, or bureacratic over-extension. In fact even trivial problems seem to become disasters very quickly, given the way the EU operates.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej


          The EU thing is for a larger discussion – I do not think that we would find any readers at that stage who would think that the EU with current set of regulations is capable of addressing problems like debt or competitiveness.

          I think that perhaps reversing to the EFTA-like structure might be one of the solutions – btw, I do not believe that such changes are usually initiated because the politicians intitiate them – rather they are forced to react, like Prime Minister Callaghan was, or New Zealand’s Labour government (they deregulated their agriculture and many other things).

          Btw, perhaps you remember that I wrote despite all the control the US exerts on Germany (die so called Kanzler-Akte), they are getting more and more independent now so much so that they blocked the traffic of US troops going to Poland to Anaconda-16 NATO exercise, and they are the only EU country where the national law has priority over the EU law (so called organic bills).

          They are also against the relocation of some their NATO bases to Poland because they get 0.25% of their GDP from them and they do not want any EU country to grow too strong (never mind the technology transfers from the US and low expenses on military because of the presence of US troops – I do not know if you are aware, but the German army is so underfunded at this stage that even the Polish army might be able to give them a good run for their money).

          Well, as leaked from the sources close to the Office of the President Duda, yesterday Poland and Italy signed some document which basically obliges Italy to back Poland over Germany on the NATO bases question.

          In return, Poland promised Italy something big – what, I have no clue and you want find many people who do; but it may be something related to Libya as Poland had traditionally strong ties with Libya (they built their motorways and many Libyans studied in Poland) and, I guess, still some strong intelligence over there (I hope it would not be sinking migrants smugglers boats and getting all the bad press for that instead of Italy; btw have you heard President Bill Clinton this week? – he repeated Bono’s rant against Poland and Hungary – well good luck with 10 million Polish US diaspora votes).

          Well, Poland and Italy always had strong cultural ties – we had some monarchs born there, lots of borrowed words and many architects and our phonetics are similar, so why not.

          I forgot to attach that link with the documentary:

      • Coldblow is back in under a different name now. Check the comments under the last article.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Thanks Adam, I am not 100% sure who the reincarnated Coldblow is, but it shall all be revealed in time

      • Truthist

        Some Questions Re; those export percentages Grzegorz ;

        Are these exported Products & / or Services that qualify from :

        our Gross National Product [ G.N.P. ] ?


        our Gross Domestic Product [ G.D.P. ] ; That which is more reflective of Irish State’s economy ?

        What in the main does is exported ;

        from Irish State to Poland ?

        from Poland to Irish State ?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Good questions.

          1. I actually think that in a case of country like Ireland with so much FDI GNI would be more reflective (in fact before the crash there was an article in The Economist predicting the crash based, among other factors, on that gap – that’s why we had our tax base eroded so much after 2007), but as far as the percentages are concerned, they way they quote them (in various sources, internal and external), it’s just the percentage of total exports in absolute values (so say the total value of Irish exports is 100 of a given currency; then say Ireland gets 20 country, etc).
          They do not give those data in the top-to-bottom way (i.e. GDP = this much, this much % of GDP are goods and services produced in Ireland to other markets, and out of that this much is sold to Poland).

          Also bear in mind that this would not skew the results, for whatever method is used to calculate the value of exports to Poland, the same method is used to calculate that value for Australia or Canada.

          2. This can be answered in much more simple way.
          2.1 All in all, over 150 Irish companies are exporting to Poland.
          Out of this,
          2.1.1 roughly 50% are electronics, engineering and lifesciences,
          2.1.2 roughly 25% are software, services and emerging sectors
          2.1.3 roughly 25% are food and drinks (10% in total) and consumer retail markets.

          Irish main export product to Poland is data processing hardware (35%).

          2.2. Main Polish exports to Ireland are electrical engineering (42.8%), metallurgy, furniture, delivery vans, minerals, coal, wood.

          As 2,000 Irish had recently emigrated to Poland (actually my ex-girlfriend from Wexford wanted to – she thought Kraków was the most beautiful city in the world), the best way to find out more about business opportunities in Irish exports to Poland would be to contact the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Poland; I am giving the e-mail address of its chairperson:

          No messers please.

          What else? Poland has now its first GAA club, Cumann Warszawa. This is their website:

  4. Deco

    If Britain exits the EU, then Britain will be on a journey that Britain has travelled before.

    As a beacon for freedom, and an example to others to aspire for more freedom.

    Magna Carta, and the Swiss approach to government were liberation. long before the age of revolution (which turned out to be a fraud).

    Churchill’s “this is not the begining of the end, but this is the end of the begining” come to mind.

    Nelson’s frigates smashing French ambitions to cut Britain off, and the same frigates supplying freedom fighters aligned to Wellignton.

    The spitfires breaking the monopoly of the Luftwaffe over the skies of Western Europe.

