August 20, 2012

Back in the USSR

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Many years ago, I lived in Russia and tried to learn the language. I lived with a Russian family, in what could be described as a Russian Gaeltacht, for three months. There was school in the morning, using a Russian method, which relied on speaking and listening with little or no written work and then, in the afternoons and evenings, the idea was to hang out in the local village.

The place was called Ruza, about 60 miles west of Moscow, not far from Borodino, the battlefield where Napoleon suffered his first defeat on his march to Moscow. This huge and bloody battle represented the beginning of the end for the Grande Armée. The ancients in the village, never having heard of Ireland, were convinced I was German because the last foreigners they had seen were German soldiers retreating through the village, when they too were held up outside Moscow.

The family was lovely and we spent hours chatting about all sorts of stuff. Four years later, I discovered that, at the first chance, they emigrated to Israel almost overnight. I had lived with what turned out to be quite a religious Jewish family – but of course I had no idea of this at the time.
They kept this part of their identity hidden in the absurd environment that was the very last months of the Soviet Union. Yes, there was glasnost; yes, we talked politics, openness, ideas of the free market, notions of democracy, free speech, propaganda and what they hoped for Russia. But deep down, they were too nervous to reveal their religion, particularly to a stranger because, as they explained years later, I could have been a plant.
In September that year, we went on massive tractors – as did everyone in the village – to the anniversary of the Russian victory over Napoleon at Borodino. This was where I saw for the first time the emerging power of the Russian Orthodox Church, in the form of hundreds of politicised young men with flags declaring “Russia First” and “God is with us”.

The Soviet Union was collapsing all around us and, in its stead, all sorts of movements were emerging, the strongest of which was old-fashioned Russian patriotism infused with the romantic Russian nationalism for the likes of Pushkin, and Russian Christianity as embodied by the Orthodox Church.

This was a 360-degree change from the fundamental atheism of communism, its pretentions of literary modernism and its innate fear of the Russian classics.

The Orthodox Church was anathema to the communists who still ran the place. We can only imagine what its emergence must have signalled that afternoon to a cosmopolitan Jewish family with long-held plans to skip the country.
Since then, the Russian state and the Orthodox hierarchy have become increasingly intertwined. This is why the Pussy Riot trial is so fascinating. The three young women – Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova – are members of a Russian punk-art collective called Pussy Riot, who decided to stage an impromptu gig in an Orthodox cathedral to protest about the support of the hierarchy for Vladimir Putin in the recent presidential election.

The song they sang was called “Our Lady, Chase Putin Out”. In a trial reminiscent of the old days, the women were tried for the crime of “hooliganism”. Russian intellectuals compare this to the show trials of old, which may be taking it a bit far, as in the old days the defendants, once found guilty, were rarely seen again.

However, with the absurd nature of the charges, and the fact that these three women appeared in court handcuffed in a glass box, there are clear echoes of the big battles of the past. These battles revolved around freedom of speech and expression, and the ability of the ruling class to accept criticism no matter how it was expressed or from what quarter.
In Russia there are plenty who believe the women are guilty of crass blasphemy in a place of worship, but it does seem a bit extreme to have a secular court of law uphold what looks like a small part of a culture war.
But this is the point: while the Moscow of Putin is an enormously decadent city where anything goes, anything that threatens his power – no matter how moderately – is clamped down on severely. Whether you are women protesters or an oligarch with political aspirations, such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the hero of young Russians who want change, the message being sent out from the Kremlin is that dissent which threatens Putin will be not tolerated.
Khodorkovsky – a man I met in the late 1990s in Russia – has used his time in prison to become the single biggest moral challenge to Putin, who is terrified of his stoicism, his moral courage and his ability to endure vicious privations and yet remain calm and focused.

As a result, Khodorkovsky’s prison term was extended last year, because Putin knows that when Khodorkovsky gets out, he will have deity status among the young Russian middle class, who are keen to see Russia become a normal democracy.

Russia’s future path is important, not just to Russia, but the rest of us. It is the single biggest potential supplier of energy to Europe. It may well be a political ally of Germany in the future. In fact, an alliance between Germany and Russia might be one of the most obvious in the first half of the 21st century. Germany needs Russia’s energy and Russia needs Germany’s know-how and technology.

If the EU and the eurozone’s travails prove to be too problematic for the Germans, an alliance in the east may make sense. Obviously, not only Germany, but all of Europe, would prefer not to be overly dependent on the energy source of the Middle East which is descending progressively into chaos. Increasingly, it looks like there will be only one winner in the region – and that is likely to be Iran.

