June 20, 2013

Chevys, CIA and cops: the day Michelle came to lunch

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It was all a bit like waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. As a boy, I remember nervously scanning the skies through the window for a sign, just a glimpse of the sleigh. My mother played along, ratcheting up the excitement by telling me she’d just heard on the radio that Santa had left Belfast and was flying towards Dublin. Nothing would get me into bed quicker – but in the exhilaration of it all, a young boy couldn’t get a wink.

Waiting for Michelle Obama yesterday in Dalkey was a bit the same. As the crowd assembled, those in the know in Dalkey told anyone who’d care to listen that they were assured that she “hadn’t even left Glendalough yet”.

The excitement has been building all weekend.

During the Dalkey book festival, rumours swirled around that the first lady of the US would be rocking up for lunch. These stories were substantiated by the arrival of a very strange type of visitor to the town – a creature we’d never seen the likes of.

Last Friday afternoon, six well-built American men with baseball caps on backwards and scraggy facial hair sat in a row at the bar of Finnegans in Dalkey, drinking water. If this particular detail of the presidential security machine were really trying to convince the locals that they were nothing more than a few tourists, they might have at least pretended to have a pint.

Dalkey has been full of these shifty lads for days, mingling amongst us ahead of Michelle’s lunch with Bono at his local, Finnegans.

At 11.21am, the commotion begins.

“She’s left Glendalough, so she has. She’ll be in Kilmacanogue by now,” nods one of the sages.

“Not at all, she’ll be only at Roundwood.”

“Past Bray, I’d say.”

“Back now,” said the cops, drafted in in their hundreds.

“Mind that barrier, now.”

Two guards leaning against a lamp post flashed the contented grin of decent overtime as they tried to avoid eye contact with the CIA lads who prowled up and down Railway Road.

And in a scene that could have been straight out of Flann O’Brien’s ‘Dalkey Archive’, a red bicycle chained to the lamp post quickly became a security risk. With no one stepping up to claim the bike, the Yanks thought the worst and sent in the dogs.

The sniffer dog sniffed. Unimpressed. An unfeasibly tall secret service man gave the offending bike a wide berth and barked something into his sleeve. Still the hound sniffed.

To cheers from the assembled throng, an elderly local with a towel under his arm, just back from his daily dip in the Ramparts, claimed the bike, oblivious to the fact that his steed had nearly caused an airstrike to be called in on Sorrento Road.

The local dignitaries and bigwigs who’d actually made the cut to lunch lined up in their finest outside the pub to be counted in meticulously by the CIA.

By this stage, the town’s savants were beginning to reveal themselves as experts on all classes of security patterns that pertained to the first lady’s entourage.

“They’ll be here in blacked-out Chevrolets,” we were assured by one.

“Only Chevys, and three exactly the same so you wouldn’t know who was in what one,” he warned.

The crowd knew something was up when Bono arrived with his wife and children.

Only a matter of time now.

The children were beside themselves. My son and his mates hung out the window of our office directly opposite Finnegans, possibly the best seats in the house.

Imagine, you are an 11-year-old boy and in your town are helicopters, secret service agents, the CIA, grown men talking into their own sleeves and hundreds of cops, cop cars, cops on motorbikes and huge Americans in dark shades scanning the skies, the tops of buildings and checking manholes.

It was ‘The Matrix’, ‘Call of Duty’ and James Bond all rolled into one. The phones and cameras were at the ready, everything would be documented, everyone would have their story to tell about the day Michelle came to Dalkey.

The drone of the chopper as it hovered above Castle Street signaled something major was about to happen. Then two cops on BMWs sped up Sorrento Road. The wail of sirens was followed by a phalanx of seven cars, which swerved around the corner.

The agents, strangely dressed in chinos and blazers, leapt out of the cars, guns primed, and faced up to the confused locals who, rather than surging forward, actually stepped back at the sight of these lads.

The door of the blacked-out Chevvie in the middle of the convoy opened.

Out bounded Michelle and headed straight into Finnegans without a head turn or even a wave. In a split second, she was gone.

Meanwhile, 150-odd miles away in Enniskillen, her husband was putting the final touches to a communique, which called for a change in the way corporation tax is paid and the way multinationals treat their worldwide income.

While there was nothing concrete and the statement used the word “should” rather than will, if this leads to a transformation in the way corporate tax is treated, the day Michelle came to Dalkey might have a much more dramatic impact on Ireland’s economic fortunes then might initially be appreciated.

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  1. Adam Byrne


  2. Adam Byrne


  3. I remember as a 12 year old standing by the side of the street as the queen was to pass. I had a good spot and excitement was in the air. I was early.

    Within a half hour adults had arrived and pushed this rather unassuming 12 to the back now a crowd of 5-6 deep and I was reduced to peaking through gaps.

    There is the car and in a flash gone. I with a glimpse of a face behind the glass. A great disappointment and a waste of my time I concluded.

    Since then I have avoided the common herd and the gaping at strangers who care nothing for me. I’d rather meet one of you for a one on one anytime.

    • Tony I would have to agree with you. I was a bit younger when the Queen’s mother drove through the English village I lived in at the time. We all stood like eegits waving flags and I never even saw her, just a black car.

      I have to say I felt like a commoner pleb when trying to get to my place of work which is near the Shelbourne where Michelle Obama was staying. I felt very resentful that area was cordoned off despite it being a private visit.

    • Colin


      Are you heading over to old blighty any time soon? I’m back in London now after a nice break. Would be great to meet up for a pint and swap some cash for some precious thirst quenching golden pints of lager.

      • Yes, Colin I’ll email you.
        Must say David. One of the best things about this blog??????? I have met some great characters and made some good friends. Thank you.

  4. David

    I have to say that was a brilliant piece of writing, that blog piece had me giggling away and I could really feel myself there on the street, hearing what everyone was saying. If economics gets too much, you should write a novel. That was brilliant.

    That aside a nod or a wave would have been nice.

  5. Hi Miec

    Glad you liked it. The economics stuff is getting so bizarre anyway, that it may as well be a novel much of the time!



    • Colin

      David, did you ever read Paul Theroux’s Death Star Safari? I’m 80% through it, and find it very insightful. He travels from Cairo to Cape town on buses, boats, camels, anything he can. He is convinced we (the West) should not be giving aid to lazy and corrupt African governments. He is not an economist, but he has worked as a teacher with the Peace Corps in Africa (to dodge the Vietnam draft as he freely admitted). Did you know during South Africa’s apartheid regime, the Japanese lobbied the White government in South Africa to classify Japanese as ‘white’, and they were successful – that’s pretty funny in my eyes.

      He also descibes Obama’s Kenya in a poor light, and Adam’s Somalia as a hellhole full of bandits.

      • Adam Byrne

        Alright Colin, hope all is well and you’ll be at Kilkenomics this year.

        There’s a reason those African regimes are lazy and corrupt, and it’s the same reason we have a lazy and corrupt regime here – where colonial arselicking are get-rich-quick-schemes are King.

        The difference is our best men died on famine ships or emigrated, while Africa’s best men died on slave ships, or fought for 300 years for freedom in a strange land.

        Meanwhile the best part of Enda Kenny rolled down his mother’s leg.

        • Adam Byrne

          ‘and’ get-rich-quick-schemes, sorry

        • Colin

          Hi Adam,

          Yes, all is well here thanks, and I do hope to be in Kilkenny again this year as I really enjoyed it.

          So, do you agree with me we should tell Paul Hewson (who the hell in their 50s still wants to be called by their childhood nickname for fcuks sake) to fund those activities out of his own tax avoided bank accounts and cease giving aid to lazy and corrupt African Governments? Of course, that would mean no do-gooders farting around the bush in brand new SUVs and staying in 5 Star Hotels and using local prostitutes.

          Well done on your exam results and enjoy your holidays.

