September 24, 2015

Attitudes to refugees divide Europe with a new Iron Curtain

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In May 1946, Churchill gave a speech considered to be the opening salvo of the Cold War. He declared: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” In addition to the “Iron Curtain” that had descended across Eastern Europe, Churchill spoke of “communist fifth columns” that were operating throughout western and southern Europe.


Could the same thing happen again in Europe with the refugee crisis? Could a new Iron Curtain – a new demarcation line – already be drawn between Eastern and Western Europe? In 1945, the line was an ideological and military divide. This time, could it be ethnic, demographic and religious?

Today the line is geographically the same, running right from the Baltic to the Adriatic. Now the issue is not communism but migration. The countries to the West of this new Iron Curtain are prepared to take in migrants/refugees whereas the countries to the east of the line are not.

Conventional wisdom said that Churchill would win the 1946 election, but he didn’t. Although ahead of his time geo-politically, Churchill was rejected by the British people even though he was the victorious war leader, and this was because the war changed everything. The troops coming back from Europe were intoxicated with the prospect of a better, more just future, where more people had more opportunity. They knew the Empire was over, they knew the UK had to do something new.

JK Galbraith, the great Canadian economist and the man who coined the term “conventional wisdom”, observed that conventional wisdom is rarely overthrown by a great countervailing ideology that convinces everyone to change their position, but rather, conventional wisdom is overthrown by seismic events. Back then the war was that huge event. Right now, could the arrival of hundred of thousands of refugees and migrants, who are encouraged by Germany, be a similar event?

The EU’s conventional wisdom today is that the EU is a unified political entity. Do you think that working assumption of a harmonious Europe will survive the mass movement of people on the EU’s southeastern border? Immigration is the issue and there are totally different attitudes on either side of Europe’s new Iron Curtain.

For example, over the weekend, a Croatian friend of mine, cosmopolitan and well travelled, asked me whether the rush of migrants was simply a grand plan to Islamise Europe. Sitting in Zagreb, she is terrified about Islamic “fifth columnists” that will come into Europe and radicalise the existing Muslim population. I am sure this type of conversation is happening all over central and Eastern Europe. I have no idea if it is a true fear, but that hardly matters – it’s a fear.

The Croats are concerned that the Germans are starting to row back while people are already on the move. The Croats fear that Croatia will be left with a huge Syrian/Afghan/Iraqi/Pakistani refugee camp on its borders as refugees wait for German doors to open again.

Croatia is not a country with resources and it’s not a country that is used to foreigners. Travelling around that country – and any country in the Balkans or Eastern Europe – one thing that strikes you is how “white” these countries are. Travel in Poland and you will be hard pressed to see a black man. The same goes for Slovakia and Hungary. In Serbia recently, fans and players set upon the black players in the English under-21 football squad for the “crime” of being black. Football supporters from the region regularly hurl racist abuse at black or Arab players. These are not places that have any history of welcoming immigrants.

In addition, amongst the Orthodox Christian countries, Islamophobia is common. This stems from centuries of proximity and the historical facts that have become mythological, such as the fact that the traditional seat of Orthodox Christianity, Constantinople, was sacked and taken over by the Muslim Turks. These antipathies go back a long way.

For example, a Bosnian Muslim friend who fought hand-to-hand in Sarajevo in the Bosnian war told me that the most vicious enemies weren’t Serbs but irregular bands of fascist Greek Orthodox fighters who came as mercenaries to protect their Orthodox Serb brothers from the threat of Bosnian Islam.

To the south is Turkey, a country that is now a massive holding pen for two million refugees who most probably would prefer to make prosperous Europe their home rather than the barren borderland of southern Turkey and northern Syria.

The Turks might simply facilitate the passage of these people to Europe. After all, Europe’s 40,000 migrants is dwarfed by Turkey’s two million.

What would happen, for example, if the Turks actively encouraged the migrants to cross its territory and make for the Hungarian border via the Balkans? After years of being humiliated by Western Europe for not being civilised enough to join the rich boys club of the EU, there must be many at the top in Turkey who wouldn’t mind throwing the refugee cat amongst the squabbling EU pigeons.

The EU countries are squabbling now but will this lead to a proper fight?

The Slavic countries in the East are against accepting foreigners into their countries and the Slavs in the South are equally against immigration. In addition, they are poor countries with barely enough resources to get by on their own.

When seen from East of the new Iron Curtain, the EU migrant crisis looks like an ill-conceived, yet entirely self-serving move by a historically guilty but economically savvy Germany to solve its demographic problem by plugging its workforce with young Muslims.

And if there is an overflow from Germany, the Slavs are worried that they will be the ones left with camps full of migrants who don’t want to be in Croatia – and the Croatians don’t want them there either.

We are at the very early stages, but even now you can see new alliances forming very similar to the old Cold War boundaries.

If Germany pushes too hard, who’s to say these differences won’t become something more permanent? Germany bullied the rest of the EU at every stage of the Eurozone debt crisis; in light of this, who is strong enough to rein Germany in?

Could we be seeing another Churchillian Iron Curtain? Could we be witnessing the great event that smashes conventional wisdom? It looks a bit like that from here.

  1. bluegalway

    It’s too late for talking merely of choosing which immigrants we accept in future. The truth is that preventing our replacement and national dispossession will most likely require halting all further immigration and reversing the immigration that has occurred since the late 1990s.
    That immigration occurred on an unprecedented scale and was deliberate; it was criminal.
    The higher birth-rates of many of the Third-World populations we have imported, and their desire to be separate and alien, means that it is only a matter of time before we have been replaced and the make-up and character of the native peoples of west European countries are changed permanently and irreversibly.
    We are rapidly approaching a fork in the road; on the one hand a humane, workable repatriation programme; on the other, chaos, carnage and bloodshed.
    It is only a matter of timing.


    I reject the makey uppey word Islamophobia. There is no such thing. There IS however a genuine LEGITIMATE fear of these filthy headscarved murderous pond scum. And that is not a phobia. The politically correct like to hurl their clever terms with the word phobia at the end, attempting to belittle the real conversation that should be taking place.

    • Deco

      I also reject it. It is a categorization that is applied to those that use common sense.

    • goldbug












    • redriversix

      Bloody Americans…!! C’mon over here using our runways….


    Above report provides some useful insides.

    I remember a few days ago a bishop from Hungary, who said that the pope is wrong and that they were no refugees but this would be an islamist invasion of predominantly catholic nations.

    Germany ranks third in the top ten global list of weapons exporters.

    Clearly, vested interest groups steer this multidimensional crisis we witness since 2008. It makes no difference anymore what vote you cast, it makes no difference what referrendum results are on the table.

    Warmongerers expecting profits dominate this epoch of financial fascism. Global refugee numbers including internally displaced people approach around 60 million.

    This number will increase multifold with foreseeable emerging ecological catastrophes “around the corner”.

    Germany/EU was quick to declare safe haven countries and eliminate economic refugees from the list.

    Environmental migrants or perhaps better to say climate refugees are not even propperly recognised by international refguee law.

    • coldblow

      Welcome back Georg.

      I don’t believe in global warming.

      Are we in Ireland climate refugees?

      • jaysus

        >Global warming is a scientific fact, its not a ‘belief’ system.

        • cooldude

          Loads of scientific evidence showing that we are now entering a cooling phase on this planet. Even NASA’s own website published facts to support this thesis. This data is now being “reinterpreted” (doctored) because it doesn’t fit in with the “agenda” of climate change. They have even changed the name from global warming to climate change which shows they know the earth is not currently warming. The fact is this branch of science has been hijacked by an elite agenda which has no interest in scientific facts. Just check the climategate emails to see how unscientific these guys can get when facts don’t suit their agenda.

          Science should always involve interpretation of facts not doctoring them to suit agendas. Here is proof of this doctoring

    • coldblow

      Also, the Pope is right to speak his mind. It troubles me as I think he is wrong, but if someone could convince me he is right I would be delighted. I only have my own pov and recognize that it is imperfect. He did say every parish should take one refugee. I guess that every parish has multiples of this already. Over on the Irish Economy Michael Hennigan has figures showing that 17% of Irish born now live abroad while 20% of those living here were born abroad. That includes me by the way. How many others are living here illegally and not captured by those figures? Demographically speaking there will always be a vast pool of would-be immigrants so further mass inflows is not sloving anything and is no more than a drop in the ocean.

      Now, if you are seriously saying that we open our borders (perhaps you aren’t) how can you justify it?

      Finally, we should renounce the refugee convention, at least until there has been a vote, as this is clearly an opportunity for economic immigrants to get access by right, just by turning up. On the Irish Economy they criticized the fact that Ireland only accepted 30% of claimants, compared to some countries who let in twice this. In my view, the 30% is unacceptably high and all further immigration should be put on hold as it is the only prudent course of action. This has moral implications and I will have to answer for my conscience before my Maker, so I hope I have made the right choice. If I were to go for the safe, soft option I would, I believe, damage my country’s interests. Nobody said it is easy and it isn’t. So my mind is open. Convince me.

      • coldblow

        This is an excellent article about the Refugee Convention even though the author, I suspect, himself favours open borders.


      • Reality Check

        +1 Coldblow, It’s not wrong to want to protect your European heritage.

      • Reality Check

        Coldblow, “By quartering a squad of musloid invaders in your home, allow me to show you the TRUE face of islamic invasion and conquest.
        Meet Elin Krantz. She was a young Swedish girl who fell for the kind of bullshit Pope Francis is peddling, and was a vocal proponent of “diversity” and unlimited “open immigration” of musloids into Sweden and Europe” – Ann Barnhardt

        Fair Warning; If you are of a squeemish disposition Do NOT CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW and look at the pictures at the bottom of the page.

        • Reality Check

          -And I don’t mean you Coldblow, just anyone foolish enough to do this.

          • DB4545

            Reality Check

            Absolutely horrific. The images of that poor girl need to be seen by the same number of people who saw the image of that poor little boy on the beach. I don’t think people have any real insight into the mindset of people who commit rape and murder unless they’ve witnessed such images.

        • DB4545

          Reality Check

          Those images are truly horrific. I think that they’re being used in exactly the same way as the images of the little boy in order to provoke an emotional reaction and in both cases it’s the wrong emotional reaction seeking the wrong outcome. I think we’re in danger of going down a very dark road if we think all people who are Muslim are capable of that crime. Let me explain and I’ll tread very carefully here.

          At the start of the Northern Ireland troubles the British compounded the problem by making a very serious error. Because of the situation they faced they made the link that all Catholics supported the IRA. Therefore they interned a huge number of people from Catholic backgrounds who had no links whatsoever with the IRA. In the process they radicalised a lot of people needlessly.If you’re targeted unfairly suddenly you’ve got a cause and a radical reason to fight back. In essence they made a fundamental attribution error. All men are human. But not all humans are men as women will quickly point out. A correlation is not causation and the correlation can be negative or positive. Some Catholics support the Union. Some Protestants support Republicanism. If you push people to extremes they may take extreme positions. Therefore it makes no sense in terms of directing resources at a particular group to target the whole group unfairly if only a minority are causing the problem. Otherwise you risk radicalising large numbers and compounding your problems greatly.

          That said large scale immigration into Europe of people who have a fundamentally different cultural and religious standpoint will cause havoc if assimilation is not the goal. The US model was and is about immigration and assimilation. Countries such as the Netherlands and Sweden are running scared and alarm bells are sounding. People feel they’re being railroaded into a society that they have no voice or vote in shaping. If people wish to move to Europe they need to assimilate into what is a largely secular Christian society. If they find that’s alien to their beliefs they need to stay where they are and reform their own societies. Otherwise it’ll end in slaughter because that is the history of Europe.