    Marlborough preventing the French from dominating central Europe.

    The relentless urge for “one” state over Europe, has proved disastrous, and has proven to be the real source of all the wars.

    Because it always results in oppression.

    In effect, the solution is not an overbearing super state mechanism, built on control, and the provision of income to those that control the popualce.

    It is the problem. And freedom is the answer.

    There is something seriously wrong with the EU. The evidence is mounting, to the point that even the “Irish” Times cannot paint it as all glorious anymore. (But watch them try, for entertainment).

    Preserving the importance of liberty, places Britain more at the heart of Europe, than the latest project to subjugate everybody, officially for their own good – whilst leaving out the details of what that means in case, the people revolt.

  5. Pat Flannery

    Thank you E. Kavanagh. Your analysis is correct. And btw the Brits lose either way. If they leave they lose economically and if they stay they lose standing. They will never again be trusted within the EU because they have demonstrated what they have always been, a very selfish nation.

    • Deco

      I know many people in what you call a selfish nation. And they decent, honourable, and kind. Mostly they are enterprising, direct, and respectful, as well.

      Of course, we are now conditioned with a relentless message concering the goodness of the EU imperial racket, that we should immediately dismiss anybody that does not share that belief.

      This is effective propaganda.

      There is the illusion of free thinking. But then when you exercise, it you get told to think again, until you make the “correct” (approved by your betters) choice.

      • Pat Flannery

        Deco, I am merely correcting David’s British jingoism, which is misguided and misleading.

        I share your opinion of the British people. I hold a degree from a British university and have lived there for 8 years – at a very formative time in my life.

        I am not anti-British, I am anti-isolationist. I abhor xenophobia wherever I find it, which is one of the (many) reasons I abhor Donald Trump.

        I admire Ireland’s openness to the world and want it to continue. That is how we ALL make the world a better place, not by hiding away in a corner, or on some island.

        • Deco


          I think that the jet engine passenger airliner has done more for peace than pen-pushers in Brussels using 20000 words to define a cabbage.

          Technology is bringing people together.

          Trump (& Sanders) is right that something is wrong, societally speaking, in the US. There is a problem. There is simply no denying it any more.

          Neither Trump nor Sanders will fix that. And Clinton II, pretending there is no problem, will not fix it either.

          The problem is that trickery has gone too far in the society. I would include liar loans, bailouts, lobbying, and various market manipulation processes.

          Strangely enough, I think that the US might have a productive conversation about societal regeneration, now that Trump and Sanders have between them cornered half the political active interest in the mainstream policy block.

      • McCawber

        In fairness to the EU, the French have been peddling said jingoism long before the EU or EC even existed.
        WHich perhaps explains why the EU lets France flout the rules whenever they want to.

    • McCawber

      The UK took in our refugees when our own governments consistently failed to find work for it’s people abd didn’t care either.
      DeValera provided the eu with a blueprint for enslavement and impoverishment.
      Bertie was really only following a well established tradition.

  6. Pat Flannery

    As for David’s jingoistic view of Britain in the world, I lived in the US for almost 40 years and his notion of America as being part of an ‘Anglo’ Empire is laughable. Most Americans consider Britain as a joke, cute and quaint, but a joke.

    To attribute any part of America’s greatness to Britain is an insult. In fact the American work ethic and general personality is more German than British. The greatest number of immigrants were not British nor Irish, they were in fact German. The choice between English and German as the official language of the United States was decided by one vote. America did not fight Germany in WWII, it fought Nazism.

    Americans believe that America saved the world from British and European monarchy and its aristocracy, whose rule persisted throughout Europe and its colonies long after American Independence. Believe me Americans do not consider Britain or the British Empire in any way as their role model. That is all in the imagination of die-hard anglophiles like David.

    • Deco

      There is, indeed, a very deep influence of 19th century immigrants from German speeaking lands in the US.

      It is imparted on the development of the character of regions to the north of the snowline, and in much of the Western half of the US.

      • mishco

        And Herr Trump embodies many of their characteristics.

        • McCawber

          Pity Ms Merkel doesn’t – she’s selling her own people out.
          On the positive side she’s unlikely to be in power for much longer.
          The American people are faced with an awful choice Clinton or Trump.
          On the basis that they know what they are getting with Clinton they may well vote for Trump on the presumption that he couldn’t be any worse.
          The abstentionist Democrat vote may well be the key.

          • Truthist

            Germany is not a sovereign country ;
            Still under foreign occupation since WW2 ;
            Until fall of East Germany, it was under USSR & USA & UK & France occupation.
            USSR becoming Russian Federation have pulled out.
            Thus, today, Germany is occupied by USA & UK & France.

            occupying powers of germany


            And, the politics of Germany are controlled from outside the country.
            No proper discussion & investigation & truth-telling is allowed Re ;
            the origins of WW2 ?
            what really happened in WW2 ?
            what happened immediately after WW2 ?