          • Adam Byrne

            Thanks Colin, I got my results today.

            Of course I agree with you on that – ‘Bono’ is a total idiot and fraud – anyone can see that.

            Aid is not the way to go long term, of course not, people need to stand up for themselves.

            Proper trade links and fair markets (which don’t involve the ongoing rape of African countries), which can empower local economies is the only way to go.

            That’s the short version.

  6. Adam Byrne

    What a load of nonsense, I agree with Clare Daly for once:

    ‘Ireland prostituted to Obamas’ rages Clare Daly


    No one is trying to deny kids and their sense of wonder on a sunny day but there’s plenty of better role models than this odious family (not including the daughters).

    If this was Pakistan the smiling kids might be expecting a different kind of visit from the two-faced Obamas.

    As for the Irish establishment – #Paddywhackery again at its pinnacle.

    Enda Kenny and his ilk are a subservient embarrassment, he’s not fit to tie a pair of shoelaces properly but he’ll lick any boots that are thrust in front of his incompetent gombeen mush.

    Pathetic and cringeworthy is what it is.

  7. Puschkin the Black and White Cat

    Ha, I saw them going down the M50 on Saturday Mornng @ 11:15 ‘ish.

    Perhaps it was the first American Lady, I’m not sure. I welcomed them to Ireland by giving them the one finger wave, an embarrised Garda car waved me on, which was good as I finally got an offical reason to do over 100km on the M50!

    Main point, they just looked stupid, 10 black cars (4×4′s) with flashing lights, one old clapped out Garda car, just totally scared me into insulting them.

    What’s the point, if you need all that security and if you’re that scared, then just stay at home.

    If your counrty is so hated that you feel afraid outside then stay at home, personally I have no need or want to welcome a bunch of money grabbing nutters to Ireland, we have enough of our own.

    Perhaps all this show of power is giving support for the puppet Dail.

    I don’t like to see them bring their own security on our soil without our permission. My message, “If you don’t want to be insulted, then don’t come here, you’re not welcome”, and if you still want to come then be like any other visitor and avail of our security if we decide it’s required.

    Clare Daly was correct.

    Cheers All

    • Irish PI

      Well,I suppose if you have had about six presidents in 230 that have been shot at long and close range,you might consider the need for some sort of protection on them?Plus the fact that as POTUS you are obviously the most reviled man on the planet,apprently even in the country your ancestors hailed from.however,I dont think any first lady or first children have ever been killed in the line of duty,but then again being associated with the Prez makes you a second best target.
      Hence the reason the US taxpayer pays stupid money to protect their Prez and family.Nothing to do with fear.

      As you said a clapped out Garda car and as David said Gaurds looking happy with the overtime…What kind of a shambloic security detail is that and how well could it react to a dedicated hard on attack of a terrorist group?? And I’m not talking about of local drunk up “oh Ah Up the ‘RA”"Fk off Yanks” type idiots That pour lot can handle,more or less.

      I wouldnt get the Gaurds to protect my cat or even Pushkins cat for that matter.What happens if some nice Meditterranian looking lad or girl with a happy smile on their faces ,very clean clothes had walked into the pub in Dalkey,they were local,”so they are grand”walked up to the group, Yelled “Allah U Akhbar!” And blown themselves the presidental party and Bono[hopefully] as well as the pub,and downtown Dalkey to bloody bits?? I would like to see Inda and Shatter explain that one to Obbie ,that his missus and kids went literally all over Dalkey!!!
      IOW my message to you is ..Go away and learn something about why VIPs actually have security and cost their taxpayers a few million a pop,and no doubt soon our lot will be clamouring for them as well once the pro life or pro choice Taliban loons do finally manage to actually do something other than issue threats.

      On something completely different.
      Finished the Popes Children,Follow the Money,and have started the Generation Game.Brilliant,but the Ireland you describe in the popes children David ,is like an Ireland I never experianced in the 90s an oughties..It was like you described an Ireland in a parallel universe.I could identify with Udo Lindenburg quicker than with Miss Pencil Skirt or the Merchant of Ennis.
      Either whichway these books should be read by everyone to see how badly we have been bent over spread and reamed without the benefit of KY lube as a country.
      Have a nice day Y’all.

  8. cooldude

    This communique which calls for a change in the way multinationals treat their worldwide income is interesting. This is all part of a carefully contrived setup which has been going on for a while and will end up with corporation tax by multinationals being paid on a worldwide basis. This will enable the globalists to unveil some global tax collecting body sort of like a UN for tax. This is all being done under the banner of how unfair it is that Google and Apple pay bugger all tax and was given loads of airplay recently when Harriot Harmon gave the CEOs of these companies a good bashing in the House of Commons. All this is just another staged act to bring in this second form of global tax. The first one was carbon tax which is also just a money spinner for those in the know. This is just another step in the globalists plan for more centralized control.

    The old bar in The Club has the best pint in Dalkey. You wouldn’t get globalist lickarse Bono or any of his corporate scum mates there.

    • Reality Check

      @Cooldude The magpie Inn in Dalkey looks great I’m told they even have Belgian trappist beers on draught!
      Must make a trip to see an old buudy of mine – who is a new resident of dalkey.

    • Agree with you on the bar in the club.

      Photos of my uncles and other relations in the rowing club at Coliemore in the 1940 and 1930s and of my Dad and his mates in the old pre-Dalkey United football teams on the walls.

      Also one of the true late pints in the town



  9. Mr Happy Dole Dude

    Oh Yawn, a Gossip Column by McWilliams; peeping windows and Obama’s fan club; Mr. Mcwilliams your gossip column is unlikely to get a debate on the tax avoidance hypocrites M – Obama (Yes we scan…The war criminal) and Beano the “man” that speaks fluent bullshit?

    It is doubtful a meaningful debate on the economy in relation to tax thieves will happen here considering the fan based obsession gossip column a above.

    That some of the comments use this fan mania column blogy thingy as a communication device to shoot the breeze “Good morning” – “nice day” makes me suspicious that they are not really here for debate?

    It seems the fan boy has his own groupies. ‘the day McWilliams came to lunch on a bicycle and would own up’ – An Irish mans dairy.

    Are you writing for Hello now?
    Hello Now!

    Sarcasm is said to be the lowest form of wit; really gosh!-There I go giving the fluent bulshitter more bad (good) press?

  10. Listen head – happy dole fuck or whatever you call yourself, no one forces you to read any of my stuff, if you can’t see a day out for kids for what is is, I can’t help you. Pathetic.


    • Mr Happy Dole Dude

      Simplifying the Obama regime as a day out is the issue and if you cannot see the danger normalising the actions of the USAs regimes policy’s then that is pathetic the kids of today will not thank in the future.

      I read articles from all sections right, left and upside-down I idolise none I criticise the bad in them and applaud the not so bad. Obama is not a rock star singing silly love songs he drops bombs on children – Obama is not such a good day out for some children far from it.

      There is no doubt we have to work with all sorts Osama’s and Obama’s but idolism them normalises the destruction of lives finally the USA/Obama wants to talk to the Taliban because they have no choice now.
      This is not based on logic or altruism if it was they would be talking to Assad and many more but they place preconditions knowing they are unacceptable, even when they get a yes (Iran in the recent past) they say no.

      I enjoy reading your articles some are excellent some are so-so some are like the one above -teenage mania.

      As I sure you are aware you expect to be criticized on the merits of what you write not your person…if I have offended your person it was unintended.

  11. Hi David,

    Yeah, also enjoyed reading this one. You could do a great side-line is short stories. Perhaps we need more poets and writers, people seem unimpressed (or perhaps overwhelmed) with mere facts these days.


    ps. Berlin yesterday was an astonishing piece of security theatrics, panzers and everything else:


  12. Mr Happy Dole Dude

    Hale Hitler – Hale Caesar – Hale Obama; when Obama comes to town it looks like a scene from Jesus Movie – the pheasants get wiped while they beg for coins and hand outs, today the wipes have been replaced with tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and water cannon the Romans autocrats appear to be softy’s in comparison.

