April 22, 2013

This '70s timewarp is all doom and no disco

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Enda Kenny would cut a dash in a pair of bottle-green, high-waist parallels and a snugly-fitted Bay City Rollers bomber jacket. Or maybe a Robin Gibb, Bee Gees one-piece with the flares up, in which you could hide a six-pack?

He should have turned up to the Dáil last week in full 1970s regalia to a backing track of Slade or, for the funkier among you, why not a camp, be-feathered entrance to a blaring disco, 12-inch version of Sister Sledge’s ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer’?

Make no mistake about it: we are back in the mid-1970s. Whether your weakness is glam rock, outré disco, prog rock or Leo Sayer, the soundtrack matches side-burns, microphone Afros, catsuits and Babycham.

Close your eyes, forget the Toyota Prius, the i-Phone, Facebook and Twitter. Sit back and listen to the news this week – the sound of the seventies.

Let’s start with the breaking down of national pay bargaining negotiations, then move on to the threat of all-out nationwide strikes delivered by leftist men with beards, and consider politically-driven, violent terrorism orchestrated by extremist suburban students. All the while, we have the threat of nuclear Armageddon in an ideologically-divided country, split down the middle on arbitrary Cold War lines. Yes, it’s 1976 and we are somewhere in the West.

Once you have digested that, think further about nationalised banks issuing credit rations to indentured debtors. Rationing, together with rising petrol prices, dole queues and increasing taxes across the board, gives the place a classic pre-Thatcher feel to it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Global economic policy also has a Starsky and Hutch feel to it. The “Phillips Curve” – the trade-off between unemployment and inflation – is back. The Federal Reserve is targeting sub-six per cent unemployment and risking inflation by printing money to get there. The last time the Fed held real interest rates negative for so long was in the mid-1970s on the watch of the rarely celebrated Arthur Burns.

But just when you think we are somewhere in the West in the 1970s, think again. We in Ireland could just as well be behind the Iron Curtain.

The language in our personal insolvency bill is straight out of the wonderful speech by our Dear Leader Nicolae Ceausescu at the 25th annual bumper socialist grain harvest convention in the Black Sea port of Constanta during the long heat wave of 1977.
This week, a decree has been passed which means that you, the good but indebted citizen of the Irish Republic, are now allowed to spend €28.97 per week on what are described by the state as “social inclusion activities”.

Social inclusion activities include any meeting of two or more citizens that might involve talking, fraternising and possibly more. The activities have to be inclusive, so obviously that means they can’t be exclusive. In other words, the activities have to be open to all citizens of the great socialist Republic. Inclusivity clearly debars people from having private conversations in the pub – as that would be a socially exclusive, not inclusive, activity. In other words, your night out has to be open to any old gobshite who might stumble upon you.

The new range of financial rations includes a generous allowance, bequeathed with munificence by our Dear Leader, of €31.09 for medical expenses. The citizen’s “personal hygiene and grooming items” are to be rationed at precisely €33.40 per month. Our all-knowing leader has decreed that the average citizen will be allowed expenditure of €247.40 per month on food “based on a balanced nutritious diet” which is “premised on a healthy lifestyle” dictated by the aspirations of the state – “four greens good, two cakes bad”.

But someone will benefit from this codology because a new Big Brother arm of the state called the “Insolvency Service of Ireland” will, from now on, oversee your diet. And this place will be staffed by loyal apparatchiks on, presumably, decent coin.

In true Orwellian fashion, single citizens of the glorious Republic are all assumed to live in identical houses. This is deemed to be a “rented furnished studio apartment”. They will be allowed €31.47 exactly to spend on household appliances, furniture and the like.

The Great Leader has also decreed, in order to reinforce – if there could be any doubt – that this place is heaven on earth, that a debtor shouldn’t need to leave the state. After all, why would they want to? Under no circumstances can the indebted citizen leave the jurisdiction for holidays or anything that might undermine the great thrift drive orchestrated by the nationalised banks, now clear instruments of the all-knowing state. Holidays abroad are banned.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Ireland is firmly back in the 1970s, suspended somewhere between Erich Honecker’s sinister interference in the minutiae of everyday life and James Callaghan’s incompetent interference in every aspect of macro-economic performance. Of course, echoing the 1970s, the IMF is overseeing everything.

What is happening to our country? We are on the road to nowhere. These policies and the aimless drift therein are destroying the productive marrow of the economy. How is anyone supposed to open a business, employ people and take a risk in these circumstances?

There are clean and simple methods all over the world for personal bankruptcy. They are straightforward and involve selling houses in default and allowing the people to rent and get on with their lives. But we couldn’t do this. Oh no, we have to set up a quango to monitor what grown-up people spend on toothpaste?

If the future spending of all the people in default is to be controlled and curtailed, what happens to domestic demand, the engine of growth in this country? It stalls indefinitely, that much is obvious.

And we are doing all this to ensure that the banks can control their bad debts so that they don’t go bust again – the very banks that caused the problem in the first place! All the while, the public sector trade unions – who represent less than 20 per cent of the workforce – behave as if they are driving the bus. And why wouldn’t they? No one has told them they are passengers not drivers.

If you think the Ceausescu image was entirely in jest, think again. What was the central plank of Ceausescu’s 1970s and 1980s policy that destroyed Romania? It was an obsession with paying back foreign creditors for previous bad investments to remain credible in the eyes of the rest of the world. He created the most convoluted internal economy, squeezing every penny out of the domestic population, forcing untold privations on his people to avoid an international default. In his eyes, the default rather than the privations might expose to the world the bizarreness of the economy he had created simply to avoid that very default.

The world rightly laughed at this strange little man, his notions of grandeur and his obsession with international credibility. We thought he was consigned to the strange economic history basket of the 1970s and 1980s.

Well, look around you at Ireland, and think again.


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  1. Lius

    SUBSCRIBE – yes!!!

  2. Adam Byrne

    Likewise – Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  3. Puschkin the Black and White Cat

    So how many bullets can you buy for €28.97 ????

  4. JapanZone

    Rather than disco or Rocky Horror, the soundtrack to this piece has to be the finest moment by our own Fatima Mansions:

    “Well, hello.
    You can no longer depend on the land in which you were born.
    You can no longer depend on any land in which you choose to place yourself.
    You can no longer depend on the bed in which you lie by night,
    or the room in which you sit by day.
    You can no longer depend on the pillow on which you lay your head.
    You can no longer depend on the existence of [silence] in your mind when you close your eyes.
    Go to England, baby-raper, false economist.
    Call yourself King Charles III.
    Nobody will notice.
    Nobody will be alarmed.
    There is no constitution.
    Go. Goodbye. Goodbye.
    He’s shining brightly, he can’t be a man
    He is the genius of the Carpathians
    He’s running checks on his mother’s womb
    He’s gonna be reborn real soon
    Ciao, Ceaucescu! Ciao, Ceaucescu! Ciao, Ceaucescu!”
    Blues for Ceausescu – The Fatima Mansions (1989)

  5. Dear Japan Zone

    If you are a fan of the Fatima Mansions, check out Cathal Coughlan’s latest collaboration “The North Sea Scrolls” – wonderful stuff.

    BTW also in present circumtances re-listen to “Only losers get the bus”. It will make you smile.



  6. Eric

    It is also a coincidence that enda controls all the main media via rte and those crony ridden talk radio stations that are in competition but share the same building, news, ad breaks,etc it all stinks , handy if your trying to control the thoughts of a nation,not to mention that rag the independent.

  7. Eireannach

    The truth is…we are NOT back in the 1970s. This is the year 2013.

    Ireland and Irish culture place too much emphasis on escapism, fantasy, group-think, having fun and a kind of soft-focus lighting and comforting background musak to mask the harsh reality of our predicament.

    To say we are back in the 1970s is happy talk.

    At the end of the 1970s, after the oil crises of 1973 and 1979, North Sea production began and brent crude money powered the City of London in the Thatcher years. This is rarely if ever talked about, how Maggie was not responsible for the Rolex watch yuppie culture of London in the 80s. Brent crude money was the major shot in the arm, starting in 79, that powered 80s London.

    This time around, there is no new shot in the arm coming, unless Oil Sheikhs and Russian robberbarons pour billions and billions into the failing banks of the City. Highly unlikely.

    Our situation is considerably worse than the 1970s. DMcW doesn’t want to face a world after economic growth, a world where peak oil has come and gone and we are in industrial decline, end of. But that’s the truth, the unvarnished truth, and we need the truth right now more than ever, so we can make the right choices. 1970s comparisons is just a comfort blanket, an attempt to lipstick on this pig.

    Our predicament is more like an American disaster movie than ‘Ceausescu’ or beardie union strikers.

    We have past peak oil. We are in permanent industrial decline. How long more until you big girl’s blouses realise that this is real, the S is HTF. Biodiesel isn’t going to bring back happy motoring, electric cars will require doubling our electrical generation which we can’t do. etc, etc.

    This is a way bigger breakdown than the 1970s.

    • ex_pat_northerner

      Sure can’t we frack the sh*te out of Leitrim and Fermanagh.. Pat Rabbitte and Forfas and indeed the EU were saying so last week.
      Even David’s good friend Paul McCulley suggested that there is always going to be enough oil in the world – its just a matter of price. That is one take on it.. however as one heads down the resource pyramid, the oil and gas requires more energy in to produce equivalent energy out.. EROEI – Energy Return on Energy Invested is something which needs to be borne in mind. We are starting to hit peak EROEI on some fossil fuels..add in the environmental costs and we’re #fracked…
      Interestingly reading the Forfas report, the very next paragraph talked about how expensive Ireland is for WATER… Yes I know. So its a bit ironic that Rabbitte and Forfas recommend fracking the source of the shannon, given the plans to use that water for Dublin and surrounding water supplies.

      David.. There doesn’t seem to be much in the papers about the new ‘free trade’ agreement being hammered out by US and EU.. Typically these increase corporate power over Government policy read the following.. and would be good to hear your thoughts on where this leaves citizen empowerment (or disempowerment). eg.. read the following regarding the Swedish company and Hamburg.. http://canadians.org/blog/?p=11880

      • Eireannach

        Utter crap about ‘enough oil in the world’. Pathetic delusion, Pat. Anyone who believes it is gullible.

        Check out what the oil geologists themselves have to say about it at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO). Very sobering.

        Oil shale and tar sands will end up unravelling just as biodiesel did. The cost of inputs and the energy return on energy invested is too poor.

        • Irish PI

          Only reason they “unravvelled” was the Green Eco Fascists bitching about how it would take away valueable land to feed the starving masses..Tough on the starving masses I say.

        • ex_pat_northerner

          Eireannach.. the EROEI equation will be met initially by using ‘free’ and ‘cheap’ renewable energy as the input to produce Oil and gas. Oil and gas aren’t going away.. but there will be a shifting to using them only for making things that can’t be otherwise made – plastics synthetics etc.. (Even an electric car takes 4 barrels of oil to make the tyres).. thats not including all the other inputs to make it light enough.

          One could argue we’re reaching peak everything.. although others argue that we’re reaching a paradigm shift from oil to gas (eg compressed natural gas) to power vehicles. while we wait on renewables and storage to develop further.

          All of this of course takes place in a discussion without looking at the 2 degrees limit on temperature rise and global warming.. however ironically if Sandy and other extreme storms are going to be more frequent, our measurements systems – eg GNP and GDP need to change.. as despite all the destruction, Sandy is estimated to have added 10-50 billion to US GDP in clean up costs.

          • ex_pat_northerner

            Pauldiv, Agree that this is something that needs looking at. Question : who is back stopping the banks. It would seem that the investment banks are ensuring mismanagement of Shale Gas assets in the US. The price of gas went to 13dollars/mcf in 2009 on speculation. The fact is since the global financial meltdown and passing of private debt into public debt, moral hazard etc. would seem to suggest that these bubbles are going to come.
            Here’s an interesting piece ties in some of the above discussion : http://www.oilvoice.com/n/How_resource_limits_lead_to_financial_collapse/452b79b82761.aspx

    • Eireannach, I agree with you that Thatcher’s ‘success’ was from oil and gas largesse. It paid to dump the ex-industrial working class onto permanent sickness ‘benefit’ to disguise the ‘natural’ rate of unemployment needed to curb inflation in line with the Volker Shock:

      “Whatever happened to full employment?”


      David’s funny article is a starting point. Remember ‘prog-rock’? Well, there are ‘prog-rock’ economists now, disguised as Druids, who are totally on board with Club of Rome-Redux, like The Archdruid Report. I’ve done my Doomer phase, it was mostly ‘confirmation bias’ as I was personally depressed. I’ve concluded we face Collapse and ongoing robotic Singularities. It’s just that the fruits of industrial capitalism will expand exponentially with most unable to buy them, with the planet trashed for energy to do so, and with a global elte running the show for their own 1-15% needs. Just like the Mayan Priesthood did in their astro-economic temples.

      In Brum of the 70s, full as it was with ‘fugees from the 50′s and/or The Emergency: it was chaos, from Slade to Horslips to Jim Reeves, all in the same pub. Then we’d go and smoke a ‘few roll-ups’and listen to mad hippie stuff and prog-rock. Barmy stuff like Gong and Van Der Graff. But there was real good insight in the sci-fi futurist hippy cult, and so there is today with Radiohead and, particularly, Muse from Devon. Matt Bellamy is one of the few thinkers who’ve actually got their head around what’s happening:


      “”All natural and technological processes proceed in such a way that the availability of the remaining energy decreases. In all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves an isolated system, the entropy of that system incre,cre,cre,cre,c,c,creases. Energy continuously flows from being concentrated, to becoming dispersed, spread out, wasted and useless. New energy cannot be created and high grade energy is being destroyed. An economy based on endless growth is…Unsustainable”

      He also covers rent-seeking and Land Value Taxes but I’ve got a headache from blasting the album while I type this.

