April 7, 2016

The rich get richer... and the poor get turned away from mainstream politics

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All over the world, the rich have been getting ever richer and the gap between the rich and the middle, not just the very poor, is amplifying. This growing gap is one of the factors that are leading many people to feel fed up with mainstream politics.

The mainstream political message for so many years is that there is a conveyor belt to prosperity.

The vision has always been that if you do well by working hard, your children will have a better chance than you did. As the very rich rise out of sight and pull the drawbridge up behind them, many millions begin to feel disillusioned with the social contract and reject mainstream politics.

This is where Donald Trump and other demagogues such as Marine Le Pen come in. Trump is tapping into a resentment of the elites – and the Panama Papers are indicative of the elites squirrelling away their money in fake companies, usually with the explicit aim of avoiding tax. The average guy can’t do that.

At the root of all this is enormous inequality, where scarce resources are hoovered up by a tiny percentage of the population, some of whom feel so entitled that they won’t even pay their dues on these huge fortunes.

Don’t get me wrong, I have yet to meet a person who happily pays more tax than they absolutely have to, but the fact that those at the very top are cheating on their own countries gives yet more legitimacy to would-be politicians who point out that the system is broken. In an election, you don’t actually have to offer any tangible, workable solutions if the system is already broken; you just have to keep saying it.

Inequality is one of the reasons that mainstream politics all over the globe is fractured. Today, when people in Ireland are looking for reasons to explain the gradual erosion of the centre ground in Irish politics, growing inequality has to be one of the obvious reasons.

So how big is the problem?

A few months ago, I presented a programme on RTÉ documenting the great wealth divide in Ireland. One of the most fascinating aspects of inequality in Ireland was the fact that while almost everyone in Ireland knows that the spoils of the society are not divided equally, in our ideal world, the vast majority of us claim that wealth should be distributed more equally.

What the programme highlighted was the difference between what people thought the wealth divide was, and what people thought it ought to be, was wildly out of whack with what it actually is.

One of the recurring themes in all surveys taken on the issue of wealth in Ireland is the fact that most people believe in a fairer society. For the programme, we decided to revisit this conundrum.

We conducted a Red C poll to see what you thought the wealth divide was in Ireland, then, we asked you what you thought it should be, and then we revealed what it actually was.

In an ideal world, you thought that a fairer Ireland – a truly republican Ireland, where all the citizens have a chance – would be one where the top 20pc would have a little bit more than 20pc of the wealth and the poorest 20pc would have a little bit less. This is kind of what you would expect from people who live in a republic but understand that life isn’t always fair. As a result, rich people have more, but not hugely more, and poor people have less, but not dramatically less. That’s your ideal world.

Then we asked you what you thought was the state of play. And you thought, in contrast to your ideal Ireland, that the real picture was one whereby Ireland’s richest 20pc probably had more than half of the country’s wealth and the poorest 20pc had 11pc of the wealth.

Then we showed what the reality is.

The reality in Ireland, according to the latest figures for the CSO, is that the most affluent 20pc in Ireland actually own 73pc of the country’s wealth, while the poorest 20pc don’t own the 11pc you thought they own, but they own just 0.2pc of the country’s wealth.

And as for the top 5pc, their combined wealth is nearly double that of the entire “squeezed middle” – the 60pc of Irish people in the middle. You can see all this clearly in chart 1 here.


Now, if you want to see how wealth is distributed in Ireland, check out the next two charts which go a bit deeper and reveal what the distribution of wealth is like when you break the population down into the top 10pc down to the bottom 10pc. You can see that the concentration of wealth in the top 10pc is extraordinary.


According to the latest publication by the CSO, the top 1pc in Ireland owns 14.8pc of the entire wealth of the country.


This is about the same as the bottom 50pc of the population.

So to put it another way, the top 1pc of the population own the same amount as the bottom half of the population.

These are the latest official figures, published by our government.

These developments in inequality are not unique to Ireland. In fact, all over the OECD, we are seeing similar patterns.

The Panama Papers are yet more evidence of one rule for the hyper rich and one for the average dude.

Against this background, can you blame people for turning their back on the mainstream at the ballot box?

  1. dorn

    > Trump is tapping into a resentment of the elites

    I cannot for the life of me understand why this is making him so seemingly popular. He IS one of the elites. He is Red Riding Hoods wolf dressed as your grandmother.

    • Truthist

      And, ur metaphor is a classic ;
      I’m noting it down ; Thanks Dorn.

      Trump is a Shill.
      But, at least he is opening up many issues for discussion that are otherwise under wraps with political correctness.

      But, Hell-ary is even worse than Trump.

      And, Bernie Sanders is rotten too ; Hypocrite & more.

      JFK Jnr. would be a better President, & a certainty to get elected.
      That is why they assassinated him in his helicopter.

      They being the dreadful few.

      Also, never forget ;


      William M. Tweed (3 April 1823 – 12 April 1878), known as “Boss” Tweed was an American politician and political boss of Tammany Hall who became an icon of urban political machines.

      Quote from “Boss” Tweed

      “I don’t care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating.”

    • Felix Quigley

      The reason that Trump is so popular and that you are unable to understand this popularity is because you have a stalinist/revisionist-marxist (not Trotskyist) type of approach to politics. You expect the poor to line up on one side and the rich on another. But living reality is far more rich and complex than your pygmy type approach to politics allows (you are in a thought straitjacket). People in America are seriously now thinking about politics, and they understand that the Establishment of both parties have proved themselves to be bankrupt (on 9-11, on the crisis in Jobs and wages, on illegal immigration, on Libya and the murder of the Ambassador, on the rise of black racists as in “Black Lives Matter etcetera.) They see in Trump a man who takes clear positions against the Establishment WHO HATE HIM. Admit it you are confused and politically lost.

  2. douglaskastle

    David, painfully a lot of these recent articles seem to be commentary only. They discuss what is, rather than any measures to improve. And also painfully this is the state we are in right now, the Chickens (choices) of 2009-2010 are coming home to roost and there is nothing that can be done now, the time of action is long past.

    I enjoyed your documentary, in the same way one might enjoy watching a horror movie. Looking around Ireland for the past 2 years it is like watching a fire-sale and if you have the money there are bargains to be had left right and centre.

    I wish I had a solution, typically one might say use your voice, confirm change with your vote, but even that doesn’t seem to be working as we are currently 40 days after an election and they are only now beginning to discuss a rotating Taoiseach (how does that even work?)

    As to Trump and voting in general I highly recommend following Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) ongoing analysis of the Clown Genius:


    The playing field is changing , with the likes of social media, reality TV etc. and few are adapting to understand how to control it efficiently (I provide no moral judgment on Trump, just that he is using the media effectively and lasting longer than any one predicted)

  3. And all of this happens under the supposed Nation State constructs of ‘The Republic Of Ireland’, ‘The United Kingdom’, ‘The United States of America’ and all the rest of the pseudo-Nations that make up the ‘false flag’ construct that is Europa. It’s all a plot by the 1% to use their fluffers and enablers in the 10% of legal/accountant tax whores (who congregate around Wall Street, the City of London, Frankfurt, the IFSC, etc) to move their wealth offshore. All ex-nation states are now tax whore haves of the offshore 1%, their venal political and media classes conspiring to maintain the fiction that there is still even such a thing as the Nation State. The Nation State only came into being when the warring gangster royals and nobles were forced to accept some degree of Progress via Magna Carta, habeus corpus and all the other gifts of Saxon Culture. Then those same gangsters set the fake Nation States to war against each other and thus we had the period costume dramas of 1776, 1916 and all the rest of it, with the interlude of the Nazis who didn’t play by the costume drama script and went ‘off message’ only to be defeated by…The Saxons. Now, The Saxons are in peril again as the same Norman Toraigh Tax Whore gangsters who caused ‘The Famine’, ‘The Scottish Clearances’, ‘The Clearing of The English Shires To Create Industrial Mordor’ and ‘The African Slave Trade’ via the EU, but there is hope. for The Saxons now have the opportunity to tell the Normans in both Canary Wharf and it’s mutant hybrid offspring on The Liffey known as Canary Dwarf to fcuk off by voting #LeavEU at midsummer 2016. #FcUKEU

    How much of the Queen of England’s wealth is ‘offshore’? Whether in the IFSC or any of her ‘Crown Dependencies’? What happened to the #PanamaPapers trust fund wealth of David Cameron’s father when he croaked in 2010? Was it ‘greenwashed’ into Cameron’s legitimate taxed accounts via some tax whores in Dublin? Don’t forget that George Osborne is the hereditary Baronet of Tipperary. You see them all parading at Cheltenham, doing deals, trying to thwart #LeaveEU

    As if The Saxons are going to bend and spread like Paddy did for Lisbon Treat 2.0. If they do they are not Saxons but Norman Toraigh Whores…

    For me, it’s a staged withdrawal. First us Mercians work with the rest of The English to #FcUKEU, then we either get a fair deal via HS2 or we leave the UK too and declare Birmingham an independent city state. The West Midlands economy is as big as that of the Irish ‘Republic’ once you extract the financial fairy dust stuff. We are sick and tired of bleating, pleading victim scripts from The Welsh, The Scottish and The Plastic Paddy faux-’Republic Of Ireland’. And as for the North of Ireland, well, like they can make up their own minds. Either they too vote to leave the EU or they show their cards. When that parasite EU is banished, then these Isles of Wonder can bet on with sorting out their historical nightmares and become truly rich as a mosaic of independent yet interdependent Republics. Or Monarchies. Who really cares? What’s clear is that most Taoseach’s have acted as monarchial or custodians of 1% monarchial Privilege.

