October 3, 2013

Nation divided as American dream becomes a nightmare

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Despite the outrage and theatrics in the partisan TV studios, last night the average New Yorker seemed more concerned about how ‘Breaking Bad’ ended than what was happening down on Capitol Hill.

And yet it is a strange vista in America when a few free-market capitalists succeed – where Marx and Mao failed – in paralysing the United States government. But that is America these days. It’s a place where flag-waving, war-supporting patriots rail about the dangers of the US government, while traditionally anti-establishment, left-leaning liberals jump to the defence of the institutions of state.

The country does seem truly divided.

Political and social enmities run deep and for the first time in many years this foreign visitor, watching TV and reading the papers, notices the amount of fear that is being pedalled.

Everywhere you read and hear about these internal “threats to the middle classes”. The threats themselves are rarely specific, but centre on job insecurity, failing education outcomes for the average guy and, of course, an understandable paranoia of the ageing baby boomers about healthcare, medical outlays and pensions.

Fatalism and fear are not the stuff that built the American dream.

The project is built on a belief in the future and the notion that tomorrow will be better than today. This is the great social contract that drives America forward. Yet it seems to be, if not quite unravelling, certainly fraying at the edges for many Americans.

Maybe it is beginning to dawn on people that there is actually more social mobility in socialist Sweden than in capitalistic America.

Maybe the soaring rhetoric of the initial Obama months raised expectations to such a high level that now reality is causing a more dramatic slump in people’s perceptions.

Five years into a patchy recovery, things are undoubtedly better, but confidence – that magic elixir of any economic renaissance – is in very short supply and where it might be evident, on Wall Street, simply reinforces the notion that the rich are doing just fine, while the middle classes struggle.

Outside New York, deep in the heart of the country, in Indiana, I got a similar impression. Chatting to regular guys, all baseball caps and “Fighting Irish” T-shirts, in the Linebacker bar in South Bend, the normal effervescence of ‘Middle America’ appeared to be dented. And it has been undermined by politics.

Ahead of a Notre Dame – the Fighting Irish – American football game and to the background music of Garth Brooks (who else?), most people are resigned to the fact that politics has become so divided in Washington that it is more of a spectator sport than a political process; unless, of course, you are involved in the game. Then it is personal and each side blames the other.

One guy I talked to before the game was wearing an original Irish rugby shirt from the 1980s . Do you remember the type with the big collars and plenty of material – designed before rugby shirts went all aerodynamic?

He had picked it up in Ireland on a visit to the homeland in 1987. His people were from Kilkenny and he had been back to Ireland plenty of times.

We talked about all sorts of stuff but when we discussed politics he became quite animated and believed the problem to be Obama’s intransigence and refusal to engage with the Republican Congress.

How could he pick up the phone to the president of Iran and not his fellow American politicians in the Senate?

Up to now I had heard the opposite about the shutting down of the government. The typical line was how could these renegades in the Congress put over 700,000 people out of work just because they don’t want medical care extended to 11 million citizens?

However, this Irish-American was telling me it was all Obama’s fault and that the Republican Congress was being logical and yet being treated by the president with less courtesy than the president of Iran!

It was only after our chat that I discovered his brother was Paul Ryan – the Irish-American Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

So, to Republicans, it is all the fault of a remote, ideological president to do a deal.

To the Democrats, the Republicans are conservative loons who are intent on shutting down the government to prove a point. So where does America go from here?

Although it sounds apocalyptic, shutting down the government isn’t that rare. Such shutdowns have occurred many times, although not since the Speaker Gingrich-versus-President Clinton battles in late 1995 and early 1996. There were 17 shutdowns between 1976 and 1996.

What is truly worrying is if the US fails to increase the debt ceiling in the next few weeks. Politicians have to raise the ceiling for overall American government debt levels. Since 1917, America has had a legislative limit on the amount of debt the state can incur.

But every time the limit is close to being breached, politicians arrive at a consensus after much talk-show posturing and the ceiling is lifted.

But what if relations are now so strained that they can’t reach accommodation and the government shutdown debacle is a dry run for a catastrophic debt-ceiling denouement?

Failure to lift the debt ceiling by October 31 would result in the US Treasury running out of money and it would destroy fragile confidence as millions of workers wouldn’t be paid.

Now that is the real threat. If something dramatic doesn’t happen politically in the next few weeks, the US could be on the cusp of engineering a politically driven slump.

In an era of great US TV dramas, that may be beyond even the most imaginative of scriptwriters.

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  1. - THE EXPROPRIATORS – A Truly Historical Milestone / “Remember, Remember! The Sixth Of September…”


    It is easy to miss some important bits amongst the flood of news so it was only by chance that I stumbled across the closing document of the G-20 in Petersburg while doing some research on the approximately 700 people worldwide who control the global monetary system.

    Oh no, not that again you might say, and I don’t blame you, I had the same reaction as we know too well about the fruitless exercise of those chaps wasting funds for first class transport, accomodation, food and security to meet and create insane expenses in the process.

    Without further ado I will quote, emphasis mine, from the closing document of the St. Petersburg G-20 and ask some questions to highlight the importance, time frame of implementation and last but not least the democratic illegality. (Link at the bottom)

    QUOTECalling on all other jurisdictions to join us by the earliest possible date, we are committed to automatic exchange of information as the new global standard, which must ensure confidentiality and the proper use of information exchanged, and we fully support the OECD work with G20 countries aimed at presenting such a new single global standard for automatic exchange of information by February 2014 and to finalizing technical modalities of effective automatic exchange by mid-2014. In parallel, we expect to begin to exchange information automatically on tax matters among G20 members by the end of 2015. END QUOTE

    Are you gasping for air too? I bloody well hope so.

    Let’s recap for a second the events in a nutshell. Bankers, hedgefunds, private investors and governments saw fit to gamble on a global scale. They lost and shifted the burden to the taxpayers. As a result, while politicos kept feeding the media with their mantras ‘There is no other way”, they tested the waters in Iceland first, did not work too well, so they went on to Greece, and boy what a feast, the Expropriation of state assets and citizens spear headed by the international banking mafia IMF, the quasi legitimate Troika went on to suck dry an entire nation to the point of civial war looming. The Austerity priests went on a rampage and suddenly economists became opinion leaders again. Personal remark: Economists are Ideologist camouflaged with masks of science!

    Short after Lehman Brothers, I called the events the beginning of a class war, rich against poor, and the outcome more than predictable. With the sixth of Septemeber 2013, the bell struck sixth times to mark the start of the endgame, and the preperations for global expropriations are in full swing.

    Ok, so what questions do arise here? We heard of the NSA spy program, but this is truly a Kindergarden against the above action plan, as protection of private Data becomes a farce. Nothing is protected, nothing but anonymous and undemocratic forces under the cover of illustrous names such as OECD Global Forum, intransparent and unaccountable Apparatschiks such as the ESM and others, granting themselves immunity on all possible scales, truly the Untouchables, or more appropriate, The Expropriators.

    Remember, the G20 accounts for around 90% of global economic output, and the financial Elites saw fit to create the global transparent citizen, automated, without democratic checks and balances, they create and engineer a totalitarian future, global control of every citizen.

    The OECD Global Forum is responsible for the implementation and control. On what democratic grounds? Who legitimated them? That’s right, no one! Of course the IMF is on board as well and as a thank you for the consulting services, they cashed in another 431 billion USD, granted in form of credits by our governments.

    All your financial transactions will be stored in the “Central Planning Office” of the Expropriators. Your insurance policies, your stockmarket trade activity, your Alimony payments, travel expenses, the size of your private residence, your leasing contracts, phone bills, what car you drive, your credit contracts, you name it.

    Just have a good look at your tax declaration, everything is in there!

    Data protection? Sorry to be blunt, data protection my arse, it is inherent that there will be no protection at all.

    By the way, who ever legitimised the G-20 Club and OECD Global Forum as the global leaders? You? I? Did we elect them to perform such tasks? Show me the legal documentation or election results. They were not democratically legitimized, period!

    The signs were on the wall five years ago already, their solution to the problem is a global cartel of Expropriators and they declare the biggest enemy of state to be… The Citizen!

    Remember, remember…the sixth of September.


    -G20 Closing Documents:


    -OECD Global Forum – BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, Automatic Exchange of Information:


    • dwalsh

      Excellent Georg.
      We are in transit to a new world order…exiting the era of the nation state.

    • michaelcoughlan

      If you read a book called no place to hide it will scare you to death.

    • George R your analysis Is frightening but right. can you see a time not far away when the unemployed disabled old will come up at a G20 meeting for solving.
      with answers Like euthanasia voluntary at first maybe? but compulsory at a Later G20 meeting with the 700 masters of finance urging Leaders to plug the leakage of financial assistance to non productive citizens . Armageddon George yes with the antics of the EU socializing Greek Portuguese Irish Debt Armageddon has begun,

      • petrapig

        The climate will shakeout the poor and the survival of the fittest will ensue in the near future. No rich guy will drown or die of thirst.
        The government has not cut army numbers and judging by the reception the Irish citizens got when they protested a few weeks ago, they will pepper spray anyone who kicks up.. Very worrying when there is no where to migrate to that they are absent from ..

    • bonbon

      That’s an awful long-winded way of saying Empire, the British Empire. The Guy Fawkes (remember, remember) Gunpowder Plot was in fact the Cecil family original Reichstagbrandt, and today they remain as the oligarchy of this collapsing doomed global financial empire. No surprise then, 9/11 was the same recipe.

    • Dorothy Jones

      ‘U.S. Capitol Police on the plaza around the Capitol said they were working without pay as the result of the shutdown’

      Gunfire after woman rams barricades, fires shots, and is shot by police at Capitol Hill

      • Dorothy Jones

        Driver causes car chase after firing shots, police fire, kill her and remove the one-year old from the back seat. Nightmare on Capitol Hill.

      • Dorothy Jones

        Today man douses himself with petrol at Capitol Hill and sets himself alight

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Dorothy,

          These posts you are making are some of the most important on the board because the remind those of us prone to excessive rhetoric that people are in fact losing their lives in the conflict going on on the world resulting from the banking crises.

          Thank you for making me feel contrite and humble today and please continue to post information on these important topics.



