April 24, 2014

What the sacking of David Moyes tells us about our modern economy

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Sport is the ultimate winner- takes-all economy where the difference between first and second place is huge. No one remembers runners-up. It is all about glory – or glory and riches – and no one wants to be second best. This is why Moyes’ exit was so abrupt; Man Utd have come to expect better and there can be no room for sentiment in the economics of sport.

And in sport there are massive differences between players who are ostensibly as good as each other.

On Monday I saw one of the most opportunistic goals scored for years. It was scored by a St Patrick’s Athletic player called Chris Forrester against Drogheda. The skill that it took to execute was sublime and far better than some of the dross served up in the English Premiership. Yet Forrester is paid much less in a year than Premiership footballers are paid for a week. Are the journeymen who turn out for the mid-table English sides one hundred times more talented than Forrester? No way. Yet they get paid as if they were. This is because they are playing in the Premiership and Forrester is playing in the League of Ireland. The more the Premiership dominates, the more this gap will widen and the more Sky dishes will be sold and the more money will flow into England and out of the Irish league.

This winner-takes-all dynamic exists in all sorts of other areas of economics. Think about Harry Potter and the world of publishing or technology. Is JK Rowling a much better writer than the thousands who are writing books? Probably not! Was Mark Zuckerburg’s idea so different from all the other social media entrepreneurs? Probably not, but he is the billionaire.

Think of the Bar in Ireland. Some barristers get paid a fortune and others barely survive. Why? It is because down in the Four Courts the winner takes all. The difference between being good and being best is enormous. The same goes in the world of fashion and architecture. The best get paid multiples of the rest.

This has always been the case in “rock ‘n’ roll”. Consider all the bands that started out at the same time as U2. Lots of them must’ve been as good initially as U2, but they didn’t make it. As time went by, the gap between U2 and the rest widened and widened and U2 emerged as the winners.

This is the world of David Moyes, Jose Mourinho and all the other football, basketball and, latterly, rugby managers. They play to win. They play with lots of money and if they are successful they are rewarded, if not they are gone. If rich football club owners want to play with their own cash, so be it. But what happens when this winner- takes-all economy reaches into other areas of our society? What happens is the rich get much richer.


Last month, Oxfam reported that the top five families in the UK owned more wealth than the bottom 12.5 million people in Britain. Another report found that the number of people in the world with more than $1 million to invest soared to a record of 12 million in 2012. According to Reuters, “the aggregate wealth of this group hit a new high, too – $46.2 trillion – a 10pc increase over the previous year”.

What is particularly striking is that the very, very rich are doing best of all. The ranks of the ultra-rich – people with investable assets of at least $30 million – surged 11pc. So this tiny subgroup of the world’s mega-millionaires is expanding at a faster rate than mere millionaires.

This means that a tiny group of 111,000 people account for 35.2pc of the entire wealth of all the world’s millionaires taken together.

A recent book by Thomas Picketty shows that in America “the richest 1pc appropriated 60pc of the increase in US national income between 1977 and 2007″. The book argues that there is no reason to believe that economies will have a tendency towards equality; in fact, the opposite is true. But what is driving this winner-takes-all economy?

Over recent decades, technological change, globalisation and active changes in the taxation of capital have led to a dramatic increase in the return to capital and international brands that stand out. Over time, more and more money flows into these arenas and away from others.

As the winner-takes-all economy develops, it is hard to distinguish between the talented and the lucky. Some people are just in the right place at the right time. As the gap between 1st and 2nd widens, swathes of what used to be the middle classes fall behind and get priced out of markets like the housing market. This dislocation is made all the more acute by the fact that we in the media write about rich people and celebrities and this further focuses the attention of the average person on the very things that they by definition can’t have. This process can be incredibly negative in a way that was not the case in our parents’ age and is more severe for our children as they are bombarded with messages about winners.

The treatment of Moyes was abrupt, but he is in a high-stakes game. More worrying is the way the rules of that game are reaching other areas of the economy, raising the stakes for everyone.

