May 1, 2013

Interview with Colm Hayes for 2FM

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Being ‘stuck’, getting punished for doing the right thing; watching those in charge throw good money after bad – and why: if my spending is your income, and your income is mine, the last thing we should be doing is undermining that system.

Colm and I got together for a quick chat about The Good Room, which just came out in paperback. We weren’t short for things to talk about…

  1. joe hack

    Sorry David your spending is my income therefore I can’t afford the book!

    I noted that Colm Hayes eyes glazed over when you started to explain how there is less money in the economy during a recession / austerity.
    How does one educate me/the public on this in sound bites?

  2. Ireland is run by evil scumbags, dirtbags & liars, they are everywhere, not just in the government, senior civil service and banks. The most evil ones are in the media. It is the broadcasting media which mostly holds the 5h1te together.

  3. davidfwall

    Interesting clip — thanks for posting

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