            But, if u get the confidence of learned Germans, they will confess that Merkel is :
            a plant by outside powers ; “The dreadful few” 8-)
            bad for Germany from the get-go
            bad for Europe
            of similar taste as Kill-ary Clinton ; 8-)
            NOT German
            possibly Adolf Hitler’s daughter ;
            Artificial Insemination perhaps
            holder of bogus PhD
            trained spy by U.S.S.R. ; But, definitely NOT for Russia

  7. McCawber

    The US is not the cliched entity that we are led to believe.
    It is a complicated society.
    It’s people are friendly and courteous.
    It’s politicians are like politicians the world.
    Why do they like Ireland and the Irish.
    There is no single answer but some of the things they like about us are-
    Our accents strangely enough.

  8. Pat Flannery

    Just a word of caution on David’s statistics of people travelling in and out of Dublin to the US every day. He may have wanted to emphasise the close relationship between Ireland and his ‘Anglo’ America or he may not be aware that many of those passengers use Dublin as a Pan-European transatlantic hub.

    I know from personal experience as a frequent traveller on those routes and by friendly conversations with fellow passengers, that many if not most use Dublin as a European hub. I think that more and more we need to start thinking of Dublin in that way, as an international commercial hub, just as the Vikings did. That is our real place in the world, once we escape the insular gravity of that isolationist nation to our east.

    • McCawber

      Hard to equate insular isolationism with being an empire (historical now I know but it’s surely still in the genes).
      Maybe they recognise the signs of decay evident in the EU empire.

  9. Truthist

    Seeing that Mrs. T was mentioned, I feel it only right to recommend the following as one of the reasons why she knowingly accepted so many of her cabinet ministers being Paedophiles ;

    Search Terms ;

    thatcher grantham groper


    Of course the Irish Secret Service must have known all about this too.

    Ultimately, Maggie Thatcher was a Puppet of Sir Keith Joseph [ "Confirmed" Bachelor ] & Victor Rothschild.

    The real love of her life is said to be her S & M tryster ; Airey Neave
    “Officially” assassinated by IRA in car bomb at high security car park of Westminster Parliament.
    But, really assassinated by CIA & MI5 & MI6 & Lord Mountbatten.
    Neave was going to try to wipe-out the IRA & overhaul UK’s Spookdom of corruption & put a stop to Lord Dicky’s Heroin Shipment Biz.

    Of course the Garda-Landlords allowed Lord Dicky to sexually abuse a minor aged boy when Lord Dicky in The Irish State.
    Very evil by all to have murdered that boy in that b..mb assination of Lord Dicky in Sligo.
    Irish Senior Civil Service again are morally reprehensible.

    MI5 & MI6 organised the Industrial Unrest in Britain & North East of the Island of Ireland so as to pave the way for Mrs. T to be brought in to bring Order where there is Chaos & Discord.

  10. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    That horrifying tragic event with EgyptAir – I do not know what to think of that.

    If it was a bomb – how the hell can one smuggle a bomb on-board of the aircraft? All those security features we have at our airports, all those gates, scans, waiting – are they saying that we are equally as safe with it or without it?

    I know that detonators do not need much metal components as there are a number of powders that can be used as components of secondary explosives (such as organic peroxide compounds), though I guess that electric batteries to set off the device could be taken from some other electrical device during the flight, but even so…

    still, as I remember from the civil defence course we had as a compulsory subject at school – I also had the A army category – a bomb would still need some metal components as a primary explosive to ignite the first charge? – unless something has change in chemistry or I am too stupid to understand it.

    But even if I am wrong and they used liquid explosives only (such as tri-cyclic acetone peroxide), this would have been detected by X-rays or MRI, or would it not?

    By the way, when I was writing of people like Joly or Burnell the Irish can be proud of, one can fail to mention on that sad occasion the late Major R.J.W. Patterson, born in Ireland, who invented the Pigstick disruptor, a key component in disrupting a wide range of improvised explosive devices (by injecting a projectile of water at high velocity in order to separate dynamically the key components of an IED) and saved hundreds of lives (he also invented the remotely controlled bomb disposal called the Wheelbarrow) – I did not include John Philip Holland because submarine was actually invented in 1620 by Cornelius Drebbel a Dutchman employed by the British marine and I did not include Boyle because I only focused on the Irish geniuses that are unknown (Boyle is known even in Poland), but I should have included Dr James Drumm, an Irish chemist, who was the real nickel-zinc battery inventor, not Edison.

    Still, how was that possible? This is very scary they were able to go through the gates with that, unless it was an internal job :-(

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      internal job = inside job

      sometimes I am rushing so much that I can see I have made some heinous mistakes when I am already clicking to post the reply.