    I feel oppressed, suppressed, and not impressed with the autocrats that came to see a hypocritical flaunt bullshitting in Dalkey. oh feelings.

  13. onq

    I was stuck for ten minutes at the Killiney Towers roundabout on my way home waiting for the cavalcade to leave Dalkey.

    No biggie – around Dublin, we’re used to the 1% holding up traffic.

    My friend John Fahy on Facebook is a Dalkey native and a great photographer. 41 shots of the “arrival”. Only two were of Michelle Obama.

    Michelle Obama’s lack of crowd contact was less than impressive.

  14. onq

    I *did* see a nice shot of one of the sub-machine guns in one of the cars, nestling in its own special holder fixed into the floor of the vehicle. I’m sure its a breach of some security protocol or other to publish it, but f*ckit, information wants to be free.

    • bonbon

      Unless you show photos’ of the wellies from Enniskillen, I’d say its a fake. Better yet a tractor!

    • Irish PI

      No one makes a big deal out of it.Trying to get unauthorised access to it..You would need to pull the car apart before you get it out of those clamp locks.So no worries of any 3AM knocks on your door.

  15. EddieN

    “Nothing would get me into bed quicker – but in the exhilaration of it all, a young boy couldn’t get a wink.”

    Glad the letter “i” is far away from “a” on the key board!

  16. mcsean2163

    Ireland has the 5th lowest road traffic mortality. The US is 62nd, over 32,000 people killed on US roads in 2011.

    Nearly 1% of all males in prison in the US.

    Well, I guess, at least Michelle and her children are well cared for.

    • Irish PI

      Pouplation of the USA 250 million +/- Ireland all of 4.5 million +/- .
      Blue whale to field mouse comparison.Both are mammals but that’s where the simmilarity ends. Ridicilous trying to compare a bankrupt rock off the West coast of Europe to a broke World hyper power in any shape or form.

  17. Colin

    ‘The local dignitaries and bigwigs who’d actually made the cut to lunch lined up in their finest outside the pub to be counted in meticulously by the CIA.’ – Good for them, if that’s what makes them happy and proud. Is Michelle supposed to be an excellent comedienne? Does she do Karaoke – maybe a rendition ‘It’s raining men!’ – Homer Simpson’s favourite song? She would have been going to discos as a teenager when this was knocking around, imagine her singing into her hairbrush as she is getting all dolled up at home on a Friday Evening.


    Maybe it would have been more interesting if Pauldiv dressed up as Rab C Nesbitt managed somehow to find his way into the pub and drunkenly explain to Michelle how good Celtic really were.

  18. Deco

    Just wondering, but does the Family of the POTUS having lunch with a tax non-domicile mean that we can continue the “tax efficient” regime here or does it mean that it is the begining of the end ?

    Just a thought….

  19. Lets not forget what these filth are responsible for in other parts of the world.


    Happy to have criminals in Dalkey, reminds me of the welcomes Hitler used to get when he drove into invaded cities in his open top Mercedes.

    The history books may judge the Obama’s differently then the Dalkey people did this week.

    • I forgot to add, the video I linked above came from Wikileaks, It shows the murder of civilians and an attack on a mini school van with children in it. Well over 100,000 people in Iraq have died as a result of the American industrial war machine and its plunder and rape for oil and resources.
      The US soldier who apparently leaked this video and helped to expose the murders carried out by the US Evil Empire is called Bradley Manning he was arrested and tortured by the US army since and is now on trial in the US and although he is quite young he has aged rapidly and is scared from torture and beatings from US detention officials.

      • Colin

        Maybe Bradley shouldn’t have joined the army then? Why didn’t he ask McDonalds to employ him in his home town? Or why didn’t he just quit the army as soon as he realised that bad things happen in wars?

        • bonbon

          Maybe Mr. Blair, an his shoe cleaners should’nt have “sexed” up an illegal war? Bad things happen that cause wars, and bad is Mr. Blair.

          Blair in Jerusalem: War on Iran, War on Syria, Save the Banks Above All

          • Colin

            Maybe Saddam shouldn’t have played hardball, all he had to do was allow the weapons inspectors full access, and a full inventory would have been produced, making Blair’s case for war a lot weaker. But he didn’t and he was hanged by his own people, something your mate Michael D thought was offensive.

          • bonbon

            Ssure they found WMD in the sands, made in the usa stamped all over. No matter what Saddam did the seal was set with Cyprus. Now Blair says above all save the banks with a war or 2.

            Ghadafi, no matter what you thought of him, was murdered before camera’s on Obama’s watch. A stoop lower.

            Obama must be impeached, a Constitutional procedure the Founding Fathers expected to be used at least once per generation. A civilized way to remove a dictator.

          • Colin

            So what if they were made in USA? They were friends when they were bought, but as you know bonbon, friends sometimes fall out. If Tony Brogan sold you gold years ago, and you buried it in the ground, and then subsequently fell out with Tony, that gold is still yours, and if you use it to make weapons components to threaten Tony’s real and long lasting friends, then Tony is gonna get really pissed off with you.

          • bonbon

            Only problem, nothing was found except some scrap. No evidence whatsoever. An illegal war. Now we hear of gas, the opposition is using it. Have a look at this, if you dare :
            Washington Is Insane, Plunging Toward World War III, Says Paul Craig Roberts

          • Colin

            More fool Saddam, letting the West think he had them when he didn’t. No fool like an old fool.

            Can you give me an example of a legal war, and how many have there been in history?

  20. bonbon

    How the USA has fallen, from “I have a Dream” to “I have a Drone”.

    Barry O’Nixon in Berlin “Ich bin ein Bail-In’er”.

  21. bonbon

    Der Spiegel: Beware of Big Brother Obama
    18 June( EIRNS) Spiegel chief editor Jakob Augstein commented on the Obama visit, in the June 17th Edition:

    “Those who believed that drone attacks in Pakistan or the camp at Guantanamo were merely regrettable events at the end of the world should stop to reflect. Those who still believed that the torture at Abu Ghraib or that the waterboarding in CIA prisons had nothing to do with them, are now changing their views. Those who thought that we are on the good side and that it is others who are stomping all over human rights are now opening their eyes. A regime is ruling in the United States today that acts in totalitarian ways when it comes to its claim to total control. Soft totalitarianism is still totalitarianism”.

    • Colin


      Where are my human rights when I want to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia and I’m not allowed in because I am Roman Catholic? That’s discrimination, I want to see those numnuts all prostrating themselves to a lump of rock but I can’t because they won’t let me in. That’s totalitarianism. No one has raised it in the UN, because they are all afraid of islamic totalitarianism.

      • bonbon

        Well Barry O’Nixon could give you an Ohio class boomer with 27 x 8 warheads of 470 kilotons each to “declare your human rights”. Have a little chat with Mr. Blair, you’l get a good price for 24 hours with a nudge and a wink, like.

        • Colin

          Please give me Obama’s and Blair’s mobile number, I’ll ask him if I get through.

          Any chance you’ll answer my question above, regarding discrimination?

          • bonbon

            You have been weighed and measured and found wanting.

            470 kilotons of thermonuclear explosive against a feather – the balance is clear, I would think.

          • Colin

            Look bonbon, I want to do what you advised, so please give me both Blair’s and Obama’s phone number, and let me have a chat with them. I promise I’ll tell you how many nudges and winks I detect down the phone line.

          • bonbon

            Slavering for genocide what? Blair will like that. Make sure to drool a lot.

          • Colin

            How’s the Adams family these days bonbon? Keeping the love in the family? nudge nudge wink wink. Gerry’s brother did a lot of bad drooling, bad genes there bonbon, be careful, they tend to offer sweets to kids outside playgrounds.

