April 23, 2015

The internet is grooming migrants for a brave new world

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On February 5, 1889, the City of Dresden, a hulking old ship, disgorged 2,000 immigrants onto the sweltering docks of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aries. They were all Irish. This was the largest number of immigrants to dock from a single vessel ever in Argentinian history.

They arrived into a city where they couldn’t speak the language, where the summer heat was unbearable and where they were prey to the typical charlatans who feed on vulnerable migrants. They were alone, afraid and penniless.

Writing in the ‘Southern Cross’, the Irish newspaper in Argentina at the time, Father Matthew Gaughran wrote: “Anything more scandalous could not be imagined. Men, women and children whose blanched faces told of sickness, hunger and exhaustion after the fatigues of the journey had to sleep as best they could on the flags (stones) of the courtyard.

“Children ran around naked. To say they were treated like cattle would not be true, for the owner of cattle would at least provide them with food and drink, but these poor people were left to live or die.

“Young girls of prepossessing appearance were inveigled into disreputable houses – (prostitution, in other words) a swell carriage with swell occupants drives up and promises of a splendid situation are made and accepted and away go the unsuspecting Irish girls.”

One hundred years later, the ‘Buenos Aires Herald’, writing about what happened to the Irish of the City of Dresden, reported that the episode “began the long tradition of Irish whores in the squalid red light district of Buenos Aries, where many of the most famous ‘madams’ were Irish”.

This is our history, this is our heritage and this is why any Irish person with a pulse must understand that what we are seeing on the docks in Sicily is a re-run of what happened to our ancestors.

The story of the City of Dresden and the people left on the docks in Buenos Aries is the story of poor people the world over from time immemorial. It is the story of exodus and poverty, but it is also the story of hope, adventure, risk and the aspiration to better yourself and your family. It is the story of humanity and inhumanity at the same time.

All over the Mediterranean, right now, boats are leaving North Africa, and particularly the war-torn and fractured country of Libya, teeming with people trying to get to Europe with exactly the same hopes as the Irish on the City of Dresden.

However, there are two huge differences. The first is that Argentina, in 1889, like North America, wanted immigrants to populate its vast prairies, known as the pampas. The reality of Argentina might have been different from the dream the people in Ireland had – and particularly from the midland counties of Longford and Westmeath where the immigrants originated – they came to a country of wide farms, free land and verdant soil. At least they became citizens of a new country on arrival. They were welcome.

Once the native Indians were cleared off the vast pampas (something conveniently overlooked in discussions on Argentina), there were vast tracks of land available to farmers. The Irish who left the slums of the capital took to ‘gaucho’ lifestyle like ducks to water, so much so that one of the favourite characters of Jorge Luis Borges’ ‘Ficciones’ collection of short stories was an Irish gaucho.

The second huge difference was knowledge. The Irish who arrived in Argentina hoped for a better life. They had a vague idea of what they were getting into, but imagine the potential if they had Google, smart phones and 3G networks?

The massive change that has happened over the past few years is that the world is more connected. This affects our perceptions of reality.

Poor Africans know what is in our kitchens and living rooms, they know what our bars and restaurants look like and they can upload our world into their minds on a minute-by-minute basis.

This, I suggest, is the biggest change in the way in which we see the globe. What was far away and only handed on by word of mouth is no longer a mystery; what was inaccessible is now playing itself out on screens in our hands.

Smartphones make everything immediate, there is no foreign any more. This explains why immigration won’t stop, but will continue to increase at exponential rates.

Humans take their chances. In the great arc of human history, hope always triumphs and if hope is teased, flirted with and inflamed by constant internet messages and imagery from the rich West to the poor South, why wouldn’t people try to come here? Wouldn’t you?

The internet is literally grooming migrants to take their chances and find a brave new world.

Over the past decade, the number of internet users has grown to nearly three billion, which is difficult enough to comprehend. But up to now they were, economically at least, the three billion people from the middle up to the top. But in the next two years, a billion more will come online. The vast majority of the next billion users will be young people, connecting for the first time ever on mobile devices from the world’s poorest countries.

What do you think this will prompt?

Will it create a content, immobile billion souls, who will be happy to just look at our world from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Come off it.

It will be the recruiting agent for the biggest mass movement of people in human history. They will want what we have and they will also know that they could wait two lifetimes for their own country to provide this lifestyle, so they will move. They will move here.

The key difference now is that they know what we have and they see it every second, so their poverty becomes relative to our wealth.

Ultimately, relative poverty, not absolute poverty makes people move. If everyone is poor, then there is an acceptance of the status quo. If only the bigwigs in your local town are rich, then you aspire to be that; but if you are made aware every second by the device in your pocket that there is a paradise just over the sea, you are going to take your chances, aren’t you?

What will this seismic demographic process lead to?

Eventually, the Irish in Argentina settled. Their most famous son, Che Guevara Lynch, exported revolution abroad.

