May 29, 2014

More austerity is like putting an anorexic on a diet and expecting the body to strengthen

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This week 100 years ago, a young Serb was practising his shot in a Bosnian forest. A month later, he would be successful in his murderous mission. John Redmond, the undisputed leader of Nationalist Ireland, had, after an epic parliamentary struggle, just forced through the Government of Ireland Act. Home Rule was here. It had massive public support.

Had anyone suggested that the Irish Parliamentary Party, the dominant force in Irish politics for the previous half century, would disappear over the next few years, that person would have been laughed at.

Had anyone gone on to suggest that the Russian, Austro/Hungarian and Ottoman Empires would also disappear, they’d have been committed. Indeed, had someone suggested that soon Britain would fight Germany and win, but soon after the war victorious Britain would have lost more of its pre-war landmass than defeated Germany, there would have been howls of laughter.

Yet all this happened.

By 1918, the mighty Home Rule party had only one Home Rule MP in Ireland. But stranger things happened. For example, the first President of the New Irish State was a man who was the subject of nationalist Ireland’s ridicule because he believed that Irish men shouldn’t wear long trousers – as they were too bourgeois, too English and not worthy of proper Irishmen.

My point is that what you think can never happen, sometimes does.

In 1914, the Irish Parliamentary Party gambled on a short war. Had the war been “over by Christmas” as many expected, there can be little doubt that Redmond would have prevailed and the extreme republican Sinn Fein would have remained on the fringes of history. But this didn’t happen.

As the war dragged on, the credibility of the Home Rule Party’s support of the British war effort disintegrated.

The Home Rule Party argued that, given the prospect of a civil war with Ulster in 1914, there was “no alternative” but to support the war. But with its guns aimed at its enemy, the pro-British unionists of Ulster, the Home Ruler never saw the enemy within, Sinn Fein, stealing up behind. In the end, Irish Nationalism was defeated not by extreme Britishness, but by extreme Irishness!

Today, our mainstream parties are making a similar mistake. They are gambling – and have been for 10 years now – that orthodox economic polices will get them out of the economic mess. But it was orthodox policies that got us into the mess in the first pace. The more orthodox economics fails, as it is failing now, the parties that embrace orthodoxy will fail too.

We are not just seeing this in Ireland but all over Europe. Like the World War I general the mainstream are fighting the last war, not realising that everything has changed. But they stick to yesterday’s blueprint.

In Ireland, the policies of blind allegiance to the euro, trying to please the ECB at every juncture, forcing people in negative equity to pay back all their mortgage debts, paying the gambling debts of bank creditors and allowing the currency to appreciate against our major trading partners, these are the types of economic orthodoxy that commit a country to a long economic war.

Constant looting of the middle classes to keep the show on the road engenders resentment of the very class they are trying to protect.

The rhetoric is the Government is sorting things out but its inability to balance the budget means that the country falls into even more debt at a time when the Government is supposed to be sorting things out financially.

The casualties of the long economic war are both the unemployed and, ironically, the working middle classes who see their tax rates rise and their disposable income fall. When faced with too much debt and slow or no growth, austerity is like putting an anorexic on a diet and expecting that person’s body to strengthen.

The only people who benefit from this situation are those who are already very wealthy, who can profit from cheaper asset prices by picking them up now in the expectation of being able to sell them back to the squeezed middle in a few years.

This process of opportunistic speculation is playing itself out in the housing market now and on a much bigger scale in the commercial property market.

Out of this, can the emerging Sinn Fein alight upon a set of economic ideas that are (a) attractive to the broader but struggling middle and (b) likely to push the growth rate up?

It is argued that Sinn Fein has no economic policies, but maybe that is a good thing. Having no economic baggage means it is not wedded to anything good or bad. It means it can pick and choose. It also means it can choose wisely, if it wants.

At the moment, the charge levelled at Sinn Fein is that it has no experience in government; however, given what a mess the “experienced” parties have made of the place, maybe having no experience isn’t a bad thing.

Sinn Fein has already claimed the scalp of the leader of the vanquished Labour Party. Who could be next?

The easiest way to take scalps is to be a party of permanent opposition constantly pointing the finger – a sort of democratic version of Robespierre. But this doesn’t offer the country a route to prosperity. It might maximise Sinn Fein’s pre-government strength but it will not exercise power in any meaningful way.

Sinn Fein voters are young. The party with the young voters is the party of the future, by definition.