      There IS energy, and the winners of the next economic paradigm will be those economies which ruthlessly maximise energy input per GDP output, no room for human resource, capital or technological slackers of any sort. Hence, I call for James Dyson to become Prime Minsister of Great Britain.

      Finally, lots of builders in the 70s used to wear ‘big girl’s blouses’ as they stomped along to Slade. You’d lose a few teeth if you suggested that meant they were in any way few or, god forbid, gay. Not that your likely to listen to a shape-shifting shirt-lifter West Brit with a plastic paddy chip on his shoulder, eh? I picture you in serge uniform, with your cultural purification battle plan on the wall alongside pics of Michael Collins and Patrick Pearse. Not that either of them were, y’know, ‘big girl’s blouses’ or anything remotely like that kind of thing. Or something else entirely more ‘challenging’.


      I’ll be in Dublin next weekend. If anyone wants to shoot me: join the queue, it’s around the block twice already. *sighs*


    • bonbon

      Maggie did something else rarely talked about – she signed the Al Yamamah oil for-arms-deal with Saudia. That deal meant a supertanker of oil for Britain per day over 23 years. Missing is about $185 billion which has become the slush fund for world terrorism. The name for the deal signed in 1985 with BAE means “dove of peace”, something very British indeed.
      BAE Al-Yamamah Scandal Back in the Headlines
      One can only wonder about the hype on oil when one hears this kind of carry-on.
      I’ll bet your “peak oil” jingoists did’nt mention this, eh?

      • u talkin’ ta me? even if you’re not: please go back to the drawing board with your simplistic nostrums and notions of what it is:

        “To be, or not to be. British or Irish? that is the question:
        Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
        The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
        Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
        And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;”

        If Ireland hadn’t bent and spread to sell it’s oil shelf for a song, d’you seriously think the same shenanigans wouldn’t be going on? Rendition at Shannon, etc. If/when a a major deposit is found, then the question of “who owns Ireland?” will ignite to make Ganley’s bun-fight over Lisbon Treaty seem trivial. But then, who am I to say this, as just another plastic paddy blow-in like yer man Declan, arriving all tearful and emotional for The Gathering..WAIT!

        Don’t patronise me with your simplistic worldview. I’ve asked you before to clarify your language regarding UK/GB/Britain/City/Isles of Wonder, but you’re either thick or lazy. Or both. Start here:


        Danny Boyle’s homage to his irish dad. You probably missed/dismissed it as some kind of “West Brit” propaganda. So did the Norman Toraigh Whores who organised it, until it was too late and they realised that getting Lizzy to jump out the copter meant the tribal mosaic would arise. Sadly, she screwed up with Thatcher’s funeral.

        As for The House of Saud: it’s rather more complicated than you sketch and the tribes of Britons are in uproar at last:


        u followin’ did, dude? Or is this Brummie Gurrier Warrior a bit too fully on James Joyce meets Keynes in The Shakespeare Pub? I used to go to a deviant bar in Brum called ‘The Shakespeare’ full of priest and navvys on the ‘down low’. It was them who told me the true history of Ireland..not ‘history books’. Winners write the books. But the ‘losers’ won all the prizes in The Eternal City of The Fifth Province, in the black sabbath Babylon that was/is Birmingham. It’s absolutely all about ‘economics’ this stuff. You think I’m ‘insane’ but that’s only because I want you to think that…for now!

        You probably think Brendan Coyle is a Brit because of Downton Abbey. But he’s no ‘Brit’. He’s a Corby Boy. Corby. Satellite of The Eternal City. As is Nottingham:

        “I Could Read The Sky” -edited for Brendan:


        Yesterday was St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday/Deathday, allegedly. There’s no split or rift in these Isles of Wonder that can’t be healed by the power of Art applied to Political Economy. It just takes a certain maverick flair to ‘go there’. I do not recognise as legitimate The First Irish Republic. I do not recognise as legitimate the Tory Norman Whore House of Frauds and Sauds. I do not recognise The City of Meretricious London. I do not recognise the division and disempowerment of The Tribes of The Isles of Wonder. There is a new future for the Celts, the Picts, the Vikings-on-Tyne, the Angles and your comically mistaken ‘Saxon Foe’:

        “i’ve been dreaming of the time when, the Irish, are sick to death of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and spit upon their names, alongside Cromwells. And denounce The Tribal Mind that still salutes them: will they salute them forever?”

        If you’d like to invite me to your local cumann or post-match GAA bar, I’ll tune up the aul guitar and sing that one. Might get the place moving a bit. Then I’ll sing one for my old muckers in The Shakespeare, an old Digbeth drinking song that begins “I was walking home, sad all alone, when I met “Paddy The Navvy”. He zipped up his flies, the glint in his eyes: smitten by “Paddy The Navvy”..night was dark, as I lay down, stark..”tbc.

        Collins, Pearse and the boys would’ve loved that one! *wink*

        I’ve done it. I’ve birthed the ‘memes’ and put them out there. I don’t have to do anything else. It will all just happen once the Celtic Corralito and the British Corralito take places. Isles of Wonder. Up Laois! Up Mercia!

    • bonbon

      And as someone with direct experience in the oil world, we are swimming in an ocean of it. To make it “scarce” has only one motive – to raise the price.
      Greenie nutcases such as Dr. Schellnhuber who want to totally decarbonize civilization have only one motive, openly stated, massive genocide, depopulation. Looks like the Peak Oil brigade is holding hands with the nutcases on this, slavering for mass murder.

      Using food production for oil is yet another hand-holding exercise in mass murder.

      To top it all the dying financial system/empire wants to kill us all off to have a “manageable herd” for their amusement. There lies the real problem.

      • “water, water all around, and not a drop to drink”

        “It’s “peak cheap oil” stoopid!”.

        “There’s hope for us, except for the second half of our economy’s existential challenge that no one in power is eager to discuss as a public policy issue: Peak Cheap Oil (PCO).Feeding this year’s bullish attitude is the discovery that if you spend enough money, you can get heaps of oil out of the ground right here in the USA.”


        There’s going to be Collapse alongside a Technological Manufacturing Singularity based on Robotics, 3D Printing, onshoring, Business Process Re-Engineering etc. Your analysis is simplistic techno-utopian optimism. There is a very real energy crunch, based around the cost-per-unit of GDP. Fortress America will be fine, Europa is more troubling.

        I also worked for an oil multinational for a few years, being clear that the tensions between exploration/developing and downstream commercial and marketing realities are endless.

        Your keep walking around with that LaRouche placard as if we’re all thick. Your geo-engineering fantasies are exactly that. Whilst technically conceivable, they simply fail to address the geo-energetic economic constraints which are reflected in the heart-attack/stroke cycles of the world financial system ‘going forward’. Read The Archdruid on Catabolic Collapse. I don’t agree with his ‘endism’, or not for a couple of hundred years. I see a more complex mosaic.

        The issue, ‘going forward’ is how Ireland triangulates as a nascent genuinely free Republican city-state, balancing Atlanticism, Isles of Wonder-ism and European-ism. As well as reaching out to establish trade links with the rising economies of Asia and Africa as well as the Brics, etc. This can’t happen unless and until the cancers within the history and current politics of the First Irish Republic are addressed: its’ fawning to The Holy See and The Wall St/City of London incubus/succubus. That’s why I’m on a ‘working weekend’ in Dublin monitoring the SNAP World Conference on Child Sexual Abuse. There is a worldwide Bankster Criminal Syndicate and a worldwide Paedophile Criminal Syndicate. In the Vatican city-state those two factions unite to flood the world with petro-coca-porn dollars, euros and yens.

        Amusingly, you seem to think that only people with some sort of offically recognised pedigree and silly website are able to do the ‘blue sky thinking outside the box’ thingy. Well, wake up and smell the coffee. I’m open to serious challenges that debunk my basic thesis that the 1916-2016, 1066-2066 Isles of Wonder as memetic metaphor for World Collapse is wrong. At some stage I’ll bring all this to the stage, the book, the film, the stand-up. But the birds are tweeting outside my window, the phones are chirping as well. My case is being packed for Dublin, but I thought I’d pop back for a brief ‘encore’ as my “Secretary”, Sister Sharon ‘Uma’ McCormick, said I needed to do a security analysis before deciding which persona(s) to exhibit in Dublin. And whether to pop along to The Palace Bar myself. Or send a doppleganger, clone, showroom dummie BrummieBoy as a decoy and amusing Stanislavsky “De Niro “Meet The Fockersin Dublin” prank. We’ll see! I might even send/bring along “the real me” if I can find him!

        Endlessly banging on about your ‘collapse function graph’ became tiresome a long time ago. Please open your thinking to other perspectives if you want a ‘heated debate’ as Mrs Merton said. There is likely to be such chaos and fear if/when The Celtic Corralito (sic) unfolds. The only helpful response is to mix ‘realism’ with ‘absurdism’ as ‘fantasy is reality in the world today’.

        Now, I must move on and give Eireannach another six of the best with this antique leather tawse….my deputy head at St Philips-Birmingham Oratory, Joe Butler, had a leather strap he called “Excalibur”. He gave it to me good and proper the first day because he senses the fires of rebellion in my demeanour. Changes his life when he realised he was just turning me on. This might be true or it might be another hopeless gambit to appear ‘interesting’.

        • Forgot to add ‘interesting’ link:


          Wonder when Pope Francis 1 will finish reading my file and make contact…the last one picked it up from Birmingham Oratory in October 2010, realised Cardinal Assange was my bitch and had a nervous breakdown, resigning in a once in 600 years tantrum. That alone, is why I am already one of the most ‘infamous’ characters of the C20/21st.But that’s just an amuse-bouche to the main smorgasbord mash-up.

          I guess the Jesuit Army SWOT/SWAT teams monitoring this will be dipping the umbrella into the Polonium to stab me on O’Connel Bridge. Word up, mofos! I’m watched 24/7/356 and will be till the day I die. Any assassination attempts will just confirm my ‘mad spook-Messiah’ status.

          Game over. Bergoglio isn’t going to fcuk with BrummieBoy, the “Pope of Pop. Warhol 2.0″. All that nonsense..Now, more serious thinking as this is an ‘economics’ site. Was an economics site..now it’s a part of the electronic salon society that will birth The Second Irish Republic of 2016. Hard work, this genius stuff! 5:30 am, the drones start up their cars for the commutes to Brum, Brissl and Londres. Time for some really strong coffee and a little Leonard Cohen.

  8. Puschkin the Black and White Cat

    On Saturday I was in a restaurant in Co Louth. An extended family were having a small party for their daughter who was going to look for work in London.

    All looked well, all fun and jokes. But later I needed to go to the toilet and overherd the young girls father cry to his brother and say “God … just like us the fuc**en bast***ards have driven my XXXXX out as well, Jesus”.

    Fun and jokes !!. Sure isn’t it just an hour away !!!!

    Or as the “brave” man (Noonan) who terrorised a dying woman (Bridget McCole) , a woman who was dying because of the KNOWING actions of his depertment said

    “Emmigration that’s a Life Style Choice”

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Noonan AND search for McCole

    “Ireland is the old sow that eats her farrow.” James Joyce.

    • Eireannach

      Your Dad in Louth better get a very big box of kleenex soon, when he realises the full extent of our predicament.

      What this country needs is self-reliance and strength of character in the face of mounting adversity, and we’re blubbering and blaming ‘the bastards’.

      ‘The bastards’ will be responsible too, I suppose, when oil becomes prohibitively expensive for every suburban motorist?

      To think that way, is to go down the wrong path, the path to howling at the moon lunacy.

      The oil is running out, the industrial underpinings are unravelling. Deal with it like adults, FFS.

  9. Lius

    Is it too late to turn things around?

    Is the working (indebted) so worn down that there is no fight left in him / her ?

    Where and when will this insanity end?

    • Eireannach


      To see into the future, where this will end, study the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, when taxation increased exponentially to try to keep the army paid and motivated.

      Today it’s the banks. Same shit, different civilization.

  10. Lius


    Maybe the working man / woman (indebted) is just not hungry or cold enough yet to revolt?

    I hope the public service unions “NO” to the CP2 madness will kick-off the battle we so badly need, somebody needs to fire the first shot in this ecconomic war.

    • Eireannach


      Not hungry or cold enough? Look at the number of iphones and other smartphones. People think we are progressing as a society, that the current economic ‘downturn’ is like the dark bit in a Mozart concerto before the music gets uplifting again.

      The passivity of the Irish stems from their optimistic nature. We basically assume that the future will be brighter, because it has been for us for so many decades.

      Meanwhile, in more advanced industrial economies like the US, cities like Detroit are so derelict that wild deer actually live in the old downtown ruins of car manufacturing warehouses. Detroit has half the population it had a few decades ago. Hollywood is full of disaster movies, and we watch them in Ireland ‘for fun’. We are so used to improvement, we’re desensitized to disaster, reversals, and how to get out of a corner when you’re stuck in one. What happened to the city of Detroit’s population? Half of them literally left the city as it collapsed in ruins.

      The story of Detroit, my friend, is a TRUE STORY. The disaster movies of Hollywood comes from a country where post-industrialism has begun, in parts.

      But in Ireland, we think the happy story of the iphone is great, but the Detroit story and Hollywood’s sense of impending disaster doesn’t involve us, we can ‘opt out’ of that hard part.

      We are about as spoilt and pampered a nation of school-girl ninnies as it is possible to find anywhere on planet Earth today. We are as unaccustomed to real hardship, and steelyness of character, as it is possible to find anywhere.

      It will take a lot more hardship before the passive, soft-focus optimism is finally punched out of the Irish. They still think all they have to do is wait, and it’ll get better. The people of Detroit will tell you, it doesn’t work like that. At all.

      • Afghan Stuart

        How exactly are the people of Detroit in a better position to show the Irish how to develop “steelyness of character”? You can’t really ask anyone in the affected areas of Detroit because you will get stabbed/beat up/mugged or worse before you have a chance to. So you will be finally satisfied with your fellow countrymen’s character only when they experience similar conditions to that of Detroit? I’d be willing to bet there are more Iphones and Smartphones per head in Detroit that Ireland.