      This reminds of another Irish invention – the speed writing. I kid you not – a chap called John Robert Gregg (hmm… these coincidences are getting spooky) from Monaghan invented the shorthand system of speed writing in 1888, which he structured on the 1845 book by the Pole Beniowski, The Anti-Absurd or Phrenotypic English Pronouncing and Orthographical Dictionary. Now that’a another coincidence when I think of that. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Grzegorz
      Here is another for you.
      Harry Ferguson revolutionized agriculture with the development of the compensating hydraulic value that operated so effectively the ‘Three Point Hitch”, system for tractor implements. also was a pilot and built his own aircraft and a 4 wheel drive formula 1 car.

  11. toner78

    I agree 100% with Deco and tony_murphy. Britain will of course prosper outside of the E.U if the British People make the wise decision to Vote in favour of an exit. If this occurs P.M Cameron is going to lower his Tax base in order to attract huge investment into the country and therefore Britain will not have to abide by any E.U directives on Corporation tax laws. If this does happen i can see a situation arising where Ireland will lose its big Companies like GlanBia and Greencore to London… I can only hope and pray that Ireland will follow Britain’s lead but i’m probably dreaming too much, we have a bunch of mice running the Bingo here. The E.U deserves to crumble.

  12. The special relationship between Ireland and the US is becoming more and more significant and this will not change if Trump wins the election, which looks less remote by the day.”"
    Really, says who?

    As the US economy has recovered in recent years, we’ve seen a big rise in the number of Americans coming here. Last year, the US figure jumped by 14.7pc to 659,200 visitors while this contrasts with an overall figure of 11pc growth in all visitors. The renewed interest from Americans has helped drive the total record figure of 3,876,200 visits to the country last year.

    What recovery?


    “2008 certainly did not destroy our economy.

    But it did cause an immense amount of damage that we have never recovered from.

    Now the next wave is approaching, and most people don’t even see it coming.”

    The original source of this article is The Economic Collapse

  14. Hedge funds are not seeing a recovery in the US or in the world in general from what I have been reading.

    What are hedge funds seeing?
    Mike Savage

    Weekly Article May 17, 2016

    Ray Dalio is a billionaire hedge fund manager who has made his fortune by seeing opportunity in markets and acting upon his findings. In a recent quote he said “If you don’t own gold you know neither history or economics”. WOW!

    Stan Druckenmiller, who has made his name by investing in stocks and soundly outperforming the indexes for 30 years, two weeks ago at an investment conference, said: “Sell stocks and buy gold”.

    John Paulsen, Kyle Bass, and Paul Singer, all well-known hedge fund managers, currently have an increased interest in gold and are not shy in talking about it.

    Of course, on the other side of the story you have Goldman Sachs who are shouting SELL! Because, they say the price is going to drop. I’ll bet they hope it does. I reported late last year that, as Goldman was talking down gold they added 2 tons to their OWN vaults- not for clients but for themselves. Just last week it was reported that they have now added another TON of gold to their vaults- for themselves!

    Now three tons. NEVER listen to what they say- watch what they do!

    Aren’t these the same people shorting subprime loans while peddling the same positions to their clients? Yes it is and the fines they paid prove it!

    Why are all of these people now joining the chorus to buy gold? What are they seeing that most are missing? I have a few ideas.

    The central banks around the world are creating scarcity. In English, that means that as they “print” money from nowhere that has no value it gives the appearance that all is ok but a closer look reveals that the liquidity being provided is now doing more harm than good.

    The central banks and their partners at hedge funds and major banks are manipulating just about all markets. In doing so, they are crowding out private investment. The share of private ownership of assets is falling except for those at the very top.

    Central banks are becoming the major shareholders of government debt and are now becoming major bondholders in corporations and in stocks of larger companies. Of course, as they do this they provide artificial stimulus to the markets they are buying but in the end it reduces private investment, saving and thrift, and eventually leads to their own demise in the form of lower growth, lower taxation and less economic activity at a time it is most needed to “grow our way out” of the debts that they themselves created. Sound familiar- we are seeing this right now.

    Why can’t they do this forever many ask. Because, as you can clearly see that whether their “printing presses” are unlimited or not – actual resources that people rely on to live and earn a living are finite and those cracks are very visible right now. Those countries further down this path are showing major social and societal problems. This also leads to different central banks having different agendas and needing different policies to help their political class keep power. In short, they stop working together and are engaged in a de-facto financial war.

    A friend of mine, Jim Leeper, sent me a video of what is happening in Venezuela- a socialist paradise where all of the other people’s money has run out. The video shows people looting a store that had rations. As Gerald Celente has said: “When people lose it all they lose it!” Another video I saw had a person who had planned to spend a week in Caracus and left after two days because it was too unsafe.

    As resources dwindle the more desperate the public becomes and the more violence you are going to get.

