May 29, 2015

RTE Radio 1: News at One

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Here is a clip from yesterday’s RTE Radio 1 News at One show where I was discussing the latest developments in the Banking Enquiry.

The clip starts with some ausio from the Enquiry proceedings, I come in at 4:16.

RTE Radio 1 News at One 28 May



  1. LKSteve

    David, I listened to the radio clip and there was nothing new in there. A well connected member of the wink & nod brigade overseeing the banking sector. Mates with the banks, mates with the politicians, mates with the builders. It’s one big merry-go-round. He got his golden parachute and now is drawing down his huge pension. He’s well taken care of as the inner circle in Ireland always ensures. They take care of their own. The road to the halls of power in Ireland begins in bars & lounges around the country. Parish Pump politics breeds wink, nod, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours politicians who in turn put their mates into plum jobs in the public sector who in turn get guys like this into plum jobs where there is no accountability. As you said yourself on prime time the other night they were incompetent chancers. Surprise Surprise. Sure didn’t Bertie famously tell people who were raising alarm bells about the economy they’d be better off committing suicide.

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