November 6, 2014

We can learn from our teaching past and grab a share of a market worth trillions

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At Kilkenomics last year, one eminent economist from India was asked about what type of industries and activities he thought Ireland might foster to get ahead in the future.

What industry could we host in Ireland that would take advantage of the rapid changes in the global economy? Did we have any comparative advantage?

He answered that it was obvious to him: education is where we should be concentrating. He recalled having Irish priests teaching him in Delhi in the 1970s and that these guys had left a significant positive impression on him.

“This is what you are good at,” he quipped.

When Bono and Bob Geldof were in Africa at the time of Live Aid, they told stories of having been welcomed all over the place by Irish nuns and priests. They said they didn’t feel like foreigners because the missionaries had been there well before them. The missionaries blazed a trail.

It is not politically correct and certainly not hip to laud them or recognise what they did, but these people projected an image of Ireland out into the world and part of that image was a nation of teachers.

One of the historic echoes of the drive by Irish religious orders into education all over the world is this recognition of Irish people as teachers. When I was in school, retired priests who had spent years in Africa, Asia or Latin America used to regale us with stories of the missions, what they had seen and who they had met.

These experiences are real and have a lasting impression on the people affected. For example, the brilliant Spanish footballer Xabi Alonso speaks fondly of his time in Kells learning English and his time playing GAA!

These memories are part of the national brand and the brand is powerful. The missionaries are gone but their echo remains.

This echo gives us a launch pad from which to build a new industry for the 21st century. That industry is education and learning. And it’s not just missionaries who have helped create a image of Ireland as a place to learn. Today, the global education market is worth $4.4trillion. It is poised to grow significantly in the next five years. The e-learning market is projected to grow by 23pc between now and 2017. In dollar terms, this was worth $166.5bn in 2012 and will be worth $255bn in 2017. Irish companies such as are market leaders in this business.

In 2010, the Government launched ‘Investing in Global Relations – Ireland’s International Education Strategy 2010-2015′. This is a plan to lure international students to Ireland. It should be dusted off and efforts refocused on making it work.

The three primary aims of the plan were: To increase overall international student numbers by 50pc to 38,000; To boost the number of English language students by 25pc to 120,000; To increase from 23pc to 35pc the proportion of full-time international students undertaking postgraduate programmes.

This is all achievable.

Other small, English-speaking countries have done this with some significant success. One such country is New Zealand. It has had an ‘Education as an Export’ strategy in place since the 1990s and here’s what it has achieved. In 1998 less than 4pc of NZ students were foreign-born. In Ireland that figure was 5pc. In 2008, 24.4pc of NZ students were foreign-born, while in Ireland it was a trifling 7.2pc.

The Aussies are onto this too. They know that they are Asian now. In the past, the Aussies and Kiwis regarded themselves as Europeans stuck in the wrong part of the world. In recent years, they have embraced Asia and repositioned themselves, and not just in education.

However, the results in education have been spectacular.

Now in Australia, 25pc of students are foreign-born and the education export sector is valued at €8.9bn, making it the third-largest exporting sector in the entire economy.

Of the foreign-born students in Ireland, a whopping 40pc are from Anglophone countries, whereas it’s 20pc in NZ and 10pc in US/Canada/UK. This is something we need to address.

With regard to Indian/Chinese students, in the UK, one in five students is Indian or Chinese. In Canada, it is one in four while in the US some claim it’s one in three. Australia and NZ claim 40pc of students are either Indian or Chinese, whereas in Ireland it’s 12pc – the same as Sweden.

Why such an anomaly? Students from India and China make up the lion’s share of those wanting to come here, yet they are not getting in.

Looking at visa approval rates, Ireland and the UK are about the same, at 29pc and 28pc. But the UK receives 33 times as many applications as Ireland. Looking at applications from particular regions, the UK receives 150 times as many applicants from North Africa and the Middle East than we do.