    We are seeing it all around us even here in the USA. The unrest and violence are being blamed on just about every excuse but the real one. That the Fed has taken us down a road that is a one-way street to a crisis. All that is left is to find out how it unfolds. Unfortunately, if history is a guide we might expect a major war of some kind as our “leaders” can never be blamed for what went wrong.

    It is pretty obvious to me that nothing will change until a crisis of some sort forces the change.

    If any changes were coming I believe they would have been made prior to running over $5.5 trillion budget deficits using GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles) while our “leaders” crow about smaller deficits!. Changes would have been made long ago before in many pension plans that are on the verge of insolvency even with stock, bond and real estate prices near all-time highs if their administrators had honesty and character- a trait lacking from top to bottom in our and most societies today.

    Just think how all of the government transfer payments (newly issued debt) is contributing not only to new unproductive debt but also to a falsely inflated GDP number so that the officials can report growth when all that is actually growing is debt.

    In a recent article it was written that 47% of all Americans couldn’t come up with $400 for an emergency without a credit card. 45 million plus are on food stamps. Real unemployment without statistical games is 23% (John Williams –Shadow Gov’t Statistics). Full time jobs are disappearing as the part-time Obamacare economy takes over.

    It is NO surprise! I called this years ago. However, I had no idea how fast and furious this would happen. People are not spending “Savings at the pump” because their health insurance premiums and deductibles are going through the roof. Self-employeds have higher premiums and higher deductibles and co-pays. Get sick once and you have blown through all of your savings at the pump and then some!

    My wife just got a statement that floored me. Her company paid $26,000.00 for our health insurance!

    How many companies can afford this type of payment for long with increases from 17-35% already being reported by many media sources, including Contra Corner, in some places for 2017. This is not a guess- these rate increases have been filed already.

    I could go on for many more pages about what these folks are seeing and taking action.

    It is obvious to anyone paying attention that the numbers being reported don’t paint the picture that is being played out here in the real world.

    It appears to me that the central banks are well on their way to owning virtually all of the tangible real assets and leaving us with the debt they used to purchase those assets. Think about that statement for a moment. If that is not enough to make all of us want to take action and plan for whatever may be coming then nothing will likely ever move you.

    The time is now to determine YOUR plan. Be Prepared!

    Mike Savage, ChFC Financial Advisor
    2642 Route 940 Pocono Summit, Pa 18346
    (570) 730-4880
    Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC

    Any opinions are those of Mike Savage and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James. Expressions of opinion are as of this date and are subject to change without notice. The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of securities, markets or developments referred to in this material. The information has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable but we do not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete. Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation.

    Commodities are generally considered speculative because of the significant potential for investment loss. Commodities are volatile investments and should only form a small part of a diversified portfolio. There may be sharp price fluctuation even during periods when prices are overall rising. Precious metals, including gold are subject to special risks, including but not limited to: price may be subject to wide fluctuation, the market is relatively limited, the sources are concentrated in countries that have the potential for instability, and the market is unregulated.

    • McCawber

      A classic example of “Do as I say but not as I do” – From their point of view

      • Truthist

        I liked ur recent wry observation about Minister Ross ;
        Of course, I read the link provided in detail ;
        As so I do for all posts & links in this blog.

        It is clear even from the link that u provided McCawber that the contributors on this blog are wrong to ;

        focus on the publicly elected Politicians of Ireland

        ignore the individual Senior Civil Servants ;
        The “Unofficial” Government of The Irish State / The “Permanent” Government of The Irish State

        Actually, David’s essay should be ;

        “Unofficial” Ireland has it all wrong ; We could win big if U.K. opts for Brexit

  15. survivalist

    If the deep bonds between Ireland and the US do not extend beyond either tourism or economic pragmatism then the bonds are probably better described as chains, as our national sovereignty becomes evermore captive to corporate maxims.

    But who really benefits from any encounter with the (US) corporate machine? What benefit do the people get save some overflow might drip down from the master’s over-full cup of greed.

    However our bonds with the US are also deeply rooted in what might be called classical liberalism or the drive towards an ever further understanding of and realisation of the rights of man which has emerged throughout both our histories.

    But whereas in the New World they mistakenly assign primary originator of natural rights to the individual, in Ireland it was wisely observed and described that it was in fact the natural family that is the authentic and original progenitor of natural rights (under God).

    Interestingly this tradition (the family first) identified by James Connolly as the bedrock of Ireland’s society throughout her history is fastidiously undermined by the modern ‘socialists’, the statists and the capitalists, an odd alliance and a case of my enemies enemy is my friend perhaps?

    (Anyway I will sidestep ranting about Socialism for now and simply say that it is my understanding that as Socialism means democracy in the workplace and not much more than that, modern ‘socialists’ are more accurately described as Marxist–Leninists aka National Socialism aka Corporate/State Capitalism.)

    Now the question as to the position of the family within Ireland raises interesting questions and in my opinion, one of the most important conversations that we need to begin is about the relationship between people and the State-as tax-collector.