One wonders where the offspring of the grandsons and granddaughters of these new migrants will export their revolution.

  1. The future will be two parallel societies in Europe, one of the right wing nationalist the other an islamic sharia state.

    They won’t see eye to eye.

    • Josey do you not think we already have two parallel economy’s In Ireland . National Income here Is excellent but the way In which It Is carved up Is criminal. The Immigrants we get here would think the worst job here would be heaven to them. I’ve met vets doctors lawyers working as cleaners In a big hospital here all Eastern European .
      But when do we decide we have enough 300 Syrians get clearance to come here.
      Nigel Farrage Is right he said most are benefit scroungers . When Will they curtail them when Isis starts to chop our heads off or when those cleaners get clearance to follow there professions ,-:)

      • We have enough already…if this continues we’ll become the third world.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        But did you hear that Israel pays people to fly to Europe? This is from their own newspapers, it does not tell the whole story and I do not have time right now to look for a source, but the gist is that Israel pays flights for black immigrants they do not want in their country (for they are one of the most racist countries in the world, not the tolerant UK or Ireland) and gives them $3,500 to settle down and ask for an asylum in Sweden. And Israel is supposed to be on the European culture side. I wonder if they do that to Ireland?


        • Deco

          In that case I think I will stop buying fruit grown in Israel.

          I would like to help Israel. But, if they are not being a good neighbour, then they should learn the consequences of such behaviour.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Well, what can I say dear Deco, first of all I always try look at things from a few different perspectives and I would like to avoid a cheap Israel-bashing (by cheap I mean as in case some of my Irish friends who are active in various pro-Palestine organisations for noble reasons, but they just believe in everything what the Palestinian side tells them and while they are right in saying that double standards are applied to Israel, they never question why Palestinians, i.e., locate woman and kids in places from where at same they fire rockets, places like schools and hospitals where they are used as human shields to show the victims on TV or why, if the Arabs really want to have a Palestinian state, the king of Jordan did not accept them as refugees and pushed them back to Israel – because the primarily interest of the Arab League is not the fate of Palestinians, but wiping out Israel of the map of the world – the fate of Palestinians is only secondary and after all, if Mr. Arafat was so concerned about his own people, why did he not share his enourmous, $1bn worth fortune he had offshore).

            So that’s my first disclaimer – I do not see it as a black&white situation and I do think that Israel has right to exist (while being in favour of the Palestinian state at the same time and against the Jewish lobby – which for some people is to difficult a position to grasp).

            At the same time, I have been carefully monitoring the Israeli press for a while and policies this state pursues in other European countries and I have to say that there is nothing cunning or wretched that Israel might do which may surprise me.

            As to my comment about Israel paying $3,500 to export unwanted black immigrants to Europe, as far as I know this concerns specifically Sweden because they have a strange law that everyone who reaches their shores gets an asylum, but you see the thing is that people in English-speaking countries have a tendency only to read to English-speaking papers and watch UK and US media (so not even other countries media in English and they miss lots of story-lines which will never be reported in the likes of CNN, CNBC, Fox, BBC and I will not mention RTE because I do not want to bring myself in a bad mood.

            I do not have time right now to collect all the sources I came across from outside the UK-US (I keep files where I have all that data), but here are a few examples’

            1. There is a Jewish organisation, funded by Swedish taxpayers, called Paideia. Its manager, Barbara Spectre openly writes – and this is on her own website – that Europe is not multicultural enough and that Jews should be at the forefront of multiculturalism in Europe (so in other words she wants to impose policies in Europe which are opposite to those in Israel, which basically has Nuremberg Laws À rebours).

            2. If you look at the Jewish sources, you will also see things which are at least puzzling. I.e., in Funk and Wagnalls Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 617, gentiles are defined as ‘The best of gentiles should be killed just as the best of snakes should have their heads crushed’ and this is actually from Talmud.

            3. The former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yosef, says in the most prestigious newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, that gentiles exist only to serve Jews:


            4. as presented at Reuters Agency reported from Buenos Aires, Argentina on Fri, 19 April 1996 (14:50:17 PDT) on The World Jewish Congress continue.Israel Singer, General Secretary of the World Jewish Congress stated that “More than three million Jews died in Poland and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this. (…) They’re gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again. If Poland does not satisfy Jewish claims it will be “publicly attacked and humiliated” in the international forum.” – the claims are $60bn in properties that do not belong to them and will enrich the Jewish World Congress, not the holocaust victims (Israel does not pay any money to their own holocaust victims, some of them are on a verge of dying of hunger).

            So do you think Israel (I specifically say Israel and not Jews, because there are some anti-Israeli Jews too) would hesitate from exporting unwanted immigrants to Ireland?

