March 24, 2016

The West finally needs to admit all radical roads lead back to Saudi Arabia

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Yesterday, few places felt more vulnerable than the Central Line, as I sat with my son, deep under London’s streets. The train stopped suddenly around Queensway and we both looked at each other, indeed everyone looked at each other. No one needed to say anything; everyone understood what everyone else was thinking. This is what terrorism does, it terrorises; and, if not quite terrorise, it puts doubts in your head where there weren’t any before. That’s enough.

London is full of mosques, the vast majority of them frequented by people who have no truck with those who murdered so callously in Brussels, but some people who go to some mosques obviously do. This is the only conclusion that you can draw.

Young men and young women become radicalised because someone else teaches them. It doesn’t happen on its own. People who once were happy to be barmen don’t turn into soldiers of Allah overnight. It is a process.

If you talk to Muslims, particularly older ones, they will tell you that this process of radicalisation is relatively new. It is the product of the past 30 or 40 years. If this is the case, what has happened? What has happened is that after the revolution in Iran in 1979, the West decided that Iran was the enemy and that our new best friend, Saudi Arabia could do no wrong. Saudi Arabia was the strong counterbalance to Iran in the Middle East and, therefore, anything it did was sanctioned.

We looked the other way, so much that we didn’t even bother to understand the extreme form of Islam that Saudi Arabia practised and, worse still, fomented abroad.

Saudi Arabia practises Wahhabism. If you want to understand the region, it’s critical to understand this strain of Islam that is preferred by – and exported by – Saudi Arabia.

You can’t understand Isil and those people that carried out yesterday’s attacks without understanding Saudi Arabia’s role in all of this. What drives Isil to blow up ancient Roman, Persian and Buddhist monuments is rooted in Wahhabism. Nor can you understand what perverted logic drives them to kill innocents without learning about this type of strict Islam.

It all begins a long time ago.

Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab was born not far from Riyadh in 1703. He trained as a holy man and was, like many religious people, constantly torn between a purist adherence to the original scriptures and a more tolerant accommodation of the word of God leavened with the reality of day-to-day living. This schism is not unusual. The fight between puritanism and pragmatism is, after all, at the heart of the great split in the western Christian Church too – what we called the Reformation.

Al Wahhab called for the purification of Islam and a return to pristine Islam. When the young Imam called for the beheading of women in his local town for adultery, the people knew this guy meant business. However, it is likely that this form of extremism wouldn’t have caught on in what was, by the standards of the time, a reasonably tolerant place had it not been for local insurrection against the unpopular Ottoman Empire which ran the Arabian Peninsula and taxed the locals mercilessly.

Possibly, in an effort to get God on his side in his fight against Istanbul, the local leader of a small oasis, Mohammad ibn Saud, threw his lot in with the renegade preacher, Al Wahhab, in 1745. The link between the House of Saud and Wahhabi was forged there and then; and they have been allies ever since.

At the time, Islam, like lots of religions, was a concoction of bits of other religions, beliefs and practices. These had been borrowed and customised along the way. Remember, this part of the world was the crucible of civilisation, the epicentre of the world’s great trading routes and a place where the three main monotheist religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – had been founded; Judaism and Christianity literally a few yards from each other, Islam a few hundred miles down the road.

Al Wahhab objected to this evolutionary, almost ‘hand-me-down’ approach to Islam. As a purist, he wanted to go back to basics, to make pristine the religion. Possibly the most important tenet of Wahhabis is that they believe in what they call “the oneness of God”. As a result, association with lesser gods, other gods, mysticism, shrines, temples, saints or holy men amounts to idolatry and must be stamped out.

This put Wahhabis on a collision course with the other strains of Islam, such as Shi’as or, even worse in the eyes of the Wahhabis, Sufism. Shi’as and Sufis were the enemy within and, of course, Judaism and Christianity were the enemies at the door. Wahhabis called for jihad against all these infidels.

For a century, the march, and reach, of the Wahhabis was limited to the Arabian Peninsula. Then the game changed, Saudi Arabia struck oil and the politics of the region altered forever, so too did geo-politics and Western economic expedience. Once the Saudis discovered oil, the West snuggled up to Riyadh, no questions asked.

Now the most extreme form of Islam was wedded to the richest country on earth and the Saudis have set about exporting not just oil, but a radical, intolerant form of Islam which drives Isil and various other jihadi groups. Saudi Arabia has spent some of its vast oil wealth on financing madrassas from Malaysia to Manchester – some of which are projecting Wahhabi ideas far from the Gulf.

Isil, with its murder of innocents, its desecration of ancient monuments and its subjugation of women, is the latest incarnation of extreme Wahhabism, and Saudi Arabia – the West’s biggest ally in the region – is Isil’s biggest external financier. It costs money to wage war and Isil gets money from oil, local racketeering, hostage-taking and external private donations. The private donations come from donors, many of whom are Saudi.

When you follow the money, all radical roads lead back to Saudi Arabia, not states that are supposedly the West’s enemies such as Libya, Iraq or even Assad’s Syria.

The majority of the 9/11 hijackers, Bin Laden, his al-Qa’ida chief lieutenants and all five regional Isil commanders in Syria and Iraq are Saudis. Each of these extremist organisations are the 21st century offspring of Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, the cleric who came out of the desert in the 1730s and the institution he allied with in 1745: the House of Saud.

The sooner the West admits this, the better.

  1. Pat Flannery

    The West finally needs to admit all radical roads lead back to Israel.

    • Deco

      Nonsense. All radical roads lead to a clique in control in Saudi Arabia. A collection of self proclaimed experts in make believe, have access to money and power in Saudi Arabia. And they are using that power and money to spread their very narrow and destructive belief system.

      The clerical standard bearers in Saudi Arabia, relentlessly advocate Saudi Arabia as a defender of hardline morality, when the results of from their teachings, clearly indicates that it is a proponent of hardline immorality.

      The most absurd episode was the UN Human Rights Chair being handed over to a country that sentenced 200 lashes to a blogger for calling for a small amount of liberalism in a very backward society.

      It is now becomming obvious is that Gulf money is very effective at compromising Western politicians, and media organizations. Silence it seems can be bought.

      The answer, in the longer term, is more efficient usage of fossil fuels.

      • McCawber

        No, Money is very effective etc. Gulf is poorly coincidental.

      • Truthist

        The House of Saud have utter contempt for they that they, the House of Saud, are not, vis, “Arabs” ;
        The House of Saud are NOT Arabs.
        Arabs are the plebs of Saudi Arabia.

        1 of the open secrets of the Middle East.

        The judicial system & other aspects of the culture out there in Saudi Arabia & some other neighboring kingdoms is for to keep the Arabs down ;
        It is all about ‘Control’ ;
        Same here.

        • Deco

          Correct. The Wahabbi system is about control. In particular it is obsessed with control of women. And it treats men like as if they are all children, and nevr lets the grow beyond adolescence.

          • Truthist

            Lots & lots of orgies held by numerous royal families of the House of Saud.
            I have the inside track.

            The ordinary people of Saudi Arabia despise the House of Saud.
            But, of course, it would be wrong of Occident to vulgarise their society or be disrespectful to Islam.
            Of course,- inhumanity must be pointed out to be incompatible to proper interpretation of Islam.
            The facility to do this exists within Islam.

            Most fanatical Moslems who happen to be smart also should at first instance be seriously suspected as shills for Occidental Security Agencies.

            Provos had such actors too.

    • SMOKEY

      You are the type of moron who allows these throwbacks in filthy nightshirts to chop heads and nail bomb people they dont know at will.
      Go back to your internet porn and dont post your vile disgusting anti semitic hatred and intolerance on this blog shitbag.

      • EugeneN

        We’ll stick to Muslim bashing instead.

        • SMOKEY

          Eat shit asshole and fuck you too.

          • redriversix

            Typical uneducated American crap

            America started this War on terror,with their lies, deceit,

            Saudi Hijackers on 9/11 = illegal invasion of Iraq
            Al Qaeda ? set up and funded by the CIA and then abandoned
            Bin Ladens = friends of America

            Afghanistan ? more lawless now than ever.

            Saudi Arabia funds and supplies arms to Isis and Al Qaeda

            America and UK sell arms to Saudi Arabia

            America & the EU attacks and kills people every single day

            yet they freak out when someone strikes back.The stupidity and ignorance is shocking.Does anyone in power read a history book ?

            When you start a War. you are going to have refugees..when you bomb , blitz and annihilate people , your gonna have some pissed off people.

            Western media has not once asked why is this happening ?

            Why didnt America invade Syria ? because Russia has 1 military base outside Russia and its in Syria.

            America picks fights with countries that cant fight..but have lots have resources for them to pillage..but America forgets about Guerrilla warfare which has yet to be defeated in history.The Brits came very close in Aden during a Communist insurrection n the late fifties and early sixties .

            America and the West have been proudly butchering people across the World since 1945. Overthrowing over 200 Governments and propping up murderous dictators who will let America have its way

            Unless people start to recognize this and start a change of foreign policy,nothing will change.

            How many American soldiers were killed in Rwanda ? A million people butchered in 6 months and no one lifted a finger to stop it..?

            why ? because Rwandas only resource at that time was asthma

            The U.S is not the moral compass of the World , maybe it was in the time of their last real President , Eisenhower..but not since then.

            Need a solution ?

            The U.S AND E.U ;

            All military , financial and political supports and influence to be withdrawn back to the U.S from the Middle East and Africa and eastern Europe

            Stop funding Israel to the tune of 6 billion a year

            America and the E.U is not able to look after its own citizens let alone try and sort other countries out.

            We created the current Refugee crisis so we have a responsibility to look after these people..yes , some of these will have War on their mind…THATS BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN BLOWING THE SHIT OUTTA THEM SINCE 2001.

            Check your history books [ please note if you are a America you may not own one, ask a friend or readers digest]

            So….. lesson in War 101.

            If you hit someone, they will hit back.