That said, the number of Asian students studying in Ireland has increased by over 400pc since the year 2000. Over the coming years, these countries will get stronger and their middle class will expand. The parents of these middle class kids will spend money trying to get a “Western, English-speaking” education for their kids. This will be a bonanza for us, if we seize the opportunity.

At a time when the global economy is so competitive and when our tax policies are subject to so much scrutiny, a new big idea is surely one worth pitching for?

Rarely can there be one that is so obvious for Ireland. It’s time to grab this opportunity with both hands.

    • here you go Adam

      “Since PayPal without warning blocked donations to the Swiss Gold Initiative, an alternative method of payment has been set up. The PayPal donations that were blocked have been refunded. Donors can now pay by bank transfer to a Swiss Post Finance account. Alternatively, Bitcoin donations are also accepted. Please click on the link below for details.” — Egon von Greyerz,

        • Daniel Waxonov

          and you were going ‘great guns’ of late Tony,but we are back to gold,or is it Gold,capitalised for the omnipotence of each and every proud holder.Are we back to that clap-trap?You waiting for it to skyrocket?in fairness Tony?

          *shake of head*

          Have you watched those clips of the Chinese mining Helium-3 from the moon surface,or the high speed rail projects i posted.Care to speak of physical economics?Or are you simply blind to progressive,science driver policies that can make the life and death difference in our society?

          • No need to be rude.
            Offer me rational argument that refutes the fact that the rest of the world is going to gold and silver while the Western powers use immoral , illegal naked paper shorts to drive the prices down.

            Chinese and Russians say thank you very much as they gobble up the actual real stuff, the bullion.

            Tell me there is not a referendum in Switzerland to repatriate the 40% of their gold holdings they have left. They will pay triple in fiat money to replace what was sold off. Can you spell inflation. Tell me that there is not a vote on 30th Nov that if passed will require that at least 20% of reserves should be in gold.

            Tell me why an individual should not hold a similar policy as insurance against the avalanche of paper money printing taking place. Trillions and trillions. Soon to be hundreds and thousands of trillions that will not buy a loaf of bread. Worthless.

            Explain to me how it will not happen. In a rational logical way, that is. Something I can research and believe in?

            Progressive science as you call it will take place no doubt but what of the working average person who is in the meantime broke.

            First things first. Get your own house in order before offering to help others.

            5 years from now or sooner, gold and silver will be worth multiples in fiat currency but an ounce will buy you the same goods as today. Maybe a little more as the price today is depressed artificially. While your fiat will buy you half or a quarter of what it does today.

            Prudent people carry some insurance or they self insure. That is what gold and silver do.
            As far as government is concerned , having the currency fixed to gold means there cannot be a ramp up in paper currency so the inflation factor is removed.

            But deflation is the problem I hear you say. Of course. After every credit induced boom there is a corresponding bust. The great reset is upon us and nothing will prevent it’s occurrence.

            GGold and silver will not depreciate to nothing and so insure there too.

            don’t tell me you cannot eat gold. Neither can you eat paper currency. It is merely a means of exchange, a measure of worth. One works better than the other.

            Tell me it ain’t so Daniel. Rationally.

          • Daniel Waxonov

            We are, as often is the case,at cross purposes.

            I’m speaking of GROWTH strategies.

            Your ceaseless gold incantations in search for growth are delusional.


  1. Forgot to ‘subscribe’ in all the excitement.

  2. CorkPlasticPaddy

    Sorry, David, but there’s one fatal flaw in your argument and that’s that everybody in Ireland aren’t teachers!

    • Joseph

      Teaching shouldn’t be a closed profession where you have to pay €500 to Maynooth PAC before you even start getting a HDIP.

      Proper expertise in a subject is knowing it well enough to teach it.

      A knowledge economy is not about building barriers to gaining that knowledge, but multiplying the possibilities by sharing it.

      We Irish know how to tell a story, and this gels well with the knowledge economy.

      • Daniel Waxonov

        100 % Joseph

        Education is a cultural fulcrum and a patient and insightful teacher,especially in the sciences,can deliver Powerful leveraging capabilities in a society, qualitatively speaking,that lead to creative innovation and technology breakthroughs,the motors of a productive economy afterall.We need a cultural change in how society acknowledges and rewards the invaluable role of gifted teachers.