        • McCawber

          The cynic in me says.
          At the outset let me offer my sincere etc
          This was an unfortunate, one off incident.
          We will investigate this isolated incident to ensure nothing like this can happen, ever again.
          Once again I/We wish to offer our condolences to the family of etc.

          This is how you dump your citizens into the mire.
          It’s either denial or incapacity or a good mix of both.

      • jaysus

        Relax, 1. you are not a machine and were not made by anyone.
        2. You wont answer to anyone when you die, you will simply cease to exist just as you didnt exist before you became self aware as an infant.
        Now go and enjoy your one and only life and stop embarrassing yourself by spouting superstitious nonsense.

        • redriversix

          In the ideal World everybody should be able to move around at will and welcome each other , whoever you are……


          In this World …The West runs amok over the East & Middle East and creates refuge crisis….then is shocked & horrified at the result of their actions..

          The stupidity is hard to fathom…

          In this World., because of a office somewhere in charge of political correctness…The West feels obliged to take in people who’s country it bombed , attacked or sponsored terrorism so to have a Friendly Government in Place who will give us their natural resources for some trinkets and baby wipes.

          Will their be “rogue elements” within the migrant population ?

          Of course their will !! And I imagine they are pretty pissed….

          Isis , created and funded by Saudi Arabia and the West has been more successful than any previous internals attempts to overthrow or attack any neighbors before….

          So , historically Arabs cannot find their ass with 2 hands & a flashlamp …militarily speaking….

          But over the last 3/4 years , with no Air Force and a couple of Toyota pickups…They can suddenly take control of large swaths of Iraq , Syria , Libya , Yemen , …

          How could this possibly happen..??

          How , because old whitey & his Yankee doodle dandy fuckwits thing they can sponsor the enemy of my enemy and have no blow back….

          Assholes . !!

          War on Terror ????

          Refugees ? Crisis ??

          We haven’t seen anything yet…

          Solution ? ..none

          Have to go all the way on this stupid self created crisis before we can restart / reset / do over.

          Ah well…

          What can you do..?

          What time is the X-Factor on ?

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi rr6.

            I mean what I am saying about the book or blog. If you chronicle the decay you witness on your travels on a blog I will pay a 100 euro subscription in advance.



          • redriversix

            Thanks Michael

            Sounds good…maybe I should practice here for a while….typical human…big ego & a low self esteem

            Greetings from a truck stop somewhere near St Pons in the Mountains…South of France

            Hope your keeping well Michael ?


          • michaelcoughlan


            Also start the blog. Improve one skill at the time and your self esteem will rise as you go face your fears.

            Write the blog.
            Write the blog.
            Write the Blog…………..

            No one in the mainstream press is telling the story you are.


        • coldblow

          I’m used to embarrassment.

          There is a startling image in Bede’s History of the Church in England (I think that is the name) which discusses the conversion of one of the kingdoms (perhaps Mercia) to Christianity. The chief priest of the pagan temple volunteered to smash up the idols because after a lifetime, as he said, of sacrifices he had seen other men get rich but it had done him no good himself. I think it was in connection with this bit where the scene inside a great lord’s banqueting house on a cold winter’s day is described. A fire is burning and it is warm and comfortable inside when a sparrow flies in through at one end of the room and flutters briefly across the hall before leaving by another window, returning to the cold and darkness it had come from. This is what a man’s life is like.

          We can discuss this another time, perhaps starting in my favourite place for fun and amusement at the expense of atheists, Richard Dawkins. Meanwhile thanks for opening my eyes.

    • redriversix

      Nice to see you back Georg. …

      Not long in myself…!!


  4. michaelcoughlan

    The article was going swimmingly until the following idiotic passage;

    “When seen from East of the new Iron Curtain, the EU migrant crisis looks like an ill-conceived, yet entirely self-serving move by a historically guilty but economically savvy Germany to solve its demographic problem by plugging its workforce with young Muslims”

    Someone with a personality as truly twisted and as disturbed as Suds might agree with it and more perversely may even believe such a thing could be orchestrated but do you really think that people with healthy moral minds would agree that the refugee crises has been orchestrated by Germany to take advantage of all the desperate labour now landing in Germany?

    As for;

    “who is strong enough to rein Germany in?”

    It took the whole world the last two times. Remember David the reason the Brits had an armistice in 1918 was they simply ran out of 14, 15 and 16 year old youngfellas to feed into the meat grinder losing more in 1918 than the first 3 years combined.

    This is the most important passage in the article;

    “For example, a Bosnian Muslim friend who fought hand-to-hand in Sarajevo in the Bosnian war told me that the most vicious enemies weren’t Serbs but irregular bands of fascist Greek Orthodox fighters who came as mercenaries to protect their Orthodox Serb brothers from the threat of Bosnian Islam”

    Send all these young men home to protect their families and communicates from the mercenary murderous pond scum paid for by Dick Cheny to destabilise Syria et al. Oh, just in case you missed it the massive intervention in Syria you were calling for in the last article seems to have begun;

    Read the link and ask yourself who is providing ISIS with the intel.

    Finally David your article of a couple of years ago about Spain having to invade its neighbours after the lending splurge collapse of the stolen gold is most prescient and is exactly what’s driving US foreign policy for the same reason.

    Read Perkins “Confessions of an economic Hitman”


    • redriversix

      I did write last week that Merkels labor problems would be solved by a influx of cheap labour…..

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Someone with a personality as truly twisted and as disturbed as Suds might agree with it and more perversely may even believe such a thing could be orchestrated but do you really think that people with healthy moral minds would agree that the refugee crises has been orchestrated by Germany to take advantage of all the desperate labour now landing in Germany?”

      No, I do not believe in that – but that does not mean it might have been orchestrated by someone else.

      Or the Saudis. Or even those in the Anglo-Saxon sphere who think Germany is growing too strong (UK and the US take f..k all refugees and unlike Orban, get no beef from Merkel for that, while Israel pays for tickets for black immigrants they do not want to go to Sweden – as admitted by their own newspaper).

      German state offer the refugees to work for 1 euro per hour:

  5. Mike Lucey

    “When seen from East of the new Iron Curtain, the EU migrant crisis looks like an ill-conceived, yet entirely self-serving move by a historically guilty but economically savvy Germany to solve its demographic problem by plugging its workforce with young Muslims.”

    Nuff said!

  6. Reality Check

    God bless the Hungarians, Slovaks, Polish, etc who oppose this invasion.

    • To call refugees from war torn countries fleeing from torture, bombs and ultimate destruction”invaders” finds adequate explanations in pathological terms.

      • Reality Check

        Nice try Georg, did they teach you that “you are crazy for pointing out the obvious” at cultural Marxism school?

        Yep, they are invaders because despite all the empathy porn the fact is at least 70% of them are young able bodied males, – they are not fleeing persecution from “safe” Turkey. They are illegal immigrants. Counties have a right to protect their borders.

        Fortunately Gaslighting, emotional blackmail by the lame stream media has no effect on the EE citizens. Only the EE countries have the balls to save European culture, they’ve lived and worked in multicultural dumps like the UK and they want none of it.

  7. michaelcoughlan

    Thankfully Germany is controlled by a woman;

    George Carlin on the male disease;

  8. Cavesson

    Its very surprising that more referedum on In-Out of EU are not talking place around Europe.
    Even our own case, we have never seen as much damage we hve since becoming part of the Eurozone, and the beniftis of being so entwinded with the EU are hard to see.
    Yes we got roads, but we swopped our fish stocks for them. Surely we could hve retained the fish stocks and used the revenue to finance new roads. Instead we tried to buy external approval from strangers with whom we have no relationship, and sold our own public for this approval.

    We also sold our relationship with the US. The country who built our economy over the last 40 years with tourism and manaufacturing. And they did so without trying to control our corporation tax or our laws. What a kick in the teeth we have given them.
    Now when they come to Kerry they dont get typical Irish people…they get…everything else. How stupid we can be in squandering everything we have…..and that the US wants.

    Shouldnt Enda, and most EU leaders, give their public’s a referendum that matters to everyone .. rather than one which matrers to a few.
    Fine Gael are big on democracy when it cant impact their hold on power. They thought that the Seanded Referendum would go the other way, and thats the only reason they had it. It was about reducing democracy (removing the Seanad)….but it was cloaked in the myth of excercising democracy (giving the peoiple the choice). When it didt go their way Vearandkar said that the outcome didnt really matter anyway because such a low turnout highlighted that nobody cared about the Seanad anyway. Undermining democratic process – win or loose. How disgusting is that.

    Yet the real impacts on us…..Corporation Tax, Central Bank Interest Rates, Bailouts, Immigrations Levels, Demographics…all managed by Europe….we get no choice on.

    We should leave Europe, who we have no history with or loyalty to, and forge closer ties with the US, Britain, China, and non-Eurocurrency European states. And control our own destiny.

    Surely any true statesman would offer his public this. And maybe he will….when we get one.

    • CorkPlasticPaddy

      Couldn’t agree more with what you had to say, Cavesson! That’s what’s sadly lacking in this country and throughout the whole of the EU, lack of statesmanship.

      Changing over from the European Economic Community to the European Union was the biggest mistake made to date as we now have what could only be described as a fuhreress running Europe.

      We do need someone with a bit of backbone to stand up to her and the rest of those dickheads in Brussels. The idiot we have as Taoiseach is only interested in making sure that he keeps on getting pats on the head from them. What we need is to have a referendum like the UK is going to have in 2017 on whether we should stay in Europe or get out? In the beginning it was a good idea along with we all having a common currency, but after what’s after happening to us over the last 6 to 7 years it’s time for a complete rethink on Europe and the EU!!

  9. Deco

    A few years ago, I was talking to a wise man from China. He told me that everybody has a price. Being an idealist, I abhorred this. I disagreed. I refused to believe.

    But he is correct. A wise man indeed.

    • VW CEO Martin Winterkorn’s price is 28 million for retirement, and of course he remains on the board of the FC Bayern Munich.

      I am cheap, if someone offers and maintains global peace and equality, I work for free.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “I am cheap, if someone offers and maintains global peace and equality, I work for free”

        Global peace is maintained by the working end of the barrel of a gun and a young fella capable of and intent on using it if necessary to maintain that peace. Charge for your service and people will value peace more highly.

    • Reality Check

      “On matters of principle, there can be no compromise” – Terence McSweeney.

  10. Cavesson

    How can E~U nations have independent foreign policy but all EU nations can then have to abide and EU-wide Refugee Policy. France, UK, Germmany, and anyone with an armay can act independantly with no consideration of humanitarian responsibilities. The reason being that they can kick those responsibilities onto somebody else.

    When Germany sells arms into the Middle East do they have quota’s for the profits to be dispersed amongst its EU neighbours?
    When the arms are manufactured in a very efficient factory which is fueled on cheap Russian Gas, who benefits. Germany, and Russia. But not Germany’s “Partners in Responsibility”.

    Its going to be a a 1-Way street in Europe where all roads lead to Germany. Do you really think they divised this EU model so that other countries could benefit economically?

    We have seen how they reacted to Bailouts, Recession’s, Refugee Quouta’s, Foreign Policy, Corporation Tax ….. We really need an In-Out Referendum.
    Political Correctness has conditioned us to avoid taboo subjects, and it also conditioned us to believe questioning the European experiement is a taboo subject.