          • Dorothy Jones

            Dear Michael,

            The events shocked when they showed up on Twitter feed, and I just put them here as I felt it was part of David’s and posters’ discusssion. I don’t know too much about why a few people can hold a nation to ransom, why the markets don’t care, who is betting/shorting on it, and why ordinary people have to live through an unbelieveably unnecessary situation.
            But, like most human beings, the little baby being taken from the car seat after the driver was shot following the rampage, and the man who set himself on fire, made me very distressed and hopelessly sad. I don’t believe in God but I said a prayer in the hope that somehow this madness and suffering can end.
            Best Dorothy

      • Paul Divers

        Congress Applauding The Execution Of Mentaly Ill Mother, Miriam Carey By D.C. Cops


    • not much to argue with there Georg.
      The robbery is not confined to the G20 or extraordinary events although they are monumental.

      The robbery was designed in the original banking package starting in this age with the Bank of England in 1694. The money lenders were given the extraordinary privilege of the monopoly on the production of the nations money and were made the holder of the nations wealth and savings.

      This model was transferred to the US in 1913 with implementation of the Federal Reserve after a couple of other failed attempts. Subsequently it is spread around the globe with few holdouts (notably, Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea).

      Setting all currency to be issued as a debt and subject to interest guarantees the extraction of the fruits of mankind’s labours to the banking families.

      I have go over this at length lately and yet hardly anyone “Gets IT”. The monetary system and the fractional reserve system are the root cause of the problems. All else may have peripheral effects including the touted GS but nothing cuts the cancer out until the central banks are destroyed and the money system change to issuance from Treasury at no cost.

      Why will no one comment on this self evident truth!!!!????

  2. Adam Byrne


    • Paul Divers

      Make yourself useful Adam and tell us about these super beers you found in America. I believe craft brewing has taken off over there and that they are very fond of strong Russian Stouts.

      Sure there are fine stouts available here such as O’Haras and Fullers.

      PS. You are suspiciously quiet. Are you alright?

      • Adam Byrne

        Just started my PhD this week Paul so very busy.

        Beers – there are so many over there, I even forget some names even though it’s only been a couple of weeks. Going back at Christmas for a refresh.

        Oberon from Michigan is delicious, it’s a seasonal release but they do a whole range of others.

        Sierra Nevada is a generic Pale Ale but reliable and they have even started serving it on draught in Kenny’s of Lucan (where my Dad drank for 60 years!).

        Fat Tire – also decent. Half Acre – another one. There’s literally hundreds. I’ll make a list at Christmas.

        On the darker side, Red Seal from Mendocino County California is good.

        This place near Chicago had a good selection:


        • Paul Divers

          It’s a nice website Adam and I subscribed to twitter feed. If a pub is independent and brings a guest beer each week they have something to boast about on Twitter.

          You keep customers interested by introducing variety and this is how to do it!

          However we don’t do variety well in Ireland and are too slow to change or just plain lazy.

          • DB4545

            It shouldn’t be hard to defend a dissertation on O’Hara’s pale ale! Just heard on a radio show that beer saved lives in the Middle Ages. People who drank water became infected with bubonic plague but people who stuck to beer were safe as apparently no dangerous organisms can live in beer. A Mr WC Fields wasn’t keen on water either because according to him “fish f**k in it”. We are lazy beyond belief with our beer compared to other countries like Germany and the UK who are loyal to their small local breweries and then we wonder why corporate communists like diageo make a fortune (And
            export that fortune). Keep us posted Adam there’s a whole world of beer out there, and a little bit of study to be done as well.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Adam,

          What’s your phd in?


          • Adam Byrne

            In business Michael.

          • michaelcoughlan


            In mondragon in Spain they started the mondragon corporation cooperative in the 1950′s and it has expanded into a federation which now employs short of 100k people with a turnover last year of 14bn. There is half The unemployment in their areas of operations and have the most vibrant communities with the wealthiest middle classes. It’s on this model we are basing the Limerick community grocery.

            If you had an inclination to use us a study project as we grow I’d be very happy to assist.


          • Adam Byrne

            Thanks Michael,

            I’m specifically looking at the role of Social Media in Sustainable Business Development.

            I have followed your Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LimerickCommunityGrocery?fref=ts

            I’ll be in touch in the near future.



          • michaelcoughlan

            Very good Adam. I’ll lobby the board for a few quid for you if you decided you want to do something in this area.

            I’d love to remind everyone that whether banks close/fail or don’t you ARE in control of your own destiny. I’ll be starting a blog shortly called gettingoffmyass once my skills are sufficient and I will log the journey.

            I’m hoping and praying it will help others to walk the path to prosperity in the face of the financial catastrophe which seems to be

            Best of luck Adam and sincere


  3. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    “Five years into a patchy recovery, things are undoubtedly better”

    Really David? How much EXTRA DEBT was added to the US balance sheet in that period I wonder? Etc. Etc. Etc………..

    • cooldude

      Correct Michael things are a whole lot worse. Almost 50 million citizens on food stamps, huge drop in full time employment which is being directly caused by this so called healthcare legislation. Employers are deliberately turning to part time workers because of this ludicrous “healthcare” scam. Debt has doubled which is hardly a good thing. There is no recovery in the real economy there is just a juiced up stock market buoyed up by the constant printing of new money which only benefits the financial elites.

      A start to any real recovery would be to shut down the private federal reserve, whose only real interest is looking after its shareholders the insolvent banks, and let the government issue debt free money much like the public banking scheme proposed by Ellen Brown. A repeal of the legal tender laws would allow for much needed competition in money and an immediate stop to all the ridiculous foreign interventions would save a fortune. The last president who attempted anything like this was JFK and look how they dealt with him.

      • bonbon

        The essential step is to split Wall Street “banks” as the Hellhound of Wall Street, Pecora, paved the way in 1933. But then we have 40 years of collapse, since JFK’s brutal assassination, to make up – the best way is to leap to a new economic platform, a future. NAWAPA XXI is the way to do this. That requires Hamiltonian Credit systems (free of the casino since the repeal of GS in 2000). The same applies for former nations of Europe, and Russia, China, Africa all with massive programs.

        FDR and his successor JFK were on the way to do exactly this. The British Empire is as dangerous as ever, especially now faced with extinction. One must be naive.

        • bonbon

          One must not be naive! Or one must be naive to think a mere “tender law” would spontaneously, in an unknowable way, sprout a physical recovery after 40 years of monetary worship.

          • michaelcoughlan

            I know bonbon. It’s An awful pity you can’t take this YOUR OWN ADVICE re GS.

            Good health and keep posting.

            Love cuddles and kisses,


        • whatamess

          Gorgeous George has created his own ,grass roots, Pecora …..with Tony Blair in his crosshairs

    • michaelcoughlan

      I don’t know David whether your blind, ignorant, stupid or mischievous.

      So max keiser here will tell you himself the real story;


  4. michaelcoughlan

    Hi all,

    There is a hidden subtext to the shutdown of the govt. Perhaps some republicans are aghast at the out of control borrowing and they see this as an opportunity to put manners on all involved from Obama to bankers etc.

    The economy won’t stop David if the banks fail. The Irish one didn’t stop during the weeks long bank strike decades ago. People will simply be forced to find a method of payment and money that works in the interim.

    If people here have taken brogans advice amongst others their savings will be in gold, they will be funding their own pension by
    investing in etf’s etc themselves and will be
    producing their own food etc.

    I can’t see the republicans diving up to an increase In the debt ceiling.

    Someone will have to use whatever means are necessary to reduce thd borrowing in the US even if if means default.

    And remember David you have always said markets are forward looking and will do a deal.

  5. redriversix

    LOST !

    The United States of America…..

    sometimes answers to the U.S or The States

    Last seen around 1960 in a anxious state

    suffers from separation anxiety,if found please be gentle with her.

    Reward offered for safe return

    sadly missed

    • michaelcoughlan

      Sold all the family silverware in 1971 and been living on her credit card ever since.

      Poor girl still blinded by delusions of granduer but can still be a real nasty bitch when she doesn’t get her own way with her neighbours and other members of the community.

      Poor girl has herself surrounded in her inner sanctum with panhandlers and so-forth unable to accept current realities growing fatter and more removed from reality by the decade.

    • bonbon

      JFK’s assassination, followed by MLK and Robert, are the turning points. These actions above all are responsible, and the perpetrators intent? I think you would like this :

      A Profile In Courage.

      Neil Gallagher is the only man alive who not only was a close personal friend of John F. Kennedy, but fought the apparatus associated with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, as a member of Congress. Miraculously, he was able to continue fighting, unlike others who joined him in the struggle. Even more miraculous, he is still alive today to tell of it. Here, at 92 years old, former Congressman Neil Gallagher presents to you his story.

      • Thanks bonbon, affirmative posting about the forces of evil enforcing the monetary system on the world by all means.

        The first act of Johnson was to repeal the Kennedy bill to issue treasury notes as money which were to be fully backed by silver.
        Echoes in Libya last year where the first actions of the “allied backed” rebels was to form a central bank. This was done months before the downfall of Gadhafi who had proposed a Pan African gold dinar coin as money for Africa.

        For sure this is a fight to prevent enslavement and the sooner contested the easier defeated.

  6. Adelaide

    “… more concerned about how ‘Breaking Bad’ ended than what was happening down on Capitol Hill.” = Culture in Decline.

    which rhymes with this, from ‘NASA: End of The American Dream’ documentary

    “If the American public can’t appreciate the economic and technological significance to the country and to themselves of arguably America’s greatest two pioneering achievements, Apollo and ISS, then who will oppose the politicians in effectively killing off NASA, robbing our future of America’s next Apollo or ISS. What future?”

    • michaelcoughlan

      Max keiser says it very well in the video above Adelaide. The psychos in charge don’t need the American population. He really says that and really means it.

      • Adelaide

        I’m looking forward to his next broadcast (possibly tonight?) hopefully covering the US shutdown and the upcoming debt ceiling deadline.

        Thank the Internet Gods for Alternative Media. Hail Max.

  7. dwalsh

    That aint no recovery David…not even patchy…and that Ryan is one of the looniest of the loons. Personally I think we are in for a bumpy ride this winter.

    • bonbon

      Paul Ryan, as Maureen Dowd wrote – the lovable guy who wants to seriously hurt Americans (NYT).

      Paul Ryan, an Ayn Rand follower like her lover Sir Alan Greenspan, is the Austrian School with a grin. DMcW did mention some of this here.

      The Austrian school are slavering for a crash to force their agenda through, as Hayek hoped in 1983. This is insanity of the Mandeville Hell Fire Clubs – no surprise that Hayek based all his teachings on Mandeville. The fact that a default and crash would kill billions seems not to matter!