    Everybody on this planet needs to decide is they are a genuine World Citizen in an emerging mosaic UniDiverse global culture that takes the best from all previous local cultures whilst retaining their local rights to Sovereignty. Paradoxically, the only way to this ‘utopian’ dream is a temporary retreat from the false flag falsehoods of The Globalist Empire of the US-uk-EU corporate monster before TTIP banjaxes it all. We are all serfs to the 1%. The facile notion that The Irish are ‘citizens of a Republic’ whilst us on this island of Britain are ‘subjects of The Crown and The Realm’ is an amusing, irrelevant historical joke. We are ALL now the Subjects of Capital, and increasing amounts of us are being turned into Debt Peons. There is no Illuminati Conspiracy in all this though it’s easy to think there is late at night after a couple of glasses of wine and those YouTube videos, but it’s really all very simple. The Law of Incorporation created the amoral Corporation which acts to protect Hereditary Wealth. The Crown is a Corporation. The Dail and Sinead are both Corporations. But the Saxons are free, always have been since we resisted Norman tyranny and always will be for you cannot be a Saxon and not be free, anyone who collaborates becomes, by definition, a Norman Toraigh Tory. There’s a churchyard in Oxfordshire near where Cameron lives where the bodies of The English resistance to Cromwell lie, those who refused to go ‘to Hell and to Connaught’ for that bastard. They had seen the Ruling Class sweep The Poor of England and transport them to the Caribbean and Botany Bay alongside The Irish. ‘Fields Of Athenry’? Wait till you hear ‘Fields Of Witney’ on my first album. Enough!

    It’s all bollocks.

    I was at Essex University when Yannis Varoufakis was there. He wouldn’t know me as I was a ‘sleeper’ on the run from Brum’s mad IRA priests who wanted to kill me for dissing 1916 and standing up for the Saxon’s altoghether mild reaction against 22/11/74′s catastrophic failure to bring sectarianism to Birmingham. It was the Catholic Church who fitted up The Birmingham Six, not the Saxons…Anyway, having failed to get The Greeks to rise up against The Troika, he’s now bleating that it’s up to us Brits to save Greece. Just as that eejit Flanagan is trying to do. But it’s none of our business what other Sovereign Nations decide to do is it? Isn’t that what 1916 was all about, lads? You listened to that closet Catholic case Tony Blair and joined the Euro. Blame your feckless, wreckless politicians and yourselves for begin so credulous about the EU plots.

    “EU’s very existence depends on Britain staying in” says Yanis. But UK’s existence does NOT depend on staying in EU. Nor does Ireland’s, or at least not Culchie Poor Ireland who would benefit immensley if #RoIExit followed on from #Brexit which, I hope and pray it does. I don’t see Japan saying “you know what? we can’t go it alone we need to join Greater China and adopt the yuan” Load of noodles!

    If The English vote to remain in the EU then they too stop being an Authentic Nation State. They’re not a Race. Nor are the Irish. Both are genetically congruent, it’s all about Culture. After midsummer 2016 if The English fail to reclaim England then they have to stop singing ‘Rule Britannia, God Save The Queen, Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and Football’s Coming Home’. It would just be a sick joke. Like it’s a sick joke to sit at the Connolly commemoration and watch politicians who fluffed The Troika singing The Soldier Song. ‘yonder lies the Saxon Foe’? What a joke! It’s the Norman foe Paddy needs to wake up to. The same feral Norman ideology that founded Dublin, landed at Hastings, set up a Corporate enclave castle in Kilkenny whilst enforcing serfdom on Paddy in Irishtown. The song remains the same and only The Saxon can now sing the Freedom Song. Or they too can pass into history as a costume drama for Theme Park England alongside Theme Park Ireland so the multicultural clusters of clever rich young serfs around the City, the IFSC and Wall Street have their ‘colourful local history’ to go with their trendy restaurants and tolerant trashy trope Drag Queen bars.

    Paddy has chosen to get into bed with Angela and thought he’d have a free ride only to gasp in horror when she got the Euro Strap On out from under the bed. Don’t blame us/them/The Anglo-Saxons: Grow up, take control, take responsibility and finally become a Nation. Leave the Euro. Leave the EU.

    I haven’t read this back. Never do as it’s Left Hand Path Automatic Writing via Zozo. But enough! I want my life back. I suggest you all get yours back too by rising up against Theme Park Ireland to reclaim your country from those who have sent Culchies like my mom and dad overseas for centuries as easily as they’ve sent cattle. Culchies were chattel. Guess what? They still are. We all are whilst we are not prepared to stand up to the 1% Agenda, not prepared to fight The Globalist:

    Devon’s MUSE were life-altering in Brum last Saturday night. They were in Dublin earlier this week. Unlike Bono’s silly nostrums, Matt Bellamy is 4Real. But he can only do so much as the Warrior Philosopher of Rock. The Saxons were never your enemies, it was always the Normans who hid amongst you and are hiding now behind FF/FG, the fake ‘soldiers of destiny’. They are no such thing, they are agents, Drones, of The Globalist. But there are other Drones. Memetic Drones. This final message from ‘AndrewGMooney’ is such a drone to begin to create the new memeplex that will become The 2nd Irish Diasporan Republic of the 4th Estate and 5th Province.

    With every good wish
    from the Shire-Irish Resistance in Mordor and The Shire

    ‘mad Paddy from Brum’ aka: ‘Andy The Saxon’. Etc.

    “You were never truly loved
    You have only been betrayed
    You were never truly nurtured
    By churches of the state
    You were left unprotected
    To these wild and fragile lands

    But you can rise up like a God
    Arm yourself
    You can be strong
    You can build a nuclear power
    Transform the earth to your desire

    Free your mind from false beliefs
    You can be the commander in chief
    You can hide your true motives
    To dismantle and destroy

    Now you finally have the codes
    I have given you the code
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fire

    There’s no country left
    To love and cherish
    It’s gone, it’s gone for good
    It’s you and me babe
    To hunt and gather memories
    Of the great nation we were

    There’s no countries left
    To fight and conquer
    I think I destroyed them all
    It’s human nature
    The greatest hunter
    Will survive alone
    With no one left to love

    There’s no culture left
    To love and cherish
    It’s gone, you know it’s gone for good
    A trillion memories
    Lost in space and time for ever more
    I just wanted
    I just needed to be loved”

    Lyrics to ‘The Globalist’ by MUSE

    Muse- The Globalist – Drones Tour – Dublin – 3arena – 5th April 2016


    • checked this before pasting to my Baudrillardian Hyppereal Simulacrum FB page and found an error that has to be fixed, thus, in caps below, addendum/erratum, etc.

      “Now, The Saxons are in peril again as the same Norman Toraigh Tax Whore gangsters who caused ‘The Famine’, ‘The Scottish Clearances’, ‘The Clearing of The English Shires To Create Industrial Mordor’ and ‘The African Slave Trade’ RAMP UP THEIR C21ST DRONE ARMY via the EU, but there is hope. for The Saxons now have the opportunity to tell the Normans in both Canary Wharf and it’s mutant hybrid offspring on The Liffey known as Canary Dwarf to fcuk off by voting #LeavEU at midsummer 2016. #FcUKEU ”

      “just as that eejit Charlie Flanagan is trying to do TO SAVE IRELAND INC’S ARSE FROM THE REVENGE OF THE CULCHIES & ORDINARY DUBS”

      Zozo was on form on the aul Ouija board last night! Cheers mate!

      THE END

    • This video would argue that even the Nazis were ‘on script’

      “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”


    • I’ll try out this Muse song on YouTube, probably only last about 30 seconds though. Music tends to annoy me after that length of time!

      • Brutal! That’s 10 mins (okay 4 mins) of my life that I’ll never get back. Pretentious shite – and talentless, badly done pretentious shite at that. The golden age of music is well and truly dead – if there ever even was one in the first place!

        • MUSE are from Devon, a very strange place. Not English, not Saxon, not Celtic…just…Devonian… But that’s for another site. Bye folks! And thanks, it’s been a hoot all these years. I’ll miss you all, but….all good things must come to an end. Farewell.

          “Devon was the cornerstone of one of Britain’s most significant Celtic kingdoms (Dumnonia), and retains a significant heritage from those days. Devon’s people are predominantly of Celtic stock, with the Celtic language (which also resulted in Cornish) being spoken well into the Dark Ages, and is retained today in place names, dialect, as well as in customs and culture.

          This is not to say that the Saxons, who ‘conquered’ Devon in the eight and ninth centuries (and who militarily conquered Cornwall in the ninth and tenth centuries), or the Normans who did the same to the whole of England in the eleventh century, are without merit or contribution. However the point of this introduction is to promote that part of Devon’s history which for some strange reason appears to have been repressed – that of Celtic Devon.

          The Cornish Celtic name for Devon is Dewnans, [and this is becoming more acceptable to modern ears]. A possibly older name for Devon is Dyfneint (meaning ‘deep valley dwellers’). [This survives from Dumnonia's few surviving records, and probably supplies the root form of Dewnans - Ed].

          Devon was one of the last areas of what is now known as England to be conquered by the Anglo-Saxon invaders, and was not formally claimed by the Saxon Kingdom of Wessex until the early ninth century (AD 805 – only a couple of decades before Cornwall was ‘conquered’, although Cornwall retained some degree of independence thereafter). Even after this (as noted in Alfred the Great’s will in AD 900), Devon’s Celtic people were called Wealcynn (wealas being the Anglo-Saxon word for Celts, and literally translates as ‘foreigner’).”

          “thank you for a spaceous eargasm”..”I hope they thanked Elgar for some inspiration here.?..they did actually, it’s in the booklet”…?”they fused my favourite pieces into one: Eurasia, Blackout, Citizen Erased and Exogenesis?”..”a couple things Matt took from Rachmaninov”..” intro of a Homeland episode (season 5, episode 1) starts with an organ hymn. And it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the melody sung by Matt in the third part of the song. Coincidence? Not a chance. Matt knew it”…” Bien d’accord! C’est du Hans Zimmer tout simplement. Je suis déçu.?”…”Grandissimi Muse…”

          ‘The Globalist’ [Orchestral]


          • Criminal stuff. They should be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 for calling that ‘music’.

