March 27, 2014

A capital with a powerful mayor and an air of tolerance will benefit us all

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Does having a thriving gay scene help the economy? Research from the US indicates that tolerance of our gay population is a significant leading indicator for the future economic fortunes of a city. Given that Dublin is so crucial to the economy of the nation, by extension, the fortunes of the gay community and the fortunes of the nation are inextricably linked.

In the US, those cities with flourishing gay scenes are also the ones with the highest income per head, the most highly paid employees, the most creative industries and the best environmental record.

Why could this be?

The reason is quite simple. The types of cities that tolerate a gay scene are also likely to tolerate other sorts of non-conformists. And where you get non-conformists, you tend to get creative thinking.

In his book on ‘creative cities’, the American economist Richard Florida suggests that these are the type of urban, literate workers who give a city a dynamic edge. In a globalised world, where cities are driven by services and the entertainment industry, the lifestyle a city can provide becomes part of the economic, as well as cultural, armoury.

For cities to attract creative people, they need to have a cultural, social and environmental, as well as economic, vision. This means all the agencies that run the city subscribe to an idea of what the city should look like, not next year, but in 50 years’ time.

This is why all great cities have great mayors whose job is to drive the city forward. Does a vibrant tolerant Dublin need a mayor? Of course it does. Great cities need to be looked after – they need care and love if they are to prosper.

A successful city is like a well-tended garden. The gardener spends time and energy thinking about what to plant, what will flourish, what will allow others enough light to blossom and how the entire ecosystem works. It doesn’t happen overnight, but via a process of trial and error that takes years to perfect.

If there is no overall plan for the city, like an untended garden, it will grow wildly, before giving way to weeds that will ultimately choke it.

Last year, I worked in Australia for the mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, under whose tenure Sydney has become more tolerant, more vibrant and an economic powerhouse, as well as a huge tourist destination. Working with a mayor whose job it is to market, promote and direct the city reinforced to me why a directly elected mayor with a vision is essential to harness the economic energy of this city.

The economic energy of Dublin is amazing. And this achievement is even more impressive, given that for years in Ireland, political and economic debate has focused on relocating industry and financial opportunities from Dublin to the regions. The rationale for this is that people and money accumulate in the city at the expense of rural Ireland, so it is incumbent on the elected representatives from ‘the country’ to make sure some of the goodies are divvied up more equally.

Yet Dublin and the major cities across the world are the dynamos of the national economy. Without the heat generated from cities, there would be no such thing as a national economy.

But there are serious new challenges for the city.

The first surrounds direct foreign investment. In the past, it was easier to locate direct foreign investment somewhere far away from the cosmopolitan centre because many of the old investments were factory-style assembly plants.

Now, however, when the new direct foreign investment comes in the guise of Facebook and Twitter, the lifestyle the city offers is crucial because so many of the workers are imported, as well as the company itself. These workers tend to cluster around each other, hang out in similar joints and experience the city in a similar way.

Here is where tolerance and experimentation come in. In the coming years, it is not our ability to import capital that will dictate the success of Ireland, but our ability to retain and attract creative people, both our own and foreigners. Brainpower will be at a premium and the city that can produce the lifestyle to attract the best brains will win. And if Dublin wins, Ireland wins too.

That lifestyle involves blending architecture, infrastructure and culture together. The battle is not between Dublin and Cork or Limerick but between Dublin and Amsterdam, Antwerp, San Francisco, Boston, Berlin and Paris.

Dublin is well placed. According to the ‘Financial Times’: “The Greater Dublin Region in Ireland is the best European region of the future for economic potential on account of the large amount of FDI per capita it has attracted, especially greenfield FDI projects in R&D. The banking crisis in Ireland does not seem to have affected FDI into the Dublin region; project numbers were up 15pc year on year in 2011. Investors in Ireland benefit from a favourable corporation tax regime; 20pc of FDI projects in the Greater Dublin Region in 2011 were classified as headquarters”.

We know that the corporation tax issue won’t go away. Indeed, yesterday, an OECD report called for more stringent control of tax breaks for multinationals. This, I believe, is a good thing, but the implication is that we need to offer a suite of reasons for investors to both come here and, as important, for Irish investors to stay here.

The Dublin experience has to be something memorable and this is where the treatment of our gay community becomes an acid test for lots of other things.

How we regard gay life here is a barometer for all sorts of other attitudes regarding a tolerant and ultimately creative city.

We have to build a city that talented people will want to move to and that talented locals will want to remain in. Part of this package will be an increased tolerance on the one hand, while preserving that which makes Dublin unique on the other.

Without care, attention and affection, this won’t happen. Is it time for a directly elected mayor with full executive powers? Yes.

The buck has to stop somewhere, and a powerful mayor of Dublin might just be the solution. There is no great city that doesn’t have a directly elected mayor with executive powers. When I see councillors playing self-preservation politics with something as important as the future of our capital, it saddens me.

