January 10, 2013

The Cash For Pounds Diet?

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Is the first week of January turning out as virtuously as you swore to yourself it would eight days ago?

The question I want to pose this week is: should we pay people to lose weight? This idea might seem a little over the top, but studies in the US reveal the surest way to coax people to lose weight is to give them an incentive to do so – and the most persuasive incentive is filthy lucre.

Weight is not just a question of personal vanity, even though most of us feel that way (and those who don’t are not telling the truth). As a result, it is rare to find an honest person who wouldn’t secretly or publically prefer to be a little bit thinner or lighter. When queried about their weight, people tend to cite health reasons for losing a few pounds but in truth, being trim is part of a global aesthetic, which has, for whatever reason, come to dominate what we perceive to be attractive.

More interestingly, subliminal psychological and social judgments can be triggered deep within us when we think about our own weight and that of others.

Leanness has become, in many people’s minds, a type of virtue – a form of statement about the type of person you are. The thin person is self-contained, capable of control, of denial, of going without. This is a person who can govern her own urges. Indeed, in this era of austerity the truly austere person is the trim, lean one.

By extension, the fatter or obese one is considered to be a slob with no self-control. This can and does lead to self-loathing, which psychologists can tell us all about and in the extreme leads to anorexia and other linked illnesses.

Indeed, if you have family members or friends who have difficulty controlling their weight, you will know how debilitating this can be for them physically as well as psychologically. You’ll also know how much of their self worth can be wrapped up in this warped deification of the lean. I have many friends whose daily life is a constant battle with their weight or what they perceive to be chubbiness.

Most of us suffer a bit from this, no matter what size we are (and by the way it doesn’t help that after an excessive Christmas, I am writing this while listening to 1970s David Bowie in his Thin White Duke phase, back when he made Ryan Tubridy look like Mr Blobby).

So it is off to five-a-side soccer for me tonight.

At this time of the year, when we are all full of good intentions, keen to purify ourselves and either look, behave or act differently, it is easy to believe willpower alone can stem the epidemic of obesity threatening our population. But there is little evidence that willpower is enough. This is why something more radical might be entertained, because when we leave the personal we see this is a serious societal and economic issue.

Now let’s look at the economics of this problem in Irish society.

According to the national taskforce on obesity, 61% of Irish adults and 22% of 5-12 year olds are overweight or obese. Men are more likely to be overweight, as are those over 35, and obesity is more prevalent the poorer you are. In one of its more interesting conclusions, the report states:

“The causes of overweight and obesity are characterised as a natural reaction to an unnatural situation. The wide and constant availability of foods, many of which are high in salt, sugar and fat, along with more sedentary work and transport patterns contribute greatly. The term ‘obesogenic environment’ has been coined to describe contexts in which weight gain is passively encouraged”.

The report then tried to put a cost on rising obesity, saying:

“The health and economic impact of this is considerable. Obesity is linked with physical and psychological ill-health and premature death. In Ireland, the costs of related deaths alone have been estimated at €4 billion per annum”

That’s a huge amount of money. And even if it is an overstatement to make a point, it is worth exploring the consequences of obesity for society as well as the person.

In the US, surveys show that obese people, particularly women, earn less and are more likely to throw sickies. Fascinatingly, other US research has found that obesity in young children negatively affects their verbal, social and motor skills. Obese teenage girls are more likely to smoke and be less active.

The finger of blame in the US, where the problem is most acute and the research more evolved, is pointed squarely at food policy and production. Some research estimates that massive falls in the price of “bad” food such as fatty, corn syrup drenched, high fructose products accounts for 43% of the increase in child obesity. In contrast, the price of fruit and vegetables has risen progressively in America. Profits from producing “bad” foods are then ploughed into advertising, reinforcing the initial health problems.

Controversially, both parents working seems to have negative effects on children’s health; children of working mothers are more likely to be overweight. Interestingly, comparing US states with compulsory PE in school to those that don’t, researchers found compulsory exercise doesn’t materially affect obesity rates.

So what to do? It is clear that the present policy is totally irrational.

Imagine trying to reduce smoking by making cigarettes cheaper? This is what we are doing by making “bad” food cheap. This goes against everything we know in economics and how we incentivize people to change behaviour. It’s like urging people to wear seat belts but making cars with seat belts more expensive than those without.