      • Au contraire.
        There is a movement to allow freedom of choice in use of money. That is to repeal the legal tender laws but not the actual money. give people a choice, let them use what they wish.
        Hayek recognized that the current monetary system, the debt based fiat money Ponzi scheme would inevitably result in a crash to the harm of the people. He was correct and he is not the cause of this fact but an observer of the truth of this.
        He knew that the longer before the crash occurs then the bigger it will be and the more devastating the results. so he wished for the least harm by hoping to see a crash as soon as possible and not the worser one by delay.

    • redriversix

      Good afternoon Mr Walsh

      Hope everything is well with you today ?

      A bumpy ride may be something of a understatement. .!


  8. Paul Divers

    The Fighting Irish

    Others cite a game in 1909 in which the Fighting Irish were losing at the half to Michigan. An incensed Notre Dame player trying to psych up his team called out some of his fellow Irish teammates. “What’s the matter with you guys? You’re all Irish and you’re not fighting worth a lick.” Notre Dame came back to win the game and the press picked up on the players feisty comments and thus dubbed the squad “The Fighting Irish”.


    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Paul,

      There are a number of better reasons we are known as the fighting Irish. First of all it’s been quoted somewhere that the best army in the world is one composed of Irish troops led by British officers. I think it was just such an army stopped napoleon at Waterloo.

      However the more mundane explanation is that we are an impossible lot to organise utterly incapable of doing so for ourselves degenerating into backbiting, feuding, squabbling, bickering, jealousy, and sometimes outright fisticuffs hence the term “fighting Irish”

      Finally someone somewhere said that the reason god created whisky was to keep the Irish from ruling the world. The explanation is because we would spend all our time fighting over the keg.

      Sad really.

      • Paul Divers

        Hi George,

        It’s a bit daft because ALL men will fight like lions when the shells are falling around them. I am sure the Gurkhas and The Ladies From Hell were just as good in battle as Irish soldiers.

        As for the drink I don’t believe the Irish are any worse that the Scots or the English.

        The thought of men in a trench fighting over a keg as the shells come raining down is pretty funny you have to admit.

        • bonbon

          What a nutcase – he dreams of serving British officers! Of course he is not the only one!

          • michaelcoughlan

            I’m delighted when you post bonbon. You always show yourself up for the twisted mind you posses articulating that you know what my dreams are.

            Good health bonbon and keep posting.

            Love cuddles and kisses.


      • DB4545

        If this was the case at Waterloo we obviously were British and in the British Empire at the time. Someone else mentioned in a previous post that we don’t need another bunch of misguided misinformed patriots dying for Ireland. I’d like people to live for Ireland, it’s certainly not worth dying for that’s for sure. Think about that without the nationalism Michael “the best army is a bunch of ignorant but obedient serfs with nothing to lose led by well trained officers skilled in the art of war”. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on that one Mr. Divers, there isn’t much fun in a shell coming down and turning people into mincemeat. Have a look on YouTube at some of the fun that went on in Chechnya. Russian conscripts having their throats cut (after surrendering) by the same type of people now operating in Syria. Don’t think that anyone has the high moral ground in war it’s just legalised murder. It goes on in every war. I hope that the world doesn’t descend into that kind of madness again but I fear it might. We have savage hearts with a veneer of civility.

        • Paul Divers

          Shells raining down in war isn’t funny but imagining a Monty Python sketch where Irishmen are fighting over a keg is.

        • michaelcoughlan

          We were in the Uk at the time. It was me who refered to countess markowitzch’s romantic nonsense about all the young men being proud to die for ireland in the previous article. It was some other persons observation re Irish soldiers being led by British officers.

          Finally Paul I met a veteran of the Falklands who told me that the reason military personell wear their trousers inside their socks is because when shells fall close by the shit is litterly (and not metaphorically) scared out of
          you and this technique prevents it
          getting into your shoes/boots.

          In other words people run like fuck when the metal is flying for real and instead of standing up to fight they are on the ground trying to bury themselves as deep in it as possible.

      • Hey Michael, the Iron Duke was Irish too!!

      • Paul Divers

        When I was 18 I was handed two paperbacks from a pal returning from the Belfast ferry. Titles : The Connaught Rangers (The Devils Own) and Barry’s Flying Column.

        I have known about the 1920 mutiny at Jalandhar most of my life and often wondered what I would have done if I was the officer commanding. I would have told them to go and fuck themselves and taken my straight back to Ireland to stop the bastards raping our wives and children.

        Connaught Rangers

  9. Paul Divers

    Headline analyser scores this article’s headline at 12.5/100.

  10. bonbon

    Government Shutdown Careens Toward Oct. 17 U.S. Debt Blowout.

    It looks like Oct 17, as FT warns, is the critical date.

    Even of the British and the Bankers get their way, an irreversible disintegration is now in motion, and the only way to prevent full rigor mortis is with Glass-Steagall and the full LaRouche program. The American people are universally, understandably enraged at the destructive clown show going on in Washington. But unless they make that precise point clear to their representatives, and demand that they implement Glass-Steagall now, their fury will come to nought.

  11. whatamess

    Mind Control eh …. i know little of the LaRouche Movement , but

    “Putting up a picture Of Jesus on the wall”


    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi whatamess,

      Thanks for your post. “putting up a picture of Jesus” could only be construed as a form of brainwashing if I were to repeat it over and over again like bonbon’s attempt to divert the board.

      More over it’s a nonsensical metaphor to illustrate a point. I don’t believe bonbon lives in a tiny room repeatedly banging his head off the wall over and over again or that he will place a nonexisten picture of Jesus on a non existent wall.

      Bonbon has engaged in bullying and mind control tacticts on this board for ages completely ignoring request to stop diverting the board. This is because he/she is brainwashed by their associates into believing they are morally and intellectually superior than everyone else.

      That is all. I hope that my explicit explanation clears up the issue for you since you don’t seem to understand metaphor etc.

      • whatamess

        You gotta stop letting this Bonbon guy get under your skin so much my man

        Larouche is a cult you say. Catholic church and any organised religion is seen by many as cults too and they’ve caused devastation FAR beyond any LaRouche movement

        Stop playing the man and play the ball is all im trying to say Michael…if you don’t want to play the ball, skip his contributions …simples

        and it’s not ALL GS centric with bonbon…didn’t you check out his post on future uses of Hydrogen’s isotopes protium,deuterium and tritium ….super interesting stuff …..just like most things in life,we cherry pick

        have a great weekend Michael!

  12. bonbon

    Labor Department’s Monthly ‘Illusion’ Won’t Appear Oct. 4th

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly “adjustment” of the U.S. employment picture for September will probably not be published Friday as scheduled. But the CEO of the Gallup polling agency, James Clifton, charged in an unusual editorial on his blog Oct. 1, that “the reported unemployment rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an illusion.” Clifton’s challenge was “Who do you believe about unemployment, the Administration and Wall Street, or what the American people are reporting to us?” Gallup publishes an “Underemployment Rate Report” based on continuous mass telephone surveys of about 35,000 households in each 30-day period; it is not “seasonally adjusted” as by the BLS’s magical computers.

  13. bonbon

    Some here are paralyzed by an apparent paradox, rendered incapable of any clear thought, by a “nightmare”. To address this impasse, here is the only approach that can work. This is a breakdown crisis that cannot be “solved” by the usual way.

    LaRouche Demands Glass-Steagall Now!

    Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that Congress immediately break the impasse on the government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling increase by passing Glass-Steagall through both Houses with a bipartisan veto-proof majority.

    “President Obama is playing Nero, exploiting a government shut down in a desperate effort to revive his collapsed presidency. And elements within the Republican Party are obliging him.”

    “This nonsense is concealing a far more deadly reality,” LaRouche warned. “The U.S. economy is in a collapse, the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, from the Federal Reserve to the so-called too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks, is in a breakdown that cannot be stopped. Hyperinflation, accelerated by the past decade’s policy of quantitative easing, bailouts, and bail-ins, has reached the point that the standard of living of the overwhelming majority of American households is collapsing.”

    • “This nonsense is concealing a far more deadly reality,” LaRouche warned. “The U.S. economy is in a collapse, the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, from the Federal Reserve to the so-called too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks, is in a breakdown that cannot be stopped. Hyperinflation, accelerated by the past decade’s policy of quantitative easing, bailouts, and bail-ins, has reached the point that the standard of living of the overwhelming majority of American households is collapsing.”
      This statement by LaRouche is correct.

      BUT he offers only a partial solution, GS, and does not identify the cause of the debt. The fiat debt based fractional reserve Ponzi scheme we call money.

  14. Deco

    The current “drama” is exactly that. It is a show. In fact the entire point of it all is to ignite the base of the two political parties.

    The biggest problem with American politics, is that there are only two political parties with the money sufficient to being able to buy media attention.

    The media has destroyed politics in the West, and has turned it into an episode of pretence and nonsense.

    There is a fundamental problem with all Western economies, with respect to borrowing. The media sells the populace “something for nothing”. And the populace elect people who will deliver. For a long time there has been an awful lot of something for nothing going around. The financing behoind this has now been completely playe out.

    Though, at least in the US there is a a debate.

    When is the last time, an overpaid Irish politician stood up and told the populace that we had a problem with debt ?

    Exactly, they have not done it for a long time. And they will only do it, when the issue gets so bad, that they have to make themselves presentable as “concerned” about the issue.

    • bonbon

      NerObama is fiddling, but Enda, Rompuy, Draghi, Angela, Cameron, Hollande, Berlusconi, Letta…? Cats on a hot tin roof? That is some jig and reel!

      To Putin all this must appear incredible!

    • bonbon

      The cats are concerned about their paws alright!

      • Catspaws are what we see on the water when a new faint breeze stirs the surface.
        a time for contemplation on the water, the new breeze is a portent of a weather change. It makes one aware or the slightest inferences in the weather.

        Contemplation leads one to the conclusion, as Deco says, that debt is the problem. Where is the source of that debt.

        sifting back one comes to the realization that the debt originates with our current money system. Issued as a loan is 97% of the currency. all except the coin in your pocket used as small change. all other money is debt based.

        So why not use more of the money that is not debt based. why not get rid of the debt based money. That is the so simple solution. so simple it is overlooked by most. We are so used to the money at hand we do not notice its properties of debt enslavement.

        Now we see the debt but not the cause.

        using more of the better , debt free money makes sense. give me silver coin for a change , as an option and I will likely use it in preference. That is the Ron Paul and the Hugo Salinas Price proposal. give the people a choice. This way is the door opened to a basic sound money without killing the patient, the economy. silver will be the antibiotic of the monetary system. ((It is already the world best anti biotic for fighting human disease).