They didn’t desert Sinn Fein even when Mr Adams was arrested on suspicion of the heinous murder of a Belfast mother in the 1970s. Is it because new voters don’t care? No, it is because history is doing what history does: becomes less and less relevant and more and more distant.

The political message must be that yesterday is not so important when tomorrow looks so uncertain.

To win tomorrow, Sinn Fein must come up with a set of workable economic ideas. Can it do that? There must be a fair chance. If you were a betting man, what odds would you give? In 1914, no one saw Sinn Fein coming. After last weekend, there’s hardly a person in the country who can’t hear the thundering hooves of a stampede.

  1. Not the most sensitive headline by the copy editor considering developments in the High Court yesterday:

  2. “To win tomorrow, Sinn Fein must come up with a set of workable economic ideas. Can it do that?”

    David, give them a call and get them going. 7 years from now you’ll be Minister of Finance in a Sinn Fein government and we’ll all be better off.

    It’ll take two more elections to get there but they’ll do it. Don’t you want to be part of that David?

  3. Pat Flannery

    You’re right Adam, David is looking for a job with Adams. Gerry understands banks – they are where the money is. Good luck David, you two make a right pair.

  4. Adam and Pat

    You obviously forget my East Belfast wife and family. Me joining the Shinners would mean certain divorce, so that ain’t going to happen. The article is more about dealing with reality. There is a new reality out there and it is a thundering herd of disenfranchised citizen looking for an alternative.


    • Well it was a tongue in cheek suggestion David.

      But in all honesty as you said yourself in the article “history is doing what history does: becomes less and less relevant and more and more distant”.

      If your ideas were to contibute to a better future for Ireland, then I’m sure the wife would understand.

      The situation is fluid, you might not have to actually join Sinn Fein to do that.

    • StephenKenny

      What’s interesting is how far things have changed over the past 6 years. What would have been the response if you’d written such an piece, in, say, 2009?
      Look in the archive – Sinn Fein came up now and again, and the mood was such, as you imply here, that they were too absurd to contemplate.

      We said things like “during deep recessions is when extremists get their chance’, but no one said why. Perhaps, because everyone else fails so badly, and so repeatedly, and they are the last party standing, that they start to look like reasonable.

    • Tyler


      The “alternative” [to CHAOS]that i would very much like to explore further is Alexander Hamilton’s economic science and applied economics.

      David,is that asking too much?

      Well if it is,that’s just fine,i’m a lightweight anyway let’s be Real,but i’m pretty confident David,that you could choose, so easily,to reach out to ‘bonbon’ [even on here,if you don't know who he really is,as i don't] and collaborate. – a holistic approach to growth ,but with ‘medicine’ that’ll pass ‘a double blind test’,each and every time ;)

      So our host,why not ?

      Please change the “exit log” David,for all of us yunno

      Of course,your choice need for a reply.

      [P.S. With the artistic licence at the end of “The Grey” with Liamín ,it’s not revealed how that battle turns out and while the consensus view may be that he was wripped to shreds by the wolf pack,i say he did what was needed and killed the Alpha wolf and survived


  5. dorn

    I am part of the middle class, and I am sick to death of the looting as you put it, but I would be willing to take it and more if the government elect actually did more than lip service to balancing the budget. The HS£ is an utter joke. It has more managers and pen pushers on huge salaries and gigantic pensions than it has frontline staff who are on really basic wages. Why are so many sick people relying on charities to raise money for their care and facilities? Surely thats the government/HSEs job? We don’t need the pen pushers and the bureaucrats. We do need the front line staff and money for patient care. What has been done to fix this? Nothing of any consequence.

    Almost every county council and government department is the same. No accountability, no responsbility, no transparency. Plenty of slacking, lots of excuses and even more pay rises and frivolous expenses claims. The current government promised to get rid of a load of quangos – yet just last week they set up a new one for dealing with the homeless problem, despite the fact that we already have a Departmnent of Housing. At times listening to the Irish news is like watching a Sascha Baron Cohen movie unfold. You ask yourself what comical stupidity can possibly follow this up? Oh that’s right – even greater comical stupidity.

    We have constant pandering by the government to people on higher than average salaries with guaranteed jobs for life over small sacrifices like being asked to work extra hours, or take small pay cuts, or tiny little pay drops. Talk about first world problems. They have guaranteed employment for the entirety of their lives. They have guaranteed pensions. In short, they have really cushy numbers. I struggle along on far less pay, having taken far bigger cuts, with no guarantee of even having a job next year or even next month, and no pension paid for by somebody else. If you have a guaranteed job, you should be given a smaller than average salary, as you experience very little risk in your career. If you want a higher salary, go take some risks and join the private sector where all your guaranteed income and benefits are out the window.