        And in the interim,give taechers a fair early-retirement package at 50 yrs of age, especiallly for those with no vocation, or those that despise their jobs and are feeling ‘trapped’.They do more harm than good!

  3. Grey Fox

    Saints & Scholars, but no business, look at all the english language schools for instance, closing down in Dublin with financial difficulties.

    • Joseph

      The results of a race to the bottom.

      • Daniel Waxonov

        @Grey Fox

        Don’t be putting thoughts in Inda’s vapid mind…he might unearth our early medieval Irish language Ogham and try market it to the Military Industrial Complex /CIA/NSA as an unbreakable cypher. [ GUARANTEED to get funding btw! ]

        Paddy – the new and improved Cherokee and Navajo Code Talker!Forget crypto currencies,we have crypto-Gaelic !

        I wouldn’t put it past him!Afterall,he has a penchant for recklessly selling the citizens down the river, natural resources, so why not a further assault on our culture,all the while puckering his lips to ass kiss of the rabid elite. What a shaam!

        • Daniel Waxonov

          It’s Fri night,so an old Niall Tóibín joke;

          Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall,the CIA gets wind that a nest of Soviet spies may be operating out of a Gaeltacht area.The agency selects one of it’s best young field agents, intensively trains him in the culture, history and language of Ireland, and sends him over here on an undercover mission to expose the commies in our midst.

          Trained at the language labs of Langley Virginia and now fluent in The Irish language and packing a tin whistle and a supply of Aran sweaters and corduroy trousers, he spends the next few months moving from one Gaeltacht area to another, successfully passing himself off as a Gaelgeoir.

          He eventually arrives in the Kerry Gaeltacht. He walks into a pub and orders a pint of Guinness, as Gaeilge. The barman pulls the pint, puts it down to settle, leans over the bar and says: “Haven’t you got a magnificent command of the Irish language . . . and you being an American.”

          The CIA agent is taken aback and whispers: “That’s amazing. How the hell did you know I wasn’t Irish?”

          “Ah, t’was easy,” replies the barman casually.

          “Shur aren’t you as black of the ace of shpades!” ;)

          • DB4545

            The truth is stranger than fiction. My eldest was on a course in a Mayo Gaeltacht last week. I detested Gaelic as a child due to the christian brother “education” I received and its take on Irish culture. My son loves Gaelic and is fluent. One kid on the course was head and shoulders above him and others on nuances and finer details of the language and culture. His native language is Yoruban and as you may have guessed he is as black as the the ace of spades. Elements of invaders spent generations trying to extinguish the language and our own cultural Nazis did likewise with Peig Sayers and their other antics. And a boy from Lagos held the room with what he learned when he hit the ground running. We never know when it’s the “Fainne Geal on Lae”.

  4. Pat Flannery

    There is an abundance of empty houses and apartments all over the West of Ireland together with many vacant shop buildings around which to build an international college of languages. There is even an international airport at Charlestown where Ryanair would only be happy to put on extra flights. All we need is the will and the vision.

  5. Bamboo

    Sounds like a good plan, David.

    However, what I noticed is that generally Asian countries are attracting a lot English speaking teachers in all disciplines. These teachers are getting the English, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand, South African and/or Irish equivalent of salaries plus two flights home. It is worthwhile for them as the cost of living is very cheap. Rental accommodation is a quarter or a fifth of the rents in Ireland, petrol is generally much cheaper, and food is about a tenth of the price compare to at home in Ireland. Apart from all that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on heating your house.

    Don’t forget that the standard of education in maths and scientific studies and International Baccalaureate are higher than in Ireland.

    In other words how can Ireland compete with what is on offer in Asia and Australia if you consider the high cost of living. If you are targeting the middle class – I get the impression that England and Germany are the countries the Asian (Chinese) middle class families are aiming at. The increase “by over 400pc since the year 2000” is probably because there is generally an increase of students.