From an economic perspective, the case is unambiguous. Dublin needs a visionary mayor. Let Dubs decide.

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    • conor

      Hi All,
      The most important items raised in David’s article are the following: “Dublin needs a visionary mayor. Let Dubs decide.”

      I do note however that already all sorts of blustering etc coming from the usual political sources that it is not suitable for Dublin to have its own elected Lord Mayor. Needless to say it is those who will loose power should this democratic process take place who are shouting the loudest.

      I am glad to see that Dublin City council has already voted in favour of letting the people in Dublin have a vote on such a plebiscite. However,already some members of the Fingal Council are making negative noises on this.

      I would like to suggest the following action by voters in Dublin on the upcoming Council elections. If before the date of the elections some of the councils have voted against the plebiscite, kindly tell them that you could not give someone a vote who had already voted down the proposal to give you an opportunity to vote on whether to have a Lord Mayor for Dublin.
      If however they have not voted on the issue ask them to tell you what way they are going to vote on the Lord mayor issue.

      I think it would be very stupid of all of us to give a vote to any candidate who is looking to deprive us of a vote on the issue of a possible Lord Mayor for Dublin.

      I would also like to think that people from our other major cities who might also like the opportunity to vote for a Lord Mayor keep the above in mind.


  1. Will you be running then David?

    • alexanderhamilton

      Fantastic contribution as ever Adam,maith an buachaill. We’re all sure you’ll have your pink pom poms at the ready [if David is "Tolerant" of that colour] if he should decide to run for mayor.I’m sure your as ever insightful posts will effortlessly bring this blog from the current 50+ per article, to the previous 200+ .You could tell us again all about how you feeeel so hurrt about Aer Lingus not giving you some champerz and a back masaage on Aer Lingus..poor bobbs.

      Adam,”the individuuulisst”,who doesn’t care much for Irish Culture,has his OWN grand plan you see, for when he finishes his Phd and then sometime later,with Virtual Reality goggles strapped and with his e-pockets full of crypto and Fabian pieces of eight,will head off to his island paradise and everything “be irie”. Piss on the fire,MY toast is done,eh Adam.

      In the meantime the rest of us in the Real world ,will continue to suffer a monstrous devouring system of debt servitude ,at the greeedy merciless paws of the 1%…..Ireland has had that a plenty in our history and we smell it from a mile away!!!!! …Read “White Cargo” if you’re brave enough and IF you want to see the Truth…

      Most people are fed up of being spun bullshit from our so called experts and nothing changes.If any of you want to talk economics,real physical economics that is,then let’s have at it,but if it’s just more trite about Bitcoin ,Candy Crush and Aer Lingus,while humanity is suffering dreadfully at the hands of empire,Adams your man! but i for one have zero interest in reading such nonsense…”gold circle club” my arse ….

      A Golden Renaissance more like!!

      • alexanderhamilton

        Adam,you are all for the fight on Apartheid in South Africa and Northern Ireland,and you say ” both Nelson Mandela (R.I.P) and Gerry Adams are brave freedom fighters and devoted their lives to a worthy cause” while Mr.Bonbon is somehow different?!What was it you said Adam – “If you deny men and women the right to work and to feed their children (a prominent aspect of apartheid in both South Africa and Northern Ireland) they are going to fight back – they have a right to”.

        Again, how is Mr.Bonbon different to those freedom fighters?!Bonbon , a defender of truth,sees the “non linear Debt flooding the party room at 11.30pm” and Dutifully sounds the alarm ,coz he cares and selflessly chooses to share his intellectual insights,be they geo-politically,scientifically,culturally,economically etc. Its called empathy everybody,being a humanist. That’s Bonbon’s nature,as i see him( and again,not that it ought to matter ,but i do not know nor have ever spoken with Bonbon ,but his contributions have helped me,rather inspired me, to emerge from Plato’s Cave and see Reality for what it really is…no more deciphering shadows)

        what’ll it take to get you to wake up to the “obvious realities” Adam?….coz its clear as a bell that you are not suffering greatly…but give it time ….empire is primarily in the targeting of the old ,sick and weak,but only for now…bail-in policies and an agenda of stealing pensions will become the norm and there’s NO regulatory firewall now to protect Joe & Jane citizen, in the face of a mountainous pyroclastic flow of odious DEBT ,foisted upon us by the 1%,slowly killing us!!…yerself and Flannery et al have an optimism bias that defies belief…that somehow in a random ,spontaneous way, our economies will revive without our human intervention and creativity,but your sadly mistaken.