            About to head out on the town so listening to this while I perform my ablutions, much better:


            Visited Devon for the first time ever in January though, lovely place will definitely go back.

            As for you leaving the blog Andy? Pull the other one mate, you’ll be back in short order – you always come back.

          • Or try this Andy, you’ll like this one for sure, I’m sure David likes it too:

            My Bloody Valentine Loveless Full Album


            Saw these guys live loads of times in the late 80s, early 90s. Muse it ain’t!

          • And one for the road:

            Suicide – Suicide 1977 (Full Album) – YouTube


          • “As for you leaving the blog Andy? Pull the other one mate, you’ll be back in short order – you always come back.”

            93 This ‘AndrewGMooney’ Autofiction Online Art Installation was staged as a protest against child abuse cover-ups, identity politics & internet surveillance.

            These pages will be de-activated today but it will not be deleted as the ‘brainstorms’ contained within form the basis for the book/film/play/stage musical ‘An Irish Childhood In Birmingham.

            However, this Gesamtkunstwerk [Total Art Work] will only appear if the necessary and appropriate financial framework can be put in place. It is no delusional quest for attention or ‘fame’ but a serious attempt to grapple with the profound issues which arose from managing my multiple identities after I emerged onto this planet in the boiling memetic cauldron of Irish Catholic Birmingham in the 1960s.

            The name associated with these pages will change to that of my Holy Guardian Angel @alfiemoone who manifested through my West Highland Terrier to guide me across The Abyss. 93 93/93


    People in the usa are kept poor in order that they will join the military. The min wage is a woeful $ 7.25 an hr.

  5. Colm MacDonncha

    Wouldn’t it be very interesting to get a breakdown of where the 35% or so of the electorate who didn’t vote in the last election are from? Demographics play a huge part in the way we continue to elect wealthy gombeen men. Watching the current Kenny/Martin dance is so cringeworthy that it would be funny, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re allowing the same cretins to keep on swilling from their trough…

  6. There are still no solutions given by you to resolve your tail of Woe, David.

    You point blank refuse to analyse the central banking system.
    You still refuse to look at the debt based money system.

    Everything else is a waste of time unless you solve the reason for the discrepancies you mention.

    The world is manipulated by the power to produce unlimited amounts of fiat currency. Those that enable the system are enriched while all else are plundered.

    The control is with the one thousandth of the one percent. Those exposed by the Panama Papers are not the elite , although they think they are. The true elite lurk in the shadows pulling the strings and enabling the system.

    There is no hope of change or resolution to the inequities until we cast off the yoke of the evil of the current money system. WE MUST RETURN TO THE HONEST MONEY SYSTEM OF OUR FOREFATHERS. A money system much less able to be manipulated by the elite in order to plunder society.


    • Tony is right David. Not about the gold standard, that’s irrelevant and historical but there’s a fairer way of constituting the system of money we all use.

      Right now it’s it’s massive scam on a galactic scale.

      I also feel you should tackle this fundamental issue.

      It lies at the heart of inequality.

      • Truthist


        The Bankster Scam Bundle [ B.S. Bundle ] is not really about wealth accumulation.
        They realise & are satisfied that they own it already.

        Rather, it is about “Control”.
        They want to control u & everyone “totally”.

        Money, & even Currency if u are foolish enough to accept it as real money when it always crashes [ as proven by History ], gives Power.
        Yes, power to accumulate Wealth.
        And, to accumulate Wealth would be fulfilling exactly what “a store of Value” [ 1 of the functions of Money ] is meant to fulfill.

        But, the B.S. Bundle goes beyond providing the users of Money & now in this the Bankster’s ascending rule, Currency only, a Store of Value.
        The B.S. Bundle enslaves all persons who are not at Top of the B.S. Bundle Pyramid with :

        Interest to be paid to Central Bank [ Now per Irish State ; E.C.B ]

      • Truthist

        Sorry there Adam.
        My comment above was sent prematurely.

        RESUMING ;

        The B.S. Bundle enslaves all persons who are not at Top of the B.S. Bundle Pyramid with :

        Interest to be paid to Central Bank [ Now per Irish State ; E.C.B ]

        constantly devaluing currency because the Commercial Banks in concert with the Central Bank constantly are issuing extra amounts of the currency through Fractional Reserve Banking.
        The commercial bank just invents arguably 98 % [ Say Fractional Reserve Ratio of 49:1 ( And, I know that my mathematics here is not accurate ; So, sorry in advance ) of the loans they give to borrowers from nothing.
        They do not give it to the borrower as hard cash by the way.
        They give it as digit entry in the a/c of the customer.

        And, Income Tax is another part of the BS Bundle ;
        If there was no Income Tax to be paid back in the particular Fiat that is stipulated [ And, it could be Gold or Silver if the BS Bundle was more limited than it is today ; But, alas no we do not have Gold & / or Silver as the Fiat ; And, if the Fiat was Gold & / or Silver, well then we would have real money as the Fiat ; And, even if there was a Central Bank BS Bundle it would be less worse than it is now ] then the bulk of country’s residents could effectively boycott the BS Bundle.
        So, the Central Bank has the Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ] in cahoots with them for to ensure that their is compliance by the citizens / slaves to the BS Bundle.

        And, there u were thinking that u & me were now free men when all along we are just slaves.

        • Truthist

          Typo ;
          So, the Central Bank has the Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ] in cahoots with them for to ensure that THERE is compliance by the citizens / slaves to the BS Bundle.

        • “And, there u were thinking that u & me were now free men when all along we are just slaves.”

          Speak for Truthist yourself, I’m a free man.

      • redriversix

        How can David or anyone begin to solve this problem if those in power are not even aware of a problem…!

        I and some like me were talking and writing about thie very subjects in this article 5 Fucking years ago..

        You know what ?

        Nobody cares…nobody gives a shit.

        THE 1% ? That was news 8 fucking years ago.

        David suffers from the same thing we all do self preservation & fear

        Fuck fear.

        Have a nice day

        • Sideshow Bob


          Please see below for a comment for you by me, logged in the wrong place. It may interest you.

          • redriversix

            Thanks Bob..

            got it , read it , agree

            Just annoyed at this shit…next week someone will write a article on how the War on Terror isn’t working and maybe Iraqi War was illegal and a crime against humanity..!!!!!

            What next ?

            someone leaks a load of papers from a lawyers office showing how tax avoidance / evasion was possible…????

            shock & horror !

            Most journalists would be better off watching the Kardashians now because they are so far behind the game .. its not even funny anymore…..

            Man i am pissed , angry and annoyed….

            fuck it ..wonder who is on “The only way is Essex ” tonight

      • Pure unsubstantiated opinion. ” Not about the gold standard, that’s irrelevant ”

        I do not advocate but report on what I see from what I read.
        so what do you propose as “proper” money, Adam. i do not really care as the people , ultimately will choose for themselves.

        I see central bankers in Europe counting bullion as monetary assets. I see the USA counting gold as a monetary asset. I see 90% of central banks of the world either acquiring gold or keeping what they have.

        I do not comment on Bitcoin for example except to say it has all the attributes of gold bar two.
        1. It has no substance and can evaporated into the ether at the flick of a switch and
        2. it can not be used for cash transactions and physically ported from a to be.

        In essence it is not a replacement for gold or silver. It may be an adjunct but not a replacement.

        This diversion does not settle the overriding problem of who controls the money , controls the world.

        David wastes our time and is a part of the problem if he refuses to address this issue. One is left to conclude that the bread it too thickly buttered on that side of the question to consider the question again by flipping the question and looking at the financial and social divides from a different perspective.

        The debt based money system is the problem.

        • I appreciate your comments directed at me Truthist and will try to reply at some point, but have just been dead busy lately, so apologies, I am not ignoring you.

          • In short, the gold standard is not coming back, no matter how many pensioners Rosyln Capital tries to scare and scam – the gold standard is but a historical artifact – as you say “people will choose for themselves”.

            Bitcoin etc. is just one choice but it’s a very powerful one – I don’t think many people on here really understand its power – sheer laziness is part of the reason for that. People are happy blathering on, writing thousands of words a week without actually DOING anything to change their circumstances. Well if that’s what floats their boat then fine and dandy.

          • Truthist

            Yes Adam, Bitcoin is positive ;
            Thus far though.
            Quite easy for The Dreadful Few to wipe ur Bitcoin if they want to.
            There has been at least 1 Bitcoin Exchange subject to arson with logical conclusion that it was to destroy the log of Bitcoins owned by the customers.
            If Bitcoin was linked to the facility for immediate payout in Gold & / or Silver Coin I think that this would be great for both alternatives to current Fiat ;
            Currently, Fiat is Currency only.

            I myself would not be in favour of having Gold & Silver as a Standard ;
            Currency as I.O.U.’s promising to pay the Bearer a certain amount of G [ Or Silver as the case may be ] Standard that is assured — ahem … ahem — to be in the vault of the Commercial Bank if Bank Note or Central Bank if Fiat Note or Treasury if Fiat Note.
            Nay, have only Gold & Silver, & Bitcoin, in circulation.
            No Gold Standard please.
            No “Currency I.O.U.’s” please.


            Buyer pays for Goods & / or Services thus ;

            Buyer gives Bitcoin only to Seller.

            Buyer gives Gold Coin & / or Silver Coin only to Seller.

            Buyer gives Bitcoin to Seller that upon Seller accepting to receive this Bitcoin automatically is converted to Gold Coin & / or Silver Coin.