    If the government was serious about balancing the budget, they would rake these people over the coals. Pay rises are a privilege not a right, employment in the real world is something you work hard at and lose if you take it for granted. Lay off half the management of the HSE, with one months pay per year worked, and no pension beyond what they have contributed themselves or would receive if they were a normal citizen. Put the money saved towards patient care and front line staff. Downsize every government department by at least one third – again without the golden parachutes. And introduce work reviews where continued employment depends directly on actual work achievements. Put the money saved towards reducing the tax burden on citizens.

    There is nothing hard about any of this. We just lack anybody with the spine to do it. I don’t think we have a single elected representative capable of following through on any of it – and certainly not anyone that is a member of a established political party. And if they had the spine to do it, perhaps they’d have the balls to stand up to Europe too, and tell them in no uncertain terms that if you expect our citizens to pay the tab for your bankers gambling debts, you had better give us some leeway – otherwise call the whole deal off. I shall dream on.

    • Adelaide

      Bashing the incompetent government and its crumbling antiquated civil/public services is understandable but they’re only small fry in the bigger picture. It is our shared flawed monetary model coming to its inevitable sticky demise that is playing out in front of our eyes. It is not too dramatic to say that our flawed FIAT private-banking exponential creation of money is the root of all evil. Unless Sinn Fein or anyone else tackles the money-creators’ modus operandi then all else is hot air, a side-show of total irrelevance.
      It is time to

      • Tyler


        “It is our shared flawed monetary model coming to it’s inevitable sticky demise that is playing out in front of our eyes.It is not too dramatic to say that our flawed FIAT private-banking exponential creation of money is the root of all evil”


        In what direction did All those [admittedly] “flawed FIAT” monies go?Can you just answer that please.
        “Where did it go?Where did you loose it?Who took it and How did he take it?”

        It is [undeniably]the system of financial oligarchy and it’s nefarious speculation and usury that is the root of all evil,actually. [I will repeat this early and often,in order to help counter your brainwashing]

        dump drama and dump serfdom

        we need Change and in our minds first and how we choose to see things

        • Adelaide

          Eh, you seem to be simultaneously agreeing/disagreeing with me?

          • michaelcoughlan


          • Tyler

            If all that ‘money’ had been purposefully directed at our physical economies Adelaide [and not DEDICATED to propping up bankrupt banking jackals and their economic exploitation,bent on self-destruction] just imagine the world in which we would now, be living…

            If you get time,plz read Vernadsky [below] or Riemann or de-Cusa or the Alexander Hamilton and you’ll gain an all-encompassing,strategic macro view of the whole and then realise,that attempting to fix a fundamentally flawed system at this stage of rapid decay,with bottom up tactics,in order to yield the necessary growth before collapse,will not and can not work.


            [I too was on that sound money 'track' as soon as a year ago and it's a DEAD-END Adelaide]

            Rage,rage against the dying of the light

            [P.S. dump Max Keiser ;]

        • michaelcoughlan

          Drama and serfdom?

          Nice ring to it Gerry and Martin drama and serfdom. How?

          All the recent drama in the papers for Gerry (over 30 years as leader of Sinn Fein really democratic that). As for Martin his nemesis the schools that continued to stream the kids and refused to allow him drag the schools in the north down to the lowest common denominator.
          Sure if could make a serf out of all of them they would all be equal in the gutter together (But they must obey the Law Like he did?) sure that would be great dear comrade.

          Dump the two of them all right with the weapons in the concrete I should say.

    • DarraghD

      I was having a conversation with someone last night, and we discussed why FF got elected in this country for 15 odd years, which fuelled a crazy boom… We asked ourselves, “why didn’t the electorate hit the stop button?”… We all knew the place had gone mad, so why did we keep voting for FF?

      The answer we settled upon, is that the alternative at the time, was the guy who is now running the country today, Enda Kenny, an absolute buffoon who was threatening to compensate people who lost money on Eircom share investments, who was promosing to compensate taxi drivers who suffered asset depreciation when the taxi market was deregulated.

      It is no small statement to make I think, that this patent thickness, the clearly stupid types of policy alternatives that we were offered at the time our economy was starting rto spiral out of control, that this is why we stuck with FF at the time. Yet the crazy guy we were afraid to give a vote to 10 odd years ago, is now running the country? And look at the state of the place now?