        The status quo of casino economics wont change unless the People say “no more!” At least Mr.Tony Brogan discussing sound money& gold,has as his focus, the welfare of his fellow citizens,in the face of Evil, protecting themselves from even more misery being heaped on them.[as history shows us,evil prevails where good men remain silent and do nothing!]

        and for the record,if DMW was so annoyed himself with Mr.Bonbon or me,then why did he not voice his dissapproval here on his blog when i spoke of the Vernadsky and the Biosphere only a week ago? DMW actually replied to my post where i had mentioned GS?its becoz,i imagine, that he is to new ideas and open to expanding his mind.

        some cuts don’t heal !!

        • alexanderhamilton

          Fascism did not die with Hitler and The Reign of Terror continues – Troika ,IMF ,ECB, BIS, London,Wall St…global financial imperialism and their fascist indoctrinating sophistries!! Thats the nature of this Beast we face! …The enemy of humanity forever meddling, cajoling, pulling a multiplexity of strings to stay in control and gain more control. Remember Franklin said “its a Republic, if you can keep it!” He knew and understood the THREATS that would come against the USA and he knew their rabid Nature, as did President Washington and A.Hamilton. That’s Exactly why Hamilton designed the credit system concept – it was key to national sovereignty!

          Lets choose to shed our mental shackles from the past ,drop the economics of extinction and genocide ,that is the green mania, and instead,minus Fear, lets discuss physical economics – a future modern vision of a thermonuclear platform of Fusion, combined FDRs Credit Principle….But GS2014 first ,in order to bring empire to heel ! Then we can rebuild on an eye watering scale!

          that’s a Future of Hope and Freedom everybody

          unquestionably i will again be ‘banned’ (yes ,this is my 4th and final IP Address )

          whatamessss,baffled,28 pages and Alexander Hamilton

          signing off

        • We’ve missed you Mr. bonbon, welcome back. Fancy meeting up for a pint?

          • cooldude

            It’s not Mr Bonbon it’s his side kick whatamess. I recognize his passionate style of debate. It’s actually good to get the old La Rouche stuff back on this blog. Never boring when those guys are about. However I am with Adam on total self reliance and not to expect the State to do anything for me. Look at the way the idiots are acting at the moment. These bunch of failed teachers couldn’t organize a decent piss up in a brewery. Interesting non the less to have you guys back on the blog. Freedom of speech and all that sort of stuff.

      • (So-called) Irish Culture is a load of bollox as well. There isn’t a culture here.

        If it’s not child abuse or corruption or gangland crime, it’s #paddywhackery and leprechauns and all day drinking.

        (So-called) Irish Culture is the root of most of the problems in this place.

        What we need is a total reset, an iconoclasm.

        Delete the last 500 years of (so-called) Irish culture including the poxy, half-dead language (not my language) and then you might see some improvement and positive change.

        So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. bonbon, err I mean alexander.

        • David NZ

          As a foreigner who enjoys reading this blog and the comments here, from an outside perspective I have to disagree with you Adam.

          The Celtic culture is a goldmine that the Irish and the Scots have yet to mine. The language is part of that.
          Here in New Zealand you can get a Maori tattoo, buy Maori art, go to a Maori cultural event etc etc. You have plenty of European people with celtic heritage thinking where is my art, my culture. The same is true in Australia, the US and Canada where people see the pride of the indigeous people in their culture and ask themselves where is my ancestral culture. Geneology is part of that.

          Ireland is one of the ancestral lands. In the past its’ people have produced finely crafted gold torcs, beautiful, lyrical patterns on shields and jewelery. Home of bards, storytelling and music.

          Perhaps you need a few artists and gay people and gay-friendly people to lead the way in showing Ireland how to spin gold from the fantasy. Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones – these are so popular because they are resonating at a deeper level worldwide.

          Even if the language is currently seen as the preserve of conservative peoples (I take this from your comments) the culture does not need to be so. Young, creative people can take it and revamp it, re-energise the vision.

          • As far as I know lots of people get Celtic tattoos, well a few friends of mine have them. But that’s a minor point.

            Regarding, the Irish language, it’s not my language and it’s not for me but if people want to speak it then fine. It definitely needs to be protected and encouraged as obviously it has a history and heritage here.

            However, I don’t agree with forcing kids to learn it – let people make their own choice whether to or not. I think you’ll find it’ll still thrive whether or not it’s compulsory if there is a demand for it. I’m for individual freedom to choose but I guess everyone knows that by now.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Hi whatamess,

        Everyone I think agrees GS is a good idea. Everyone I think agrees gold isn’t a panacea only a tool to facilitate trade. Everyone I think agrees the debt levels are unsustainable. Everyone I think agrees there will be a black swan event that will be a game changer.
        Truth is for philosophy or religion. I also think that everyone still see’s you as a raving lunatic. Bonbon I’m sure can speak for himself. Repeatedly posting on the board despite being banned over and over again says it ALL about your mental state. My advice is get some help.

        As for the slave trade FOUR HUNDRED YEARSA AGO I’m glad to see your thorium powered time machine is still working nicely.