            Yes ; I appreciate that u not ignoring me Adam.
            And, also appreciate the prolific thief on time that commenting on a blog can entail.

            Adam, seeing that u perceive the merits of Bitcoin, it stands to reason that u are almost there in breaking the mind-block of understanding the B.S. Bundle.

            I aim to pursue Tony Brogan on some points about the B.S. Bundle that I humbly see as inadequately explained, & other points that offer weaknesses for the reintroduction of G & S i.e. Real Money.
            I also have issue about agitating the ordinary person to mandate their own country to jettison the B.S. Bundle unilaterally.
            Gadaffi / Libya is prime example of what the dreadful few will do to a lone brave state [ or "Rogue" state in proxy Neo-Con parlance ].
            Smarter to arrive at a solution that skillfully jettisons the B.S. Bundle in a “wipe-ur-eye” fashion.
            Sorry about that auld Dreadful Few boys.
            Fait Acompli ;
            The Genie is out of the Bottle now & all the rest of the world is copying this smart solution that deservedly out-sneakies u, yee sad demented control freaks that despise us as mere cattle ;

          • Truthist, you know a lot more about economics that I do, or ever will do but unfortunately your points about Bitcoin are woefully misinformed.

            There’s no point in me trying to explain on here exactly why you are woefully misinformed about Bitcoin because I did all that before and people didn’t/don’t listen (laziness) so try Google.

          • Gold is the only substance that is able to balance the books of all the bankrupts. Nations, banks, corporations and all the people.

            Assuming fractional reserve banking will not be eliminated it is suggested that 50,000 USD will be the range required to balance the ledgers.

            Otherwise call it 100,000 to 500,000 an ounce.
            Bit coin can not do that. It can enable trade but it cannot expunge debt.

            No I am not mad. I recall forecasting negative interest rates and the accumulating debt levels some 25 years ago, long before it was ever talked about in any forums or media. I may not live to see it but I will be proved correct. I have absolutely no doubt about it. It will be the result of the hyper-inflation of the currencies that is well started as we sit here and converse.

          • Ridiculous examples Truthist, it’s like saying that people shouldn’t go to football matches because the Valley Parade stadium burned down in 1985.

            I can’t believe you are being serious but if you are then you have real problems in understanding basic logic.

      • Gold standard may be irrelevant to you Adam, and that’s OK but if you were Islamic you would be watching with interest (sorry interest is usury under Islamic Law) as a gold standard is developed in tune with Sharia Law.


    • Truthist

      I found this quote ;

      “Huge pools of capital have stagnated, forcing States to borrow from the Money Masters and thus become our bond-slaves. . . ;
      In 20 years, a State which has borrowed money at 5% has paid the whole sum in interest without reducing the debt. . .

      The State is thus forced to impoverish its masses (by the levy of taxes) so as to pay off the rich foreigners.
      Why could those stupid leaders of the nation state not have taken the money they needed from their own people”

  7. Mike Lucey

    Trump’s popularity isn’t that surprising when you look at the rise and election of Andrew Jackson as US president for two terms.

    ‘Five reasons why Andrew Jackson is Donald Trump’s presidential forefather’

    On money / banking its worth looking at Jackson’s anti Bank stance, here,

    ‘The Age of Jackson – The War Against the Bank’


    ‘Jackson had been financially damaged by speculation and a tightening of bank credit early in his business career. He retained a distrust of financial institutions throughout his life. At first, however, Jackson’s position on the Bank was not outwardly antagonistic. He was concerned about the Bank’s constitutionality and the general soundness of paper money in place of gold and silver (“HARD MONEY”). Jackson was also sympathetic to “SOFT-MONEY” supporters from the west who wanted access to easy CREDIT.

    In January 1832, Biddle’s supporters in Congress, principally Daniel Webster and Henry Clay, introduced Bank recharter legislation. Even though the charter was not due to expire for four more years, they felt that the current Congress would recharter the Bank. They felt that Jackson would not risk losing votes in Pennsylvania and other commercial states by vetoing it. Jackson reacted by saying to his vice-president, Martin Van Buren, “The Bank is trying to kill me, Sir, but I shall kill it!”

    Jackson’s opposition to the Bank became almost an obsession. Accompanied by strong attacks against the Bank in the press, Jackson vetoed the BANK RECHARTER BILL. Jackson also ordered the federal government’s deposits removed from the Bank of the United States and placed in state or “PET” BANKS. The people were with Jackson, and he was overwhelmingly elected to a second term. Biddle retaliated by making it more difficult for businesses and others to get the money they needed. This caused an economic contraction at the end of 1833 and into 1834. The bank charter expired in 1836′

    While I think Trump definitely has not read the Bible but then again he wasn’t in it. I do however think he has studied other past presidents, particularly Jackson and is taking onboard some of what made Jackson a successful candidate., twice.

    I think what attracts white middle of the road Americans to him is that they feel ‘he says it as it is’ without the slightest bit of PCness and he will owe no favours to the establishment (Big $ etc) once in power. On the other hand I think they feel that what he actually has a continuing inclination to do and be able to do against Big $ etc will be another matter.

      • Mike Lucey

        Well Tony, I feel if we are going to see citizen lead ‘change’ in Europe its going to come from the French. Its happened before and elite heads rolled.

        I read the (The Guardian) article you posted and see that the French Government is afraid of this particular movement. I think the reason could be that it seems to be following Gandi’s methods which worked and still work.

        “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

        I doubt we will ever see such movements rise here in Ireland in the coming years as the lifeblood of the country has left and continues to leave in huge numbers.

        “Right now, there are 205,150 fewer twentysomethings in Ireland than there were six years ago”, Una Mullally, the Irish Times columnist,

        “Right now, there are 205,150 fewer twentysomethings in Ireland than there were six years ago. That’s 27.2 percent of the twenty something population. For those between the ages of 20 and 24, the reduction of that demographic is bigger still, a 31 percent decrease in six years. In 2009, there were 180,900 women between the ages of 20 and 24 in Ireland. Last year there were 104,600, a decrease in population of 34 percent.”

        One solution would be the recovery (taking back) of our territorial waters and the development of a world class sustainable fishing industry.

        Ireland could base its economic growth on the provision of the traditional list of immediate ‘basic needs’, food (including water), shelter and clothing.

        As regards food, we are one of the best countries to grow things naturally and there is no shortage of clean water. Rather than just have our land producing food we must have our territorial waters doing likewise.

        As regards shelter, our climate generates one of the highest tree growth rates in Europe yet only 5% of the country is under forestation. Timber is the ideal material for provision of shelter for obvious reasons and because of its sustainability we could be building a huge indigenous ‘shelter’ industry which could also be an added value export industry.

        As regards clothing we should be looking at and rebuilding a clothing industry based on technology and sustainability. We have a tradition of producing good quality wool also a wool based industry. We just need to see technology being leveraged like has been done with https://woolandprince.com

      • Sideshow Bob


        This looks very like the Indignados or 15-M(ayo) Movement as it was known in Spain from 2011. It took a few years (until 2014) and a learning curve to evolve and emerge as a political force and enter into politics and parliaments in force, nationwide mainly as Podemos , in Madrid as Ahora Madrid! and in Catalonia as Catalunya Sí que es Pot / Barcelona en Comú. These are all left wing.

        The people from the movement who also wanted change but were of a more right wing orientation drifted more toward the revamped Ciudadanos party from what I can see.

        Anyhow, the two ( Podemos & Ciudadanos )garnered 35% of the vote between them in the Spanish General Election of last December, mainly at the expense of the main established PP and PSOE parties, and basically coming from nowhere. The PP and PSOE are ( like Ireland in FF & FG ) divided along Civil War lines and also along ideological lines left and right and aren´t welcoming to the new kids encroaching on their own territory ( rather like FF vs SF here or FG vs Renua or Labour vs SDs ) and don´t want to have to deal with them. Awkwardly they can´t deal with each other, like FF and FG and the left PSOE won´t support a Rajoy (PP) Governent just like the current impasse here. Funny stuff with lots of parallels to Ireland.

        Long and the short of it in Spain they still haven´t been able to form a Government nearly 4 months after the election there. It is early days yet in Ireland.

        I tried to throw in a few links ( should you be interested ) earlier but my comment was quarantined.

  8. Original-Ed

    The Elephant in the room is Technology – BMW is producing one thousand cars every day, seven days a week, in an automated plant in Munich – the owners are raking it in. Then coming down the road is Artificial Intelligence with sensory powers greater than that of human’s. There is massive research into this area at present and this will pose a real threat to workers in every area.
    Some new model of ownership and distribution will have to be devised otherwise our social systems will collapse.
    A national income will probably be the first step.

    • McCawber

      Ownership of the intellectual property relating to Robotics and AI to name just two technology is the key issue.
      Handled properly by society these technologies can give us a Utopian society.
      Failure will lead to enslavement and ultimately
      chaotic revolution.
      I wouldn’t trust the socialists to get it right which leaves us with the capitalists which is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

  9. Austin Byrne

    Yes David Inequality is at the centre of problems, but that space is equally occupied by inertia, illegality, inconsistency and lazy, self centered public representation, with a great smattering of disconnected, narrow minded, egotistical gombeenism.
    I simply don’t understand how society is getting away with watching the demise of Ireland from the sidelines as if it was a spectator sport we are all disconnected from.
    If the Health Service is broke it must be fixed.
    If housing is broken it must be fixed.
    Talking about it, commentating on it and blood boiling politicians endlessly explaining what we obviously all know to be the problems, as if they can do nothing about it, is gut wrenchingly painful, they are the only ones who are in the place, in the position, and have the ability to start to do something about it. I am sick f seeing elected representatives writing (for payment) in national newspapers about how to fix Health, Housing etc. but of course they are already being paid to sit on their asses in the Dail/Seanad, they get paid regardless of whether to actually do anything, so why not write about it for a newspaper and get paid again!
    Little rant sorry!