    To compete in this market we need to get the cost of living down significantly, especially accommodation. But as seen as Ireland is putting all the effort into hiking up the cost of accommodation, I can’t see how we can compete with the rest of the world in this market.

  6. dwalsh

    Interesting letter from the ECB.

    Debt is clearly being used as the fulcrum to apply leverage to restructure our social democratic republics & societies into pivatized neoliberal competitive markets.

    This is a hostile corporate take-over or coup
    With two pricipal aims
    1. To plunder national treasuries and privatize national resources
    2. To remake the world in the image of the corporation; to corporatize the human world and human life. This requires the subjugation of national governments and legal systems to corporate fiat – which is being done via the TTIP and other so-called free-trade agreements being negotiated in secret.

    • Daniel Waxonov

      Succinctly put DW!Empire is about Power,Absolute Power.

      “Under the show, the struggle for power. Deep down below it all, deeper than honour, deeper than pride, deeper than lust, and deeper than love,is the getting of it all, the seizing and the holding on, the jaws locked, biting into power and hanging on – biting and hanging on!” – Francis Urquhart

  7. How about educating the local population about the economic benefits available to the country when people understand why they are economic serfs and broke.

    Education starts at home. Get the monetary system in order and the economy strengthens, inflation halts, and general prosperity reigns.

    Then the world beats a drum to your door. That is worth teaching the world.
    Ireland saved civilization in the dark ages and could do so again.

    However I suspect that soon everyone’s second language may be mandarin!!! The economic missionaries around the world are the Chinese, buying resources and making business deals around the world. As was stated, New Zealand and Australia are Asian now!!

  8. “Nevertheless, an honest person would think that the incompatibility of high demand with constrained supply and falling price would arouse the interest of economists, the financial media, financial authorities, and congressional committees.” Paul Craig Roberts

    “The answer is that the US political and financial system is engulfed with corruption and criminality. ” PCR.

    “The authorities have created a financial system totally out of sync with reality. When the authorities can no longer keep the house of cards standing, the collapse will be extreme.” PCR

    “The divergence of markets from economic reality disturbs neither public policymakers nor economists, who promote the interests of the government and its allied interest groups. The result is an economy that is a house of cards.” PCR

    I am pretty sure that non of the above information will be presented or debated at Kilkenonmics. That is a missed opportunity, deliberate or otherwise.

    There is the opportunity to educate the public in this matter by our esteemed writer, economist , journalist entrepreneur.

    It is a continuing source of frustration and disappointment that this is so. Our host is in a position to “make a difference” but refuses to even discuss these blatant outrages that are unlawful, immoral and against the interests of the people he purports to want to educate and help.

    It is a truism that those who are not a part of the solution are a part of the problem. David is still on the dark side. His inaction on discussing the truth of the manipulation of our markets means he continues to misinform.

    I begin to think that this is deliberate and not an error. The Corruption of our monetary and financial system reaches all areas of society and deep into the soul of the people. It is totally corrosive and destructive.

    (we have our first gale of the fall and I go to see my boat is secure at the dock!!!)

    • Daniel Waxonov

      Hopefully your boat is not under water,like our economy ! [projected as enviably treading water by MSM...what a shaaam!]

      I agree whole heartedly with you Tony [that makes a change!]that our host has the unrealised potential to speak for the ordinary guy on the street[and be heard] that currently is being suffocated by Schachtian austerity ‘programmes’,and get to the meat on the bone of our woes, the elephant in the room,DEBT,and proposals of how to deal with same,creatively.

      worth posting again,,,Vincent doesn’t tolerate the wishy-washy-window-dressing of our stark Reaity.

      And speaking of Debt,will Glass Steagall be featured @Kilkenomics 2014 Tony? I know you get irritated by me referring to splitting the TBTF,but after a year of our ‘fencing’ with one another,surely you can see the wisdom of Glass Steagall?

      • My boat is fine after yesterdays gale. This morning is calm and I am off for a 3 day jaunt on the BOYZ CRUZE. Long sails followed by an evening at the pub.