          • About covers most of the basics RR6

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi rr6,

            It doesn’t look like you have had sex in a long time :-)

    • easun55

      ah the elephant in the room ..
      never gets a mention but its proxies US and SA take all the heat.

    • dwalsh

      There’s no doubt, Israel is a real contender

    • Truthist


      insert the term “Wahhabism” into the search field of above website.

      “The Wahhabi Islamist branch of Islam is an invention of the Western security services.”

      inter alia

      Of course use ur discretion for what to believe.

      Saudi Arabia has no control of :

      Print Media
      TV Media
      Hollywood Media
      Internet Social Media
      Central Banking
      Commercial Banking
      All the “..ologies” of Academia
      Narcotics Trade
      Military Industrial Complex
      Security Industry
      the Business of Sport
      Oil brokering etc. ; Always remind oneself of “The Seven Sisters”
      World Politicians

      And the field of Economics 8-)
      World Bank
      The Suppression of Gold Pricing through regular “shorting’

      inter alia

      The “West” does.

      And, for sure, “The House of Saud” are collaborators in all of above from the get go.

      One must approach a subject with utter humility & curiosity & the acknowledgement that the opinions that one has arrived at prior even through much sincere study etc. could be wrong.
      What we have been told about the Middle East for so long is also another part of “the institutional State”

      • Deco

        None of the items in that list are even 0.0001% responsible for what happened earlier this week.

        There is a problem with an institutional state in a certain country, which has a lot of money, and a desire to promote a certain narrow (out of date)_perspective on life. To the exclusion of all other perspectives. Of course, the proponents of that narrow perspective might feel threatened. They might be driven by fear. Which would influence them to respond by instilling fear.

        The more you dig into this, the more it becomes an issue of pschology. Except of course, psychologists are not used in the Middle East. It is not like LA where people have their own therapist.

        Anger management is not a strong point in the Middle East region. In fact it is practically non-existent. Instead there seems to be a process of anger accentuation, and victim complex growth. Well, maybe there is an opening there.

        Which is what the article is all about.

      • CitizenWhy

        Your response that the west invented Wahabbism is a reflection of an imperialist mindset: “they” can never be agents of their own history, only white westerners can be agents, and “they” are mere victims and mere objects of our agency. Wahabbism was invented centuries ago, when the west was not entrenched in th Middle East.

        • Truthist

          Wrong on so many angles.

          Let’s deal with them in sequence :

          The West
          I said it was the “West” that invented Wahhabism ;
          I then elaborated where exactly the “West” was then, & is up to now & continuously, based,
          “The City” ;
          A tiny, but super-powerful, Statelet nested inside London ;
          Much more powerful than the Vatican.
          The Vatican being primarily concerned with spreading Christianity ; Its version later referred to as Catholicism.
          In fact, “The City” is the HQ of the world’s only superpower ;
          And, the superpower is not England or even the UK.
          Apologies for previous posts from me which refer to London as”The City of London” so as to distinguish London from the Statelet “The City” that lies within it.
          Here is a Wikipedia feature for “The City” ;
          Of course, one should be skeptical about many Wikipedia articles.
          I have not time to read it ahead of supplying the link to it here ;

          The “East India Company” was a creature of “The City”.
          As was the Opium project committed on China that enriched David Sassoon from Iraq & devastated the Chinese.
          And, no Sassoon was not an Arab or fanatical Muslim nor even just a normal friendly benign Muslim Arab.

          And, as we are at it, “The City” have invented many other fanatical religious movements.
          They also invented the Chinese Triad Gangs.
          Bet u never knew that before u heard it here.
          Thus, another reason to beware of fanatical religious movements.
          Or any fanatical movements.
          Although, when the everyone else has gone truly nuts, there comes a time when to just search for the truth, & to speak the truth, may be a necessary fanatical objective 8-)

          Ur assertion that “my response … is a reflection of an imperialistic mindset.”

          Not true from u.
          I have never been an Imperialist, nor am an Imperialist, nor will be an Imperialist.
          In fact, I am against Empires per say.
          Although, I accept that the Byzantine Empire was very much a benign Empire compared to all the rest.
          And, I like most ordinary persons of any, & all, the continents is against the Frankfurt School Imperialist Project subverting normal decency of all our societies by forcing upon us all the various forms of deviancy.

          And, ur only supplied basis, & it spurious at that, to accuse me of having an “imperialistic mindset” is ur mischievous, & pretentious, punchline follow-through ;
          Please accept my redacting it as a], b], & c], for to render it more easy on the eye & be of aid in its deconstruction also.

          “they” can never be agents of their own history,
          only white westerners can be agents,
          And “they” are mere victims and mere objects of our agency.

          On first viewing, it does bear the suspicion that u lifted this phrase from some other feeble scribe ;
          Because if comes across as very incongruous with ur opening stuff.
          But, whether or not u composed this unwieldy passage, & I await ur confirmation either way as to whom is the feeble scribe, I here deal with it fleetingly on its argument deficiencies & semantic pretensions ;

          “they …” — Arabs who happen to be Muslims — ” … can never be agents of their own history.”

          Not even the grossest Imperialists of “The City” would hold that view.
          But, any intelligent & sane adult knows that any individual or group or society can be influenced, or converted to some significant philosophy by outside agents.
          Aside from the total logical feasibility of this occurring, history abounds with evidence of it.

          “,only white westerners can be agents,”

          Again, not even the grossest Imperialists of “The City” would hold that view.

          Blaming the evils of Imperialism on aul Western “Whitey” is what u are doing.
          What makes u sure that the most of the significant Imperialists scheming on the vast Arab lands since the 1600′s would class themselves as white westerners ?
          Ottomans ;
          Do u think that Turks consider themselves to be on the whole “white westerners” ?
          Generational living in such latitudes will tan ur skin.
          Then u may interject to object saying that u meant the Imperialists from “The City” ;
          Well, … if only u knew how “white westerners” are thought of by the think-tank of “The City”.

          U also are by the line of ur argument also asserting that I am a white westerner.
          U may be correct or not.
          But, u should not be referring to my ethnicity in any way until u are sure ;
          And, then only for to justify the racist basis of ur assertions about supposedly “white westerner” me.

          ‘ “they” are mere victims and mere objects of our agency.’

          Very pretentious stuff from u.
          Did u acquire this little passage from an “… ology” course at some Mickey Mouse College of Further Education, or some Mickey Mouse “…ology” — Frankfurt School — Faculty of any of our so-called esteemed universities ?

          “Wahabbism was invented centuries ago, when the west was not entrenched in the Middle East.”

          Wahabbism was invented how many centuries ago exactly according to u ?
          Please specify.

          The west, even as u weakly understand it before u read this reply, has been entrenched in the Middle East since the 2nd Millennium A.D., & after a lengthy hiatus, resumed its interference there since the 1600′s until now.

          U have much to unlearn & then to learn.

          Please avoid GMO food.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      This is a very complicated matter. Pity we do not have bloggers from respective countries (Israel and Saudi Arabia) to contribute their insights, even allowing for them being biased.
      Even though I rather agree with David and Deco that roads lead to Saudi Arabia, I have to admit that Pat is not entirely wrong when he says about radical roads leading to Israel – though in my humble opinion he widely exaggerates when he says that ALL roads lead to Israel.

      First of all, Israel and Saudi Arabia were both pushing President Obama to attack Iran (and how stupid they look now, after the US-Iran agreement?). Even Poland, now trying to regain whatever little sovereignty it might have – which attempts have actually resulted in a life-threatening accident President Duda has recently had – was at that time asked by Israel to send her overpaid F-16s (their purchase was an interesting case of a poor country subsidising the US military industry – the Americans offered to start some of their assembly in Poland in exchange for their high price in comparison to what they had sold them for to, i.e., Greece, but never honoured their agreement) over the Negev desert to help Israel to attack Iran (and for what?).

      One has to remember that when the war with Iran was in the offing, Saudi Arabia has agreed to let Israel use its air space, and assist an Israeli attack by cooperating on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes.

      Secondly, it is actually Israel who had been warming up to Saudi Arabia after the geopolitical chessboard started changing in a direction which Israel considers a threat (this is by the way a good argument why the Jewish lobby, admittedly way too powerful, is however not wagging the dog as some Anti-Semites would have had). Israel had even offered Saudi Arabia this:

      Thirdly, we cannot forget that Israeli intelligence services are in cooperation with Saudi Arabian intelligence which is certainly more tight than Mossad cooperation with any other NATO country bar the US (consider how important to Saudi Arabia this cooperation with Mossad must have been if Saudi Arabia paid around $16bn to Israel in order to buy the friendship of the Jewish State).

      Fourthly, we should also not forget that the Middle East has basically learned how to carry out terrorist attacks from Israel,
      the first country in the region which used terror attacks:

      However, where I would agree with Deco is that I have personally known some political activists, many of them from Sinn Féin, who had been supporting anti-Israeli activities in Ireland (I do not mind anti-Israeli demonstrations, considering Israelis apartheid and their notoriously mendacious version of history they impose on the world, boycott of Israeli goods in Ireland was an accident waiting to happen; HOWEVER, I have warned them naive people to be careful who they associate with – and where are they now, clowns used by radical Muslims as “useful idiots”?).

      At the end of the day, most people and the media somewhat naively view as black&white, it in terms of someone being more or less viscious.

      Wrong. It is all about the region trying to find a new balance after geopolitical reshuffle done by all major players – USA, China and Russia (in this order) without starting WWIII, with Germany being the only quasi-sovereign state in Europe, or at least trying to be one – but losing its clout.

      There are only 2 things that really count:
      1. Petrodollar.
      2. China trying to open new trade routes and the US trying to block them in order to retain their rimland empire status.

      Everything else is secondary; all that is left to minor powers like Russia, Europe or Turkey is to try to get the biggest piece of cake possible.

      And because you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, we see civilians casualties, now in Brussels (and by the way, I am sick of this naive narration that radical Muslims attack the West b e c a u s e the West attacked them – who did the Kingdom of Belgium recently attack?; no they attack Europe because

      a) Europe is weak.
      b) They hate European civilisation (which admittedly is decaying, changing from Latin civilisation to Byzantine one).

