August 28, 2014

A long, hot summer - but globally we are returning to darkness of the Middle Ages

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As I saw my children off to school this morning, I thought of the brilliant summer they just had. It was one of those early teenage and pre-teenage summers where everything is possible and where all sorts of opportunities present themselves in increasingly confusing varieties. It also struck me how much has changed in our world since they left school in June.

In June, the world appeared to be a relatively peaceful place with the exception of Syria. Many articles were written in June about the centenary of the Sarajevo assassination. The general theme was that although the world is not always stable, the notion that there might be wars with new countries created, old ones collapsing and resulting mass expulsions of populations, was far-fetched.

By September, no one can be too sure.

The speed of geo-political change has been mesmerising.

An extreme Sunni Muslim group called Isis emerged in Iraq, sweeping through the country, killing ‘infidels’ as it went. Just as we digested this ghastly spectacle, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which had been relatively quiet for a few years, erupted in Gaza with diabolical results. In Syria, the killing continued.

Then, in Eastern Europe, Russian separatists in Ukraine shot down a civilian airliner, escalating dramatically the stakes in eastern Ukraine. Two thousand people have been killed thus far in Ukraine. Now Russia, naturally, sees itself surrounded by enemies.

Sanctions against Russia have hit German economic confidence, driving the major power in Europe backwards. Deflation stalks large parts of the eurozone and without the German economy to pull it out of recession, the French economy stalled. This week, we see that the upshot of no growth in France has been the second major government reshuffle in a year. The relatively new presidency of Francois Hollande already seems impotent and subject to attack from his own party.

Speaking of attack from his own party, David Cameron is now being pushed by the Eurosceptic Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to lead Britain out of the EU in 2017. And, who knows, it may be a rump Britain of England, Wales and Northern Ireland without Scotland.

It is a measure of just how strange the world has become that the notion the Scots may end the 300-year union with England rarely gets front-page billing in Ireland.

Despite all these geo-political upheavals, financial markets continue to behave as if there is no risk in the world. They have continued to rally, without a significant reversal, all summer.

If you are confused, I don’t blame you.

The most telling evidence of the demise of respect for America was the fact that the Egyptians – recipients of billion of dollars of American military aid – made John Kerry, the American Secretary of State, walk through a security check the last time he visited the Egyptian president. Meanwhile, on the ground, far from the corridors of power, the situation can only be described as medieval meets 21st century.

How else can you describe the beheading of a journalist? Or how else could you describe the herding of thousands of villagers up to the top of a hill, where armed fanatics intend to slaughter them all in the name of religion? How do you describe Israeli fanatics burning a young Arab boy alive?

Looking at the situation in Gaza, what we have looks a bit like a medieval siege of an entire city surrounded on two sides by Israel on the other by Egypt and hemmed in by the sea. It is sometimes forgotten that Egypt has also laid siege to Gaza and the miserable Palestinians are stuck in the middle.

Sieges of cities were common in the Middle Ages. We are back there now – except this time with so-called social media.

For Isis the future is the 11th Century. Success in this diabolical project will depend on its winning a sectarian inter-Muslim war, not unlike Europe’s Thirty Years’ War of the early 17th century which was motivated, initially at least, by pure sectarianism. This notion of the pure, religiously based state, where only the chosen ones are accepted and the others will be forced into exile, has a deep Ferdinand and Isabella feel to it.

One other aspect that makes the world feel medieval is the absence of an overwhelming power that can keep the lid on everything. In our lifetime this power was either the US or the Soviet Union. Now it is neither. However, in recent years Russia’s global power has been on the ascendency while America’s has faltered.

Think about when Vladimir Putin came to power. Russia was a wreck. On the other hand, America in the late 1990s was the world’s undisputed heavyweight power. Putin, without much by way of resources, has remade Russia into a significant power. Whether you like it or not, Russia has alliances with China and has the Egyptians knocking on its door to buy arms. Its friend in the Middle East, Iran, remains the power broker and, of course, Europe’s winters depend on Russian gas for heat.

What is Russia going to do with Europe if this is a severe winter? What if it turned off the taps?

To answer this, maybe we should wait until the schools break for the Christmas holidays, come back, and then and inspect the lie of the land.

  1. Conall

    The Middle Ages were not dark.
    It is silly to use the term ‘medieval’ as an insult.
    The Middle Ages were cultured and far less violent than the 20th century or this century.
    Hope your economics is better than your history.

    • Jaysus Conall are you always so pedantic! Its a turn of phrase to describe violence – as in the great Pulp Fiction quote about “gonna get medieval on this ass”



      • Gearoid O Dubhain

        You are both right in your own ways !, but in a short article, we should allow literary licence to use terms most of us will understand and place in the corrcet context ! But be careful you dont incur the full wrath of Righteous PC Liberalism for linking to the Pulp Fiction quote you did link….we live in strange times, rather than going forward, we have in some respects gone backwards in terms of free speech. Free speech now means the freedom to say the things that others approve of ! In many respects the late and unlamented Senator Joseph Mc Carthy, of ” Have you now or ever been a member of the Communist Party” fame would recognise the atmosphere and culture that prevails in Ireland. I understand labour in Government now want to grant themselves further powers to restrict free speech and severly punish those offending against the sensibilities of the Labour Party. I wonder will M D Higgins wrestle with his Liberal conscience when signing with piece of legislation ?

  2. Mike Lucey

    I’m surprised to read that ‘Russian separatists in Ukraine shot down a civilian airliner’. I have been reading various commentators on this matter and it looks that the jury is still out on this. From what I see the evidence is pointing to the US stooge Kiev ‘government’.

    With regard to the ‘beheading of a journalist’! I presume that you are referring to James Foley

    Not many have viewed the original YouTube video supposedly posted by IS. I managed to view it before YouTube pulled it. The video did NOT show the beheading, only a man dressed in black holding the head of another man dressed in orange, rubbing his neck with what looked like a rubber play knife. There was NO blood after five or six rubs.

    The action then faded to black and what looked like a photoshop’d image showing a head resting on a down turned body appeared. IS are not shy about showing the most gruesome of acts. In fact there are a number of real beheading videos by Jihadists on YouTube that have not been taken down.

