January 11, 2013

Cash for Pounds Podcast

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The question I want to pose this week is: should we pay people to lose weight? This idea might seem a little over the top, but studies in the US reveal the surest way to coax people to lose weight is to give them an incentive to do so – and the most persuasive incentive is filthy lucre.

  1. [...] ever —expanding waistline, but journalist and economist David McWilliams has a new plan in mind: offering people money to lose weight. If you have any thoughts on that, feel free to comment in the box [...]

  2. Tony Brogan

    The alternative is not to give cash as it is to onerous to administer,
    Impliment a health tax on all those cheap trash foods with the sugars and additives.Thenus the taxes to subsedise the good food. The eggs and dairy, and meat and veggies.

    The problem is we are now subject to the opinions of government as to what costitutes good food.

    Better to run acuarial studies for lifestyles that cost more for the healcare system. an insurance program that penaises the health risk and rewards those less risky.

    Well yes, then there is the societal problem that it is the poorer peole who are the greater risk and they would not be able to afford the premiums.

    Then in the end the best and cheapest thing would be to privatise the health system and take it out of the hands of government and then it is no longer a problem for government. Afterall it is all about the money. The extra costs imposed upon the health care system by these at risk people.

  3. Tony Brogan

    This is an absolute must read for anyone wishing to see the result of inflation on our standard of living. Also the result of globalism over the last 40 years.

    It will also provide you with an idea of what is to be done to recover.


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