  1. I look forward to reading Picetty’s book – it sounds fascinating. I wonder though if you evaluated the population at 50 year intervals on a number of measures; wealth, health, socio economics, over the past 500 years – what would you find. I suspect that, yes the rich have gotten richer but the poor are nothing like the poor of the past. I may well be wrong, but your average poor family, while struggling, enjoy physiological benefits that previous generations of poor could only dream of, on a relative basis. There is so much work to be done in order to create a free and socially equitable society, but it must be done in away the preserves the benefits of success. Like it or not people strive to be better then their past and in some cases better then the their neighbours, it is a big part of what makes society boom and bust and in general succeed. It can be ugly and garish but it does push us forward.

    • Tyler

      Thought provoking questions for a Fri evening Stephen…as for the public’s health as a metric, i wonder what a representative graph would look like,in the assessment of the public’s overall mental health,at 50 year intervals over 500yrs [ a smile or a frown? hmmm....]

      And how about FEAR, stress, tension, worry and anxiety [and their psychosomatic impacts on peoples' overall health ] being used as metrics? How have we fared and how does the public fare right now in 2014? …my guess,it’s a hefty price we pay for ‘modern living’,heftier by the decade actually [*heaped on top of our already hard-wired PTSD from oppression in our people's history]

      I wonder too,from a physiological standpoint,what that graph may look like? Yes,i of course acknowledge scientific medical /health advances, but improved longevity aside, how about Quality of life v. Quantity of years lived,yunno? [We would have to agree a definition of quality,i suppose]

      It’s an undeniable fact that “the rich have gotten richer”, [and more powerful !] and it’s surely fair to say “the poor are nothing like the poor of the past”,but think of the sacrifice to reward ratio.Have we over-paid?And to add insult to injury,since ’08,we must make life and death sacrifices and LOOSE even more ground to the 1%!!…reminds me of Tracie Harris’ story of the farmer with 100 sheep…The 1% own so so much and yet force us,reduce us to fight over scraps!

      you say ” but it must be done in away that preserves the benefits of success” The question i ask (as has Adelaide)is what is ‘deemed’ as a “success” or the “benefits of success” nowadays ,for most people ??

      Finally,while forward motion is desirable Stephen,if lacking in wise directionality, the “push us forward”,maybe a push over a cliff?!…vis-à-vis economics,our health,morally hana hana

      [ well it seems in 'attempting' to answer your questions,i have asked a dozen more ;)...maybe not very helpful? ]

  2. michaelcoughlan


    Effortlessly excellent. Sporting pun intended your run of form is top quality. Your article could be brought down to the following; The world’s top bankers get paid to destroy everything not facilitate wealth creation because the return on a capital and its speed of accumulation are far higher than simply waiting for the wealth creation process to run its course. Time to look at the 1990’s movie pretty woman again David.


    • michaelcoughlan


      Jamie Diamon CEO of PP Morgan has his remuneration INCREASED to 20m (1.5m basic and 18.5m share options) when JP Morgan had the biggest fine (14bn plus…) levied on it for fu*king it’s own customers.

      Now David this is where I differ from you. You don’t need the CEO of the bank to be particularly talented to put in place a policy of coming first at all costs. You just need to have a person in charge that can live with the consequences. That’s because coming first and winning are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS ENTIRELY. Example; Lance Armstrong came first over and over again in the Tour De France and now we know how. Eventually he was found out and is exposed as one of the sport’s biggest losers. Armstrong has done enormous damage to cycling in the same way these bankers come first and do enormous damage to everything around them. One of Armstrong’s teammates who was aghast at the nonchalance to the use of drugs and who had been sexually abused as a child said that being exposed to Armstrong was like being abused all over again.

      The moral of the story is that you don’t necessarily need to be particularly talented to come first in sport or business you just need to be a corporate or sporting PSYCHOPATH.

  3. Hipsters

    Frenchmen Thomas Piketty and Cyril Roux re both members of the ENA ( Elite Schools in Paris ) or’ Enarchy ‘ so both are joined at the hip thinking ‘Methode ‘ in mindset with collective amnesia and a touch of garlic .

    The findings of Piketty stress that Politics commands itself over Economics and in this case that the arguments of economics alone is subjective to the opinion of the Minister for Finance and the operations of the Ministers always rules regardless .Thus Noonan can ignore economic data and decide how his political assessment calculates the next step before making the decision that matters .This is what has happened in recent years since new government took office . So we now have proof where the Minister receives his guidance namely in the EU .

    Other findings include the rise of Patrimonial Wealth in the EU and the rise of Super Management in USA .He has made suggestions to raise the marginal tax rate on top incomes and introduce a progressive tax on wealth .