    My initial impression that there was something fishy about the whole video and its presentation. However the US was quick to back its authenticity, well they would of course as it suits there aims.

    There are now quite a few respected professionals in movie making / editing that are voicing opinions that the whole thing is a huge fake and after seeing their evidence I have to agree with them. Also it appears that James Foley possibly has two sets of parents ……. eeerrrr ……. crisis actors?

  3. george

    Excellent article! Definitely in the Western World, we are going back to a kind of a feudal society, where under false pretences, big Corporations in the field of food, medicine, education, banking, and others, and Governments subservient to them; are literally seeing people as an asset to be exploited and squeezed out of everything they have, denying us in the process of the basic civil rights human beings should enjoy, and potentials we should develop.
    And all under subtle methods of disinformation and intimidation, that might be different that the ones used during the time of Isabella and Ferdinand, but that in essence are exactly the same, with the same dark purposes in mind.
    President Kennedy was very courageous when he made his famous speech to warn humanity about it, and as the establishment couldn’t tolerate the truth to be in the open, he had to be “eliminated”. He was a real hero and a very honourable human being, that some buffoons tried and still are trying to imitate without success.
    The inconvenient truth is that Kennedy wasn’t thinking with the mind of somebody who is looking for a lump sum, and a golden handshake, multiple pensions, and long holidays, and was ready to lead by example with facts, and not with meaningless words!

    • Gearoid O Dubhain

      George, I would add to your comments by saying, like it or not, multinational corporations have undoubtedly extended the life span of humanity and eased the suffering of many by delevloping the medicial and pharmacuetical products that available today. That is simply an undeniable fact. That they may ave made billions in profit does not alter that fact one whit. I will probably live 15 or twenty years longer than if I had been born 30 years before I was, I know this by looking at the age my father died from a condition that is treatable today.

    • Brilliant inspired speach.

  4. Gearoid O Dubhain

    I have often said that the people who so vociferously attack the US as the Imperialist Agressor will, in the future, look nostalically back at that era as a period of stability and relative prosperity when look at what has succeeded the US. I think much of davids article bears that out.

  5. The US funded the Muhajideen against the Soviets.So who is funding ISIS (or IS Islamic State, as they’ve rebranded their Terror Theatre)? Is it a hellish combo of Arab theorcratic Muslim states AND Israel & the USuk? All intent on creating/enshrining Zones Of Chaos And Disorder for different geo-strategic reasons to try and ensure they control oil in Kurdish and especially Iranian lands ‘going forward, thus preventing the rise of an Arab power. It seems that way. Co-dependent bedlam. Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud may have been anti-Semitic but he was probably the best bet for avoiding WW3/4. Unfortunately both Israel and the USuk took the short-term simplistic option and we now await the mushroom clouds that will be the final legac of that dreadful assasination.

    Netanyahu is playing a long, skilful game. By circling the wagons around “liberal, inclusive, tolerant Israel” he forces progressives there to choose between his regime and that of Hamas. Some choice! Hamas clearly contains psychpaths who think little of using children as war pawns and again it’s co-dependant bedlam with both the hard-core Israeli faction and the Hamas fringe benefitting from the chaos they co-create.

    Putin is also playing the long game, waiting for the Shale Oil/Gas ponzi scheme to play out in the US, knowing that the SUV culture revved up rather than begin the long road back to sanity. In Copenhagen, 50% of all journeys are made by bicycle. I think it’s pretty clear which countries are facing reality and which remain delusional as The Great Game of the Liquid Fuels Crisis prepares to return centre-stage

    There’s nothing most people can do about any of this. On this island, a million marched against the war in 2003 which no result of any note. What on earth will clicking on Facebook links do? I doubt ISIS give a damn about the Social Media other than as another avenue of terror for their War Porn. Does anyone trust the BBC after the Cliff Richard debacle? Their War Porn faux-compassionate footage can never be trusted again. It’s all a total mess.

    No wonder so many Muslim people try to flee to the West. ISIS would exterminate most of the folk who congregate at the Sufi Mosque on Talbot Street. Sufis dancing at Eid? Infidels!

    I’ve seen the surgical analyses of both the Foley & Rigby ‘executions’ but I’ve yet to see any serious mainstream news agency debunk the debunkers. It seems extremely odd to allow these ‘conspiracy theories’ to gain traction, but they are certainly doing so. Raiding Chris Spivey’s house will hardly put a lid on it. LOL!

      • Morning Adam,

        5:00am start here. Long day ahead. Thought I’d wake my brain up by reading about Norman Neo-Liberal Neo-Feudalism [NNLNF] on both these islands. Give my regards to Broadway.

    • Deco

      Your comments are “the business”. Thank you !

      Several Western countries are run by elites that are desperately out of touch with reality.

      Britain is the most astounding example. The Observer routinely sneers the toffs (Cameron, Osborne, Clegg). Britain’s housing boom is now coming off the boil. Debts have rocketed up. There was a chronic problem that deserved to be fixed. Have they fixed anything ? except urge people to go on another real estate boom ?

      Andrew – I think that Britain needs Independent MPs.

      Ming changed a lot here in Ireland. And now he is in Brussels threaten to bite at the heels of EU Commissioner Hogan.
      And now they are pushing from

      • Deco.

        Can’t explain how good that compliment feels coming from you, as I regard you as EASILY the most insightful writer on this blog..except DMcW, of course! I write in a bizarre random collage as a response to…a bizarre random reality…

        Britain is an island. The UK is a political construct that might end on Sept 18 if the Scots/Picts/Celts decide to vote with their hearts rather than their wallet.

        “”my heart says labour but my wallet Tory” Phil Lynnott

        Most people on the island of Britain do NOT identify with Norman Toraigh Londoninium, that’s a total myth, but a handy one for the D4 Normans when they need to pull on the Green Jersey and distract the populus with Bread & Circuses. I’m Debord’s disciple and my writing is a direct response to his challenge:

        “Debord’s aim and proposal is “to wake up the spectator who has been drugged by spectacular images,” “through radical action in the form of the construction of situations,” “situations that bring a revolutionary reordering of life, politics, and art”. In the situationist view, situations are actively created moments, characterized by “a sense of self-consciousness of existence within a particular environment or ambience”.[10]

        Debord encouraged the use of détournement, “which involves using spectacular images and language to disrupt the flow of the spectacle.”

