October 5, 2012

Kilkenomics 2012

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I am delighted to present the Kilkenomics line-up for next month. Kilkenomics runs from the 1st – 4th November.

Hope you like it.


Five years into the global financial and economic crisis, what have we learned from the success and otherwise of the attempts to solve it? We all know how these attempted solutions are affecting our lives and those of our families but we need to know why, who’s responsible and what can be done to make things better. We also want to be told in layman’s terms what lies behind the often deliberately confusing language of finance and economics.

This is where Kilkenomics comes in. Moderated by some of our brightest and funniest standup comedians, Kilkenomics — Europe’s first economics festival — puts economists, financial analysts, journalists and other specialists on stage and under the spotlight to talk through important issues such as the future of the euro, the debt crisis, taxation and natural resources and the environment among others. The comedians give permission to a wider audience to attend the events and they have the ability to simplify big ideas and make them more accessible. It’s serious, but it’s fun too.

  1. Adam Byrne

    Who is going apart from me?

  2. Adam Byrne

    Well make yourself known if you like Philip. We’ll be having a quick drink with David at some point, probably Saturday David?

  3. Tony Brogan

    Is this a pay to attend or… What costs involved

  4. Colin

    €100 ticket bought. Seems good value. Looking forward to it.

  5. Adam Byrne

    So who do we have so far?

    Me, Colin, Philip and Tony?

    Have I omitted anyone? If so, sorry. In a rush here.

    When will you have time for a drink David as I don’t want to book tickets at the same time?

    • Tony Brogan

      One down and 10 to go.
      Junior economics was a great show but I am not sure it wouls have persuaded me , as a student, that economicswas a career path for me

      David, I wish to congratulte you on the idea and your efforts to introduce economics to the high school curriculum.

      After I took my courses for the Real estate exam in BC Canada, I have long maintained it should be a part of the leaving school knowledge.

      It included Basic realestate law, mortgage law,contract law, mathematics of finance, and many relevant areas of statute law and common law.

      One basic question. One the question posed about money, you said money was a storage of wealth.
      I was hopeful that you would mention that the prime function of money is to act as a medium of exchange.

      Congratulations, David, on putting together a terrific idea, Kilkenomics, and gathering a huge team for the presentations.

      “Are we turning the corner”? We will hear tonight.8pm at Watergate.

  6. Colin


    Thanks for organising a great weekend and taking time out from a busy schedule to meet us for a pint – it was greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed the whole weekend, great locations, panels and topics covered. I’ll definately be back next year. Hope it goes from strength to strength.

    It was nice to meet up with Adam, Tony and Philip.

    The mix of comedians and economists is an unlikely one, but it works a treat. Neil Delamare and Karl Spain were particularly good, but everyone involved excelled at what they did.

    The last show I attended was the Sunday Brunch, ‘Reasons to be cheerful: Ireland’s gems’. This explored social capital in a way I hadn’t heard it discussed before. There is a fine line between intimacy and cronyism, nosiness and interest, and so on and so forth, as Fintan O’Toole noted. Once Ireland gets this right, it will be a great place to live in again. My own reason to be cheerful is that property prices will fall further in the future, making it more affordable for those who chose not to be part of the herd pre 2007. But we do need Indakinny to grow a pair of balls. If Inda hasn’t got the wherewithal, I suggest he hires Kiron Sarkar to negotiate on behalf of Ireland in discussions with Angela Merkel et al.

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