        Alexander Hamilton coined gold and silver;

        Lead by personal example and stop ranting and raving. People will start to take you serious and you never know you might be invited onto blogs instead of being kicked off them.

        Hope this helps.


      • alexanderhamilton:

        Have you actually read “White Cargo”? It’s mostly about the poor of Britain, ya eejit!

        “Table of Contents
        Introduction: In the Shadow of the Myth

        Chapter 1: A Place for the Unwanted: Elizabethan adventurers dreamed of an American empire that would give them gold and glory. Others saw the New World as a dumping ground for England’s unwanted poor.

        Chapter 2: The Judge’s Dream: A highwayman who became Lord Chief Justice planned to colonise American with criminals. He began to empty England’s gaols and set a precedent.

        Chapter 3: The Merchant Prince: The mastermind behind the first successful English colony in America was reputedly Britain’s richest man. He kept a fledging Virginia going and paved the way for the first white slaves.

        Chapter 4: Children of the City: The Virginia Company wanted youngsters to work in the tobacco fields. The burghers of London wanted rid of street children. So a bargain was struck and hundreds of children were transported.

        Chapter 5: The Jagged Edge: The New World was a magnet for the poor. To get there, they had to mortgage their labour in advance. They were not to know that they had contracted into slavery and might die in bondage.

        Chapter 6: `They are not Dogs’: Virginia was run by planters who pushed through laws that relegated “servants” and “apprentices” to the status of livestock. Notionally they had rights but planters were literally allowed to get away with murder.

        Chapter 7: The People Trade: IN the 1603s, almost 80,000 people left England for the Chesapeake, New England and the Caribbean, most of them indentured servants. A ruthless trade in people developed in which even a small investor could make money.

        Chapter 8: Spirited Away: Untold numbers were kidnapped or duped onto America-bound ships and sold as servants.”

        Don’t let your green-wash victim script get derailed by anything irrelevant like, y’know, the author. Or historical fact.

        I bet they sent The Gays to The Colonies as well. Probably explains Kings Cross in Sydney, hey? LOL!

  2. ciaranmg

    David, you make excellent points about how Dublin should be run. But you touch on a wider problem, the rest of Ireland is suffering enormously in recent years. There has been a shift in attitude towards any and all investment happening in Dublin and the other urban centres only get to fight over the table scraps. I know you’re Dublin based, and clearly pro-Dublin but I would be interested in reading your thoughts on how the other 3 million people in Ireland are going to build their future?

    • Adelaide

      Hi Ciaran
      Kilkeconomims covered that very topic, I can’t remember the panel bar Constantin Gurdgiev, but in summary, for numerous reasons the big towns will empty into the four sustainable urban centres, Cork-Galway-Belfast-Dublin. Between these centres will be a waste land bar agricultural activity and the odd tourist coach. It is a completely natural process and unavoidable. Interestingly, they saw no future for Limerick and Athlone. The economy can no longer sustain or more accurately subsidise a dispersed population, the country’s broke and will be for at least the next two generations which is ample a time-frame for wholesale depopulation into the four urban centres.

      • ciaranmg

        Well that’s bleak.
        My own view is that each of the urban centres needs to find it’s own niche. Dublin clearly has the market cornered on glorified customer service and tax dodging for big tech companies. If Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford can identify what they’re good at and attract good people for their respective areas they might stand some chance.

        • Adelaide

          Superficially, the amount of properties for sale in Limerick and Waterford compared to other urban centres (plus comparing asking prices) would suggest this depopulation process is already happening?

          (Roscommon, Donegal and Cavan would also come to mind for quantity of properties+prices to suggest they too are experiencing depopulation)

          • ciaranmg

            I can’t speak for Limerick, but Waterford has relatively few properties for sale particularly in the middle of the price range. The low end certainly has more than it’s share.

          • Colin

            A lot of Limerick’s people have moved out into the nearby south east corner of Clare, so you must look at both counties together for an accurate picture. Even west Tipperary has had an effect too.

        • Adelaide

          It certainly was bleak and even bleaker was their assertion that no amount of policies and intervention will hold back this natural tide of depopulation. Our grandchildren will all be city dwellers, I just hope they don’t have to eke a living in that awful rain+alcohol-soaked Galway gimmicky town. Now that is a bleak future.

          • ciaranmg

            You’re right about Galway, but they’ve punched well above their weight despite the incessant rain and infestation of hippies.

            Re: our grandchildren, you’re probably right. The country is littered with pointless little towns which I won’t name for fear of offending people. I grew up in one myself. They’re just not sustainable.

            I do think there’s a place for the cities and a handful of the larger towns. That leaves villages for agreculture/tourism, and commuter belts which isn’t an entirely depressing prospect.