Here is a new notion. Pay people to lose weight. Experiments* in the US show that the best way to help people lose weight is to give them cash. One study took three groups of overweight people. One group was rewarded with cash if they lost weight. The second bunch had to pay to get on a weight loss programme. If they were successful, they got all their money back. The third group received no money, but were praised if they lost weight.

Who lost most, quickest? The people who were paid – of course!

Now I know this sounds truly radical; and paying fat people to lose weight will lead to howls of “moral hazard” from trim, self-controlled types. Like many in the debt forgiveness/mortgage relief debate now, they’ll roar that they were virtuous and thin and now they are being punished for it, just like the people without debt argue that they are being punished for being prudent, while free-spenders are rewarded.

But obesity is a societal problem and we will all pay for it. It’s just a matter of which way we choose to pay. At the moment we pay through the health bill and taxes, which has had no impact on people’s behaviour. Surely the alternative is smarter?

David McWilliams’ new book The Good Room is out now.

  1. bonbon

    Cripes, we ate everything on this recipe blog, we are now ready for desert.

  2. dwalsh

    Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis, the author of The Global Minotaur: America, the True Origins of the Financial Crisis and the Future of the World Economy, spoke about debt and the global economy. He argued against the existence of a debt crisis in the global economy or in individual countries, asserting that the problem instead was a a crisis of too much savings “with no place to go.”


    I’m sure some of you will enjoy this.

  3. joe hack




    RTE NEWS SAYS THE FOLLOWING “European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has unveiled a new design for the €5 banknote.
    The €5 banknote is the first banknote in what the ECB calls the “Europa series” and will be issued on May 2nd across the euro zone.
    The new €5 banknote has enhanced security features including a watermark and hologram displaying a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology”

  4. joe hack





    RTE SAYS THE FOLLOWING…”European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has unveiled a new design for the €5 banknote.
    The €5 banknote is the first banknote in what the ECB calls the “Europa series” and will be issued on May 2nd across the euro zone.
    The new €5 banknote has enhanced security features including a watermark and hologram displaying a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology”

  5. redriversix

    They should have put a hologram of the Greek mythical legend called a “economy”on the fiver…….!!

    Seems economies are now the stuff of legend and old wives tales…..

    • bonbon

      There was legend of a huge war, put to poetry 800 years later by Homer, and proved to be actually true by Schliemann. Why did the British do everything to call the legend “fantasy”? Well, so we would not see that civilization ceased for 800 years because of an insane oligarchy. Exactly today that insane crowd is attempting to bring a new dark age and they have their Trojan Horse.

  6. bonbon

    EU Commission President Barroso (in Dublin) Denies Being a Nuremberg Criminal

    Jan. 11m 2013 (LPAC)–As nation after nation in Europe is economically dismembered, and millions of people are thrown on the human scrap heap of unemployment and immiseration as a result of the Nazi policies of the hated Troika — the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the European Union — EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has been getting increasingly defensive and paranoid, arguing his case that he should not be tried as a Nuremberg criminal.

    “I know many parts of our societies attribute the current difficulties to the EU level, and this is not fair, because it was not the EU that created the problems,” Barroso told the press during a visit to Dublin, Ireland. “I want to make this clear, because there is a myth that it is the EU that imposes difficult policies. It’s not true. The cause of difficulties some countries are facing is excessive public debt created by national government and irresponsible financial behavior, that also accumulated excessive private debt, including financial bubbles that happened under the responsibility of national supervisors. This is why now countries have to make painful adjustments.”

    Trying to prove his point that he and the EU are not at fault, Barroso argued: “Britain is having a very tough budget and Britain is not a member of the euro.”

  7. Adam Byrne

    I cannot login on my laptop but I can manage it through my phone.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problems?

  8. rohan1666

    Looks like my comment has disappeared!
    So here I go again!