        • DB4545

          Grzegorz Kolodziej

          That’s interesting. What might make an even more interesting and balanced comment would be to ask how much Israel’s neighbours are contributing? Jordan and Lebanon are doing their best. How much are the other Countries in North Africa giving to refugees?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I think you have a point. Everyone in the world expects Europe to do all the helping (I have just heard that Italy wants to send some of them people to Poland and there is a legal loophole in Hungary regarding asylum seakers which many of them are using), meahwile there are some countries in Africa – not many, but there are some (not to mention OPEC states), who are well in a position to contribute or take some of the refugees.

            Everyone means also Australia, Canada and the United States with their President who spoke so much about the Third World, but who continues President Roosevelt immigration policies (America preaches the whole world in their movies about the evilness of WWII, but they refused to let in Jewish refugees from the Nazi regime).

            That’s also double standards – Australia does not let people in on boats whatever their situation is and public opinion is fine with that (no Hollywood movies about their tragedies), even though their continent is more empty than Africa in some places.

            As to Israel’s neighbours, the problem is that if they pursue policies similar to Israel of loading people on planes to Sweden, we probably would not know about it because their ministers would not admit it publicily and unlike the Israeli press, their press would not cover it…

  2. EugeneN

    All that this mass movement would achieve would be to impoverish the West to 3rd world levels as wages fall, rents and housing increase. Unlike the Americas, Europe is not empty ( neither was the America continent of course but by the time of mass immigration, it was).

    • EugeneN

      Sorry, ended that too early. It was .. depopulated by european diseases.)

      The idea that this century will see a movement of people bigger than the 19th century is highly misguided.

  3. Tull McAdoo

    I think it was Charlie Weston over at the Independent who carried a piece about these 300 or so “pilgrims” who will not be sleeping on any cobbles anywhere in the near future (see link)


    In fact, things are going rather swimmingly for Irelands insiders or so it would seem on the surface. These insiders are slowly one by one starting to distance themselves from any errors of judgement that happened in the pass,

    I was there on the night of the guarantee Governor but it weren’t me Sir that done it, for I was locked out of the room you see,

    Weren’t me boss, it were Captain Ahab over in AIB that went chasing that white developer whale,

    Only for NTMA boss the whole country would have needed to be scuppered with all hands lost ARRRR me hearties

    Phil Collins; Another Day In Paradise, Goodnight Australia, sleep well and take it away Phil


    • Denis O’Brien must be literally pissing himself laughing at the sight of complete amateurs like Joan Bruton, Michael Noonan and (worst of all) Enda Kenny saying they are going to set up independent inquiries to look into his business dealings.

      • Ha ha he ha yes should give him a few belly youks

      • Bamboo

        The good thing this time is that Joan Burton wants a COMPETENT authority to investigate the matter. As before, only an independent authority was sufficient to do the job.

        • Joan Burton doesn’t know her arse from her elbow Bamboo.

          There’s NO ONE suitably competent or incorruptible in this pathetic little excuse for a country to do a proper investigation.

          Maybe when some of these sharia law chaps wash up on our shores we might get someone smart enough and independent enough to carry it out. BOOM.

          As least you’d get punishments that fit the crimes in that case.

      • DB4545


        I wonder will Mr. Noonan defend the position of “Official Ireland” in relation to this issue as strongly as he did in relation to the “Hep C” scandal some years ago?

  4. Grooming

    My early days staying in a small village in rural France was realising the importance of the local village hairdresser .She knew everyone . She was obliging as Brendan Grace would say it .She was the confidante and trusting person and held a warm rapport with the local priest and gendarmerie .I was confused because I also liked the chocolaterie too .She was heavier but very sweet and gave me more than a hand full when I asked and paid. The priest and the gendarmerie rarely visited her .I never knew why .

    Hairdressers change a persons perception of themselves in a moment .Good or bad the change is instant .

    I would imagine some Irish girl decided to cut the hair of her own folk in Argentina and maybe she was popular too and that the local priest got his done too . What did she discuss with them is a mystery . My hunch is she was a collaborator and a dissident to assist her own to do better and her place to generate a hive of unusual activity that enabled them to become successful in Argentina .We do not know her name and it would be nice to find out .Maybe in the rolling pampas plains dotted with large villas inhabited by earlier Irish people one of those houses was once owned by this mysterious hairdresser .

    Hairdresser are like money .With lots of trust they show you how nothing becomes priceless .They call that grooming .

  5. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David McWilliams, one of the few political commentators in Ireland who is trying to approach things based on his vast knowledge of banking, world in general and human nature rather than just repeat what the English-speaking media say, is also one of the few commentators who has courage to address topic which became a political hot potato.

    He points out at two major differences between today and the days of yore. First difference is that ‘Argentina, in 1889, like North America, wanted immigrants to populate its vast prairies, known as the pampas’. The second difference is that the ‘Poor Africans know what is in our kitchens and living rooms, they know what our bars and restaurants look like and they can upload our world into their minds on a minute-by-minute basis.’

