November 29, 2012

Pat Kenny & Pascal Donohue - RTE Radio 1

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Had a great discussion with Pascal Donohue and Pat Kenny – in light of this week’s events in Greece – about what Ireland could do, if only we got out of the good room. Hope you enjoy.

Discussion with Pascal Donohue TD and Pat Kenny on RTE Radio 1

  1. Adam Byrne

    Interesting idea about getting a million signatures on a petition before the promissory note payment in March 2012. Can it be done?

  2. Tony Brogan

    I hear the usual debate in interminal discussions with nothing addressing the real problem of the existance, policies and programs of the central banking system. Dealing with anything to do with the central bank except their abolishment and the repudiation on all the odious debt accumulating will lead to nothing except more of the same.

    I hear your refrain about people not spending and this affecting the economy as “your spending is my income”.

    Now you have made it a sin to not spend and also a sin to save. What sort of contorted logic is provided by these pat phrases. Most people who are not spending is because they have no spare cash. Others as in myself have worked and saved as I had no pension to expect. I am now deemed a cause of the problem because I saved. Regardless of the fact that I have contributed hugely to taxes through income while still endevouring to not be a drain on the public purse by being self supporting when I do not work.
    I also work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle that I am free of requiring healthcare except for an unexpected emergency. Others eat unhealthy food, and do not exercise, becomming soft and chubby at an early age. David I have as big an issue with those who do not look after themselves properly as you do with those who save.A generation of diabetics and worse is upon us with graver consequences than not spending. In fact if people spend on the wrong goods not only are they broke but unhealthy too.

    There is no recognition that savings are deposited into the economy and used to lend to others and so savings are already circulating. Now others who no longer trust the system and the paper money have withdrawn their savings from the fiat system to avoid the robbery that is the inflation induced into the fiat banking world.Why save in a currency that depreciates when there is real money that does not?

    It was too much spending that gave too much income to other that got us into our problems. People were so encouraged to spend that they not only spent their future earnings but those of their children and their childrens children.

    All this could only be done because of the credit provided by these same banking institutions that we insist on bailing out.They in turn were funded by the unlimited credit of the central banks.

    It is plain to see that a debt based credit induced boom will result in an equal sized bust. People have still refused to face this reality. The selfishness of the boomers knows no bounds.

    The money lenders who funded and created the central banking system well know what they do. This is set up to do exactly what has transpired. The solution is to disband this system or we are hooped.TThe result of the current system is to enslave. The proffered solutions will bind us further. That is why a spider casts a lage web and waits in the shadows. We the people have hit the web, the spider is quickly advancing.

    Time is short but the debate goes on. The band played on the titanic as the boat went down. Those that took to the life boats early had a chance for survival.

    Those that say that it is a dream and is not going to happen have accepted their own and their families bondage to financial serfdom into the indefinite future.

    All this debate is froth upon the storm waters and provides no shelter. It is time for the safe harbour of the elimination of the central banking system. The elimination of the fractional reserve banking system and a return to sound money princples.

    Get with the program David and then you can sell a book with a real solution, not just for Ireland but for all peoples of the world.

    In the meantime, those who can must protect themseves. The lifeboats are called farmland and real money (gold and silver coin in small denominations is the best).

    Those who should be saving the economy and the social fabric ‘are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’.

    Economics 101. Live within your means. Cut your coat according to your cloth. As Mr Macorber said, Income 20 shillings, expenses 19 shillings and six pence, happiness. Income 20 shillings, expenses 20 shillings and sixpence, misery. Your choice is?

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