    Dear David,
    Real GNP measures goods and services available to the population. True GNP hopes to reflect standard of living enjoyed by the population.
    Any manipulation of quantity of the money or its velocity only changes the value of money, which happens to be the accounting unit to measure the Governmental designed GDP/GNP.
    American GNP rose dramatically during the World War 2 but American’s standard of living fell just as dramatically. Every thing was rationed. This was despite America exporting its weaponry to the whole world at war.
    The ‘Governmental Bankers Axis’ has taken over or bought over the whole world, with world largely blissfully unaware of this tightening noose, just like in Matrix. Media, Companies, University professors, Masses … you name it – all are now controlled by this ever so powerful Axis. And now even ‘Independent intellectual thinkers ‘ too or should I say ‘Previously Independent intellectual thinkers’..
    PS : This comment is for a previous Article published on 7th January ‘SMELLY MONEY IS STILL MONEY’

  9. La Luna Gourmand

    Menu A’ La Carte

    Moon Wobble Spectacular

    Commencing the 7th February until 18th February

    Max Impact Date 14th Feb – ( USA Cliff Hanger decision to be made on 15th deadline )

    Key Elements Ingredients to this event are Water and Fire this can result in eg Volcanoes , Floods , Earthquakes etc

    How will Gold react with Fire and Water ?
    How will decisions be made ( if any ) with Fire and Water ? Will they be further postponed ?
    How will rating agencies react to Fire and Water ?
    How will Irish ~Presidency cope with International center stage with fire and water ?
    What other relevant questions do you need to ask that would react with fire and water during this dangerous moment ?

    General Advice is do not sign anything and slow down and be ready to fix machines that might break down .

    • Tony Brogan


      1 Water puts out the fire
      2 Fire boils the water away
      3 fire boils the water and we all sit down for a nice cup of tea

      PS gold really doesn’t care one way or the other

      • Provoking to Think is difficult to you when you are preprogrammed not to .You are in Denial in those moments .

        Fire and Water can be liken to The Titanic and then it SUNK DOWN.

        What does this story tell us ? The Ship was a luxury palace floating on water and many passengers were very very wealthy and brought with them their Gold in possession. Most of that Gold was lost upon impact when Ice and Fire erupted .They were attempting to hoard and bring it to another Market to use it but it Failed.

        What we do know is that they were First Class Passengers and had been given priority to Abandon Ship before sinking and many were saved but lost their Gold. Their priorty status was based on the fact that they paid a premium ticket to travel Not because they had Gold.Other passengers were Entrapped and many lost their lives .

        Some lucky underprivelidge passengers were Lucky to find Gold on the ship while it was sinking and to escape with it tucked in their pockets .They were a few.Other wealthy passengers decided to remain on board and sink with their Gold.

        So this Moon Wobble brings to mind more serious thoughts that the mortal mind in-situ would rather ignore and sing from hymme sheets of the Preposterous Brigade of Gold Traders .

        What may not be known by many readers is that what is going to happen has already done so .As for the mortal readers what time is left is only to feed the opium senses to awaken the souls .

        And The Gods laugh in their Golden Heavens.

  10. Tony Brogan

    Over the last year I have been introduced to the Paleolithic Diet. (Thanks Cooldude)It suggests that if people ate what their ancestors, had for the 2 million years before farming then the body would adapt to the food and people would be healthier and fitter and trimmer.

    Apparantly we are, since the advent of agriculture, training our bodies to comsume lots of carbohydrates and these when digested turn into sugars. When we use up the sugars we get hungry and eat again. Overeating produces a conversion in the body to convert the extra into fat as a storage.

    Consequently going on a diet aggravates this and although initially we lose weight the body has the message that we are likely to have fasting periods and so packs the weight on again and adds extra.

    Original mankind had a different diet. Lots of grains and seeds, plants and vegetables gathered and lots of fat and proteen. Easy to obtain, fish and seafood, and all other water bourne food such as shell fish and crabs et.not to mention milks of all kinds and eggs.

    These foods are high in fats and protein. I am in the middle of a book called “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. I am at a chapter where a discussion takes place as to why mankind was on two feet and likes to run. Not speed per se but distance at a steady speed.
    What use is that?
    Well it seems that people regularly outrun horses and dogs and other animals over a distance of 20-50 miles.
    So what?
    Well it seems man was a hunter and pursued and did not run to escape but to run down pray. Deer or antelope although faster eventually were worn down and collapsed from exhaustion making for a regular supply of meat without the need for a weapon of any kind.
    It appears that their bodies were used to digesting fat because of their diet. And because of this called on the body carried fat for the fuel required for a long run. Very little sugar required.
    The paleolithic diet attempts to reverse us to cumsumption of fat from our bodies when we need extra energy. So there you have it

    Change the diet to high fat full protein and lots of veggies and fruits and within a month you will reprogram your body to lose weight.