    I would not completely disagree with him, but there is one point I would like to make: Ireland has in my humble opinion wrong National Development Plan. Although it does not have vast prairies, its population density is actually very, very low (138 in the world – so lower than Ethiopia, lower than Cambodia after Pol Pot’s holocaust and lower than sub-Saharan African average). Do not get me wrong, I am not saying the optimal scenario is to have 10 false asylum seekers in a house subletting rooms to other immigrants and then denouncing them to Gardaí (Gypsies used to do that on a mass-scale to Poles in the UK in the 90s – they would obtain an asylum seeker status based on slandering their home country, rent rooms to Poles who got student visas and came to learn English and work and then report them to the London police that they work 40 hrs/week and not 20 as they were allowed on student visas; EU enlargement was a disaster for them because they could not longer say that there is intolerance in Poland for there cannot be an intolerance in an EU country, or else that country will be verbally attacked by EU officials like Austria and Orban’s Hungary).

    What I am saying is that the result of the unholy trinity of politicians, bankers and trade unions was locking people up in commuter belt town as large as LA and making them to spend an eternity and one day driving and spending a fortune on monopolies such as David’s favourite means of transport, the second most expensive in the world Dublin Bus (and, as in Greens case – whose leader in the EU Parliament is, as he himself admitted, a peadophile), having the audacity to then tax them the carbon tax).

    This is not to the way to kick start the economic growth. Ireland needs to go up rather than wide. Is Netherlands such a bad place to live because they have 9 times more people per square mile than Ireland?!

    As to the second issue… Fortunately Ireland does not have radical islamists (or they are invisible, so it is in a better situation than the UK).

    I think the whole outside-the EU immigration system needs to be revamped… While Ireland should not close its heart to people escaping from war-zones, I cannot comprehend how come people from Africa can afford flying here first time (I am talking about those who do fly) while people from Eastern Europe had to borrow money to fly here 10 years ago and have some money to look for a job…).

  6. corkie

    In response to last weeks mediterranean tragedy we had Peter Sutherland on Monday’s Morning Report, (RTE1) lecturing us on how we might best welcome this expected flood of migrants. I wonder is this means of European population expansion official Bilderburg policy or is Peter doing his own thing here. Either way, expect a mosque to pop up in a centre near you soon. It’s what the rulers want and therefore it will happen. Letting 1000′s die in the ocean is a pretty crass way to get this issue centre stage and to get the masses in the right frame of mind to accept the inevitable but it seems to be working pretty well. Digusted.

    • Sutherland is quoted as saying that “the homogentiy of nations needs to be ended” for the euro project to work. He wants more immgration so as to break the nation state/ people so that europe is one big melting pot without distinct cultural differences and so easier to foist the “united states of europe” upon us.

      He is the ultimate traitor!

      • http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/04/24/trans-pacific-partnership-and-death-republic

        The death of all republics is the goal. I have wondered since the 1970′s at the unanimity of policy concerning immigration and monetary affairs. All countries mysteriously having the same policy points the thinking person to a unitary origin.

        One singular policy for all governments/countries sounds the death knell of independent countries. Rampant immigration results in ghettos, social discord and instability. This leads to authoritarian government to combat the forces unleashed.

        Intervention in sovereign countries is the worst manifestation of this and breeds active dissidents or terrorists. One mans freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. All governments constrict individual freedom in the name of fighting terrorism.

        On top of this is the corporate assault against national sovereignty as demonstrated by the too big to fail and the international trade agreements handing sovereignty to the mega corporations.

        Welcome to the advent of one world government and the death of the nation state.

        The coming celebration of the 1916 Easter uprising will be a mockery of the aims and ambitions of an independent republic as hoped for by the rebels who apparently died in vain.

        Behind it all is the moneyed interest of the Rothschilds et al who with the control of the money supplies and system control all.

        • “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the Public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always to be followed by dictatorship.

          The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Those nations always progress through the following sequence:

          From bondage to spiritual faith,
          from spiritual faith to great courage,
          from great courage to liberty,
          from liberty to abundance,
          from abundance to selfishness,
          from selfishness to complacency,
          from complacency to dependency,
          from dependency back into bondage.”

          –Alexander Fraser Tytler Lord Woodhouselee (1748-1813), “The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic”, Scottish historian at Edinburgh University

          I think we are rapidly headed to the last of these. Dependency to bondage is our lot!!

  7. mishco

    “Smartphones make everything immediate, there is no foreign any more. This explains why immigration won’t stop, but will continue to increase at exponential rates.”

    Can’t buy this argument. Anyone able to use a smartphone can read – or at least see pictures of – what is happening to their fellow-countrymen in the Med. They can also see how some of their own people can make their own version of “paradise” at home, and can either copy them or try to get rid of them and replace then with a better set-up.

    The boat migrants are at the bottom of the ladder, just like your Irish emigrants to Argentina, and they are moving because of lies, trickery and rumours, not because of modern technology, which will open more and more eyes to the harsh reality.