        All I have ever said is that GS is not a solution just a band aid. It does nothing to dissolve the cabal attempting to take over the world. Their principle operation is to control the worlds money. That is where we need to focus, not on the commercial banks. Once the money system is reclaimed by the people, GS and other measures become irrelevant.

        But of course none of this will appear at the big K. My reading of the audience reactions, two years ago is that a good sector of the population would welcome such presentations.
        They are denied solutions and they sense it!!

        • Daniel Waxonov

          Right said she,and she never wrote.

          That’s where the trouble comes into paradise,as they say.I always imagine you as an interesting guy Tony,but your practical nature and that glint in your eye ((of a true believer in growth from monetary tokens) remains breathtaking.You are quite content in LaLa land with Twinkie-Winki,to stop investigating and just settle for a pacifier in your mind, that Glass Steagall is one of many options,on some notional macro À-la-carte menu, for mankind to choose from. And you ask me to be rational?!Be serious for a moment!

          You [surely] now see the eminent economic and social collapses,[be that months or single digit years away,or weeks of course!!!]the ‘black swans’ events that could worryingly trigger a chain reaction in our interconnected global financial markets,you witness the entropy,the engineered wars and the inevitable trajectory of further unimaginable misery heaped upon People and you see the choice of splitting the TBTB banks [however difficult a task]as being optional?

          I can only think,call me rude [ we're light years beyond the nonsense of platitudes at stage of global economic de-generation] you are,on many levels Tony,hoping for a crash – in order to see your gold stock spike,you subsequently cashin’ in and it’s a mindset of “i’ll be ok Jack”, “piss on the fire,MY toast is done” and the classic “What’s in it for me?”

          That’s where we’re at eh Tony? You’re just another brick in the wall and you’ll be damned if you’ll change.

          [i'd hate to be accused of being off topic [sarc/on]

          I hope Kilkenomics rocks David!!

          • Mike Lucey

            @Daniel Waxonov

            I don’t see your reply to Tony as rational. Its more a case of belittlement.

            (G)old is one of the precious metals which appears to be much hated by the current ilk of Central Bankers. I wonder why? Could it be that having it as a ‘standard’ would screw up their IMO dishonest ponzi scheme and not allow them the ability to create wealth out of, I was going to say thin air, but a vacuum would be a better description of the current standard.

            Oil replaced gold as the standard in the 70s by Tricky Dicky under orders as it was controllable by the Globalist Elite but it now appears not so controllable with Putin sitting on Russia’s wells and getting cozy with other producers.

            I imagine gold will truly be looked on as a ‘barbaric relic’ to some degree in the future but for the time being it should be regarded as a safe insurance policy and if possible, folks should consider holding some amount for the rainy day that is obviously on the way.

            BTW, I see gold has jumped $36 overnight but I have no doubt the crooked suppressors will again stamp their jack boots on it.

            It will be very interesting to see what happens when the Swiss have their say in a couple of weeks.

          • Mike Lucey


            A little informative reading for you that might swing you slightly in favour of holding a little of the ‘shiny stuff’ ;-)

            Hyper-Printing The $100 Federal Reserve Fiat Note vs Gold


          • Daniel Waxonov

            Whisht, Whisht,damn blasht you!

            You refuse to lishten to reason and now you have chosen to be deliberately stubborn.Now join pony Tony,as go brách leat !


            Oh,you expected a logical exchange? Marquess of Queensberry rules at Fight Club??? lol ;)

            How naive …

          • Well mr what a mess. Whatever is your name.

            first you’ll not understand. Then you will ridicule, then demean, then demonize and finally given the chance you will execute.

            I have attempted civil discussion, civilized debate, listen to the messenger and debate, not shoot the messenger, but to no avail.

            LaRouche has poisoned your mind and corrupted your soul.

          • Daniel Waxonov

            Ah Tony ? :(

            in the world of the blind,the one-eyed man is king.

            You mind those whales.