    Questions such as our legal obligation to pay tax, our ‘moral’ obligation to pay and the reciprocal responsibilities placed on the tax collector have somehow become buried.

    The people have been paying tax before and after huge changes occurred to our state and our national organisation without ever re-examining what changes had occurred in this relationship.

    Yet the assumption persists that paying tax is a matter of necessity –it simply must happen and that paying tax now is really the same as it ever was.

    This is, however, a doubly false assumption and in fact there exists higher responsibilities placed on the Irish citizens and the State and its institutions that subordinate our relationship to the State-as-tax-collector.

    The legal obligation to pay tax can be seriously questioned and is, I believe, tenuous in that it seems to be dependent solely on consent to be taxed.

    Some questions arise then such as how has consent been achieved and how is consent made known? And what should occur where consent is withdrawn?

    The fundamental unit of the Irish state is the natural family not the democratic assembly, not a house of representatives nor any other institution.

    Where the family withdraws consent to be taxed by the state, what ‘right ‘then, has the state to coerce the family to pay? The answer is I believe; none.

    And so any coercion to pay (laws) after consent has been withdrawn undermines the authority of the state rendering it an aggressor towards the family and in contradiction of Article 41 1 1. “The State recognises the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptibly rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law.”

    The sate operates under the illusion of democratic legitimacy in Ireland; it is not the state, not its institutions, nor any individual, which is our fundamental unit and progenitor of original and authentic sovereignty. That position belongs to the family.

    A bit off topic but important perhaps?

    • Truthist

      Just like the French Revolution & the E.U., the U.S.A. has been a Freemason Project from the beginning & continuingly until now.
      To not refer to the significance of Freemasonry in the scheme of national & world events is just outright Intellectual ignorance or worse ; Intellectual Dishonesty.

      E.U.-Philia in Ireland is the practise of Freemasonry.

      Freemasonry runs the show in The Irish State.
      The movers & shakers from the Rugby Shower & the G.A.A. Shower & the Gii-Gii Shower & lately the Soccer Shower are all sworn in to Freemasonry now.
      It is obvious.

      Afterall, a cute Irishman knows ;
      “If u are not in ; ==> u cannot win.”

    • Truthist

      Ur particular argument here is never off-topic !

      The most fundamental unit of society being the Family was carefully crafted into the Irish Constitution by De Valera.
      He was correct on this & many other issues.
      But, it’s a pity that he & the Civil Service were not very good at enacting his general philosophy.

      Beware of “GCHQ Cheltenham Warehouse” / “Hasbara” Operatives who try to inculcate guilt on Irish Nation for the decisions & inadequacies & mistakes of De Valera.
      Those operatives are most devious, but obvious to smart Irish men & women native to the shore.
      However, a non-spurious accusation against De Valera would be his intransigence to I.R.A. volunteers who died on Hunger Strike in Irish State prisons ;
      This policy of De Valera was accompanied by news blackout as to those events.

      • McCawber

        DeValera ws a disaster for Ireland.
        He founded the Irish Press using donations from the people of Ireland and then trowsered ownership of the paper.
        His Irish language policy meant many of our people emigrated without any formal documented education.
        He kept Ireland in stasis for the guts of 30 years.
        A total disaster for this country.
        As an aside abortion is not a black and white issue. It’s not a case of being pro abortion or anti abortion, it’s a case of being pro life and making tough decisions based on the best advice and technology available and those inputs change all the time.
        As soon as I see/hear someone claiming the high moral ground on any issue I just think – nah, they’re wrong.

        • Truthist

          There is plenty I could say about De Valera that would not be “politically correct” ;
          Some of it would be “secret” knowledge perhaps.
          And, those facts could be in the negative & neutral & positive about him.
          But, I will refrain from doing so for the near future.

          Ur reply to my my reply to Survivalist included an aside about the very grave subject of abortion.
          Yes, I have justifiably mentioned this subject elsewhere on the blog.
          Although, I did not refer to it in my reply to Survivalist.

          Thank u for ur frankness.

          As it is the tail end of the butterfly-life of the current Article-Thread, I will also refrain from addressing this issue herein.
          However, I am partial to doing so in the near future.

          Meanwhile, I deposit to u the wise phrase oft reminded to me by an Atheist friend of mine with a good heart ;
          “Right is Right ; And, Wrong is Wrong.”

          Hope that u are having a nice weekend McCawber.


  16. The real option for Ireland is to exit the EURO regardless of the Brexit vote or risk going down with the ship which is already torpedoed.
    The EURO and Eurozone is a basket place.
    As usual, Debt is the problem and money printing has simultaneously increased the Debts by multiples since 2008.

    “World-wide, markets are horribly distorted, which spells danger not only to investors, but to businesses and their employees as well, because it is impossible to allocate capital efficiently in this financial environment.