  10. joe hack

    “Don’t get me wrong, I have yet to meet a person who happily pays more tax than they absolutely have to” it’s not your fault your are after all a product of your environment, those hang with

  11. cjmurray

    “The mainstream political message for so many years is that there is a conveyor belt to prosperity.

    The vision has always been that if you do well by working hard, your children will have a better chance than you did. ”

    This was a broken system, a scam, a cruel joke, a Ponzi economy based on the exploitation of the poor and weak – particularly those in the Third World – and the ravaging of the environment. This was blatantly obvious long before recent events revealed to the naive the extent of the wealth and power divide.

    Prosperity is usually defined/understood in relative terms. How can such a system work if we all work hard? It’s no better than believing we can all win the Lotto. If we all work hard, do we all become prosperous? Equally prosperous? Sounds like dangerous communism.

  12. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David writes that at the root of the resentment that inequality is at the root of all the resentment of the elites Mr Trump and Madame Le Pen are tapping into. He correctly points out that not only the gap between the rich and the very poor is amplifying, but also the gap between the rich and the middle; what he does not, in my opinion, take into account is that most people would accept even the growing inequality if they saw a fair and realistic way, either for them or their kids, of joining the elite. Nothing exemplifies this better than the history of immigration to America; the reason so many Cubans risked their lives trying to get to Cuba was not the equality (that was greater in Cuba), nor it was social welfare or social housing (unlike the terrorists who took part in Paris and Brussels attacks, they were not eligible to it) – it was the “rags to riches” concept – a notion that even an illiterate peasant with little or no English from the west of Ireland, Sicilly or Galicja (part of Poland occupied by Austria with high taxes and, consequently, massive emigration) can make it to the top 5pc.

    In the current political and economic system, this is impossible.

    First of all, a good education no longer guarantees a better job, let alone a chance to join the elite – in the zero interest rates regime it is better to invest money in property than in a young graduate, which is the reason that all that President Obama’s stimulus plan has managed to do was to create new waiters jobs for graduates and for people who once had full time manufacturing jobs (now gone because of ever raising cost of doing business in America or in Ireland).

    Secondly, it is in the interest of the heavily subsidised education cartel to bring their cost up in order to get more subsidies, which does not stop colleges from saddling their students with enormous debts.

    A far more important chart (I cannot do it in Word Press) to the one
    David has presented would be the disconnect between productivity and a typical worker’s compensation; this, according to EPI, has grown in the US (since 1973) 7.8x more than pay; one has to wear blinkers to miss the connection between this and President Nixon’s decision.

    Would solutions proposed by Mr “Donald Trump and other demagogues such as Marine Le Pen” help? Well, there is very little in Mr Trump’s programme to discuss – in his favour, he tweeted that he thinks the Fed should be audited and was never paid by FED – and I think you should know this about Mr Sanders:


    ; on the other hand, Mr Trump never went as far as Mr Ron Paul, who proposed to do away with it; instead Mr Trump focuses on solutions which remind me a bit of Mr Arthur Scargill – his proposals are just treating symptoms, not the real problem of big government; in fact he proposes to expand social security and military, as well as a 45pc tax on all imports from China – this is like proposing that you should tax yourself 45pc on the food from the supermarket (see my post on the history of economy and transferring taxes in:



    As Mr Peter Schiff said, “Protectionism works when you have an industry to protect, but when industry is gone, it’s just higher prices”.

    I should also point out that in a 11 Sep 2002 interview with
    Mr Howard Stern, Mr Donald Trump said he supported an Iraq invasion; Mr Stern asked Trump directly if he was for invading Iraq:

    “Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly.”

    As far as Madame Lep Pen is concerned, I believe she addresses legitimate concerns with Islamic terrorism (may I point out that even though not all Muslims are terrorists, all major 21s century terrorist attacks were done by Muslims, apart from Mr Breivik’s, who – I bet you did not know – was a freemason – a member of the Lodge of St. Olaf at the Three Columns in Oslo); her economic programme is, like Mr Trump’s, anything and everything, neither left nor right – in sexual terms her programme is, like many of her supporters, bisexual, and she is, as even Russian official sources admit, sponsored by the Russian state (in her speech in Lyon she even said that we cannot have energy competition in Europe because it would be against the interest of Russia), just as most US candidates, except for Messrs Ron and Rand Paul and a Polish Jew Mr Bernie Sanders (see – it’s not so black and white! – btw, in college I shared with a Polish chap from a village Slopnice where Mr Sander’s father comes from; Mr Bernie Sanders last visited it in 2013 and spoke a bit of Polish!) promote the Israeli and FED’s interest.


    In his “Politics” (Par. 1, Chap 4, Book 3) Aristotle defines a political system as “powers being put into a certain order”, which leads him to the conclusion that changing a political system means attempting to include or exclude some of the population from the citizenship category. Why? In the case of polis (untranslatable Greek word – for our use I propose “great little country ;-)”) the emergence of a new political system is not something merely formal, but it would precipitate the change in habits so radical, that it would be impossible to keep the legal continuity.

    Such radical change would be stopping all the QE, zero interest rates and market rigging which, after the inevitable but short crash, would bring the cost of doing business down, along with the lobbyists (who parasite on overregulated markets in the EU and under President Obama), vulture funds and the Dublin/London rentier class (with no free money from QE asset bubbles, they would have to use their cash to hire people) – and it would bring the manufacturing back to Ireland.

    No mortgage debt, no fees, no Frankfurt’s way TDs.

    P.S. From a 1890 tract promoting the banning of work on Sunday by Wilbur Crafts, misattributed to Rothschild by the populist author T. Cushing Daniel – a Washington-based lobbyist and lawyer.

    “Massachusetts took upon herself the appointment of Boston’s Police Commissioners, and so of her police. The lawless had been saying for years, ‘Let us appoint the city’s police and we care not who makes its laws.’”

    • Truthist

      I personally contend that every Constitution should have as its core ;
      “The Right to Life”.
      And, the immediate & only next level is ;
      “The Right to Live”.

      Bernie Sanders is against the Right to Life for the unborn, & arguably the newly born.
      He is also a Communist.
      And, I & a great many other Irish, have been suffering a Communist existence which is designed to keep us increasingly equally poor.

      Nations are natural & healthy & self-organising Organisms of the peoples of particular regions.
      We of the Irish nation have an inherent drive to be free.
      And, this even before the times of conquest by the Vikings ushered on to assault the Irish renaissance of Christianity by their handlers in the Ukraine, & later by their descendants the amalgamation of Vikings & Angles & Saxons & Jutes that became the Normans, & per their natural & healthy & self-organising Organism ; the English.

      Of course, freedom entails having morals & principles.

      Would like to elaborate & edit what the above.
      But, must attend to something post-haste, & will send this post regardless.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Sadly, in this election we can only choose between a lesser evil, and my comment was not intended to endorse Mr Sanders in absolute terms (furthermore, I posted my own calculations which showed that had Mr Sander’s plan been implemented in Ireland, a person earning 300 euro would immediately lose 100 euro).
        However, if I was a Democrat, I would have probably vote Sanders over Clinton.


        1. He voted against GM bailout.
        2. He voted to audit FED.
        3. He is not paid by Goldman Sachs.
        4. He is against the Jewish lobby, and one cannot audit FED without taking on the Jewish lobby, which directly controls it for the last 45 years.

        “I personally contend that every Constitution should have as its core ;
        “The Right to Life”.”

        Agree 100pc; that’s why I don’t trust Mr Trump, who supported pro-abortion candidates most of his life.

      • “The Right to Live”

        Right to LIBERTY.

        • Truthist

          Horse is Life
          Cart is Live

          Government can help to realise the potential for good” / “Life, & Living” thus :
          benign acts of commission
          benign acts of ommission

          But, no over-reach by Bureaucrats as we do today in Irish State.

          Welfare State can easily be provided for with technology advances.
          Christian duty, & Islam & Buddhism would concur, to care for ur neighbor.

          But, people must be trained to be self-sufficient.
          It is in almost every person’s capability.
          Think of the Native American Brave & Squaws.
          None of this Aptitude Test mularky !
          And, none of this grading crap too.
          Pass or Fail.
          If fail try again until reasonable.

  13. survivalist

    I agree that many people are apathetic or even hopeless in their attitude towards the political system. And while many are moving away from the arena except simply to participate in voting, there is nonetheless an emerging movement and growth in community activism with some recent notable results.

    As regards solutions – in my opinion it stems from the realisation that belief in Government being able to manage a nation and by that means individuals, families, communities etc. will prosper, is a false one.

    What we need is to organise ourselves and our institutions the other way around. A house must be built upwards from a solid foundation. We need to begin to put the ‘ground up’ approach into action. Participatory democracy, beginning in the community or street.

    Equally certain is the rampant inequality and the failure of labour to secure the fruits of its produce. Internationally wages have been largely frozen or have actually declined; so too in Ireland.

    However the solution to inequality in industry is not a political or legislative one.

    The route to securing material gains in industry is obvious and historically established primarily as active, strong unions. There is a direct correlation between union decline and inequality, decline in middle class income, share of income going to top 10 % etc. etc. etc.

    However people can be forgiven for assuming or being misled to believe that Political parties may offer a solution to material ‘inequality’.

    The recent campaign of the supposed legislating of equality into marriage was seen mistakenly as a significant popular victory. I say mistakenly because business basically did not care about this social outburst and so it was not resisted by the business unions. (That and it was pretty much an EU directive anyway).
    However when corporate interests are affected, the political parties and all available state institutions and resources will act for them. The government will not help people as workers to battle business but they will manufacture populist events and use them to their fullest capacity.