    I am reminded of the complete inefficiencies of the GAA Board in Limerick and it should now be time that Sponsors withdraw their financial support to avoid Patrimonial Amnesia in Limerick Sports .

  4. Bamboo

    Excellent article David. Great to use current MU as an example.

    I’d like to just look at the lower level of our global society . The people who are wealthy but by no means millionaires however quite comfortable financially. Maybe we can call them the higher end of the middle class. This group owns a couple of properties; one or two nice cars and can send their children to the better schools. This is a group who’d like to think they are millionaires and so behave as one. They don’t mingle among the lower paid, like to be seen spending money, display their winnings, don’t want to be seen at the likes of Aldi and Lidl, etc. I think we all know what I mean. They buy stuff as long as it is a designer item and/or expensive but most of the time it is useless stuff. This group lives in condos in Asia, middle east, south America, the US, etc. They also employ a maid and treat them as a maid. These women are “shipped”over legally from poorer countries through agencies and re-employed at families where it becomes illegal. Their passports are taken off them and they work for two years with no pay but they get their food and accommodation. They are all treated like dirt, they are not allowed to phone home, or speak to their peers in these condos. Some of these women are lucky enough to be allowed to bring the rubbish to the bin areas in these condos. They can only do this in the dark where they can have a bit of banter with other women in the condo at the bins. This can only last five minutes or so and then they go back to the house.
    Even more worrying is that the children of the families treat these women like dirt. The parents are proud to know that children know how to treat “poor people”.
    Not only women are in this situation. There are plenty of men working under these conditions. I’ve seen a little toddler walking in his nappies and a bottle bullying a family gardener. I’ve seen the parents laughing and encouraging this child behavior. Having a maid or a worker in the house is another add-one to their status symbol. If you treat them bad, even better.

    I haven’t come across this in Europe (although I am aware it is in Europe as well) but it is a rapidly growing group outside Europe. This group brings up a whole new generation of this type of culture. A culture where the unfortunate are to be treated as unwanted pest, as stray dogs on the streets and or at the very lowest end of the food chain. Traveling the world as a European, one might not notice this, as a tourist only visit tourist places where everything is honky dory.

    This is the development that is extremely worrying as that is the biggest group after all.

    Thanks to all great posts.

  5. No comment on the form of the money these people are paid in. No thought to the fiat Ponzi scheme money system we have world wide. No thought to its enforcement by the armed mercenaries hired by the “western democracies”.
    No thought to the armed conflicts and oppressed peoples of this monetary system.
    Just comments on bread and circuses to distract the masses from reality.
    Shame on you David.

  6. Adelaide

    Well of course the winner takes all when the rules of the fake economy-game stipulate it so. But please don’t confuse winning an artificially skewed competition with genuine success, the latter requires perseverance of an applied sufficient talent, the truth being you don’t need to be brilliant to succeed you just need to be good enough over a prolonged period. Read the works of Malcolm Gladwell for an insight into the myth of success, the myth of natural talent, the myth of education, the myth of competition and by extension the myth of capitalism. You seem to be warning, David, that though we like to play games to win we should not live life to win, otherwise our lives will play out on a real-life monopoly game. I’d say we are already there.

  7. Colin

    Moyes is a ‘football man’ according to all in the game. Therefore, he should know the rules of the industry and have no complaints. He should have declined the offer to manage United. The squad needs a massive clearout. It was a poisoned chalice. Even Mourinho would have struggled to be successful there this year had he got the job.

    The United manager, whoever he is, must cultivate up and coming young players, and Moyes has little interest or experience of doing this, as he showed at Everton. Louis Van Gaal is the ideal candidate, what he achieved at Ajax and Barcelona was amazing regarding young players, he laid the foundation for Xavi, Messi, Iniesta and many others there over 15 years ago.

    And of course the local lads from the class of ’1992′ are back on board now, ready to pass on their knowledge of winning and their passion for the hometown club to the squad.

    They should sign the new Denis Irwin, the excellent Seamus Coleman, without a paddy or two at Old Trafford, the club is not the same.