        People will move, voluntarily from a debt based money to a sound money. All that is needed is to monetize silver coin by weight as described in many previous postings and we will haul ourselves out of penury without the sinking of the economic boat. We will regain individual freedoms, and political autonomy.

        BTW Do not vote away the Senate. It is the chamber of sober second thought. Much maligned but essential to combat the arbitrary powers the inner sanctum of government has assigned to itself. That is why it is being disposed of.

  15. bonbon

    DMcW, pick up a copy of the top non-paid Costco Connection magazine sent to 8 million subscribers while you are in the US.

    “Should we separate commercial banks from investment banks?”
    A 2-page spread with the current situation.
    Glass-Steagall is American, and may seem a dream to slumbering Europeans, a waking nightmare to Wall Street and London. It opens the door to recovery.

    • Deco

      The current regime in Wall Street is set for a disaster. You are right Bonbon. Bring back Glass-Steagal.

      But Wall Street owns the leaderships of both political parties. And there is no third party. Therefore there will be no return to Glass Steagal, BEFORE, an almight financial and economic collapse.

      In other words, this lesson is going to be learned the hard way. And it is a punishingly hard way to learn.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Your wasting your time with him.

        • Paul Divers

          I rarely read posts from The Bonbon Michael and soon after he/she/they appeared on this blog I stopped engaging because I felt I was talking to artificial intelligence software.

          You can test an AI system by repeatedly asking meaningless questions such as ‘what flavour is your first toenail?’

          I dislike know it alls especially when they have no humour or empathy because there is no value in engaging them on a human or intellectual level. They try to make you feel stupid by proving how clever they are and their arrogance is certain when they even refuse to answer questions. Bonbon is a brainwashed Dictator just like Edna. There but for the grace of God Go I

          However one respected poster has said Bonbon is correct in saying that GS is the solution and I have to agree based on what I have learned from you guys over the past few years. The host is not included in my list

          Can anyone claim GS is not the solution?
          If not then something stinks when it is never mentioned in the Irish MSM.

          The video I posted about the FED claims that if we moved to Gold based currency then the world would go haywire and that Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          I suspect Gold Bugs are strange people and they prove it by failing to convince us to demand it. I don’t want to be a turkey who votes for xmas (like the British electorate) and want to know their real agenda, if they even have one

          The British people are under sustained assault from a government who openly display what is behind the mask. They are ugly, psychotic and hate filled people who make me realise just how good we have it in Ireland

          Meanwhile things are getting worse at Fukushima and it is so bad that they don’t want to frighten people with the shocking truth. It is a nightmare which has the potential to wipe us out but everyone is talking about money

          To think the US and French governments (before British Democracy reigned them in) would have drowned Syria in an ocean of radiation proves they don’t give a fuck about humanity and strengthens the theory that mass population cull is the end game

          They can finance wars while they use the jackboot to crush dissent at home. They are worse than animals

          • Paul Divers

            ‘If they even have an agenda’

            The trouble is that most people don’t know what they want. They only think they do.

          • Yes Paul, GS is not THE answer. It may split up the banks into commercial banking banks and separate the financial investment function. But it will not stop anything . It will not stop derivative action of all kind.

            It will not rid us of fiat DEBT BASED currency. It will not rid us of a huge money expansion through fractional banking.

            So GS is a plaster patch on a cancerous lesion. Less unsightly but useless for the basic disease.

            The cancer is the central banking system. Its control of the Nations money supply. Is control of the nations wealth by being appointed the trustee to manage all the nations past profits.
            The fox in charge of the hen house alright.

            It will not be easy to do.
            Central banks must be closed. The nations’ saving returned to Treasury and subject to annual audit. (Fed Res has not been audited in decades)
            Replace FIAT central bank notes with Free Treasury notes that are not debt and charge no interest.

            What is killing us in fact and metaphorically is the debt in the form of currency which is being added to daily and the interest in the economy that must be paid before anything else so suffocating the economy. This currency must be rid off.

            Hamiltonian banking is just more of the same central banking. Hamiltonian credit is more debt based money. Hamilton married a Rothschild girl and was a part of the family. Others here have pointed that out too.
            Do not fall for the LaRouche garbage.

            GS is a diversion and not worth a tinkers damn.
            It does nothing to restrain the banking oligarchs.

            Remember the master propagandists say that a lie repeated often enough becomes a truth. Be not deceives by the repetition. do not follow the crowd. Remain an independent thinker.

            Nice thought to envisage you ambling for blackberries. they are all over now , mores the pity.

          • cooldude

            You are correct that we are facing huge problems as a species and are in serious danger of extinction because of the loo laas who are supposed to be our leaders. However their main method of control over humanity is their almost total control over what we use as a medium of exchange for our goods and serviced ie. money. These guys have gained this exclusive franchise over the centuries through war, murder and whatever other means they have had to use. Every single member of the IMF has a privately controlled central bank and if they try to change this they will face the same fate as Libya, Syria or Iran who refuse to allow the bankers to issue their debt based money and cause their little boom/bust scam to rob everyone. That’s the main reason we discuss money so much because these gangsters have stolen the franchise to produce it from our governments and are producing it solely for their own purposes and with total disregard for the welfare of all participants in the economy.

            They have plans to soon control the food and energy supply in a similar manner and are busy advancing that agenda.

            Ron Paul’s position on money is to allow freedom of choice for EVERYONE in what they choose to use as a medium of exchange. This would take away the banker’s franchise and stop their plans for total control through a cashless society which is their ultimate goal. It is no coincidence that the century of central banking has also been the century of endless war because the two are part of the plan and Ron Paul has been consistent for over thirty years calling for an end to these stupid conflicts.

          • Cooldude
            Plus 10 commentary.

          • “The video I posted about the FED claims that if we moved to Gold based currency then the world would go haywire and that Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

            Of course going on a gold standard would cause the world to go haywire. Just as an addict goes haywire quitting cold turkey without a substitute.

            The world is so used to an expanding money supply that the economies die if it is curtailed never mind stopped. (Taper anyone?)

            just might as well say that the person died as you made him stop taking drugs. He would have died anyway from an overdose sooner or later. What the addict needs is to be weaned off carefully.

            Likewise the economies can be weaned off the funny money Ponzi scheme fiat debt based interest bearing script.

            First replace the fiat with treasury notes at par note for note dollar for dollar. Money issued by treasury costs nothing. we use treasury to pay off the fiat and repeal the legal tender laws so that people have freedom of choice in what money they use to settle a debt, deal or trade.
            Then monetize silver coin of all kinds and mint coin to saturation. introduce a system where future expansion of the money supply is prevented. This will kill inflation. Base the money in circulation on the value of any gold held in store and you have arrived at a gold standard in painless fashion. Gold may be priced at tens or hundreds of thousands of units of currency per troy ounce but that does not matter. any amount of gold is enough to set a standard.

            Now your economy is freed of debt and interest on the national debt as there will be no national debt. This frees up trade and commerce. Markets work to provide price discovery. There is stable pricing as the gold standard prevents increases in currency and so curtails inflation as to render it non existent.

            Ron Paul promotes freedom of choice in money and a gold standard and is only a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the fiat based central bankers and cabal. I can live with that.

      • Paul Divers

        A Plan To Replace The Fed (short video)


      • bonbon

        Predicting “before and after” is a casual pastime here it seems. The lesson will be taught to WallStreet/London nd they know it is coming. What they are prepared to do to avoid that is not to be mis-underestimated – trigger a collapse for example. This is in flux right now. Will Barry O’Bama play Nero? Will his owners go for default? Dimon et al ordered him to “solve” it – but the solution will collapse. A paradox?

        The only way out is what we say. The future cannot tolerate this much longer.

  16. bonbon

    Meanwhile outside the Ranch of the Crooked Euro, the Swiss are not slumbering :

    Swiss War Games Envisioned War in Bankrupt Europe”

    The Swiss weekly Matin Dimanche reported that in August, the Swiss military conducted an army exercise for the event of a war in Europe. The exercise practiced for an attack from a bankrupt France that had “broken into warring regions.”

    Some may say this is a “nightmare scenario”, but it sure ain’t a dream.

    • Deco

      France is almost bankrupt.

      Belgium is as good as bankrupt. And when the sticky stuff hits the fan, there will be a nasty split. It will make the Velvet divorce between the Czechs and the Slovaks look civilized, and almost like a loving embrace.

      In the Czech and Slovak break up, not even pride was hurt.

      The Flemings and the Walloons parting will be ugly.

      The Swiss have a good reason to be concerned. Regions of France might try to break away from the bankrupt centralized state, and they might try to emulate a possible simialr move by Catalonia, or the North East of Italy.

  17. cooldude

    Karen Hudes whistleblower from the World Bank explains how we are all being screwed by the financial elites. Interesting interview on the thugs who run the show

    • Paul, read the link from Cooldude and you will know why GS is a diversion. Just a gimmick to distract you.

      Plus 10 cooldude.

      • Paul Divers

        I’ve bookmarked the link Tony and thanks to yourself and Cooldude for taking the time to explain why GS is no magic bullet. I can see the problem with it.

        • whatamess

          Karen Hudes ..lets av a quick gander at her..hmmmm

          hardly “Deepthroat” in fairness..( get your mind outta the gutter lads )

          i heard her interview on Alex Jones

          MAJOR INSIDER WHISTLEBLOWER Alex says..haha
          Alex just loves DRAMA and a smidgin of confirmation bias to keep him warm!

          Shes a lawyer minus any fancy title which is telling in itself

          She’s on a human resources taskforce…THE POWER she must wield!

          she contests that she was fired illegally.bitter and twisted x employee with only her 20 year pension??she probably has a book deal in the pipeline….maybe a movie :)

          I’m not trying to discredit her.REEEEELY!

          Her MAIN Claims are of corruption! Nothing new there !certainly not REVELATIONS

          The Phippines had an Anglo type experience i think…one bank with a shareholder that owned the country’s biggest airline that was under-performing in a BIG way…She was a whistleblower on that and that’s when she was put on ‘probation’..then trumped up charges of trespass and kept her in a squad car for an HOUR! “Persecution” indeed!lol

          Germany want their gold back she says..again,no news there!!

          She does mention in an interview that some financial software of stakeholder analysis supports what Georg.R.Baumann said that 40% of wealth is owned by an elite few and they also own the MSM..

          She warns of an impending currency war..race to bottom for competing currencies…

          She went to Yale,,,no biggie.If ur at the world bank,you dont have a cert from a polytechnic

          She DID say we are all part of the solution in speaking with our politicians (Democracy) and these big guys are not above the law ! She got that right!! ( is that confirmation bias too?)