        You have a serious chip on the shoulder buddy. The Irish know plenty about hardship and we work hard on an individual level to improve our lives. Jesus how can you live with us every day when this kind of contempt eating you up? I’d rather be hopelessly optimistic than full of spite.

        • McGoo

          Eireannach is making a valid point.

          Economically, Detroit and Ireland are in very similar positions:
          1. Detroit had only one thing going for it (it made good cars), so when others started making better cars in lower-cost locations, it’s economy collapsed. One thing could have saved it – a currency devaluation – but because it was locked into a big currency block (US dollar), it couldn’t do that. So it became a post-apocalyptic ghost town.
          2. Ireland also has only one thing going for it – low corporate tax. That really is it. And it won’t last – the USA and EU are both strongly against it. When it goes, we’ll be in big trouble, and of course we won’t be able to convert ourselves into a low-cost economy by devaluing the currency because we’re in the Euro. So, our cities will also become ghost towns, and Ireland will return to being a poor agricultural country that mass-exports it’s young.

          • Eireannach

            +1 McGoo

            Let’s be clear about one thing at least – EU President Herman Van Rompuy wants a big convention on the future of EU taxation.

            In other words, tax harmonisation. In other words, the end of Ireland’s preferential corp tax rate.

            Yet NO Irish politician will talk about this. The last few days, Labour are declaring that ‘the Irish people have had enough of austerity’, yet the same Labour admit they need to make €1bn cuts over the next 3 years.

            Basically, the Irish people and their elected leaders are as delusion and in denial about their predicament as they were delusional during the Celtic Tiger bubble era.

            We have a lot further, and harder to fall – but we are acting like histerical, jilted lovers who just want to be told it’ll all be alright in the end, even though we know it was a lie all along.

            Every Irish politician has ALWAYS KNOWN the corp tax has to go, and they all, ALL OF THEM, lie and lie and lie about the need to protect it, when they know full well they’ll give it up when they are forcefully asked to do it.

            They’ve known all along they’l surrender the corp tax because they’ll have to to stay in the EZ, which is a bigger priority, but for populist PR purposes they lie and lie about protecting it.

            And the Irish public believes their lies, because it suits them to believe it, it makes them feel in control.

          • Afghan Stuart

            Hi McGoo
            You are correct regarding Detroit/Ireland in similar positions. One is in the toilet and one is heading that way.
            1. Detroit made shit cars all through the 70′s/80′s/90′s. The European and Far East automakers stepped in and offered a superior product. The Detroit automakers kept milking the sick cow for as long as possible. They knew exactly what they were doing.Detroit was full of crooked officials/unions. They ran the place into the ground and all thats left today is something similar to Gotham city if Batman wasn’t around to keep the peace!
            2. Currency devaluations wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference per the reasons above.

            Detroit is where it is because of mismanagement/crap products/corruption and a failure to make the necessary changes sooner. Though I have to say with regards to domestic US auto industry it has come back with a bang and are offering some brilliant cars and are competing/beating the foreign stuff on quality/price. If the US auto industry can do this then Ireland can turn things around. We just need the right people/plan going forward.

          • Eireanach, it’s not quite as simple as ‘tax harmonisatin’. Tax is just one factor. Successive Irish Neoliberal Governments have fixated on it to the exclusion of fostering the long term productive potential of all the people on the island of Ireland, believing that the GDP/GNP split between the IFSC and the ‘indigenous economy’ won’t cause a rupture. But it will, as the Celtic Corralito unfolds. Here’s an interesting article:


      • “school-girl ninnies”

        Jaysus! I bet you thought ABBA were crap, eh? What man’s bands were ya listening to in the 70s? Alex Harvey Band? Nah, Scottish! erm..Faces?..nah..Scottish singer…Rory Gallagher! Now, he was a real working man with just a plaid shirt and a guitar, none of that glam-rock crap. One of my favourites and a favourite with the totally he-man builders I used to hang out with singing ye olde rebel songs after hours in The Mermaid. Brum was de-industrialised so all the authentic Paddies and some of their Brit-tastic plastic paddy kids moved back to build the Dallas Bungalow. It was great for a while, now I get phone calls about how bad things are….”We are as unaccustomed to real hardship, and steelyness of character, as it is possible to find anywhere.It will take a lot more hardship before the passive, soft-focus optimism is finally punched out of the Irish.” I have an ‘innovative’ view of Irish history linking 1916-2016 and 1066-2066 in a way that would make Myers and Ruth Dudley Edwards run for the exit from the debating chamber, but you…what is wrong with you? Why do you project almost gleeful pleasure in everyone’s ‘comeuppance’? You have real issues about masculinity, the real Alpha males (like me) don’t have to bang on about ‘toughness’, it just exudes. I bet you’re one scary testosterone-fuelled mofo of a tour guide! “Faster! Driver! faster! these tourists need to man up!” LOL!

        • Eireannach


          You clearly respond emotionally to my posts.

          Calm down. Keep a cool head.

          Emotional people always react emotionally to what I say. The key word being “react”, always a sign of an emotional nature.

          There are other people who find my writing style spunky, provocative and fun. These are solid types I identify with. Those who flap about like headless chickens because I hurt their feelings are of no use to me. I’ll just keep having fun throwing incendiary comments at them, watching them ninny and flapping around in circles, responding in this way and that.

          The suburbs are screwed. Oil prices are getting too high. Anyone stuck out there is going to respond emotionally to what I say, because I’m saying they are personally screwed, they made choices that were bad.

          But I stand by what I say. The suburbs ARE screwed. Couples won’t be able to afford 2 cars soon, and it’s not coming back.


          I gave the Detroit example as a cautionary tale. There are others.

          • You have no idea whether I respond ‘emotionally’ or ‘strategically’ like a cyborg. Unless you meet me, you have absolutely no idea whether I’m ‘emotional’ or clinically Teutonic about any particular issue. Even if you did meet me, you’d have no idea whether or not I was doing a Stanislavsky Stunt or being ‘the real me’.

            I’m pleased you’ve discovered Kunstler. He’s fun! But he’s also a bit like a bad heavy metal riff that repeats without subtle undertows. Tony Iommi never does that. Try The Archdruid Report if you really want to understand Catabolic Collapse.

            and, srsly dude! If you think I’m some kind of one-trick pony, Emo Dweeb Morrissey clone who bursts out crying and quoting Oscar Wilde if someone on the Interwebz disagrees with me, press ‘pause’, the press ‘erase’ and try again.

            I very much doubt anyone of interest finds your writing style “spunky, provocative and fun”. However, when you say “these are solid types I identify with” I can understand that you hang with others who are thick as a brick. Detroit is an American Tragedy, but “America is NOT the world!” despite the desperate attempts of Boston Plastic Paddy on Wall Street types trying to control the meta-narrative of Ireland’s history and future through their devious geo-political games with their friends in the City of London. You probably still think America Is Ireland’s Greatest Friend and O’bama will never shaft ya, even after Geithner’s antics:



            During my brief, introductory foray into Irish Americana, I got banned/censored from IrishCentral.com, supposedly some influential forum for the great and the good tossing themselves off to photos of the Kennedy Clan. It doesn’t surprise me. Anyone who tells a disturbing interpretation of “truth to power” is going to be censored. David McW will have to remove my comments at some stage, etc.

            The First Amendment does not apply to uppity wiggers from Digbeth giving 2 fingers to Noraid Priests and Yankee ‘friends’ like Timothy Geithner. What’s anyone gonna do about Andy Oscar-Ozzy Mooney? ‘mad paddy from Brum’? Sent out a hit-squad? Word up, Boston, NYC, LAPD: i’ve faced death threats since I was 10 years old for telling the truth. I’ve been a ‘sleeper’ and y’all were fooled by the ‘mask of madness’. Too late now. I’ve done it, all that’s left if for history to record the tail of my comet after @20:12, 20/12, 2012.

            O’bama gonna hit me with a drone? Look at my Little Briton BrummieBoy face: “am I bovvered?” Geithner and O’bama can kiss my Brummie Irish arse, and Enda better watch out or he’ll find himself in a Digbeth Deliverance pork-sword situation..metaphorically! Intellectually, of course. I would never rape a Taoiseach, that would be completely ‘beyond the pale’[sic].

            Why haven’t the Security Services stepped in to erase my every word from this site? I must up the tempo! After all, I’m likely to be found floating in the Liffey by Monday morning..*smirks*

  11. Hi David,


    When you google Thilo Sarrazin, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thilo_Sarrazin you find a politician that also wrote a book, a cooking book of a rather special kind, a book aimed at HARTZ 4 recipients. It was designed to show how brilliant one can live on the welfare allowance, such arrogance of power is unsurpassed but may find copy cats in Ireland soon. I would not be astonished.

    We live in Kafkaesque times.

    I post Constantin’s blog here again:


    • In the intro to Breaking The Set on RT there is a soundbite from an airhead about what it would be like to like on benefits for a month

      “Can you imagine how fabulous I’d Look! I’d be sooooo skinny!!”

  12. joe hack

    Ha! If only they had did this to the banks prior to this mess – it’s the peasants that are always to blame.

    The bad news is that, there no allowance for bus fares to the Dalkey Book Fest I heard there is some 70s dude going to be there – ‘Dustin Hoffman’- ask him why there is no journalism today.

  13. Reality Check

    Instead of “There’s an App for that” more correctly it should be; “There’s a Quango for that”

  14. tomahawk

    “There are clean and simple methods all over the world for personal bankruptcy. They are straightforward and involve selling houses in default and allowing the people to rent and get on with their lives. But we couldn’t do this. Oh no, we have to set up a quango to monitor what grown-up people spend on toothpaste?”………………..
    Methinks David that you are spending too much time out of the country and your finger is on a different pulse. People in debt don’t want to leave their houses.

    • I hear you Tomahawk, but I think there must be many thousands of people who are in such dire straits and in such negative equity that leaving the house will be a blessing rather than an eviction. renting with no hassle or fear of yet more debt hassles must be a better option.

      Don’t you think that’s a fair point?



      • joe hack

        A point be not fair, there are lot empty houses in ghost estate that need tenants the homeless might even like to live in them never mind those with mortgages. David Your indirectly promoting Absentee Landlord-ism – you know that thing we had during the famine it has not gone away.

        • joe hack

          A point, but not fair!

        • No I am not Joe Hack, don’t be an eejit. I am promoting moving away from home ownership altogether which is one of the single biggest impediments to thr success of the Irish economy.


          • michaelcoughlan


            You need to choose your words more wisely.

            1) Corrupted banks and non regulation has landed us where we are not home ownership.

            Your point needs to restated as “one of the single biggest impediments to the success of the Irish economy is the overhanging debt of home owners as a result of 1) above”.

          • joe hack

            I am trying hard not to be a eejit! So here goes if people don’t own their own homes then they must rent which would mean they are at the mercy of the landlord. In fact you have as much as admitted that you’re in favour of landlord-ism.

            Home ownership may in some ways be an impediment to Ireland economy but not to the happiness of its people.

            The renting culture in Germany has in some ways served that country well but it never has served the majority of people of Ireland.

            Who gets to be the landlord and who are the landlords now!

            and stop being so sensitive,


          • Bamboo

            It is a good idea to do some serious homework on David’s writings before going into an attack. Re: “what happens to domestic demand, the engine of growth in this country? It stalls indefinitely, that much is obvious.”

            BTW: I heard of a case in my little town. A regular family with two small kids, they have lived a prudent live and luckily BOTH parents are working. Obviously also paying for childcare as well. They are renting a modest house for 1000 Euros a month for the last 5 years or so. They have settled in the community and the father is involved as a leader/coach for the local youth football club. Now the landlord is demanding they pay an extra 350 Euros a month for the house. That is more than 30 % of an increase. Looking at the house and the location I thought the 1000 Euros a month is pushing it. There is nothing else around in the area that suits their budget and above all after settling in a small community for the last couple of years they have to pack and go to a different town. They are seriously considering of moving back home with the mother who is living in a standard semi D 4 bed in a different town. However, the mother has also taken in another member of the family back home again.
            I think the landlord will have a very hard time to get anyone paying that much money for that house. If not impossible. If this ridiculous trend continues like this we will get families moving from place to place simply because of the finacial demands that are put on families – even though they have been prudent, no debts and or other financial obligations. Especially difficult for school-going children as nomad existence can have a lasting affect on children.

            So back again: “ “what happens to domestic demand, the engine of growth in this country? It stalls indefinitely, that much is obvious.”

            I sincerely hope that we as a nation will be able to stop this trend.

          • Colin


            That’s a big ask, promoting renting over home ownership to the boys and girls in deckland. They’ve bought into the ‘home ownership’ lifestyle a long time ago and its the last thing they’re willing to give up. They’ve been indoctrinated by peers and parents and the meeja and only a good all encompassing education is the key to unlock them from their self inflicted mind slavery status.

        • Colin

          If you want to house the homeless, fine, invite them into your own house, and watch them take care of it, you big lefty liberal eejit. Don’t expect others to stump up more tax for your fanciful do-gooder intentions.

          If ghost estate house prices were allowed to fall to the true level, they would be snapped up for €40,000, and tradesmen would be back in business carrying out repairs on them (with reasonable quotes from 1995 era). Then money starts sloshing around the local economy and the depression afflicting so many would be aleviated.

          • joe hack

            “they would be snapped up for €40,000, and tradesmen would be back in business carrying out repairs on them (with reasonable quotes from 1995 era)” – try live on a 1995 wages today. your plan involves adjusting the whole of the Irish economy for a few tradesmen to get by 1995 wages therefore we earn less but the debts remain the same.

            Your lack knowledge is has been demonstrated.

            Have You not heard that they are knocking ghost estates down while at the same time pay rent allowances to stimulate landlords, the bank and the housing bubbles.

            Your intelligence is demonstrated in your ability to name call not in your logic.