Against such a background, Russia becomes more significant. This is why the Pussy Riot trial is important, because it is indicative of the type of Russia we will all be dealing with in the years ahead. When three girls who stage what is effectively a stunt are found guilty of hooliganism and and sent to jail for two years, you know the people running that country like to get their own way.

  1. Adam Byrne

    Tony and bonbon, give us a break – oh and subscribe!

    • What do you mean by subscribe each time?

      • Adam Byrne

        The only way I can get email versions of individual posts sent to my email address is by making some sort of comment first. I’ve been through it with the webmaster and he can’t configure it any other way. Most of the time I don’t have much to say – I prefer to read. So I just type in subscribe and make sure I tick the box below. You are not the first person who has asked this over the years.

    • Tony Brogan

      Good day Adam
      Thanks for reminding me to suscribe!
      Getting tedious are we?
      what is your solution to the economic problem?
      most of the observers are without any solution of their own.
      Can it be solved locally or must it be globally.

      Do you know how the banking system works and that it is the main cause you will flee the country.
      do you want to remain in the euro or should the odious debt be purged and the national currency restored or are you indiferent.

      Our man, David comes up with little in the way of a solution but he sees what is happening. He tries to warn us. I agree with Michaelcoughlan that if he speaks his mind he will be out of a job.

      Unlike the Russian girls I am not going to be arrested and locked up for speaking my mind.Not yet anyway. I greatly value this forum and the freedom of expression allowed.Thank you David.

      I see that the monied elites own the major news outlets and wire services and so can limit coverage of topics and expand on others. More like the MSM are propaganda sheets. Writers must conform, even freelance ones.

      And good day to you again Adam. May you receive many blessings and prosper.

      • Adam Byrne

        Thanks Tony, same to you. My comment was somewhat tongue in cheek, although you and Mr. bonbon do tend to go round and round in circles at times.

        Regarding solutions, I have none. You make a lot of sense with your suggestions but no one is listening in power, nor will they ever listen. Nothing will change. I trust no government, central bank, media, politician, etc. etc. Never have and never will. Things will get worse until it’s every man for himself and the only thing worth fighting for will be food. It may not happen in my lifetime, but if it does I’ll fight like a dog. My main concern would be my daughter, not myself. Hopefully the whole thing will be delayed until she has a happy life, but then I’d start to worry about the grandkids, haha. I’ll feed my little girl first, then myself, after that it’s every man for himself. Sad but true. It shouldn’t be like this but the world is in the grip of evil and after the ‘collapse’ we might finally do it right unless we are extinct.

        In the meantime I’m enjoyed the simple things in life, as I always have. I’m a total minimalist. I also enjoy friends and working very hard which usually brings good things my way. All the best to you Tony, and to Mr. bonbon!

      • bonbon

        Discretion is the better part of valor, lost on Project Democracy which a different objective than posing a solution.
        Any solution means the end of the current financial system – even their own which is thermonuclear war.

        The problem then is how to finance reconstruction (assuming no war). That’s the test, not who is to blame, but how to rebuild.

        This problem faced Hamilton after 1783, Lincoln after 1864, FDR after 1929, Germany after 1945. Ireland after 2007.
        Consider the sheer immensity of the problem first, then the necessary financing, not the other way around.

        • Tony Brogan

          Consider the sheer immensity of the problem first, then the necessary financing, not the other way around

          your cart is before the horse.
          The bankers and the money system cause the problem. They are the problem and have been since the 1694 charter of the bank of england.
          Nothing but banker owed national debts ever since.
          All countries are now emeshed in debt.
          Get rid of the central banks. It is the first step.

          • bonbon

            Cause and effect is wonderful. Where we want to be cannot be an effect of the cause of the collapse. Keep your eye on the ball!

          • Tony Brogan

            The cause of the problems are the monied ruling elite families who control theinternational financing. a major tool is the central banking system.
            Where we want to be is nothing to do with the cause of the problem but like the sailing ships of old , if you do not know where you are at the start you can not calculate where you are going.
            Your response makes no sense in the context of what I wrote and is a sign of someone who has to make a rebuttle for the sake of making a rebuttel.
            Slow down and have a conversation instead of a quick retort.
            You have seldom indicated agreement with anything you read but create argument. Those devided against themselves will never succeed against a determined adversary.