    When we wake up .. there will be anarchy…

  11. coldblow

    As David sees it, and as I said here a few days ago, conventional wisdom is going to be put to the test over this. There isn’t any ‘great countervailing ideology’ that could threaten it, anyway, only the corpse of the old Christian tradition which has been defeated, embalmed and retained as a grisly reminder to all about what will happen if they don’t do what they are told. Hitchens forecasts an Islamic Britain and Europe in the not too distant future, not a possibility I’d ever entertained, but he is a shrewder judge than

    The thing about conventional wisdom is that it was a shiny new ideology, now tarnished, born in times of plenty. As Fennell observed in his Post Western Condition, it is riven with internal contradictions which have not yet had to be resolved into a firm hierarchy of values, based as it is on the repudiation of Christianity, owes its legitimacy to plentiful money and the freedom of individuals to do as they please, and is unlikely to survive when hard times return (he wrote it 16 years ago). He doesn’t rub his hands in glee at the prospect as, after all, it is all we have, and wonders if it can be made liveable in some way.

    What is the present condition of the EU borders? I know Hungary has blocked entry but I understood that migrants were entering via Croatia. Is this still the case? I was listening to a German radio podcast two days ago where it was reported that 12k had entered the previous weekend (I think he actually said per day) but this might have been a couple of days out of date. Certainly the way they were talking they were preparing for high flows over the next few years. There was no dissent from this view and any opposition, expressed only obliquely, if at all, was limited to doubts about their capacity to process such numbers. A Green Party deputy bewailed the absence of European co-operation, which just goes to show how people can see things differently. Another contributor pointed out that Germany hadn’t actually gone out of its way to help countries like Italy who had been battling for years to control their coast line. (I recall more than 15 years ago, when they used to show the Italian news on the ‘pipe’, when Berlusconi was in charge and the blonde presenter failed to hide her legs under a glass desk, that boats were washing up every day in the south.)

    In any event, they seemed determined to follow through with this. And without meaning any disrepect to German (I had a hunch earlier today that Georg would return) they have a history of chasing lost causes to the bitter end (1945) and they are alarming when they stop behaving rationally. I say this because this does not seem to have been planned, no matter what rationalizations are provided after the event. This policy was dictated by Facebook and no extravert, no matter how educated, no matter how much responsiblity he held, could rely on being immune to the hysteria.

    Actually, I just thought of another example of this to add to my list, which is Juncker’s recent speech appealing to European values and solidarity in sharing the burden. (By the way, if the migrants were required to meet labour shortages, how could they also be a burden?) A Deutsche Welle discussion at the time described his speech as ‘emotional’ and not one of his best. There’s that word again, emotional. The speech was also notable for its resort to extravert cliche in its call afor eradicating the evil of trafficking. I’d very much doubt that the traffickers are ‘evil’ or that the trafficked are ‘victims’. Remind you of anything else?

    By the way, David doesn’t have warn his readers that it is no ‘crime’ being black. Who here thinks like that? I haven’t met any. I discussed it with a colleague who grew up in a rough part of Dublin and he said that some of the old fellows down the pub might make racist remarks, but would be careful not to repeat them if a black man entered. The only people he knows who would use insulting racialist language would be drug addicts.

    Fifth column is a term that was invented during the Spanish Civil War, as I recall from reading Antony Beevor’s book a couple of years ago. I came across it again just the other day, in an article written by John Waters for Village.

    I mention it here because it is directly relevant to the shameless suppression of debate in Ireland. This was about ‘Pantigate’ where Waters and other journalists were described by Rory O’Neill on RTE as ‘homophobes’. In the course of the article he mentions the time the director of Irish Amnesty International said that they would have supported him except that he was ‘so angry’. ‘I asked him if there were any other recorded instances where Amnesty had rejected a potential client on this ground.’

    This is nothing new. When I came here in 1987 it was already like this, and I remember buying a newspaper two or three years earlier, when I was on holiday and visiting Dublin. It was the Independent and I hadn’t seen anything like its strident tone since my university days.

    Here’s the final paragraph, about fifth columns:

    ‘Anyone with the slightest concern for the health of Irish democracy must regard the deluge of hatred more or less stoked by the ‘national broadcaster’ and the Irish Times, and agitated in the lawless world of the social media into a tsunami of bullying, with the utmost dismay. By far the most worrying aspect, however, is that, unless urgent action is taken by those with the power to take it, there may soon be no audible voice left to raise itself against the corrupted clamour of the unrecognised, unaccountable fifth column now directing every twitch and nuance of our public life. What is at issue is not, as some propose, the validity of any particular argument, but the capacity of the collective conversation much longer to accommodate any kind of argument at all.’

  12. Reality Check

    As per usual – Follow the Money.

    “German journalist goes into hiding after saying “refugee crisis” is a money-making industry”.

    • Reality Check

      “He said that in Germany, political parties make money because they “themselves run refugee camps.”

      He also said “Journalists are getting paid for nice stories about refugees. They get money; they get donations; they get prizes for good stories to open the pockets of the people.”

      He also said that another group which is making money is the drug industry.

      “The pharma industry in Europe estimates an additional sale just regarding hepatitis C of about €13 billion for the next [couple of] years because they have to treat those guys. If you have hepatitis C and you come from a country like Syria and Afghanistan, you’re taking every day the value of an iPhone and that for years… on tablets. That’s a big profit. Nobody talks about that. And somebody has to pay for it.”

      “Why is Europe the place of the world that should take all those people?…Why are the Middle Eastern countries, rich countries, neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, rich Kuwaitis, Bahrainis – they ( the refugees) have their culture, they have their beliefs – they close the doors?…Why do they all say: ‘Please, just go to Europe?” he asked”.

      • “Well, there are a lot of rich people behind the scenes of politics who would like to see White people reduced to a tiny minority in our own countries.

        This White Genocide agenda is carried out by anti-Whites who are using their power, money, and influence to open the borders and “diversify” all the White areas.”

        There is a concerted effort to break the western industrial democracies. I’ll repeat what I have said before” I could see it happening in the 1970′s from just being aware of what is happening.

        Just follow the money and it leads right back to the purveyors of the creators of the central banking system and the creation of unlimited money.This is what has funded all the wars to break stable states such us Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. creating mayhem and millions of refugees.

        ccouple that with political correctness and the West has been set up for its own destruction. All over Africa and The Middle East and the Balkans wars have been fostered where millions of Christians have been killed with little said in the main stream Media.


        Those who want to run the world (power trip extremists) must break the Western Industrial democracies to do so. Internal decay followed by external assault is the plan. They are succeeding.

        Government must be local for the benefit of the locals. The large state cannot do this because a single policy does not fit a diverse population. A cantonal system together with a federation of interconnectednesss is the solution.

        As such the small nation states of Europe need to reclaim sovereignty, operate a local economy and trade excess production to others. Use a sound money system and eschew the model of debt based money currently used.

        The union of trading nations should be retained but there must be economic, fiscal, monetary and political independence. Foreign intervention into the affairs of other nations should be banned.

        Those who prosecute the agenda of the Central Banker fiat money are the basic root cause of the worlds problems. That is where the funding originates.

        • cooldude

          I agree fully with your interpretation Tony. This is not random but well pre planned with the intent of destroying european society. What we should bear in mind is that these refugees are the direct result of the west’s endless wars in the middle east. The Assad regime in Syria enjoy far more popular support than Cameron or Obama and has achieved over 70% support in the polls. Just like Libya this was never a civil war but an attempt by the US, UK, Nato and Israel to institute regime change through the funding and training of foreign mercenaries. In 2012 Assad tried to open peace talks with the US but was turned down because they have no interest in peace just regime change.

          Now the result is all these refugees who are being used by the same forces to destabilize Europe. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that all of this began shortly after the recent Bilderburg conference in Austria in June. Peter Sutherland is on their steering committee and is also European chief in charge of how this refugee crisis is tackled. All of this has been carefully planned and is now being executed accordingly. Any questioning of the agenda is not permitted in the lamestream media who are all in on the game. John Waters is one of the very few journalists who does not play the game and he is constantly vilified by the muppets who pretend they are the press. A return to real sovereignty and a halt to the constant western interference in the middle east would be a start.

          • “This quasi-secret cabal pulling the strings in Washington and much of America’s foreign policy is maintained by a corporatist ideology that thrives on deregulation, outsourcing, deindustrialization, and financialization. American exceptionalism, or the great “Washington Consensus,” yields perpetual war and economic imperialism abroad while consolidating the interests of the oligarchy here at home.”


            This is another agreement for the reason for all the migrants flooding Europe.

          • cont..

            “Is there hope for the future?
            Perhaps. At present, discord and unrest continues to build. Various groups, establishments, organizations, and portions of the populace from all corners of the political spectrum, including Silicon Valley, Occupy, the Tea Party, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, anarchists and libertarians from both the left and right, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and others are beginning to vigorously question and reject the labyrinth of power wielded by the deep state.

            Can these groups – can we, the people – overcome the divide and conquer tactics used to quell dissent? The future of freedom may depend on it.

  13. McCawber

    In Utopia there will be one issue of paramount importance.
    POPULATION control. World population growth will have to cease when the population has reached some as yet undefined number.
    Say for example Ireland’s quota is 5m.
    Is that 5m Celts or …….
    What was your knee jerk reaction to that little gem, I wonder?
    Interesting question and the answers could be even more interesting.
    Mind you there won’t be any refugees to deal with. (Natural disasters?)

  14. McCawber

    Nobody is going to like this being said but racism (note the small r) is a necessary precursor to racial survival.
    Germany could very easily become an Islamic state.
    Due to my own ignorance, I don’t know whether that is a good or bad thing. The ignorance default is to think it’s a bad thing (conditioning, stranger reaction etc, I’m not a psychologist) and the default reaction is racism.

  15. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Dear David, dear readers and my fellow citizens of what had been formerly known as Europe,

    I have been looking forward to your new article on the latest developments in the refugee crisis and when I finally saw it in the paper, I felt compelled to comment on it, even though I have been too pressed on time to do any serious blogging. First of all, congratulations on your prophetic article from a few months ago in which you pointed out how the new technology enables people from outside Europe to have a hitherto unprecedented insight into our societies and then become part of them – strictly speaking not part of our way of living, but rather part of our overburdened welfare states (taking the liberty of being in the congratulatory mode, I’d like to congratulate myself on predicting a few months ago that Mrs. Yellen would not raise the interest rates and I hope that maybe some of your readers will be mollified in their accusations that by pointing out that Ireland should start thinking seriously about its police forces and its army – far from intending to transplant militaristic traditions onto the chilled out Anglo-Saxon cultural landscape, I was merely pointing out that the relaxed Anglo-Saxon police style may not be able to cope with potential waves of outside Europe immigration of young, frustrated, strong and demanding single males for which Saudi Arabia is building mosks – for it is only because Ireland enjoys a 60 miles Irish Sea wall and it is not in Schengen that we do not see in Dublin any scenes reminiscent of Budapest, but for how long?).

    The reason I have decided to comment is that although your article on the new Iron Curtain is well-thought, reasonable and relevant, I suffer from the impression that you and your readers are missing out on what the real bone of contention in Europe is – and how you can square Eastern Europe into that. You write, “Travel in Poland and you will be hard pressed to see a black man. The same goes for Slovakia and Hungary. In Serbia recently, fans and players set upon the black players in the English under 21-football squad”.

    It’s all very true, except that the debate in Eastern Europe has nothing to do with black people or foreigners in generals (historically Poland was the most welcoming country in Europe – called “the Jewish Paradise” by the authors of the Great Encyclopaedia – that’s why we ended up with so many Jews – it also had most of its elected kings foreign-born and not speaking any Polish – and by the way, if you weren’t involved in the cult called rugby you would have noticed by now that the situation of black players is the worst not in Eastern Europe, but in Spain and Italy’s lower division matches – unlike the Spaniards, we had black, foreign born players in our Polish national soccer team and some of our basketball teams are more non-white than white – and have you ever met a Spanish Lewis Hamilton fan?); I would also leave Serbia out of it if I were you because the ex-Yugoslavia is a totally different culture to Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary – orthodox culture as you have noticed – with incompatible history, culture and even folk music (ever heard of Western, Eastern and Southern Slavs? – genetically they differ more than the Irish and the English, except maybe for Polish-derived Croats – compare flags of those two countries).