  9. Markets do not lie and the statistics quoted are correct and those are facts and unlikely to change in the near future .

    There are reasons :

    The Irish do not speak proper English especially in Dublin ; and

    Irish Laws are defective to operate and oversees students will continue to be defrauded without recourse ; and

    Irish Government trade promotion to China have No Credibility and the Chinese should wake up to this reality and seek extraordinary taxpayers guarantees before choosing ; and

    Oversees students should only pay after the course has been completed satisfactorily .

    ~( Chinese Consular please note this on your internal reports in future )

    • ?????????????????????????????????????????

      • Chinese characters are not transcribable on this site ! So much said for languages in Ireland .

        It is interesting the WiFi systems in Dublin during Web summit were short of expectations and summit may not be held in Dublin again unless this is rectified.

    • Shìch?ng shì bù huì shu?hu?ng de, bìng y?nshù t?ngjì shùjù shì zhèngquè de, zhèxi? d?u shì shìshí, bù tài k?néng zài bùji? de ji?nglái g?ibiàn.
      Y?y?u yuány?n:
      Ài’?rlán bù ji?ng zhèngquè de y?ngy? yóuqí shì zài d?bólín de; hé
      ài’?rlán de f?l? shì y?u qu?xiàn de c?ozuò hé ji?nd? xuésh?ng ji?ng jìxù wú zhu? su? quán jìnxíng zhàpiàn; hé
      ài’?rlán zhèngf? de màoyì cùjìn duì zh?ngguó y?u méiy?u g?ngxìnlì hé zh?ngguó xíngdòng y?ng q?ngx?ng de rènshí dào zhè y? xiànshí, bìng xu?nzé zh?qián zh?ngqiú nàshuì rén f?ifán d?nb?o; hé
      fùzé xuésh?ng y?ng zh? zh?fù hòu de kèchéng y? yuánm?n wánchéng.
      ? (Zh?ngguó l?ngshì q?ng zhùyì, zhè zài j?nhòu de nèibù bàogào)

    • DB4545

      I completely agree with your points regarding lack of regulation and oversight for colleges/schools serving overseas students. But your comment regarding “the Irish do not speak proper English especially in Dublin” is ridiculous. We don’t speak RP or American English. We speak our own dialect just like many other English speaking Countries. Who were you comparing us to Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Belfast, Sydney, Bristol, Auckland, Newfoundland or the many other regions that speak their own unique version of English? That’s why English is global, it’s flexible and adaptable and has changed over centuries and there is no “proper” version of it. Perhaps a change of mindset might help rather than some rigid outdated snobbery about what you perceive to be “proper”.

  10. When a country has its own currency it can cut its own deal with China. Canada to become first trading hub in the Americas to have a JUAN centered trading hub. US dollar is bypassed.

    BC already knows it is Asian and wants the hub in Vancouver. Vancouver is the world financial centre for mining financing.

  11. Mike Lucey

    I agree totally that Ireland could develop a highly successful foreign student education industry. As John says above, there needs to be some stringent safeguards introduced. Paying after the course has been delivered is a good idea. Of course some kind of an escrow account system would have to come into play also.

    I remember many years ago we had loads of Spanish students in Ennis every year. These students stayed with local families on a bed and board basis. The local families received reasonable remuneration also, especially the lady of the house. All the family became English Teachers, it worked well.

    When meeting Spanish students that learned their English in other counties I was often amused at the various accents they (Spanish students) adopted when speaking English.

    This was nearly 40 years ago. These days I think educated Irish people in all counties have reasonably neutral Irish accents.

    I came across this site, Favorite Accents of People Speaking the English Language It looks that the Irish accent is the most favoured. I also agree with poster Cantonez comment,

    “I think an Irish woman speaking English is the most sensual sound there is around. Italian and American Southern would be right behind the Irish”.

    Maybe its time for the Irish to turn one of the results of the Penal Laws to their advantage and stop complaining how we were hard done by.