  8. cooldude

    Very interesting stuff David. The destruction of the middle class is in no way an accident. This is all deliberate and is an inevitable part of our boom bust economy and the monetary system that fuels it. All the wealth is being siphoned off and is heading towards the banking elite and the corporations they control. Politicians have very little real say and if they try to upset this little system in any meaningful way they are either removed or done away with. Welcome to our brave new world. There is nothing random about any of this just a carefully made plan to claim all the wealth on this planet and to turn us into debt slaves.

    On the football side of things, which is really just part of the bread and circuses distraction but is fascinating in many ways, Moyes gets £10 million for his ten months work at United. Not bad for a guy who was clearly out of his depth and years behind the modern passing game which is being developed so well by the likes of Rodgers at Liverpool and Guardiola at Bayern. Moyes tactic of long balls to Fellaini was never going to go far in the modern game. The real blame lies with Ferguson for recommending him and shows how out of touch he has become.

    • Tyler


      “…a carefully made plan to claim all the wealth on this planet and to turn us into debt slaves.”


      And slavery takes many forms,right?It’s not just the CRISIS of a metastasising sarcoma,that is Ireland’s unsustainable (literally!) and insufferable debt load.

      How about

      1. Slavery to a job / boss, that is often like a cancer in itself,slowly cannibalising it’s host’s overall health and wellbeing.[hell,in certain performance related roles,a heart attack in your forties is nowadays some kinda bizarre,warped badge of honour,even in society’s eyes…”Oh he/she is trying so hard!!”…survival of the fittest – my pink Irish hairy ass!

      2. Slavery to Tavistock style Main Stream Media,in all forms ,brainwashing us in ‘believing’ SO many frauds!( mea maxima culpa!)

      3.Slavery to drugs,both legal and illegal,equally,which is at epidemic proportions [ might I add that the empire’s, for all to see,active involvement in the production,sale and the laundering of proceeds from the mar dhea war on narcotics,is breath taking hubris!….from the cradle to the grave ‘enterprise’ ! ( literally, metaphorically,metaphysically and whatever you’re havin’ yourself ;)

      4.Slavery to materialism and consumerism and the resulting accumulation of unwanted personal debt

      5.Slavery in the form of one’s tolerance,and sometimes total indifference,to Truth and the sophistries of indoctrination – e.g. politics attempting to asphyxiate our DEMOCRACY / Education and in religion too(some may argue),polluting minds..concealing Truth

      6.The slavery of the strong overpowering the weak,with the looting and heinous asset stripping of our country’s natural resources….Financial warfare! (overt and in the shadows too!)

      • Tyler

        7.The citizens’ debt servitude for generations to come (literally!),with a colossal debt burden foisted on us, and the subsequent cruel austerity policies of savage cuts ,which only lend to crippling families and society! Our overlord’s policies that are geared solely to save financial imperialism,at any,and all costs!!

        8.Slavery to the deception of what actually IS technologically possible for humanity to create – e.g. the scientific based alternative of science driver policies,with an orientation of non-linear growth of our physical economies ,with the development of hi-tech superior energy and power sources,for the benefit of everyone!…[and not a mission to build more rigged games for the casino floors]

        9.The slavery of ‘believing’ [sans True justifications] that an open, Negentropic system of economy, with a focus on physical economics, to the benefit of Equality and the Common Good,is not do-able,when the science is in fact,decades old. There are no limits to growth! ….only inward-looking,Easter island mindsets.

        10.Serfs believing the Scientific fraud of misguided greenie policies, which is verifiably anti-growth an brand of genocidal economics!

        11.Slavery to a monetarist mindset !!!

        12.Slavery by empire of our ‘hearts and minds’, that ‘the norm’,the consensus,the way it has always been,can not and will not change,by humanity’s creative design … an abomination !

        12 points to sum up what is Oppression and Control

        [and i didn't even mention the devastation of culture music and literature ...]

        FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE!!Believe it!!

        [Please feel free to add to this list....]

        The above is undeniably a formidable level of Yang to cope with,especially when we are backed into a corner! The “1%” is suffocating our creativity,ergo,our humanity ! But they ‘sense’ their vice like grip slipping away and they are right!…this empire is crumbling…what might they do to stop us from escaping their trap!