        “The Society Of The Spectacle”

        • Andy
          Deco, you know as well as I do that Energy is what underlies the whole thing, the wars in the Middle-East, the LA In The Rain Dublin Sprawl. I drove around this summer, but it was hot and Ireland looked surreal in incandescent beauty. My time with my 86 year old Uncle was euphoric, but it gives a false impression.

          London house prices DROPPED% last month alone, but you won’t hear that trumpeted anywhere in the propaganda machine as they’re hoping it’s a glitch, it isn’t. And banker’s bitch Mark Carney is now in a fix. Interest rates rise, the mayhem begins….London is Tokyo Bay 89, Dublin Bay 86. Mind you, Dublin Bay is back on the crack/craic with house prices. Only a total eejit would invest Capital in an illiquid asset as a Store Of Value. A house in London or Dublin or a tulip bulb in Amsterdam. We’ve seen this movie before…many, many times.

          Best wishes and please keep contributing, you’re one of the main reasons I read this thing. And even if DMcW caves in to the FF/FG goons and bans me, I can always read your insightful comments. You could do this for a living…no, really….you could…

          • The warts have little to do with oil per se and everything to do with the abandonment of the US dollars for international trade.

            e.g. Saddam proposed trading oil in euros and was dead in months.
            Qaddafi proposed a pan African gold coin, the dinar, for trade and he too was dead quickly.
            the BRICS have made trade agreements to trade in a basket of currencies other than the US dollar so they are trying to take out Putin et al.
            Kennedy was killed while legislation had been prepared to back the US treasury notes with silver. It had not been enacted but was passed. The first act of Johnson was to pass an order to not implement the silver backed currency.
            Lincoln was killed after proposing a national currency issued at no cost by treasury.
            There is more but you get the gist. Forget the oil angle as it is just to divert your attention from the real issues.

            The real issue is the control exerted by the central banking system over all governments by controlling the money supply. Until you understand this simple basic premise you’ll understand nothing. This control is exercised by a small group of families intent on world dominion.


            Take your pick out of the above. Some credible, some not!!!!

          • second word warts should read wars :)

          • Tony Brogan: “This control is exercised by a small group of families intent on world dominion.”

            This is a commonplace misunderstanding. There is no ‘illuminati’, no ‘Jewish Banking Conspiracy’ or ‘reptilitan agenda’. It’s the logic of Capital Formation and Trans-Generational Epigenetic Networking. That’s a new concept, nobody’s ever articulated it before so bear with me.

            I have kids, I want to provide for them. But the logical extreme extension of that mentality is the queen of england. Over generations, Capital coalesces and networks of influence, persuasion, nepotism and the rest of it manifests. It’s nothing to do with individual or even group conscience or consciousness, it’s just part of the whole primal primate/social animal/status hierarchy stuff that goes with the territory of being homo sapiens sapiens. The Error Of Economics is to ignore or understate the insights of Sociobiology. Because of this knowledge gap, Conspiracy Theory loons try to plug the hole, but it’s delusional. There is no conspiracy, there are no illuminati families. There are indeed trans-generational networks of power, Capital and hegemonic networking influence but that’s easily understood in terms of Complex Systems and Human Sociobiology without getting up on stage with David Icke at Wembley.

            I agree with a lot of the the stuff about Fiat but then the whole thing goes loopy over the cliff with all this crap about a linked group of families intent on killing 90% of their own consumers/clients/income stream. It’s nonsense. Amusing late at night after one too many spliff/beer, but total nonsense. Reality based science provides a perfectly explanatory framework without any of this Illooooominati stuff.

            No diss intended, dude!

          • I am afraid Andrew that when it comes to the question of who dominates the world and how they do it, your suggestion that it is all about oil is totally wide of the mark.

            none of the above short list were murdered because of oil needs or wants but because they challenged the money system as developed in Europe, transported to Amsterdam in the early 1600″s and thence to London in the guise of the Bank of England in the 1690′s and then to the Federal reserve in about 1910 and enacted Christmas Eve 1913 in the USA.

            Tell me why these central bankers are independent in action and policy from government. Tell me why the BIS is set up as the Central Banks Central Bank with diplomatic immunity in Basel Switzerland.
            Tell me who actually runs this organization before telling me that it is a conspiracy theory. That is the usual response of those who have no information to verify or deny such information.


          • Tony, you’re entitled to your opinion. Oil is a proxy for money as without oil, in particular Liquid Fuel Petroleum, the world economy grinds to a halt within days. There is currently no plausible replacement which can be rolled out expeditiously whilst also keeping the current world economic structure rolling. That’s the civilisational crisis, in my not so humble opinion.

            This is getting of-topic like Colin’s Islam/Muslim stuff. And i’m bored of it.

          • Being bored with “it” does not make it less relevant.

            You still did not answer the question posed. All appeared to have been eliminated in response to a challenge to the banking system.

  6. Race to the Bottom

    A descending order to the bottom of the barrel I was thinking as I finished reading this article .

    The power of Air describes what can be better understood and welcome to the Age of Aquarius .Speed signifies much of what it is ,so does the art of secrecy ( Putin) and the manipulation of communications .We are being made to believe that we are more intelligent than we thought alas soon to be in vain. Please note the absence of public protest .We are believing we are too comfortable to need to change the status quo.

    The Rump State remaining after the decimation of the UK if that happens may give rise unexpectedly to a New Isles Order from DUBLIN .Will the Queen pack her bags to Ireland ? Its possible !New porcelain with Queens Head with the background of shamrocks and GAA All Stars .

    Will that happen too ?

  7. Today
    Nice will be the latest place to celebrate the 70th anniversary of it’s liberation today. On the 28th of August 1944, 32 Niçois were killed and a further 280 injured as they fought the occupying forces’ final desperate attempts to hold on to the city. Plaques will be placed around town where the fallen died and the day’s celebrations and commemorations will finish with a liberation ball in the evening.