    • DarraghD

      I was having a conversation with someone last night, and we discussed why FF got elected in this country for 15 odd years, which fuelled a crazy boom… We asked ourselves, “why didn’t the electorate hit the stop button?”… We all knew the place had gone mad, so why did we keep voting for FF?

      The answer we settled upon, is that the alternative at the time, was the guy who is now running the country today, Enda Kenny, an absolute buffoon who was threatening to compensate people who lost money on Eircom share investments, who was promising to compensate taxi drivers who suffered asset depreciation when the taxi market was deregulated.

      It is no small statement to make I think, that this patent thickness, the clearly stupid types of policy alternatives that we were offered at the time our economy was starting to spiral out of control, that this is why we stuck with FF at the time. Yet the crazy guy we were afraid to give a vote to 10 odd years ago, is now running the country? And look at the state of the place now?

      • Adelaide

        Your argument doesn’t stand up to the reality that 27% of the electorate voted for FF six days ago in the local elections while FG got 25%. The reason these dud parties will continuously be voted into power cyclically is that we are a conservative catholic reactionary country, Cowen and Kenny is your average Irish male, they’re everywhere, and 40 years ago they probably would have been priests. Their parishioners would have fondly nicknamed the The Drunk and The Plank.

  6. I believe Davids article is liken to Eddie Irvine driving fast around sharp corners at very high speed with confidence to win and radio commenting to a public network at the same time.

    It is so close , so fast , so real, so spectacular , so awe inspiring and that is just the start set up .

    Tomorrow ….a new race must be started to hold the public interest ….can David keep it up ?

  7. DarraghD

    If Irish people feel utterly let down by Labour, wait until they see how Sinn Fein will not just continue with, but will intensify the “shakedown” policies that have plagued the middle class in this country since this recession began. Just think about this for a minute, this current government have increased VAT rates by 2%, the hated Universal Social Charge that takes at least 7% of gross income from every working person in the state on the average industrial wage, they have introduced and collected a Property Tax on every home home in the country, next up is a water tax, and next year and the year after we have been told we will have a Universal Health Insurance to take on and a Mandatory Pension Levy.

    Yet they still can’t balance the books… The shakedown policies cannot go any further, there is simply no more left to give.

    So the only solution that is possible, must lie in reducing the cost of running the country, which means standing up to the vested interests that we have failed to confront during 6 years of recession, removing the civil servants on 50K and upwards, wandering around the corridors of the local authority and government buildings, who have no real need to be there.

    Make no mistake about this, we have completely wasted this whole crisis, and instead of deploying some common sense and carrying out some careful and pragmatic surgery on the delivery and provision of our public services, we have let the vested interests run the show, Labour have exclusively allowed the agenda that these vested interests hold, to be protected. We have allowed a situation to emerge where salaries of 40K and 50K in the public sector, are being sneered at.

    Unless Sinn Fein is going to go into these public institutions, and go into places like the local authorities, the government buildings, the Quango’s, and stop providing blanket and collective protection on pay and job security to those who work there, then the only possible outcome is more of the same. You cannot deal with waste when these ridiculous blanket/collective assurances on pay and job security still remain in place, these “agreements” are exactly what is crucifying the middle class, who are handed the bill for the waste after every budget.

    The public sector in this country is still a big gaping black hole, health in particular is out of control when it comes to cost management, unless a political party such as Sinn Fein, can offer a common sense and credible plan to drastically reduce the cost of running this place, then anyone who votes for Sinn Fein I think will be in for a rude awakening, on a scale that will dwarf the disappoints that have recently emerged from having Labour in government.

    • Adelaide

      My favourite
      18. “We will create jobs and boost the economy.”
      We will do our utmost to doctor and falsely inflate employment figures.

      ps they must be running out of manipulations as their unemployment figure has remained static the last six months.

    • Deco


      Bullsh!t bingo cards should be issued at election time, so that people can get entertainment out of all the empty talk.

      Because it is about the only good that the people are getting.

  8. Tyler

    Talking of Gerry Adams [aside from his achievements in political life ] i always imagine that he has always felt that he was ‘self-deputised’, as a member of the human race,so to say,on a personal quest and mission to seek the progression of True Freedom and Equality in his country. He has a clear vision of his Hopes for tomorrow and True to that vision, believes he will get to “The Promised Land !!” ,as was Martin Luther King’s vision.The odds were heavily stacked against King [and Adams] ,but look what the shockwaves of cultural CHANGE that King ignited ,globally !