    To cap it off I quote from chapter 27 (page 207 in the paperback)
    “”So they’re just training their bodies to burn sugar, which is the last thing a distance runner wants. You’ve got enough fat stored to run to California, so the more you train your body to burn fat instead of sugar, the longer your limited sugar tank is going to last”.

    In other word you will not get hungry as you burn up that fat as you are not depleating the body sugar for energy. Net result, you go longer between meals and your blood sugar levels are stable and you reduce weight with the exercise as body fat is consumed if enough food has not been eaten.

    Have a good day while I rid myself of the sweets and sugars and prepare to cycle each day. Oh yes and do not eat in the morning until you feel hungry. When you do eat forego cereals etc and try a leafy salad or a Full Irish breakfast without the toast and marmelade. And eating late at night will not make you gain weight as your body needs all that energy as you sleep to repair your body from the previous days activities. Throw out the pasta and bread and all the pop drinks. A glass of red wine will do you good. (One not six)

    cheers , happy living.

    • SMOKEY

      Jesus Tony, stick to your day job. With what you advocate here we will all have heart attacks in a few months. How about the different types of fats? Do you see a piece of salmon the same way you see a rasher or burger from a chipper?
      Any views on hydrogenated oils?
      What about porridge? Honey? Salad with coffee?
      Go for a long bike ride, maybe to California.

    • The Relevance of what you are prophesing is rubbish . Try and read ‘ Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing by Holroyd’ . This book contradicts what you have written . In fact Toast in mornings and with beans is a healthy start to the day and ALWAYS eat your breakfast before you start work .

      All your meals must consitute 50% fibres , 25% Carbohydrates and 25% Protein.No Matter .

      • Tony Brogan

        All kinds of people contradict me which does not make them correct. My life experience tells me that my long held opinions have been correct on most things.

        The hunting technique was used until very recently. The last are the one family group of the bushmen in the Kalihari who haven’t been wasted by the western diet.
        Most peoples adopting our diet have become debilitated with all our deseases and ailments.
        Time to step back to the future.

        • bonbon

          With what population density? Some say decarbonize to 1 billion, remove health care, burn food as fuel, reduce calories. Take Mrs Obama for example. See below.

        • whatamess

          and the hits just keeeep on comin’


          and your diet Tony has the alot of what the atkins diet proposes and it works for weight loss…i posted early on this thread my life experience with atkins diet…cant stay on atkins forever but if you want to give yourself a kick start in new year and see profilic results,it’s a serious contender!

          • Tony Brogan

            i am not familiar with the Actins diet but my own diet is a function of a lot of “what the hell mankind has been eating this for 100 of 1000′s of years so it can’t be bad so it must begood. Always eaten butter and abhor all the manufactures garbage from creamed butter to margarine to low fat this or that.

            Fresh free range eggs I have eaten two a da regularly. Plus bacon and all the fat, rich oily fat fish. coloured flesh is better, ocean raised red flesh salmon is rich in anthoxathins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthoxanthin)that are not to be found in farmed salmon. Wonderful for health. Same as coloured fruits and veggies.
            Lots of rick creamy milk and a little cltted cream on the fruit is delicious.
            Plus regulare ecercise. Execise as always a part of my life is the cure all for 95% of what ails you.We were were born to move and run and work physically.

            Have a great day and eat all you like of natures bounty .
            Avoid all the man made garbage.

            Have a great day. It is not such a mess!!

          • whatamess

            not such a mess Tony?

            i dunno about that…..global skullduggery (to put it mildly )

            let’s leave it to Max keiser


    • bonbon

      Firstly, what was the life expectancy in Paleo times? What was the population density, and population level? Where were people active?

      35,000 Years Ago, Man Was An Explorer and an Artist! Here you will see reported recent Russian find twice as old as previously known finds, shows exactly what people did. Highly advanced hunting, and art.

      The problem today with foodie “scientists”, they look at Lascaux advance art as a menu! I know researchers today do not earn enough for a decent meal, but none of them could even approach that sophistication with full bellies!