            You depend on a hero and when you figure out that hero does not know what they are talking about you blame someone else – but not yourself but you know the answers but prefer to keep them to yourself.

            It’s easy sit outside of the tent and piss in but can get in and live with the smell of the real world.

      • Lius

        This is a welfare state, the Irish have lost sight of what they are morally entitled to.

        There is a mindset that says the Government MUST keep us in our house.

        Remember the saying “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”. It has come to pass with the allowed expenditure of €247.40 per month on food.

        • joe hack

          Welfare for bank yes true this is not about saving people homes this about bailing out banks David is in favour of debt forgiveness for mortgage holders he has said it on many occasions.

      • tomahawk

        “Don’t you think that’s a fair point?”
        No, I think its non-constructive and nitpicking an easy target.
        The state in preparing the guidelines had a tightrope walk.
        Too attractive, results in oversubscribing and the banks needing more equity, god forbid.
        Too onerous and face the wrath of debt-forgiveness (state paid) quango cheerleaders.
        They had to prescribe a household budget ‘cos obviously citizens aren’t able to do it themselves and also to prove that what’s proposed will work for participants in the scheme.
        Citizens busting their balls paying back their debts (just about) and paying their neighbours 3 million debt too will soon start to feel a bit foolish if that neighbour isnt feeling a bit of pain too!

      • McGoo

        I agree. Every single person I know in negative equity would absolutely love to hand over the keys and walk away with no debt.

        • michaelcoughlan

          not the people who like where they are living and can afford the payments.

          • McGoo

            Yes, even those people. They would be very happy to say goodbye to their 400K mortgage debt and buy the identical house house next door for 200K, ie. current market value.

          • paddythepig

            Who is going to give them the 200k?

          • michaelcoughlan


            If they move in next door the person selling will probably have a debt that will end up in nama which the new owner will payoff in higher taxes.

            There is no such thing as a free lunch in economics.

          • McGoo

            Guys, I know they can’t actually do it, I’m just saying that if they could, they would. Even the ones who like where they live and can afford the repayments.

        • Colin

          Every single person I know would love to buy a house at a fair value, which is 80% fall from peak, but the property market is still rigged so buyers are sensibly holding off. Its a matter of when, not if, property prices fall back to 1995 levels. That’s the last time prices were any way sensible, so lets get to that level first, and see what happens.

  15. Reality Check

    Great article David btw.

  16. Reality Check

    “There’s a quango for that” A possible app in the making for navigating through all the ways the Irish state interferes in your life?

  17. CitizenWhy

    Why the road to nowhere? Why not the road to some rich person’s house to stay there as an uninvited (but polite!) guest. To be filmed, of course.

    • Reality Check

      @Citizen Why; Why don’t you bypass all this private property rights stuff and get yourself a one way ticket to North Korea?

      • bonbon

        “Property Rights”? The EU banksters are going to take your deposits and gold – it is called basil-in. No need to go to DPRK. It’s right here.

  18. Beego

    This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around

  19. Beego

    Recently, seeking solace, I found myself reading F Scott Fitzgerald’s collection of short stories: A Diamond as big as the Ritz.

    A couple of lines stayed with me. One was from Babylon Revisited, when Charlie revisits Paris in the 1930s, and is talking to Paul, the head bar-man in the Ritz hotel, who knew him during the halcyon days of the previous decade, when he was rich and profligate. Paul asks him if he lost a lot during the crash (of 1929) and Charlie confirms;
    ‘I did,’ and he added grimly, ‘but I lost everything I wanted in the boom.’
    He was referring to his late wife Helen, and the custody of his only child, Honoria.

    Everyone in Ireland talks about what we’ve lost in the bust, but the truth of it is, we lost everything that mattered in the boom. Our sense of reason, our values, our perspective, our appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, our judgement, our ability to know when we’ve had enough, our humility, our common sense.

    Like the characters in the Scott-Fitzgerald stories, we now emerge, blinking into the cold, sober, grey light of a new decade, wondering ‘how the hell could we have been so feckless?’.

    Despite our once lofty and grandiose ambitions, a slow dawning that perhaps our purpose in life will be nothing more than to serve as a cautionary tale for the generation who will come after us: who will point to us as the victims of false ideals, and who will preserve their own ideals, by repeating sensible mantras, like the mottoes over the portico in Delphi: ‘Be true to yourself’ and ‘Nothing in excess.’

    • I loved reading F.Scott Fitzgerald in my early 20s.

      What you say about simple pleasures is true. Sitting with peace and quiet reading Fitzgerald is a simple pleasure and he used to keep me enthrathed for hours with his unique style of prose

      We did lose everything and we owe it to future generations to warn them not to be complacent

    • Excellent comment. And explains why the new economic paradigm will have to be based on granting status on something other than purely material baubles. Unless and until the ‘movers and shakers’ change the culture, the economics that follow will remain pointlessly hierarchical.


      I do not want personal ‘extreme wealth’. I do not want to be famous, as ‘fame is a mental illness in both ‘fan’ and star’: but I could have been ‘bigger than Elvis’. I chose not to do that because I knew ‘fame’ and ‘wealth’ was already over and so did Andy Warhol. The human flotsam and jetsam chasing Hollywood Babylon and hedonistic oblivion today are herd culture conformists. Even Rupert Everett has woken up from the cult trance. Ireland is very, very special in human culture, by accident as much as by anyone’s design. There’s a new ‘republic’ to emerge by 2016, one that learns from the collapse of the current one. It’s a cultural revolution that’s needed: it’s pointless arguing with these eejits. ‘The Book Of Mormon’ shows the way. Satirise them to the point where the automatic reaction of everyone when they see a failed politician is to laugh out loud until they leave the room, t.v studio. Although, with Alpha-Enda, that’s hard to do as he’s doing it so well himself already. Enda as rugby sporno ubermensch Alpha? LOL! He reminds me of a guy in Brum…best stop there…hey! Enda! grow a pair and find a backbone when you’re next in the scrum negotiating with the Troika, ok? Rugby’s for real, not like that girly GAA malarkey! *popcorn*

      “Rugby League World Cup Trophy, the sports oldest trophy, lands in Ireland. Taoiseach Enda Kenny welcomes arrival ahead of Thomond Park, Limerick game”


      Mario Rosenstock has shown the way forward ‘going forward’ [sic], monstering Joan Burton in a way she has never quite recovered from,nor Turbridy probably:


  20. michaelcoughlan


    The articles of recent times are a pure pleasure to read. So weighty.

    It just goes to show how highly developed your political awareness has become that the whole article could be considered a political treatise. Very little mention of economics at all.

    One thing that could be added at the end is to remind readers of the fate that befell Ceausescu: He was cut in two halves by machine gun fire just after his wife was.

    I am wondering did the thought cross his mind that there was cause and effect to his own actions and that they were ultimately self-defeating, or was he just as blind right up to the point the bullets hit home.

    Irrespective of ideology it seems to me whether these people are in charge of the FED, a communist country, political party, a bank etc. they all suffer from the same disconnect. They sleep sound at night because the consequences of their own actions is not something they have to deal with until standing against a wall facing the working end of a machine gun.

    What you have demonstrated David, is that we now have a tyranny in Ireland. McGurk has being saying it all along. No question. I am writing this with a heavy heart. I am also terrified for my family, wife and kids. I’ll say it again I am truly terrified at the spectre now unfolding in Ireland.

    God help us all.




    By the way one of the reasons so many cattle and sheep are dying in the country is that the overdraft facilities for many farmers has been withdrawn which meant they weren’t able to buy replacement fodder which was needed due to the exceptionally long period of cold weather we have been experiencing into spring. You won’t read that in the main stream media I’ll bet.

    • Good comment Michael

      It is worse than we thought and David’s article is a sober warning.

      I hope he does bring more political analysis into future articles. To me it doesn’t matter what label someone is tagged with as long as they talk sense. Left and right mean nothing to me now

      It is all about politics now because we have analysed the financial machinery to death and even after 5 years instead of getting better it is getting worse

      The animals are dying. For Fuck Sake!

      Is there no end to this madness I ask

    • Adam Byrne

      We have a kakistocracy in this country – we are ruled by the worst of men.

  21. paddythepig

    This article is the voice of the spoilt inner child of Celtic Tiger Ireland.

    Normal people have a budget. You stick to the budget, it’s called responsibility. If you don’t have money for a holiday, you don’t go on a holiday. It’s not the end of the world. If you don’t have money to go to the pub, you don’t go to the pub. If you have to wear the same clothes you wore last year, and the year before, so what. If you are alive, and healthy, what more do you want? In life, you do what you can, and you expect nothing, nor do you deserve anything.

    This article really is a sick joke.

    • Yeah but Paddy the point is the policing of individuals. Who is going to do this? How? You tell me and I will be accept that it is agood thing. And just to remind you who was the most vocal critic of the economic excesses of the Celtic Tiger from way back in the early 2000s before anyone else opened their beaks?

      So don’t call me the inner child of the of the Celtic Tiger



      • Puschkin the Black and White Cat

        +1 David. I agree, it’s not the actual amount whether it is 2.71 for a monthly ice cream or whatever. It’s the control and the WHO will now have this control. How can a person submit to such control, ah man, big brother gone wild, a new NAMA for shopping, God save us !!!!!, Like the rubbish of having 6 consultants to access a medical case.

      • paddythepig

        How does any family police it’s own budget? You list your incoming money, and list your outgoings, and you compare the two. You look at your bank statements, and your receipts from your shopping. Do you ever do this? We do. It’s not rocket science.

        If it takes some supervision to see that the insolvent are living within the rules, and not taking the piss, then so be it. What’s the problem with that?

        And don’t misquote me either. I was very clear in my words. I said “this article” was the voice of the spoilt inner child of Celtic Tiger Ireland, and it is. I never said you personally were it’s voice, so don’t get so defensive. You invite comment, and you write some articles I agree with, and some I don’t.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Paddy,

          What McWilliams is articulating in a very subtle way is that Ireland is now a tyranny. He’s not wrong. It doesn’t matter how you manage your budget when you have to answer to the government appointed commisar in the room to see if you comply with the rules.

          • Eireannach

            You simply can’t have a tyranny unless you have an utterly valueless, irresponsible citizenry.

            The very first price of freedom is eternal vigilance, to remain on the look-out for tyranny.

            So how can we find ourselves in this situation?

            Have we been a responsible citizenry if tyranny has been (re)instated in Ireland?

            You answer that Michael. Is it the tyrant’s fault, or the irresponsible citizenry’s fault, that your ‘tyranny’ (which seems to me little more than micro-managing children) has returned?

          • Time to remove subtlety and resume straight and direct language. It is hard to guess what people actually are saying.

            All counties are tyrannies. It is the tyrannies of the bankers. They have been given the power and they are using it.

            Time for the people to re-assert their native sovereignty. That means individual integrity that all can rely on. Time for self reliance and self control. We have all become too soft and mollycoddled to the point we expect others to look after us. Those days are gone.

            In adversity there is always opportunity. go look for it!!

          • Adam Byrne

            Tons of opportunities. I would argue one of the best times in my life for such. But you have to search intensely for them and work your arse off when you see the opening. No one else is going to do it for you. Very rewarding.

          • michaelcoughlan

            hi Tony,

            “Time to remove subtlety and resume straight and direct language”

            Thanks Tony for that observation. All the chumminess was driving me mad!

      • Colin

        David, I share your concerns, but remember its not all Irish people who will be bound by this quango. Its only maybe 3% of the population, the people who refuse to wake up to reality that they need to balance the books and who are also behind in mortgage repayments. They also refuse to consider giving up their property which they can no longer afford. In any other country, they’d be kicked out and given social housing. But in Ireland? No. Pride gets in the way and its all about saving face. Ireland does it differently and arseways.

        And shure isn’t Nana and Grandad there to help out, cash fund for holidays and treats and isn’t there an inheritence there when they kick the bucket, shure it’ll all be grand.

    • Paddy the first and last sentences are empty statements that just hang in the air. You don’t explain the voice of the inner child of Celtic Tiger Ireland and you don’t explain why the article is a sick joke. Please expand and let us flesh it out a bit more

      The main sentence is correct except the last statement. In order to stay healthy people need food, shelter and social interaction. Everyone is entitled to a basic living.

    • Did Irish banks stick to their budget? Or did they go on the mother of all spending sprees to inflate their assets (loan book) with money borrowed/looted from footlose international capital? Only to turn around and cry like a 3 year old having a tantrum, demanding that the bank of taxpyer mom and dad bail them out when it all went tits up?

      Would ye ever grow up and stop with the ‘a country’s budget is the same as a housewives’. Next you’ll be quoting Merkek and Thatcher with their Schwabian/Grantham nonsense nostrums.

      Even if autsterity ‘worked’, it would destroy the economy. “my spending is your income is my spending” A modern consumer economy cannot remain stable if most of it’s consumers are in ‘austerity mode’. Try ‘paradox of thrift’. Alive and healty is good, ignorant chanting of simplistic solutions to complex predicaments: less so.

      Now, bet back to darning those socks.

      • The idea of bailed out banks micro-managing the after-tax income of those who have bailed them out down to the last meal or bus fare is beyond satire, totally obscene and absolutely totalitarian. When pseudo-capitalist corporations and aco-dependent government conspire to control citizens of a republic like they were subjects of a tyrannical royalty, there’s a name for it. And when the tyrannical royalty is also a foreign power or three hiding behind euphemisms such as ‘IMF’ and ‘Troika’ and ‘EU’: it could all get very nasty.

        I hope the First Irish Republic passes peacefully into oblivion.It’ so rotten now it will only take a few windy days and nights never mind a full blown hurricane. It took the French a few goes to get it stable and with their gay marriage panic attack they might have to go back to the drawing board about separation of state and religion, but no matter. Ireland went from being controlled by Britain to being controlled by The Holy See to being controlled by Germany, France, Britain and the US. If folk wish to continue with the delusion that it’s a free country after reading Constantin’s blog post and David’s evisceration, then I’m not going to waste my time arguing with eejits.