    With enough static,lightening can strike !

    [Just as “Doc” believed in the Truth of his life – in his case,a vocation as a doctor – contributing to the Greater Good ,and for him, there was never a choice in sacrificing his own self-serving dreams, when presented with a little girl in distress. You see,there was none of the populist “what’s in it for me?!” motivators.

    Go Figure


    • michaelcoughlan

      Your posts Tyler are more delusional than ever. A lot more people read this blog than post here so demonstrating your lack of grip on reality is doing you no favours.

      Adams like Bonbon is an abject failure. Bonbon couldn’t even divert the board to suit his own agenda. Adams failed utterly to bomb Ireland into a Marxist utopia.

      There is one thing which is totally impartial however and lacks any discrimination whatsoever and that of course is a bomb explosion.

      Everyone standing close by gets blown to pieces irrespective of their race, colour, sexual orientation, religion or political outlook.

      As for little girl in distress you reference is to the fictional character in a scene from a movie but there was a real girl in distress and her name was Jean McConvile. When she was kneeling blindfold over the hole on the beach she was shot into I’d say she experienced a significant amount of REAL distress. Wouldn’t you?

      It might be a good idea to reflect Tyler on some of these points prior to posting the next time out.


      • Michael:

        Tyler = Mr. bonbon. It’s the same person.


        “Everyone standing close by gets blown to pieces irrespective of their race, colour, sexual orientation, religion or political outlook.”

        You could be talking about Bertie Ahern here – a man responsible for many more multiples of death and misery in Ireland than Gerry Adams ever was or will be.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Adam.

          Thanks. The rhetoric and dogma from Tyler seems to be from a person much younger. I agree re Ahearn. I also have come to the same conclusion as you. It makes no difference whoever gets voted in.


          • Tyler

            “…now don’t you go mistakin’ me for some whole other body…. ”


            [Tyler is Tyler,Tyler is not bonbon]

          • Neo

            What and where is your mind???

            As ye bring up Bonbon,a Promethean by nature and has a far superior appreciation for the ubiquitous domain of the Noosphere than I,and as such,he fully understands the unnecessary brutality of degenerative,self – destructive Voodoo economics and associated policies,that unsurprisingly ,actually work contrary to the citizen’s Natural Right to GROW.

            Nothing new? Fine.

            So bonbon,recognizing this system of financial imperialism – who perceive the People as mere serfs and Gov’t “as a mere appendage to their own affairs” – passionately seeks a change-in-direction ,away from our current perilous path,(rooted in a ‘money’ mission which has every chance of resulting in an inevitable and tragic collapse of economies)to a safer more productive path of national science driver policies.

            Science teaches us that the True Principle of Life [in the Universe] is to Grow,to Progress and humanity has exemplified this increase in efd,by wielding Science/Chemistry to affect/create the necessary physical changes to our environment,to progressively higher and levels of mankind’s control,power and influence in purposefully determining future growth – by combining and wielding our noetic will and Science.

            Such audacity by this bonbon character!


          • They haven’t gone away you know!

          • #headbanger

            (Mr. bonbon talking to himself in two different voices)

          • Neo

            Since the tragic death of JFK,the Physical Growth of the Transatlantic economies,in real-world terms,has been at a virtually standstill.Hardly a shocker as economies are driven by implicitly evil/anti-growth frauds of Greenism and financial imperialsm -both being acute examples – which are, intrinsically,a betrayal of Truth ,Enlightenment and our Natural Rights- thus sabotaging mankind’s Future Growth by steering humanity drastically off course,in using subjective ‘hunches’ and inner feelings,as our guide. ie economics of extinction and religion of money to guide us,over a v.steep cliff.

            We are bullied and lied to,in a relentless endeavour to trap our minds and condition us into accepting the status-quo and FEAR is empire’s weapon to stall Change,by prejudicing us against Science – exactly what humanity, like never before,needs to embrace,as a matter of utmost urgency.

            [i will finish below]

          • michaelcoughlan

            just for you neo.

            Its all there in the link, density fluxes, reptiles, matrix etc.

            Bonbon’s discoveries my hole.


  9. Tull McAdoo

    I don’t really like re-hashing old posts that I posted on the forum before but in the light of the recent election and this article, here is one from 2009

    1. jim says

    Given that Europe will invariably bail out Ireland and later on Ireland will ratify the Lisbon Treaty, it seems to me that the Dail per se will be downgraded to the level of a glorified County Council in the eyes of Europe.