    Another major difference between 1889 and now which you don’t mention is the ability of the nations of Europe to close the doors. It is a very difficult task for the sea routes, but it will be done, just as the air routes have become tightly controlled.

    At the same time, the overpaid, overfed bureaucrats and politicians of the developed world should put much more effort into ensuring that the cash their countries spend in the 3rd world is used to make life better for all of the people, not just the insiders.

  8. Adelaide

    Demographics not Migration.
    According the Dublin Coombe Hospital’s 2013 Review a third of all births were attributed to non-Irish mothers. I happened to pick up the Review there while visiting an Irish friend, on a full ward of eight women she was the only mother there who spoke English. The women had relatives interpreting the midwives’ instructions. I got the bus into the city centre, I and an elderly woman were the only Irish people on the bus. I walked the short distance to the Gresham hotel and the majority of passer-byes were foreigners. There I met Irish-American friends on-vacation just off the airport bus, here for the Irish experience. We all booked in at the hotel reception, and ALL the staff were foreigners, the service was immediately terrible. We took a stroll up to Grafton street and back, my guests felt unnerved, thankfully we were leaving Dublin early next morning. I’ve travelled the world and rarely experienced the palpable air of people’s aggression on the streets of Dublin that day, and I’m born-and-bred city-centre Dublin working class who’s done well in life and so relieved I can afford the lifestyle not to have to experience that every day.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Superb post Adelaide.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Peter Sutherland would be delighted of course with the dilution of Irish identity and culture because it will help to weaken any nationalist agenda.


    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Adelaide,

      There has been something really bothering me about the new mortgage rules which I couldn’t figure out but I am more and more coming to the following conclusion that it”s an attempt by the central bank to impose on Ireland a 1 child policy so I would love to hear your thoughts.

      My conundrum relates to the requirement by the CB for second time buyers to have a 20% mortgage. If a couple buy a house or apt after saving up and then get married and start a family it will be all but impossible to simultaneously save another sum of money to put towards a bigger house as the family size grows as would be the case on the arrival of a second child.

      Hence many families may be forced to stop having kids after the first child. One spouse could of course consider staying at home to mind the kids but that would mean them giving up their job. That would be NO NO for the government because they would lose the line of paye taxation revenue desperately needed to pay all the increased debts the state has taken on as a result of the banking collapse.

      It’s for this reason the government are getting taxes from houses and water which are designed to derive revenue in a way not related to income which the govt know will fall with the open doors policy and all the rape of labour taking place in the country.

      I’d love to know your thoughts.


    • coldblow

      My son was born in Holles Street in 2001 and in a similar public ward most of the mothers to be were from West Africa.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      ‘I’ve travelled the world and rarely experienced the palpable air of people’s aggression on the streets of Dublin that day’:

      Maybe you need to travel more for you appear to see the mote in your neighbour’s eye but not the beam in your own:


      I have not seen so many junkies in any other European capitol north of Romania who bother passers-by every f…g day (and late night they return to their lairs because obviously none of them are really homeless – the really homeless that you can also see do not have that nerve to lie about their situation) and Gardaí are completely fine with that. Those people are not poor, they just have no shame and I cannot comprehend why their presence near O’Connell bridge is tolerated. Virtually of them speak with North Dublin accents (with vocabulary of 500 words) which is so charming and appealing on Moore Street, but not in their case and if anything, they represent the idle class.

      That is not to say that that foreigners do not cause troubles, for example in Belfast soccer hooligans from Poland unfurled IRA flags which was disgraceful because they will come back and leave people with the the consequences of their irresponsible behaviour… In this case the EU’s freedom of movement has one fundamental flaw – it does not scrutinize people’s criminal past…

    • SMOKEY

      I spent the last two weeks on a project in Malahide, I went into the city and it was like London West. Every second accent was not Irish. And the service was just OK.
      That said twas the opposite in the village of Malahide, lovely place but Im glad to be back in the country away from the riff and the raff. Ireland will soon be a distant memory and the brave new world will be with us soon.

    • DB4545


      I’d share most of those views as I’m probably in a similar but perhaps more modest lifestyle to yourself. David is doing the great white upper middle class liberal routine and people in this echelon of society probably think that everyone should share this perspective. The problem is that Dalkey, Killiney and Rathmichael are not competing for jobs, housing and certainly not welfare with newcomers. I know Peter Sutherland certainly isn’t. It’s a nice position to be in when your main contact with the “help” is to pay cash to the nice cleaning lady or ask for the bill in a restaurant.

      The Citizens of our less affluent parts of town are barely afloat and don’t have that choice to escape the experience you mention. We’ve seen the turmoil on this Island over land and religion when desperate people are forced to make tribal allegiances. Desperate people usually make poor choices and we’ve seen that across the water with the NF and the EDL. Despite the comparisons this is not the US or 19th century Argentina. Europe has been through centuries of turmoil and yet distinct cultures,religions,languages and even dialects have barely been disturbed in most of Europe. The Citizens of Europe are growing uneasy as can be seen in the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden and the UK with Ukip. All it takes is a small spark and some messianic opportunist politician. I wouldn’t take too much comfort in living in a specific suburb when that happens.