          2min audio…for the x-file fans amongst you!


          “Because all the information to the contrary, is not entirely dissuasive”

          Am i wrong ?
          Am I wrong ?


          i will play “the ball” later…lol

    • Paul Divers

      ‘Remember, this is not some “conspiracy theorist” that is saying these things. This is a Yale-educated attorney that worked inside the World Bank for more than two decades’

      It is refreshing to see mainstream professionals now admitting the truth. However I doubt anyone would dare talk about this on RTE or Vincent Browne.

  18. 5Fingers

    Local politician values are expressed in terms of their lifestyle and ambition which has little to do with their own country and more to do with being in a courtier to run shoulders with their kind in some meta state. Not for them the tiresome parochialism of ordinary life. They are just trying to be rich without the bother of earning it. Well, you can only leave the sweet shop unmanaged for so long and that’s what is happening right now – not just the US.

    Journalists, Policy Makers, Consultants and others who give the “right advice” to continue getting the fees and rights of access have a lot to answer for. Sex was used to divert us from where the real porn lay. An old trick that when you think about it.

    Come November, the true value of money will be laid bare for all. Years of utter irresponsibility will come home to roost.

  19. longterm

    I would be circumspect in accepting Official American Economic Statistics.
    A well known site Shadowstats.com has torn the BLS to shreds -Inflation figures at least 3% PA understated and employment 20%+.

    This isn’t just cranks and Loonies talking

    Massive names in the economic world ie Niall Ferguson agreed fully with Shadowstats calling BLS inflation figures bogus. Reagan Budget Secretary David Stockman also Called the unemployment figure rigged

  20. bonbon

    With the Shutdown and Debt-limit Pending, Detroit Comes to Washington

    Congressional Progressives, who were set to fight to get rid of the sequester, Obama’s overshadowed program, for domestic social programs, have given it up.

    The D.C. region will lose $220 million per day in federal payroll while the government is closed.

  21. Paul Divers

    And David

    Do yourself a favour and do your 40 days in the wilderness.

    You are totally out of touch.

  22. redriversix

    What the hell am I doing up at 05.30 a.m again..?

    HEY ! did you hear about the Mexican Boy Scout…?

    helped an old lady cross the border………!


  23. Up so early,you must have a guilty conscience. enjoy your new day.

    • redriversix

      Morning Tony…..

      • Lovely sunny day today. took my sister, from New Zealand, and her husband sailing today. Cool but pleasant with light 3-5 knot breeze. Lovely skimming along the water at 4 knots plus and having a constant slowly evolving landscape/seascape unfolding before your eyes. We saw a couple of humpback whales much to everyone’s delight.

        • Paul Divers

          Where were you sailing Tony?

        • whatamess


          humpback whales….that sounds MAGNIFICENT

          • This is British Columbia, BC.

            Google Sidney BC Canada. It is at the north end of the Saanich Peninsular.
            The waters around are called the Georgia basin. To the north is the Strait of Georgia, a 60 mile by 10 mile inland water way. To the South is the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

            In between are the Canadian Gulf Islands and the US San Juan Islands. The border set a while back by Kaiser Wilhelm 1 wends its way in a north South direction between them.

            It is deemed to be one of the best 6 cruising grounds for boats in the world.

            There is major fishing, 3 pods of resident Orca and the whale visits etc.
            Yesterday the backdrop scenery was as usual , superb, highlighted by Mt Baker 70 miles away to the East.

            It is also a major commercial trade route for international cargo ships to Seattle and Vancouver and the Orient.
            The major traffic lanes are busy day and night.

            One of my joys is to host a visitor for a sail out for a day. Everyone is welcome so friend or foe or stranger is welcome to visit. Not every day is perfect , as we get our share of stormy weather and gales but good days can be had all year round.

            Salt Spring Island where I currently help on a farm is the largest Canadian gulf Island with 10,000 people and stores, shops, fire and police and a hospital. winery tours available and sight seeing.

            My boat is still in North Saanich in Tsehum Harbour, but I will move to Salt Spring sailing club soon.

  24. joe hack


  25. bonbon

    Some of the know-it-all Tiger’s here mindlessly repeat the arguments against Glass-Steagall the banking lobby is desperately putting out.

    Glass-Steagall Debate in Switzerland

    There the usual hand-waving and helpless flapping, a shame to see from the Irish, are refuted one by one.

    So stop trying to curry favor with that banking lobby, by making pronouncements they desperately need to swindle you yet again. That is far worse than Beal Bocht!

  26. Thoughtfully rebut Bonbon, the suggestion that GS is the be all and end all. It will as usual be endrun by the banking cabal, the central bankers and the IMF and the BIS. Implement GS but how will it apply to all banks in all countries unless legislated by the UN and then subject to agreement by all member states.

    Better to look after ones own state on a personal basis. No debt, PM savings insurance, land to feed oneself, and then turn to help the community, and then the country, and then the world.

    This is not easy to do but there are back yards, balconies and rooftops available to the enterprising food producer. just a lettuce leaf, grown, is a step in the right direction.

    • bonbon

      The role of the USA, when GS is passed as it will be, is all that’s needed. Each nation can assert it’s sovereignty OVER that doomed financial system. As Is say repeatedly, GS is the door opener – massive credit for the physical economic recovery is then possible. All of this took place in the 1930′s and after WWII. This time it is global.

      This is top-down, strategic political economics for a world of 7+ billion, 42 million in Tokyo or Shanghai alone. Food production, when GS removes the grip finance has on our existence will take off. Without that grip, biofuels, the theft of food, must be dumped.

      The quaint attempt to promote “balconies” is a thinly veiled lust for massive population reduction, a crash, to bring back some kind of illusion, exactly as von Hayek said in his 1983 interview – where he praised the Hapsburg monarchy:
      “I’d like to see a crash before I die”

      • “The quaint attempt to promote “balconies” is a thinly veiled lust for massive population reduction, a crash”

        You are insane bonbon, a lunatic running around pretending to have an intellect. Warped and distorted.

        • bonbon

          Maybe your lettuce balcony is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Even then it would not feed many.

          Or maybe that Babylon of legend is the dream of Hayek and the pilgrims of Mont Pelerin?

  27. whatamess

    “just a lettuce leaf, grown, is a step in the right direction.”

    baby steps ,when quantum leaps are needed Tony?? it’s the 11th hour , AGAIN!DEFCON 4

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24399213 is Gordon Correra ,10 minute on what G.R.Baumann opened up with…Edward Snowden etc

    GS and such like REGULATION /LEGISLATION is needed !…

    but chat more over the weekend hopefully…

    for a pint i go !

    • From a local brewery of course. “Think global, drink local”

    • michaelcoughlan


      Don’t eat any beef burgers at the week end. Legislation didn’t stop horse meat being included in the mix.

      I simply don’t understand why you don’t get the point that legislation hasn’t prevented the world from arriving at it’s current predicaments nor consequently why you seem to think it will have any influence in reversing course.

      You are climbing a ladder up against the wrong wall.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Let me put it another way. The people who control the worlds financial system have a modus operandi almost identical to bonbon and his friends.

        1) no regard for other people or their property

        2) no understanding of empathy

        3) no understanding of guilt

        4) Minds dominated by insane ideology.

        5) no regard for law, legislation, etc etc.

        Put simply Trying to cinvince anyone especially the people who operate the worlds financial system that legislation will reel these guys in is as idiotic as believing that bonbon and his friends can be persuaded to stop hijacking this board and forum to suit their own

        Neither outcomes will ever ever happen.

      • whatamess

        REGULATION and lack thereof is why we,unknowingly, devoured some horse burgers ( they were lovely mind )

        That system was OPEN to abuse and in the commercial battleground of today,some ‘tried it on’ !

        Make it an environment where even the thought of getting caught trying it on,makes one shiver with fear!

        SPLIT the banks !

        don’t believe the banking lobbyists !

        WE the PEOPLE,as a Democracy,can determine the rules of engagement but Michael,you don’t have faith in democracy !The too big to fail are even too big to challenge?WHY BOTHER eh! You see it as an exercise in futility …i don’t! Faith in God i don’t have,but faith in Democracy and how influential it can be,i do!

        that’s where the 2 parallel lines in our thinking, diverge …..faith separates us !

        • michaelcoughlan

          “REGULATION and lack thereof is why we,unknowingly, devoured some horse burgers”

          Wrong, completely in fact. The sociopaths in charge ignored the rules.

          As for democracy jimmy carter the former us president said the us is no longer a functioning democracy.

          Don’t split the banks close them instead. The citizens in the us have a golden opportunity to destroy the fed. Allow the republican party to keep the govt shut and force a default. That will blow the fed balance sheet.

          If ordinary Americans take brogans advice they will be eating, exercising, living, and screwing very well indeed.

          • bonbon

            Let the Austerians eat their balcony lettuce but we will not reduce our population to provide them entertainment. Your lust for murderous anarchy (default, no banks) makes Al Nusra look like fumbling amateurs.

            Glass-Steagall worked in 1933, the financial anarchists went to sing-sing. Austerian von Hayek praised, “political anarchy as the precondition for the take-off of capitalism.”. That’s Al Nusra financial terrorism, with a nudge and a wink of course. They just might serve lettuce in sing-sing !

          • michaelcoughlan

            “Your lust for murderous anarchy”

            Keep posting bonbon. The more you post the more you damage yourself.

            Good health, love cuddles and kisses.


          • michaelcoughlan

            von Hayek wishing for anarchy?

            I can trump him any day of the week bonbon.

            All you have to do is read the last book in the bible called revelations written 2000 years ago predicting the appcolyspse and end of days.

            Like all far left lunatics you probably think the church is only in it for the money. Guess what bonbon? pope John Paul was one of the leading figures to put the commies in their place.

            As for bank of America? Didn’t you know that the bank is owned by the catholic jesuits? Thaaaar comminnn a geeet ya bonbon!

            Keep posting bonbon the more you post the more you damage yourself.

            Love cuddles and kisses.


          • bonbon

            Anyone can read here von Hayek’s praise of political anarchy. And of dictatorship, Chile for example.

        • bonbon

          I particularly like the photo here of the Spider Web of Wall Street, from the book “Hellhound of Wall Street” recently. Even President Hoover chimed in, saying that “these men have done the American people more damage than all the incidental operations of Al Capone . . . who had the merit of confining his robbery . . . to the wicked. . . . These men are not bankers, they are banksters . . . who are traitors to our institutions and national ideas.”

          That spider today, well taped, must go to sing-sing!