    As it stands at the moment the Dail has all the appearances of a County Council at work.Look at the evidence.

    It has boosted its own staff (Public service).

    It seems totally oblivious to the outside World, which includes everything in Ireland that’s not Public Service.

    It feels no obligation to interfere in any way with what it refers to as a small open Economy run at the behest of the Free Market.

    Cowen himself shows no signs of Statesmanship but looks more comfortable as a type of Chairman of this Country Council.

    They obviously dont trust their own to make decisions or at least be seen to offer solutions to problems but prefer to hide behind a plethora of Outside Consultants et al. or prefer to wait for some diktat from Europe to tell them what they have to do.

    They pack up the numbers employed in the Public Service with their own Party Faithfull, therby giving the hardcore support evidenced in the recent polls.

    This Government has no clue, no more than any County Council around the Country on how to create jobs, run an Economy outside of the Public Service etc.

    It took me a while to get my head around these people, but when I did it was easier to understand their thinking and actions when I looked on them as glorified County Councillors.

    I’ve watched Cowen and his frontbench as the Banking crises unfolded and they just seemed mystified as to what people expected them to do.

    They just seemed preoccupied with their own jobs of running the Public Service.It all seemed like a huge intrusion into their normal function. When they did speak it was like they had just left their local clinic and had just been informed by some developer that all was not well and could they make inquiries on their behalf with the Dept.

    The recent Budgets were more of a book balancing exercise that you would see by an Accountant for a County Council, extra levies,extra taxes etc.I was just waiting for Linehan to say something about bin charges or sewage connections fees,it was that bad from an Economists point of view.

    The problems of the Country did not interfere with any of the public Holidays and Cowen himself was of swanning about Japan on a trade junket when He made the call to put the Country up to its tits in guarantees.It was like as if it was someone else’s money he was deciding on and anyway they would get their Budget next year from Central funds after a bit of a row,and life would boogie on regardless.

    Let the ECB worry about the Euro, he was busy running the Irish County Council.Im sure the Members of this forum do not want me labouring this point because ye all have yere own bits ye could throw into this mix on this point.
    Thats how I see it.We are being run by a bunch of County Councillors and Governed by Europe….Free State my arse,Free lunch for the chosen few more like. Goodnight Ireland,sleep well.;-)
    May 20, 2009, 2:13 am

    Take it away Judy just like before

  10. Tull McAdoo

    “Happy Gilmore,a masterclass in cute-hoorism” is what the headline in the Irish independant should have read but the editor decided on “Gilmore throws hat in the ring for €250k EU Commissioner job”.

    We now know why Happy G decided not to put up a robust defense of his Labour leadership, put his shoulder to the wheel and redeem himself in the eye of the Irish electorate…….

    Why does, now to be “More Happy Gilmore” think that the Irish people want him to be their European Commissioner given that less than 5% of them voted for his policies in the recent European Elections?

  11. Deco

    John Redmond was leader of the IPP at this point in time, and he was not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. His reaction to the war was absolutely ludicruous.

    He decided, that he had to demonstrate loyalty to the Imperial regime. He focussed on the superficial. A bit like the “good room theory” that David talks about. The result was a policy that sent his most fervent supporters to their own death. He advocated himself as being the leader to run a newly independent Ireland, but he was a fool obsesse with proving his dependency to the British. He did it to make sure that he would be the first Irish Prime Minister. He put his own career before the lives of thousands.

    In 1918, he lost because he got found out. He completely overestimated himself.

    The same thing that happened to the IPP, has just happened to the LP. They have been found out.

    In both cases SF did not have to do very much. In both cases SF were opposing a bunch on incompetent amateurs. They were facing the type of operation, that everybody wants as a competitor.

    In many ways the success of SF in 2014, has a lot in common with the entry of Toyota in the US car market. They took aim for the over-rated pretender.

    The biggest threat to SF will be a new copetitor, starting from scratch. The LP have already proven incapable and amateurish.

    Time for new movements in Irish politics.

  12. Deco

    David – you need to write an aricle about the rising national debt. Nobody else is speaking about it in the media. It bareley ever gets a mention.

  13. joe hack

    Look out! There’s allot sanctions and censorship about

    Interesting too that Sinn Fein outlasted section 31- we have none that here – censorship!

    Meanwhile lies over Ukraine and more continues at the pro-Brit-shit Broadcasting Company the uSAs state departments echo chamber…

    The pivot is on but Putin’s pivot to China comes with handshakes, gifts, and smiles while Obama’s comes with guns and poison barbed roses.