          • bonbon

            Go make the call. Watch for the smell of sulphur though.

          • Colin

            What about the Irish slavers, Niall and the Nine hostages, St Patrick taken against his will to look after some pigs on a hill. Seems like everyone has been at the slavery game, but you only see the English as the perpetrators. Take off the blinkers there bonbon.

  22. bonbon

    Brave TD Clare Daly Criticizes Almost Unprecedented Slobbering Over War Criminal Obama

    Independent TD Clare Daly has the guts to condemn the “almost unprecedented slobbering, sycophantic fawning ” by the Irish politicians and press, “behaving like a nation of pimps prostituting ourselves for a pat on the head” over “war criminal Obama”.

    Well said! Video to see.

  23. bonbon

    A Thousand Snowdens?

    June 19, 2013 (EIRNS)–While trying to minimize everything about the NSA surveillance program (“only 22 people” can approve a domestic wiretap) in Tueday’s House Intelligence Committee pep rally, NSA Director Keith Alexander was forced into one notable admission.

    This came as Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) asked Alexander how many people were in the same position as Edward Snowden, to have access to the kind of information that he did.

    “Well, there are system administrators throughout NSA and in all our complexes around the world,” Alexander answered. “And there is on the order of a thousand system administrators, people who actually run the networks that have, in certain sections, that level of authority and ability….”

    Asked by Schakowsky how many of these are outside contractors, Alexander responded that, “The majority are contractors. As you may know, as you may recall, about 12-13 years ago as we tried to downsize our government work force, we pushed more of our information technology workforce or system administrators to the contract arena. That’s consistent across the intelligence community.”

    Estimates are, in fact, that about 70% of the total Intelligence Community today consists of private contractors. In the NSA, outsourcing includes not only U.S. contractors, but Israeli firms, as NSA-watcher and author James Bamford has pointed out.

    Privatization has gotten to the point, where former NSA Director Michael Hayden told {National Journal} in a June interview, “There isn’t a phone or computer at Fort Meade [NSA headquarters] that the government owns.”

    This is another factor which makes Congressional oversight — or any kind of oversight — a complete joke.

  24. bonbon

    DMcW, I think you will like this, as you mentioned the economic stuff is so bizarre :

    Bernanke Promises to Keep the Financial Heroin Flowing; but Stocks Plunge on the Bad News that Good News Might Be on the Way

    June 19, 2013 (LPAC)–The Federal Reserve’s FOMC met and announced today that they would continue on course with Chairman Ben Bernanke’s current policy of massive Quantitative Easing (QE) and zero interest rates, to allow a torrent of funds to keep flowing into the speculative bubble, lest it burst. With QE proceeding at $85 billion per month or more — which is an annual rate of $1 trillion in funny money — that policy insures a near-term hyperinflationary blowout of the U.S. and world financial system, as Lyndon LaRouche has been warning for years.

    Despite this assurance of a continued flow of financial heroin to the addicted financial system, the Wall Street junkies responded to the FOMC-Bernanke announcement by unleashing a major market sell-off on Wednesday afternoon. The problem, you see, is that the FOMC statement also said that “the Committee sees the downside risks to the outlook for the economy and labor market as having diminished since the fall” – in other words, that things just might get better. But since that means, in Fed gobbledygook, that future QE could conceivably be “tapered” off, the markets chose to display preemptive withdrawal symptoms.

    Does this all sound like a long-lost chapter from Alice in Wonderland? Read on.
    It turns out that it is “Fibonacci and the Stochastic Oscillator” that are causing all the financial turmoil — at least in the U.K. The following comment actually appeared in a Bloomberg wire today: “Traders [are] unsure whether Mark Carney will step up stimulus efforts when he takes over as Bank of England governor next month… The pound is also approaching a key Fibonacci retracement level where sell orders tend to be clustered, while the stochastic oscillator crossed a threshold that implies an imminent reversal.”

    Omigod! It’s Fibonacci and the Stochastic Oscillator! What can we possibly do?!
    (And you thought that excessive exposure to mathematics didn’t lead to clinical psychosis…)

  25. bonbon

    Bizarre economics being applied to Detroit, while Barry O’Bama offensively charms :

    Detroit Battle: Glass-Steagall and National Credit, or Genocidal Austerity

    Austerity as deep, as deadly, and as sure to fail as that imposed on Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus by the European “Troika”, is now being demanded against the City of Detroit, with disastrous potential consequences for bankrupt cities and states around the nation.

    • Colin

      By the way, was the English establishment behind the Great Fire of London in 1666, or the Great Plague where tens of thousands died?

      • Adam Byrne

        No but they were certainly behind the famine and the slave trade.

        • Colin

          You know they were the first to end the slave trade, something your Somalian friends and Arabs operating in East and North Africa continued for years.

          • Adam Byrne

            You can’t excuse bad behaviour by pointing to other bad behaviour Colin – you’re smart enough to know that.

            Otherwise known as the Comparative Virtue Excuse.

          • Colin

            Not applicable here Adam. British were the first to realise the error of their ways on this matter, and led the world in ending slavery. That’s why the Dutch settlers moved North into the Transvaal away from the Cape Colony when the British took hold, as the Boer couldn’t stomach the enlightened British attitude to ending slavery.

            How is that an excuse for bad behaviour?

        • bonbon

          End the slave trade? That’s a good one. It continued under London’s financial oversight. The so-called “abolitionist movement” sought to derail Lincoln, and failed. He knew the game, as do we.

          Time to catch-up, you have been left-behind.

          • Colin

            By 1783, following the American Revolutionary War, an anti-slavery movement to abolish the slave trade throughout the Empire had begun among the British public.
            In 1808, after Parliament passed the Slave Trade Act of 1807, the Royal Navy established the West Africa Squadron. The squadron’s task was to suppress the Atlantic slave trade by patrolling the coast of West Africa. It did suppress the slave trade, but did not stop it entirely. It is possible that, when slave ships were in danger of being captured by the Royal Navy, some captains may have ordered the slaves to be thrown into the sea to reduce the fines they had to pay. Between 1808 and 1860 the West Africa Squadron captured 1,600 slave ships and freed 150,000 Africans. They resettled many in Jamaica and the Bahamas.[5][6]
            In 1823, the Anti-Slavery Society was founded. Members included Joseph Sturge, Thomas Clarkson, William Wilberforce, Henry Brougham, Thomas Fowell Buxton, Elizabeth Heyrick, Mary Lloyd, Jane Smeal, Elizabeth Pease and Anne Knight.[7]
            During the Christmas holiday of 1831, a large-scale slave revolt in Jamaica, known as the Baptist War, broke out. It was organised originally as a peaceful strike by the Baptist minister, Samuel Sharpe. The rebellion was suppressed by the militia of the Jamaican plantocracy and the British garrison ten days later in early 1832. Because of the loss of property and life in the 1831 rebellion, the British Parliament held two inquiries. The results of these inquiries contributed greatly to the abolition of slavery with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833.

            Protector of Slaves Office (Trinidad), Richard Bridgens, 1838.
            A successor organisation to the Anti-Slavery Society was formed in London in 1839, which worked to outlaw slavery in other countries. Its official name was the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.[8] The world’s oldest international human rights organisation, it continues today as Anti-Slavery International.[9]
            Slavery was officially abolished in most of the British Empire on 1 August 1834.[10] In practical terms, only slaves below the age of six were freed in the colonies

          • bonbon

            You still don’t get it. Lincoln ended slavery, and defeated Britain’s CSA, secessionists. This was all made clear by Frederick Douglass’ address on Lincoln’s memory

            I can explain further if one persists in a parochial British tack.

          • Colin

            Funny how the Arabs kept on slaving, long after Lincoln won his war. They didn’t get the memo obviously. And the Boers must have misunderstood what the British were doing in the Cape Colony, since they left it decades before the 1860s.