    So what is the real bone of contention? I can summarise in a few points.

    1. There used to be something called the EU law. Now Hungary is being bullied by Germany, France and now Austria for being the only country which is serious about Schengen and the Dublin Declaration. Basically the EU law is now what Mrs. Merkel says it is (it was not until 1943 that Hitler was able to fully change the German legal system in that manner – that the law was what he said it was), not what we – the European nations – have signed for (by saying “we” I mean our so called “elites” – for not every nation was given a chance to vote on any of it and when they did vote – like the Irish – their vote had not been respected and they were asked to recant). I do not know about you, but to me it’s the Eastern European countries which try to rescue the Latin civilisation and Germany which tries to change it into Byzantine civilisation, where written agreements do not matter). That Dublin Declaration now looks rather like that piece of paper that Mr. Hitler signed for Mr. Chamberlain – and German anti-Eastern European, anti-Greek and – until recently – anti-Irish propaganda is a bit like the Nazi pre-WWII “Polish atrocities” propaganda (no German concentration camps anymore – and now the Germans want Poland to enslave the refugees in concentration camps, so we would hear more about the “Polish concentration camps” from the German media).
    2. Part of that Latin heritage – I am talking about the Roman Empire and its law – is that we, free (continental) Europeans and free members of the Atlantic civilisation should be able to enjoy some liberties, such as freedom of movement of goods, people and capital – but also freedom to opt-out of it. But Gemany sees it differently – they want Eastern Europe to force the migrants to stay in Eastern Europe by force (as if Poland had little to worry about its eastern border with the “friendly” Ukraine ommemorating their Nazi veterans – with Mrs. Merkel quietly encouraging it).
    3. All of that is being peppered with German crocodile tears regarding lack of solidarity and Christian value in Eastern Europe. It’s remarkable that they never said that about the US (which caused the conflict in Middle East and is not taking any refugees, no matter what they declare), the UK (which initially did not take any refugees and Mrs. Merkel was not giving out to them for that) or Australia (which not only is not taking any refugees, but would probably sink them boats if faced with such invasion – they keep all of them for a year in concentration camps on a remote island). Oh, and who would dare to criticise Israel and Saudi Arabia for refusing to take any refugees? Not the Fuehrerin Merkel anyway. Their state media Deutsche Welle gave a title to their report on Victor Orban: “Raus aus dem EU!” (this was directed to Hungarians, not to the illegal migrants) – to be in keeping with the German station style of reporting I should add, “Ein Reich, Ein Volk und Eine Fuehrerin. Heil Hitler!”.
    4. While appealing to Eastern Europe to face Mrs. Merkel’s music – after she had changed her mind regarding the migrants – Germany has f…d up Poland once again via Nordstream Two. I would like to state it clearly – German solidarity demands that Poland pays the energy bills of German households, that German supermarkets pay no taxes in Poland and transfer all the profits and that Poland should use its police forces to keep the refugees in Poland by force, so that the whole odium of brutality falls on Eastern Europe (so far all “refugees” invited by Polish parishes to stay with Polish families have escaped to Germany). Germany goes as far as announcing in their media what the Polish Prime Minister had agreed on (regarding the refugees quota) before she had even been asked.
    5. How can Germany be more hypocritical than that? Well, it turns out that it can – Herr Schultz has threatened Poland with military intervention should it not obey the German orders. Why was that piece of information censored in the Irish media?
    6. I have written many times that I am not against taking war refugees. However, if most of them are refugees, than I am Michael Collins (it is estimated that less than 20pc are from Syria and 5pc from Iraq). Most of those people stranded in Hungary are economic migrants – relatively rich – how many Poles could pay 4,000 euro to come to Ireland? And how come you are given a 1,000 euro and a house without any merit or even proof that you really are a refugee when you are healthy looking and definitely not hungry (the most desired thing after crossing the Hungarian border is not food or water – that they throw out when offered by the Hungarian police, as you can see in multiple videos – but places where they can charge their i-Phones to tell their families they are on their way to the German paradise; make no mistake, there are real war refugees as well, but they constitute no more than 20pc of the total migrants)? – while the Eastern Europeans, having been force to make their economies a German colony, had to wait for a decade before Germany let them in – not to take social welfare and social housing, to which they are not entitled – but to work (mind you, the so called refugees do not even wan to settle in Denmark because Sweden offers them 1,000 euro and Denmark “only” 500 – that’s enough to boil the blood of the Irish citizens on less with no free housing available). What we see on TV are the most affluent of the refugees; those in need – the real war refugees – are unable to move from their war zones and are stranded in camps trying in vain to enter Europe legally (no RTE journalist would go there) – Germany, US or the UK – not to mention the Arab countries or Israel – do not give a damn about them either, otherwise they would have accepted their applications.
    7. Taking about war refugees. David, you seem to be completely unaware of the fact that Poland has already taken hundred of thousands of Ukrainian war refugees (and Ukrainian students, paying them twice as much in stipends as the Polish students) – the real war refugees – even though it was not Poland which has started the war in the Ukraine, but Germany, the US (mainly) and Mr. Putin, who rigged the Crimean referendum and had been illegally arming the separatists – which he even admitted. Poland’s politics towards Ukraine (unwavering support) is in my opinion wrong – but that was not the choice of Polish state (Poland was not invited to Minsk for diplomatic talks). So long as the Ukrainians were prevented from entering Germany, Mrs. Merkel was not giving a damn about war refugees. Neither was Austria, which said that they would allow all refugees, but now when Mrs. Merkel closed her border, Austria demands that Eastern Europe takes the refugees they allowed.
    8. You are right about the New Curtain. However, you are wrong that the division is between Eastern and Western Europe. Here is where the real division is: on the one hand we have Germany and France (who caused the crisis by arming the regimes they then toppled and by irresponsible asylum policies), with Britain pretending this crisis is something they have to react to (but do not really want to) rather than something they had caused. On the other hand we have Eastern Europe (with subservient Polish government), Austria, Finland, Spain, Italy (when Italy wanted to get rid of their refugees, France closed its border). The main culprit – the US – is looking at Europe with some sort of Schadenfreude that they have managed to kill two birds with one stone – cause the refugee crisis and then dump all of them refugees onto Europe.
    9. Ireland’s position is probably quite reasonable – this is not our “Emergency”, we did not invade anyone in first place, so we will take f…k all refugees (much less than Poland or Hungary per capita) on this occasion – just a few so that yous won’t give out to us. To be honest, I may sound like I am being sarcastic, but I do not see anything immoral in the Irish position.
    10. Thinking a year or two ahead – Mrs. Merkel has just secured the National’s Front victory in France and she made sure the newly elected Polish government will be pro-US and anti-German. So maybe she is not that wise as I have thought? You write that you have no idea if your Croatian friend’s fear about the Islamic “fifth column” is a true fear. Well, it is a true fear – Sweden is now first in the world in terms of rapes per capita and this has been going on when the leader of the Copenhagen’s Muslim community has said in public that every woman who does not cover her body desires to be raped. I do not think that Ireland where women would have to cover their faces is the kind of Ireland that Edmund Burke desired and Michael Collins fought for. Do you?

    Perhaps this 10 min excerpt from the debate in the Polish Parliament will allow the readers to gain a better understanding of Eastern Europe’s position on asylum seekers.

    Second link: remind me why exactly we have to give all of them A-army category strong males a 1,000 euro per month, free housing and freedom to rape – while genuine war refugees, do not have i-Phones and do not have a few thousand euro to pay the mafia?

    • Well done, thanks for the details, Grzegorz

    • coldblow


      It is interesting to hear your end of things.

      A few things.

      You say David was prescient about how the internet lets ooutsiders know what life is like in Europe. I have maintained that they use it to learn what is going on from their extended families already in situ in Sweden and elsewhere. In a similar way David used to use the voting system in the Eurovision Song Contest, analyzing how the countries voted or not for their next-door neighbours, to illustrate broader economic and political points. (I pointed out at the time that I thought the votes had much more to do with emigrants voting for their home country and I think this is now, er, conventional wisdom.)

      David’s underlying argument can be summarized: We are people. They are people too. Let them all in.

      About ‘white’ countries which is an idea much frowned upon now, I rcmember the English comedian Lenny Henry on the Late Late Show over twenty years ago. He said that it was weird walking down O’Connell St and feeling that everyone was looking at him because he was the only black face around. How uncle Gay and the studio audience laughed. How backwards were were then.

      European law. My understanding is that Germany unilaterally decided that the immigrants at the border should be let in without any delay and that the EU (in the form of Juncker, obeying Germany) invoked European solidarity, demanded load-sharing (why would this be necessary if immigrants are so enriching?) and (bizarrely) vowed to destroy ‘evil’ traffickers. Germany then suspended Schengen by closing her borders. Is this your understaning too?

      PC comes from America but Trump shows that there are still many people who remain to be converted to this strange newish faith. Some want the Mexicans while others don’t. As for Australia, I don’t see why PC won’t continue to gain ground (barring major seismic shifts in opinion caused by sudden and unpleasant intrusions of reality). The Facebook crowd there won’t stay silent if any of this hits their screens.

      The new Iron Curtain is more in the minds of the people of Europe. Again it is PC authoritarians vs rednecks and heretics. There is a geographical side to it too, but not as important. (In the same way, ‘Dublin 4′ was a label created by John Waters years ago to describe the radical new ideology based in RTE’s HQ and its surroundings. He said that really it was more a mental thing and that D4 existed in men’s minds to varying degrees everywhere in the country.)

      Re the morality of Ireland’s position, I think seeing as 20% of the people *officially* here were born elsewhere, has taken in enough for now. I also think that real refugees wait in safety near their countries for the first opportunity to return. We are talking here about immigrants who are unlikely to leave again. It is not sustainable to shelter the world’s oppressed and poor, any attempt to try to do so will only reduce us to their level anyway, and we should take action immediately to call a halt to further immigration. The Refugee Convention and supporting Human Rights law is really little more than a cloak for immigration and should be repudiated. Even if it isn’t prudence should dictate that it be repudiated.

      I am wary of your claims about the leader of the Danish Muslims until I get a chance to check them. I am just wary of your judgement in such matters after what you said about Bendit-Cohn (yes, I know he incriminated himself, but you know waht I mean).

      Thanks for the Polish debate. Any subtitled Polish is handy for me as I am trying to learn it. Do you know where I can get more? I only watched the first five minutes of the proceedings but it is very different from the Dáil because it is reasoned and not dependent on emotion and sound-bites. Thoughtful, in other words.

      Who is the Polish deputy in the Euro parliament? Did you link to him some months ago?

      I am convinced that Merkel, as an extravert, simply got carried away in the Facebook hysteria. I can’t see how borders can be effectively controlled if everything is going to end up there and the electronic mob demands instant, potentially catstrophic, action.

      I looked up Schultz but couldn’t find out who he was or what threats he made. They wouldn’t really make it to the Irish media, certainly not RTE News. Primetime’s ‘debate’ a couple of weeks ago, following the photo storm, seemed to consist of someone from the aid agencies saying ‘There are people drowning’ and O’Callaghan repeatedly demanding: ‘How many will you take, Minister?’ That is as far as analysis or debate goes here. If Ireland were a person he’d be taken into protective custody.