            I *have* to believe that Ireland outside of Dublin can find a way to thrive because personally I don’t think Dublin is that good a place to live… Someone earning a reasonable living can really only afford to live in the commuter belt, and to me that’s neither city nor rural living. It’s akin to purgatory, wasting hours every week getting to and from work with none of the benefits of either a vibrant city life or the peace of the country.

          • Colin

            I agree with your Galway comment. I never could understand its ‘popularity’. It is labelled on the map of Ireland on the ‘Paddy’ bottle of whiskey, so people must have assumed it was significant, but it isn’t. The vikings never saw the need to base themselves there. But it does have lots of pubs, amusements with ‘one arm bandits’ and diddly-di-di-diddly-dee-dee retail outlets and a racecourse where the great and the good used to meet to congratulate each other on how great they are. Never known for producing anything, a something for nothing existance since its birth.

        • Adelaide

          Commuting: Here is the reality for a work colleague, Kells is a40 min drive from Dublin on a Sunday afternoon, alas in the working week this colleague spends 90mins in morning traffic and 90mins in the evening. Three hours per day in the car at a cost of e250 per week petrol. And the job doesn’t pay that well! Research shows how damaging excessive commuting is to health etc. It’s literally a killer.

          • Bamboo

            @Adelaide – many of us are in the same predicament. That is life and reality I am afraid. Three hours a day of commuting time is not ideal but at least he/she has a job. In fact it is not that bad. In my days everyday is a surprise with Irish Rail. Will it come on time or will it come at all.

          • All due respect but ‘predicaments’ are self-created – at least in this hemisphere where we had a reasonable chance of shaping our own destiny after accidental birth (but probably not in Ethiopia (or similar) in the year I was born – 1972.).

            Don’t commute 3 hours a day if you don’t want to – find another way to live – while you have the luxury of choice.

            That’s not a statement, that’s an order.

  3. An interesting article on economic and cultural ‘soft power’. The reality in Dublin? The recent smackdown between RTE., the Iona “Institute” and Panti Bliss. And the continuing covert influence of the Catholic church on Irish political and cultural life. This article could just as easily expand to trigger a discussion on women’s rights. Or St Patrick’s NYC parade under the control of the “Ancient Order Of Hibernians”.

    Enda presumably did his calculations about FDI ‘going forward’ before elevating his own take on “diaspora Irishness” above the demands of The Gays. I assume he looked at the sums and decided that more hard-line fundamentalist Irish Americans were of greater worth to his project than the socially liberal set. He surely also realises that a number of investment decisions controlled by the Pink $ £ € were made in response to his actions.

    In most mainland UK cities, having a ‘Gay Quarter’ is now as obvious to economic regeneration models as having an ‘Irish Quarter’, a ‘Chinese Quarter’ and a modern art gallery. But it’s not that simple. Whilst it adds to the fun to have a few bars with late licences banging out hideous techno music for drag karaoke, that doesn’t mean much if there’s still the hate-crime misfits eating chips at the taxi-rank waiting to swing at fist at the freaks. A police force fully onboard with equality issues is pretty key and with the recent turmoil, it will be interesting to see who replaces the hapless Callinan as Commissioner. So, I’d suggest it will take rather more than a Mayor, though David would be a fun choice for such a job.

    Enda had the perfect opportunity to advertise Ireland and Dublin as open, tolerant and diverse but he chose another path. I’m not sure if having a liberal Mayor trumps having a set of anti-discrimination statutes and policies endorsed by a Taoiseach. The fish rots from the head. I wonder what JFK would have to say about The Gays, given his antics in the trouser-snake department? I doubt he’d be on board with the Ancient Order of Hibernians if he rose from the dead today:

    “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president … how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote; where no church … is granted any … political preference….

    “I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials….”

    – John F. Kennedy

    Substitute ‘Ireland’ for ‘America’ and you’ve got the gist of a possible Mayoral address. I always get flak for pointing out that the hard-line Catholic agenda is still trying to run the show in Ireland, as if I’m some sort of conspiracy theorist for calmly pointing out how the First Irish Republic was run from a homophobic, mysoginist pederat ghetto in Rome before HQ was switched to Berlin and Brussels.

    Freedom isn’t about economic utility, even if a full commitment to freedom seems to bring about economic benefits. It’s a human rights issue.Limiting state power over citizens is hardly just a left-wing topic. Funny how some who want zero state control of the boardroom want the state dictating what happens in the bedroom! It’s no surprise to me that San Francisco is being over-run by young entrepreneurs. Hard to imagine they’d want to live in Salt Lake City.

    @ciaranmg Maybe Galway, Limerick and Cork need to grab a Mayor and leap-frog Dublin. Manchester’s as rainbow-friendly as you can imagine. I don’t hear anyone there asking/waiting for Boris Johnson’s approval!

    • Andrew,

      Patrick Byrne lives in Salt Lake City:

      When are you in Dublin next so we can pop in Panti Bar on Capel Street?