  9. cooldude

    One thing David seems to have left out is the fact that five years ago Libya had the best health conditions of any country in Africa. Then Gadafi decided he was not going to use the US petro dollar for his oil and all of a sudden NATO starts sponsoring a load of dissidents and enforcing no fly zones and the colonel if hanging from a lamp post. The west created these refugees and turned a prosperous country into a war torn shit hole where the conditions are so bad that people would rather risk death at sea than hang around. We have to stop use our influence in NATO to stop interfering in foreign countries and bombing them to bits. This same situation is happening right now in Syria where the west is sponsoring and training “moderate rebels” to overthrow Assad. This will just create millions more refugees who will be forced from their homes and will literally risk their lives to find a new one. We need to stop this constant interferance in foreign countries who do not bow down to the US and NATO and the debt based central banking model. This is what this article should really be looking at. Causes not symptoms.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      What a good point! But this is the result of Western naive believe in democracy – which is a very new experiment in the history of mankind. Western people, but Americans in particular, think that it is enough to force democracy onto populations like in Libya, Iraq and Syria and everything will be hunky-dory. Well, they did that in all those countries, they went overjoyed when the Arab Spring started and now they have ISIS and immigrants trying to escape from war-zones, as if small Europe could absorb the whole Africa (but you would not think about it in desperation). So now they have their democracy flooding Europe on little boats.

      It must be the MTV culture which made people so dumb as never before (there are interesting studies on that) that they do not realize the consequences of what they wish for.

  10. You have to hand it to #HSBC in the temerity stakes.

    In the middle of an election campaign in the UK they have decided to throw their toys out of the pram by saying that removing their headquarters from the UK is under consideration

    Presumably they realize that they have been caught robbing, scamming, over-charging and money-laundering – not to mention avoiding and evading tax too many times.

    However, they are trying a last roll of the dice – to see if they can blackmail (so-called) democracy even further, in trying to fleece the UK taxpayer (yet again!) for some more money – otherwise they’ll be gone and so will thousands of jobs.

    You couldn’t make it up!

    • DB4545


      The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was the bank of choice for the cartel involved in the Chinese Opium wars in the 19th century. A commentary in “Le monde diplomatique” reported that their involvement with the recent Mexican drug cartels was just an indication of them returning to their roots. A Mr. Thomas Sutherland (no relation to the gentleman above I believe) was one of the founders of the original HSBC. I wonder just how keen the Chinese will be to accept a bank built on the misery and destruction of so many of its people?


  11. coldblow

    While the migrants are being portrayed as innocent victims the ‘people traffickers’ are pure evil.

    This has a parallel in the the innocent drug users whose lives are being ruing by evil dealers. As Peter Hitchens observed in his book on the subject, there is some mysterious process of transubstantiation at work here.

    This seems to be the pattern across quite a variety of issues.

    • I also thought that when I saw the ‘captain’ sitting behind bars in Sicily, vilified by the world.

      I thought Obama and Cameron should be sitting in his place for having bombed the f**k of out Libya and causing all this in the first place.

      • coldblow

        The way it is nowadays more or less everything is ‘cool’ unless it is one of those few things which isn’t, in which case it is often then seen as the embodiment of evil.

        Dave and his advisers have much to answer for in reducing Libya to lawlessness in the wake of their disastrous utopian adventure in removing Gaddafi (another evil figure). Mandela on the other hand was as pure as the driven snow. Putin is evil though. And so on and so forth.

        • coldblow

          I wonder if Jimmy Savile was quite as bad as he is now made out to be. Just saying.

          As for my point about ‘transubstantiation’ above, I mean that drugs are at worst neutral at the point of consumption but are mysteriously transformed into pure evil (there we go again) when they are sold by evil criminals.

          • DB4545


            Jimmy Saville was a disgusting sick pervert who hid behind and was protected by the British establishment just like our home grown perverts hiding behind clerical collars. By focusing the anger of the public on a dead pervert it diverts attention from the living ones still being protected.

          • coldblow


            Have a look at Richard Webster’s Sceptical Essays website which throws much needed light on this weird, and dangerous, mass delusion. There is no govt coverup. That hasn’t stopped innocent care workers in children’s homes (for example) being (literally) demonized.

            I have my own psychological explanation for these modern day witch hunts (it involves extrovertsf).

          • DB4545


            I had a look at the site and I’ll return to it to read it a bit more deeply. I take your point about mass hysteria,the Jersey childrens’ homes and even the scandals of removing children from parental homes without due process, lack of evidence and in camera. However there is clear evidence of systemic cover-up by church authorities and this State in relation to child abuse and I don’t see how you can dispute that as it has been admitted by the church.