    With markets everywhere disrupted by interventions from central banks, governments, and their sovereign wealth funds, economic progress is being badly hampered, and therefore so is the ability of anyone to earn the profits required to pay down the highs levels of debt we see today. Money that is invested in bonds and deposited in banks may already be on the way to money-heaven, without complacent investors and depositors realising it.”

  17. Deco

    To get to the nub of what is wrong with Europe.

    A few years ago, Sarkozy came to Ireland, to lecture the Irish on the need to join the superstate. [ "more Europe", etc... ].

    Anyway, there was a French national who was working as a chef in the West of Ireland.. He pelted Sarkozy’s car with eggs. [ most French people living in Ireland have a very negative view of French politicians].

    He was brought before the court, and fined 180 Euro. Ireland’s version of the Common Law – a small fine for throwing food at somebody’s property.

    Under French Law, if he had done that, in France, he would have been in jail for 3 months.

    After the fine was imposed, M. Le Chef created a new menu the next day, at his retaurant.

    With many egg themed dishes, like Omelettes.

    So that people could make sure that he was not out of penny, as a result of the incident.

    He was not fined for that.

    We should cherish our freedoms, dearly. And protect them.

  18. Deco

    Finally, some steps to fix the residential housing shortfall.

    And in the right location. With infrastructure. With transport. And commercial developments to service the people’s needs.

    People centred, not illusion centred.

    And most importantly – not in County Carlow, or some other location that is 90minutes plus from the area of economic activity.

    Build Up – the best option.

    Time for a serious vision of integrated development. Residential developments at high density in locations along the two rail lines going into the city, from the NW and SW.

    With DART transport on those lines.

    It does not take an physics professor to sort this one out.

    • Truthist

      Bespoke villages comprising of high rise buildings [ 10 storeys at least ] of very spacious condominiums for families, a bit less for couples, & spacious for sole occupants.
      Balconies are to be very protected from accidents etc.
      Person Lifts & Service Lifts.
      Automated facility for the parking / storage of 2 wheeled vehicles, & 2+ wheeled vehicles.
      Occupiers can buy outright or be paying weekly or monthly whereby they can carry their payments towards other condominium of universal scheme.
      As far as possible, the condominiums are designed so that the occupiers can be totally private from their neighbours.
      Any breaches of noise regulations etc. are noted ;
      And, if the breaches amount to sustained nuisance ;
      ==> eviction from the village in question.
      No ..sshole behaviour tolerated here !

      Good quality & Cheap to build & buy.

      Will require revolutionary physical design & construction methods.
      Will involve up-front dialogue from management.

      Above all ;
      Will require a Henry Ford type genius to execute this revolution.
      Can be State project.
      Can be Private project.
      Can be joint Private & State project.

      The prevailing vested interests may attempt to assassinate such a brave / foolish genius.

  19. Deco

    There is a stage managed photo in the link below, that is like something from 1980s East Bloc Europe, with the Commissars standing around admiring plans for a new factory to make steel plant.

    David thinks that Ireland needs yet more foreign investment.

    Yet, the fact is that unless the (presumed) movement occurs to Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal Ireland is completely unprepared for a “THEORETICAL” scenario which is based on loaded assumptions about Britain not being serious about competitiveness.

    Dublin’s inability to build upwards, and CIE’s legendary incompetence (accentuated today, due to a Luas strike) and that mess that is unfolding with regards to the Childrens Hospital. [ Why not it in Galway - where there USG's Hospital is spatially sqaundered ? ]

    Everything in Ireland goes back to the incompetence of the institutional state.

    • Deco

      Yep, the commissars are smiling broadly, with the plan. It looks great on paper. And it cost money to produce. And there were pronouncements from official Ireland.

      Except, the problem is the same individuals in the picture, and the complex of which they are a key component, is actually snarled up in it’s own ineffectiveness.

      They represent the problem, but they pose as the geniuses behind the fix.

      If Trump (or Sanders) get in, they will all be talking about Singapore within 18 months.

  20. Deco

    David, the Luas strike deserves an article.

    • Truthist

      I have fought for the jobless, & the homeless AND roofless & very poor private tenants, & the FAS trainees being subject to payments less than the lowly dole with deductions for lateness etc. going into the FAS Coffers, & mature students, & other victims of The Institutional State of the Irish State ;
      As far as I can see, the Luas workers do not have a justified grievance about their wages ;
      I will add, they appear to be parasites.

  21. Deco

    Brexit is something that has massive political significance, but much less economic significance. Either way, the economy will adjust. German motoring executives will make sure that Britain gets accommodated amicably, regardless of what the politicians say.

    Basically, business will make sure that this will be managed easily. Just look at the supply chains between Germany and Switzerland. I think we will leave out France and Switzerland because Geneva is loaded up with French capital that is leaving France.

    Lots of bluster beforehand, and later acceptance.

    Here are two issues that are of greater medium term significance than Brexit.