  8. coldblow

    The war in the Ukraine seems to have been provoked by the West. The question seems to be how much is down to stupidity and how much to calculation. (I say the stupids.) That is not to excuse the Russian response but Putin appears to have been demonized in a very silly way. But didn’t you see what he did to gays and to Pussy Riot. Puss In Boots – it’s pantomime politics!

    I would have serious doubts that Boris Johnson (Good, because he used to get a laugh on HIGNFY) is a Eurosceptic (Bad) in any meaningful sense. If he is claiming to be so it will just be a tactical ploy for self-advancement.

    On Europe, I read in the Irish Mail a couple of days ago that there has been anger in France over leaks that the Germans have ordered cutbacks. It surely can’t be true that the strongest economy in the Union is telling others what to do! The EU is supposed to be Good.

    Israel (Bad) behaved badly in Gaza and Hamas (Bad but Excused) will be delighted by the way they responded to their provocation.

    ISIS (Bad), remember, were the crowd Western leaders (Good) wanted to invade Syria for only a few months ago, until a few people ojected, and then they decided they didn’t. And now they are the enemy. Hiss!

    David seems to think (allowing for “faith is fine in a non-judgmental strictly personal limited kind of way, etc” of course) that religion is at the root of all this and that it could be addressed by everyone being more secular, and liberal, in their behaviour.

    I don’t recall mainstream journalists (outside the likes of the Irish Catholic (Bad) who have been reporting it for several years now) mentioning the persecution of Christians (Bad – yawn!) in Iraq and elsewhere in Muslim lands(Good but Misunderstood).

    • This is very ‘good’.
      Where have you been? In cryogenic storage?
      Or have I just missed your cryptic comment trail?
      If so, my bad!

      • coldblow

        Thanks Andrew.

        I’ll post this quickly as the my reply keeps disappearing.

        Over at Peter Hitchens where I have been going on about extroverts under my real name (Ireland is probably to small to do that). I like to keep an eye on this site too though I’ve already said what little I have to ad about economics.

        • Aha! Real names, now there’s a concept. Branded at birth by parents/state/church. I’m about to change my name to my ‘real’ name: the only one I chose myself as I stood before baby Jesus & mother Mary to be confirmed. But I didn’t enter that cult, I entered The Light. Etc.

          Stay calm and keep commenting!

  9. michaelcoughlan

    Buchaill maith Daithi,

    Very prescient article.

    Middle ages feudalism

  10. SMOKEY

    The United States doesn’t have the will to fight these bastards under Barrack, Hussein, Obama, Ok I get it, he has a natural sympathy towards the Muslim world, Ok I get it, his dad was a Muslim, Ok I get it, Kerry ALLOWED, didn’t say no, ALLOWED himself to go through the security check, he is weak, Ok I get it, but, what you don’t seem to get is that these throwbacks to the dark ages have nothing else to grasp onto, and I fully expect that the political correctness that is pervasive in the world today, especially Ireland, will have your daughters in a hijab, and your sons on a prayer rug 2 to 3 times a day in Ireland in just a few years time.
    I may have to run for president of the U.S. to stop this shit soon, don’t laugh, Im serious and have the RIGHT birth cert so I can do it.
    But, what if every reader of this post just said, “NO MORE JIHADIST BULLSHIT? HMMM? NO MORE JIHADIST OR TERRORIST BULLLSHIT? HMMM? NO MORE OF YOUR POLITCALLY CORRECT BULLSHIT HMMM? Then you wont have to worry about the Jihadi sleeper cells in Dublin right now. By the way, they are already there. Good luck with that one. HMMMM?

    • LOL!

      Next time you’re in Dublin, pop down to the Sufi Centre on Talbot Street. Have a look around at the various faces there from all over the world, part of the New Irish. You’d be surprised to know how many of them are working for NSA/GCHQ and whatever the Irish equivalent are calling themselves.

      Yes, there’d be a few nutters with Jihad on their mind, just like there are in the ranks of the Tea Party, but like Oklahoma City’s bombing & the slaughter on Otoya by Brievik, it’s more likely that the sleepers are white Cracker Plastic Paddy trash.

      Seriously, dude. Most of the Sufi Bros/Sistas I met at Dublin Eid 2014 are on the island to escape tyranny and fight it from a safe haven, not to install it via an unassuming wooden door on Talbot Street!

      Islam is in the birth pangs of it’s own Reformation. Have a look back at what the Xtians of Europa and AmeriKKKay got up to before they were reigned in. Mind you, in parts of the Mississippi Delta there’s still work to be done rounding up the residual crazies…. and on Fox News..and don’t forget there’s some seriously nutso Zionist fringe elements who are trying to use the Nation-State Shoa Sanctuary Project of Israel as an excuse to liberate their inner Hitler with some serious mass-murder by Othering Islam.

      Intersectionality! bel hooks saved the world!

      Salaam. Shalom. Pax Vobiscum.

      • SMOKEY

        “Islam is in the birth pangs of its own reformation”??Get your prayer rug ready, you are the kind of useful idiot they are counting on. No one said anything about people who aren’t jihadi, but you Andrew, will be a target for them as they will convince you to wave the ISIS flag for them.
        And you are obviously a racist who hates whites and Jews too.
        Mississippi delta? God you are ignorant, last I checked they weren’t rounding up women, children and Christian men and slaughtering them or beheading the local talking heads on the news.
        You are the perfect fool for these sub humans in headscarves.
        And typical of leftist playbook talking points, you had to throw Hitler in there too. Well done, you’ve memorized the lefty handbook word for word, now go and soak your head, before its chopped off.

        • Hilarious stuff! I won’t mention Ferguson, Missouri, cuz it ain’t in the Delta. I’m a Working Class Country’n'Irish White Trash Cracker-Trailer Park-tastic Rockabilly Punk Rocker with a side order of Kabbalah and Sufi. And I lurve the baby Jayzus, Universal Mother Mary thing but with the X-ifiction & Xtianity thing WAAAY! down the list of important infuences. But, yes, he died for standing up to Empire, just as many now die for standing up to ISIS and their attempt to create a new Caliphate.