      • bonbon

        Chauvet Cave is almost twice as old as Lascaux, 32,000BP about the age of the Russian find.

      • bonbon

        You mentioned running, well the detachable modular spear with a quiver of new heads, made sure large animals had no chance. The sheer cleverness is directly apparent to us today.
        All of this going on in temperatures well below today’s and with one month twice a year when the sun did not set or rise, a shock? Also the full sky rotation is visible.

      • It is an illusion to believe that ancient man was inferior to modern man today .

        Every two thousand years or so there is a different New Age and each period has its own Element that dominates the Time lived in . Currently this period is Aquarius since early 2000 and that is Air ( Internet ).

        Previously before year 2000 it was Pisces ( New Bible Time of Miracle of Fishes ) and the element was Water ( Love they Neighbour ) .And previus to that again it was Aries ( Old Bible Time of Lamb of God – Abraham ) and the element was Fire ( Holy Spirit and Ten Commandments ) .

        So this means that 25,000 years ago we had before an earlier Age of Aquarius when people then had mindsets like ours do now and this is the secret of tomorrow .How did they cope ? What did they eat ? What was their mindset ?

        Alas…..I already have their secrets in my Aladin Cave …..in a rare language of Astro Economics.

        • bonbon

          Why not simply say Precession of the Equinox? That was measured accurately in Egypt. A 25,000 movement of the apparent north pole, with a shift in constellations, much too slow to be seen with the naked eye in a single lifetime, but nonetheless well understood. It just shows again the difference from the animal who senses (even if it has better sense capability). If you read Tilak’s Arctic Home of the Vedas, you would understand this.

          • The Gaelic Language is a rich source of astro-steller mindset of the past that we need to re-visit to learn and reveal.

          • bonbon

            The Pleiades, Seven Sisters, would be a good starting point. The story of the Wolf and the Seven Goats can be the Moon waxing , swallowing them, waning and throwing them back.

            A Stellar diet I would say, what?

    • bonbon

      Have a look at this – simply awe-inspiring walkthrough

      • Fascinating .

        This was done during the Age of Taurus and that was the immediate time period before the Old Bible .Taurus indicates the Bull .If the paintings were 32,000 years old then they were done in a previous clock rotation ie the Taurus before the last Taurus period.

        Nothing has been found in any Aquarius period because it is more sublime and like air mostly not visible unless you seek the Northern Lights as an example .

        • bonbon

          Lascaux at around 16,000BP has the Bull facing the Man, Orion. The Pleiades are above the Bull shoulder – see the dot pattern. The same theme seen much later in Egypt.

          Interestingly most of the animals depicted are dangerous inedible predators, not the daily menu.

          And the Sphinx, a Lion, faces east – Leo was on that horizon before sun-up 10,000BP which matches the date of water erosion of its rock.

      • bonbon

        Chauvet 32,000BP :


        Lascaux is “only” 18,000BP. Chauvet is even more sophisticated with shading and perspective.

    • Tony Brogan

      Instantanious emotional responses which is typical of the heard mentality
      Each to his own.
      We will see who dances on who’s grave.
      Consensus opinion is usually wrong.

      enjoy the day

  11. bonbon

    Michelle Obama’s royal decrees on calories :
    Scorn Heaped on Obama’s School Lunch Calorie Cap; Michelle Decrees: Let Them Eat Lo-cal

    From Carbon Cap-and-Trade to Calorie-Cap (trade anyone?)

    Last Fall, for the first time ever, a rule went into effect for calorie-caps on school lunches receiving funding from the U.S. Agriculture Department. This is in accordance with the Michelle Obama White House royalist decrees for how people should, or should not eat. She and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled their program Jan. 25, 2012, calling it, “historic improvements” for the “health and well-being of 32 million kids nationwide” who get school lunches. Among their specifications: “limiting calories based on the age of children being served to ensure proper portion size…” along with yak about whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

    According to the interpretation of the School Nutrition Association (SNA), the new rule means than the maximum number of calories a student can have for lunch, in the first through fifth grades, is 650! Other interpretations put it at 850 calories per lunch.