    The political sphere can be abandoned so far as it is rendered powerless. Industry by contrast needs a revolution of popular involvement. Solutions? – End big Government promote big Unions. And learn to stop getting distracted by nonsense.

    • cjmurray

      Another partial solution worth considering is Maximum Income (and Maximum Wealth), democratically voted upon in principle by the people via referendum, actual maxima decided by preferendum.

      The minority currently have a grossly disproportionate say both in their own rewards and our relative pittance. A state is not a real state unless it has control over its finances. A people are still a vassal people unless they likewise have control. Why should we not have control over income and wealth? Are we a democracy or not? If we are smart enough to vote at all, we are smart enough to vote directly on this most fundamental issue.

      Everybody has an opinion on equality, about how much money is fair reward. Endless abstract debate is futile. The only way to even partially resolve the issue is to finally get to the heart of it and then specifically vote on it. Why should income and wealth not be specifically controlled – ie limited, clearly and unequivocally capped, as a matter of principle and social good and pragmatism, rather than farted around with by a hated tax system – if the population wish it? Do they wish it? Who knows? Were they ever asked? Why not?

      They will never be asked unless they demand it. And they will never demand it unless the idea is given oxygen. Over to you, David.

      • What we have as a problem is total government and central bank control of the money system. As such our money system is totally socialized and controlled much to our detriment. It needs to be liberated and put to total market competition. Then interest rates who set to market conditions, decisions re investment would be valid and worthy. At present the phony interest rates give the wrong or incorrect signals causing malinvestment on a grand scale. Bubble and bust are the result. social divide and mayhem the further result.

        More government control will be of no benefit. Rather the counter. A first step toward equity would be to remove the government and central bankers from the admistration and control of the money supply. Corrupted money corrupts all it touches.
        Honest money will remove the corruption. Removing corruption will restore equity.

        • cjmurray

          I would not consider government control anywhere near total, and even if it were, I would generally consider it fundamentally more equitable, rather than corrupt, in a democracy, to have government control rather than unelected – ie private – big money control.

          We’re on different planets here, with very different basic assumptions, and will have to agree to disagree. However, I did not actually call for more government control, but for more direct, explicit control by the electorate, by the people, by the populace, whatever term you want to use, over maximum income and wealth, as a simple, basic, democratic principle, as an extension of democracy into the economic sphere.

          Electorates may be, if they are IMO foolish, persuaded that they are too unskilled to exercise such control. They may, if they are IMO irresponsible, not want such control. But they should be specifically asked, as a matter of long overdue basic justice.

    • “As regards solutions – in my opinion it stems from the realisation that belief in Government being able to manage a nation and by that means individuals, families, communities etc. will prosper, is a false one.”


  14. Truthist

    From a man who was a leading candidate to be Prezzie of U.S.A., & is a very influential political commentator today ;
    Paleoconservative[1] political commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician and broadcaster.
    Buchanan was a senior advisor to U.S.A. Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, and was an original host on CNN’s Crossfire.
    He sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996.
    He ran on the Reform Party ticket in the 2000 presidential election.

    What Trump Has Wrought


    As Wisconsinites head for the polls, our Beltway elites are almost giddy. For they foresee a Badger State bashing for Donald Trump, breaking his momentum toward the Republican nomination.

    Should the Donald fall short of the delegates needed to win on the first ballot, 1,237, there is growing certitude that he will be stopped. First by Ted Cruz; then, perhaps, by someone acceptable to the establishment, which always likes to have two of its own in the race.

    But this city of self-delusion should realize there is no going back for America. For, whatever his stumbles of the last two weeks, Trump has helped to unleash the mightiest force of the 21st century: nationalism.

    Transnationalism and globalism are moribund.

    First among the issues on which Trump has triumphed — “We will build the wall — and Mexico will pay for it!” — is border security.

    Republican candidates who failed to parrot Trump on illegal immigration were among the first casualties.

    For that is where America is, and that is where the West is.

    Consider Europe. Four months ago, Angela Merkel was Time’s Person of the Year for throwing open the gates to the “huddled masses” of the Middle and Near East.

    Merkel’s Germany is now leading the EU in amassing a huge bribe to the Turks to please take them back, and keep them away from the Greek islands that are now Islam’s Ellis Island into Europe.

    Africa’s population will double to 2.5 billion by 2050. With 60 percent of Africans now under 25 years of age, millions will find their way to the Med to cross to the Old Continent where Europeans are aging, shrinking and dying. Look for gunboats in the Med.

    If immigration is the first issue where Trump connected with the people, the second is trade.

    Republicans are at last learning that trade deficits do matter, that free trade is not free. The cost comes in dead factories, lost jobs, dying towns and the rising rage of an abandoned Middle America whose country this is and whose wages have stagnated for decades.

    Economists who swoon over figures on consumption forget what America’s 19th-century meteoric rise to self-sufficiency teaches, and what all four presidents on Mount Rushmore understood.

    Production comes before consumption. Who owns the orchard is more essential than who eats the apples.

    We have exported the economic independence that Hamilton taught was indispensable to our political independence. We have forgotten what made us great.

    China, Japan, Germany — the second, third and fourth largest economies on earth — all owe their prosperity to trade surpluses run for decades at the expense of the Americans.

    A third casualty of Trumpism is the post-Cold War foreign policy consensus among liberal interventionists and neoconservatives. Trump subjects U.S. commitments to a cost-benefit analysis, as seen from the standpoint of cold national interest.

    What do we get from continuing to carry the largest load of the defense of a rich Europe, against a Russia with one-fourth of Europe’s population?

    How does Vladimir Putin, leader of a nation that in the last century lost its European and world empires and a third of its landmass, threaten us?

    Why must we take the lead in confronting and containing Putin in Ukraine, Crimea and Georgia? No vital U.S. interest is imperiled there, and Russia’s ties there are older and deeper than ours to Puerto Rico.

    Why is it the responsibility of the U.S. Pacific Fleet to defend the claims of Hanoi, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Brunei, to rocks, reefs and islets in the South China Sea — against the claims of China?

    American hawks talk of facing down Beijing in the South and East China Seas while U.S. companies import so much in Chinese-made goods they are fully subsidizing Beijing’s military budget.

    Does this make sense?

    Patriotism, preserving and protecting the unique character of our nation and people, economic nationalism, America First, staying out of other nation’s wars — these are as much the propellants of Trumpism as is the decline of the American working and middle class.

    Trump’s presence in the race has produced the largest turnout ever in the primaries of either party. He has won the most votes, most delegates, most states. Wisconsin aside, he will likely come to Cleveland in that position.

    If, through rules changes, subterfuge and faithless delegates, party elites swindle him out of the nomination, do they think that the millions who came out to vote for Trump will go home and say: We lost it fair and square?

    Do they think they can then go back to open borders, amnesty, a path to citizenship, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and nation building?

    Whatever happens to Trump, the country has spoken. And if the establishment refuses to heed its voice, and returns to the policies the people have repudiated, it should take heed of John F. Kennedy’s warning:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”


    • Pat Flannery

      Truthist: I’m glad you like Pat Buchanan. One of the most educational book I ever read is his ”Churchill, Hitler, and ‘the Unnecessary War”’. It’s Kindle version on Amazon is only $13.82. I highly recommend it.


      • Truthist/Pat
        Both good reading.
        Agree with Pat Buchanan account.
        The unrest genie in the US is out of the bottle.

        The big question is whether the US will descend to unrest, chaos, criminality and hyper inflation of for example VENEZUELA.

      • Truthist

        Sorry for delay in replying to u Pat.

        I am somewhat of a fan of Buchanan.
        What I encounter from him directly is very good.
        But, as he is a politician & I have not studied enough of him, I reserve my conclusive opinion of him presently.
        Buchanan is obviously a highly intelligent & educated & very politically knowledgeable & highly principled* man.
        Dail Eireann has far & few between ;
        Shane Ross being one that springs to mind.

        *I wonder about his grounds for avoiding the Vietnam War draft.
        Although, it is good that he did not add to the carnage of the Vietnam people.

        And, in his political & opinionator roles, he appears to be against warmongering.

      • StephenKenny

        It’s a very interesting book isn’t it.
        I’d love to have the time to find corroboration on his view of Mussolini – there’re lots of biographies so I don’t think it’d be hard to start.

        • Truthist

          Perhaps more interesting ;


          Excerpt ;

          Creighton also made sure Pearl Harbor, another example of Illuminati chicanery, was kept secret.
          On Nov. 28, 1941, a Dutch submarine, the K-XVII intercepted the Japanese Fleet en route to Pearl Harbor and alerted British naval HQ.
          In order to maintain the illusion that Pearl Harbor was a surprise, the submarine and its crew were destroyed.
          Creighton “wiped out the entire ship’s company with two tiny cylinders of cyanide inserted into their oxygen supply, and a box of high explosives disguised as whiskey…the war had turned me into a fiend and mass murderer…” (p.81)

  15. McCawber

    We have the “Poverty Line”
    We have the “Average Industrial Wage”
    Both of which are movable feast.
    At a guess if you appled a poverty line from the 60s (adjusted for inflation) to today’s poor then nobody would be poor.
    Just one example when I was a kid I got hand me downs from not just my brother but from my cousins. THIS was a common practice.
    What is or could be regarded as the “Rich Line”
    Rich is subjective. It smacks of begrudgery.
    To have a realistic debate on the whole issue of wealth redistribution we need to have a few more definitions.
    Wealth related and income related
    For example should a top civil servant be earning many multiples of the average industrial wage.
    I’ll stop now because you can see this is a very complicated issue.
    One final thought.
    Should wealth be earned or are we just entitled to an equal share of say 50% of the country’s wealth or should that be income.
    Anyway David I/We would be very interested to how you would begin to approach the job of defining how to measure the issues raised.