          You don’t have the intellectual or ethical firepower to label me a ‘racist’ and anybody who knows my sex life would know that’s total nonsense. I’m an equal opps lover. Especially brown-skin men, trans and women…..I used the word ‘Reformation’ with precision and accuracy. The Xtian KKKatholiKKK church was burning witches across Europe a few centuries ago but they can’t get away with it now. Etc. ISIS will be an epicFAIL! just as Al-Qaeda was. Zealotry amidst Zionists will also collapse under the collective common sense and historical greatness of authentic Judaism. The Torah is for everyone, not just those guys in Muswell Hill & Tel Aviv with the ringlets frowning at their LGBT-friendly offspring twerking along to Taylor Swift when they shouldn’t be wearing wool and leather together or some such Biblical nonsense. Or eating shellfish. I absolutely LOVE shellfish….oysters and prawns…do you like Kirk Douglas? Spartacus is my favourite film evva! LOLOLOLOLOL!

          Enough, this is Dave’s gaff. Let’s be nice. Or if you want a MMA/WWF knuckle-duster cage-fight, meet me on my Facebook RantsRUz page any night you like with a six-pack of beer, a sawn-off and some good aul Fox Noiz boyz. I could do with a laff. But be quick as I’m closing it down on 9/11 to morph into some kind of Bob Marley/Mandela/Harry Potter type World Leader Pretend. This is getting seriously OFF-TOPIC! This site needs a Sin Bin to throw all that stuff into. Of course, that would include 99& of my contributions, but I’m a tough guy, I can take it on the chin….why hasn’t David banned me yet? This is taking AGES! I have to move on to pastures new to become the Klovn-Prince to find outif “something is rotten in Denmark!” Jayzus, it’s hard work learning Danish, but it has it’s compensations. Who wouldn’t mind going on a weekend tongue-twisting bender with Nadja Bender, eh lads?! “Vil du gerne i seng med mig?”

          best wishes
          “Mad Paddy From Brum”


          “Frank-Casper: der DK-UK B10/D10 Insane Klovn Possee Brum-Dub Dane from København via Moore Lane” Etc…

          “How to Speak Danish with Nadja Bender”

          • Pat Flannery

            AndrewGMooney: I love your shit. It is so refreshing from all this serious pedantic stuff around here. You make me laff. You lurve the baby Jayzus, Universal Mother Mary thing and all that faith of our fathers stuff. We have only sane people ruling us. Look at the mess they have gotten us into. A little madness is maybe what is needed. Go “Mad Paddy From Brum”. Crank up the insane shit. Anything is better than the sanity we’ve got.

          • Pat Flannery – why, TYVM! Thank you very much. I think our problems are so extreme that the only way to approach solving them is through Oblique Strategies. Humour is one of the best ways of debunking the nonsense our Neo-Feudal Norman Neoliberal leaders feed us. One caveat: there is method in my madness. I may act as the Klovn Prince of Brum’n'Ballyfermot at some stage, but I’m deadly serious about rolling back The Norman Conquest and re-instating the original Gael-Saxon-Dansk Tribal Matrix. Once I’ve learned enough Danish, that is!

            Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret!Mit luftpudefartøj er fyldt med ål….

          • Pat Flannery

            AndrewGMooney: I have often wondered what would have happened if Brian Boru had lost the Battle of Clontarf. One thing is for sure the Battle of Hastings would never have happened. I believe Ireland would have become a supreme maritime nation. Then who would have “ruled the waves”?

          • Pat Flannery: That’s exactly what I’m researching. If the Irish Normans had seized the part of Britain with the coal seams, rather than useless bits of Western Isles & Highlands, then their version of Norman Toraigh Reich would have won over their mates who landed at Hastings, rather than Waterford Waterford (from Old Norse Veðrafj?rðr, meaning “ram fjord”)

            It’s pretty clear to me that the differences between the various spiral tribes on these isles are superficial and mostly a smoke-screen of religious and ‘national’ hokum so the Neoliberal Normans can carry on with their nonsenses whilst getting the Herd Culture to carry on with the Green Jersey/Butcher’s Apron crap. They play the Nationalist Card when it suits them but in reality they’ve sold out the Nation State to the Corporation. The Tribe only accepted the wider Nation State if it enshrined the values, hopes and aspirations of kith’n'kin. If that’s over, then it’s back to the tribe, not forward to some faceless globalist corporate clusterfcuk.

            It’s time to press ‘reset’ on all this, time to roll back the Norman Conquest on both the island of Britain and Ireland, starting with the Trojan Viking War Horses of Canary Wharf & Canary Dwarf. It makes perfect sense for the elite to fob off the rabble with divisive Othering about Religion, Nation-State and best type of team sports so they can carry on their plundering of the planet. They’re in league with each other on both islands and have been since they landed. They were thrown out of ‘Scandinavia’ for being trash yet they came to rule the planet. Strangely, it seems the Danes have ended up winning most of the prizes. What have they got/done/become that the Brits/Irish/Americans lost along the way? Dunno, but intend to find out.

            Intersectionality saved the world. bel hooks is a black, female oracle who saw through the entire scam and built an explanatory framework that debunks it. Alongside Prof Michael Hudson, she is on my Altar of Infuences, just slightly beneath Frank Hvam, the Loki prankster genius who managed to mash-up ‘craic’ and ‘hygge’ without anyone except Sasha Baron Cohen noticing. And me, of course…

            Dublin is Danish to the core, but not Norman Norse…..I think there’s a HUGE there was between Cill Chainnigh and An Baile Gaelach. I was back there the other week, digging deep for the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.I found them and incorporated them into a song called “Irishtown”, coming soon-ish on 45rpm.

            “The city all stands on the right bank of the Nore, and is cut by the Bregah rivulet into the two great sections of Irishtown and Englishtown, or of the more ancient and the less ancient Kilkenny … Irishtown on the north of the Bregah, and Englishtown on the south, though formerly regarded as distinct towns, and even possessing separate charters and corporations, are now both topographically and politically fused into each other, so as to form in the strictest sense one town; and except that each possesses remains of its originally distinctive character, and boasts as a pre-eminent feature its peculiar metropolitical edifice, the former in St. Canice cathedral on a hill or rising ground in the north, and the latter in Kilkenny-castle on a hill or rising ground in the south-east, they could not possibly be suspected by even a dabbler in Irish antiquities, who should happen to be ignorant of their particular history, to have ever been in any manner mutually distinct.”