        If you want to argue face to face I’m in Dublin this weekend. You can get wound up and aul rant at the ‘Saxon Foe’. Patrick Pearse’s dad was a Brummie atheist. Something went wrong…it time to move on..to the Second Irish Republic of 2016. Guess what? I’m an Irish Republican and an English Republican. It’s St George’s Day tomorrow. I want rid of the English Royal Family, rid of the pseudo-Soldiers of Destiny,rid of the Fleg Fetishits in the North, rid of the USuk use of the country as a landing strip, rendition site..I could go on all night, but you’re getting the picture, I’m sure. The debts will not be repaid because they cannot be repaid without destroying the Irish economy. Turning citizens into slaves is an act of shameful dereliction of constitutional duty. I’m not even remotely bothered about any consequences of making such a statement in my real, legal name. I’m dead man walking and have been since November 21, 1974. But I come from the crucible of the diaspora, from the small heath and the sparkling brook, where many had fled the previous trashings of the Irish economy. Many more now are fleeing this one. Don’t try and make out that turning citizens into debt service drones is anything to do with ‘sound economics’, never mind patriotic or responsible behaviour. It’s shameful. I say it because I’m a real revolutionary. Just watch and see..


        • paddythepig

          There really is no end to your blather is there. Your contributions remind me of those pointless twenty minute self indulgent guitar solos we used to get in the 70s.

          • LOL!

            thanks for that ‘Porcine Paddy’. Do you like ‘Deliverance’? I love that filum..

            I also love 20 min guitar solos. And drum solos. I saw David Bowie and John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra within 48 hours at Birmingham Town Hall in 1973. The latter was a 2 hour jazz guitar solo. I was with someone who thought he was going to see the new Hendrix, not a surgical guitar clinician. My favourite guitarist of that era was Rory Gallagher. I loved seeing him at Aston University, where’d he do 20 min blues-tastic solos that were just amazing. Did you like Rory? Horslips? Or were you still listening to all those tired old ‘rebel songs’ like my Dad’s mad mates on the buses?

            Here’s Birds of Fire, have a listen, tell me what you think, that’s if you can find time between counting the cornflakes for an abstemious breakfast.


            I bet you were/are a real fun Dad, splashing out for a Santa outfit and loads of rides at the funfair. It’s not a dress rehearsal, so don’t look back with regret because you missed the fun neurotically ‘balancing the books’. I wasn’t the dad i dreamed of being because G*d had other plans, but it’s not too late. And I’m not going to let a world financial crisis stop me from splashing out on a day at Weston Super Mare with the kids every now and then.

            Financial sobriety is very important for Paddy, so is sobriety with drink, drugs and gambling ‘going forward into the Celtic Corralito. Oh, and Banking Sobriety…that might be an idea too. Don’t take pleasure in other’s mistakes with money. You might face catastrophic illness one day, then all your bean-counting will come to nought once those insurance companies start their creative accountancy with the small print on all those policies you pay for each month to be ‘prudent and sensible’.

            Bet you’re good in bed too, a real porker. “Don’t untuck the sheets! I have 15 minutes then I have to get back to the household spreadsheet!” LOLOLOL!

          • paddythepig

            Andrew, all those verbal pyrotechnics doesn’t make you cool. Keep trying though.

          • paddythepig
            April 24, 2013 at 8:44 am

            “Andrew, all those verbal pyrotechnics doesn’t make you cool. Keep trying though.”

            Trying? My Dad used to say “you’d try the patience of a Saint!” i’m trying to pack for Dublin but I’m distracted by the fact that you keep annoying me. So, stop!

            See you at the FF Ard Fheis on Sunday. I look forward to your speech.

            Ta da!

            ” Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
            Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
            Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in? Do you ever feel already buried deep?
            Six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thing Do you know that there’s still a chance for you ‘Cause there’s a spark in you?
            You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine Just own the night like the 4th of July
            ‘Cause baby, you’re a firework Come on, show ‘em what you’re worth Make ‘em go, oh, oh, oh
            As you shoot across the sky Baby, you’re a firework Come on, let your colors burst
            Make ‘em go, oh, oh, oh You’re gonna leave ‘em falling down You don’t have to feel like a waste of space You’re original, cannot be replaced If you only knew what the future holds After a hurricane comes a rainbow
            Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow And when it’s time, you’ll know You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine Just own the night like the 4th of July ‘Cause baby you’re a firework
            Come on, show ‘em what you’re worth
            Make ‘em go, oh, oh, oh As you shoot across the sky Baby, you’re a firework Come on, let your colors burst Make ‘em go, oh, oh, oh
            You’re gonna leave ‘em falling down Boom, boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon It’s always been inside of you, you, you
            And now it’s time to let it through ‘Cause baby you’re a firework Come on, show ‘em what you’re worth Make ‘em go, oh, oh, oh
            As you shoot across the sky Baby, you’re a firework Come on, let your colors burst
            Make ‘em go, oh, oh, oh You’re gonna leave ‘em falling down Boom, boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon Boom, boom, boom Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon…”

            Plastic Paddy BrummieBoy AndrewGMooney, even brighter than the moon,moon, moon, floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, the lyrical satirical pyrotechnic pyroclastic volcanic lyrical flow: hotter than the sun. brighter than the moon, moon, Andrew Gerard George Patrick Mooney vs the Porcine Piggy? Some contest. Round 1. Knockout. Southpaw Grammar School of It’s A Hard Knock Life! etc

            Look to the eastern skies today, Paddy, see a plane, a Mothership in a rainbow explosion, see the dolphins dancing in Dublin Bay as the King of Tara-Rainbow #warrior returns from The Shire and Cader Idris once more:

            Hey! Dublin Salon society folk, here’s what I wanna chat/rap about till dawn over stout, porter, whisky and coffee:

            “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors” – Plato


            From Ballyfermot and Finglas out to Howth Head to commune with the ghost of Joyce. And to become him…and to re-imagine Ulysses as another chapter in “An Irish Childhood In Birmingham”… and Ballyfermot…Done this many times, (flashbacks to the An Óige hostel by The Black Church). One day in the life of Dublin 2013…to become James Joyce. Metaphorically, literary, if not literally, etc.


  22. A1 David. A sharp analysis of life in Absurdistan.

  23. joe hack

    Just to clarify I enjoyed your article and it points to important things that need to be said.

    David you said you were in favour of debt forgiveness implementing it is not so easy.

    The next door neighbour lives in a boom valued property (home) with a 2.5 million euro mortgage he rented out another 2.5 million property. one of the persons he rented his bedsits to lost his home and lives on minimum wage (and now he hangs out with similar sorts because his well paid working friends are sick of having to pay for his social life, “ reverse contagion” ) I know of this exact situation.
    The high court forced the sale of the rented property in this case; this now previous landlord can avail of debt forgiveness while the guy in the bedsit sticks blue-tack on falling down wallpaper. Should his minimum wage person pay for someone else’s excesses (greed?) after all his well paid “mates“don’t even want to buy him a beer as it might be “a moral hazard”?

    So the government in an attempt to mitigate “the moral hazard” brings in “Ceausescu like rules.”???

    So David who needs to go on a diet? – The person in the bedsit on minimum wage or the person in a 2.5 million mortgaged home.

  24. I think it fair to say the home ownership dream has turned to dust.

    Thatcher promised home ownership would set us free but try telling that to someone who is being bean counted at the months end. Their humiliation must feel complete and they are prisoners for life

    It’s a waste of a life

    • McGoo

      Borrowing an amount of money that you can comfortably afford to pay back, in order to buy a house to live in, does make good sense. Otherwise, you’ll be paying “dead money” in rent.

      Borrowing an insane amount of money to speculate on house prices does not make sense. A house is not an investment, it is an inflation-proof savings account that also keeps you warm and dry.
      There is no such thing as a “property ladder”.

      • Bamboo

        Excellent point McGoo.
        As we are now entering a different/new era wherin property purchasing is looking more and more cut out for the 1% of the world population and the existing howeowner are desprately trying to hang on to their own homes and belonging – we should be very very careful of going into homeownership.

      • Good point. If you have the money and can afford it then great. I am fine with that and I would maybe buy a cottage and live in it if I had the money. I don’t and I have come to terms with that

        If by some miracle I land a job paying 40k I’ll consider it because you can pick up cottages for under 100k

        There is no way I would get into 400k of debt on a 40 grand salary. That is stupid and irresponsible

        • Adam Byrne

          Dopey. Who would fall for that scam? A mortgage is okay if it’s realistically priced (or the house is). Otherwise you can stick it. I’ve never had one, never will have one but like I say, it’s fine if it’s manageable. But people don’t think.

        • Bamboo

          Be aware that purchasing a house is the easiest part. Keeping/maintaining a house is a different matter. Same like a car. Buying a car is easy.

          If you do buy a house in the future make sure it has a south facing back garden, near good amenities, etc. I don’t understand why there are so many houses with north facing back gardens. I understand why older houses before the 90′s have north facing back gardens.

          But even during the boom houses are simply plonked in a field. Architects and town planners haven’t learned anything and should know by now we are not living in the gloomy dark ages.

          I would strongly suggest not to buy a cottage. It may be cute, cheap and cheerful but is built all wrong and you end up spending a lot of money getting it to modern standards, if at all possible.

          • Will the house-tulip mania ever die? House purchase was always predicated on a stable middle class, at least purchase by 25 year mortgages. I tell my kids to rent so they can move to where the jobs are. It’s totally obscene how banks are bailed out for stupid loans, then goverments use taxpayer money for housing rent subsidies to disguise the fact of stupid loans, and to prevent house prices falling to a level that vaguely correlates with actual average earnings.

            “Real price of Amsterdam house only doubled in more than 350 years” By Michael Hennigan,


            Call this nonsense anything you like, but don’t call it a capitalist market economy, because it isn’t. Here’s some real data on housing. Even though it’s freely available, people still crave owning their own home. I own mine. It’s been a great bulwark against the vissicitudes of work and illness, not having to move on a landlord’s whim. But I’ve been an involuntary landlord as well during a housing slump. So I see it from both sides.

            If people had real rights as citizens in a functioning economy of a non-corrupt republic, they wouldn’t crave the sense of security that owning a little bit of sanity gives. I understand the craving, I’ve had it myself, and I can, if I have to, live on very little in my dotage. I still dream of moving back to Ireland, but know it’s just chasing ghosts of childhood and heritage.

            I’m really having a great rant tonight as I pack my case for Dublin. Hope I get past border control after this outburst…*smirks*

          • Bamboo

            Andrew, Amsterdam is a different animal altogether. No point comparing Dutch property rat race with the Irish. Amsterdam has a far more regulated system. Dutch people are inclined to at least try and if it doesn’t work out it will knock it down and start all over again. for example the Bijlmer and Slovervaart area in Amsterdam. Believe me I know Holland well.

            I too own my house and was a reluctant landlord. I too have advised my children (who are now adults never ever to buy any property in Ireland) simply because I’ve been in a position to see it from an alien point of view. I too have seen it from both sides and am lucky enough to be free from all of financial obligations.

            But it doesn’t stop me from trying to warn people. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to better myself, at least not financially but enrich myself with what life has to offer in a different society.

          • Bonbon, that’s a sensible comment from you, at last! But Amsterdam is indicative. If Irish Austerity works then house prices revert to match those in Dortmund and Dundee.

            How people are meant to pay Bertie Boom mortgages on Austerity Salaries whilst still consuming enough to have a functioning domestic economy is not yet clear to me…

            I’m fine with this ‘stupid folk borrowed too much and must pay the price, accept massive austerity wage cuts in public/private sector’. That’s fine, so long as all realise that the Ashes of Angela’s Austerity mean that the domestic economy totally implodes causing the asset sheets of the banks to also implode causing the bail-in of ‘the Celtic Corralito’ causing the riots and mayhem, leading to me becoming the Cultural Taoiseach of The Second Irish Republic in 2016. I’m, like, totally, on board with that scenario. Which will lead to an Uprising once the Euro Geopolitical Project has to extend the New Roman Empire into the very heart and soul and fibre of macro and micro Ireland.

            I’m sure the whole country will just sigh and say “well, he’s just another BIFFO / BUFFALO eejit, sure “we are where we are!” and what’s wrong with being a province of the Franco-German Empire? Isn’t it better than being under the thumb of the Brits? He’s just another Saxon Foe with his Trojan Horse ‘radical themes and memes.”…Morgan Kelly’s very quiet..if you want to meet me, go via David. I have some questions for you, Morgan..but if you’re jealous of my prowess, that’s fine too. I don’t need anyone’s endorsement or approval to rewrite/rewire Ireland. And I’m not hung up on the nit-picking detail. I just do the helicopter ‘vision thing’. That’s all that’s needed.

            So, let’s just rip up the Croke Park Agreement, either to go with Morgan’s Year Zero Restart to balance the books or to suck the Troika off. It’s going to happen. Either way, “there be monsters!” I could care less…no one can now stop my vision from emerging: a vision of a new Irish Republic that fulfills the promise of the visionaries of 1916, acknowledges and accepts they made some serious foundational errors (without becoming Kevin Myers!) and then stands proud on the world stage as a genuinely Sovereign Nation State, not with Britain’s dick in it’s arse or blowing American. That spit-roasting stuff’s fine for a laugh in the right club context, but no way for a Nation to cavort like a whore of Babylon.

            If that Second Irish Republic doesn’t come to pass, it will only be because ‘Ireland’ as a concept no longer exists, having been sold down the Shannon by Ireland Inc and Timothy Geithner. S’funny how the real Soldier of Destiny turned out to be a BrummieBoy, just like Patrick Pearse’s Dad….

            Controversial enough? Want more? Don’t worry. This is just foreplay before I snap on a rubber and get mediaeval on Enda’s ass: if I have to. Metaphorically, I mean. Don’t block me at border control again, lads. My patience is that of a Saint but a Saint with the Sword of St George as well as a pork sword, fnar! fnar! Viz need to do a special edition on Ireland. Make it so!