    I’m trying to keep this short but the game as changed.

  16. Truthist

    And, this is what http://www.aanirfan.blogspot.com has to say about “The Panama Papers” ;


  17. McCawber

    @ Adam Byrne.
    Re Suicide suicide – Bertie’s favourite music!

  18. Panama Papers—Another false flag put out by the elitists to create the atmosphere that allows the exercise of greater surveillance and control.


  19. When interest rates drop to negative it is because the market says that there are not enough people able to repay even a free loan.
    All fiat money is issued as a loan. people are not borrowing and so the incentive to borrow is to lower the interest rate. It is now negative.

    If you are an insurance company or re-insurer a lot of cash is held in a bank. This now is a liability rather than an asset as it costs to own the cash.

    It pays to remove the cash form the bank and keep your own stash. This is a form of bank run as the cash leaves the bank, the bank reserves are reduced and the solvency of the bank is questioned.

    one result is a move to ban cash and thus force money to be used electronically where it is held on account and forced to pay the negative interest. If you are the insurance company , what to do.

    Perhaps convert the cash to another form of money. Choices? Electronic or specie. The choice of specie prevails and Munich Re is reported to be accumulating gold as an alternative to fiat cash. They are not the first and will not be the last.


  20. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1101357242253&ca=49ecd849-ceb8-4602-9cec-9278db16b31f#hoffman

    “Trust me, if major institutions like Munich Re – one of the world’s largest re-insurance companies – are buying physical metal and announcing it publicly, there are countless others doing so secretly”

    “Irrespective, the writing is on the wall – that the END GAME has commenced, for the Cartel and all manipulation operations; but particularly in the ultra-tight physical gold, silver, and platinum markets, where no manipulation can manufacture actual metal. Frankly, if you are not considering protecting yourself from what’s coming NOW, I don’t know what you can possibly be waiting for!”

  21. Truthist

    Hi Adam,

    Just to recap for u & other contributers, & passive readers about the vulnerability of Bitcoin ;

    Suggested to me from a friend who has invested in Bitcoin to note for my research about Bitcoin ;


    Gallery: Fire Destroys Thai Bitcoin Mining Facility
    Nermin Hajdarbegovic | Published on November 6, 2014 at 20:45 BST

    UPDATE (10th November 12:04 GMT): A source from Cowboyminers has now clarified the date and time of the fire: 14th October at 04:30am local time.

    UPDATE (10th November 10:40 GMT): A previous version of this article stated that the bitcoin hash rate dropped following the outage. This has been removed awaiting further confirmation from sources concerning the exact date of the blaze. More to follow.

    A bitcoin mining facility in Thailand was destroyed in a massive fire last month and foul play has not been ruled out, according to a local source.

    The 5-megawatt farm was operated by mining cooperative Cowboyminers and primarily relied on Spondoolies-Tech and Innosilicon hardware, with some additional miners from BitFury and Gridseed.

    Cowboyminers was formed by a group of European expats living in Bangkok, who tried to maintain a low profile, but at the same time operated a relatively extensive mining operation.

    Spondoolies-Tech confirmed that much of the hardware used in the facility was sourced from them.

    The manufacturer’s CEO, Guy Corem, told CoinDesk that he had visited the site in late June, when it was primarily populated by about 1,000 Dragon miners and around 100 Spondoolies-Tech miners.

    Corem said the facility was expanded shortly after his visit, with hundreds of Spondoolies-Tech SP30 miners. These had operated for more than two months without incident and technical data indicates they were cooled properly, he added.

    ‘Kosher’ operation

    There has been no official word on the extent of damage suffered by the facility. It is estimated that the farm housed upwards of 2,000 miners when it was destroyed, including about $2m-worth from Spondoolies-Tech alone.

    Corem described the cooperative as a good and serious client:

    “I want to add that they’re legit customers who paid for the equipment with BTC. I know some of the people involved other businesses. All kosher.”

    He stressed that his company is helping the cooperative recover and salvage some of the hardware that was not completely destroyed in the blaze.

    “I can’t estimate the total damage, but it’s considerable. All the build-up was done from bitcoins the cooperative held,” said Corem.

    He dismissed allegations that the miners were not properly installed, confirming that the SP30 units were designed to be stacked and that cooling was not an issue.

    However, Spondoolies-Tech did not survey the site after the SP30s were installed and it could not vouch for the quality of the facility’s own AC wiring. The operators of the facility allegedly told the miner manufacturer that they did not rush the installation of new miners and that they had used the cables provided with the SP30 machines.

    Arson not ruled out

    The cause of the fire remains unclear, with local media reports suggesting it could have been a simple short-circuit.

    Arson is another possibility that has not been ruled out, however. One facility operator indicated that it might have been an “external source” and that no short-circuit had occurred, saying:

    “There was absolutely no failure anywhere, no wiring failure. It wasn’t damaged, it was fine. The only cables you see are the power cables of the miners themselves … The electrical system was working, there was no short and there is no short even now.”

    The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the miners continued running even as the buildings were engulfed in flames – failing one by one. He also indicated that the adhesive holding the acoustic foam in place may have helped propagate the blaze:

    “It is the only reason the fire could spread. We left a huge empty space, 30–40 metres with no miners at all and then another 10–15 metres to the next building.”

    The operator also suggested that ventilation inlets could have fueled the fire and helped it spread. In all, three buildings were engulfed, two of which subsequently collapsed.

    The facility and the machines, which had been paid for in bitcoin generated from the mining operation, was not insured. However, the representative said it has enough resources to get back on its feet.

    “We had zero insurance. Everything is our own money,” he said. “We are early adopters and we are not new to mining.”

  22. Truthist

    At least when the Romans burned the 2nd Temple they were able to retrieve the best alternative to Currency Fiat only ; Non-Gold Paper [ Regardless if it is an I.O.U. for payment of stated amount of Gold to the Bearer of I.O.U. ],

    They were able to retrieve the melted Gold.

    Yes, the Romans were experienced in burning complete cities down to the ground completely if only to retrieve all the hidden gold that was above ground level.

    And, the men gyrating at a certain Wall & they thought of as wailing are in fact copulating with a female goddess with origin of the custom from Babylon.
    And, the wall is authoritatively said to be the remnants of a Roman fort.

    U didn’t know that did u ?

    So, WW 3 according to they who really do synchronize, or otherwise match, events to Eschatology, & leave various marks to indicate adherence to Eschatology [ e.g. the symbolism etc. crafted into the assassination of JFK ], will start because of this wall area & the adjoining temple sacred to Islam.


  23. http://nondollarreport.com/2016/04/the-war-on-cash-enlists-convenience/?src=email

    Major European countries restrict the use of cash. Before long the advocates will have their way and ban the use of cash in the name of security and convenience but what is really wanted is control.

    Soon one magnetic card will do it all for you. It will contain all your personal information, your licenses to operate a vehicle, your passport, your allowances for pensions, your shopping habits, your bank accounts and your debit and credit facilities.

    One step out of line and you will be cut off from all services. Health care, money, food, housing etc will be unavailable to you. You will submit or will subsist in the shadows of the world of barter. The local black market will be where you operate. Cash will all of a sudden be very useful to you but what cash will be available. Digital currency will be denied; bank accounts unavailable. The likes of bitcoin and its ilk will also be cut off as your access to electronics is gone.

    All that will be left is the cash recognized for millennia; gold and silver coin. So it may be banned too but it can not be electronically erased. It is hard to destroy, as it does not rot or corrode. It is easily transported and is universally recognised as money.

    In the meantime the computer chips containing all the information of the Thrall, the Serfs, you and me, will be embedded into the body at birth. The mark of the beast will have arrived. It may allow you to be physically disabled at the flick of a switch. Just like turning off your pacemaker!!

    99.999% of the people will be controlled by the 0.0001% of the elites. The gap between the rich and poor will be vast. The elite will own you body and soul. That is the real wealth gap. If allowed by you to happen, it will be insurmountable. Add in population control by the use of genetically modified organisms and food. Together with the use of vaccines and spermicidal food it will see that the unworthy are washed from the face of the earth.

    There is lots of reading here.


    Plus try Seeds of Destruction by William Engdahl

  24. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Amidst gloom, doom and growing seeds of destruction, the Polish Embassy in Dublin (actually, I have been there only twice since 2003!) is on a secret mission:


    while Mr Kenny seeks for recovery via Ireland’s first colonial mission ;-):


    “The graduate programme at ABP Food Group” – learning Polish? Taoiseach (whoever you are), can I help? ;-)

    • Truthist

      Methinks, Grzegorz, that u would be wasting ur time waiting for the call up from either of the School Teacher Taoisigh.

      Most … most likely ;

      Only “Polish” who have learnt how to “play the game in Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ]” need apply 8-)

      Do u know any Poles who have gone down that road yet, Grzegorz ?

  25. mike flannelly

    Memo to TDs:capitalism is the greatest destroyer of poverty ever devised.

    Article by David Quinn.
    Irish Indo Friday 8th.

    I cant paste link.

  26. mike flannelly

    Douglaskastle, Truthist, redriversix, Austin and All.

    The 1% bollix is a great topic for Irish Economists that fail to see that the domestic economy should revolve around the median incomes of Irish families which is 45,000 euro. Shelter needs of median income families can only be serviced by 1000 max monthly payments.

    No point in failed politicians blaming the constitution for their own choices and decisions.
    The 31st Dail were protectors of the Irish public sector unconstitutional golden pension society. I heard Michael D on the radio one day about two months ago making International representation on behalf of the Irish public sector pension select citizens of Ireland and cuts. We are told by the OECD that this magic pot sector are non transparent.