        • whatamess, address the question of ridding us of the central banks and the fiat debt based money we are given. Half assed solutions like GS do not rid us of the banking problems or rabid expansion of the money supply. Nothing but a diversion.
          Bon bon promotes statist policies of the Rothschild banking system and pretends a solution that suckers many. He is a shill for the current system and an advocate of world dominion by a select elite. his grandiose schemes can only be achieved by tearing down state borders and creating super regions on the way to world dominion. He is a mole.

          • whatamess

            no problemo Tony

            This Padawan will reply later :)

          • whatamess

            Many moooons ago Tony on this blog, I described your problem solving approaches as “cleaning from the inside out” ,maybe you remember? Well maybe not:) so to summarise, I compared two approaches of dealing with the problem of acne.The Sudocrem /TCP approach of cleaning from the “outside-in” and the alternative approach of maybe drinking copious amounts of water and not eating junk food was cleaning from the “inside-out.”

            a few random quotes from yourself Tony:

            “GS will not rid us of fiat DEBT BASED currency. It will not rid us of a huge money expansion through fractional banking”


            “There is a movement to allow freedom of choice in use of money. That is to repeal the legal tender laws but not the actual money. give people a choice, let them use what they wish.” and “That is the Ron Paul and the Hugo Salinas Price proposal..give the people a choice.”


            “BUT Bonbon offers only a partial solution, GS, and does not identify the cause of the debt. The fiat debt based fractional reserve Ponzi scheme we call money”.

            (But even partial is PROGRESS!Life’s a game of inches !)

            “Central banks must be closed” Tony says,quite emphatically.

            Agreed and it makes sense!

            BUT ,this is where i feel’the trouble comes into paradise’ Tony.

            In REAL world terms,the above are a very difficult sell. Let me say that again,it’s a very difficult sell!

            I feel financial regulation ( maybe GS with whatever addenda ) is needed to TRY meet SOME of the current challenges. Is GS a siver bullet?NO! But is it a progressive,REAL,step on the people regaining control?i say yes

            DoddFrank/Volkcer Rule makes GS,in terms of size,look like a single A4 page and it will be 2 more years before it will be even completed!That worries me !

            If however,we can get our foot in the door with reinstating GS,then we,the people, have a foundation on which to build FURTHER regulation that may PROTECT us in any further firestorms.

            What’s needed NOW is a quick solution as this expanding bubble is about to burst!
            I don’t think we have the luxury of time you see! “For sure this is a fight to prevent enslavement and the sooner contested the easier defeated” as you said Tony and your solutions Tony are are ,regrettably,not time friendly!

            It’s prom nite Tony and the huge offending spot on my forehead needs a solution,NOW!! Not later,NOW!

            Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof(JK Galbraith)

            Again,we don’t have time !

            we are ALL in freee fall

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi whatamess,

            I agree with your post. There is a third option for the spot. Go to the doctor and lance it. There will be lots of pain and shite all over the place but the problem spot is solved. Immediately after the POP bring in the rules to ensure no more pimples.

            POP the Fed take the pain ThEN bring in GS.

          • whatamess

            “take the pain”

            3 little words

            or instead , one word


            or maybe


            nuclear fallout ( metaphorically metaphysically ,literally and whatever your havin’ yourself !)

            Surely,war can NOT even be considered an possible option !!!!!

            “Pop” the FED ,is not a real world option

          • michaelcoughlan


            I want to reply respectfully. We have never ending war as it is. When Russia defaulted the sky didn’t fall in. Germany defaulted at the end of the war. Iceland defaulted big time.

            Have confidence and don’t be fooled by the psychos in charge.

          • whatamess, thanks for your comments.
            I tend to get irritable in real life when people skate around the issues. I was the problem fixed so I go for the heart of it.
            32 years of real estate sales allowed me to use good listening skills and suggest solutions. I was well rewarded for these skills.

            Problem, solution, result. fixed.
            Made a mistake, then re-evaluate and examine and fix the problem.

            I do not see GS fixing anything. Non banks produced huge derivatives and still will.

            A lot of our problems are caused by being blackmailed by too big to fail rhetoric. The people socialized the losses by assuming the vast debts. Repeal these debts as odious debt and let the banks go under. GS not needed then.

  28. Ryu Hayabusa

    ‘When the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    -Thomas Jefferson

    It’s high time we put the fear o’ God into Gilmore, Kenny and the rest of these pitiful gombeen gormless cretins…

    Fightin’ Irish… It’s payback time!

    • DB4545

      The fear of God into Kenny & Co? The only time I saw Enda with real fear was when a 5′ 5″ little French guy called sarkozy was bitch slapping him. I don’t think anything else will get to them except maybe being stripped of their insane salaries and pensions. Now that would be a radical departure. How about a referendum to remove pensions from these incompetent gombeens? That might get a decent turnout from the electorate.

      • Ryu Hayabusa

        Hi DB4545.
        My recollection of this might be fuzzier than yourself& Adam’s. I recall the bit (possibly round 1) where Sarky was tickling Enda under the chin.. as you would with a compliant puppy! It was the most cringeworthy moment between two so-called heads of state possibly ever! Mayhap Bitchslap was round2.

        He dissed Cowen too in his time trying the little big man trick of shaking his hand coming up the steps. Note to Cowen, hands behind your back until you reach the top of the steps!

        I’m sure little Nicky must have some Irish political lineage in him. they’re touting his political comeback in unison with the investigation for shaking down Mme Battancourt for a few shekels.

        Plus the kickbacks he likely got from Muammar Gaddafi haven’t even seen the light of day yet.

        That little wrunt is a bigger joke than Enda & Yay-monn.

        Yes per your suggestion, that poll would surely command a 90% plus turnout rate!

        • Adam Byrne

          It was desperate stuff.

        • DB4545

          I think a study of body language might give some insight into how this bunch of scorpions assess each other. Have politicians always been this corrupt and incompetent or is that they can’t hide they way they could in the past? I remember Cowen being sold in the media as a modern professional safe pair of hands to take over from Bertie. Then I saw him doing the singing routine with the locals in Clara and I thought craggy island couldn’t do it justice. I don’t know what to believe any more. People use their vote to retain an elitist Seanad which locked 99 percent of the electorate out of the voting process since the foundation of the State. Then they vote to introduce a Court which will probably fast track evictions to enrich the banksters who have destroyed the State. Where do we go from here?

          • Adam Byrne

            The people are as thick as two short planks and get what they deserve.

          • Ryu Hayabusa

            It’s a good question.. but one thing’s for sure. The status quo can’t hold, something’s gotta give.

            They are gonna rue the day they tried to pull the wool over Irish eyes… Imminent Rueage!!!

          • Adam Byrne

            The Irish aren’t going to do shit Ryu, all due respect to you my fine blogger.

            You’ll be waiting for eternity if you expect any sort of reaction here.

            The old safety valve of emigration is well and truly intact ensuring all the best minds get the hell out of here leaving (mostly) muppets behind for the gombeems to milk.

          • Ryu Hayabusa

            Sssshhh don’t tell anyone but i’m trying to raise a battlecry here Adam! :D

            I firmly believe everyone has a tipping point even the stoic, sanguine compliant Paddy’s such as us.

            People in general are sick of this shit particularly, as outlined by the fine folk on this forum such as yourself!

            Guess we just gotta bide our time…

            “He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.”
            Sun Tzu

          • Adam Byrne

            Ok dude, you live in hope.

          • Ryu Hayabusa

            haha have you seen this Adam? Per the Indo Sean Quinn just got ‘permission’ to sue David Drumm in the US.

            they are all cuckoo cook-oo…

          • Ryu Hayabusa

            So it seems, however misplaced though it appears to be.

  29. Ryu Hayabusa

    All this hokum about the Government shutdown and the Debt ceiling level will be moot. Even if the debt ceiling is pushed out again.. the subsequent crash is just being postponed, pushed out a little is all!
    It’s written in the Runes, the currency is gonna fall like Jericho’s wall.

    I tell ya one thing Marlene.. they aint get’n the TV!!

    Lock & Load.

    • whatamess

      it’s better to postpone tho no?

      better to postpone war ,in all senses of that word!

      That’s exactly the blinking match going on right now in US of A,right?

      • Ryu Hayabusa

        Hi yes absolutely it’s preferable to defer it of course. It just seems the crash will be all the whammier when it reaches its inevitable conclusion.

        The can will be kicked down the road or highway but eventually a Frag grenade will pop outta the can& blow Uncle Sam’s leg off to the nutshells!!.

        Imagine a big dollar devaluation, 40% touted in some quarters… plus 300 million weapons floating around.
        Sounds like a Guy Fawkes wet dream kind of scenario.

        …Or maybe a more benign outcome is possible? Anything’s possible if people band together and use their collective noodle.

        • whatamess

          u probably wont get this post,

          but even so.. the financial balloon has almost reached it’s elastic limit,and the bursting point has not been reached,yet.

          whatever spare capacity this bubble has presently is super precious and a “do not fill!” sign ought to be unceremoniously hung for all to see.

          Then, we engineer a way of extracting some air and that’s where i see REGULATION coming into play…its easy to be cynical ( im not saying you are)but making that balloon smalller is crucial….as a buffer to further inflation of said ballooon

          the “inevitable” can be a “more benign option”

          problem is we dont EXACTLY know how close to the elastic limit we are …it’s like all the money printing is us warming up the rubber balloon as a strateghy to accomodate a little bit more air

          well if it pops , then it’ll be “please sir,can i have some more ?????” for msot people

          hope this finds u well

          they are a lovely machine …

          • Ryu Hayabusa

            That would be the ‘sane’ course of action to adopt.. It’s just that the orchestrators of this crisis are not exactly rational sort of folk.

            All this tapering guff on the QE policy from Bernanke turned out to be bunkum. They never had any intention of easing off it seems.

            It is easy to be cynical, however
            I remain as hopeful as you that the collective will of the masses comes into play. But human nature being what it is… I wouldn’t be putting down a big wager on it playing out like this.

  30. bonbon

    For those who are wondering about the Obamacare shutdown :

    While Obamacare Kills, It Wildly Enriches the Insurance Conglomerates — as Intended

    Two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers in the United States, and more half of the low-wage workers without health insurance, will be DENIED any support for their health care under Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” even while the cost of the coverage available to them increases drastically. A New York Times analysis of census data shows that the 26 states which chose not to expand Medicaid (a choice left to the states under Obamacare), comprise half the nation’s population but 68% of the poor, uninsured blacks and single mothers, who will not be eligible for coverage under the killer scheme.

    The study estimates that eight million Americans are “impoverished, uninsured, and ineligible for help.”