      But e v e n t h e m radicals are only pawns on geopolitical chessboard.

      Now, if you think that Brussels was bad, think of the World Youth Days in Krakow on July 25 – August 1, 2016.

      Million people (Christians to make it worse) in an open space. Can you find a better WWIII starter?

      All I hope is that we will be able to say 5 months time – nonsense, not of that happened.

      To what depths have Europe fallen that all it hopes is not to be attacked on its own territory by civilians (btw, Paris has the strictest anti-guns laws in the world).

      “Man was, and is, too shallow and cowardly to endure the fact of the mortality of everything living. He wraps it up in rose-coloured progress-optimism, he heaps upon it the flowers of literature, he crawls behind the shelter of ideals so as not to see anything. But impermanence, the birth and the passing, is the form of all that is actual — from the stars, whose destiny is for us incalculable, right down to the ephemeral concourses on our planet. The life of the individual — whether this be animal or plant or man — is as perishable as that of peoples of Cultures. Every creation is foredoomed to decay, every thought, every discovery, every deed to oblivion. Here, there, and everywhere we are sensible of grandly fated courses of history that have vanished. Ruins of the “have-been” works of dead Cultures lie all about us. The hybris of Prometheus, who thrust his hand into the heavens in order to make the divine powers subject to man, carries with it his fall. What, then, becomes of the chatter about “undying achievements”?”

      ? Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

      • Deco

        Israel, be careful there.

        Israel appreciates certain values. Values like intellectual freedom, personal development, freedom of expression, progressive thinking, discovery, rational argument, and common sense.

        Saudi Arabia represents the contrary in each case.

        • ross81

          dropping bombs on Palestinians, occupying and stealing their land is common sense and rational argument? Seems to me they share at least some violent similarities with the Wahhabis.

          • Deco

            Hamas in Gaza has declared that it wishes to destroy Israel. Should Israel send them Valentine’s cards, & flowers in return ?

      • Truthist

        One must keep abreast of this important website for inside track ;
        Spooks of all sides do.
        Nontheless always mindful to keep open mind about many things said & not said.

  2. McCawber

    History can’t be changed but the analysis of history can.
    And therein lies the problem.
    You can only learn from history if you’ve got your analysis right.
    A better approach might be “We are where we are” but we need to identify what mistakes we are still making and correct/stop digging.
    We also need to get our analysis of the current situation correct so that we can come up with the right solutions.

    David another road map similar to your last property article might be more useful and perhaps a lot more of a challenge.


    • Truthist

      History repeats itself until u get a proper truthful understanding of it.

      The internet is helping to achieve this.
      Revisionism is worthy if & only if it is wholesome.

      We should be as investigators revisiting a series of diabolical cases that until now have been falsely investigated & blamed on set-up patsies [ patsies that have at times from the diabolic doers themselves ], & the crimes continue.

      “When evil times prevail,
      Take care to preserve the serenity of ur soul.”
      Marcus Aurellius

      • Truthist

        Typo ;
        patsies that have at times been from the diabolic doers themselves.


        Lee Harvey Oswald

        And, Jack Ruby was not sincerely agrieved as to what happened to JFK.
        He murdered Oswald for to shut him up.
        Crime Inc. did the JFK hit job for …
        JFK had just started to issue Silver Certificates
        JFK had just ordered for D….a to be shut down.

      • Deco

        What on all earth has what happened in Dallas in 1963 to do with this ? Honestly. You are on an unfounded trajectory.

        • Truthist

          Just as example of Patsy.

          U urself have fallen for the propaganda that crazy Muslims are ISIS / ISIL / IS.
          Muslims in that scenario are patsies
          U urself have fallen for the propaganda that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 911.
          Osama Bin Laden in that scenario was a patsy.

          And, come to think of it, the reference to JFK is very relevant because of :
          what is going on in Middle East has on a lower layer have to do with the Petro-Dollar [ which would not exist if JFK was not assassinated under orders of ... & instead the USA would have honest currency ( Sorry, I mean Money ; Silver, & soon to be Gold ) only ]
          Iran could reasonably need to have N-Weaponry because JFK was taken out before he could oversee shutdown of D….a.

          U being so correct so many times are now occupying a high horse.
          With that comes responsibility to be … well, “responsible”.
          And, humble too.

          Did u read the Link I put in initial comment Deco ?
          Of course, I do not expect “a Road to Damascus” experience from u, or anyone obviously emotionally hostile to the truth.

          Forget ur Ego.
          Forget any vested Interest.

          Just search for the Truth.

        • Deco

          I agree search for the truth.

          But do not promote just about every theory in existence to the truth status.

          Be rigourous :)

          • Truthist

            Good answer from u.

            No, I do not trust without rigorous confirmation.
            There is only so much of the truth too that I know to be so that I can dispense at any one time.
            Lest it be too much to handle.
            U’d get no sleep for it would be so engrossing & gripping.

            If tempted to think lowly of our semetic cousins, the Arabs, isn’t it remarkable that the British with all the peoples under their empire actually admired the Arabs the most.

            I think that u are an engineer Deco.
            And, if so, u would be using algebra, & a great many other advances that were invented by the Muslim Arabs.

            As for Davids assertion that all radical roads lead to Saudi Arabia ;
            No, all radical roads lead to the State Crafters.
            Long time now ensconced in “The City” which is itself ensconced in London City.

            U surely did not believe that it was radical Presbyterians were murdering Catholics at random in the Murder Triangle in Belfast ?
            That was a MI5 & MI6 operation under the tutelage of … so as to manipulate the politics of the North of Ireland, & the South of Ireland too.

          • Deco

            Truthist, you have a lot of anger in there.

            Best to think about forgiveness, this Easter Sunday.

            It is unfortunate that the worst element in society craves wealth and power, and then when they get it, they unleash the nastiness of their psychology on the rest of us.

            Well, in the Wahabbi state, the same element have the money and power. And the flawed psychology is enabled to spread terror the detriment of humanity.

  3. michaelcoughlan

    “Each of these extremist organisations are the 21st century offspring of Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, the cleric who came out of the desert in the 1730s and the institution he allied with in 1745: the House of Saud.The sooner the West admits this, the better”

    What makes you think they don’t know that?

    The mistrust of the West by Iran goes back to 1953;

    It suits the west to have nihilist bonbon type corrupt head cases in control in Saudi; They can be controlled by bribery, their lunatic interpretations of scripture and subsequent implementation cause no end of trouble which is an outstanding result from a western military industrial complex perspective;

    They will sell THEIR oil cheap to buy WESTERN arms dear a win win all round especially economically speaking for the west don’t you think David?


    • McCawber

      You’re right and you know what but a major way of reducing terrorist funding is to move to a cashless global economy.
      We better believe it!

    • Truthist

      U are wrong actually.

      Have a humble proper digest of the post & links that I give.

      Not taking away from ur IQ or decency as a person.
      But, u are wrong.

  4. America is long aware of all this.One can only presume that as long as Isis and Saudia Arabia do not start making nuclear bombs their mad Mullahs will be left alone foment hatred worldwide.
    Muslims are reconquering all Europe again,and the EU are allowing it to happen by stealth.
    When Turkey joins ??
    Only fortress Israel is relatively safe now.
    America does not give a shit about the troubles in Europe.
    They have their own Great Wall to keep out the victims of their regime change policies in South America during the past 50 Years.

    • McCawber

      Would Europe be better off if Brexit happens.
      Forgetting about the economic side of the argument, would a Brexit shake the EU out of it’s apathy and indolence towards what is surely the biggest threat facing our society since ever.

  5. Deco

    Bin Ladin – a spoiled brat who developed a persecution complex, at one point had a theory about that the West should be sued for billions for getting cheap Saudi oil. With the proceeds to be given to his religious friends. No mention of the fact that the oil was located under a subdued, and restless province, inhabited by a religiuous minority who are treated as third class citizens in their own country.

    And this is the essence of hardline Wahabbi radicalism. Very eager to imagine moral outrage, at the West. But completely dishonest about their own moral flaws. In fact complete and utter hypocrites.

    An endless sense of grievance over Afghans being controlled by an athiest regime (that actually provided an intellectual liberation). this is then followed by a moral hyprocrisy that deems controlling women as an essential result of a war of liberation.

    It exists on a spectrum of imagined moral outrage, and self-demanded moral backlash.

    I get the sense that in essence, it seems to appeal to the inner brat. At it’s very essence is a psychology that is very dark. They all seem to latch onto a trajectory that ultimately includes as much self hatred, as it does hatred of imagined enemies (who are usually innocent bystanders).

    In other words, at the heart of it all is an awful lot of emptiness, and a proposed route to fulfillment that is utterly bonkers – and frankly is evil.

    When they declare that they hate life – they are often telling what they believe.

    Their mental models and stunted emotional development are designed to ensure that they will fight and destroy – and not have any sense of regret about it. Providing more ice-cream and video games will not work.

    This requires a systematic deconstruction. It will not work as long as cultural Marxists are ignoring the worst and most inhumane example of a “patriarchy” that exist in the planet, occupying a controlling position in a particular belief system. Materialistic Marxism from the Soviet era had no qualms about how to fight nonsense. But cultural marxism wants to share the illusions. Cultural Marxism seems to forget that the adherents would have Marx killed on two counts – that he was Jewish, and that he advocated athiesm. But cultural Marxists seem to be very blind to all of this. A bit like Irish neo-Trots sharing an anti-war platform with people who are often fundraising for terrorists. The reality seems to escape them, whilst they continue their trajectory to absurdity.

    And feminists are also implicated. It seems that feminists have very little to say about women’s rights in the Middle East. They don’t seem to notice that the place is run by an actual “patriarchy” (as opposed to an imaginary one). When feminists actually meet a real patriarchy, they dither, and then dither a bit more. And then they proclaim that they have no issues. In essence feminism is being revealed as a being about women expoiting an emotive issue for their own advancement. The problem with feminists, is that when it comes to women’s interests, they are shallow, and very often useless. The main women’s interests that they are interested in, happen to be their own interests. The glass ceiling that concerns them, happens to be anything that stops them getting what they want.