      • Hi Adam

        Hope to be in Dublin sometime this year but just spend a shed-load of dosh on Kate Bush tickets. She’s the uber-2nd Gen plastic paddy on this island, channeling James Joyce from Howth to the Hammersmith Apollo:

        “Sixteen years ago my God after that long kiss I near lost my breath / Yes he said I was a flower of the mountain / Yes so we are flowers all a woman’s body”

        If not Dublin, hope to see you at Kilkenomics. Good luck with your studies.


        ps: Nobody’s quoted Oscar Wilde yet.

      • Patrick Byrne vs Ben Bernanke with DMcW as ref.Should make a good opener for Kilkenomics 2014!

        Bitcoin operates on the existing infrastructure of the Internet/WWW. In other words, it’s completely under the span of control of NSA/GCHQ, as is the bridge from Bitcoin to Fiat. You can rest assured that if Bitcoin (Napster) works, then the corporate cartel will bring out Fiatcoin (Spotify) to re-establish order.

        Now, back on topic about The Gays before I get banned again!If you’re a gay CEO, or your kid is, are you likely to move your business to Amsterdam, Dublin – or Nashville?

        ” a student could merely write “God” on a chemistry test as the answer to a question asking to where water comes from. A student could also stand in class and say their religion says that gay people are sinners and going to hell, and that speech would be legally protected. The bill states “a student may express beliefs about religion in homework, artwork, and other written and oral assignments free from discrimination based on the religious content of their submissions. A student would not be penalized or rewarded on account of the religious content of the student’s work.””

        On one level, it’s so crazee it’s a LOL! But then you realise Patrick Byrne is wrong as the zombie apocalypse he fears has already happened in Nashville and Salt Lake City. Religious crackpots like Ronald Reagan tried to ignore HIV, delayed research and education and nearly triggered an apocalypse. Patrick Byrne in Galt’s Gulch should now from his health past that no man is an island and poisonous ideas can poison the planet. There’s as much hatred of LGBT in parts of America as in Russia, yet Putin gets all the flak. Go figure. I’m not really back on topic. Patrick Byrne is hilarious. Max Keiser on steroids.

  4. michaelcoughlan


    Good article.

    “The reason is quite simple. The types of cities that tolerate a gay scene are also likely to tolerate other sorts of non-conformists. And where you get non-conformists, you tend to get creative thinking”

    Gay people tend to be more creative also. It’s well known in military circles that gay men tend to make better soldiers.



  5. alexanderhamilton

    “white cargo” again,a brief excerpt

    “The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World….His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves!!Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white!!From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well.“Irish slavery is a subject worth remembering, not erasing from our memories.”

    is history repeating itself ?

    dump serfdom

    • My daughter was born in Antigua and is 1/4 Montserratian – you wouldn’t last 5 mins down there Mr. bonbon.

      People don’t give you pieces of their island, you have to work for it, on their terms.

    • Adelaide

      Hi Alexander
      Do you have any sources-links I can peruse, it’s a general subject that’s always fascinated me, but not aware of this episode. Thanks in advance.

      ps is an excellent wealth of information that digs deep into the lesser known aspects of slavery

    • alexanderhamilton

      Tell me, how does the legacy of Cromwell affect you personally on a day to day basis? Other than feed the entitlement agenda of your victim-script? *rollseyes*. You might want to study the next episode of history after Irish slaves were freed before claiming your gold medal in the Oppression Olympics:

      “Historical accounts make for uncomfortable reading from an Irish viewpoint. It’s claimed they ill-treated their slaves to a far more disturbing degree than English and Scottish planters at the time.”

      Do you seriously imagine that your totalising historical green-wash is going to go unchallenged? I wonder what Cromwell did with The Gays? I suppose he was an equal opportunity hater like most other religious nutjobs:

      “Cromwell sought ‘Godly reformation’, a broad programme involving reform of the most inhumane elements of the legal, judicial and social systems and clamped down on drunkenness, immorality and other sinful activities.”

      Most of the crackpots who’ve ran the First Irish Republic acted on exactly the same basis as Cromwell in banning books, films, sex acts they disapproved of. As for ‘serfdom’, try reading The Irish Gulag by Bruce Arnold before you wash other culture’s dirty laundry. Or, y’know, have a google about Magdelene Laundry stuff where all the lesbians were trucked off to with the unmarried mothers.

      Stop reading about your usual economics drivel and real bel hooks on Intersectionality. And have a listen to Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”. Mind you, those rastas lock menstruating women in the shed and stone batty boys as well, yet Sinead loves them. Jah! *sigh* It’s an imperfect world. Who’d want to be Dublin’s mayor? Other than David, of course.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “Historical accounts make for uncomfortable reading from an Irish viewpoint. It’s claimed they ill-treated their slaves to a far more disturbing degree than English and Scottish planters at the time.”