  12. “If you can read Chinese this is a little less of a mystery. In Mandarin many documents of Chinese officials and the State Council have been released wherein the importance of gold for the Chinese economy is emphasized. In these publications it’s clear China recognizes gold for its monetary value, as part of their financial industry and essential for a future economic landscape. How exactly the Chinese will play their cards I don’t know, but we will surely find out in the years ahead.”

  13. Shane F

    Anyone wondering why Ireland’s intake of foreign students is so poor would do well to listen to the lady that was on RTE’S Morning Ireland (sometime around 7.15 if anyone wants to try and get it on playback).

    She referred to the scandals surrounding Shelbourn college ‘and other colleges’ over payment of fees and treatment of students.

    A remedy suggested was use of escrow payments regulated by Govt.

    ‘Irelands reputation is being severely tarnished by these colleges’

    Read recently (could have been here) that a very important factor in companies considering foreign re-location. investment is the application of the rule of law and regulation. Exactly the same for visitors/students planning to go oversea’s ? Is’nt it a very big consideration what country any individual visits and especially parents sending their offspring off into the unknown.

    What has changes since ‘the financial wild west’ and ‘rip off republic’ were terms frequently used just a few years ago.

    • Shane F

      Sorry, typo.
      Last line above should have read—

      What has changed since ‘the financial wild west’ and ‘rip off republic’ were terms frequently used just a few years ago.

  14. Mike Lucey

    @Shane F

    Terms like ‘the financial wild west’ and ‘rip off republic’ could well apply to the EU Commission when Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, is reported to have said, “When it becomes serious, you have to lie”.

    And we have our own member of the commission, Phil Hogan, the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, stating that ”Water pressure will be turned down to a trickle for people who don’t pay”.

    What hope could we have when these are the characters on the top level!

    • Daniel Waxonov


      Speaking of Jean Claudes,Trichet refuses to attend a [CRUCIAL] Banking Enquiry eh! What a shaaam!!He knows the outcome of course,hint; not in his [ECB's] favour ! We get saddled,[ a millstone around our necks more like! ] with ~E65Billion of odious private banking debt, but no ‘take-backs’, no ‘do-overs’ ..Hubris filled,bully-overlord Trichet thinks he can just ‘hop-scotch’ over the Irish people,the serfs…

      No debt sharing arrangement is even mooted!!It’s all some sorta playground game to our fine-day-friend-Trichet and his minions and they’re cocksure they hold all the schoolground marbles!
      Now as bad as the letters are, I wonder what [veiled,or otherwise] threats was Brian on the receiving end of,over the telephone, or in person? Hmmm

      SO many unanswered questions, that desperately need answering.

  15. Daniel Waxonov

    If you have 30 seconds,maybe check out the video in this link and witness count-de-pensions-Inda drive his chariot through the ‘disgruntled’ serfs and witness the lady in the striped t-shirt being man-handled by the two pups in uniform!!!Who does they think they are?!! Bloody disgrace!

  16. ‘Poste Restante’

    Mid Atlantic now plays the forum for the agenda of how the Trichet’s Letter is interpreted . EU plutocrats conform with the interpretation of ECB responses and the intent seems justified .Mainland EU is firmness of purpose and blames the idiocracy of the Central Bank in Ireland .Its an objective view and will probably be seen to hold itself without sway in due course.

    Hiberno English with a drawl accent from USA will attempt to prove that ECB was broke anyway and is blamed for castigating the Irish as the lamb to the slaughter .Many more talking shops will sprout green leaves and hold their own agenda to support their favourite argument .

    The winner will be announced in a letter in due course and that letter will be marked ‘poste restante ‘ for collection at the GPO . I guess nobody will bother to collect it when it arrives .

  17. Daniel Waxonov

    An article for that’ll give you a tickle in your throat!

    Figuratively speaking,there’s a pause right now,in history,as we reach the top swing of the global financial markets pendulum,when,after an infinitesimal moment,potential energy uncoils into kinetic energy. As energy is always saved spirally in nature,will this phase transition, be a change in direction away from a burning debt-fuelled world,on the brink of economic collapse and chaos,to a new archetype,a rebirth,an up-shift in humanity’s evolution,striving for that Universal harmony from the minimum to the maximum?