    Whatever the math, the concept itself is venal, and representative of the food policy that the Obama Agriculture Department and the process of partisan politics have together forced on the U.S.: Make people poor, take away all their pride, skills, and mission, then beat on them for being fat, useless eaters, who pursue an ‘unhealthy lifestyle,’ and who also are becoming too numerous on food stamps.

    The calorie-counting exercise and caps are insane for growing and/or low-income eaters, for whom school lunches may be a key part of their daily intake. Playing sports, having no morning meal, walking to school, doing heavy activity – these are all reasons demanding varying and high calorie-counts for young children.

    School districts, physicians, and social service workers, across the country, are furious. In New York City, for example, where schools receive $400 million from the USDA for lunches, the new Michelle Obama rule jibes with Mayor Bloomberg’s attempts to stiff children by limiting foods. “It is based on politics and personal whims, not nutrition science,” slammed Joel Berg, head of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. He said of limiting calories, “It is based on the city’s absurd belief that hunger no longer exists among children, despite Federal data that proves that one in four New York City children live in food-insecure homes. The City’s one and only response to child hunger is taking food away from kids.”

    In particular, the Michelle calorie-cap insanity is giving Republicans a field-day, but at the same time, each day that Obama is allowed to stay in office means fast-worsening absolute food scarcity, as well as danger of all-out war.

    The new calorie-cap regulation is to be found on the usda.gov website, under the Food and Nutrition Services Department, in an 81-page rule, reports Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) in a press statement today. Roe, who is a physician, opposes the USDA rule on grounds of too much Big Government red-tape. That is true, though it’s far worse.

    Roe, Rep. Steve King, and others are co-sponsors of a bill to repeal the USDA calorie-cap rule. Titled, “No Hungry Kids Act” (HR 6418). Meantime, King, from Iowa, is part of the Congressional drive for hands-off corn-ethanol, which is using Big-Government Federal mandates to burn food calories in your gas tank, instead of your stomach.

    • bonbon

      The British Empire’s depopulation agenda is the elephant in the room

      NAWAPA 21 sure brings out the genocidalists, frothing, does’nt it? Contrary to the Royal Decarbonization, Low-Cal and Biofuel decrees, let them watch as we progress. The British Empire is dead, no need for it anymore.

      The way to have a fine wake for this long-overdue burial, is Glass-Steagall, and the Credit System for the entire slate of massive projects.

      • Adam Byrne

        Mr. bonbon, have you been on the sauce?

        Your reply makes no sense whatsoever to any rational person.

        • HAL is limping home with damaged circuitry. After the new HAL 2 comes out this will all seem like a bad dream. Hang in there

        • bonbon

          The elephant in the room is genocide, depopulation.

          To make it more clear, doubling food production, arranging water for such, currently under the dying financial system, better known as the British Empire, not allowed, puts the clear objective of survival on the table. Then the genocidalists, kindly called globalists by some timid Tigers, have a seething fit. To suggest that waste food should be given to the starving shows their contempt for humanity.

          NAWAPA 21, for those rational enough to want to survive, is a clearly defined program, needing of course Glass-Steagall and the full Credit system to be unleashed. The genocidalists can watch (from a safe distance) as we double food production.

    • Dorothy Jones

      You asked for that Adam :) :) :)

  12. bonbon

    Those economists, some even well-intentioned, desperately seeking some way to “re-start the economy”, are I think, finding out that courting the “experts” at gatherings is not working. Even “insider” highly critical experts, are also failing to deal with the problem.

    The re-implementation of Glass-Steagall banking separation taking place within the governments of the transatlantic, Worldwide Glass-Steagall Legislative Initiatives: An International Overview

    being the key step before massive reconstruction with clearly defined programs for a new economic platform.
    Hamiltonian Credit methods, the antithesis of the dying global financial system is the way to go.

    Even the IMF is issuing a mea-culpa that it has no clue why its decrees cause genocide, and EC president Barroso preparing his defense in Dublin, show the utter bankrupcy of these institutions and their consultants.

  13. bonbon


    Jan. 13 (LPAC)–In a lengthy Information Clearing House piece denouncing austerity and the Treasury nominee that Nero means to help impose it, former S&L regulator William Black labeled Jacob Lew just “another brick in the Wall Street on the Potomac.”

    Black writes all of these advisors are in thrall to the neo-liberal dogma of austerity that has devastated the Eurozone….

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