          • bonbon

            Still mixing up cause and effect. Obsessed with an ancient oligarchical problem keeps your eye off the ball. With humans uniquely, the future determines economics, not the past. Autos did not evolve from horses. Focus on this and the entire problem resolves itself.
            We want to be soon 27 billion, with many GW of power needed, water, transport. We are already taking over near space, and are near the point of greening deserts. Hypersonic travel, and 700kmh rail is available to be extended.

            Now what king of a financial system for 35 year massive developement? The oligarchical problem fades into the past- a sickness of the childhood of humanity.

          • Quick rebuttals are the scourge of man and any man found guilty of said rebuttals shall be sliced with a claymore!

            And quite bloody right too says Vladimir the Great

            Seriously. I sympathise and know that oor Adam can fly off the reel too quick. Sure it’s hardly a fault compared to his overall input

            Show some tolerance for a puir fella crater

          • Tony Brogan

            Bon bon
            how you have the brass to suggest I am fixated on ancient oligarchical problems when you go back 2-6 centuries to prove a point.
            There is hardly a post from you that does not spout a list of names from the 1400′s onward. sometimes and I begin to think more often than not, you have a twisted mind.
            Many times your reasoning and then the sentence structure to explain that reasoning is incomprehensible.

            Suggesting the powers that be do not exist and are the result of the “childhood of humanity ” is denying reality.
            Either that or you wish to deflect attention from the current longlived Cartel, dynistic families.
            Makes me suspiscious yet again you are on their side and acting the mole on this blog?

            your proposals require a singular government approach that requires the infamous one world government to proceed.

            You are the ultimate statest. You advocate projects that involve trampling the rights of sovereign nations and peoples.

            You want larger , bigger, more pervasive government.
            I want smaller, unobstrusive governance and more individual and nation state freedoms.

            your route is to serfdom and slavery, mine is to liberty.

          • bonbon

            Von Hayek was in a rush back to an epoch that really never existed. I quote historical development, to put the obsession in perspective.

            Von Hayak’s thesis is basically population reduction, “starting small”.

            We, humans, will be soon 25 billion, and look back on this feudalism, and thanking those who stepped aside from the road back to nowhere. Our future involves developmenty, poor Von Hayek was not able to comprehend.

          • Tony Brogan

            I rest my case–Von Hayek this and Von Heyak that.

            Here you go again. He is not the subject matter more the problem at hand.

            The central banking system is, which you refuse to discuss, as used by the dynastic families to manipulate the finance and the politicians of nations.
            There is the souces of the scourge of war. All conflicts over the last 300 years can be trace back to that.

          • Tony Brogan

            MORE the problem
            Should read
            NOR the problem

          • bonbon

            Road to Serfdom, von Hayek. You brought this book up. In fact this is one of the libertarian “bibles”. Its Austrian school basic required reading. Let people read for themselves and then look at the thesis.

  2. michaelcoughlan


    I am wondering if you felt guilty taking your fee for this article in the sbb. It can be summarised as follows: Petrol is heading for 1.70/litre so I think it might beva good idea to cut a deal with the Russians so we can wean ourselves off middle eastern oil.

    Now David you could use your excellent capacity for economic analysis and point out the following which in my view would be much more valuable. The price of petrol is rising because speculators in the commodities futures markets are using wealth being transferred from the populations all round the world into their speculative hedgefund bubble to drive oil prices throughout the roof. So Joe average sees his house repossessed and the money the bank gets is used to fleece him on his transport and home heating needs!

    By the way david in the adult film industry when a lady received the attentions of two male actors simultaneously it is referred to as a club sandwich. The same could be said for what the corporate psychopaths are doing to Joe average citizen all over the world ie asset stripping himself and his country while at the same time driving commodity prices throughout the roof.

    Joe average gets doubly screwed in such a situation!

    • Hi Michael,

      I am more interested in a future strategic alliance between Germany and Russia for a whole host of geo-political reasons. As for the price of oil, sure its important, but I suppose what i am more focussed on is the likely political priotities of Germany over the next twenty years.



    • Dorothy Jones

      Sometimes the Russian-German political relationships translate themselves into projects involving the transfer of natural resources. Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder [he of 'no I do not dye my hair' fame] caused a huge controversy by accepting a post with Russian giant Gazprom shortly after stepping down from office. The Nord Stream gaspipeline runs from Russia to Germany delivering ca. 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually, set to double when construction is completed.

      ”Moscow supplies about a third of the European Union’s gas — Europe’s preferred heating source — and some of its countries are 100 percent dependent on Russia. What’s more, Europe’s annual gas consumption is set to rise 40 percent by 2030, further stoking those fears about Russia.”