        Its not just historical Andrew. You should see how Irish labour only sub contractors treat young Irish lads on sites in the UK. Its fucking shocking.


  6. Bamboo

    are you comments meant to be for this forum?

  7. Bamboo

    To be honest David, a “powerful mayor” is probably hard to find or impossible. The culture in Ireland is that a Taoiseach has a lot of micro-management to do. I think it is only if a head of state takes their hands off the management of their capital city. I can’t see a powerful mayor materializing in Ireland.

  8. CorkPlasticPaddy

    Yes, his comments are meant for this forum!!! Ever hear of the right of free speech??? The truth HURTS doesn’t it!!! There are some here in Ireland who don’t like to hear the truth!!! Are you one of those, Bamboo??? It sounds as though you are??

  9. Bamboo

    I hear what you’re saying but I can’t see how this “white cargo” stuff mentioned above is related to David’s article.

  10. Adelaide

    “IMF agrees loan deal for Ukraine”

    So that’s e27b in total for a country whose coffers run out in two months time and where heating bills have just been increased by 50% to compensate for Russia’s withdrawal of its fraternal subsidies. I fully expect Maidan 0.2 but without the media coverage this time, official policy, anti-EU protests do not get aired, yep, not a peep about Spain’s mass rallies this week, yep, so Ulraine’s ‘Made-In-EU’ implosion won’t get a look-in.

  11. David is talking about ‘ Non Conformists ‘ being inclusive in an Irish society that is led by a leader and in this case ‘ a mayor’ .

    Much of Cork became inhabited by non conformists from Cornwall that now forms part of that fabric ……the Palatines went to Co. Limerick ( from Germany ) ….the Hugenots went to the midlands and founded a university in that time there ( from France ) ( have you heard of Odlums and /Switzers ?)

    Creativity can come from anyone .

  12. douglaskastle

    I am afraid I feel like I have to ring the “correlation is not causation” bell here, could you write the exact same article starting like this:

    Does having a thriving economy help the gay scene?

    • Good point. A lot of the ‘gay scene’ is a full-on lifestyle event with lots of discretionary spending on gyms, bling cloths and night-life. Of course, that doesn’t define being gay but it’s the most dominant and visible manifestation. And that needs cash/credit to blow, which is what the whole economy/money velocity/circulation thing is about I guess.

      The Temple Bar area was originally the haunt of reprobates who were on the gay side of things. Bono based his vocal style on Billy McKenzie, etc. His mate Gavin Friday would never have gained a mass audience back in the day when to be out as gay was commercially risky rather than rewarding, but it’s pretty clear that Dublin’s always had “that kind of thing” going on under the radar. Not sure how you’d monetize the Phoenix Park carry-on unless you declared part of it an al-fresco hook-up area with an entrance fee…..*smirks*

    • StephenKenny

      It doesn’t really take a moment to consider the reality of this rather predictable media generated fantasy: The proportion of people in European countries who are gay is about 3% . Of which almost none have or adopt children. Over 80% of people in work have less than one month’s worth on savings (so they spend the rest). Consider the expenditures.

      If you must read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to the radio, you really are going to start to believe some very strange things, and anyway, I’ve got this really great bridge that you’ll just going to love……

  13. We are the Pride and Joy of DA (Dominica).

    Stop moaning you priviliged Irish assholes.

    The world does not revolve around this miserable, useless place.

    Skinny Banton.

  14. Bamboo

    Adam, I gather that yu’re in a nice position now. Financially independent, a famiy and land in the Caribean, etc. Why are you still so uttery bitter about things back in Ireland?
    Can you not let it go?

    • I suppose I could, I’m an independent person myself.

      It’s not for myself that I’m moaning (and moaning it is).

      It’s for other people.

      I won’t be here for ever but while I’m here I see the large majority of people (in the millions) getting ripped off and bled dry by a culture of corruption, crime, incompetence and abuse.

      I DO NOT treat people like that in my own personal and professional dealings.

      I’ll keep calling it as I see it.

  15. CorkPlasticPaddy

    Good man yourself, Adam! If everyone else on this blog were to call it as you see it then things might just about to start looking up!
    Ireland is still rearing them and it will keep on rearing them until some people with a bit of cop on stand for election and then get elected!! If I were to be such a person then the first thing I’d do is to get rid of the mandarins in the Civil Service and put people in who wouldn’t be afraid of changing things for the better for everyone, not just the elite 1%!!!

  16. alexanderhamilton

    Character assassination indeed?! What a sham! Adam [not alone of course] doesnt basically give a toss what happens to Ireland now ,or in the future,as he has his own single serving agenda and his own ‘exit strategy’.” I see the world but as the world” Andy and this “well i’m ok Jack” , “i never had a loan in my entire life” waffle and attitude which seeps from Adam’s writing here, is of no use whatsoever to Ireland and its people…zero…zilch….and to add insult to that injury, Adam has the gall to refer to me as a “minion”…well not on my watch mate(s)! Not uncontested anyway!