      Do you mind me asking if you use Facebook? Also, if you Irish friends are in favour or immigration?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Dear Coldblow,

        Therein lies the problem – a lot of people, including me, David and many readers used to complain about the EU being a structure tailored to Germany’s needs (the Lisbon Treaty, the euro currency, planting German MEP’s in the EU Parliament as chairmen with seemingly small yet important powers, making decisions over countries like Ukraine outside the legal decision making system of the EU – whether we liked that system or not; finally, planting people like Donald Tusk on top of the EU – whose political career has been fuelled by CDU money, a very well documented (in both German and Polish documents, including Kohl’s missing CDU funds) fact -– I know that Mr. Tusk has, thanks God, practically no power – but that’s not his role – the role of the likes of him and the current Polish PM is to say things for the Germans that Germans do not want to say themselves, like urging Germany to take more responsibility for Europe and even being “angry” at Germany (lol) that they haven’t as of yet – Radek Sikorski’s speech in Berlin which the sarcastic Poles had immediately named “The Prussian Homage”); however, this is a different cup of tea altogether.

        Yep, Germany has unilaterally decided that the immigrants at the border should be let through (violation of the Dublin Regulation) and Mrs. Merkel had unilaterally decided she will let in 800,000 people, whereupon she changed her mind… There is a saying in Polish “chytry dwa razy traci” (a slick guy loses twice) – and that’s what seem to have happened to Austria. Austria was one of the first countries which has launched a smear campaign against Victor Orban, whose only crime was to try to a) save whatever is left from the old Europe and b) adhere to the EU law. The Austrian assumed that all migrants will walk through Austria nach Deutschland, which would have allowed the Austrian Chancellor would bask in a glory of someone who let in all the migrants and thus saved the poor souls from the uncouth, evil, and intolerant Orban (watch a video of a joined conference of Mr. Orban and Herr Martin Schulz and you might almost think that it is Herr Schulz who represents the underdeveloped country, not the “fascist” Orban – of course people who call every political enemy a fascist did not study the fascist and Nazi laws like I did – they just took after J. Stalin who came up with an idea to brand as a “fascist” everyone who criticised USRR) – and you would not be mistaken: Mr. Orban is well educated, highly hygienic (he was a sportsman), mentally composed and polite while Mr. Schulz, with his unkempt beard and a shiny, fixed-view, almost Rasputinesque eyes has no leaving cert and manners of the mafia debt-collector).

        Sadly for the Austrians, Mrs. Merkel said “boo-hoo” (or whatever that is in German) and closed the border with Austria, so Austria was left with some of those migrants and demands now that Eastern Europe should be penalised if they do not take them and lock them up – as someone has pointed out, if all migrants enrich our societies, than why do we have to have quotas for them? Let’s allocate some of them in Pope Francis’s house – you know, I very much admire his modesty, but I had some very bad hunch about him the minute I have heard he had replaced Benedict XVI who, as the only head of state, had the balls to tell the truth about Islam – let a good few thousand to live in and camp outside the Bundestag and lest we forget, let’s force the now-oh-so-silent-on-women-rights feminists leaders (in Poland theirs and LBTG organisations have privileged access to public money) to share the accommodation with the bearded rapists from Afghanistan.

        The fact that Mrs. Merkel now appeals to Christian values (this is surely aimed at the Eastern Europeans, though little she seems to know that Polish Catholics are rather lukewarm on Pope Francis – funny enough, in Poland he is most popular on the far left, among people like the Trotskyite Adam Michnik) of solidarity and compassion, while her pals have ousted Rocco Buttiglione from the position in the EU Parliament for being a Christian, makes me think that one of the following must be true: either she is so stupid that she thinks that people have such a short memory or b) she is right and wise and people do have such a short memory, which would sadly render them – the people of Europe – too stupid to vote.

        Moving to specifics:

        Donald Trump

        I follow the US debates extremely closely – in fact that and F1 are my only entertainments right now – but I would hold my horses when it comes to Donald Trump. I certainly do not share the common view that there is anything particularly extreme about him (was President Obama’s speech in which he said that his Presidency will be remember as the time when the oceans stopped rising, not more extreme?), but to be honest, I would need to hear more from him on macroeconomics to find out whether he actually has any clue (Rand Paul, who has a clue, has so little charisma and sounds so embittered that now even I would not vote for him). You might be shocked to read what I am going to write, but so far the best impression on me was made by Doctor Ben Carson – as a person, as a speaker and actually as potentially someone in charge of foreign relations – he is very careful in what he says, but he does not come across as a wussy – just composed and diplomatic (btw, I have just red an idiotic article in todays Indo – do you guys have any US correspondents in any media to comment on the US election who are NOT members of the Democratic Party?! – who launched an attack on Mr. Carson for saying that a Muslim should not be an US President – has he never heard that in Japan you go to jail if you convert to Islam – and did he stage any protest at the Japanese embassy, if he loves Islam so much?), followed by Carly Fiorina – who has a shitty job record though and she is not in Skulls and Bones, so she probably has no chance. I like the record of Marco Rubio (he refused federal subsidies), but again – no charisma. Ted Cruz looks and sounds the most presidential of them all – he could play a 1950s Hollywood Ceasar with his accent – only such a pity he is clearly insane.

        The New Iron Curtain in minds like D4-headness

        That’s interesting about the D4 metaphor – but it makes perfect sense (look at Pat Kenny and George Hook, none of them are Southsiders). And you are right that geography does not determine your views as much as what you had been doing with your life – notably people who embrace de-Europeasation of Poland and promote social experiments are almost always inhabiting of one of those nice, ultramodern and guarded estates in Warsaw (where in 2004 GDP per capita was 80pc of the EU average compared to 20pc in the poorest regions of Poland). They just adopt views which are favourably seen with their employers (corporations and state institutions) – like the so called culchies (and I do not quite approve of that term, unless as slagging, for some of them culchies I knew were the only people with some ambitions other than drink and puke while travelling on the “Dort”) adopt D4 accent to fit in (which has changed over the last 25 years from fake-British into the fake-American). By the way, some of my friends warned me that I am getting infected by the pest of what is known in linguistics as the so called Australian rising in my acquired speech patterns (even when I speak Polish!), which may require years of psychoanalysis, in which I obviously do not believe, in order to remove it.

        Why we do not see real refugees on TV in Middle East anymore?

        Let’s be honest – the real refugees – the people who really need help (first and foremost from countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates – from what I know only the poor Jordan has offered any – I think they want to take a whopping 80,000) do not have money, pontoons and i-Phones. A friend of mine in Budapest told me she saw some of them – albeit a small minority – refugees lining up to ATMs every day to take cash. What does it sound to you if not like the Islamic Fifth Column? Secondly – the most provocative of them (the Allah-Akbar and fuck-you shouters – but TV always shows women and kids) had been recently attacked by some Hungarian football hooligans. Soon it turned out that the Islamic fuckyouers seem to have undergone some serious army training. Last but not least, if you have wife and kids in a war zone, do you leave them to be raped and murdered and do you escape to Germany or do you stay and fight for them? I tell you what: let’s suppose that even 99pc of them are genuine refugees. Well, that still leaves 8,000 ISIS trained terrorists out of 800,000. And they will all use the EU law which allows families to join, so multiple that 800,000 by 10. And Merkel only mentioned 800,000 for this year – more are to come next year.

        Polish debates.

        As to the Polish debates. Sadly there is very little of it with English (or any) subtitles. I’ll try to post some if I spot any interesting ones. By the way, the Polish government has just committed a horrible thing – instigated by Germany and having been promised an EU-post, the Prime Minister Kopacz had first promised the other Eastern European leaders that she would not agree on the German quota (offering instead that Poland will take some refugees on the voluntary basis), whereupon she surrendered to German request (maybe the veiled threat of a military intervention by Martin Schulz helped – btw, do you know that according to the article 53 of the UN Charter any country has a right to kill the German soldier who enters its territory without the normal legislation procedures (proclaiming war, security council, etc)? Fortunately, we are electing a new government in October.

        The Polish MEP from the link.

        Yes, I did link to him a few months ago. A short info:

        His name is Janusz Korwin-Mikke (Yanush Korveen Meekke).

        He is a descendant of Lutheran aristocracy who settled in Poland centuries ago (coat of arms Korwin, the same as in Hungarian kings).

        He studied mathematics, law, psychology and philosophy.

        He was expelled from the university, arrested and detained by the

        After his release (he managed to convince his interrogators that he was insane by writing elaborate petitions every day in an old-fashioned Polish), he pioneered cybernetics in Poland.

        He left the Institute and decided never to work for the state again – he started earning his money as a professional contract-bridge player.

        He established the only libertarian underground publishing house in Eastern Europe, using his gambling money towards it (he also represented Poland in its national bridge team – bridge was in Poland what chess was in Soviet Union for independent spirits) and then the first libertarian party in Eastern Europe.

        He was friends with Milton Friedman, whom he had invited to Poland. During his visit to Poland, Friedman has famously said that the West will try to impose the laws on Poland which they have now when they are rich – to eliminate the competition – while Poland should instead copy the laws the West had when it was poor. Friedman wrote about Korwin-Mikke in his memoirs.

        On 28 May 1992 Korwin-Mikke originated the vetting resolution – using the opportunity that all left-wing members of the Parliament were at the party in the Israeli embassy (funny enough, all Polish foreign ministers and most of the foreign ministry staff were Jewish, except for Radek Sikorski – who is British and has a Jewish American wife, Anne Applebaum). The resolution was passed (it stipulated the removal of all MP who were ex-communist or foreign agents), which has led to coup d’etat at night, with one Russian intelligence member present at the secret cabinet meeting. After the vetting resolution and coup d’etat, Polish media have imposed an unofficial ban on him – but he gained his popularity via the internet (his Facebook profile has 10 times more “likes” than Nigel Farage’s).

        As an MEP, Korwin-Mikke was ordered by Marin Schulz to visit him in his office, where he was told to moderate his language. When he refused, Mr. Schulz fined him to the tune of 3 MEP salaries. Korwin-Mikke told Mr. Schulz that he was loaded anyway and that Mr. Schulz was a troglodyte with no leaving cert, which he then repeated in public.

        As an MEP, Korwin-Mikke became friends with Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen. He tried to form a coalition with Mr. Farage, but Mr. Farage refused claiming that Korwin-Mikke is too conservative for him (he used Mikke’s support though to form his group in the EU Parliament). Marine Le Pen in turn was in favour of the coalition with Korwin-Mikke, but having announced that she then had to withdraw due to the internal opposition within her own party. His goal in the EU Parliament is to establish the EU prosecutors office which will put to jail all Commissioners involved in corruptions; he once said that he hoped that thanks to his scandalous speeches Poland will be finally thrown out of the EU (he supported Poland’s NAFTA membership in the 90s – but George Bush offer was blocked in the Polish Parliament by the German lobby).

        Some people in Poland claim that Korwin-Mikke has recently turned pro-Russian – but he refused the invitation by the Russian separatists, whom he condemned (though he supported the Assad regime in Syria as a shield against ISIS and he has been invited by Mr. Putin to Moscow in October as an expert in Syrian conflict; during his travels to Syria he tried to encourage Mr. Assad to launch a full scale military operation against ISIS and he also appeared in the Russian media – he has only recently started learning English, but he speaks fluent Russian, French and Ukrainian).

        Korwin-Mikke is the only Polish politician who is simultaneously accused of being an anti-Semite and a hidden Zionist. He shocked the EU Parliamentarians claiming that Hitler might not have even known about the Holocaust – but he is also being systematically “debunked” as a hidden Jew by some of the far right (Korwin-Mikke is extremely conservative in his views – he is a monarchist – but he is also against national socialism; his mother died in the Warsaw Uprising and he was orphaned).