    If Sinn Fein wants to think outside the box it would do well to call in to Xi with bottle of Paddy, some Taytos and some ‘home grown Lyons tea!’ – The writing is on the wall ‘the dollar dead’. Obama has hammered the last nail in the dollars own coffin when went about sanctioning Russia, without oil the wagon wheels won’t be heading west no more. This is not the1980s Iran and Russia have plenty of oil for the wheels heading to china and all the whilst the Saudis are adding sand to the west oil supplies – the west can frack on about it all they like but the wheels won’t turn without oil nor will the money tide.
    The only thing the dollar is good for is buying gold what else could or would the Russians and Chinese do with the dollar – buy with the dollar before it not worth the paper it’s written on.

    It’s not case of Frankfurt way or “labour” way anymore we need to follow the yellow Silk Road and chat with the new wizard of confidence money the old one was just huff and puff as was oZ himself.
    Behind closed doors Germany may well be on side with Russia China, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you …

    Time to start learning Mandarin while avoiding the idiotic Mandarins in the Eu

    Franking censorship and sanctions don’t bullies do that…

  14. Dorothy Jones

    Sinn Fein and Dalkey? Ugh and Ugh. Liars and murderers…oh well their tactics worked.

  15. Here’s one for the Austrians among us (whatever that means).

    The Origin, Classification and Utility of Bitcoin

  16. Neo

    Bonbon understands that homoeopathic remedies,Sudocrem and TCP are in no way sufficient to deal with a devastating gun shot wound.To guide him in his personal mission(s)in Life,he looks to the mutually supportive FACT based evidence,from Ambassadors of Truth for example; Plato,Planck-Einstein-Vernadsky,Riemann,Bach,Shakespeare,Brunelleschi-deCusa-Kepler,Shelley,Mozart,Thomas Paine,Leibniz,Schiller,Beethoven et al,whose prowess in creativity,ALL, have contributed to the genius of Alexander Hamilton’s four principles of economic science – which is a symphony of creativity,reason and logic,rooted in fact based evidence, from decades and centuries of accumulated scientific wisdom and passionate pursuit of making keystone discoveries,as a solid foundation for an economic recovery programme -FDR style- with a mission of wilful upward evolution to a hi-tech society and a Fusion economy,to the benefit of The Common Good.

    Imagine that!

    Why deny Science?!

    Embrace it !

    This list of poets,classsical music composers,playwrights,Artisans ,philosophers,scientissts,are all Prometheans and their converging creative scientific discoveries of Principle (in their respective fields of endeavour) are all reflections of the Noosphere – ie using their noetic quality,their MINDS,to become the MOST powerful instrument of creation!

    • Neo

      Bonbon possessing a ‘quality of being’ to share his discoveries with us and also to warn us of the LIES by satanic warmongering empire and it’s purposeful pursuit of obscuring Truth,with full spectrum dominance of instilling FEAR with frauds,enfeebling objectivity by attempting to replace it with and forced to rely on subjective ‘hunches’ of what is actually possible for tomorrow.

      Wearing his disdain for pseudo-science and the ‘apparently’ harmless irrationality of blind ‘faith’,he dutifully counters the indulgence of such follies,which he recognizes as “enemies of reason”,hijacking and corrupting Truth and working against The Common Good. This,i imagine,ignites a fire in him, to conscientiously ACT in accordance with his beliefs and life mission to reveal Truth and fight for Freedom ,by warning people and proposing scientific solutions to gargantuan problems of our chaotic inter-connected environment,on the brink of implosion.

      Or ought we just give up and REJECT our noetic powers that wilfully create and then shape our Future with the power of modern science OR continue to place our [blind] apparently harmless ‘faith’ in the fraud of sense perception and subjective biases/delusions,in dogma of the prophet Bertrand Russell? Or will we trust the anecdotal,the ‘ultra molecular dilution’ of Adam Smith, von Mises,von Hayek,Keynes with their “we’ll patch ya up,getya to the next stop” counterfeit and corrupt economic models.[Very little Truth will be found from these charlatans,attempting to relegate humanity to the past!]

      OR we can rely and Trust in Science – to be our compass in navigating these uncharted waters – as Science has “scrupulous Honesty built into it,by design”(Richard Dawkins)

      “An cial ceannaithe,is an cial is fear ??”

      Ní hea !

      Eolaíochta,is an slí is fear

      • Tull McAdoo

        Sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum. Maybe that’s why nobody is listening…..