    The study did not even count the huge undocumented immigrant population.

    It is no surprise that the winners in the Obamacare game are from Wall Street’s big insurers. This is inherent in the fascist (corporatist) nature of the plan, which unites the health insurance cartels with the government, in a drive to cut back health care for the “useless eaters” in the population.

    • bonbon

      Robert Lenzner of Forbes reported Oct. 1 that the “value of the S&P health insurance index gained 43%” this year alone. CIGNA is up 63%; Wellpoint 47%; and United Healthcare 28%. Since the passage of Obamacare in 2010, the stock values of these big firms have risen 200-300%!

      United Healthcare, the largest insurer, with about 70 million insured, reported last summer that they had a particularly strong past year, with net income of $5.1 billion, up by 11% from the previous year; similarly for the others — even before the bonanza to result from the corporatist plan to force every American to buy their inflated products, beginning on October 1.

      United Healthcare, it should be recalled, has as a top executive Simon Stevens, who was Tony Blair’s health policy advisor and the architect of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in 1999, the “reform” of the British National Health Service which imposed triage and genocide on the British people through selective denial of cancer drugs, surgeries, kidney dialysis, and other treatments. This was the model for the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board), which is now the law of the land under Obamacare. Genocide can be profitable.

  31. bonbon

    The US shutdown occurs right in this environment : a major breakdown crisis that cannot be “solved” within the system now. Many make their pay describing and feigning awe at “events” with “facts on the ground” to bedazzle the hapless. The political anarchy that now shows it’s face serves only rabid monetarists. Much better to start the recovery right away :

    Restore Glass-Steagall

    Glass-Steagall is the indispensable first step to global economic recovery. It will immediately halt the onset of hyperinflation, remove government commitment from bailing out toxic debts, end too-big-to-fail banks, and force a separation of commercial banking functions from investment banking functions.

    Legislation to restore Glass-Steagall, “The Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011”, was introduced into the 112th Congress and garnered massive institutional support and 84 cosponsors in the House of Representatives.

    On January 3rd, 2013 “The Return to Prudent Banking” Act was re-introduced by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) in the 113th Congress as H.R. 129. And on May 16, 2013 a matching bill was introduced into the Senate by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) as S. 985.

    See the state-by-state survey of legislation and resolutions now underway. Ye won’t get this from RTE, nor DMcW!

  32. bonbon

    Former Belgian Minister Calls on US Congress to Reinstate Glass-Steagall: “What Are Politicians Waiting For?”

    In a letter to his U.S. colleagues, Bruno Tobback called the members of the US Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall banking separation “as soon as possible”.

    Bruno Tobback is the President of the Socialist Party of the Flanders (the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium). Today he is a Member of the Belgian Federal Parliament. Between 2004 and 2007 he served as Minister for Environment and Pensions for the Belgian government.

  33. bonbon

    American Public is Furious at Everybody over the Shutdown

    From Politico : At a BBQ joint in Alexandria, Va., Politico reports, the disdain was obvious. The restaurant gave away 275 pulled pork sandwiches to workers with a government ID on Tuesday, though it took pains to note in its Twitter announcement that the offer “EXCLUDES CONGRESSMEN.”

    BLT Steak has an oyster special for those with a government ID that they’re calling a “raw deal.”

  34. bonbon

    From Politico

    Overall, 87 percent expressed unhappiness with the direction of Washington, with 44 percent saying they were “dissatisfied” and 43 percent saying they were “angry” in a new CBS News poll out Thursday night. Only 8 percent said they were “satisfied” and 2 percent said they were “enthusiastic”.

    The “satisfied” and “enthusiastic” are perhaps those insanely hoping for anarchy and a default as von Hayek wished?

  35. bonbon

    And meanwhile back at the Ranch of the Crooked E :

    SWISS AND BRITISH BANK REGULATORS have launched a coordinated investigation into manipulation of the $5.4-trillion- per-day market in foreign exchange speculation, focused on Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, UBS, and Barclays, the world’s four leading forex traders. The scandal could be bigger than the LIBOR rigging.

    Time for bank splitting, would’nt ye think?

    • michaelcoughlan

      If you set aside all the bullshit bonbon and read this, your own post, and still can’t be convinced that the psychopaths in charge will NEVER EVER EVER obey the regulations or legalisation whatever they may be then really and truly it is only god can help you.

    • DB4545

      Bonbon I’m sold on the whole bank splitting GS idea. It really is a good idea. Unfortunately one major player( or robber baron)from a previous generation tells it like it is. JP Morgan said ” I don’t hire lawyers to tell me what I can’t do, I hire them to help me do what I want to do”. That is the mindset of the major players bonbon and today they’re not constrained by national borders or jurisdictions or laws. When global interests can wreck national economies and have political parties and leaders in their pocket how can any nation State effectively implement GS? I’d like the answer in plain English bonbon without the usual overdose of ideology. If it’s worth all the effort you put in to advocate GS surely it’s worth the effort to explain how exactly it can be implemented effectively?

      • bonbon

        It is worth the effort to read the Hellhound of Wall Street. That’s how it works. JP Morgan said what he wanted – and then was given a swift lesson in political economics.

        Sure, today, (ex-)Tigers have great difficulty understanding this – 40 years of monenatrist worship does leave bedazzlement. But that is only a temporary faze.

        • michaelcoughlan

          You didn’t answer his question. Keep posting. The more you do the more you damage yourself.


        • DB4545

          The reviews are great bonbon and I’m sure it gives a fantastic insight of this world in 1933 but at 368 pages in paperback I don’t have time at the moment. Besides I’d much prefer to hear your condensed version brief and to the point. Imagine the Dutch spending huge resources trying to separate two inland reservoirs and ignoring the dykes which keep the North Sea from flooding their country. They may achieve their aim but isn’t it pointless when you see the bigger picture? In a world where Global capital can get through any barrier how would a law in any nation State be effective? I’d like to hear YOUR effective pragmatic solution.

      • bonbon

        The nation state, USA, now under NerObama is in trouble yes. And the doomed empire of WallStreet/London (how about you?) is betting on blocking GS. This is the reality of the “shutdown”.
        Care to “predict” how this will turn out?

        • michaelcoughlan

          I personally (unlike you) don’t suffer from a god complex and am aware that I’m imperfect so I Wont try and explain but will leave it to no less an individual than Paul Craig Roberts PHD.


          • Reuters is owned by Rothschils so all reports are suspect. Reuters now comes out in favour of GS which tells me this is what the money masters want promoted. GS will have no substantial effect and is designed to draw our attention from the real solutions.

            Which are:
            The destruction of the central banking system, outlawing of fractional reserve practices, and reinstatement of treasury money accompanied by monetization of silver and repeal of the legal tender laws.

          • bonbon

            Reuters for GS – where is the link?

            The FT is for GS, and that’s a faction in the City. Sandy Weil from Citi is for GS – these have seen the only option that can work. All others are destructive, suicidal, and kamikaze.

  36. whatamess

    The global financial markets lack of equilibrium is stark! Kinda like a game of “Jenga” and we do NOT want to take AWAY any more blocks!!!!

    We want to STEADY the ship! Promote that stability with a rule book for banksters that they will have NO choice but to follow!!

    Let’s not SINK the ship that has almost run aground,for ALL our sakes!!! Some people want to wait for AFTER the crash and your AFTER life…fine,but not me!

    • michaelcoughlan

      We. Who is we?

      Your posts contradicts bonbon above who said;

      “Even if the British and the Bankers get their way, an irreversible disintegration is now in motion”

      Your post is deluded because when you encourage people to “not sink the ship”
      It assumes we have some control over the psychopaths in charge of the system.

      • bonbon

        You cannot understand it seems – a system is finished, an empire is doomed. The best way to put it out of its misery is Glass-Steagall now, before that extinct empire tries to exterminate us. This makes clear the difference between before and after.

        The future beckons – for many billions, where the history books will mention that childhood disease, monetarist empire and its gold alchemists with disdain. National sovereignty with massive credit for reconstruction including food production is key. That is known as Hamiltonian political economics.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi bonbon. China, Russia, India , Germany, venezula, brazil etc etc etc are all hoarding gold as everyone on the board knows. Gold isn’t going to be a relic to look back on in distain anytime soon.

          Keep posting bonbon, the more you post the more you damage your self.


        • Bon bon, you do everything you can to promote central banking policy under the guise of reform. I challenge any reader of this blog to research Hamilton and his bank. hid credit funds and policies.
          Massive projects are the preserve of military dictators and destruction of environmental standards for the “common good”.
          Intentionally or otherwise bon bon promotes more of what got us all into trouble in the first place. Massive use of debt based credit and central banking fiat money spent on government plans. Insane.

      • whatamess

        “We” – is sometimes referred to as the royal pronoun …
        And AGAIN,for the nose bleed seats…

        An Argument from ignorance:

        “For clarity it’s not that you’re stupid,it’s a particular logical fallacy that assumes that an explanation is correct as long as it hasn’t been disproved or an alternate explanation hasn’t been proved”
        “the CONCLUSION is the point where you stopped thinking, stopped investigating and gave up,ending your frustraction, with a pacifier”

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=288iMyELXC4 (start half way thro)

        I now KNOW your ‘pacifier” Michael, is you feeling you have NO power DEMOCRATICALLY and so resort to rubbishing Regulation which could be the blue print to saving us from impending doooom and getting napalmed AGAIN!

        The banksters ARE NOT in charge!! END your “delusion” and stop arriving at that same conclusion?!

        • whatamess


          “The SINGLE MOST important legislative response to the Great Depression was the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. Indeed, this may have been the single most influential piece of financial legislation of the 20th century …

          I think miman Denzzellll says it best …

          “The Shits Chess,It Ain’t Checkers!!!”


          • whatamess

            Argument from ignorance:

            “For clarity it’s not that you’re stupid,it’s a particular logical fallacy that assumes that an explanation is correct as long as it hasn’t been disproved or an alternate explanation hasn’t been proved”

            “the CONCLUSION is the point where you stopped thinking, stopped investigating and gave up,ending your frustraction, with a pacifier”

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=288iMyELXC4 (half way thro)

            I now KNOW your ‘pacifier” Michael, is you feeling you have NO power DEMOCRATICALLY and so resort to rubbishing Regulation which could be the blue print to saving us from impending doooom and getting napalmed AGAIN!
            The banksters ARE NOT in charge!!MAYBE stop arriving at that conclusion?

