February 15, 2013

Some changes coming to the site

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Hi all,

We’ll be making some changes to the site over the next while. The aim is to make it easier to navigate and a better experience all round.

This will mean there will be some occasional downtime over the next week; don’t worry, it won’t be for long, and when we’re done, it’ll be a much improved website.

One of the things we’re experimenting with at the moment is changing the comment management system to Disqus.

If you’re not familiar with it, Disqus is a comment system that allows you to post not just via our traditional login, but through Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well. So far we like what we’ve seen.

But – isn’t there always a but – if we switch, it looks like commenters will have to create new accounts with Disqus; your old logins may not work. So, our question: would people mind having to recreate their accounts? No matter what happens, the original comments will remain – this change ‘may’ just affect new ones.

We’d appreciate any and all thoughts through the comments, and will be guided by you.



  1. redriversix

    It would be great not to have to open a “new” account………..my thoughts.

  2. Stiofan

    David, Disqus is a US corporation operated from the USA, that bastion of free speech, liberty and democracy that recently killed Aaron Swartz. That same country that is building massive facilities in the Utah desert to record every communication that passes across USA-controlled territory and lots of other places besides. So, if people here would like their IP addresses, MAC addresses and ISP identities captured and linked to all other comments you have ever made on other sites and recorded forever in a desert vault, by all means. Personally I don’t like the US surveillance state and guess this is my final post. Sure, I’ll keep reading until you have that tracked as well.


    Have a think about this, any public forum can be tracked, traced etc. Every comment made can be copied and pasted.
    There is very little if any privacy on the internet so buyer beware.
    Once you are aware of that you can freely say what you wish as you are liberated via your awareness.
    Go for it David if it works for you. And this blog is one of the most liberal I HAVE EVER SEEN!!
    I dont think there has been any comment that is too strong here and if it does happen, no doubt it will someday, it will be removed or edited for good reason.
    The first amendment of the U.S. constitution was not to protect “polite speech” it was to protect “impolite speech” Big difference. While it may at sometimes get rude, as long as it is not illegal D-Mac has let us have our say.
    I love this blog. Good luck with the changes, I for one will return with a new account if I am allowed.

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