            Please take the Anglophobic blinkers off bonbon.

          • bonbon

            It’s all about the US, isn’t it. Whether the Arabs continued the game or not is not really the point, is it?

            The issue was decided at Gettysburg. So why raise it again? Property can never pursue happiness.

            So here’s to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”!

            NOT the CSA “Life, Liberty, and Property”, the mantra of London’s secessionists (John Locke’s confederate recipe)

        • I sense love is in the air. Now now boys. Go easy on each other.

      • bonbon

        “The English establishment” did not exist during the Greate Plague, but Venice did, and did actually cause that plague. During Shakespear’s time, the Venetian Party took over the crown, priv council. That was fixed in tombstone by that Dutch-Venetian William of Orange, who after slaughtering the English ate the Irish for desert.

        That “establishment” today says openly with Queenly decrees that 1 billion have a right to exist, the rest must be culled forthwith. charming “establishment”, what, Squire?

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_III_of_England

          William of Orange appears to have been invited to “invade” England by the Parliament who wish to maintain a protestant government.

          He seems to have fought little if at all in England but battled Jacobean forces in Ireland and Scotland. James fleeing when the going got tough leaving his supporters to defend themselves.

          Shakespeare was Elizabethan and long dead, 23 April 1616, before King Billy arrived

        • bonbon

          Silent William (and you must know why) brought the Venetian party from Amsterdam in force. It had already begun in Shakespeare’s time. The slaughter that ensued changed England. Diana mentioned the “grey-suited ones” not long ago and did not live much longer.

          From Venice comes the Bank of Amsterdam, Bank of England (Central Bank by origin and definition), all with Babylonian winged lions – if you get my drift.

          Funny Hayek never mentions any of this nor those golden wings?

        • Oor Tam would dig that

  26. The “bizarre ” economy is the result of the huge interventions in all areas of the economy. If it is not the President’s working group on financial markets” rigging the stock market it is the central banks rigging the bond market and the interest rates aided and abetted by the bullion and too big to fail banks.

    Here is commentary by Jeff Neilson on the effects on the precious metals and mining industry


  27. any foreigner implicated in the US of connection to any terrorist threat can be apprehended and held without rights.
    This has now been extended to include all US citizens.

    “The Patriot Act, which became effective on the 26th October 2001, already authorised indefinite detention without indictment for foreigners suspected of having links to terrorist organisations”

    Any person travelling to the US is now exposed to this fundamental lack of justice as well as US citizens.


  28. “They cannot let markets naturally purge themselves, as the markets are too grotesquely out of balance, and of mismatched size.”

    Silver Headed to $5/oz.
    (Probably in the next few days!)
    Silver Stock Report
    by Jason Hommel, June 20th, 2013

    Silver has declined from nearly $50/oz. two years ago to under $20/oz. today.

    Clearly, the bull market in silver and gold is over, and silver is headed back to five dollars per ounce, and for good reasons.

    Obviously, Obama’s wise economic policies are finally beginning to cause the economy to bloom, with balanced budgets on the horizon that the government has just not yet told us about, but the silver market must be telegraphing this move.

    Clearly, Obama, as a former Constitutional Scholar and Teacher, is protecting the civil rights of all Americans, what with ending the drone program, ending the build up of billions of rounds of ammo by Homeland Security, stopping the snooping of people’s emails and phone calls by NSA, terminating bad IRS practices, and therefore, investment into the USA and the dollar is looking attractive again to people all around the world.

    Clearly, Obama has lived up to his promise to have the most transparent administration in history, with a diligence to rooting out corruption and incompetence where ever it may appear in government, whether in the IRS, Homeland Security, the Justice Department, the TSA, the NSA, the military, or the CIA.

    Clearly, Obama has already produced his real birth certificate.

    Clearly, Obama has done nothing wrong in Benghazi, and that the Tea Party people are the real terrorists.

    Sarcasm. Humor. None of the above is true. I was just trying to catch your attention. Or make whatever kind of arguments insane people might make to explain the “sanity” of the low silver price.

    Therefore, there is no explanation for the drop in silver and gold prices, other than the standard “manipulation” by the banks who trade in futures contracts.

    The reality is that the government is spending well over a trillion more dollars each year that does not exist, over 500 times more than the annual dollar investment into the silver market. $1000 billion vs. $2 billion.

    The reality is that the recipients of this money are not buying silver, and the holders of dollars do not see the reality of government spending, and are not taking prudent steps to protect themselves from inflation by buying real silver.

    Well, some are buying real silver, but in relatively miniscule amounts.

    When a decent amount of money goes into silver, as it must, the silver price will head to $500/oz. just for starters!

    The truth is that before this bull market in silver and gold is over, the metal price manipulators will ruin and lose their price fixing mechanisms, and thus, there really is no real way to stop this bull market in silver and gold.

    Because they have manipulated interest rates for too low for too long, and because they can’t stand to bankrupt most of American business with higher interest rates, they cannot let rates rise to 20% to compete with the gains in the silver and gold markets, to stop the bull market in gold and silver.

    And what would happen if they did? The bond market is huge, in the $20-50 trillion range. If interest rates rise, bond values go down. In a collapsing bond market, bond investors will move to protect their trillions, and head to silver and gold.

    They cannot let that happen. Tens of Trillions cannot chase a market of billions, without the prices of the metals sky-rocketing!

    This helps to explain the sudden default of many bonds in the crash of 2008, and corresponding crash of the metals prices.

    They cannot let markets naturally purge themselves, as the markets are too grotesquely out of balance, and of mismatched size.

    But they can’t keep interest rates low forever, either, because the real rates are now negative, with interest rates well below the real inflation rate. They are paying people to borrow money. That is uneconomic, and unsustainable.

    When the bond market tanks, as interest rates must rise, the bond market will be thoroughly discredited before this market is done. If they let interest rates rise slowly, this process may take another ten to twenty years to let interest rates rise to compete with the gains in silver and gold!

    Imagine if interest rates went over 20% like the last time they let them rise, to contain gold prices in 1980.

    Let’s see, $17 trillion debt, financed at 20%, would probably be about $20 trillion at 20%, which would be $4 trillion per year, in debt payments alone!

    See, that kind of money printing to pay bond holders would be highly inflationary! That would drive silver prices perhaps well beyond $1000 to $2000/per ounce!

    So, in truth, the bull market in gold and silver is nowhere near over.

    In truth, metals prices have declined about 30 to 60% about 8 times in the last ten years of this bull market.

    They create volatility as a part of their manipulation. They want to create the perception that silver is “unstable”, rather than the truth, that paper is unstable as a long term store of value.

    Now is the time to sell real estate, sell bonds, sell paper money, and buy rare silver. Buy on the dip. While you still can.

    I expect silver to head past $75 to $125/oz. in the next year or two as this bull market continues.

    By then, most things will be the same, the government will continue to print $1-2 trillion per year or more. And silver will still be a misunderstood, stealth bull market, as it has been so far in the last ten years.

    And remember, if you hear that they put a black bag over my head and took me to Guantanamo, then it will really be time to buy silver! Unfortunately, by then, it might be too late for you, too!

    • bonbon

      That sure is some heavy metal-plated argument alright. Maybe even boiler-plated.

      It has a hollow ring to it though.

      • Rather the satisfying sound of the ring of real money.

        • bonbon

          Boiler-plate. The hollow sound is of the monetarist mind, a true vacuum.

          • You are the monetarist. You do not believe in the right for anyone to use whatever money they wish. you do not believe money is private property.
            You are the monetarist that wishes to control and manipulate with the use of state issued fiat money and manipulation of the economy.

            You are the empty mind. The five year plan of Joe, and Mao and others will not work unless you want starvation of the masses.