          • michaelcoughlan

            “resort to rubbishing Regulation”

            This is an example of the complete disconnect you have for people who don’t agree with your arguments. I never done the above. I have repeated over and over I’m not opposed to GS. What I’m saying now like I have been saying all along; The bankers and their corporations have to be stopped in their tracks FIRST before any legislitative change can be implemented or will have any effect.

            I figured out what your pacifier is.

            It’s GS.

        • michaelcoughlan


          Thanks for this. However regarding the USA what democracy are you referring to let jimmy carter former president enlighten you;


          Everyone on the board knows you buy your way to the White house and that George bush Jr stole the presidency.

          Let me clarify it for you

          ““it’s not that you’re stupid,it’s a particular logical fallacy that assumes that an explanation is correct as long as it hasn’t been disproved or an alternate explanation hasn’t been proved”
          “the CONCLUSION is the point where you stopped thinking, stopped investigating and gave up,ending your frustraction, with a pacifier”

          I haven’t figured out what your pacifier is.

          I can tell you this much though the facts of the situation. I have told you over and over again that im not opposed to GS. GS was got rid of by the psychos in charge and they are now running amok. So let me make it clear to you. It was Einstein I think who said that a sure sign of MADNESS is to try the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Bonbon is trying over and over again to divert the board and has failed. There is no helping him. You may be able to be helped if it can be made clear to you you are part of a cult and if you can find joy at home your family may still be able to save you.

          If you put your faith in Jesus he will save you too. I guarantee you if you don’t wisen up you will become an increasingly embittered and disturbed individual who will descend into a world of madness where you will atrophy in a cul de sac of your own madness and insanity.

          I’m not trying to be a smart arse.



  37. Michael and whatamess
    please stop fighting and have a civil discussion.
    on the other hand…a civil discussion with bon bon is not allowed by him!! :-)

    • michaelcoughlan

      Ok Tony thanks.

      I’m trying to save him. I have him on the ropes but ill ease off.

      I’m going to keep on exposing hypocrisy and duplicity every chance they give me though.

    • bonbon

      Civility? Today genocidal population reduction is considered civil.

      • michaelcoughlan

        It’s only considered civil in the head of a nut job like you.

        • bonbon

          We have the IPCC, Austerians, Greens of all shades, the OPT et al, Climate freaks all promoting massive population reduction. All with the veneer or sneer of academia, talk-shows, coffee shops.

          This as the oligarchies system collapses.

        • whatamess

          “We have savage hearts with a veneer of civility” DB45 said quite eloquently earlier

          Was your god in your heart when you made that most ghastly and distressing comment to Bonbon about a shotgun Michael?? And no apology to Bonbon and anyone else who had the misfortune of reading it? Even there too you ask “why” ?

          An act of contrition for you i think

          • michaelcoughlan

            In fairness you got the better of me in this post.

            If anyone was upset by my post re bonbon then I sincerely apologise and further more commit to refrain from such graphic posts in future.

          • whatamess

            It’s NOT a matter one up-man-ship Michael….

            just don’t let your emotions get the better of you….

            remain your passionate ,enquiring self and remember you can’t be all things to all people,so better not to try

            enjoy ur Sunday

          • whatamess

            and thanks for trying to have a word in the BIG Man’s Ear and “save me” …

            you did it from the heart in fairness

            i believed in god once too

            this is an economins blog so enuf of that shtuff

          • michaelcoughlan

            Thanks whatamess.

            I would very much like to see glass stegal principles restored. No question. The psychos in charge aren’t going to be able to control the forces they are about to unleash on the world. The are so mad they think they can.

            Tony brogans argument about silver
            backing the currency suffers from
            the same flaw which is the psychos
            in charge won’t allow that to
            happen either. At least citizens can use silver privately.

            There is going to be some clear out and whether people believe in god or not all we can do now is do our best to help our friends neighbours and community to survive to coming financial calamity.

            Enjoy the rest of the day. Keep yourself and your family safe.


  38. bonbon

    What really worries the von Hayek stringers here is that Glass-Steagall takes away their toys. The toys being a murderous crash, a massively reduced population and a Hapsburg monarchical illusion planted on the rubble. Von Hayek admitted this in his 1983 interview here :
    “I’d like to see a crash before I die”

    Have a look at the interview – The cats are out of the bag.

    Genocide exposed, with a wink and a nudge.

    We had exactly this in 1846, so we take offence at such nonsense.

    • Adam Byrne

      You are wearing out my delete button Mr. bonbon.

      • bonbon

        Maybe your button could delete the crisis? Keep pressing then.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Only in the head of a nut job like you.

          Keep posting as the more you do the more you damage yourself.


          • bonbon

            That Hayek interview is fatally damaging. And from such a civil smiling gentleman!

          • michaelcoughlan

            His interview clearly damaged you and your buddies but only because you were so crazy in the first instance.

            Keep posting bonbon. The more you do the more you damage yourself.


    • I have just read the link on the interview with Hayek. “I’d like to see a crash before I die.” I encourage everyone on the blog to take the ten minutes.

      You will see that bon bon has absolutely no basis for his statements about Hayek. I go as far as to say it is a total distortion of the truth and shows that bon bon can not be relied upon for clear analysis. His mind is clouded and biased. He imagines outcomes and dwells on fantasy. In fact the interview shows the opposite of his opinion and statements.

      I’ll not say more. You will see for yourself. Draw your own conclusions.

  39. bonbon

    The truth about the shutdown :

    LaRouche: Behind The Shutdown & Debt Ceiling Swindle Wall St. Orders Obama To Kill Glass-Steagall

    Several highly qualified Washington sources have confirmed that this was the ultimatum delivered by the Wall Street delegation that met privately with Obama on Wednesday afternoon Oct. 2 at the White House.

    The delegation was organized by the Financial Services Forum, a coalition of the nation’s 19 biggest banks and insurance companies, and included Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs; Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America; Michael Corbat, CEO of Citibank; and Anshu Jain, CEO of Deutsche Bank.

    • michaelcoughlan

      I know all along the scum in charge would do this. Penny dropped yet bonbon?

      • bonbon

        So do not support them, get on board for Glass-Steagall!

        Any kind of argument that delays GS, invalidates it, poo-poo’s it is exactly what these banksters need.

        Do you see the bear-trap you get into with “gold”?

      • michaelcoughlan

        I’m not supporting them I want to stop them by forcing the fed to close. More of your madness clear stating a lie that I’m supporting these phsychos.

        Keep posting bonbon the more you do the more you damage yourself.


        • bonbon

          The FED – what about the entities represented at the meeting with Obama posted above? They barked orders to prevent Glass-Steagall.

          • michaelcoughlan



            Most of the entities outlined are shareholders in the fed. Kill the fed you kill them. You then can implement GS.


    • michaelcoughlan

      I have brought you full circle bonbon. Your now using your energy to prove my point.

      Keep on posting bonbon.


  40. bonbon

    The shutdown is behavioral conditioning to prepare citizens to accept the bail-in. That’s Obama’s game.

  41. bonbon

    Obama and some leading GOP are preparing conditioning the US for bail-in, with political anarchy, but
    Greece and Ireland Are On the Way to Bail-in

    That means seizing deposits as Enda oversaw with Cyprus. This is obviously contrary to the image of Ireland as the “wunderkind” of Eurozone bailouts.

    The only way to stop this is immediately splitting banks!!

  42. bonbon

    Real Panic Coming from the Top of the Financial Oligarchy not because of the default possibility and shutdown, but the panic is due to the fact that the whole system is coming down at breath-taking speed and there is nothing they can do about it within the confines of the current system.

    Lagarde’s hysterics were matched by Jack Lew, U.S. Treasury Secretary.

    • bonbon

      This week, the eleven largest U.S. banks submitted their “living wills(Reuters)” to the Fed and FDIC. In each case, the big banks swore that they were bailout-proof under the worst of financial crises, due to vast reserves of cash and easily liquidated securities they are sitting on. Clearly, Jack Lew and the Treasury Department are not so sanguine.

  43. bonbon

    On Wednesday, the government of Gambia announced that it was withdrawing its membership from the British Commonwealth. They said, “Gambia will never be a member of any neo-colonial institution, and never be a party to any institution that represents an extension of colonialism.” And this announcement comes, conveniently, just six weeks before the great, global convention of the Commonwealth, which usually has 53 member states.

    The USA, China, and Russia can get together and declare an end to the financial bail-in/out, hyperinflation, anarchy, disintegration, all better known as the British empire, and wonderful things would begin to happen!

  44. Michael
    I suggested as per Hugo Salinas Price that silver one ounce coin be monetized. That takes only an act by a parliament to perform. No permission of Psychos required.
    silver as an alternate currency free standing not backing anything else. Very simple and easily done.
    It can be implemented at the local level. Nice to have it treated as money and not taxed. That tax is an impediment put in the way of real money by the psychos. There should be no tax on money.

    Have a great evening. I’m going sailing!!

    • michaelcoughlan

      Thanks Tony. I’m going to try and get silver involved in transactions in the Limerick community grocery with suppliers at the most local level.

      An act of parliament would be very difficult to achieve at the higher levels in the US but it is indeed great to see individual states monetizing silver at the more local level.

      I need to be instructed on the 20% rule over spot you mentioned before so I’ll contact you shortly if that’s ok.

      Enjoy your sailing.



  45. bonbon

    The banksters may seem like werewolves (who knows at full moon), but a “silver” bullet, sorry, coin?

    Much better for Limerick to start a.s.a.p the
    Shannon Deep Harbour and Tuskar Tunnel.

    None of this will spring forth miraculously from any amount of metal. It means moving the economy to a new level. Who says Limerick should fumble at greasy tills?

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi bonbon,

      One of the reasons I keep demonstrating to the board how psychotic you are by demonstrating your exact same methods as the psychopaths in charge of the worlds financial system is to demonstrate that you and they are one in the same.

      The psychopaths in charge currently want to control the wealth creating working and middle classes so they can line their own pockets at everones expense.

      You and your psycho buddies want to control the wealth creating working and middle classes to force wealth distribution on everyone.

      Either way everyone winds up living in a totalitarian society the building where non desirables are housed remains the same with just a change in the sign depending on whose in power.

      Concentration camp/gulag.

      KEEP Posting Bonbon the MORE you post the more you damagae yourself.

      Glass stegal my hole!

    • michaelcoughlan

      Much better for Limerick to start digging a tunnel?

      The state is so fucked it can’t pay for special needs teachers and your talking about building tunnels to tusker rock.

      Stick to building castles in the sky bonbon.

      Keep posting, the more you do the more you damage yourself.


  46. whatamess


    Michael is still “shivering” as he prays and saves


    Have a great week all

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