        Even though he has recently started talking about the need to retain the old European civilisation of a white man, he is the only Polish politician to put up on his list a Syrian refugee for the election (he invited a few persecuted Christians from Syria at his own expense – including those Syrians who suffered persecution in no-go zones in WESTERN EUROPE FROM MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS FOR BEING CHRISTIAN).

        He sponsors talented disabled children paying them stipends to become professional chess and bridge players.


        I am on Facebook, but I do not visit it more often than once a months and I do not update my profile (and one of my Irish friends had his account blocked after he had co-organised a boycott of Israeli goods in some Irish supermarkets). I think Facebook is a great social platform that like Voltairian God, someone had to invent – but overall it takes more from you than it gives you in return (it takes your time and your privacy and it shortens your attention spam), but using it might be a necessity if most of your friends do not live in Ireland. The case of – as far as I remember – one Jonnard Ditto in the US where FBI was remotely recording him via his mobile phone makes me think that there is no need that those who do not need to know about me should know it from my Facebook profile – and I am not getting paranoid because my Irish friend had been offered a job which consisted on basically spying on people on their social profiles which he refused, even though he struggles with his mortgage (my other friend works for Google and you would be surprised that Google knows more about you than you know about yourself). Besides, even highly intelligent people I know who spend too much time on Facebook tend to deteriorate from profound into jejune. At least here on this blog we talk to people who are interested in what we have to say.

        My Irish friends and their attitudes to immigration.

        Their attitudes vary – and it’s not even determined whether they are white-collar or rednecks.
        I cannot recall any Irish – or Polish living in Ireland – friend of mine who would claim that we need more outside-of-Europe immigration (and it’s not exactly like Poles who live here are in favour of further Eastern European immigration either because many of them have very well integrated families, so their kids, instead of pursuing their studies, would have to help the non-English speaking new Polish kids – they do bring their parents to live in Ireland – but that’s usually for 2-3 months a year and they are not entitled to anything anyway, so they are netto contributors to the Irish economy). But often the same people who are rather anti-immigration (my ex-girlfriend for example) might be very positive about individual immigrants (from their work for example). You know better than I do that unlike easy-to read Poles, the Irish and the British do not really say what they think, or rather say lots of things they do not really mean. So to determine what my friends think would sometimes require not asking them directly, but teasing it out from their other statements. The results can probably be divided into the following categories:

        Those who oppose practically any immigration, including Brits: my Sinn Féin-voting young friends who either work as blue-collars or are on the dole (or maybe both). You might ask yourself that if they are against Brits, Poles, Jews, Arabs, gays, blacks and people who do not follow GAA, why are they still my friends (one of the most radical ones had even visited me in the hospital)? Well, that’s the Irish paradox for you. Either I am charming, which I do not think, or it is different to talk on the abstract level and when you pass someone by every days.

        Then there are the sophisticated friends, who have good jobs – the upper middle class. They are on face value not against further immigration, but when you press them, their views are not that dissimilar as those expressed above, except none of them is anti-gay because it now requires the same courage to be anti-gay as it required courage to be gay 50 years ago. What differs their anti-immigrant attitudes is that they do not talk about immigration as such, they differentiate between those immigrants who threaten the Irish culture to become the dumping ground for human garbage known from burning suburbs of Paris from those who can actually something to offer – not only financially, but culturally too.

        In general I ask everyone who patronises me about the refugees the following question: “what did you do to help people in Africa? And do not tell me that you vote for those who want to help or that you wish them well. What did you DO? A daughter of my Polish friend who studies in Trinity and works in the hospital as a nurse to supplement her income (a real beauty who as a fluent Chinese speaker has met Enda Kenny during the visit of the Chinese vice-President)- she saved a few thousand euro to go Kenya, paid her flights, lived in a tent and stayed there for a months and worked FOR FREE building home for those people – and what da fuck did you do to tell how many people should Poland or Ireland take or criticise Victor Orban?”

        Then there are non-nationals living in Ireland who are my friends. Some of them took after the Irish habit of saying things you do not really mean, but others are not so restrained and some of my Polish friends think that Ireland is best to stay out of the British model of building mosques and that the fact that over 60pc of all Nigerians living in Ireland are on the dole – as opposed to less than 20pc of any other nationals or non-nationals – is in general not normal, as it is not normal that you come to Ireland as a Pole and you have to find yourself a job and a flat like a normal person, while you come as a Nigerian or Eritrean and you are handed in social housing on a silver plate while not exactly enriching the genetic pool of the indigenous population with your IQ (and I am ready to back up that statement) – though I did work in sales with two extremely intelligent Nigerians who were at the time probably more emotionally developed than me. Again, there are paradoxes – my friend of mine runs away when she sees a Nigerian (they do harass her though), but at the same time she claims the black Dublin Bus drivers are the nicest (I would actually agree).

        A propos immigration – google the organisation called Paideia. It’s an Israeli sponsored organisation in Sweden which supports – financially and logistically – bringing Muslim and African immigrants to Sweden. By the way, anyone who is familiar with Israeli laws regarding non-Jews would find it hard to understand what the big deal with the Apartheid was…

        Warm regards,


        • coldblow

          Dekuju (?) Grezegorz

          I looked up the various people you mentioned on YouTube. I don’t like the cut of Sikorski’s jib. Korwin-Mikke is some character!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            tá failte romhat!

            He is.
            I have to quit commenting for a while because I have so many things going on at the same time like never before (I actually set up an alarm clock for 5am to write my explanatory comment to you and post it later – fast typing is sort of warming my brain up, because it would have been impolite not to reply): my deadline with my publisher is looming large and it is in danger of me being in breach of it, because sadly I have other things on my plate as well (my mum’s inoperable and not suitable for radio and chemio lung cancer, which means organising hospice plus my own health problems which make me lose days on hospital visits).
            But before I vanish, some extra links for you. I think you will really enjoy this one (Korwin-Mikke’s top ten best TV and public appearances with English subtitles):


            Yes, Radek Sikorski’s smirk looks a bit like that famous G.W.Bush smirk. The funny thing is that Radek Sikorski was actually quite reasonable, conservative politicians who had just simply been bought (bear in mind that his wife Anne Applebaum is a very well connected person – her book is on Eastern Europe is actually very good, even though she obviously does not represent Polish interest).

            More of Korwin-Mikke (even though they only show him on TV before the election because it is required by law, I still cannot imagine that kind of guy on RTE – a well informed person inside FG known to me told me that apparently there were some dissenters on gay marriage issue within their party, but they were just not given the floor…


          • coldblow

            Hi Grzegorz

            Sorry for your troubles, I hope you get through it all right. I’ll look up those links you kindly provided.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Sorry for your troubles, I hope you get through it all right. I’ll look up those links you kindly provided.”

            But you are worth it :-)

  16. Reality Check

    Grzegorz thank you for that, A great summary of things ON THE GROUND.

    Now if there was a kickstarter fund to build that wall around ALL of Europe……

  17. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Important clarification:

    What Mr. Kaczynski has said, 5 years ago he would not have said in the Parliament or outside it. Or even a year ago. Now he feels compelled to say it and you see a good half of the Parliament applauding. That’s still with a German financed majority. Something has changed in Poland and something has been changing in Europe: and not only in Eastern Europe. I know some Poles who only six months ago sounded like our friend from the “blog of the SD” – and even they went absolutely mental after Mr. Schultz’s threat of military intervention in Poland should Poland refuse to take more refugees (there seem to be no videos in English on it and where there is one in German, comments are disabled).

    I cannot see how the moderate conservative forces in Europe can not lose against the populist extreme national socialists if we have a few millions radical Muslims coming to Europe and Saudi Arabia building 200 mosks for them in Germany (they already did in Warsaw).

    Not that I approve of that kind language, but the faces of those two ladies indicate they do not cop on any of it:

    And I repeat once again – why has America not taken a million or two yet? We hear some empty declarations in the pre-election year. Is it xenophobia or the survival instinct? And who is the extremist here – Hungarians or young ISIS recruits on false Syrian passports?

    • Reality Check

      “And I repeat once again – why has America not taken a million or two yet?”

      Grzegorz, beacuse they are shitting themselves at the rise of THE DONALD.

      No sense handing Trumpenkrieg extra oomph.

  18. Reality Check

    I am not anti-Muslim, but I am anti the Muslim conquest of Europe, they can do what they want with their own backward religion in their own homelands of the Middle East. I won’t go imposing by beliefs on them so what gives them the right to impose their stuff on me?

  19. Reality Check

    Fair Dues, A People willing to stand up against the invasion and Political correctness.

  20. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    You can wonder David whether your Croatian friend’s fear is real – but it is real to some Swedish people (primarily those who had been raped):

    Sorry, maybe I would have made my own video with the English subtitles if I had more time – why was this announcement censored in the Irish media? A son of a Nazi threatening Poland with Bundeswehr – sure that’s worse than anything that Germany said to Greeks (and maybe PRECISELY that’s the reason you never heard that statement).

    “The Slavic countries in the East are against accepting foreigners into their countries” – most Irish people who came to visit Poland might not agree with that (I even know of one who EMIGRATED to Poland) – but they are against certain kind of immigrants (while Poland was one of the first countries if not the first to invite the GENUINE Syrian Christian war refugees to families through parishes). Should they be penalised for that?

    But I won’t break the lance for Slavs and their attitudes to immigrants – what do you think of that, David? Because it was not the Slavs who said they can take 800,000 and more next year and then they changed their mind…

    Germans in turn accept all the Muslims – and then they either lock them in concentration camps (and want Poland to do the same) or dump them onto Eastern Europe now and Ireland in the future:

    Let’s enjoy writing about the pitfalls of multi-culturalism WHILE WE CAN (the so called Olof Palme doctrine – Muslim immigration is good because it helps to diversify, to undermine Christianity and to eradicate nationalism)).

  21. CorkRob

    “After all, Europe’s 40,000 migrants is dwarfed by Turkey’s two million.”

    Last time I watched SKY News there were already 454,000+ migrants who had already traversed the Med this year into Europe – Where are you getting “40,000″ DMcW ???


    Watch the refugee stream reverse when the monetary policies collapse the economies and benefits are suspended.

    ZIRP to NIRP means all bonds will be worth less than face value and the lack of income for bond funds means no money to pay benefits/pensions

    • michaelcoughlan

      good man tony. I tried to insure my car and many insurance companies won’t insure a car over 10 years old for the same reason. No income from bonds to pay the expenses. Max Keiser has been saying this all along if we lose the insurance industry what’s left of capitalism will cease as there will be no way to hedge risk.

      All capital is either being acquired or consumed by hedge funds or at the barrel of a gun by invading armies.

      Tony the markets are showing enormous distress right now and I feel a lehmans type event is imminent as in and day now.


  23. DB4545


    I think we’re heading for major civil disruption and disorder. It may even descend into war. Germany is just not capable of sticking to it’s area of expertise which is manufacturing. How many times are they going to be allowed to fuck up Europe to serve their own interests? They destroy Europe every time they reach a critical mass. Good fences make good neighbours. We need to strengthen our defence structures and align ourselves with like minded Countries. Europe just can’t seem to avoid this madness for more than two generations. Might be a busy few years for metal workers. Engineering workshops will be busy for a few years. Germany had to invade Poland as a catalyst to kick start the process last time. Looks like Mother Angela wants to bring the trojan right into the centre of Germany to get the show on the road for this one.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “How many times are they going to be allowed to fuck up Europe to serve their own interests?”

      That statement is unadulterated nonsense. It is out of control monetarism which is causing all the trouble. Because Germany runs on an Austrian economic system it has earned literally it’s advantage.