          • bonbon

            You mentioned money, lets see 3 times in a single breath, monetarist. That’s the hollow ring of your protest.

            By the way Mao is history, did’nt yer know?

  29. Midas du Metropole

    “What has changed of late is long term interest rates in the US have begun to take off to the upside. The yield of the 10 yr T note rose today to 2.47% at one point”

    The bond market shows signs of weakening as the 10 year rate was below 2% not too long ago. The smoke of the inflationary fire can be scented.

  30. Midas du Metropole

    “What has changed of late is long term interest rates in the US have begun to take off to the upside. The yield of the 10 yr T note rose today to 2.47% at one point”

    The bond market shows signs of weakening as the 10 year rate was below 2% not too long ago. The smoke of the inflationary fire whiffs into the atmosphere and can be scented.

  31. Please excuse the double posting. A glitch in the system

    • bonbon

      An echo in the boiler-plate.

      Seriously though, that kind of statistically welded argument, rings of the problem, not the solution which cannot come from the joyous chinking of metal coins.

      Economics is of the mind. Agro-industrial progress is uniquely human, no animal has in inkling chink, or glint of what this means.

      That is why an “economics” that masquerades as such, never once mentioning this, leads to disaster and animal population levels.

      In fact that chinking sound is a knuckleduster swinging on long arms against the pavement.

    • Your batteries are running low but don’t worry we will get you home son. Hang in there HAL and keep giving em hell

    • bonbon

      The truth be told, in gold? Nothing whatsoever about splitting banks, Hamiltonian credit and reconstructing the massively ruined economy. In short, a monetarist rant.

        • Rant that is. Nary a word about monetarism except to point outs its foibles and short comings.

          As I suspect bon bon you know sweet b…. all about money and you do not understand monetarism. It just has a dull clinking sound in the distant recesses of your brain.

          A word to be trotted out ad nauseum. You must like the sound of it.


        • bonbon

          Very odd that the Austrian School has declared itself not monetarist. “Sound money”, gold-silver coins are what then? Something with darned omnipotent powers?

          Sure Barry O’Bama declared for himself a Nobel Peace Prize.

          This kind of trickery fools no-one.

          • Look up monetarism. It is NOT the use of money as in a means of exchange but refers to the practice of expanding the money supply for political and economic reasons.
            Thus the basic premise of the Austrian school that money used should curtail or make impossible this monetary inflation makes them ANTI monetarists.
            your proposal of unlimited credit is what you so despise, it is monetarism at its most blatent

  32. bonbon

    The Voice of London in Washington — JPMorgan Chase

    The appearance of a lobbyist for JPMorgan Chase, the direct descendant of the merchant bank founded in 1835 by George Peabody in London, to fight against Glass-Steagall in Delaware, clinched the case. The historical face of British banking in the United States was the source of the latest line being regurgitated by cowering Congressmen in Washington: “Glass-Steagall will never be passed, so don’t waste your time.”

    • bonbon

      Some quick salient facts about JPMorgan Chase in the recent era:

      * Its director Alan Greenspan was the guy who helped produced the blueprints for destroying Glass-Steagall in the 1980s;

      * JP Morgan from early on was a major force in the derivatives market. When the LaRouche movement went after derivatives in 1993, Morgan’s Mark Brickell, in his capacity as an executive of the International Swaps and Derivative Association, led the defense of derivatives in Congress.

      * In 1994, Morgan banker and British subject Blythe Masters led the team that developed the credit default swap.

      * When the 2008 blowout came, Morgan happily went on the taxpayers’ dole, receiving $29 billion from the Fed to take over Bear Stearns; $25 billion as part of TARP; and $391 billion in loans from the Fed’s emergency bailout facilities (according to the GAO report on its audit of the Fed).

    • Tell us all about GS.

      I need a refresher

  33. The corruption is universal and endemic if you are wondering why the economics are so strange. all is manipulated and out of whack. It will all end very badly.

    From a contributor to http://www.lemetroplecafe.com

    The cartel’s 3:00 AM plan “A” you so often refer to was in full force last night. While on most evenings the night access trade volume averages anywhere from 40-200 contract per minute that all changed at 2:55 AM, and commencing until 3:04 AM. During those 9 minutes 12,985 short August contracts were dumped, for an average of 1,440 per minute. In just one minute alone at 2:55 AM 1,898 shorts hit the market. This is an average of 113,800 per hour, a volume that would even be incredible even during the regular Comex pit trading hours. Total volume today is already a humongous 300,000 and it’s only 11:50 AM. Once again no legitimate trader would ever dump this volume of longs into such an illiquid market. It is beyond nauseating watching a crime syndicate shake down the gold and silver markets over and over. “”

    And I might add with the regulators complicit in these actions.–Tony

    • bonbon

      Still no sign of a Pecora Commission there, only hand wringing.

      Come on, we know what to do with JPMorgan’s clique. FDR showed the way. Why the gnashing of teeth?

      • No regulation will address the problem of corruption.
        The regulations are already in place to ban and penalize naked shorting but are ignored and the activity allowed.

        again you do not address the issue at hand but shoot off on tangents trying to score points. Is it a contest you are trying to win?

      • bonbon

        The Regulation , Glass-Steagall, was not in place, and it will be again soon, you can bet all your gold on it.

        And Pecora commissions are on the way.

        It will become clear shortly, that nothing else will work. Even you must admit the next Lehman is preprogrammed.

  34. Reality Check

    Tony, it’s obvious bonbon has erm… “issues”

    And to paraphrase what(no doubt is one of bonbons hero’s) Fidel Castro

    said about baby Bush; “It’s for him and his psychiatrist to sort out”

    David, when will you add “Ignore poster” functionality to the site?

    When will you add “private message” functionality?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Lol

      Bonbon is the best thing about this blog. Bonbon is young but that should not be held against he, she or whoever they are. As for issues I’d say Bonbon is pretty normal and it is other people who have issues. Bonbon is eccentric like myself. We love being mad because it keeps us sane

      You all seem to want censorship. Once you want to start banning things that are inclement to conservative sensibilities then you are heading down a troubled road. Then again the Irish are very good at calling for things to be banned. Aren’t they?

      If you can’t handle stuff then ignore your least favourite posters. No-one forces you to read Bonbon’s work

      Does this not sound like a reasonable compromise?
      David gets higher traffic and more sales and you pretend that Bonbon and others who lower the tone of the place don’t exist?

      Let’s just pretend it is a perfect world and that we all love each other. It’s the Irish way

      • A private members section for a monthly fee!

        That would keep the riff outside the door.

      • Colin

        I agree with you here Pauldiv. I don’t like hearing calls for censorship. If you don’t like it, ignore it – should be the rule of thumb, not organise a mob to bully the source of whatever it is you don’t like.

    • bonbon

      Libertarians always need a Pinochet of the Chicago Boys.

      Interesting the need to “defend their liberty” with marcher-boys?

      Some psychopathy!

      • Colin

        And your mate Mickey Higgins is getting his tiny Y-fronts in a twist about materialism in Ireland.

        Ehmmm, how much are you trousering every year for this priveledge Mickey? Will you leave the state all your wealth instead of your family when you enter the great politburo in the sky like all great Socialists ought to?


        Nach bhfuil se uafasach?

        • bonbon

          President Michael D. Higgins today said that we have recently “closed a chapter” in which people were judged by “their ability to accumulate material goods.”

          Well should epilog that book with Glass-Steagall, and President Michael D. has pointed this out repeatedly, even in the den of thieves, the London School of Economics recently. In contrast Barry O’Bama has declared Glass-Steagall impossible on his watch, and London declared if a Hostile Act if the US attempts it.

          Well then, the lines are drawn.

          • Colin

            Give me a palace and expenses and a chauffeur and a fat salary and I’ll even tell you that Glass and Steagall are my heroes, but it won’t matter a damn.