  6. Deco

    Excelent article David. Similar to the output of another chap called David, in the Asian Times (Spengler). In a similar vein to Michael Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11″. I am also reminded of the documentary “Bitter Lake” by Adam Curtis.

    Lenin declared that the capitalists would sell the Bolsheviks the rope upon which they Bolsheviks would hang the capitalists. Of course, Lenin was an extremely sarcastic individual.

    Did Lenin touch upon the excess of greed that exists in monetary ambitions of many in positions of leadership in present-day Western society ? I think he might have. That is our weakpoint. Leaders who will do anything for contracts.

    • Truthist

      Deco, u often have the balls to cry “nonsense” when u perceive David’s article to be thus.
      And, u have just done so per Pat Flannery’s initial post above.

      Whilst I hold u in very high regard for ur consistent highlighting that the Institutional State of the Irish State is the major local problem, I must state that u are wrong in most of what u say in response to David’s present article.

      First of all, Saudi Arabia is not how u understand it to be.
      The House of Saud are impostors ;
      They are not Moslems at all.
      And, they are not even Arabs.
      Of course not all Moslems are Arabs.
      And, this is one of the big open secrets of the Middle East.

      Wahhabism as a’mad crazy extreme version of Islam” was econtrived by the British Secret Service [ for the Roths ] to control the Arab Muslims, & to fool occidentals like ur good self as to who is who & what is what & why is why.

      Ditto with Al-Qaeda.
      Do u know that this word “Al-Qaeda” means “Toilet” in Arabic ?
      What revolutionary would call their organisation “Toilet” ?
      Osama Bin Laden is also not who u think he was.
      Again, he was not a Muslim.
      He was not an Arab.
      And, this is also a big open secret in the Middle East.

      And, as we are at it, another big open secret of the Middle East is that they who run Turkey under Ataturk up until today with Erdogan are not Muslims let alone Turks.

      U have fallen for “The Clash of Civilizations” scenario long in the planning by the Puppet Masters.

      I am surprised that u did not take David to task for his casual blaming of 911 on Muslim & Muslim Arabs.

      We Irish have a right to be very concerned personally as to the truth about 911 ;
      After all,- probably most of the victims in New York were Irish American.
      And, we Irish now have lost our good name in the Middle East with participation of so many Irish-Americans in NATO onslaught upon the Muslim world on account of 911, & also actual Irish Army involvement in the various arenas.

      By the way, even most U.S.A. Military with good I.Q. & education & experience know that 9-11 was not done by Osama Bin Laden nor Al Qaeda / Toilet nor by Arabs or Muslims or anyone else hijacking airplanes.
      They even go beyond believing that it was an inside job ;
      They know that it was a 5th column job.

      Check out :
      Gordon Duff asserts that it was mini-nuclear devices.
      I do not buy this explanation.
      And, most truth seekers are suspicious of Gordon Duff. has admitted to putting out dis-information.
      Even so, there have been some very worthy columnists on
      PC Roberts

      Do urself, & others, a favor by reading the main authority on 9-11 ;
      Christopher Bollyn

      This man is not motivated by any hidden agendas or hatred for anyone.
      Just a hunger for the truth.

      And, I just noticed that Paul Craig Roberts & Ron Paul are also listed as Columnists in a diatribe result I got having inserted Christopher Bollyn’s name into Wikipedia.
      Try it urself to see ; Just type in Christopher Bollyn into search field.
      Just goes to prove that Wikipedia is not to be trusted for “contentious” subjects & also for some “non-contentious” subjects.

      And, why does not a man of ur very sharp intellect & positive intention not finally look into the Scam-Bundle that is Private Central Banking + Government Issued Currency that is not Gold or Silver + Fractional Reserve Banking + Borrowing with Interest owing ?
      This is the first task needed by nations IN COALITION WITH EACH OTHER to do for fixing the world.
      This is what Gadaffi was doing ;
      And, u are an admirer of Gadaffi.
      Grzegorz whom u also admire has addressed the question of this Scam-Bundle recently upon my direct asking of him.

      An ever increasing vast amount of Irish both at home & abroad are getting really pissed off with what is happening to them & with what they are uncovering in their research as to the actual truth about the whole shebang.
      No way is the Voting Process reflective of how people voted !
      The Institutional State of Ireland are rigging that that too.

  7. It was not the Saudis who destroyed the secular Arab states in North Africa, Arabia, parts of Europe and the Eurasian area or painting Russia as a monster. It was NATO. Us.

    • Truthist

      And surely u can elaborate as to who NATO is proxy for ?

      • Been there and done that so many times.

        The cartel of international banking families that control our money system of nonredeemable paper fiat (digital) currency.
        Through the control of the money supply they control the power of the politician and as you have noted those who step out of line are eradicated.

        Without the power of money the war machine cannot operate nor the funding of the covert operations that destroy countries and regimes.

        We the NATO counties have destroyed one country after another in the name of democracy. One of the results is the flood of migrants designed in turn to destroy us , the so called Western Industrial Democracies.

        It is time we woke up as to who WE are before we allow our own destruction.

  8. dwalsh

    Yes, the barbarous medieval kingdom in the Arabian peninsula is the source of the cancer known as Wahhabism
    And standing behind the Saudi regime is the Washington regime
    The Washington regime supports Wahhabism too

  9. Mike Lucey

    Its all a game scenario being played / manipulated by the real controllers and the ordinary man and woman on the street can but watch. Until the man and woman on the street figures out how to take control over their own destiny which has never happened in the past, the game will go on.

  10. Deco

    Concerning the West, some interesting thoughts from President Obama in the NY Times recently.

    President Obama holds a similar perspective to David. In other words he knows where the damage is coming from.

    Interestingly enough, it seems that the Politburo in China and Kremlin in Moscow, seems to have similar suspicions.

    But in Europe, there are no suspicions, in officialdom. Just complete bafflement as to why it keeps occurring.

    • Truthist

      Obama, despite his natural intelligence, is a puppet from the get-go.
      He was born into a CIA family stationed at various intriguing locations during their careers.
      He is not autonomous.
      No Putin equivalent there.
      Actually, Obama is a pity.
      A victim really.
      As are much of the power figure-head persons that we love to hate.
      They are prisoners of birth.
      Specially groomed for the power figure-head role.

      Also, he spends more time with Rahm Emanuel as lifetime members a certain bath-house “Men’s Country” I think — in uptown Chicago than researching books etc. that a President such as Jefferson would have done.

      I shudder to think what even our crowd partizan Google Images will return result for “Obama” AND “Bath house”.

  11. CitizenWhy

    Great article, but not explicit enough. The Saudis have sent out Wahhabi missionaries who have converted the Taliban, ISIS, and Boko Haram to that fanatical cult. Ad long as the Saudi royal family, descended from Wahhabi’s founder, supports the Wahhabis the Wahhabi clergy will overlook the non-Muslim behavior (drinking alcohol, for instance) of the Saudis. If the Saudis cease supporting the Wahhabi clergy and missionaries, that royal family will be overthrown.

    The Saudis are using the old strategy of the Christian Byzantines. They bribed the invading barbarians to leave them alone and attack Rome and the rest of western Christianity. This strategy worked for centuries.

    The there’s the USA. Its Neo-Con establishment, in complete control of the Republican party and exercising major control over the establishment Democratic party, now wants perpetual war. The Saudi Wahhabi missionary activity guarantees this perpetual war. The Neo-cons also want to destroy European Social Democracy. The Syrian refugee crisis, perpetrated by the Saudis supported by the USA, is helping to do precisely that: destroy the economic and social basis of European Social democracy.

    • Perpetual war for perpetual peace!!!

    • Deco

      You are correct. The Neo-cons have ripped the social contract apart in the US. Sanders and Trump are both responses to corporatism taking over Capitol Hill. Lobbyists outnumber public representatives in a ratio that keeps increasing.

      There are more people graduating in PR in the US now, than joining the agricultural workforce. One set of employees has the function to unashamedly provide fibs. The other set has the responsibility to provide food.

      The social contract is dead in Greece, is as good as finished in Spain, and is under threat in Italy. In Germany, it has been pared back to the bone.

      In Ireland it is a farce, with 50% PAYE for workers, and minuscule tax for Apple. Plus the 23% VAT rate paid by workers, and all those stealth taxes, that effectively leave working people skint at the end of each month.

      In Ireland in return for our taxes we do not get a Welfare State. We get “rip-off” state. The services are rubbish, if they even exist. It is a scam.

      Shane Ross TD wanted reform of the Dail, as a first step towards the reform of the institutional state.

      He has been ignored by the corrupt entity called FG, that will do a deal with Lowry (because he is a Tribunal certified cowboy) but FG will have nothing to do with Shane Ross.

      If there is an election, make sure you punish FG. It is obvious that they do not want to reform the system.

      It is a position, that FF are of the same opinion. And the LP as well.

      Nobody wants to reform Ireland’s “ripoff” institutional state where state services are abysmal, and cronyism/nepotism/jobs for failed politicians/income for party canvassers, etc… is rampant.

  12. Then of course behind the destruction of nations in the name of democracy comes the new world order in the guise of agribusiness. GMO seeds and crops are foisted on the local farmers. Terminator seeds are supplied so the indigenous farmer cannot save his own seed but must buy again from the cartel. Herbicides must be bought to be sprayed on the crops..
    Glyphosate is the chemical in the spray known as Agent Orange, or Roundup. It is absorbed into the plant and passed to those that eat the food. It is a rabid carcinogen imparted to wide sectors of the world including you. It is in and throughout many processed foods and goods.
    Added is the spermicide modification that combined with other modifications causes spontaneous abortions in women. That way the world population can be reduced by these eugenicists.

    We have to look a lot closer to home than the Saudis to find out the perpetrators are. The Saudis are patsies just as we are. All are manipulated by the power elites.

    A way out is to control your own food production and your own money production. Also spread the word of the manipulations of the cartel to just one person at a time.