    You yourself Andy are so fixed on the rear view mirror that the present status quo is largely ignored by you ,and as for the future,wellll ,maybe if you mentioned ,even once, about maybe ,ammm, perhaps pettawatt lasers or anything technology related ( no,not smatphones and “Fappy Bird”, Andy) that will Enhance our physical economies,i could be encouraged that you are indeed interested in our Future of Real Freedom? But alas, gan focail maidir le sin! …not a mumblin’ word! Empire for four decades has undeniably prevented,DENIED the growth of such technologies from realising their true potential [of liberating us] and until we all understand ,for example,that Fusion is available to humanity, for our much needed future exponential growth,little will change.

    Yes you are correct Andy re some inaccuracies in “White Cargo” and semantics aside ,you were right to point out the books errors in Facts and my error too for posting it,but the book,like all books,tells a story and white cargo tells a story,in this case, a story of total annihilation,GENOCIDE!!!! I imagine you agree? You don’t DENY the famine happened Andy,BOTH famines actually ? No ? i didnt think so,good good! So who was responsible and why did it happen ,and remember it wasnt so so long ago!. I trust (maybe misguidedly) we are agreed that these famines ( the 2nd especially) were unquestionably engineered by empire .Agreed? No argument there from our historian savant?

    You mentioned before here how in a super short time[compared with most mere mortals anyway) ,over a long weekend was it Andrew ,that you took it upon yourself to 'research' economics as a whole. Well maybe you were using the "Spritz" App, or maybe you are just a brilliant student with a gifted mind [who knows..*smirk*], but after 2 years of catch up research myself, i know when i [and my suffering family,friends and countrymen and women] am being sold a pup!

    The economic heist of National AUSTERITY policies to feed foreign odious debt, is certainly a very evil rabid pup, with an annihilation agenda by the 1%,which is maybe difficult to compute,but the obvious realities, coupled with history, informs my mind anyway.This global debt juggernaut may obliterate us! It certainly has every capacity to deal humanity a killer blow,by design! The silence on that issue is deafening from you Andy/Adam et al !?

    Misery and death like maybe never before in history, is what we ALL now face and i am trying to make a stand against that…a stand for our freedoms ( sounds very mellow dramatic to some?it is what it is !take it or leave it] We all know how awful the status quo is now and with no change,it not alone will remain terrible,but most certainly will get much much worse,but people often remark [foolishly,i say] ” ah shur it’ll never get that bad “…that optimism bias is very dangerous and very unhealthy,for our species! We’re dealing with an entity,the British empire, that has such a view of Human life ,[then and now], that the notion of slavery and human culling is in no way outlandishh, in fact it fits right in with their mindset and agenda.

    And so to the present empire and their current devastation agenda,not alone of Ireland of course, but the entire Transatlantic region and indeed the threat of spreading their monetary poison to the East ( recently quashed by Putin thankfully) This is the enemy we ALL face! Yes yerself Andrew and Adam too and All your loved ones! Believe that!

    Maybe there’s no visible rusty shackles, but the shnaffle is undeniably in place! “I’m calling it as it is” also! I want to return to my country and i want my country to be all it can be.That won’t happen without significant change.A mere glance,at for example, shows ever so frequently nowadays, that India,China and Russia (and others) are actively engaging in co-operative talks ,with a shared vision of a future,sans the hoof of British empire and its insatiable appetite of greeed and total indifference for the citizens well being !

    There is a paradigm shift coming very soon ( for the better hopefully ) and strategically we need to protect our citizens. Empires end as history shows us and the canary in our global economies is visibly gasping for air ! THE QUESTION IS :What will the 1% do to prevent this collapse of empire?? Answer : WAR!!! and war nowadays, means thermonuclear war! 2hours ,All over ! That is their default reset button for the “plague proportions” of increasing population and WAR is “the royal virus” to accomplish their goals! This is what we face!

    “When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illumined faith, and fear into love.”

    BTW The mention of the British Empire,as i have learned and now understand it a bit better, is not anything anti-England or anti English people…Empire,the 1% or .0001% cult ,the elite,call it what you will ,has engineered these austerity camps and are deciding our future,of debt slavery! Care to mention anything worthwhile on that Andy/Adam?..hmmm,more silence i expect..what a sham!

    So pick a side everybody

    or at the very least,its gonna be more Nazi policies of pension fund raids,direct bank deposit confiscations ,central banks with 24/7 printing for the overlords ,bail ins ,Austerity ,ad infinitum ! ( remember Newton’s 2nd law ?)

    or you can choose to fight and get behind the human creative intervention of Glass Steagall 2014 and a Fusion economic platform !

    Whats it gonna be ???

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