    • Adelaide

      By ‘humiliation’ I assume you mean ‘poverty’?

      Is this not what David’s article asserts, that the concept and pursuit of home ownership is detrimental and a hindrance to a genuine prosperity based on a meaningful productive economy.

      That the false Gods of home ownership has impoverished so many in nation, and therein lies the madness, the injustice, the humiliation for those ensnared in the ruse, so many have followed the Pied Piper and now approaching the river they realise the lullaby music of James Galway playing ‘Bricks Und Mortar’ is actually “Bullet In The Head” by Rage Against The Machine.

      The anger is the shock of recognition in the reflection staring back at them, the deceived Paddy, yet again led astray and controlled by institutions down through the ages.

      They recognise their fallibility, though the game was rigged they voluntarily enlisted, knowing that in all likelihood this time the knaves of government will be their deceivers.

      But they can still grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. They need to stand back from the river bank and chuck in the Pied Piper. Then burn down the town and dance to the pop band Orange Juice’s “Rip It Up And Start Again” till dawn and that morning start afresh a new society. OR, or, they can drown.

    • Colin

      People who bought their Council flats in Camden, North London, in the 80s for a song now rent them out and rake in £1200 a month for their 3 bed flat. Others sold them at a large profit, including that big eejit who organised the anti Thatcher facebook page recently. Thatcher haters are full of hypocrisy.

      • people do what they have to do to survive, they duck’n'dive, it’s hard-wired into our psyches. having masses of money is morally neutral, it’s what you do with it. that’s why I quote Andrew Carnegie, “Make Extreme Wealth History” by The Knife, and The Giving Pledge, which I expect to be held to when I become as rich as Croesus, if I decide to do the Fame Game.


        Hating on people because Mom and Dad are rich is as silly as doing so cuz Mom and Dad are dirt poor. You can be a total wazzock Trustafarian brat or you can become total genius revolutionaries like Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, who openly acknowledge that they could not do it without family wealth, like Ralf and Florian also acknowledged. Most pop groups are now public-school boys and girls, but don’t hate them. Just recognise that the way outta da ghetto of Small Heath and Ballyfermot is now probably just boxing or sport. Or a smart business brain. Same as it ever was, but a shame so much potential is wasted.

        Hating on those who turn a trick on property to get some leeway from wage slavery is pretty poor form, Colin. Lots of people come from nowhere and do crazy stuff, and usually they break a few P.C rules along the way. I did, do and will continue to, but then, I’m a crazy bad-ass muffafcuka and I, er..just don’t care! Whether you agree with wind power or not, the ‘will to power’ is just as impressive as that of the winner in the ring or on the pitch:


  25. DC

    You know were all f*&ked if ABBA reform.

    Money Money Money 1976

    I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
    Ain’t it sad
    And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
    That’s too bad
    In my dreams I have a plan
    If I got me a wealthy man
    I wouldn’t have to work at all, I’d fool around and have a ball…

    Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the rich man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny

    • michaelcoughlan

      Terrific stuff.

    • Ah the long sweltering summer of 1976. We had stand pipes in the streets and the mercury topped 90 in Glasgow.

      Southern England baked in ferocious blistering heat and in Bournemouth we had the holiday of a lifetime. Streakers were running into the water and their jolity was caused by a lethal combination of heat and alcohol intake

      It was a good old fashioned British seaside holiday and I often look back on it. Great days when life was carefree and simple

      • Eireannach

        Well it’s not 1976, it’s 2013 and it’s far more serious. Not a time for frivolous nostalgia either. People will have no money for emergency dental treatment, for example, if they get severe toothache. It’s very serious, and getting worse.

      • Proustian reveries! I went on a ‘religious retreat’ to the island of Iona, with everyone bronzed like it was Ancient Greece. It was so hot I melted..and I had a ‘mystical experience’. Another one in a long line….I had a similar thing happen in Bray as a nipper..over the Wicklow Mountains we rolled in Dad’s van to arrive at my realtives gaff. That was in the day when Bray was just a place by the seaside, not an epicentre of cool and trendy. Hey, Sinead! How are you? Long way from meeting you on the stairs when you lived above my brother in his copper’s flat in Maid Vale. Lightbulb? LOL!

        Ripping up that pic on NBC? Were on earth did you get such an idea! Must have come to you on the astral plane, I expect. “Universal Mother” is one of the most important art works of Irish culture. You don’t have to do anything else, though How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? is very good. Keep well. And thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you. End of Proust interlude….life can always be carefree and simple. Childhood is a state of mind. Childhood can be recovered. “Song of Innocence and Experience: and Innocence Revisited”. It’s a triple album, like Yessongs! lol!


  26. 5Fingers

    I wish the article was laced with a few facts to help us see the real numbers of how many will be affected by this mess of an insolvency bill. Rather than the descent to rent (and believe me in this country it would be a descent) we should be considering how we could help people to consider a bankruptcy option rather than 7-10 years of barely alive servitude where kids turn to adults under-provided, under educated under trained you name it in newly emerged ghettos.

    The reason I am very doubtful about the move to a rental option is becasue the laws around tenants and the resourcing of the PTRB and the general quality of rental accommodation are so poor in Ireland. It’s a bit of the frying pan into the fire job and could lead more hardship of the utterly disenfranchised. There is no wish politically that I can see of sorting out this mess and until then, it is not an option – certainly not for a hopeful and aspirational society.

    We have not touched on the old, infirm and the downright poor – it seems these are mere discards. We should be thinking about this and the kids and our future. It is not so much about growth but about development as capable human beings – a world where measurement is about accomplishment, not just the amount of kilowatt hours you can blow away per day.

    The more we believe wealth is about how much energy you can burn, the more nature is going to relieve you of your childlike dream and bury you in pessimism. We have to open our minds and stop believing this utter nonsense about booms and bust cycles. There never was a cycle it was a ratcheting exercise of increased inequality covered up as a mind calming cycle. It is in our power to break that cycle and it needs example and leadership by all of us.

    I’ll given an example…this winter and so-called spring we had a fodder shortage. Animals died because those who had were not prepared to give to those in need (many farmers simply had no money). Fodder prices doubled. Well, maybe those who had made a killing. But, I suspect as the year goes on, misfortune has a funny way of working its way back by means of gates left open, fences falling apart and so on and people turning a blind eye. Opportunistic negativity followed by more negativity and who looses? Everyone. Same goes for the economy. Unless we can transcend by forgiveness and encouraging can do and faith in one another (even if it make u like an idiot), the RoI might be a lot bigger than you expected.

    • Bamboo

      Well said. We can measure it by the number of new 13-1 cars on the roads. In addition these new 13-1 cars on our roads are fairly swanky looking cars I must say. Talk about rubbing it in.

      • There’s no point having a new car if the suspension is going to pop within three months. Second hand Fords are good because parts are cheap and they are easy to service

        I used to fix all my cars in the days when you didn’t need a laptop to diagnose the fault

        Now it’s a money racket where you are locked in. Just like $MS

        • Bamboo

          I never had a new car. I always had second hand japanese cars, never had any trouble and never serviced them. The last one (my wife’s car) is 9 years old and never had any trouble apart from putting diesel instead of petrol which obviously it didn’t like. We are selling it now as we are leaving the country.

    • This is right up my street. You right very well on the technical aspects of automation and informatics, both of which I fear will tear society apart even more than now. There’s a new paradigm to emerge once the neoliberal temple collapses. Not sure what it will be but hopefully not “Dharavi in Dublin” with some behind gated palaces and most in shanties with dogbox negative equity flats or tarpaper shacks. There’s an emerging elite consensus that the European model is doomed and that Mumbai is the template for a worldwide Slum Planet predided over by the 1% and their 9% fluffers. I’m not so pessimistic but it’s going to take the same vision and bravery to find a path beyond Collapse as it did at the end of the Second World War. The Third World War was the FIRE Economy. I hope the 4th doesn’t erupt in South Asia as a hot fireball, but even if it does, there’s work to do to secure a sane future on the island of Ireland. I think the ‘forgiveness’ transcending thing will happen, but hopefully from a genuine opening of the heart, not some Blair imposed Strausserian fraud rehas. When the Celtic Corralito unfolds, the VdP will be overwhelmed, the pews will be packed, it will be like Birmingham in the 1950s..and Dublin, of course. The nefarious elements of The Holy See need to be purged, but I hope the baby isn’t thrown out with the bathwater. I’m only alive because of the intervention of priests who broke every rule to save me. Colm O’Gorman blew it apart for Ireland, I’ll do it for England like I used to “lie back and think of England”, balancing victim script with the truth just enough to tell the tale without scaring the horses: “it’s time the tale were told, of how you took a child…and he made you old..” lol!

      John Waters is becoming very interesting as a writer, moving from some questionable defensive positions to a highly evolved commentary. President Higgins steps up to the plate..most of the world’s challenges can be found in the microcosm of the islands of Ireland and Britain. And, possible, some of the solutions…

      Thanks for the heads-up on Sean O’Nuallain.

      The First Irish Republic was a start, but it was banjaxed by it’s foundational error of kow-towing to the Holy See, whilst leaving in place the relic structures and institutions of the British aristocracy. This allowed the New Irish Aristocracy to pose as rebels whilst amassing private wealth (Haughey. ahem!). The Trojan Horse of the IFSC allowed the geo-political plots of the USukEuropa cabal to create the current terminal crisis whereby the indigenous economy is to be sacrificed on the altar of austerity to placate the gods of neoliberal economics and evade the traitorous underpinnings of the Euro project, which was always predicated on the abolition of the nation state and the eventual imposition of a federal treasury for a new Roman Empire. That’s all fine if Paddy wants to be an outpost of Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and NYC: but it might make sense to review that decision carefully before abandoning the powers and potential of Independence. And there’s much in the genuine wellspring of authentic Irish Catholic culture which will be of great solace and service in the turbulent years ahead. ‘just sayin!

      ‘mad paddy from brum’ aka: the Saxon Foe. *wink*


      “After the war there had been considerable immigration to England from Ireland. Many of these people settled in the Sparkhill area. English Martyrs parish became the second biggest parish in England. Church Masses were celebrated in the Harp Ballroom (Walford Road) and Conway Road school. At one time there were as many as 10000 people attending mass in the area.”


      • that was a reply to 5Fingers April 22, 2013 at 4:36 pm. pressed wrong button.

        forgot this link with which I’ll end my stenographer’s report from the Court of History:


        If I make it to the Palace Bar on Saturday: no cameras or secret recording devices or major dental work will be taking place in the midnight hours. I’ll storm Youtube when I’m ready. I don’t need RTE or the BBC. Fcuk RTE and the BBC. Fcuk everbody who’s ever conspired to shaft Irish People or the original tribes of Britain, especially the Royal Norman Public-School Toraigh Whore Phags and their Queen Elizarbeast 11 *LOLs! rollseyes, smirks, scratches balls, looks at watch and thinks: “wow! where did the last 3 hours go? more coffee then Euros from Post Office, etc”

        Message to ‘Molly’-if I remember right, you’re name is after your dog. Dog’s are very special companions. If you’re ill, focus on the love and loyalty of your canine comapanion’s consciousness. My dog saves my life every day, he’s got cancer but, like me, has a lot of life left in him. When I was surrounded by machines and tubes after a near-fatal pulmonary embolism, it was my dog who pulled me back. Not my wife and kids! They helped, but it was my little Westie who brought me back to life. Alfie Silver Snowy Starlight Bomber Command Mooney: soon to be the most famous super-hero dog ever in kid’s comics!

        take care, one and all. and don’t die on your knees with one hand tied behind your back…

        Dublin: are you ready for me?

        *winks* to lurker luminaries who *might* finally get to meet:

        The Annointed Special One: the Jack Charlton of Geo-Politics, Commerce and Culture-the Cultural Taoiseach of the Second Irish Republic,etc etc.”

        Imagine if this isn’t all just bullshit!..

  27. Great summary of what’s going on but I have issues with the description of the Fed printing money. They are creating central-bank-money by typing it into the banks’ reserve accounts.

    Why am I being so pedantic?

    Because when cash is printed the Department of Finance receives a source of non-tax revenue.

    When central bank create money electronically the Department of Finance sees no benefit. As well as this for the Fed’s balance sheet to balance they have to record a matching debt from the bank to them for every unit they create.

    Furthermore the Fed can create an abundance of central bank money but it won’t lead to a single extra dollar in circulation because this type of money is ‘stuck’ on the central bank’s balance sheet. For more dollars to enter the American economy someone has to organise a loan from a bank at which point the banks will create bank-account-money for the borrower. This presents an obvious difficulty in a economy already awash with debt.

    As Vitor Constancio, Vice president of the ECB noted in 2011:

    ‘’Central bank reserves are held by banks and are not part of money held by the non-financial sector, hence not, per se, an inflationary type of liquidity. There is no acceptable theory linking in a necessary way the monetary base created by central banks to inflation. Nevertheless, it is argued by some that financial institutions would be free to instantly transform their loans from the central bank into credit to the non-financial sector. This fits into the old theoretical view about the credit multiplier according to which the sequence of money creation goes from the primary liquidity created by central banks to total money supply created by banks via their credit decisions. In reality the sequence works more in the opposite direction with banks taking first their credit decisions and then looking for the necessary funding and reserves of central bank money.”

    • The economies are stifled by debt suffocation. nobody can afford to borrow as there is no capacity to make additional payments.

      Next thing is that there is no advantage to storing savings in a bank. There is no interest worth having (subject to tax as well) and a good prospect of the savings being stolen by the bank.

      This will lead to an abandonment of the fiat currency and purchase of hard assets.

      What hard assets? Land?, antiques, art, alternate forms of money?
      The abandonment of the fiat currencies will be what leads to inflation acceleration and/or hyper inflation. As the first mentioned items require substantial amounts of money it seems that the small amount of cash saver is turning to junk (read 50% silver coin) silver coin and precious metals.