    The money”is the root of all evil”. Your salvation lies within you as an individual. Take affirmative action. Get sound money. Buy or grow unadulterated food. Think global but buy local!!

  13. cooldude

    ISIS, like Al Quaeda which is Arabic for the network, were both set up by funding from the CIA to pursue US and NATO interests in the middle east. The western allies in the region namely Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey Jordan and others have openly helped to fund and train these bloodthirsty mercenaries.

    ISIS was created with the specific goal of removing the Assad regime. There never has been a civil war in Syria but there has been a relentless push towards regime change using the paid for mercenaries of Al Nusra and ISIS. The moderate rebel story is simply a lie because none exist. The western powers were on a high after deposing Gadaffi in Libya and thought they could pull the same stroke in Syria. So far Russia has stood by Assad and destroyed much of the terrorists infrastructure.

    All the routes lead back to the CIA and their allies in Mossad and Saudi intelligence. The goal is to Balkanize Syria into smaller sections and divy out the spoils between the aggressors. There is ample evidence to prove all of this if you know where to look. Here is just one article which looks into the creation and funding of ISIS

  14. contact23

    jihad was actually in hibernation for centuries till the cia of all people revived it and fostered it quickly in Afghanistan, to proxy fight the commies, and then like the genie it escaped rapidly and uncontrollably, thanks again uncle sam , more chickens coming to roost

  15. Adelaide

    Correction: “The West finally needs to admit all radical roads lead back to THE KORAN”

    Christopher Hitchens: “The Koran is a declaration of war on humanity”

    A dim-witted man reads a gibberish hate-filled book that guarantees him a place in paradise should he die in battle defending the integrity of the aforementioned gibberish hate-filled book against those perceived enemies who object against his gibberish hate. He straps on an explosive belt and gets two birds with one stone, everlasting life and a blow against his imaginary enemies.

    Who supplied him the weapons, the logistics and the money is of secondary importance.

    I said on this blog months ago that likeliest targets in Europe would be Paris, Brussels and Stockholm due their large muslim populations.

    Do yourself a favour and read abridged versions of Islam’s two books.

    The “Koran” (the “recitation” or word of God as reported by an illiterate sheep shepherd)
    The “Hadith” (the “report” of his sayings and doings)

    On a jotter jot down on all the incitements to murder, rape, enslave… etc and then compare them to this news item which appeared today.
    “Man arrested over ‘mealy mouthed’ Brussels tweet”

    Which is the greater incitement to hatred (which is now a punishable crime, now being forcefully banned) this news item’s poor joke or the books of Islam?

    If this were the a Monty Python sketch the UK police would be arresting the Koran for inciting hatred.

    • Truthist

      Christopher Hitchens is not playing with a “fair” deck.

      He is empowered in his role to further the hidden agenda on the “pseudo-intellectual” battle front.

      Hitchens is shying from showing at least 1 book from his own card school that is definitely the nasty one.
      That is not being an honest pseudo-intellectual.

      Paris has been revealed as a staged false flag.
      I do not know about Stockholm.
      Perhaps, I will find time to look into it.
      These events come so thick & fast.
      But, already Brussels is showing all the signs of being another combined Secret Services false flag ;
      As of now, I do not know if it is be uncovered as “staged”.

      • Adelaide

        Truthist, you do that Mr Hitchens has been dead five years now, unless, of course, your ‘conspiracy’ gibberish extends to a belief in ghosts.

        • Truthist

          Writers are considered live figures often when discussing their works.
          None of the subject matter I refer to, nor how I report it, is gibberish.
          Yes, there is much conspiracy attributed to various parties in what I reveal.
          But, is not conspiracy involved in nearly every undertaking ?
          Would u be a] telling all & sundry ur biz plan or b] would u only conspiring against the market & ur competitors in as discreet a way as possible ?
          I do not remember u crying foul when persons of sentiment for Irish freedom are sentenced by Special Criminal Court — on the sole evidence of “opinion only’ of highly paid Blueshirt — for basically Conspiracy.

    • Deco

      Hitchens has hit the nail on the head. He has been one of the most outstanding scholars on religion in the past two decades.

      His findings are worth studying. He has declared that freedom of expression is far more important than any superstition.

      This is the basis of a humane and free society.

      The British Council of Ex-Muslims also have very relevant things to say. In fact, their opinion on the recent events is worth asking.

  16. survivalist

    All radical roads? Certainly not.

    But does radical Islam have its roots where the article has explained possibly, it is not something I can offer an informed comment on.

    But let’s not lose sight of the real issue here. This perpetual war is not about a clash of civilisations, religious or political ideals. It is a systematic execution. It is the natural expression of the corporate ideal of efficiency in the management of resources taken to its horrific logical conclusions. Chopping down the dead wood.

    As time has progressed regardless of which faction versus the other or which empire expands its resource grab or which union of nations imposes political stability on another, the real was is against the people. Ordinary everyday people are targeted, assaulted and simply murdered into submission by the ruling elite.

    The following data are taken from UNICEF

    Civilian fatalities in wartime climbed from 5 per cent at the turn of the century, to 15 per cent during World War I, to 65 per cent by the end of World War II, to more than 90 per cent in the wars of the 1990s. Armed conflict kills and maims more children than soldiers. In Chechnya, between February and May 1995, children made up an appalling 40 per cent of all civilian casualties.

    Even humanitarian activities that were once safe from attack are now treated as legitimate military objectives’. Relief convoys, health clinics and feeding centres have all become targets. And when food supplies run short or water is contaminated during wartime, it is usually children who suffer most. In Somalia, half or more of all children under age five who were alive on 1 January 1992 were dead by the end of the year.

    This is a reality which suggest to me we are confronted with an agent of cause way beyond radical extremists. It is a managed project towards the corporate ideal, the human resource is an expendable one.

    • joe sod

      well said. The fear that european citizens have to the influx of so many refugees is the fact that they wont integrate and want to live in their own parallel societies. Up to this europe has allowed them to do this and we now have the muslim ghettos all around europe festering extremism and terrorism. But what is blocking this integration it is islam. The reason for this is simple the religion is blocking inter marriage between refugees and native europeans. All successful migrations have involved inter marriage, thats why the irish and italian migrations to the US were so successful. Also islam is at odds with modern european thought on equality. Muslim women are treated like third class citizens and this is allowed in modern european countries even though if anybody else did it they would be before the european courts.

      • Deco

        Where are the feminists concerning the subjugation of women in certain Middle Eastern societies ?

        A level of subjugation that is bordering on barbaric.

    • See Seeds of Destruction by William Engdahl.

  17. patricia03

    Every person in the world of whatever religion, race or creed wants to live a good life free of violence and want. It is not Islam or Christianity that causes all this terror it is our leaders who do that through their various organisations and control of the media. I live in New Zealand and I have a young Saudi student boarding with me. He is a lovely young man and a very caring person. Yes he is a Muslim and is a practising Muslim. Yes, he has his prejudices but he is seeing how things work here. But we have our prejudices about their society and how it works and our prejudices can be just as violent as theirs. They do not want to be like us. They do believe they have a better way of life than we do. One young Saudi women I spoke to was horrified of how my daughter organised her family of a husband and three children. She said “what a terrible life”. The life that Muslim women live does differ from ours but our women also suffer from a life of prejudice too. All women suffer from prejudices in a patriarchal society.
    Personally I do think that we are reaping what we have sown. Just ask yourself if your brother, your cousins, your fathers, your grandfathers, your great grandfathers and your great great grandfathers were being and had been slaughtered by Europeans I think you too might support a terrorist group. I have no idea what we can do other than stay at home!! But when I read how America has said it has developed a “small nuclear bomb” and how Trump has said he would use it if he were President then the Terrorist will not be far behind.

    • Adelaide

      patricia03, having read your nauseating weasel words I suggest you re-name your moniker to a more apt description:
      Islamic Terrorist Apologist

      • corkie

        Adelaide, you might like to reflect upon the fact that the mullahs at ISIS hq would be dismayed by Patricia03′s reasoned contribution here but would be delighted by your reactionary response. Get angry why don’t you, lash out, build walls and alienate the perfectly reasonable people around you. That is exactly what they are training you to do.

      • patricia03

        Adelaide, I would hate to think that my words are regarded as an apology for any sort of terrorism. I certainly do not regard violence as a justification for anything. It has never ever worked.

  18. ross81

    I love the sort of double-think we see in the Western mainstream media about Syria. On the one hand we’re told IS are the greatest evil we’ve ever witnessed, then in the next breath we’re told that the most effective force fighting these terrorists (the Syrian military/state) must also be destroyed & overthrown!

    The US, French, Brits & Israelis have been trying to keep the Middle East divided and fighting amongst itself for a century or so and this is just the latest chapter. Saudi provides weapons, cash and Jihadists. Meanwhile the likes of Obama, Cameron and Netanyahu can give us their plausible deniability shtick and say “nothing to do with us, guv”

    • Deco

      Outsiders do not need to keep the Middle East divided, when the locals are all trying to take control of each other.

      The predominant belief system, places a high value on control. In fact it has an obsession with control. And with defining what is permitted, and forbidden.

      As long as that belief system is predominant, there will be ongoing quarrels and obsessions with control. And there will be coups, colonels, preachers, cliques, terrorists, etc..

      It is only personal freedom, that will end the violence and in-fighting. And that is forbidden.

  19. McCawber

    All radical roads lead to weakness.
    Europe is weak. Europe has lost its’ moral compass.
    Europe is no longer a christian continent.
    As a result Europe is up for grabs.
    The arab nations now know that where 1 million of their people go more can follow.
    Our weak, pc leaders are destroying our culture far more quickly and successfully than any historical conquest has ever managed.
    So what advice can history give us.
    Two of the most important things history can tell us are-
    1. Negotiate from a position of strength.
    2. United we stand, divided we fall.
    Fail on either of the above and we fail.
    I would be most concerned about our about to
    pass the second test.