            This is all totally on-topic with the Middle-Ages theme of this article!Srsly!

          • Pat Flannery

            AndrewGMooney: “they’ve sold out the Nation State to the Corporation”. You’ve got that right.

            You’ve made me wonder if what is happening around the world is not “the tribes” soundly rejecting that sell out. It might explain the sudden flare-ups of tribalism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

            It is certainly becoming clear to all that the Nation State only serves global corporatism. Maybe the Gaelic Irish were right after all: retain your tribal identity even if neighbouring peoples coalesce into great powers.

            The Gaels lived side-by-side with the mighty Roman Empire for four hundred years but never felt any desire to join it. The luxury of a good warm bath at Bath didn’t quite entice them in. Better be smelly and free.

            Maybe the new Irish (corporate) water charges will drive us back to our state of smelly nature. I could live with that.

          • Colin

            Islamic reformation on its way?

            hahahahahaha…… it’s the way you tell them mad paddy from brum

  11. Bamboo

    This is exactly how I feel after the summer and really share your sentiment. I was back in Ireland at end the of May when average property prices went up as much as 19% and when I left Ireland at the end of July it was up to 23%. The beautiful summer we had in Ireland made the people feel happy and positive. On the other hand I was worried for my own children who are struggling to get some decent rental accommodation and on top of that the world is confronted with the horrors in the Middle East and the mess with Russia. My childhood years were filled with the horrors of the Vietnam wars and Pol Pot. A couple of decades followed when the world was relatively peaceful apart from the star war period with Reagan in the early 80s – a period with enormous protests in Europe.
    “What if it turned off the taps?” – yes, I big question.

  12. WillH

    Good morning from Erbil Iraq/Kurdistan all.

    To be honest I have been reading the articles and comments for quite a while and always find the discussions informative, funny and sometimes frustrating. I have been ‘kicking against the pricks’ in my own way but have not really got involved in these conversations, until now.

    I have been working in Iraq as the Head of Logistics for the Danish Refugee Council since March during, what has turned out to be, some of the most momentous months even in this countries history, and that really is saying something.

    However I wont get into too much detail about the Syrian refugee crisis as it would take a whole article of its own, 300k plus throughout Kurdistan with ever reducing funding because ‘no one wants to fund refugees’. So I was told.

    Anyway just a couple of points which I think are pertinent to any discussion about this region.

    1. The main reason that the region is in turmoil is because of the Sikes Picot agreement way back during WW1. Britain and France carve up the middle east as they see fit, completing ignoring historical and ethnic boundaries. Boring but true unfortunately.

    2. ISIS, or as they are known out here the Da’ash, are also called ‘the foreigners’ as no one knows any Iraqi, or Kurd, who was in this group at the start. The French & British make up a huge number of their contingent, then again. But many other nationalities have decided to jump on the bandwagon and go on tour with the Da’ash.

    3. Iraq as a country is over. It was a manufactured state in the first place and no one has any real allegiance to it bar certain parties/politicians (i.e. Maliki) who were in power. The only chance it had was directly after Saddam fell when the US should have imposed a Government of National Unity but that did not happen. The Shia majority took control and slowly but surely they marginalised everyone else.

    4. Kurdistan: this is their time. You can sense it in the air. They have the patience of saints these folk. They have been battered and bruised and beaten and yet they still have such a semblance of civility you could not believe. They are more European than Arab, that is for sure. ‘Our only friend, the mountain’. That is their motto. Not one single country has given them unfettered support so they had to do it themselves. And which country has been the only one who have stood ‘toe to toe’ with the Da’ash? The Kurds.

    The west gets its knickers in a twist about taking in a couple of hundred refugees, or IDP’s, and yet there are millions of these people all over the this region. Its time to wisht about what the USA can do for us and figure out what we can do for ourselves to help in a little way this whole sorry mess.

    I work for an NGO and have to be impartial but my respect goes out to the Kurds. Their time has come.
    Hope all is well back home.


    • Many thanks for this perspective and information. And for helping with the crisis as it unfolds. Hoping you keep yourself safe as you try to ensure the safety of others.

      I think Sikes Picot / The Great Game explains the entire tapestry of events in both the Middle East,Af-Pak and the Euro/Putin face-off. I hope the Kurds gain Nationhood and that Turkey remains Secular, but other entities have different plans.

      Da’ash are being funded by BOTH the hard-core fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia AND by the USukEU hydra. For different geo-political strategic reasons and preferred outcomes, but as Agents of Terror and Chaos they are helpful in thwarting any peaceful resolution to the region that would allow control of future oil supplies to fall into the ‘wrong hands’.

      It’s all about Energy, not Religion. If the Fracking Revolution is real, why is petrol still so expensive? No amount of substitute ‘green’ energy can replace petroleum, especially liquid fuels for transport. There isn’t time any roll-out of alternatives for the world’s vehicle fleet. This is an Energy Conflict. They all are. WW2 was about Japan/Germany needing Oil. Oil is the master resource in the world economy. Gold is a proxy for Oil. But Gold is cheap….time to back up the truck.

    • Bamboo

      Thanks very much Will for your amazing work and knowledge.

    • Colin

      I would say the main reason the region is in trouble is because of the imaginations and actions of a sixth century false prophet-paedophile-thieving-murdering-lying-cheating nonce who managed to find enough mad followers interested in looting, murdering, raping and terrorising the natives of the lands they invaded and cities they laid siege to.

      And to get someone to write it all down in a book and call it holy is the biggest joke the world has ever seen.

      IS are doing nothing new. They are reading the 1400 year old manual for instructions.

      • DB4545

        Five hundred plus British born Citizens educated and raised in British cities yet are prepared to engage in barbaric acts. How the hell did these people become so alienated from mainstream culture and how do you get the situation back under control?