      • DB4545


        I’ll think you’ll find that the 1953 London Agreement on German External Debt was the factor which created the advantage for West Germany before re-unification. In addition repayments were only due while Germany ran a trade surplus and were limited to 3% of export earnings. This gave Germany’s creditors a powerful incentive to import German goods which greatly aided postwar reconstruction.

        Germany has many strengths not least their technical prowess. Their federal model is also a source of strength. However they are prone to engage in selective amnesia to obscure inconvenient truths to suit German interests at the expense of wider EU interests. If a local factory owner has a labour shortage he doesn’t expect me to house feed educate and train his new labour force for free. Why does Germany feel other supposedly equal Member States have such an obligation to Germany in a community of equals?

        Germany bought into the ideology of Nation State militarism to advance their own ends which started the first world war. They bought into the ideology of National Socialism which started the second world war. The legacy of those wars depleted their own population(and many other people in the world) which is the reason behind their current labour issues. Now they want the rest of us to buy into the ideology of multi-culturalism to suit German interests which is ringing alarm bells in most EU States. The fault lines are becoming apparent and people have real fears. If we’re digging ourselves into a hole maybe it’s time to stop digging for a while and take stock of the situation. What’s the harm in that?

        We’ve just found out that “Vorsprung durch Technik” or “advancement through technology” was complete horseshit. In the US Audi used the phrase “Truth in Engineering” instead. There was no truth just a ghost in the machine software stealing from their loyal customers and giving them an unfair competitive advantage just like the 1953 agreement. There’s a ghost in the machine at the heart of the European project. The US model of free enterprise found the Volkswagen ghost and not the cosy little social democratic EU elite. What other ghosts will we find?

      • Out of control monetarism in the 1920′s caused the collapse of the 30′s which created the social mayhem which produced the political results and presto a world war.

        Lenin was allowed free transit through WW1 Germany with enough gold in pocket to fund the Russia military to start the Russian
        revolution. This was not out of control monetarism at all but carefully planned disruption of peoples to ferment war to whose benefit?

        Well whoever it is is still at it. Careful placement of funds to disrupt societies to create mayhem leading to war. Unlimited funding, leads to unlimited disruptions and unlimited corruptions of any society targeted. Take the money away and there will be a dramatic reduction in such events.

        Close the central banking system. Any disruption from doing so will be far less dangerous to us than allowing them to continue the production of unlimited expansion of the worlds money supply.

        It’s the BANKSTERS.

        On Vision TV cable last night I was astonished to view a program with exactly the same opinion. Maybe the message is taking root. When a plant takes root it can be a long time before any leaf is seen. But sooner or later it suddenly leafs out and the plant quickly grows. Perhaps the demolition of the monetary system is being allowed to show some shoots.

        We must now be careful it is not hoed out of the ground and replace with another monetary system worse than that which we have. That would be an IMF special drawing rights fiat currency controlled by the same bankers and issued as a debt at interest. This would bind us all to one world authoritarian government and the loss of everyones’ sovereignty.

        Local currencies for local people with a universal currency controlled by no one for international settlement of trade. That is the way forward out of this mess. All based on sound money principles.

        • cooldude

          Tony it seems the bankers plan is a cashless society with total control resting with the banker overlords. They are using different excuses to introduce this agenda including the idea of everyone receiving a minimum wage from the government. The idea behind all of this is that this “wage” will be cashless and controlled by the bankers.

          Cash is currently being phased out gradually and now we have the lackey economists and central bankers coming up with excuses to justify the complete elimination of cash.

          The Bank of England are even using the refugee crisis as one of their reasons to pursue this agenda which has been in the planning for a long time. Next we will have their favorite economists writing pieces telling us how great our lives will be without cash and under the complete control of the bankers. Perhaps David is even working on such an article as he seems to be well in with these guys. We shall see.

          Anyway here is the first of many articles you will be reading extolling the virtues of banker slavery.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        “because Germany runs on an Austrian economic system”

        Not quite – German banks are more leveraged than the American banks and they had been before Lehman (Niall Ferguson was the economist who had pointed it out even before Max Keiser); Max Keiser – whom you quote – estimates that Deutsche Bank is leveraged hundred times.
        But Germany is able to transfer its risk to other nations through their long term strategies (at least I had thought they think long term before Mrs. Merkel’s declaration that she would take 800,000 “refugees” followed by her withdrawal from that) – German politicians are wise enough to let the others take the burden from their bets they had hedged, while absorbing profits from these bets – at least as long as the show with QE goes on.

        More than that, a thorough analysis of the Polish consumer market would tell you that Polish consumers subsidise German bank clients (not that they have any choice – Germany and France had been bribing Polish politicians for the last 25 years so that no matter who gets elected, same people would decide), travel agencies clients and energy consumers in Germany via higher prices, tax exemptions and transfer of all profits – and now Germany f…p up Poland even more when it comes to energy prices, striking a side deal with Russia over Nordstream 2).

        Germany has some elements of Austrian economics, true – but it is for the Germans and it is the debt-spiralling Keynesianism for the rest (i.e. look at budget deficits of the European countries and ask yourself a question why Germany is the only country apart from the prudent Estonia to be able to balance their budget). When the whole QE collapses, Germany will detach from the EU and maybe then they will fully implement the Austrian economics (unless of course they do not have the Arab Spring).


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      Major disruption and war

      It all rather reminds of pre-WWII pacifists believing that Hitler had peaceful intentions – no one who shouts “fuck you” and Allah Akbar has peaceful intentions and we only need 1pc of them to be like that to cause major unrest. Seen from Ireland’s perspective – a relatively safe haven of no generations-long non-white immigration secluded by the sea – Hungarian wall may look like xenophobia, but the situation is serious enough for Polish authorities to officially ask – this was in the news in Polish media yesterday – Mossad to come to Poland to help the Polish counterintelligence scrutinise the refugees in terms of their links with ISIS after some of them had been found with maps with highlighted routes and locations in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic Poland and Germany (once again I repeat that Saudi Arabia has been building suspiciously over-capacitated mosques in Poland).

      90pc of those who claim that they are Syrians do not have Syrian passports (and Germany criticises Mr. Orban for trying to scrutinise and register them) – that’s according to official statistics. Most of them are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iraq. When I look at them shouting in Hungary “Germany, we want Germany” as well as “Allah Akbar” and “f..k you”, I am shocked that the evolution process was able to result in such a bunch of morons – there are illiterate people in the most remote regions of Siberia or Aborigines who have more dignity in them than them porch-monkeys. Are they completely unaware of the image they themselves project or on the contrary, they are perfectly aware of it and know that Western societies are too weak to react? Frankly, if I were to stand go to the Dublin Housing Authority and start shouting “Foxrock, I want Foxrock; drink, feck” and expect a free house in Foxrock and a 1,000 euro per month just for being a moron (€500 per month of unmerited welfare AND free housing that Denmark has offered them was no good for them, Germany and Sweden offer a €1,000 – and these are people who claim they came to Europe FOR SAFETY), then I would not do the Polish community in Ireland much favour, would I?

      Is Alex Jones right in his claims that this has been orchestrated by the European left because they know those people and their children will vote for the welfare state?

      Jesus, hope they won’t ban for this – but it is an academic research after all…

      Again, like I said – only 5 years ago that was a really niche movement in Poland, being hardly able to get 1pc of vote – now after Mr. Schulz’s statement on German TV that the the use of force (against Eastern Europe) might be needed, they might even get 20pc. Thanks, Mrs. Merkel.

      Warm regards,


      • DB4545


        People seeking refuge don’t need to conceal their faces. People seeking refuge don’t throw bottles at the police services of a Country which may afford them protection. The rule of decency is get women and children out first to a place of safety and therefore we shouldn’t being seeing numbers comprising 70% able bodied men of military age who appear to have a preference for designer labels. What impoverished refugees have you ever heard of who would engage in conflict with Citizens of a Country which affords them refuge(even if they are idiot football hooligans)? I’m informed Syrians and Lebanese share similar dialects as they share a Levantine heritage. I’m not sure about Poland but every county in Ireland has a different accent. A Dubliner couldn’t pass himself off as a native of Kildare never mind Belfast. If the same applies in Syria it should be easy enough to screen people. I hope the data analytic people are conducting serious analysis of where exactly the cash from these ATM transactions originates. Some contacts with fluent German are saying that Germans are shouting “Resistance” on some of the news reports and that this is not being translated or reported accurately on mainstream media.

        What we’re seeing is horseshit Grzegorz. The message is not matching reality and people know it in their bones. We’re seeing a few hundred people in Sandymount holding placards to welcome refugees. They’re not the people with skin in the game on this issue except maybe as future landlords hoping to get rent from welfare payments. Refugees will not be living in Sandymount or D4 save for some token gesture for a PR stunt. This is the kind of scenario that pushes ordinary people to take extreme positions. Wishful thinking will not end this problem. We haven’t even got the next wave of the real poor from the region and from Africa. What happens when they come knocking next spring? Will Mother Angela dictate that Europe allows a free for all? What else are they going to do? Machine gun people as they arrive on European shores? I’ve lived life as a optimist but I’m also a realist. The reality may be civil disorder and war in Europe. Do the people who’ve managed to orchestrate this either by incompetence or design realise where this may be heading? Europe in ruins.Again.

      • coldblow

        About the European Left I don’t know, but Labour promoted immigration at least partly to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity.’ Andrew Neather, senior Labour adviser, let this slip.

        As I said earlier I believe this was a direct result of Facebook and an emotional decision by Merkel following on from it. You could see the hysteria on both sides of the border (remember the man who threw his family onto the railway line, where there wasn’t a train?).

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Salaries” was probably bad English (not everyone has to speak English); having said that, how germane he said that because his slip of the tongue perfectly conveys his (their – the vast majority of them) state of mind:

  24. Reality Check

    5 Things the Media Won’t Report About the Refugee Crisis

  25. Russia is trying to do something to end the crisis. Will the West let it happen? Can they prevent it happening?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      There is one problem, Tony. If you look at where the new Russian military bases in Syria are located, they are actually quite far from ISIS, so it might be as well that Russia will only fight the moderates trying to undermine the Assad’s regime and not ISIS; but maybe they will (fight ISIS) – I hope they will. Attempt to topple the Assad’s regime was a mistake, which even the US now acknowledge.

      Bear in mind – no country that has its own independent national politics (US, China, Germany Russia, partly France – certainly not Poland or Ireland) does not act in other way but for its own interest. Mr. Putin will bomb ISIS if its in Russian interest – and of course the same goes for the US (though was Merkel’s inviting 800,000 economic migrants and then asking Eastern Europe and Greece to lock them in camps in German interest, I do not know).

      There is no friends in politics, only alliances and common interest.

      Warm greetings – I’ll be off this blog for a while, but I’ll keep reading when I have time.

      • Grzegorz:”so it might be as well that Russia will only fight the moderates trying to undermine the Assad’s regime and not ISIS”

        In Syria it is more of a Russian NATO (US) faceoff. Syria happens to be the Geographic location

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej


          You hit the nail – it is the Russian – NATO face-off in Syria, and all the rest: the refugees, ISIS, etc., is just a consequence of it.

          I urge you Tony, if possible, to look for information – if and when you have time and – from different sources, from different countries, representing different interests, and to constantly double check and question everything you hear. That kind of approach is in my opinion helpful in throwing a light on the edifice of truth, hidden in the media.

          Do not just rely on RT (Crosstalk – I find some of them programs on some issues one of the most objective, but then they also have some programs with 3 experts basically saying the same thing, which does not help to reconstruct the calendar of events in some cases, such as the alleged NATO’s promise not to enlarge NATO eastwards which President Putin alludes to in his propaganda – apart from the question of sovereignty and legal continuation of USRR, there is lots of things you would never hear from RT, and about which I had already written about in one of my responses in the past – like Russia’s written agreement, actually confirmed twice), the unilateral character of that declaration (much weaker than the Dublin Regulation concerning refugees which Mr. Orban tries to adhere to and Mrs. Merkel bullies him into not adhering to, because it is convenient for her).