      Reports are everywhere of the fact that buyers of PM’S outweigh sellers 50:1. That is nobody is selling bullion. Paper gold and silver is sold to excess. Reports are that 500 tonnes of gold in an hour and up to a 1000 tonnes sold in 48 hours.

      Some of the exchange traded funds are reported to have sold 250 tonnes of gold. Be aware that many funds deal in paper promises of gold and did not buy bullion in the first place. That is 250 tonnes of paper gold by ETF’s was sold and it seems repurchased as bullion but this time not in a fund but in private hands.

      Premiums over the spot price quotes in many areas are double a week ago, reflecting demand that cannot be met. Many areas have no PM to sell or deliver. Wait times are up to 3-6 weeks for delivery on a prepaid contract.

      Something is seriously wrong with the finances behind the scenes for the central banks and the US government to want to crush the price of precious metals in the way demonstrated over the last few months. There must be unprecedented pressures on the viability of the US dollar. The physical market is beginning to overpower the paper market.

      In the meantime Eastern countries gobble up all the gold they can get at these cheap prices. Gold moves rapidly from West to East.

      • 5Fingers

        In a debt laden society, having savings is a non issue. You are one of the few, so who cares? You are an island. Stay on it and be isolated.

        So you convert to PMs…great. Keep your fodder, but I shall leave your gates open, let your animals wander…exactly who wins here? I really do not care if Gold goes to 10x to 50x to 100000x…I have none – like the rest of the vast majority.

        So the Eastern economies now are sole exporters and have all the Gold…good for them. They did not invent 90% stuff they make and trust is broken. Exactly who wins here.

        I see nothing sustainable here.

        The only wealth is that of the open and abundant mind. The rest is decoration.

        • “The only wealth is that of the open and abundant mind. The rest is decoration.”

          I’ve searched but I can’t find the source. Boethius? Marcus Aurelius? Gautama?

          ” Keep your fodder, but I shall leave your gates open, let your animals wander”

          I know someone who’s been ‘volunteered’ to gain some work experience, even though she’s got 25 years of high-functioning C.V, she still apparently needs to waste half the week doing rote tasks that resist a robotic algorithm. She’s poor so has no choice if she wants the state to pay her rent so she can pay the landlord who’s loan is also being serviced by this ‘generosity’. She’s very clear about extracting value from the situation by negatively impacting wherever it’s possible to do so with concealed subtlety. She used to be open and trusting.

          The employment demands of some companies now are very close to cult membership. It surprises me how people do not see certain expectations as an affront to their basic dignity as a citizen. The ‘dignity of labour’ where even an occasional rictus smile is a team discipline issue:


          During the Olympics/Paralympics, loads of citizen’s volunteered their time and energy to help make it work. Now, corporations and their supplicant governments seem to think they demand access to goodwill as a condition of emplyment. What next? Daily morning exercise and mental afirmations for all debtors and wards of the public purse to ensure they remain convinced it’s their personal psychology that’s causing their ‘negative employment and financial situaton’, rather than an epochal structural collapse of business culture, ethics, economics and politics?

          Happy St George’s Day everyone!

          • 5Fingers

            Quotes etc? Spontaneous emissions I am afraid very likely based on the vector sum of all the thoughts here and elsewhere that arrive at their own pace.

            Being Human: The Search for Order by Sean O’Nuallain.

        • I am sure that most have an open and abundant mind. So why all the anguish and debate over the debt people have. If they are so wealthy what is the problem.
          So you can sit in your foreclosed home and proclaim how wealthy you are.
          The point of savings are that when invested it is the only viable capital available for the growth of existing businesses and the start of new ones.
          The problems have arisen because businesses and investment was made with the used of borrowings. The debts are now called and the businesess bust.

          Remenber the Austrian school maxim. An expansion of the economy by the use of debt borrowings that lead to a boom will be subject to a corresponding bust.

          Until the debts are paid or written off there can be no recovery.

          The use of a fiat currency that can only be issued as an instrument of debt is the recipe for disaster.

          Seing the western central banks divesting themselves of the worlds only stable asset based money is like giving away the shop.

          Those who accumulate the gold will have the business growth and prosperity. it was ever thus . just be aware and position yourself accordingly. Maybe you should be thinking of your community, rather than youself, and encouraging the state to take actions that would have the citizens living in a prosperous country rather than a destitute one. Encourage your fellow citizens to do likewise.

          Whether I have savings or not and where they are is not relevant. You sound as if you would prefer that I decend into the swamp and suffocate along with the rest.I never was very good at following the crowd!

          • 5Fingers

            Well Tony, given your are so unique and not of the crowd or “the rest in the swamp” and you believe most have an Abundant and Open Mind, does that mean you are one of the elite few that has a closed and sparse mind.

          • Your gold will be confiscated or taxed as windfall. Trust in the tribe, not the gated estate or the shack with guns, gold and baked beans. Or do both. Some BrummieBoys and Girls don’t swagger around with metal like rappers, they have the whole Milan Bull Ring suited’n'booted subtle bling ting down pat when they in der lap-dancin club or at Cheltenham….but not me, of course..I’m not just another champagne socialist pseud. I’m the ultimate outsider’s Outsider Rebel!! Michael Collins in ‘Chant D’Amour’ based in Winson Green Prison…*sighs.

            oh, dear..apologies, I’ve been really OTT on this thread, a real early morning caffeine-buzz warm up for the days ahead”


    • 5Fingers

      But government can be a borrower from the banks (not the CB) can it not? Is that not the point. And additionally, government can spend and hence inject cash into the market. So by implication, CBs are the start of the process. What am I missing?

      • Hi 5Fingers,

        When cash is printed the Government receives some non-tax revenue which it can spend into circulation. But in today’s digital world no significant amount of cash is printed.

        The Government can only borrow from banks and the banks transfer central-bank-money from their reserve account to the Governments account at the central bank to do so. This central-bank-money must is created with a matching debt and deleted again on a weekly basis but while it exists it can be lent to other banks of the Government.

        We have a document which explains the monetary system at:

        It should address any issues by feel free to e-mail me with anymore questions. paul.ferguson@sensiblemoney.ie

        • 5Fingers

          Ta for that. I need to parse and digest. I see where a lot of confusion arises between money, cash, deposits, lendings and circulation. These terms are interchanged incorrectly. A moderator is needed to get heads straight.

  28. molly

    We are going back wards in this country,
    The workers in the public sector face years of no pay increases .
    What this means is very hard times ahead for the domistic section of this country,
    The house market will go into free fall if the. It to lets and other repossession are dumped on the fragile house market.
    For certain the cost of living is going to rise,pushing more And more into hard times or worst .
    Employment will be take over by extreme unemployment and all this could be averted,but to avert this we need a change of government .
    The government are not going to change so we need to change the government .

    • Very true Molly it is needless. The important thing to remember is that it is the world that is mad and not we

      • molly

        Now there saying we should retire later in life and we now need to take out a pension.
        I had a pension that went through the floor but the tossers looking after it took there cut at the start.
        I wonder do they want us to put money into a new pension so the government can steel it ,like they stole from the national pension reserve fund.
        Why did we have a national pension fund in the first place.
        The money taken will never put back in so how is the short fall going to be covered,do this government think we are stupid. The government and the banks have put people on the ropes and now they think we can be milked for more.

        • I don’t believe in pensions and never have Molly because I know I will not see 65.

          • 5Fingers

            Hmmm…maybe someone else might like you around beyond 65. Not always your choice. Hoping you are well though – well beyond 65.

          • Bamboo

            Pauldiv, you will reach 65 and beyond. Once you are nearing 60 you will start looking back into your past and you will see how lucky you are to have made it and that you still have all the years ahead to enjoy.

          • Thanks guys. I think you might be right.

        • You will not starve Molly and you don’t need pensions because when you are old you don’t need money. Relax

          They will never remove the safety net because that is the only thing making the difference between civil society and barbarism

          They strike fear into people with their rhetoric and ask us to pay the price. Always. They are sociopathic and cruel beyond description

          Popular revolt is something they truly fear. They can’t cut people off and leave them to starve and they know it

          Instead they spin fear into the hearts of the masses and get off on it. It’s called Narcissism and such people are twisted and full of hatred and bitterness

  29. Where is Oor Adam?

    Adam the Pale Ale is delicious and if I have any more I will want to listen to Alasdair singing The Sky Boat Song but there are chores to be done instead

    It’s a fine fresh spring day up in Sligo and there are bonnie lambs in the field next to me. I can’t wait for the Hawthown and it’s riotous white lines that curl and bend up the hills and into the far blue yonder

    Everyone is in a cheery mood today (as per usual) and we have been putting the world to rights in your absence. Stop by and share you wisdom Irish Brother

    Remember life is a doddle if you give it a chance

  30. Gerard-e

    Hi David,
    Great article as always !
    Just a tiny correction : the heat wave was in 76, not 77. I remember well, I was living in France at the time … but then again, maybe it only reached Ireland in 77 :)
    Best regards,

  31. Adam Byrne

    Enda Kenny, The Great Leader, is not fit to run a sweet shop and is a thundering disgrace.

  32. If I lived in another continent I would be happy as long as I can talk to the Irish Brothers. I’d create a community site where we could talk like we do here both seriously and for fun. Remember that word. Fun. Life can be fun if we are rooted and keep our perspective

    Home is inside. It is not a place, person or thing but it can be if you want

    You are not as bad as you think you are Irish Bros. Give yourselves a break and a pat on the back for taking this shit and finally wakening up to it. Believe me you are wakening up

    To a Mouse, Robert Burns (1786)

  33. Deco

    This week, a decree has been passed which means that you, the good but indebted citizen of the Irish Republic, are now allowed to spend €28.97 per week on what are described by the state as “social inclusion activities”.

    From Biffo’s all massive pissups, and those digout shindigs for Bertie and the dirty dozen….to….decrees for the ordinary citizen to spend less than 28.97 on social activities.

    It is kind of unreal.

    The Irish establishment and it’s puppets have a massive booze up, and the working people paying PAYE are going to suffer the hangover.

    In fact it is very sobering.

    • All that is in the past Deco. We need to get over it and rise above silly parish pump mentality. That is the enemy within

      • Deco

        The enemy within is the culture of gombeenism.

        Best exemplified by the bankers who got Lenny to buckle, the professionals who lied to us, and the politicos sitting on fat pensions.

        • 5Fingers

          Ah fekkit!!! we are on and on and on about this. How do we break this cycle of descent into “nothing ever changes”.

          Any ideas?

          • StephenKenny

            When enough people get poor enough, they will elect a government who will carry out some serious redistribution.

            Until then, we’ll all argue about the best color for our wheels.

          • Adam Byrne

            I don’t think the electorate will ever make a good decision in this country Stephen, and besides, the game is truly rigged, as George Carlin says.

            You are right about the wheels though.

          • Bamboo

            5Finger, you’ve submitted a brilliant post above. I do think that is a great base to work on and break the cycle.

    • tomahawk

      “decrees for the ordinary citizen to spend less than 28.97 on social activities” yawn yawn
      …theres nobody stopping you spending more than 28.97 as long as its your own! get a grip

  34. Deco

    Like Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu, we even have monument’s to collective grandeur and arrogance.

    In fact, Michael McDowell, must have had a freudian slip when he called Bertie Ahern’s pet project something from the Ceausescu era.

    Let’s all go to the Dole Bowl, with the rest of the happy masses.

    We can sit there and watch synchonized verbal gynastics from economists (with the notable exception of the Kilkenomoics gang), journalists, lawyers, NAMA specialists, auctioneers, politicians, and quango directors, all provide a consensus of harmonic movement.

    Coverage will be by state propaganda quango.

    And Suds will pen articles for the newspaper of official Ireland, alongside the chief economist of the leading insolvent bank, and Austin Hughes chirping away in the background.

    To paraphrase a former tyrant in Versailles…. L’etait est GSucks !!

    • bonbon

      The “Kilkenomics” gang like to do a “catharsis”, especially our good “insider” Max K.
      But catharsis is merely acting out, well known from psychology. Apathethic “going along to get along to hell” is merely acting in.

      A bit like bail-out and bail-in, would’nt you say?

      It’s as if the imperial “bas*tards” have used applied psychology AGAINST humanity, very well stepped out.

      Only problem is creative reason trumps acting!!!! IN or OUT!

  35. The activity today is blistering hot like 76. 110 Comments before 7 impressive. A rebellion is fermenting

  36. joe hack

    David when are you going to say the money system as is fundamentally flawed it seems from above you reached this conclusion but it has not registered with you yet.

    Michel D expressed this last week others a starting to see this too don’t be left out David.

    David you don’t as far as I aware complain about the money system as it is, in fact you condone it, but bizarrely you complain about its consequences.

    If people default on mortgages someone else is likely the buy these “homes” in a fire sales and then rent them back to the original owner but we know what will happen – these homes may be worth less. The banks go further down the economy shrinks more but we still owe.

    We could do what the migrant workers do and live on minimum wage with 20 or so to a 3 bed semi we might save on imported of oil.

    Has anyone got a solution the money mess, if so please share.

    Had acquaintance that told me he swam across the spree the from east Germany to west Germany two months before the wall came down last time we spoke he said he felt like swimming back to the Erich Honecker rule he felt safe back then, sounds like a plan.

  37. molly

    The qustion I would ask is what’s unfolding now worse than the 70s,a certain amount of young people in this country have been spoiled and have not seen the hard road.
    But in one way why should they when they can split the country and find a good standard of living else where.

    • They will have to grin and bear it and realise that life is not all about themselves.

      • Bamboo

        I believe young people will learn from the stupidity of the boom years, the 90s’, the 80s, etc and will not fall for the tricks of the bankers. The way we’ve learnt from the stupid world wars, the new generation will learn as well.