        • Easy. They don’t identify as “British” like lots of other people on this island. I don’t identify as “Britsh”, “English”…..or “Irish”. The fact that you randomly erupt into existence in some geographical location and are thereby ‘branded for life’ as some Nationalism is totally bonkers. I reject it. I take the best of both islands cultures and those that inform/formed it, such as Danish, my latest ‘project’. MJ sang “I’m not going to spend my life being a colour”. You can change that to nationality/gender/sexuality/religion. In fact, most people aren’t part of a Nation State Identity anymore as they’re just Corporate Robots, branded by Consumerism to Work/Produce/Spend. And most politicians have also abandoned The Nation State Project to suck corporate…. so who cares?

          No surprise to me whatsoever that some folk wild out and join a Caliphate. Caliphate/Corporation. What’s the difference? Both trans-national Non State Actors with global ambitions. Is this controversial? Why?

          • Colin

            The difference is the jihadists will steal all your money and property, rape your wife, sisters and daughters, murder you and your sons and brothers and expect to be rewarded in heaven with seventy seven virgins attending to them.

          • Colin, there’s no difference. Anybody can use the Koran, Bible or Torah to base their anti-semitic, anti-Christian, islamophobic agendas on. Assuming that the crisis in Islam is any worse than the one that stopped Europe burning witches is just stupidity. All that separates the two “Reformations” is time and space. A few centuries.


          • Colin

            You are beyond naive mad paddy, you really are. Snd that’s putting it very kindly.

          • DB4545

            And yet Andrew you’ve said you were raised in the UK with multiple influences and I’ll stand corrected but I’m sure you don’t feel the need to decapitate other humans and post this depravity on youtube. I’m sure their parents came to the UK for a better life for themselves and their kids. The Asian Community have moved rapidly up the UK foodchain through hard work and education. Why have this group decided to move back a thousand years and cause such havoc?

          • DB4545 Because they’re psychotics who are used to Othering in order to invent an enemy to vent their mental illness. There’s always an Other for psychotics to use as a prop. ISIS use Infidels. The IRA on 21/11/1974 used ‘Brummies’ as the Other to justify mass murder by blowing up 2 pubs under some absurd pretext that by killing a load of working class Brummies they were advancing the cause of a United Ireland, whilst ignoring the invasion by a foreign power. “Yonder lies the Roman Foe”.

            We can all find the Other to hate on, be it for skin colour, religion, gender, sexuality, age, economic status, physical attributes, sports team affiliation. Mostly that doesn’t amount to much but when it’s a psychotic doing the Othering, then all hell breaks lose. It’s a very small group within a wider community. They are mentally ill and should be treated as such. Giving any credence to their absurd interpretations of Islam and the Koran gives them a status they don’t deserve. They need Thorazine, not the oxygen of publicity.

        • Colin

          They and their kin should never have been let in in the first place. People predicted this would not end well, but they were dismissed by the Guardian reading liberal lefty anti-Christian posse as bigots and racists.

      • “paedophile-thieving-murdering-lying-cheating nonce who managed to find enough mad followers interested in looting, murdering, raping and terrorising the natives of the lands they invaded and cities they laid siege to.”

        Lots of Xtian Popes, Kings & also a few Soldiers of Destiny also fit that description. Your point?

        • Colin

          Names of popes and soldiers of destiny please who did all this? … Don’t be shy, and what was the name of the Holy Book the got their instructions from?

          • Every single pope for the last 2k years has overseen the mass rape of children and vulnerable adults. Anyone who imagines that what’s been revealed about abuse is more than the tip of the ice-berg is utterly delusional.

            As for fascist fake Soldiers of Destiny, where would one start? OK, let’s start with the obvious one: Eoin O’Duffy

            “Eoin O’Duffy (Irish: Eoin Ó Dubhthaigh; 30 October 1892 – 30 November 1944) was an Irish political activist, soldier, and police commissioner, best known for his advocacy of fascism.”

            If you seriously imagine that this bastard didn’t know about rapes in orphanages and baby pits in Tuam, then you’re obviously el plotto lotto. I’m not. The Irish Republic has collapsed, ethically and economically. It’s only a matter of time before the puss leaks from the whited sepulchre. Interest rate rises from Germania should do the trick.

            “yonder lies the clerico-fascist Roman-Norman foe!”

          • Eoin O’Duffy would have got his clerico-fascist instructions from the Holy Book of Xtianity, the Bible. As did all the other eejit Taoiseachs who were kissing the ring of various Arch-bitches during the lamentable tragedy of the Failed First Irish Republic. Does that answer your question, or do you want more?

            ? Enda, denounce this monster during 1916 and get Moore Lane sorted out. Pronto. OK? Ta very much….Next!


          • Colin

            Which bible verses are they, my mad paddy from brum?

          • Hi Colin.

            There are vast swathes of the Xtian Bible that are an apologia for every criminal, deviant and depraved activity recorded in anthropology. No doubt they provided context and justification for those fascist nuns as they dumped the babies in Tuam graves. Here’s your entry ticket to the roller-coaster. Enjoy!

            “This web site is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible. For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes. The so called “God” of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children. I have included references to the Biblical passages, so grab your Bible and follow along.”


          • Colin

            don’t be shy now mad paddy, for example the jihadists use some of these below, so please give me the bible verses when you are ready…..

            “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Koran 9:123 “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85 “The Jews and the Christians are perverts fight them.”… Koran 9:30 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19 “The unbelievers are silly urge the Muslims to fight them.” Koran 8:65 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60

          • Colin, I’m not shy. And I don’t feed trolls. You’ve been systematically debunked and serviced by the B10 BrummieBoy Peaky Paddy Blinder Zulu Crew. Move on.

            I won’t be repeating the same reality based replies to your absurd islamophobic rants.


          • Colin

            I’m just asking you for the bible verses, that’s all, you said you knew them, I am not aware of them, so please enlighten me. I want to learn from you. How on earth is this trolling?

            Taking your ball and going home time?

  13. Deco

    Not sure if the Shia versus Sunni row is like the 30 years war. The point of the 30 years war was that the Habsburg monarchy had lost a lot of authority and they wanted it back.