    1. The continued failure of the institutional state to reform or to make itself efficient and stop leaching off the people, on the pretence of providing services that are often worth less than they cost in PAYE, PRSI, etc. The institutional state is failing.

    The only thing that the Irish institutional state can do with any consistency, is trun vast sums of money into excuses for underperformance (“we are underfunded”….).

    2. The outcome of the US Presidential election. Trump wanst the jobs to come back. Sanders wants the jobs and the money to come back. The debate is changing.

    If Sanders gets Governor Jerry Brown behind him, then Ireland will get a lot of unrequired attention. And that could be a far more serious headache for Ireland Inc…

    Ireland is living in a phase of self contragulatory nonsense, and empty pretence.

    The institutional state has not gone on a badly required economy drive. In fact it sits poised to suck the people of Ireland dry. Therefore, we will cope badly. And there will be another bailout.

    The wreckovery contains too many bottlenecks, and not enough of a productivity improvement. In particular the state sector has seen no productivity improvement.

    That is the medium term horizon. The luas strike is symptomatic of a deeper problem in the state system.

    Ireland has a serious productivity bottleneck. And it is not being addressed.

    • McCawber

      +1 and worse they are not even aware of the problem.

    • Truthist

      The “Arrogance” extends from the unemployed “jobbed-up” — Yes they have Jobs but are lazy & destructive when not being just incompetent & inefficient [ lazy "College C..nts" ] — of the Civil Service & Quasi-Civil Service [ Quangos ] [ "Quasi-Civil Service" ; Such is the power delegated to them ] & Corporate Ireland & the Professional Class right down to the employed “jobless” [ employed to queue for a living & partake in self-defeating V.E.C. 'Mickey Mouse" courses for mature students so as to justify giving stupendous Funds & Status to the V.E.C.'s & the Teachers ].

      Of course, Arrogance is a vice ;
      But, we have absolutely nothing now to be arrogant about.
      That form of Arrogance is even more of a vice.

      The recent German Ambassador is correct ;

      “The Irish in the main have in recent times become a coarse & vulgar people.

      And, the Irish State has 1/3rd of its employed in the Civil Service.”

      Redacted by Truthist.

      Character-wise ;

      Clinton = Trump = Sanders ;
      All are :

      in favour of Abortion

      not America-Firsters

      All are wanting to wage War on Iran ;
      Iran in its long history has never invaded any country, & which lost 9 million — half its then population — to willful starvation amidst bountiful harvests by The City of London when under the proxy occupation of “British” Empire.
      Proxy = British ;
      Essentially, the British Empire has never been British ;
      And, this despite the ensuing Prosperity to, & Jingoism of, foolish & gullible Brits.

      not going to end the so-called “Federal Reserve” Private Central Bank Ponzi Scheme

      not going to issue Fiat Currency from Treasury only

      not going to prosecute the real perpetrators of 9-11

      inter alia

      Campaign-wise ;

      Clinton < Trump

      Clinton < Sanders

      Sanders < Trump ;
      Trump has opened up more of the necessary topics for discussion than Sanders has.
      Even though Trump has said some appalling stuff
      War Mongering against Iran
      War Mongering against Palestinians
      Racism against Mexicans
      Instead :
      Just tell illegal Mexicans etc. that we cannot accept u economically, & u must be deported back to Mexico etc..
      And, do so.
      Fortify the border with Mexico.
      And, truly constructively help Mexico & poor countries to be self-sufficient.
      That is one of the topics where I find fault with Ron Paul's "official" policy, & much of the Libertarian Movement ;
      We must be good Samaritans when we can ;
      And, it can be done by Government.
      We should not rely on Charities ;
      Charities as we surely know by now are more often Quangos.
      And, in many territories the personnel are Spies on the countries in question, & often too are child abusers, & highly paid & pampered with high perks.
      But, interestingly, I would envisage Ron Paul as U.S.A. President to be immediately reneging on that policy principle ;
      Well, I hope that he would.
      My hope is based on the fact that Ron Paul is forthright against any form of Abortion & under any circumstances ;
      Ron Paul is very easy to follow on that issue.
      No equivocation from Ron Paul there.
      Definitely would have the courage of his convictions on that issue.
      Ron Paul is a true Christian & thus truly has a caring approach to the weak & innocent.
      Yes, he has his own style ;
      As indeed every person should have their own style.
      Instead, we are getting boring uniform sheeple, & so-called Libertarians who truly lack the moral courage.

      What a shame we had to suffer Obummer from the Chicago "Men's Country" Bathhouse that he shares with his Beau Raum Emmanuel !
      Millions more of innocent men, women, & children [ including "unborn" ] all over the world murdered for the traitorous Not-America Firsters under that President from what is always a rigged nomination, & election, process.

      What a Pity we wil not have Ron Paul as President ;
      Instead we must suffer 1 of the above 3 appalling candidates.

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