  20. Hi! I’m here to rain on your parade, to piss on it, Paddy. Sorry, but it’s just what us Black-Sabbath-Shire-Irish are programmed to do. Don’t take it personally…..we’ve come to rescue your Ghost Nation:

    “Against this backdrop of terrorism, on this weekend of commemoration of the 1916 Rising, one cannot avoid qualms that official Ireland, despite good intentions, may be bestowing retrospective legitimacy on the IRA campaign of violence.

    Without wishing to rain on anyone’s parade, could we have over-reached, to the point of undue glorification of republican violence and blood sacrifice in Ireland, which tragically cost thousands of innocent lives?”

    “Lessons of the past prove the road to lasting peace is a long and rocky one”

    Liz O’Donnell ‘Irish Independent’ 25th March 2016.

    The Great Game of geo-political strategy since the discovery of oil has been Divide & Rule and/or Divide & Conquer. Set Sunni against Shia, just as sure as set Catholic against Protestant was part of the Great Game to ensure the island of Ireland ended up a Euro-hedge satrapy. Both strategic, for different reasons. Both banjaxed by Religious Psychotics.

    The irony of the 1916 Rising Centenary ‘celebrations’ being shrouded by a cloud of unknowing regarding possible Islamic terrorism in Dublin is extraordinary. One group of religious psychotics laid waste to a city a century ago, a century later an increasingly agnostic population will try to make sense of what it meant to their ancestors and what it now means as the security forces balance pomp and ceremony with vigilance to keep everyone safe. And, of course, there’s the threat of unreconstructed ‘real IRA’ types claiming the Centenary for themselves with some ‘spectacular’.

    There are only a few plausible options ‘going forward’:

    Accept the decadent Western Lifestyle Project relies on securing the remaining hydrocarbon deposits under the Arabian sands and either carry on with the Great Game or invade.

    Nobody actually knows how much oil is left, other than the House Of Saud, so the very notion of Rational Economics at a macro level is utterly absurd. The current price gyrations are a symptom of Peak Cheap Oil and the fight to the death by the Saudis to slow down Shale & Renewables whilst they figure out what to do with their absurd society.

    Meanwhile the tolerant diverse Muslims in the mosque on Tablot Street carry on trying to defang the fundamentalists who are seeking a base in Dublin. I always enjoy my visits there. I wonder what Dublin suburb will become the equivalents of Small Heath and Sparhill in Birmingham if the Daesh faction succeeds in Ireland? There’s a war of ideology going on in Birmingham between who owns the Narrative of Being Muslim just as sure as there’s one going on in Dublin this weekend over who owns the Narrative of what it means to be Irish. Contested legacies. Orwell “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” It’s not just the Saudis funding ISIS/ISIL/Daesh: it’s The West as another part of the Great Game. And they do it so we can continue with our pamperered Petroleum Lifestyles. Is anyone on this blog prepared to give all that up? Thought not.

    Here’s a Thought Experiment. Imagine a group of currently disaffected ‘Real IRA’ fundamentalists join with No Water Charges types and start to blow shite up all over Dublin this weekend, without a mandate, without any warning, claiming they represent the fundamental values of ‘Ireland’. How would the tourists and historians and the celebrity descendants of the ‘rebels’ and politicians react? See it as a perfectly legitimate Rising from The Streets? Or call in the armed forces to waste the terrorists/freedom fighters?[delete as applicable]

    In 1974 fanatics from the IRA blew up 2 pubs in Birmingham, trying to replicate the sectarianism of Belfast but they didn’t understand Saxon Culture. I had to ride the bus with my Dad who was in danger for ‘Driving Whilst Irish’ in the aftermath but it was a chance for the Brummie values of stoic resistance to tryanny to Rise again just as it had done when the Lufftwaffe thought they could bomb us into submission. Now after Peaky Blinder BrummieBoy and Girls were followed by Peaky Paddies and Peaky Patois Caribbean versions, we have the Peaky Pashtuns and Punjabis who are also fighting religiously motivated tyranny, just as the emmigrant Fugee Shire Irish did as they realised the same clowns who’d trashed Ireland during ‘The Emergency’ forcing their exit were no trying to export their nonsense to the other island. No different from the Saudis. Taoiseach means Warlord and how many Taoiseachs have been enablers of war and terrorism? Thankfully those days seem long gone so there’s hope.

    Shazia Mirza isn’t going to allow Saudi perversions of Islam to take root in Brum and her comedy is a far more effective weapon than a gun as religious nutters love war but hate being mocked. No doubt, a Paddy version of her will arise soon. But the elephant in the room is the alarming similarity between the justifications for The Rising [and the aftermath/sequelae including Birmingham on 24/11/74] and the justifications for Paris/Brussels. Shorn of Padraig Pearse’s Blood Sacrifice mantras, the Rising seems a very different beast. Be in no doubt that the Islamic script of The Proclamation that adorns the wall on the street next to The Mercantile isn’t a potent signifier to Islamic fanatic ‘sleepers’ in Dublin right now. The foundational mythos of the Irish State is blood sacrifice. Do not be surprised if others learn that you can blow a city to smithereens if the ends justifies the means and that a century later there will be parades/fly-bys and statues/plaques/murals will commemorate and celebrate your blood-lust.

    On 9/11 2001 my birthday celebrations were interrupted by footage from NYC. The aftermath changed my life irrevocably. As the viper’s nests of NORAID in Boston/NYC and Los Angeles were disturbed as the US finally began to ‘drain the swamp’ we realised we could use the new legislation and treaties to class Fr James Robinson as a Religiously Inspired Sexual Terrorist who had fled British justice on the night boat to Dublin before being giving false papers to fly on to LA. Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger and his devout Catholic wife alerted us to the treacheries of the British, Irish and United States as they sought to separate and protect the ‘privilege’ of Irish American terrorist enablers in NORAID from that of Al-Queda. Be in no doubt whatsoever that there are residual elements in Ireland who seek to restore the past tyrannies. Be in no doubt that they would see the ‘religious justification’ of other ‘faiths’ as a signal to let rip. “that would be an ecumenical matter!” but that joke wouldn’t be funny any more. Fr Robinson is now serving 23 years in jail but there are many who can and should join him, including religous fanatic IRA Priests on both the islands of Britain and Ireland. But Realpolitik will prevail, just as it did with the Saudi scandal over British Aerospace contracts which was quashed by closet-case Catholic British PM Tony Blair as a matter of ‘national security’. That’s why nobody is allowed to report the events of my life. Anywhere. National Security. 5FEY. I choose to see the humour in it all and have had enough of pretending to care. I will shortly take to the stage and, like Shazia Mira, will have to balance carefully the freedom to speak truth to power with causing gratuitous outrage and risking life and limb. #RIPVeronicaGuerin

    Can I ask ye all a question? What, exactly, are you all planning to celebrate this weekend? The Proclamation was read out by Padraig Pearse, a deeply disturbed, delusional religious psychotic who wanted ‘blood sacrifice’ and who was, sadly, granted martyrdom. His father was an atheist from Birmingham. If only Padraig had used the ideals of the French and American revolutions to enshrine the separation of church and state into the Irish national project. But he didn’t. Because he was bullied in the playground for his Saxon Brummie accent thus he became the Uber Plastic Paddy. And those poems he wrote about teenage lads? *raisedeyebrow*

    What are you celebrating?

    I was told that the bars are dry tonight on Good Friday in Dublin because it’s part of the Good Friday Agreement. Is that true? If so, it just shows that Religious Privilege and Historic Amnesia remain the fundamentalist memes of Irish culture. Unless and until that all changes the future is certain to be derailed. Unless there is an apology to Birmingham this weekend then it’s all pointless and meaningless. And the National Anthem? How clever the enemies of Ireland were/are to foster the myth of The Saxon Foe to hide the Norman Tyrants hiding in plain sight! The Norman Irish families have been in league with the British Norman families since 1066 and earlier. They have thrown the Union Jack and the Tricolour as distractions to avoid detection. Kilkenomics is great but has anyone ever got on stage and calmly explained the meaning of that garrison castle on the Nore? Explained what the difference is between Kilkenny and Irishtown, and what that means? Then and now? No to my knowledge.

    The game is up. For these inextricably linked islands, Brexit is the defining moment of this century, just as the Rising was of the last one. And it isn’t a Brexit, it’s a SaxonExit. It’s all about Magna Carta, Habeus Corpus and stopping the imposition of rogue Napoleonic Code. The ‘Irish’ fought to fight free from the ‘British’ but no such thing happened. It was a counter-revolution, though many involved were sincere and well-meaning but they were led by fanatics. 1916 is unfinished business. #repealthe8th Etc. There is far more that unites the Common People of these islands than separates them. Religion. Nationality. All perfect distractions alongside Bread and Circus intotainment culture and Repressive Tolerance faux-protest. What exactly did 1916 change other than the colour of the post boxes. George Osborne is the hereditary baronet of Tipperary. You only have to go to Cheltenham Races to see the truth of who really runs both these islands and who seek to confuse and separate the Common People through religion, tribalism and nationality: For Profit.

    As a mark of respect to those who died, this weekend’s planned events to commemorate The Rising should be cancelled and a voluntary curfew imposed by everyone. A friend of mine is fleeing to a Sligo headland to try and escape it all but, as Chief Flaneur and Taoiseach of the 4th Estate/5th Province of the Post-Nationalist Irish Diaspora I have a duty to witness this strange and perplexing event. For Posterity.