    The French decided to prevent it. The result was that France was the dominant power in Western Europe, on land until Bismarck. French Catholicism was much worse than the Spanish version, as it was obsessed with centralization of power, control, and wealth.

    And in the aftermath of the French Revolution it migrated to Maynooth and Dublin, where it produced caustic results that last to this day.

  14. StephenKenny

    The US & UK seem almost desperate to start a war, I’ve never known anything like it. Well not since Bush & Blairs and their forged ‘evidence’, 45 minutes, and years of almost daily warnings ‘credible evidence of an imminent terrorist action’.

    The preposterous claims about Russia, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, and so on wouldn’t be too bad if they were just rhetoric. But these are clearly aimed at destroying the social and economic fabric of the countries, and therefore the lives or well being of tens if millions of people.

    Since the end of the Cold War, the west has shown how incredibly cowardly, corrupt, and simply pathetic it’s peoples have become. It’s like watching a group of spoilt children shrieking and cackling while a crowd of year 12s kick a 4th year to death. So brave. Medals all round.

    Using excuses that would make a cat laugh, the self proclaimed upholders of freedom, peace, and the rule of law, have broken every international convention, law, and human right. While being too scared to declare war, the US & UK used their militaries to kidnap and torture on a massive scale, admitting to many torture camps in almost a hundred countries.

    Tens of millions of people who bitched about the same things that we do – the weather, the rent, the new iThings, dodgy banks, and so on – are now refugees living in little more than huts, hoping they’ll have enough to eat, or clean water, or just not be murdered or raped by one of the western backed and trained units of democracy-loving freedom fighters.

    So now we blame some British civil servants from over 90 years ago? Well, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and so on might not have been paragons of virtue (as opposed the West – WW2 anyone? Indochina? Apartheid South Africa? South American dictatorships?, Middle Eastern Dictatorships?), but they mainly went along OK, and were just about starting to learn (the dictators) that invading your neighbour because you envied something or other, was just wrong. Then, no doubt completely coincidently we would claim, the vast militaries of the west attacked, destroy all the social and economic infrastructure, including all law enforcement and property rights, and it’s all because of two old buffers 90 years ago?

    We’ve spent a century trying to create an international community with at least some basic rules, aimed at making life for the majority at least a little more bearable. It had many flaws, and much to do, but the west has broken all the rules, and reduced themselves to corrupt, thieving, violent, medieval plunderers – criminal countries.

    And we wonder why some people are p**sed off at it, and want to do something? How many went to join the Republicans in the Spanish civil war? How many US citizens joined the UK military to fight the Nazis before the US entered ww2? This may come as a real surprise to people in the obese, narcissistic, cowardly, west, but some people are still aware of something called “right and wrong”.

    • StephenKenny

      They maybe misguided, they maybe overreact, but given how many people have how many family members, friends, and neighbours from previous days, the startling thing would be if people didn’t respond in this way.

      I look at the nonsense in the media and thought I’d left it all behind in the student’s union, all those decades ago.

      The west is the cause. The rest are symptoms.

      • StephenKenny

        so finally, since we are democracies and so we elect these people, when you look at the media and see all the horrors, you can comfort yourself in the true and certain knowledge that

        we are the cause. Well done us.

        • Colin

          What are you gonna do? Become Stephen of Arabia and sign up for Jihad? I wouldn’t stick my neck out on this one if I were you.

          • StephenKenny

            I’m not sure I know what you mean.
            Do you mean that you wouldn’t call out mass murder when you see it?
            Do you mean you wouldn’t call out mass murderers when you see them?
            Do you mean you would sit quietly at home while knowing global scale atrocities were going on in your name?
            Do you mean you would join a crowd, any crowd, just so as ‘not to stick your neck out’?
            Do you mean you support war crimes?

            And, just as an aside, there seems to me that this chain of events has a very good chance of resulting in a limited nuclear strike on the UK. It seems the most likely approach that Russia & China have of stopping the war that it looks like NATO is trying to start. The UK is just not popular, in the international community.
            We have come to accept nation destroying events as OK, it would just be another.

          • StephenKenny

            I’m not sure I know what you mean.
            Do you mean that you wouldn’t call out mass murder when you see it?
            Do you mean you wouldn’t call out mass murderers when you see them?
            Do you mean you would sit quietly at home while knowing global scale atrocities were going on in your name?
            Do you mean you would join a crowd, any crowd, just so as ‘not to stick your neck out’?
            Do you mean you support war crimes?

            And, just as an aside, there seems to me that this chain of events has a very good chance of resulting in a limited nuclear strike on the UK. It seems the most likely approach that Russia & China have of stopping the war that it looks like NATO is trying to start. The UK is just not popular, in the international community.
            We have come to accept nation destroying events as OK, it would just be another.

    • The USukIsraelIrelandInc are junkies desperate for oil, that’s why this is all happening. Why else would Ireland surrender Neutrality at Shannon Airport to allow rendition?

      Zones of Chaos and Disorder: all integral to The New American Century. Except Putin has other ideas. And he also has…..oil and gas.

  15. “Despite all these geo-political upheavals, financial markets continue to behave as if there is no risk in the world. They have continued to rally, without a significant reversal, all summer.”

    How about some research in to the suggestions that central banks now buy 35-50% of the stock market and that the numbers of buyers grows less and less.
    That is the market is being artificially supported by printing of money directly infused into the stocks prices themselves.

    Any comments on this please David.

    • StephenKenny

      There are two things that interest me about this thesis that every financial indicator is manipulated:
      1. Will it ever end, and if so how?
      2. What indicators can we currently use to get an idea of what is really going on?

      • Question 1

        As the manipulation appears to emanate from the central banking system, it requires the removal of that system.
        This has been shown to be dangerous to an individuals life expectancy.
        It requires the constant application of this knowledge to people in general until the critical mass of knowledge is reached in order that the central bank system can be replaced with a sound money system that is not exploited for the benefit of the few as is the current system.

        All I can suggest is to refer you to GATA. Gold Anti Trust Action Committee. Founded some 15 years ago by Bill Murphy and Chris Powell.
        It is a non profit charity status organization and there is a vast amount of research saved and available just for the looking. The case for manipulation and price setting is very solid.

  16. kelvincameron

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