            In relation to Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smyth and many others there is no possible way that their activities could have continued without collusion at the highest levels. The current controversy relation to Lord Janner (the police are critical of the CPS refusal to proceed with the case) only serves to highlight this.

      • Deco


        Westminster and Washington are responsible for the mess in Libya, and the disaster zone of Syria/Libya.

        Not a word of remorse from either. Nothing. Just more speeches of overpaid parasites in “think tanks” (usually funded by military manufacturers, banks, services providers, etc..).

        Yep. New speeches about new enemies, old enemies, the need to find newer enemies, to make enemies, and generate as much chaos as possible.

        Check out Pablo Escobar in the Asian Times.

  12. Deco

    In 1992, we accepted a bribe of 6 Billion punts to join an Empire. We were delighted, because we had to be bribed. Even the Danes did not get bribed.

    An empire construct does not want rebel provinces. Contrary to it’s official announcements it does not want to deal with “difference”. It does not like dissent. And it does not like challenges to it’s authority.

    The EU imperial construct will do whatever has to be done, however nasty that needs to be to save the imperial racket.

    There is a need to certain developments to preserve the long term power of the political centre in the EU imperial racket.

    What will be most interesting, will be if criticism comes from within from an unexpected source, at an unexpected scale. That will be the only way the scam will be pulled asunder.

  13. Deco

    If you want to see the essence of the lies that exist in the foreign policy formulation that exists in Westminster, or Washington.

    From the film “Good Will Hunting”.


    The West does not owe these people on boats anything.

    The corporate stooges in power in the West owe the people on boats everything. Most of all they owe an apology.

  14. SMOKEY

    Oh and thanks David for the brackets, for the whore house and flagstones. We who read your column are far too dumb to be able to understand sophisticated sentence structure and language other than tweets or text speak. I is a college student.

  15. coldblow

    Talking about the internet, Junior played me the YouTube video of ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift. This tuneless rubbish (we both agree) makes Abba sound like the Beatles yet it has attracted 749 million views.

    If all of these people decide to come and live in Ireland then we are in big trouble.

    • I’ve just flogged six tickets for Taylor Swift in Dublin – average profit €122 per pair. Bread and circuses. A fool and his money are easily parted. If that’s what the proles want to do in their spare time instead of opening their eyes then who am I to deny them?

      • michaelcoughlan

        Jesus Adam.

        In deco’s post above they are looking for a guy wielding a baseball bat to kill baby seals for their fur by bashing them in the head.

        Might be an interesting “job” opportunity. Although I hear ex bankers were volunteering for the job in droves.


        • Michael,

          I’d only take that job if it was ex-bankers (and current bankers) that I was clubbing instead of baby seal.

          Or as you would say Michael – ‘whacking’ bankers.

          I do have some morals, give credit where credit is due (pardon the pun).



        • Michael,

          I’d only take that job if it was ex-bankers (and current bankers) that I was clubbing instead of baby seal.

          Or as you would say Michael – ‘whacking’ bankers.

          I do have some morals, give credit where credit is due (pardon the pun).



      • DB4545


        Congratulations. Again you’ve demonstrated that people don’t always maximize their utility. If they did ticketmaster couldn’t exist.

  16. What the internet has done for me is to give me access to all the information about the world economies.
    Rather than stimulating a desire to emigrate to greener pastures I realize that there is no place to run to, no place to hide.

    I must make my adjustments at home and prepare myself as best I can to survive where I am situated.

    This attachment gives some overview of the coming financial debacle. It is far more important to me than the local issues of city hall or even the decisions of the national parliament; Or who is emigrating where. These are issues I can do nothing about but I can try to protect myself from a financial wipe out.


  17. Immigrants have mostly been heathens plundering the prosperous. Nothing new in that and it will never change.


  18. Venezuela carries out $1 bln gold swap with Citibank -media
    (Reuters) – Venezuela’s central bank has converted part of its gold reserves into at least $1 billion in cash through a swap with Citibank, local media reported on Friday.

    The deal will make more foreign currency available to President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government as the OPEC nation struggles with soaring consumer prices, chronic shortages and a shrinking economy worsened by low oil prices.

    Daily newspaper El Nacional said the deal was for $1 billion and was struck with Citibank, which is owned by Citigroup Co .

    Former central bank director Jose Guerra and economist Asdrubal Oliveros of Caracas-based consultancy Ecoanalitica said in separate interviews that the operation had been carried out.

    The central bank did not immediately respond to a request for comments. A Citibank official said the company had no comment.

    A source at the central bank told Reuters last month it would provide 1.4 million troy ounces of gold in exchange for cash. Venezuela would have to pay interest on the funds, but the bank would most likely be able to maintain the gold as part of its foreign currency reserves.