    Next year’s St Partrick’s Day should be alcohol-free just as Good Friday is. It’s time to get real, to throw the Plastic Paddies out of the Dail and Sinead. And out of the history books. I guess I’m saying I’m in charge. I’m the new leader of Irish Culture for the C21st century. I guess I’m saying I’m the most important figure to ever emerge in Irish Culture. I guess I’m saying that the truth of ‘Being Irish’ can only be found in The Emmigrant Narrative. Am I really saying all that? Yes, I am, because…I’m your man. On the last article I had a sweet compliment about my writing, but I’m not really a write. I’m a song and dance man. And ‘An Irish Childhood In Birmingham’ isn’t a book, or not just a book. It’s what our German friends call a Total Art Work, a Gesamtkunstwerk. And it’s finally, finally ready to roll once my daughter goes off to University to read Physics. So, it’s good-bye from me…I hope some of you come to the shows. It will be orders of magnitude beyond anything seen before but will begin with softly, softly Sean Nos Nua on The Green Mile in Digbeth. Time to end the Autofiction of ‘AndrewGMooney’ and let the chrysalis finally reveal Andy Mooney. It’s been a long slog and thanks to DMcW for patience in hosting these absurdist scrapbook musings over the last decade. Now it’s time to vanish until the curtain rises. Only caveat is £$€ stuff. I’m a businessman as well as an online eejit. If nothing happens, it’s because the entertainment industry is banjaxed by thieving Tech Companies, not because of a lack of Will or Talent. My greatest work of Art is my family. Nothing else matters. The decades long delay has been both to protect them and to enjoy our time together. Nothing else matters. Love is all that matters.

    all the best!

    Peaky Paddy Blinder aka: Mad Paddy From Brum :

    “cultural Taoiseach of the 4thEstate/5th Province of the Post-National Irish Psyche”

    “You Can’t Build a Reputation On What You’re Going to Do.” Henry Ford

    • “Channel 4 news had to subtitle the word “Tans” and write (British forces) beside it. Mission accomplished”

      “Why does it take a man with a plastic bag over his face to talk sense about mental health?

      Comedians Rubberbandits have a serious message about Ireland ahead of the 1916 Easter Rising centenary celebrations.”

    • StephenKenny

      “My greatest work of Art is my family. Nothing else matters. The decades long delay has been both to protect them and to enjoy our time together. Nothing else matters.”

      This is an increasingly prevalent stand/belief. It’s unfortunate, not because it is inherently wrong because it isn’t, but because families are a part of a nation, but only a part. If families are of primary importance at the broad scale, then there is diminished defence against the clear international goal of the destruction, or at least the totally diminishing the independence, of the nation state. It is always necessary for people, at least for some people, to think primarily about the bigger picture, and to focus, often at personal cost, about the nation as a whole.

      It is these people who should be held up as the leading shining lights in our nations – not those of us who, for whatever reason, choose not to take those risks, and make those personal sacrifices. Yes, sometimes they are misguided, but also, sometimes, they are not.

    • Deco

      Liz O’Donnell is a politician from an era in recent history characterized by ponzification of the economy, deciet, pretence and outright lying. And massive debt accumulation that bankrupted the system, and then the taxpayer.

      And she fitted right in to that buildup. In fact, when she was done with that, she was apponted to a board of a company owned by a “star” of a tribunal investigating corruption.

      In other words, nearby, there is an awful stink.

      There is something rotten in the State of Ireland.

    • cooldude

      Andrew I would vote for you as warlord/Taoiseach of the 4th Estate/5th Provence whatever that is. Your basic premise is fully correct and is very rarely articulated in any discussions about the 1916 blood fest. Pearse and McDonagh knew well that some sort of version of Home Rule would be granted at the end of WW1. But this was totally abhorant to them because their vision was for a Wahabist Ireland in which the Irish language would be reintroduced and Catholicism would be enshrined. Anything remotely Anglo was disgusting to them and that was the main reason for their push for the famous blood sacrifice. They hadn’t even got one sitting MP unlike the hunger strikers who at least had some sort of a democratic mandate for their actions.

      We are a deeply f-cked up society and until we can have a mature debate about the major wrongs of 1916 we can’t even start to mature.

      The so called refugee crisis is a well planned strategy to weaken European nations and to end any remnants of national sovereignty. Our own Goldman Sutherland is at the heart of this well planned agenda. here it is in clear detail

  21. StephenKenny

    It amazes me that anyone, for one single moment, believes any of this Saudi ‘battle’ against shale oil, story. You just need to consider the geography and mechanics of shale oil production to see how absurd it is.

    First, the very structure of shale oil production is that of a rolling cycle of very short life rigs. There is no possibility of the sort of massive infrastructure build to support the previous generation of oil fields, on land or under sea. The rigs almost ‘migrate’ across the land, as each one runs dry very quickly.

    So to stop production simply means stop drilling new ones, and waiting a few years. There is no massive infrastructure loss or degradation, because there is no such massive infrastructure.

    Secondly, on the economic side, the major shale oil production we’re talking about is in the USA & Canada, neither of which, as whole economies, will be significantly damaged by the shutting down, temporarily, or their shale oil industries.

    Who is being damaged by this collapse in the oil price? How about the BRICS countries? Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. These all countries who the USA see as threats to their financial economy and ability to enforce any ‘treaties’ that suit them.

    My guess is that what we have seen a deal between the US & Saudi to ramp oil production to kill the price, and thus the BRICS. You can be sure that Saudi’s ability to borrow money, like the Ukraine’s, will never diminish.

    What horrifies me is what this tells us about the attitude of the institutions, and of the people involved, of the US, UK, and the rest of NATO, to the death and destruction that they have wrought, on a scale not seen since WW2.

  22. McCawber

    Shakespeare talked about man’s inhumanity to man.
    Last time I checked man came in different colours and creeds.
    Yet somehow the white man and his Christian religion seems to be only one copping a plea.
    Added to that our PC ‘leaders’ and media seemed hell bent on persuading all the non white man races and/or their creeds that it is all white man’s fault.
    This is a load of boll0x.
    I’m as racist and bigoted as the next man and that includes a few non white man non christians.
    The west (the European section) needs to stop this nonsense and step up to plate and say clearly what we dtand for and what we are and are not prepared to do.
    We cannot solve our problems never mind anyone else’s.

  23. Deco

    The Wahabbi approach provides an aspiration model for young men. It is based on certain principles. It claims a certain heritage. In inculcates a certain model in the mind, concerning behaviour.

    This is never questioned. In fact it seems above criticism. Anybody who critiques is regarded as being offensive, and a bigot. This is NOT correct. As Christopher Hitchens stated, when an approach to life claims to be the solution to everything, then it should be ready for crticism. It is simply too great a claim, and too serious in it’s consequences for humanity, to be given any authorization to not be deemed above criticism.

    A key aspect of this of this particular approach to life is the clarity in which it imbues it’s adherents with the certainty that all other approaches to life are flawed, false, weak, or immoral. This is the part of the mental model that insulates the men in this belief system from having to have any remorse for what they do. They have already convinced themselves that the rest of humanity is worthy of punishment. That the rest of humanity deserves hell on earth.

    I think we need to get very rational and very clear about what is going on. Pretending that the intellectual foundations of what causes this, are not deserving of critique is the great weakness in Western leadership, currently.

    And yes, that criticism will come at a price. Deals will be lost. Deals that are very lucrative. But those deals are turning into Faustian bargains. They are no longer worth keeping.

    In the interim, as a society, we need to get serious about public transport, because in 5 years time we will need it. The current glut of oil will end. The time that oil is cheap is a good time to have diesel powered machinery working around the clock building better public transport, and building residential housing density that makes high quality public transport cost efficient.

    That is job numer 1 for us. That is essential for our battle for freedom.

    In 1916, it was fighting for freedom. Now, it is about working for freedom. Our sovereignty demands that we have efficient public transport in Dublin, Cork and Galway. And also the level of residential accomodation that makes it efficient. It is part of the productivity objective that will help us service our massive public debts, and grind it downwards. It will ensure that when oil does go sky high again, that we are prepared.

  24. Deco

    The latest information is that FG want Shane Ross not in power. The detestation that exists in FG for Shane Ross is noticeable. And it is even more pronounced with regard to Creighton.

    Ross is a threat to the institutional state system, with all it’s pretence.

    And the Ross threat is represented in the word “transparency”.

    Deals are likely to get done to include all sorts – Lowry, Eamon Ryan (of the bailout the banks party), the Healy Raes. Anything but transparency.

    Will Shane Ross be the Trump card of the disaffected in Ireland ?

    Or was that Ming with his sweeping up of votes through the middle part of the island in the EP election ?

    I reckon right now the determination of FF/FG/GL/LP to place the institutional state above reform (let alone a badly needed efficiency drive) will eventually bankrupt the country and give a wider movement along the lines of the demands coming now from Shane Ross.

    In the interim, I expect there to be a continuation of the relentless message that the insitutional state is the solution to every problem.

  25. Deco

    We in the West, in recent decades, have been instructed to follow a different model of aspiration, and achievement.

    And it is pushed relentlessly in the media.

    Consume more stuff/services, and therefore find salvation.

    This is being presented in certain sections as evidence of moral degeneracy. That might be true. It is open to debate. We can discuss this rationally. And it is not a belief system, even if many people in it believe that it is a believe system.

    However, this does not justify other forms of immorality in name of political ideology whether Marxist like Pol Pot or Bin Ladin – who seek to destroy it by constructing an alternative role model for living – often out of adolescent anger, rather than mature assessment.

  26. joe hack

    Petro Islam:
    Wahhabism – Saudi Arabia – Sponsored by the USA has become more war like since 1979 (‘jihad in Afghanistan against the atheist Soviet Union’) Wahhabism – mujahedeen – al-Qaida – ISIS. The “west” is using the Saudi Wahhabi ‘Army’ “radicalised Islam” for its own ends – a private army it can deny any involvement with – and Wahhabism has its own agenda. Responsibility for the bombs in Brussels and elsewhere lies within Saudi Arabia and within its sponsors in the USA.

  27. joe hack

    I am in Shock:

    “Speaking recently, Barack Obama was woundingly candid about US-Saudi differences over Syria and Iran. He spoke of America’s Saudi alliance with barely disguised distaste. And he offered some unpalatable advice to his “friends” in Riyadh. “The competition between the Saudis and the Iranians – which has helped to feed proxy wars and chaos in Syria and Iraq and Yemen – requires us to say to our friends as well as to the Iranians that they need to find an effective way to share the neighbourhood,” Obama said. Sectarian rivalries were not in the US interest. And the Saudis, he suggested, could no longer count on preferential treatment.”