    If not,the phase shift will be expressed by people remaining sorry hostages to oligarchy,where we continue to be paralysed by cognitive dissonance and slaves to the ever present calculus of self-interest and avarice,inevittably resulting in mankind to tumble uncontrollably down a death spiral.

    • Daniel Waxonov

      Can the BRICS nations,Argentina and Egypt et al, be that rainbow of hope,the much needed expression of co-operation, vision and change, of an inspirational seed-crystal of real physical economic development, to counter the evil and parasitic globalist puppet-masters?

      Yunno, it could be argued,that right now,is not unlike the moments before the global flood and Noah’s ark,as depicted in several accounts of religious texts,ancient myth and legend from 3000BC ish,where Noah was scorned and mocked for his actions in anticipation of disaster.Was Noah an nonagenarian? Hmmm.Luckily these stories tell us of a “rainbow covenant”,but how will we be protected,be saved even,from a cataclysmic correction in the financial markets? While my insights are at best,amateurish,i am reminded and encouraged that Mind is the matrix of all matter.

      In 25 years from now,what will remain of Wall St?

      Blue skies are possible.

      Prometheus be!

      • Daniel Waxonov

        no wings,eh…[*chin rub]

        Is fearr go mall ná go brách

        • Mike Lucey

          Last Saturday night I venture out and attended the Ennis Trad Fest and didn’t get home until 4am.

          There was huge number of folks from non English speaking countries particularly the USA and interestingly Japan.

          As we know, Ennis is ‘The Home of Traditional Music’ and I am now wondering if we (Ennis folks) should be looking at the possibly of setting up a School of Traditional Music, Dance and Song.

          Ennis is bothe fortunately and unfortunately stuck in between Limerick and Galway and has little chance of ever getting a 3rd level institute or even a branch of one but working with what we do have, a rich heritage in tradition music we might just be able to pull something off.

          To make things more interesting, our local Boy’s National School in the center of Ennis is sitting idle as a new state of the art school has replaced it on the outskirts of the town. The old school is quite large and just needs some TLC to make it fully functional again.

          Now, I wonder how many Japanese and Chinese parents would consider sending their kids to Ennis to learn English and at the same time learn about one of the richest traditional cultures in the World. Remember what ‘River Dance’ did for the Irish ego?

          Yes, David is right. Education could and should be developed into livelihoods for Irish people. Maybe its time to get off may arse and do something about it.

          • Daniel Waxonov


            Potential in that idea for sure – much like the raw potential of a violin.At the hands of a Stradivari,well,anything is possible.

            if you build it,they will come.

        • Mike Lucey


          An té nach bhfuil láidir ní folair dó a bheith glic ;-)

          TRILLIONS of Paper Silver, QUADRILLIONS of Fiat — Kranzler

          Whether or not gold should be a standard, one thing for sure is that its being sold at bargain prices currently due to the illegal suppression by the crooked central banking elite.

          7 out of ten of 18 of the largest gold / silver mining companies are just barely keeping their heads above water. It look that if gold drops to circa $1000 per Oz at least half in the Western World could well go out of business.

          Then again maybe not as I am sure the upcoming Eastern block would take up the slack and keep production going as they have been doing in many cases over the past 10 years.

          Shortly we could see gold at $5,000 and silver at $500 and a box of cornflakes at $10! Insure, insure, insure LOL.

    • Mike Lucey


      When it all boils down I think the only true ‘currency’ is a man’s labour. Gold and other precious metals only came to be used as a convenient means to trade labour.

      Any vehicle by which a man can have some degree of control over the value of his labour would suit me, Bitcoin, gold, silver or some kind of a labour (run) credit system as long as the banking elite is not allowed to take a substantial cut for little or no input themselves.

      With this proposal the question arises, is Pat the solicitor’s one hour of labour worth ten hours of Joe the carpenter’s labour? Perhaps the ‘free market’ could determine that one ;-)

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