        We may not see,or not want to see the ‘shnaffle’,but in Reality,it is most certainly there,to varying degrees,and so,True Freedom,can not,be.

        dump serfdom



  9. douglaskastle

    This isn’t really new, the romans knew that the public could be easily distracted with Bread and Circuses


    A while back I remember the front page of the Indo was a bit like this (I am paraphrasing a little):

    * Local News
    * Six Nations
    * GAA (something)
    * Sport
    * Business (maybe)
    * Independent Woman
    * World News

    Says it all really to me where our priorities stand!

  10. HenryJames

    “The winner takes it all”-ABBA sometime in the 70′s perhaps
    The concept is well entrenched in the popular consensus, in fact it is scientifically supported as an off-shoot of evolutionry theory-survival of the fittest. There are so many adjuncts to this way of thinking and all come with the ‘scientific research’ to support it e.g The Bell Curve and human intelliegnce-or anything related to people.Recall Eugenics?
    People accecpt this way of viewing the world and infact when you consider the only popularly promoted alternative or contrarian arguments e.g Intelligent design v Evolution – you can begin to understand how far away people are form ever turning their back on the consensus. When we use the sporting metaphor we know without question that the suggestion of an alternative to the present winner takes it all system is absurd-How would the premier league work if the point was to try to ensure equal distribution of resources,sucess,points,results etc?-Clearly absurd-right? Its part of an encouraged way of viewing the world and society-for example – “the scarcity meme” the promoted view is that this is a natural and inescapable situation for mankind.
    To follow the Premier Leagure metaphor and consider where this is heading take a moment to reflect on this savage competition and how interesting the Premier League would be with just 5 teams in it? But wait… more importantly how does it feel taking part with your mates or watching your kids play soccer/football etc for the fun of it.There is a legimitate contrarian argument.

    • Tyler

      WOW,you sure said alot in a short passage!it’s too late now to ask you some questions or comment,but i did pick up on “…how far away people are form ‘ever’ turning their back on the consensus”

      not as far away as you may think,i say

      I think you’ll find Henry that most people in Ireland do in fact care,very much actually,if what they believe in,is indeed True,but with indoctrination on so many levels and from a young impressionable age,spanning over decades,the conditioning is undeniably deeeep and as one might expect,beliefs across the board, that are largely uncontested and v.rarely challenged!!!!!

      But when challenged on a forum like this,a breakthro’ or escape velocity if you will,through that ‘almost’ impregnable barrier of changing one’s very long held perspectives,can be achieved. Again i’m living proof…Then,post breakthrough, a pathway to Truth shines in many other areas of one’s life.

      i believe people DO change!….i’m living proof

      When People are offered new information, they weigh it up and if found that their beliefs don’t hold water,the Irish change their minds! Thats certainly been my experience…afterall,its the most rational,logical thing to do,right?

      Tracy Harris put this very eloquently

      “A person’s justification for believing [in anything!]matters, if you care whether or not that the things you believe in,are True…if you don’t care if they [your beliefs] are True,then justification for them,doessn’t matter.

      If you DO care that your beliefs are True,then whether or not they are reasonable beliefs to hold,and there IS justification for holding them, becomes important”


      but this process of ‘un-learning’ one’s vast personal conditioning [and being super careful not to replace one set of conditioning with another!] is like unravelling a big twisted ball of Christmas lights from the attic,where you lazily and carelessly threw them in a heap,from last year ;)

      this process takes time,grrreat effort and the journey is gonna be frustrating and super challenging (as at most turns,the discoveries you make,may go against your preconceptions and core beliefs…what you ‘think’ or ‘feel’ you know now to be True, but in Reality,u may discover fallacies,frauds in fac!) ,but nevertheless so so worth it,if Truth is what you truly care about.

      [choose the red pill,i say;)]

      And the Discovery of Truth in Everything!

      In Nature,in Economics,in LIFE,Why are we are here,in History, in the laws of physics,in Religion,Are we alone in the galaxy,in science, what are the True powers of the creative human mind ….

      it’s a long list,right?…”finite and unbounded”,but this quest for Truth plays a pivotal role in our unique specie’s evolutionary advancement… i.e. to have inquiring minds,to explore,to think,to discover,to learn – all integral characteristics of humanity’s evolutionary development to higher and higher states of organisation and energy flux density,in this case of discovering Truth,,the increase of efd, of the domain referred to by Vernadsky,as the Noösphere.