    Most of Venezuela’s foreign reserves are held in gold after late socialist leader Hugo Chavez began moving central bank assets away from the dollar in the wake of the 2007-2009 global financial crisis.

    El Salvador too is being stripped of gold in the economic crisis. This follows Ukraine, Libya, Iraq etc. Today the heathen wear pin-striped suits and are called Banksters.

  19. PS the above is credited to a posting in leMetroPoleCafe.com
    I added the last paragraph.

  20. survivalist

    As already highlighted by the contributor ‘mishco’ the attempt to ascribe cause of recent or historical mass migrations of people to the internal drives of hope and economic self-betterment and presently the availability of information and internet access is a weak argument.
    It is also misleading and no doubt deliberately intended to re-focus attention away from historical causes of ‘migration’ from Ireland and most other nations by their indigenous populations.
    No the internet is not making people move, nor their desire for Ikea’s kitchens but rather the usual; that of genocide and the violence of empire building and its associated values and immorality which is inflicted on the native peoples.
    In the case of the Irish it was the British empires handiwork and in that of Libya it is that of the United States for the most part. See N.Chomsky’s 2011 interview ‘On Libya and the Unfolding Crises’
    In presenting human drives and characteristics like that of hope as a primary driving forces of these migrations I am strongly reminded of the recent comments of the Australian PM. When he remarked on his Governments decisions to re-commence war; (see John Pilger’s recent article, ‘the secret country again wages war on its own people’), on the Aboriginal peoples and what he then, as this article similarly presents is their ‘lifestyle choices’. The sentiment remains as contemptible
    Ultimately the argument presented in this article is nonsense and more and more the populations of Europe’s nations are becoming wise to the fundamental immorality that accounts for arguments like this, themselves used to justify certain other ‘lifestyle choices’.

    • StephenKenny

      It’s very difficult not to agree with this view, considering the mass migrations that have occurred over the past couple of hundred years.
      I can’t think of one that history has pout down to ‘things looking better somewhere else”.
      They are always push factors: natural disasters, famines, wars, religious intolerance, political intolerance, and so on.

      Given the string of vicious, and pathetically cowardly, war crimes committed by the US, UK, and NATO militaries, over the past 20 years, it’s not surprising that mass migrations are afoot.

    • coldblow


      You argue that it is caused by genocide and empire building. Who is carrying out the genocide?

      Please explain where the genocide is taking place and where (and how) these empires are being built.

      Where are these migrants coming from? It seems from the media that many people think they are Libyans.

      I agree with David that it is an economic thing. However, I also think it would be prudent to restrict immigration, particularly in the present economic climate. I think that once you have a multicultural society (such as England now seems to be) it would make this task very difficult as fresh immigrants can hide with friends and family.

      What do you think are the motives of those who oppose immigration? Do they lack education and have not yet been given the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of multiculturalism, or do they have an innate tendency to wrong behaviour that no amount of indoctrination can eradicate? Are they misled by racist demagogues or have they failed to question the received dogmas of their youth? Are they unconsciously acting out the interests of their class? Or are they (like people traffickers and drug dealers, but not the trafficked or the dealt) merely, mysteriously evil?

      For what it’s worth, I think that a large part of the world is ‘undeveloping’ to use Raymond Crotty’s term. This is the direct result of the imposition of foreign institutions (in particular private land ownership and supporting legal systems) on non-capitalist yet developed indigenous agricultural societies. Crotty argued that all such states, including Ireland (the longest and most thoroughly colonized), have failed.

  21. mcsean2163

    Surprised by the number of narrow minded bigots here.

    There are a million excuses but no government should restrict entry and the ability to work in their country to law abiding people, end of story.

    • DB4545


      So when they arrive who’s responsibility is it to feed, house, provide medical care, education etc? Do you think that burden will fall on the rich or do you think our less well off Citizens will have to take up the slack through more taxation, poorer services from the State etc? The story sadly doesn’t end when they arrive and the story in Europe is not a proud one when the crowd turns on minorities. There’s a social engineering experiment underway in Europe just as insane as the ideology of Stalinism or Nazism and destined to end in tragedy. Again.

      • ‘narrow minded’ and ‘law abiding’ in the same sentence. Love it.

        • Or same post rather, not the same sentence.

          So Mr McSean, when you came into the world, who was it exactly that said you should be ‘law abiding’ but not ‘narrow minded’?

          Who made those laws for you? And were they narrow minded when they made them? Seeing as they were dead before you were born – how would you know?

          There is no law man, even the presumption that there is, is narrow minded.

          This world was made for you, or for me, or for anyone from their own perspective. You make your own law for you life.

          I only obey narrow-minded, other-man made laws because it suits me, to stay out of prison. As soon as this fake society collapse and Tony’s gold apocalypse is upon us – there are no laws and all bets are off – plus Tony is on the menu.

          Laws indeed.

    • coldblow


      Am I one of these bigots?

      If so, please explain how.

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