    If he really means that then for his own sake it’s best he get his own body guards and not depend on those supplied.

    • Truthist

      Essentially, it is not a competition between Saudi Arabia & Iran.
      But, both for their individual reasons, are prepared to have it mentioned thus.
      Saudi Arabia is a proxy for …
      Iran knows that.
      And, lest Iran be accused again of being anti-… it plays along with mainly criticizing Saudi Arabia when representatives are in engaged in public debate about the geopolitics of the region.
      Of course u know that “The City” starved to death approximately 50 % of the Iranian population to death less than a 100 years ago [ 1.5 grandmother years ago ].
      That was approx 9 million.
      Although, as expected “The City” have sponsored the official version of this part of history & have an Oxford / Cambridge [ I forget exactly ] Don insisting that it was 6 million Iranians starved to death.
      What is it about the number 6 million, or just 6, that folks are so obsessed with ?
      Some people hold that it was 6 million Irish people died as result of the great hunger ;
      But, nay, the numbers would not add up to arrive at that number.
      It was only 5.5. million Irish that died from the Great Hunger.
      And, nay also, it was not a Holocaust of the Irish.
      The meaning of Holocaust is “Burnt Offering”.
      That willful genocide of the Irish by “The City” was not a “Burnt Offering”.

      By the way, I can understand why Iran can be reasonably suspected of trying to manufacture N weaponry for itself as preventative deterrent
      against the dreadful few.
      But, I personally believe that Iran should not have N power as indeed should not any state [ 'deckchairs & wine & eateries for enjoying the "momentous" ongoing "mowing of the lawn"' pseudo-democracy included ].

      I respectfully suggest that we agree to differ on this subject.
      I accede to some of ur criticisms of Islam as it is interpreted & practised by some.
      What u wish for the Arab peoples would actually be agreeable to most of them I reckon.
      Still, nearly every society wishes to control its women.
      Even most women of most societies do not trust women in power, or when their libido is unleashed.
      My views on the rights of women are not intimated here in above comment.
      I am just reporting observations recognised to be in the main the most commonly held for most of history & current times too.

    • Truthist

      Sorry Joe ;

      My reply was intended for Deco.

  28. Deco

    This is a story that is in the news in Britain.

    A Muslim shopkeeper uploaded a comment on Facebook, designed at reconciliation and bridge building. In the context of Easter, and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. He was a kind man, and was motivated by consideration for others and tolerance.

    Then a co-religionist decided that the shopkeeper was reading too much of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth – and decided to murder the shopkeeper in a horrific and barbaric manner.

    This is an example of there being an obsession with control in hardline religious militancy.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers”.

    • Truthist

      Yes ;
      Islam for all its virtues does have intolerable faults ;


      Islam is a religion of the sword.

      Like its long-time political buddy for so long who gave us the 10 commandments ;
      And here from the harbringer of those edicts ;

      Charming chap was Moses & his band of merry men & women.

      Christ’s teachings are totally opposed to the sword.

      Important to make this distinction between the 2 other major monotheistic religions.
      And, there are other important distinctions that could be made.

      Still, Islam is very admirable for

      its opposition of avarice
      its opposition to a BC origin practise that is always the underlying topic of this an economics blog,

      its love of Jesus & Mary ;
      Both of whom Islam does not revel in them boiling in excrement as would our Puppet-Masters.
      This fact is most relevant & obviously appreciated by the majority of Irish Citizens & the majority of Immigrants to Irish State & also the majority of our Unionist, & Loyalist cousins in the North of the country.

      I reading around Christopher Hitchens presently.
      Seems to be a contender for one of ur oft referred to “Spoilt Brats”.
      Nothing remarkable as of yet.
      But, I expect to find enjoyable his prowess at verbal dexterity etc. ;
      As I have similarly enjoyed some of the writings of Martin Amis a colleague of his who is also an anti-Arab [ Sub-Set of Anti-Semitic ] & Anti-Muslim ;
      Not that I enjoy the sentiment of Anti-Arabaicism nor any Anti-any’ism of ethnic group of the human race, mind u.

      None of the Links that u give for my consideration will be ignored.
      I shall view them with an open-mind.
      It is good to consider worthiness in views of any portents.

      And here for ur consideration is a link to a man who may be the best hope to calming the long Rothschild [ currently under guise of Wahhabism & totally disingenuous Neo-Marxism through the likes of George Soros ] manipulated Muslims ;

      Please Note Deco ;
      I am not a Muslim.

      Here is the Sheikh’s preface to his video above ;

      Published on Jan 14, 2015
      Assalaamu ‘alaikum!
      Native French Muslims also have an obligation to follow the Sunnah of Hijrah from places of grave insecurity to freedom, to person and to faith, to places where a Muslim can recover security of person and faith, and freedom to respond appropriately to oppression and evil.

      Muslims of North African origin now resident in France, regardless of whether or not they were born in France, should not only make Hijrah out of France back to North Africa, and seek refuge in the remote Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian countryside, but they should also reach out to assist their native French brothers and sisters in Islam to also make that Hijrah. This is also a Sunnah.
      There may be little time left before the French Government is FORCED to place a ban on such Hijrah out of France.
      All that they have to do is to block your departure by Air or by Sea by declaring that your name is on a No-Fly/Leave List.

      Those who cannot, for whatever reason, leave France, should leave the cities of France and seek security of person and of faith in the remote French countryside.

      Those who insist on remaining in cities such as Paris have the right to do so and we do not offer any criticism of them.
      However it would be quite wicked of such people if they were to attempt to prevent those who wish to make Hijrah out of France or out of the French cities.

      With love,

      Imran N. Hosein

  29. Deco

    An interesting undercover documentary (by ITV). Relevant in the context of the article.

    The real hardline oppressor of the Arabs.

    It is NOT the USA. Or any other Western liberal democracy. Though, unfortunately several of Western democracies provide arms on lucrative terms to this regime that is oppressing Arabs.

    And it is definitely NOT Israel. Though clueless morons like Paul Murphy would disagree.

    Time to meet the real oppressor. This is an excerpt :

    Director of the Insitute of Gulf Affais, Ali al-Ahmed, said the Saudi education system ws created as a security measure to protect the ruling family and mislead millions of students into hatred of other religions and cultures.

    Al-Ahmed added "It's no wonder that thousands of Saudis joined ISIS and other terror groups because they were trainined in Saudis schools".

    The documentary includes details of a Arab Muslim woman driving from the United Arab Emirates (where it is permitted) into Saudi Arabia. She ends up in jail for 73 days without any trial. Terrorism charges were filed against her. She also faces death threats. [ How come the Feminists in the West have nothing to say on the matter ? Evidently, because they are useless ]

    Poverty is evident on the streets (despite the massive wealth).

    Also included are comments from a former CIA official detailing the problem of indoctrination, and the source of the problem. Which incidentally agrees with the article.

  30. Truthist

    @ Deco

    21 March 2016

    Here, Deco, u will find important answers about some of ur concerns :

    Media Manipulation ;
    Shows that Freud’s nephew Bernays was not benign nor essentially for commercial purposes.
    Rather, for a deeper & more sinister agenda.

    Feminism’s Inconsistency Re:
    “Strict” or “Fundamentalist” Islamic practises in Europe,
    But, hey, FEMEN are facilitated even by France 24 to benefit when they commit Agit-Prop events against ordinary French people protesting against the anti-family laws illegally imposed by Sarkozy Mark 2, Hollande ;
    Saudi Arabian official presence in Europe, & U.S.A. & Canada, & Australia ;
    Why not protests by Feminists at such venues ?

    Neo-Marxism / Cultural Marxism
    Objective is Ethnic Conflict
    That is why George Soros is sponsoring the influx of corrupted — if at all possible with the tutelage of George Soros’s Activists — Muslims of various Middle Eastern & Asian countries.

    OK, here is the short article that Makow featured ;

    Freud & Tavistock Psychological Control of Masses by Dan

    Freudian doctrines such as ‘female penis envy’ are nonsense. Academic psychology rejected most of Freud’s sexual theories over fifty years ago. But Freud’s public image as the sex obsessed inventor of the couch ‘talking cure’ was just a gimmick.

    Psychoanalysis was Freud’s cover for the real work he was doing: Psychodynamics. We now know that Freud’s real work was under the radar. Freud wrote books you never heard of. Even in the summary of career in Wikipedia you will find names, dates, and institutions In London with which he worked directly since 1908. These British colleagues created the Tavistock Institute after World War One, ostensibly to develop treatment for ‘shell schocked’ war veterans, now known as ‘post traumatic stress disorder’. When Freud had to go into exile from Vienna after the Anschluss in 1938, he was given a mansion at 20 Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead, London NW3 next door to the Tavistock Institute. Freud was just one of several Freuds that had been based in London, Paris, and New York. Most notably, his nephew Edward Bernays, founder of the modern ‘Public Relations’ industry during the 1920. Public Relations is the commercial version of military psychological warfare.

    What is Psychodynamics? It’s a modern frame for an ancient science of mass population control. What does this have to do with Feminism and the ‘war between the sexes’? Conflict between gender is termed a ‘dynamic conflict model’.

    There’s also an ‘ethnic conflict model’. Ethnic conflict model is what open borders ‘Multiculturalism’ is all about.

    Now I’ll give you a personal example of dynamic conflict model to make it simple. Say we have a teenage brother and sister. Between themselves they will conflict over domestic territory — a shared bathroom is the classic example. They’ll fight over it. But dad has grounded both of them, they’ll team up and run to mom to override dad.

    Ruling elites of countries use conflict models to split the public. When the rulers fear revolution, they’ll exacerbate a conflict between groups. What happens it the built-up ENERGY is redirected toward the streets.

    Meanwhile the elite areas enjoy peace and stability. The Democrats use both the Ethnic Conflict Model, which is what we’re seeing with Soros paying BLM to follow Trump rallies from state to state. They also use the Gender Conflict Model – which is what Henry’s article today is about.
    - See more at:

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