April 29, 2013

BBC World Service - In The Balance

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Last week I spoke with Manuela Saragosa of the BBC World Service about the price of austerity. We discussed the human cost of the various cuts and burdens placed on economies – what has been inflicted and whether it has actually worked. And if it hasn’t, what was the point of the pain?

It was a very interesting discussion; we were also joined by Yiorgos Mylonadis of the London Business School and Anders Aslund from the Petersen Institute in Washington DC. Have a listen here.


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  1. joe hack

    Well done David, you came across very well and you even said ‘Contemporaneous’ with a perfect fluid diction.


    Extremely interesting because when you have time, unlike the bullshit 12 fucking seconds given on Prime Slime with other slack jawed know nothing bean counting notch above child molesting politicians, you are able to say what is really going on.
    I heard the head of the Personal Insolvency Service, PIS, on the coiffed haired ones rte 1 morning radio program the other day and he said it was a “positive thing” to have ones name on the name and shame list once you enter a deal on the amount of cornflakes to be rationed out to your children before school.
    How did I have it so wrong, every solicitor letter uses this as a threat, your name will be listed in several journals including stubbs gazette, and all that time I thought this was shameful!
    The Mandarin tells me its a “positive thing” Wow, I was so dumb.
    Anyhoo,…David you and I are totally different people, I left school at thirteen, Im broke and on social welfare, I do just about everything under the sun to make ends meet, most of it legal, and even though I am extremely fit, most sports bore the pants off of me. I dont own a tie and you and I wouldnt have two words to say to each other if we had a beer together, unless you like looking at girls asses, but you are one of my all time heroes in media, you and Michael Savage, so thanks again for an enlightening debate and discussion where you shined and proved that once again you have been right all along. Your fan S.

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