      and All posters here,Adelaide, Michael Coughlan,Andy, cooldude,Adam,DarraghD,bonbon,Dorothy,Doug,Colin,Paul Drivers,ryu,George Baumann,RR6,Pat Flannery,Bamboo,Reality Check,John Allen,Eireanach,Deco,baffled,Corkrob,5Fingers,Joe, greyfox,paddythepig,StephenKenny,corkplasticpaddy,Tony Brogan et al and of course, our host!!!!! are All contributing to the enhancement of the Noösphere

      not as far away as you may think Henry

  11. DarraghD

    In this country, it would appear that in certain areas of our society, the ordinary rules of capitalism that have been laid out above by David, get set aside, and we have allowed and tolerated the pursuance of insane policies of rewarding failure on a massive scale. Look at those who have been remunerated with pension pots and golden handshakes worth millions, for being asleep at the wheel or for heading up financial institutions. Look at what is going on in Irish Water, headed up by a guy who is responsible for hundreds of millions of Euro being lost by the local authority he headed up, in relation to the Poolbeg incineration project.

    We have a very long way to go yet I think before we sort this place out.

    • StephenKenny

      It’s difficult realisation. For all of my life I have felt that the system has been crawling forwards, but in the right direction: Regulators may have been a bit useless and slightly dodgy, but they are on our side; Banks and bankers may have been of variable quality, but their interests were basically aligned to ours; the legal system may have been a bit self indulgent and prone to the fantasies of over priced “process”, but they were there to attempt to dispense “justice”; politicians were slimy, two-faced, baby kissers, but the system kept, at least their actions, in our interests; and so on.

      Now, as I sense it, it’s all gone. You might say that we are no longer on the side with the moral high ground; we – through elections and inaction – are on the side of the bad guy, the war monger, the state terrorist and thief; of the people who use the full weight of the state to lie to, and cheat, their own people.

      “Winner takes all” is no more than a reflection of this. To achieve it, many of the laws that created what the 20th century called a ‘civilised’ society have had to be over-turned: anti-trust regulations; zoning; independence of the media; the fundamental search of ‘truth’ in education; any reality to the Hippocratic oath; civil administration separate from the political sector; libraries to provide free reading for all; the rules of war; and on and on. It’s all gone.

      All of these, if you look at them, have at their core, the idea of the ‘good of the many’, which is directly at odds with “winner takes all”.

      In spite of all it’s failings, it seemed to have been moving forwards, however slowly. Now, it’s just tumbling backwards, back to a medieval view of the world.

  12. Good stuff guys, you have all upped your game on this article.

    Reading and learning here. Thanks.

  13. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    If you need a guy who knows what he is talking about to explain how the chief executives of a bank like Royal bank of Scotland (psychotic like) are paid enormous sums of monies to systematically destroy British businesses (Fingelton like) watch the video at the following link from 12.50 to 25.45. THE SALARIES AREN’T PAID TO THESE GUYS BECAUSE THEY ARE TALENTED.



    • Tyler

      more sleight of hand from our ‘chop-shop’ illusionists,eh …
      more magic tricks from the shape-shifting banksters, before a derivative death roll!

      Same as the magic circle,the Fabian Round Table don’t want us to know their precious long held secrets !Afterall the greatest trick the devil ever pulled,was convincing people he [empire!] didn’t exist!


      btw i welcome the day when George Osborne ,Mr “bolder action in bailouts needed” cheer-leader for financial imperialism is hauled up in front of a Banking Enquiry,that son of a bitch !! ..let’s see him ‘handle’ the situation of a Hellhound like Pecora!

      • Tyler

        “…the will to do what the other guy,wouldn’t !!”

        precisely !

        that’s what worries SO MANY of us with the warmongering puppet Obama and his British backers !!

        With empire visibly collapsing in front of our eyes,how far will oligarchy go to keep us enslaved ??!!

        Nuclear war ?!

        C’mon !!! That’s not in anybody’s interest!! There are no Gov’t leaders thinking along these lines right?? …right??!!

        …to mention thermonuclear warfare is hysteria ,madness,scaremongering,a “Keyser Soze spook story”,a conspiracy theory,it’s nuts for God’s sake …right?

        you’ll never hear the shot that kills you !!!!


  14. Tyler

    “….many souls are on the line , Oh Lord , don’t let him win !”

    Zeus vs fire, Prometheus’ gift


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