        The next generation will create a new type of stupidity and that will go belly up again. Democracy as we know it will cease to exist and new living systems will be erected and will fall again. Stupidity will be replaced with new stypidity.

  38. bonbon

    DMcW refers to the Phillips Curve otherwise known as the Irving fisher Indifference Index. The IMF is trying to revive this, while “distancing itself” – numerous posts have here advocated Irving Fisher’s “petition”.

    His petition was not acted upon by FDR in the 1930?s who went with the New Deal and the Reconstruction Finance Corp after Glass-Steagall was in place. None of that, which worked extremely well came from Irving Fisher. In other words Fisher’s “suggestions” were never reality. In other words the Phillips Curve is the total antithesis of FDR and Glass-Steagall.

    • Adam Byrne

      This is an excellent article on bitcoin from a highly qualified and respected economist.

      • tubdoc

        Some basic mistakes made in his analysis.

        Flaw 1. Incorrect.

        Bitcoins are divisible to 0.00000001.

        Flaw 2. Incorrect.

        The mathematical increase in the difficulty NEEDS
        more collaboration to mine the bitcoins. This is already evident in the increased mining pools. Attempts to corner the market will increase the needed computing power.

        A new era of peer to peer commerce is beginning to emerge.
        Bitcoin is only the start. The central planners will try their best to manage every aspect of OUR lives as per David’s article but in the end as Galbraith said

        “All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door.”

        • cooldude

          I have to agree with your analysis of this article Tubdoc (interesting name). This guy’s main problem with Bitcoin is that it is not produced by a central bank and is therefore an apolitical form of money. I see this as one of it’s main assets along with it’s inelastic method of creation which makes it more likely to be a store of value than a money supply which is continually and deliberately increased and debased (same thing really although these “highly qualified” apologists for central planning try to support this with their voodoo economic theories).
          One of the other main benefits of an apolitical form of money is that it cannot be confiscated by a “bail in” scenario at a commercial bank. Anyone who thinks the Cyprus scenario was some sort of one off situation is very mistaken. This is the template for future banks who get in trouble (most of them) and will be implemented in all the G20 nations and is government and central bank policy with the necessary legislation.
          Central bankers HATE competition in their extremely lucrative franchise of the money supply and they use their paid for pet economists to try and defend this franchise. The more choice people have in what they use as money the more freedom they will have to avoid central control of their lives.
          Viva la revolution

    • 5Fingers

      Cracking article. Beautifully articulates the necessity of political involvement in a representative state democracy and denounces the idea of central bank independence. Answer-ability is key to a working financial system.

  39. bonbon

    Some refer to Michael D last week, why not post full links to John Waters salute?

  40. Peter Atkinson

    Just listening to the media chat over the last couple of weeks and the two biggest problems Ireland seem to be facing with no credible solution could be solved for a €50 boat fare to the UK, abortion and bankruptcy.

    Both scenarios in Ireland come with a badge of shame and the poor unfortunates who find themselves in either situation are made feel like criminals.

    I cannot believe the lunacy involved in trying resolve either situation and its getting to the stage where the banks will insist on six psychologists being assigned to a potential insolvency case and a personal abortion practioner assigned to a potential suicide risk.

    How much longer will we tolerate this farce.How long more will Labour hold on in the name of governance.What little credibility they retain is draining away to such an extent that the ministers who feel like hanging on should do the decent thing and merge with Fine Gael and let the rest reconnect with their Labour Party ideals and try and re-establish some sembelance of credibility.

    The notion of a Personal Insolvancy Service gives a person the choice of either taking the PIS or taking the boat.I know which one I would choose.

  41. Hello Adam Byrne. I’m out and about Thurs to Sun night, so if you lot are having a quiet pint and a philosophical debate in The Palace Bar or somewhere else, I’ll pop along if I can. Not sure which ‘personality’ I’ll have on display. Might be a few, but hopefully fun and/or shy, not psychotic or sarcastic. Email me the details or post here. AndrewGMooney[at]Hotmail[dot]com.

    This is no ‘medication failure’, it’s all meticulously planned. I’m going totally OTT for the lulz, but also because I think the Insolvency stuff is beyond ominous.

    I was so busy being ‘respectful’ towards departed Dear Leaderene Margaret to notice Dear Leader Enda had lost his marbles. Oh, anyone who is getting wound up with my Cultural Taoiseach of the Second Irish Republic schtick: I could care less. Insults and angry outrage is fine, so don’t be shy any any lurkers who are about to explode. Or you could always join Enda and the gang with the pitchforks and torches outside my hotel, but that might stir up a hornet’s nest of angry sex abuse types whose convention I’m ‘observing’ for tips on how to cause mayhem.

    I really hope I’m wrong, but I have a very bad feeling about how things are going to be soon. On both islands. Britain. And Ireland. Oh, and I got censored by IrishCentral.com. So much for free speech! As if I give a Brummie fcuk! “America is NOT the world!”

    Everyone knows NORAID priests conspired with bent British Masonic coppers on 21 November 1974.

    Boston bombed Birmingham.

    There, I’ve said it. Does that make me the most controversial person on the planet? Good! You don’t change the course of history by tip-toeing around being nice and reasonable. Is O’bama gonna launch a drone strike to take me out tonight after Enda comes babbling gibbrish on the phone about the strategic art-terrorist threat of ‘mad paddy from brum’? Mad,bad, dangerous to know..

    No, he’s too busy thinking “what the fcuk! How do I reply to this mad bastard? Why is he quoting Black Sabbath and Robert Johnston? How the hell did he get all this evidence? Why doesn’t anyone know who he is? What is the “Ozzy Osama Omerta Code”? Why is Blair so scared of him? And Pope Francis 1? Is he a replicant? A sleeper? Or something we’ve not had to deal with before? CIA ass-hats! Damn, there goes my Legacy!”

    I had front row seats for Jerry Sadowitz doing his gay, Jewish psychopathic Scottish magician thing at Wolves Civic. The bawbag starts making cracks about my Eric Morecambe glases and throwing shit at me, t-shirts with his barmy scrawl pen drawings on, trying to impress me. Anyway, he got on my nerves after a while so I gave him the “death star explosion” stare. That shut him up! I think Kilkenomics is fun, not been there but looks fun. I’m afraid that when the implosion happens it’s going to take some serious cultural morphing to help folk cope with The Celtic Corralito.Let’s all pray that I’m just another keyboard warrior with a “Hunter S Thompson meets James Joyce” party trick. Imagine if I can do this in ‘real life’…imagine if this is just a warm-up…poor David, bet he never thought such a bunch of seriously interesting and amusing misfits would congregate on his wee website! Here’s Jerry on Savile, the reason why he’s never made it to t.v, same as I’ll never make it to t.v but will go down in history as the man who sold/saved the world. Posthumously…


    So, my question is: where is/was the Irish Sadowitz?

    “Half a century of abuse covered up. Investigation must consider Domhnall O Lubhlai’s IRA links and if he was part of a paedophile ring, writes Jim Cusack”


    Hey! Cardinal Sean Brady! Howya? Did ya think I’d stick to that ‘victim script’ for compo? Did ya really think I’d not drag Ireland kicking and screaming into my Inquisitor’s den? LOL! Send who you like. It’s not a negotiation. It’s an opportunity to surrender, so come out with your hands above your head. No alarms and now surprises..this is not a water pistol

    • Mary Kenny chimes in on the ‘timewarp’ of the 1970s, not even mentioning The Irish Savile, Domhnall O Lubhlai, but seeking to reassure someone somewhere that something is out of control other than the Irish and British Establishments:

      “But the authorities may have gone from one extreme to the other – from ignoring the heinous offences of Savile, who abused handicapped children in hospitals, to arresting individuals against whom the slightest accusation is levied.”

      But not arresting the Irish Savile…

      On this, St George’s Day 2013, I, AndrewGMooney, hereby call upon all citizens of these Isles of Wonder, of any and all cultural, political and religious affiliations to rise in satirical knowing ironic ‘anger’ and render the temple of Babylon with ridicule.

      The First Irish Republic is over. From it’s ashes, a new vision and a new Republic will emerge. 1916-2016.

      The 1000 Year Toraigh Norman Reich is nearly over. From it’s ashes, a new vision and a Republic will emerge. 1066-2066.

      And all because a little BrummieBoy walked onstage in Dublin in 1970 and was enveloped by healing love…

      Many thanks to David McWilliams for withstanding the pressure, for hosting my renengade musings from 2006 to 2013. Now it’s time to take this all to the stage, to stand-up, to dance, to music, to the lectern and the pulpit. I couldn’t have done it without you, David. Your place in history is assured.

      And with that, he/she/they/it vanished! Never to comment again, understanding that future historians would treat this site as a religious shrine, scouring for the bones of St Andrew of the small heath and the sparkling brook, the ultimate uber-Alpha male, the Zulu Warrior BrummieBoy who saved an orphan child’s life. His own life…his own orphaned childhood life..

      “Thanks dad! Alpha-male Freddy, who proved that fathers can matter as much as mums in the jungle after he saved Oscar the orphaned baby chimp. Tough alpha male Freddy shows his softer side by adopting young Oscar in new Disney documentary, Chimpanzee. Such an adoption in the animal kingdom has never been seen by scientists or film-makers before. Director Mark Linfield described touching scenes as ‘the best storyline we never wrote’ Disney hopes to raise awareness of chimpanzees’ plight. Over 50 years, number in the wild has fallen from a million to 200,000″



      Andrew-Gerard George-Patrick : MOONEY


      @20:12, 20/12, 2012 —— 2012-2021: The Next Episode!

      ‘keep calm and carry on, stiff upper lip, good-bye, toodle-pip, cheerio, tara-a-bit.’

      Porblem? Challenge? Let me know. Otherwise: Make It So.

      We are Legion. We do [not] forgive. We do [not] forget. [Do not] Expect us!

      aLEGIONz is the bridge between anonymouz and abraham-hickz.
      In Julbilo! Onwards! Upwards! Forward! Amor Fati!

      ps: David! You can delete this now. I’m done. Thanks for your help.

  42. Colin

    The facebook generation do not fall for property porn. They have more sense than you would give them credit for, and that’s why I have hope for the future.

    Remember, it was a child who pointed out that the Emperor had no clothes on.

  43. Adam Byrne

    How about Friday or Saturday night in The Palace Bar, Fleet Street?

    Saturday better for me, but either one.

    You coming along to meet Mr. Mooney David?

    Doesn’t have to be The Palace either, again, if someone has a different preference then fine.

    Philip said he wants to come too.

  44. Beaver

    ´´All the while, the public sector trade unions – who represent less than 20 per cent of the workforce – behave as if they are driving the bus.´´

    I´m proud of you David. You´ve matured and identified another one of the villains in the piece. I won´t call you a commie no more.

    Still think the corrosive effect of tracker mortgages on the irish banks/taxpayers needs more repeating. Its of more importance than defaulters at present.

  45. 5Fingers

    112 comments from 300 mark…..

  46. joe hack

    David selectively summarises what has happened with an intonation of anger with this little porn episode comes cry’s of an evolution and even cries that a revolution is forth coming.

    David are you some sort of a revolutionary in pyjamas

    Well David, you could be on to a money spinner with this new porn style of writing you can now buy rather than rent, you are free to choose like those you say live under the Irish Nicolae Ceau?escu of course you could force people to rent, what is that called. What criteria do you use to decide who rents and who does not in that dictator ship which type of dictator would you like to be?
    Remember what is being protected here, the price is right common down/up/down shrink our economy and you shrink our ability to pay back the money some people borrowed but we could look at the root cause which is the flawed money system. Did I just say elephant with a birthday suit on or was that emperor in the room with no clothes on.

    The Banks are not working Bang! Boom! Bust! now that would be something to get angry about maybe the banks should rent, lets dictate to the banks – fizz a elephant just took a dive into me tea. there are elephants everywhere but the wildebeest are on a run cutting the minimum wage , dictating that people must rent.
    Does that mean they default on Irish banks so who pays – the guy on minimum wages, but he is an intern now and we stopped paying him last week – elephants everywhere. Who is on first base – what- who the banking system is first base but who cares – no who blames the plebs – the elephant that no one sees blames the plebs- who ??

    Lets sale porn keep the plebs befuddled they can blame the “government” who- exactly?

  47. gizzy

    I do not know what amazes me more the level of gross ignorance of some of the contributors or their lack of empathy with their fellow citizen. But I suppose it could be brought together in a low level of emotional intelligence.

    They distinguish between those in debt trouble and the tax payer though in many cases they are one and the same.

    They distinguish between those on welfare and tax payers though many of the latter were tax and prsi contributors for many years.

    God bless you neo liberals you actually believe the world’s economic problems are caused by those at the bottom getting too much when it is clear that it is caused by those at the top having too much.

    All things need equilibrium to work there is such a wealth imbalance it just cannot be sustainable. Your thinking would conclude that it is better be rich in a sick imbalanced society. I would rather have enough in a healthy caring society.

    The Banks collapsed first through bad lending and then the economy that caused many to lose their jobs and their repayment capacity not the other way around.

    If all the neo liberals are true to themselves put your own jobs out to open competition against the young and unemployed and see how many of you keep them on merit. That is real market economics.

    • spot on. bullseye. bullet to the brain of the neoliberal bullshitters, either the nation state fights back or it’s on to something much more like the past mosaic of fractured tribes with imperial city-states lording it over the lumpen. Or both things could happen. Is Ireland a Nation State or a State of Mind? Four Provinces or is there a Fifth? Or are all these things happening simultaneously and about to morph at warp-factor speed into something totally new? I don’t know..let’s just see what happens..


    • joe hack

      Wonderful and Honest: pointing the figure, as I sure that your are aware that this doesn’t directly fix the problem and that admitting the sources of the problem is a good start, distracting from it only services those at the source of the problem and thereby the cure, this consistently happens here.
      Divide and distract from the obvious to breed infighting among the plebs so that the virus can carry on and mutate, there is no conspiracies here this is a human condition based on laziness.

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