  35. Here go the 10 year bond rates again
    interest rates up = prices down. Beware the bond market mother of all bubbles is on the deflation ticket.

    Midas du Metropole
    The big news of the day was that longer term US interest rates continued their trek higher, with the yield of the 10 yr T note rising taking out 2.5% on the upside. It was last at 2.55%, late in the afternoon. The move up in yields is more than just a hiccup:

    • Totally out of touch with reality.

      What has this got to do with the price of food?

      The real news is that inflation is around 10% and grocery prices are spiralling. People are rioting en masse because of corruption and the cost of living

      That sounds like big news.

      Personally I think these rioters are ungrateful and should be watered down with chemicals. Maybe we could even shoot them

      Long live the markets

      • Inflation is the word. Inflation is the reason . Inflation is caused by money printing ./Money printing is halted with the use of proper money.
        Rising interest rates indicate inflation.
        That is why the people riot , food gets too expensive. Why, because their currency devalued, why, because they printed too much.
        I report reality. I report the reason.
        I try to suggest a method of ridding inflation. Of keeping costs down , of equalizing the money flows.

        People are too blind too see and too deaf to hear.
        Education on the way money operates is crucial but for most it is impossible to comprehend.

        It is the central banking system where it all starts. The control is there. The deliberate inducement of inflation is there. That is where the poverty to the 99% is planned and implemented.

        So, It is the central banking system needs removing and also let the banks fail. No need to put the people into poverty bailing out the money masters every time. Gold as money is hated by the bankers as it controls their operation. The people are uneducated about this basic fact.

        That is why gold and silver have been the money of choice by people in the past. It is the only honest money, the only fair money, The only money that spreads through to all the people. It is nothing to do with sitting and counting ones pile of coins. It is all to do with fairness and equality and freedom from want.

        Put that good brain of yours to work and study money. Read of good money and bad money. Read of paper money and specie money. Above all do not be gainsaid by sneering and ridicule. It is the most important subject you can study and understand. Then and only then can the correct actions be advocated and taken to free the people from oppression.

        That is the reason the US constitution allowed only gold and silver coin as money. It still does. But the constitution is usurped and look at the results. The paper money system is spread around the world resulting in a world wide monetary, financial and fiscal disaster.
        We are become debt slaves, serfs to the bankster elites.

        • bonbon

          The US Constitution Credit Clause was usurped by Teddy’s FED. That Clause, Hamilton’s Credit Clause, is key now to make sweeping changes after splitting off the “investment” banking dept’s. This is why it is critical to study Hamilton immediately. Then it will become clear with a little humility why the fraud of monetarism is in fact imperialism. We will declare independence from empire, by splitting its banks and then getting on with the greatest reconstruction ever seen.

          • Monetarism is used by the elite to control the monetary system. However the use of money per se is not monetarism.
            Expansion and manipulation of the money supply for political and financial ends is monetarism.
            Splitting the banks will not rid us of monetarism. Only the removal of the central banking system and the allowance of people to use real money, specie money, in every day transactions will rid us of monetarism, which is indeed a curse on humanity.

            I do not see where Hamilton aids this process so can you please enlighten us with a description of how Hamiltonian banking works. (8th request with no response to date)

          • bonbon

            Monetarism is the incredible belief economy springs forth from currency. The exact opposite of reality. This wild-eyed fantasy crosses the spectrum from Keynes, Smith, Hayek, Friedman etc.

            Hayek in fact let the cat out of the bag, and you know the quote by now. This is in fact an extremely effective, destructive swindle, the most evil ever thought up. It is indeed a Hell Fire Club (of Mandeville infamy) conjuration.

          • bonbon

            8th reply to date, Hamiltonian Credit as outlined here need a bit of time, no quick sound-bites.

            As we know by now lots of bankers tricks lead to the same trap. So avoid traps!

            Why this is so “difficult”, is generations of brainwashing starting with Andrew Jackson.

            Take time even if most cherished beliefs are challenged.

          • bonbon

            For a New Credit System

            There is a fully expanded, for today, expose of what it needs now.

        • I understand where you are coming from and it’s not difficult to grasp the concepts of sound money and junk money and no-one is going to refuse to trade with someone offering metals as payment. Especially if metal is minted into gold and silver coin that can be used for everyday transactions

          Gold is becoming harder to locate and extract. There is only so much of it left and it currently costs around $1200 to produce an ounce of gold. This places gold out of the reach of the vast majority of humanity. It’s not practical as an everyday currency and this is why we use paper. There is nothing wrong with the idea of paper representing wealth as long as the system has integrity. However the money system has been abused and bastardised to death

          The vast majority of humanity can’t afford gold and so that rules it out as a currency. This is why we are stuck with central bankers and their paper

          The problem is that when they moved to a paper based money system the bankers thought all their wet dreams had come true and they thought they could literally turn water into wine. Their greed and criminality is now at such levels that can only be perceived as perverted

          These people don’t care about constitutions. Sure to them it’s just another piece of paper

          • don’t need the paper when there is silver for every day currency.

            gold is a store of wealth and for larger transactions. Buy a car with 10 ounces for example. However it is best used for the settlement of international trade.

            Notes can work if 100% backed by metal. Ban fractional reserve banking. Electronic banking in minute divisions also works.

  36. SMOKEY

    Michelle Obama is a nasty hateful ugly bitch. Her husband is a shameless want to be dictator who is badly ripping off the us citizenry by traveling around with his family on Air force one two and three.
    They have an entourage with them that is disgusting and obscene. As for the kids they are nothing more than leeches as are the Royal family, I hate all of them. They make me sick. Estimates are around $100,000,000 after he gets back from his safari in Africa. Some vacation huh?
    Air craft carriers off the coast of Ireland? Give me a break. You go get your Ryanair tickets now sheeple.

    • Rage against the machine.

      Better cool it pal. Everything you said is true but you might get banned for upsetting conservative Ireland

      Just talk about money and investments and you might avoid getting locked out and if you laugh at Adam’s jokes you will be in with the lads wink

  37. Lock out merchants

    DMW would not lock anyone out. He might censor you but lock you out? No. Let me tell you why … he is not a conservative reactionary moron with hangups. You can’t lock people out and this is not some cozy private gentleman’s club. If you want that then join a lodge or the knights

    For every gold bug he attracts there are hundreds spewing up listening to the self-centered ego centric clap trap that is written on these boards every single day

    We have 24% unemployment and 125,000 mortgages below the water and the government are giving the banks all they want. There are 1 Million on the streets of Brazil today and Istanbul is in flames and yet you pricks are all talking about the price of money. And you take offence when someone calls you a prick. Well it’s true!

    I wish to be spared from the extremely offensive situation where Irishmen find this situation tolerable and are prepared to say nothing while they have their wee bit of gold while disables people are being refused wheelchairs. I have to wonder is there something wrong with your fucking brains never mind your cold hearts?

    These people are not just nauseating. They are totally unconscious.

    Now lock me out for that. Fucking Losers.

  38. redriversix

    ………”I am not crazy goddamn it ! jus been in a very bad mood for 5 years”

    American imperialism & empire building is spreading, guaranteeing peace , defense & democracy to those who need to be brought into the light.

    Do you want to hide anything from the U.S President ?…….

    Put it in a History book , they will never find it.

    Bush & Obama are War Criminals..but hey ! who cares.nooooooobody

    facts not fiction.

    ye,all have a nice day now…….

    • bonbon

      Daft. There is no empire other than the global British empire. Yes, Barry O’Bama does serve that, certainly not the USA. The Guardian revelations continue, and just look at this to sum it all up :

      GCHQ – Master the Internet

      • It is a financial, banker’s empire. Calling it British is a misnomer, and confuses the issue. Where it is centered is irrelevant.