          When it comes to Ukraine, I would say that RT propaganda is closer to the truth than BBC/CNN/FOx news propaganda (RTE does not have a team able to come up with any views on geopolitics, so they just copy other networks propaganda – the shadow of the shadows), but RT still represents certain interests, so even though you will hear from them about Maidan being staged by the EU and the US (which is true and which you won’t hear in Western media) or the neo-Nazi character of some of the Ukrainian government parties (again, this is given very little attention in Europe so sensitive to any alleged sign of Mr. Orban’s or Mr. Marine Le Pen’s fascism), you will not hear about who really stands behind the Ukrainian oligarchs – the story of the Ukrainian oligarchs is so unknown in the West, that it would require a separate, 3 pages entry from me: enough said that in reality, despite the US investing $5bn to plant a puppet government, all that oligarchic structure is a result of subtle deals between the US, Germany and Russia, with China being ousted out of the Ukraine for the time being (maybe that’s why they got so pissed off that they sent 5 ships near the Alascan coast?).

          Just one food for thought – if it is so simple as BOTH RT and Western media say that the Orange Revolution was 100pc driven by the NATO, then how come Mrs. Timoshenko’s main source of wealth has been Gazprom? I would love to ask Peter Lavelle that question – but again, I would not be allowed on Crosstalk (while on smaller, more independent media outlets I am allowed to ask such provocative questions:

          Of course, you’ll find even less truth on CNN/BBC propaganda. But, all the same, there are some things you’ll hear their you won’t hear elsewhere, and vice versa.

          We probably both love to watch Max Keiser shows. He has a gift to explain very complicated in a very simple way.

          But even he, as a an owner of a huge bitcoin portfolio, is not free from ulterior motives.

          In hindsight, who was right – Max Keiser telling people to invest in Bitcoin at $1,000 or me saying that even if it’s completely safe (it isn’t – it’s been hacked), what good is it in investing in something that may devalue by 80pc?
          And look where we are now (btw, Bitcoin’ slump does not necessary mean Bitcoin’s decline, but that’s another topic)…

          My predictions for the next year?

          German politicians still do not want peace with Russia – they want to have their satellite anti-Russian and anti-Polish Ukraine, but German business wants it;

          so I see the conflict in Syria – I would not break my lance in it, but that seems to be the most likely scenario from what has already emerged – partly as Mr. Putin elaborate, very calculated and intelligent strategy to trade Ukraine with Russia in exchange for stabilising the situation in Syria, which would help to hit two birds with one stone: alleviate the problem of the refugees (so what that 90pc of them are not from Syria anyway) and fight ISIS (which was created by the US anyway and then most of the US-trained so called “freedom fighters” switched sides).

          By the way, bear in mind that if only US or Russia really wanted to fight ISIS, they could finish them in one months (of course I am not talking about those who are already in Europe – ISIS themselves announced they are sending 5,000 Jihad fighters into Europe with the refugees). I am not sure if even a country as weak, corrupt and inefficiently run as Poland could not finish ISI if it wanted to if an even weaker country, Jordan, after one of its fighter pilots (Moaz) had been burned alive by ISIS, had its monarch so enraged that His Highness, who is fighter pilot himself, started flying with his airforce in his own person and bombing the bejaysus out of ISIS positions and was actually close to finishing them until… the US has stopped him. Yes.

          This link shows that the situation with ISIS is more complex than we think:

          • “” “”

            Bill Still is a good guy. I went to a presentation in Bray, Wicklow and heard Bill Speak. All was fine until be poured scorn on “gold Bugs”.

            I questioned his attitude and suggested he was alienating a large portion of his constituency by being so scathing.

            Advocating money issued from Treasury at no debt or interest is fine as does Ellen Brown as it removed the ponzi scheme money of the central bankers but it does not provide a means of international settlement or a restriction on the printing of ever larger amounts of currency as does , for example, a currency tied to gold.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Trade Ukraine with Germany: that’s what I meant.

          The refugee crisis has been constructed in such way that Europe is the only real loser in it (due to its location and a lack of political will to be firm – Australia had the same problem but has solved it in a year).

          I think that in a year from now we will see the rapprochement between Germany and Russia – this has already started with Nordstream 2 (at the cost of Eastern Europe): the Syria for Ukraine deal.

          This rapprochement will strengthen German position in Europe (weaken by shy resistance built around the belt countries of Greece, Eastern Europe – except from the totally pro-German Polish government – and the former EFTA countries).

          Should that happen and Britain will not be able to form a coalition to weaken Germany’s influence, I would start thinking on placing a bet on the UK leaving the EU.

          Finally, the rise of the far-right in Europe is now almost certain. The question is – was that something which has slipped from Mrs. Merkel’s fingers or her hidden agenda (Germany as the only country to “save” Europe from the far right?).

          We may see the same in the US, but that depends on who wins the election.

          P.S. I wanted to post some links to Mr. Schulz’s military threat to Eastern Europe (apart from that one in German I posted), but all links with that information are getting blocked…

  26. During the Vietnam War Canada absorbed thousands of US migrants.

    Shortly we may look forward to many thousands more!!!

  27. michaelcoughlan

    Thought for the day Dathi,

    If X equals the total of the interest coupons on US Govt. bonds measured in currency value and Y equals the total growth in the US economy measured in currency value then if X=Y the net effect is that a value equal to total growth in the economy must be transferred from the taxpayer to the Govt. to pay the coupons leaving a net zero surplus available for distribution in the economy through tax reduced salaries or tax reduced dividends etc. leading to a net zero growth rate.

    Now David if X is greater than Y the need to service the coupons through tax will mean that a total value MORE THAN economic growth will need to be recovered through taxation leading to the cannibalisation of the economy causing economic contraction. This scenario plays out in wealth charges like water charges and property taxes as the authorities know income tax receipts will fall in a cannibalised economy.

    The pathological response to this scenario would be to reduce the number of human being drawing salaries or welfare payments as the capital they consume could be used to keep those coupon payment going couldn’t it? Now imagine if suds could use the human disaster unfolding in Europe to drive wages for workers into the gutter or better still one fucking massive shootout altogether to wipe out millions of them meaning more money than ever to keep the bond bubble inflated.

    The scenario outlined above may be complicated my the fact that the dollar is the world’s reserve currency so it may mean total world sovereign debt versus total world growth rates so why not pull out a spreadsheet plug in the data based on the above, see what happens, and publish the results here.

    You can call the above;

    Coughlan’s first law of sick to me bollicks.


  28. Clare Leonard

    Jean Claude Juncker criticised member states for arguing amongst themselves instead of acting to alleviate the refugee crisis.
    He said we should remember that there are more O’Neills and Murphys living in the US than in Ireland.

    Who elected Jean Claude Juncker to speak for anyone.?
    Mr Juncker would do well to remember that the McDonalds
    and the other early settlers in the United States and Canada
    were responsible for the almost total elimination of the
    native population, which was nothing short of genocide.

    The genuine refugees should be taken only from the
    refugee camps where they are documented and it is established that
    they are genuine refugees and not just ex military men looking for a safe haven
    The power that be have appointed Peter Sutherland as the UN’s special envoy for migrants and refugees.
    This is the same Peter Sutherland who is Goldman Sacks and a member of
    the Bilderburg group.
    One has to wonder what the real agenda is.
    Are they trying to destabilise Europe before the economic collapse comes.
    80% of the so called refugees are young men and they appear to be hiding behind a few women with children in order to give them refugee respectability.
    I have worked and lived in the Middle East and Africa,
    I know when I look at the pictures of those young men in the boats that we are being conned.
    In one 2nd grade class in Clondalkin there are 3 English speaking Irish children to 25 foreign children, most with different languages and customs.
    Just another example —
    In a secondary school in Clondalkin there are 2 English speaking Irish children to 28 foreign children.
    This is the average ratio these days.
    I wonder what the ratio is in Dalkey schools??
    When the economic collapse comes I guarantee you we will have very serious social unrest.
    Is that what the powers that be want.??????
    Out of turmoil they gain control.
    I have no doubt that Dalkey will remain unscratched.


    Failure to adopt proper policy could be by design or incompetence. Also corrupt officials only gave favourable news and not the real intelligence. It reminds me of the failure of German intelligence to deliver to Hitler, the real news before the disastrous invasion of Russia.

    Lack of policy based on reality added to the refugee problem no doubt, as safe havens for populations were not identified.

    • Not quite. It is fine to call for the rule of law but where are these same voices condemning the actions by western states that has caused all the problems in the first place. Where is the condemnation of the invasion and bombing of a sovereign state, and the telling of lies and false flag events trying to give legitimacy to such actions.

  30. May be we can take a few minutes to read Paul Craig Roberts to get a perspective on what is driving all these dislocations , wars, marshal law provisions etc. We are being had. The agenda is evil, the activities are evil, the results are evil.

    Once read is not enough, a second and third time will be required.

    “This is too much independence for Washington to stomach. As Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated, “Washington doesn’t want partners. Washington wants vassals.””

    Putin went on to say:
    “We are seeing a greater and greater disdain for the basic principles of international law, and independent legal norms are, as a matter of fact, coming increasingly closer to one state’s legal system. One state and, of course, first and foremost the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way. This is visible in the economic, political, cultural and educational policies it imposes on other nations. Well, who likes this? Who is happy about this?”

    ” In 2004 Washington had tried to capture Ukraine in the Orange Revolution, which failed to deliver Ukraine into Washington’s hands. Consequently, according to neocon Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Washington spent $5 billion over the following decade developing Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that could be called into the streets of Kiev and in developing Ukrainian political leaders willing to represent Washington’s interests. ”

    “The world should take note that today, right now, Truth is the most unwelcome presence in the Western world. No one wants to hear it in Washington, London, Tokyo, or in any of the political capitals of Washington’s empire.”

  31. The United States [military policy] has destroyed seven countries. The populations there are subject to ongoing continual violence either from the U.S. or these Jihadists or from the Islamic State. In Libya there’s various factions, no Government – just warlords fighting and nobody’s safe anywhere so the populations are getting out. You can’t live in that type of situation. – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Shadow of Truth

  32. McCawber

    David’s article has generated a lot of debate.
    Two issues jump out.
    Compromise – Once you compromise on letting refugees into Europe, where do you draw the line. What rules do you apply and are you prepared to stick to your guns.
    Whose problem is it really? – Somehow or other, Europe has been tagged as the go to man for this one. We have the UN and pretty much everybody saying it’s our (Europe’s) problem. Never has the phrase, doing a Pontius Pilate on it been more apt.
    The only thing that makes it our problem is our geography but you wouldn’t think it to hear the rest of the world.
    This is the true cost of PC. Nobody is prepared to say f^ck off.
    I am not a racist but….
    I am a racist but….
    We’re all racists including the refugees, now get over it and actually deal with the problems.

    • Nobody has taken responsibility for causing the problem that resulted in the refugees. That is you and I and our respective government lead by the the nose by the cartel of nations called NATO.(Nations Actively Terrorizing Others)

      Say no to war and military missions not called war as war is never declared. Say no to the war on terror as it is a persecution of your individual rights and freedoms.

      These are “police actions” as we are the good guys rescuing the peoples of the world from tyranny and “imposing” democracy. It is so good for them that they must be prepared to sacrifice and die for it.

      What’s a little collateral damage?

  33. Since 1971 (Closing of the fiat money systems connection with gold by Nixon) we are all economic refugees. Look at the destruction of the value of your local currency supplied by you your local central bank.

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