    Forget what the ersi goms say.
    The Trinity/Daft guy that writes in the Sunday Indo gives us this 45,000e median income stat.
    He tells us that rents have always and ever been a guide to house values.

    We know that failed Irish intelligent professional bankers that payed themselves up front bonus payments while overvaluing the debt on land banks by 900%, apartments by 200% and houses by 100% must have known this also.
    The Irish financial services ombudsman says that he can ignore all the elements and backround to a financial product contract. How the fuck can this be? We are not living in some perfect world where all contracts and arrangements are perfect!
    Are we living in a Stepford society?

    The new Central bank governor Philip Lane says he cannot look at a commercial arrangement. What the fuck is he talking about?
    Philip, we are not living in some perfect world where all contracts and arrangements are perfect!


    Like Bob Geldof said about the child abuse in the 70′s.

    Everybody Knew.

    Housing crisis

    There were always and still are solutions to Irelands domestic economy problems. The grossly overvalued mortgage debt that destroyed the domestic economy, housing/homelessness and the rental sector can be improved.

    Decisions and choices by professionals are the only stumbling block.

    Industry best practice split mortgage restructures.
    0 % restructure finance was always avaliable from the ESM fund for Irish Banks, the 31st Dail, failed Irish bankers left in charge, the Irish central bank,the financial ombudsman, Irish journalism and Irish economists that made bad choices to ignore basic common sence.

    We are now living in a transparent world.

    ALL Important decisions require Logic &

    Justification .

    Spin just does’nt cut it any more.


    • Truthist

      Hi Mike,

      Some Q.s requiring clarification :

      The Irish financial services ombudsman says that he can ignore all the elements and backround to a financial product contract.
      How the fuck can this be ?
      We are not living in some perfect world where all contracts and arrangements are perfect !

      Which Irish financial services ombudsman ?

      Is is that the Ombudsman is claiming :

      All Contracts & Arrangements are perfect ?

      & if answer to a] above is “Yes” ;
      Ombudsman can, & will, ignore all the elements and backround to a financial product contract ?

      Is is that the Irish Central Bank Governor, Mr. Philip Lane, is claiming :

      All Contracts & Arrangements are perfect ?

      & if answer to a] above is “Yes” ;
      The Irish Central Bank Govenor, Mr. Philip Lane, can, & will, ignore all the elements and background to a financial product contract ?

      Some Points ;

      Of the 3 “Averages” that I am acquainted with, vis. “Mean”, “Mode”, & “Median”,- I contend :

      the “Mean” is the average that is most used by advocates who are unfairly using statistics
      Common practitioners being :
      Feminists wanting bigger fat salaries for the Mary Harneys of this world
      Socalled “Leftists” who are campaigning for Equality ;
      More like “Equality of Poverty”
      inter alia

      The “Median” would in most cases be the fairest Average to be used by advocates of any side.

      Bob Geldof has little credibility now ;
      Please refer to recent comments & links about him in very recent articles.

      I posit that Child Abuse was very little known in Ireland because :

      sex [ And, "sex abuse" a category of abuse ] is a dirty subject in Ireland

      most people had no comprehension of homosexuals ;
      And, they being the most prolific of the abusers.
      Until recently an Irish homosexual was a man who preferred drink rather than women.

      priests & nuns & lay teachers & guards were tolerated for being physically cruel
      Guards still are.

      most people had no comprehension of priests or nuns or guards as being sex abusers

      most people knew through various experiences that going to the Guards would be a waste of time

      Irish State, & particularly Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ] is more opaque / less transparent than ever before.
      And, also, most folks do not genuinely care how their neighbor is suffering today.

      But, keep “tinkering”, we will win eventually 8-)
      I guess that u really are doing “tinkering” ;
      How about “Repouse Work” based on the various themes of the whole shebang ? :
      Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ]
      Bankster Scam Bundle [ B.S. Bundle ]
      inter alia

    • Truthist

      Hi Mike,

      10 Jokers whose mandate is to stonewall u are in the Link below.
      Their private giggles at the fools who go to them must be some sight to behold.
      And, consider the big fat salaries, & bonuses, & perks.

      I consider them to be Quangos also.


      An Coimisinéir Teanga (Irish Language Commissioner)

      Barristers Professional Conduct Tribunal, Ireland

      Defence Forces Ombudsman, Ireland

      Financial Services Ombudsman, Ireland

      Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission

      Law Society of Ireland

      Office of the Ombudsman (Ireland)

      Ombudsman for Children

      Pensions Ombudsman of Ireland

      Press Ombudsman, Ireland

  27. Here’s an article on the same topic from David’s favourite fellow journalist, George Monbiot:

    “The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen”


    • And it’s a brilliant article, sorry David!

    • He still does not see the root of the problem. He looks at social causes and nothing else. If the time frames were extended back to 1870 and the period from then to 1910 looked at the productivity gains were yet greater and the wealth more evenly distributed. a solid money system fully entrenched in the gold backing of currency, was in place.

      In 1913 the fiat money system was introduced as the Federal Reserve took over. now we have a money system allegedly backed by gold but money introduced and created as a debt at interest. The 20′s boom and the 30′s bust and the 40′s war were the results. In 1944 the Breton Woods agreement put all currencies measured against the US dollar and only the US dollar backed by 20,000 tonnes of gold.

      Productivity was good but the wealth devide started.

      In 1971 Nixon reneged on the last remnants of the gold standard as the profiget spending of the US living the life of privilege and far beyond its means meant they spent over half the gold reserves and when France wanted payment they were refused. US gold reserves were down to 8200 tonnes.

      Since 1971 there has been no brake on the production of money. All currencies are in hyperdrive in competitive devaluations. All are in hyper drive to inflate the currencies, and lower the interest rates.

      The rampant inflation of the money supply since 1971 has lead to unprecedented debt. Unprecedented deficits. unprecedented bubbles and not the least the bubble of the money supply to the 0.0001% and the acolytes and sycophants had lead to the largest separation between the haves and have nots in terms of accumulated wealth. This in turn is leading to the social unrest and disruption of all societies.

      It is long past time to examine the money system and its control by the 0.0001% to the detriment of the lowest 90%. The upper 10% have so far been able to get on the bandwagon and benefit. The upper middle class, middle class, working class and other government dependents are in the final process of being wiped out economically.

      Most economists and financial commentators see the trees but not the forest. open your eyes for a wider view. It is the only way the problem will be solved before catastrophe strikes.

    • sravrannies

      This is a subject that is written about with increasing frequency and gives me some hope for humanity. Let’s be clear though, the number of CEOS who meet the criteria for being a Psychopath is quite low at 3.9% compared with 1% of the general population. The trend to favour these traits for Corporate positions is disturbing and has led to macho cultures and short-termism. In her book Quiet Revolution, Susan Cain traces this evolution back to the early 20th C. when the likes of Dale Carnegie set up his institute that shifted the world from a Culture of Character to Culture of Personality. Curiously, this period coincides with increasing industrialisation and the “Robber Barons” of that age. Cain has taken up the gauntlet of highlighting the risks of having such analogous
      personality types leading businesses and the benefits of ensuring more diverse leadership styles. Much more than an Extrovert/Introvert debate her research shows that the performance of those CEOs, that might be the antithesis of the psychopath, far exceeded that of the general population of CEOS. She has met with some resistance including from David’s own favourite management guru, Jack Welch of GEC, who commented initially “the extroverts would argue that they have never heard from the introverts”. It’s not black and white but Cain now lectures, trains and advises corporations on making this transition including P&G, Nasa and now GEC. Could our Corporations ever be run by individuals with a little more empathy and compassions?


  28. mike flannelly

    Good article Adam.

    From truthists I like

    ” Production comes before consumption. Who owns the orchard is more essential than who eats the apples. ”

    I heard a guy say recently talk about
    people before profit

    ” If there is no profit –
    then there are no jobs for the people ”

    I was never into witch hunting our failed bankers or stooge politicians. Solutions for stressed families and the next generation are a priority though.

    Enough is Enough.

    In 2015 the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU national courts are obliged to examine the issue of unfairness in contractual terms.

    “ALL DECISIONS” will be based on financial logic and justification .

    In 2016, “spin” just does not cut it any more.


  29. StephenKenny

    An interesting piece form Yves Smith about Ireland’s recovery:


  30. mike flannelly


    ” Central Bank governor Philip Lane said on variable-rate mortgages, he could not could interfere in contracts between banks and their customers. ”

    Is Philip Lane saying that “ALL ” failed bankers( the same guys that ignored the basic principles of banking from 2003 to 2010 ) contracts are so perfect that he will turn a blind eye and look the other way?
    Just because something is a legal contract does not mean that it is right.

    ” Not all legal contracts are right.”

    The BACKROUND to legal contracts cannot be dismissed .

    1. Unfair bargaining power by a state backed stronger party to contracts ?

    2. Vague and unclear Contracts are NOT enforceable ?

    3. The state backed stronger party to mortgage contracts missrepresented best practice banking while all along ignoring the basic principles and paying themselves unfair gain.

    The mortgage arrrears process , failed Irish Bankers and central bank sent stressed Irish families to the ombudsman for fair restructures of grossly overvalued mortgage debt.


    The Financial Services Ombudsman can investigate the procedures undertaken by the Provider regarding the MARP process, but will not investigate the details of any renegotiation of the commercial terms of a mortgage which is a matter between the Provider and the customer, and does not involve this Office as an impartial adjudicator of complaints.

    The main complaint from stressed families was always the GROSSLY OVERVALUED COMMERCIAL TERMS.

    A 31 st Dail SCAM.

  31. Here we go lads, more about the 1%.

    “The 1% hide their money offshore – then use it to corrupt our democracy”


    Make sure you pay your taxes though, little people!

    Keep these c***ts in the lifestyles they have become accustomed to through their raping and pillaging of entire continents for the past 2,000 years.

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