      • bonbon

        What’s causing all the confusion, is the utter failure to realize Empire has been humanities lot for 99% of history. The financial aspect is now a known tyranny, but its much more than that. The link to Obama and Blair’s mad lust for war cannot be understood other than “empire”. Everyone notices the incredible increase in violence, regime smashing, going hand in hand with “Lehmann’s”, Libors, and now NSA/GCHQ big brother. This is empire, the British Empire, global, and in big trouble.
        One thing has changed, thermonuclear weapons. The ancient game-plan is in tatters, as Russia well knows.

        Now strike with Glass-Steagall, the time is perfect! The rotten core of zombie bank carcasses must be laid to rest once and for all. A community of nations can then get on with reconstruction after imperial occupation.

        • Colin

          Why don’t you step up to the plate bonbon, form your own political party, and lead us to the promised land of Glass and Steagall?

          • bonbon

            Glass-Steagall crosses all party spectra. Everyone is invited from any party to take on and shoulder the necessary. Why limit this to one party – everyone can have fun!

            And fun it is and will be. We will laugh at folly!

          • Colin

            None of the Irish political parties are interested in implementing GS. That’s the only spectra in town. Don’t be afraid bonbon, go for it, the stage is waiting for you.

          • bonbon

            You speak now for all parties and peoples of Ireland. A little bit pompous, Squire?

          • Colin

            No I don’t, but if they were all for GS, wouldn’t it have been implemented by now? Because its not and there is no clamour for it except from you and Mickey Higgins, I conclude its not something they are interested in, unless you can tell me which one are in agreement with you on GS.

          • bonbon

            JPCM’s argument entirely. By the same token, if it did not thoroughly control Wall-Street/London, why did they spend $350 million lobbying to remove it. And as Delaware proved, see below JPMC’s stunning revelation, they are very determined to prevent it. Where ever did you get the idea this is a “technicality”? JPMC certainly does not thing that.

          • Colin

            All the more reason for you to start your own party then bonbon, go for it, what are you afraid of? Imagine it, Taoiseach bonbon, Nobel Prize winning bonbon, Time Man of the Year….its all waiting for you bonbon, your window of opportunity, don’t wait for others to grab it.

  39. SMOKEY

    Here is a good one for you, Bill Clinton got Father of the Year from a non profit org called The National Fathers Day council last week. You cant make this shit up. He only had one kid, got head from his intern and stuck a cigar up her cooch, was accused of rape, sexual harrasment etc, and this is the libs choice for father of the year? His daughter is 33 and rich.
    How about giving Father of the Year to the poor guy who sacrificed his own comforts to get the young child the new bike or some other thing they wanted. Or the one who is not on dope and went to work on time so he could support his family and better their station in life. Wouldnt that be a better choice for Father of the Year? This is why I hate the Obamas and their cabal. A guy like D. Mc Williams dad who used to drive behind him while he was cycling to school, wouldnt he be a better candidate for Father of the year? I think so, but the shameless Clinton didnt even do what George C Scott did when given the Oscar and say thanks but no thanks. No class, but you may have Hillary, another pig at the trough soon becoming Mrs President. So stand back because you wont even rate a wave, or a nod.

    • bonbon

      Leaking secrets did not begin with Bush or Obama, and the (Israeli) firm that tapped the Lewinsky “metadata” bankrupted Bill. Joke is that firm is one one of the NSA contractors….

      The NSA has now masses of blackmail on Congress, Judges, the real targets of PRISM, MTI, Tempora. They all know what was done to Bill. I think it explains the incredible “inability” to go after the financial crowd, the “apathy”, “helplessness”. MIB just appear with a “need to know” file, and ’nuff said.

    • Colin

      You get away with murder if you are a liberal lefty as the media love you. Just look at what Ted Kennedy got away with, Bill’s big influence.

      • bonbon

        Ted saw 2 of his brothers killed in broad daylight in cold blood, both totally popular. I am sure he knew of real danger.
        Bill, I am sure, knew of this danger too.

        Who ever said this was a tea-party?

        • Colin

          So Bill thought the best strategy was to get excited over a dress and have his cigar wetted while he was blown?

          And Ted had the old Irish excuse of finding solace in the bottle?

          I’m sure Eisenhower saw worse things in WW2, and he didn’t get anyone murdered in his car and leave the scene.

        • bonbon

          I’m afraid you have seen neither brothers killed, nor WWII, but are very interested in cigars and dresses.

          To each his own…

          • Colin

            Liberal Lefty Bill will always be the best Dad and father figure for the Liberal Lefty media.

            I don’t smoke or wear dresses.

            What’s your vice then bonbon? Playing with marzipan and pipe bombs?

          • bonbon

            I could quote your filth from a few lines above, but that would smear the blog (already hoofed on enough).

            Now back to the real world, Squire.

          • Colin

            Well its what your mates in Sinn Fein IRA did, maybe old habits die hard?

  40. http://dailyreckoning.com/out-of-thin-air/

    Ron Paul on the danger of monetarism and the use of specie money to thwart that danger

    • bonbon

      That’s from Austrian School luminary von Mises’s biographer. Nothing new there.

      Rand Paul is doing something useful though :

      Sen. Rand Paul said, “The President’s unilateral decision to arm Syrian rebels is incredibly disturbing. Engaging in yet another conflict in the Middle East with no vote or congressional oversight, compounds the severity of this situation. The American people deserve real deliberation before we send arms to a region rife with extremists who seek to threaten the U.S. and her allies.”

    • bonbon

      No. With Glass-Steagall, private casino debts are simple not honored. For example Deutsch Bank’s 76 TRILLION of worthless paper cannot ever even be approached. Yet the overhang destroys the economy. This is tyranny, and cannot be tolerated.

      Now the JPMC crowd know this is coming –
      The Voice of London in Washington — JPMorgan Chase

      The Irish for this process is “burn the bondholders”.

  41. What the rising interest ratesand the falling bond market will mean for the economy.

    Peter Schiff


  42. 15% drop in currency value against the world reserve currency the $US
    will cause a spike in the cost of imported goods and the inflationary effect will be 15%.


  43. tony_murphy

    santa claus and michelle obama…

    you’re watching too much RTE david..

    don’t worry, the fascist corporate government of the world will continue to facilitate tax evasion..

    they’ll have their robots n a few years anyway, so the jobs will disappear regardless

    and they won’t need you either david


  44. SMOKEY

    Off topic and not appropriate for this discussion but here goes anyway.
    Anyone notice and think George Lee could play hero Edward Snowden in the made for TV movie?
    And yes he is a hero for exposing the hypocrites for what they are. There is nothing in it for this young man.

  45. bonbon

    Irish Media in Psychological Lockdown, Afraid to Cover GCHQ Spy Dragnet

    Snowden’s revelations, and the Guardian publication that GCHQ is worse than the NSA, have caused Irish press speechlessness. I wonder why?

    • All our data will be hoovered up by GCHQ.

      We are all under constant surveillance now and not one word from the Irish media. Amazing.

      Do we have a secret service?

      I’ve never heard anyone talking about it in this country. Odd.

      No doubt there is drone heading for my house now :-)

      • bonbon


        Well secret services are supposed to be secret. But they outsourced all their functions and ACCESS to contractors like Snowden. So just watch what happens next!

        It does explain the incredible political inertia though.

  46. bonbon

    JP Morgan Spells IT Out: They Choose Fascism

    DMcW mentions that economics has become bizarre. Well JPMC writes “Europe is only halfway there”.
    Now where would that be, I wonder?
    JPMC moans there is still too much democracy in Europe, hindering the full fascist rollout. Now that is from the horses mouth of Wall Street, that supported the 1930′s fascist rollout.

    So now it clear to everyone, even the most liberal, that the alternative to Glass-Steagall is outright full blown and promoted fascism. Bizarre maybe but deadly dangerous too. JPMC has not changed its spots!

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