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Tull,

          It’s like Adam said above real headbanger stuff. They know that they are being ignored and they know they have failed utterly to divert the board to suit their own agenda so the invent a second poster to answer the questions of the first poster they created.

          Real madman stuff talking to yourself and answering yourself back.

          The pity is that much of the new spiel has already been dealt with by the new age movement currently and as long ago as the turn of the last century by napoleon hill in his book think and grow rich.

          Speaking about bonbon in the third person is another reflection of their abject failure. In putting bonbon at arms length it shields bonbon from scrutiny. Mere foot soldiers like tyler can then be scapegoated when the fallacies they wax lyrical about are exposed.

          This means they don’t have to own up to the realisation that they make so little out of themselves for putting such blind faith in someone who like every other human being on the planet isn’t perfect.



        • Neo

          If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there to hear it,does it make a sound?

          Tull Tull Tull….what am i gonna do with ya,hah ….”you can listen to Jimi,but you[apparently] can’t hear Jimi” ;)

          That list of ‘seekers’,who happen to be geniuses,wilfully get ‘in the zone’ by ‘stepping’ outside the fraud of sense perception(our feed of subjective experiences from our five senses,only)in order to objectively test,learn and discover Reality and Truth.

          The domain of the Noosphere doesn’t require time+space,per se,and these mens’ discoveries in new cultural/scientific principles are accomplished beyond the space-time ‘experience’ and rather,transcend space-time,into a sphere of thought and creativity that doesn’t require a medium thro which to travel/be transmitted,as the Noosphere is ubiquitous and due respect for this ever present domain of cognition and its increasingly POWERFUL influence in progressively shaping our Future thinking,ought not be denied…

          do you “get it?”

          These men’s Future orientated MINDS of expressing their individual immortality! [ i.e.,excusing the split infinitives,but to continue to contribute to the essence of humanity - that is to Grow,Develop,Progress and their IDEAS and words LIVE on,and beyond their creator's physical existence in space+time!!]

          And standing on the shoulders of these Giants, as if ‘tuned-in’ ,or “online” with their purposeful intentions, bonbon has developed an appreciation for the beauty of their words and ideas and thus,Neo has developed a shared appreciation and awareness of what is truly an evolving mind,the nous,to higher states of organisation and Power.

          Lyndon LaRouche has undeniably furthered the works of the triad – Planck,Einstein and Vernadsky,but i wonder has he made other discoveries,that he has yet to reveal ??


  17. Bamboo

    This sounds like neo-bonbonism

  18. redriversix

    Thanks for the article David….

    you really touched upon the fact as to how important History is….

    History repeats itself..perhaps this may be a easy or old quote but this does take away from the fact as to how true I believe it is.

    All the scaremongering about Sinn fein is ridiculous…Why ? because they will not have a overall majority therefore wont get their own way,right or wrong and several early coalition Governments with Sinn Fein will fall.

    We are spending roughly 1.5 billion per month more than we take in on top of interest payments of a billion a month.

    Bank debts equate to about 40% of our National debt.

    We owe more now than we did in 2009.

    Government borrowing is cheap because we and all the Euro Countries have a Guarantor…The E.C.B..therefore false feeling of achievement…take away the E.C.B & see what “our” rates would be.

    Is Europe now beginning to resemble Europe of the thirties ? Angela Merkel does not like the success of far right parties or independents across the E.U in European elections and states “something shall have to be done”

    What can she do ? again politicians and their policies drive people to vote anti-austerity candidates & and parties to Parliament , yet she slams the democratic process..!!!

    A further 2 billion euro in cuts……..

    Will Burton pull the plug on Government by refusing to agree with Budget 15 ?

    Government still has to bring spending down to 60% of GDP , which I believe is impossible in our case.

    Anywho..hope your all well ?

    I still believe that this Financial War is a massive ponzi scheme.

    Look after yourself,your family….do what you have to do to survive…

    Governments will

    Have a nice day.


    • michaelcoughlan

      “Look after yourself,your family….do what you have to do to survive… Government will”

      Never was a truer word spoken.

      Amen Barry,

      Peace be with You.

    • StephenKenny

      “Look after yourself,your family….do what you have to do to survive… Government will”

      A more appropriate strap line might be.

      “Look after yourself,your family….and help your neighbours do the same …do what your society needs to do to survive… Government will”

      If we’re fragmented, we’re helpless.

  19. redriversix


    “this does NOT take away from the fact as to how true i believe it is”

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