      As Russia is capable of turning supplies off [Ukraine 2004 after the Orange Revolution, a rival consortium -Nabucco, involving energy companies from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Austria that have joined together to build an $11 billion natural gas pipeline.
      This is planned to bring gas from Middle Eastern and Caspian fields across the Anatolian plateau in Turkey, and north into Europe.Supported by the EU and the USA, it should completely bypass Russia.

      • bonbon

        The supplies through Ukraine were turned off by Ukraine. They were for Germany. It is clear that cannot he allowed to happen again.

        Ukraine is bankrupt, and such stunts as playing ball with Bush or Obama’s Ballistic Missile Offence against Russia is very bad politics.

    • SMOKEY

      A club sandwich is turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on bread. Not a very good analogy for it.
      A childhood rhyme comes to mind if its a food analogy you need.
      Milk milk , lemonade. Around the corner fudge is made!
      Its closer.
      Double penetration is better too.
      Or in farming the bull “services” the cows.
      With the so called corporate psychopaths in charge you’re being “serviced” all right.

  3. Philip

    Russia for me is a combination of genius, pragmatism and depression. You only have to look at the long list of science papers with Ski’s and Ov’s and Ev’s etc as the name ending. There is something about the Slavic mentality that makes them the source of some the most profound breakthroughs in Science and Mathematics. Maybe their winter makes them pragmatic and depressed and the latter probably feeds their need for a central “strong man” in their governance to give some ray of guarantee of certainty. Perhaps the vicissitudes of democracy may be too much for their mentality. Russian wit is very dark…too dark – not for them the fickle humor of us paddies. Add to this their tendency to break rules when it suits – back to pragmatism. I’d not be surprised if Pussy Riot get off with a warning as part of the Putin’s “generosity”.

    What Russia needs is a good dose of hope to permeate the place. Who knows? global warmer may have it’s better side effects.

    Remember that wacky idea about having a Chinese Industrial/Marketing hub in Athlone…could we not do instead something with our slavic friends and pull in a few more of them Gurdiev types….We are doomed, DOOMED!!

    • Philip

      By the way, I think The German/Russian ties will always be fraught with tension. Germany’s know-how versus Russia’s base knowledge will always be second best. Commercialization will be German’s strength – but at the cost of a Russian brain drain? I think Russia can choose many other suitors. Look to Scandinavia and perhaps some the the “Stans”.

  4. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    I don’t want to respond to your response to my initial post because I don’t want to offend you with what I really think. The purpose of this post which I am writing politely and sincerely is to bring home to you something I hold to be crucially important because I feel Ireland is only 6 months or so from an Iceland like collapse.

    1) the only three economic commentators whose opinions count are you, Constantine and kelly. You because you are consistently accurate and more importantly have the ear of the nation, Constantine because he is accurate and has an outsiders unbiased view, Kelly because he is accurate and has all the gravity of his job in UCD.
    The three of you mist know that Ireland wil blow up shortly. In the sbb yesterday there was another article where Microsoft in Ireland is moving it’s cash holdings out of Ireland and CRH don’t hold cash over the weekend. A run on Ireland, it’s banks and euro currency. Therefore don’t you think it’s time where insightful individuals like yourself and the other two establish proposals whereby ordinary citizens can survive the coming debt default tsunami?

    I can tell you David that I remain your fan but if I read another post from you re your ideas on how you would like to see Germany and russia should form closer bonds (over the graves of millions of dead soldiers from bothe sides) posted here on you website with a tiny following ( relative to the size of Germany and Russia) in an effort to influence geo political relations between the two I am afraid it will be impossible to take you seriously.

    • Tony Brogan

      “Therefore don’t you think it’s time where insightful individuals like yourself and the other two establish proposals whereby ordinary citizens can survive the coming debt default tsunami?”

      In the absence of anything else offered, the individual can protect against a currency collapse by owning none of the currency and having something else.
      no other currency can be trusted.

      So gold and silver are it for money, and home security if possible, is a plot of land to grow the food to eat when the supermarkets fail for lack of money in circulation during the bank holiday.

      Hopefully there will be enough carts and horses left to transport the food from the farms to the cities. Petrol supplies will last a few days and all supplies will be gone.

      • bonbon

        So your solution involves horses. Right back to 1900.

        As I said, feudal.

        • Tony Brogan

          Another smark alex reply that adds nothing to a conversation.
          you obviously have no rational arguments just vacuous responses

          • bonbon

            You did mention horses and carts, what kind of economics is that? Be serious.

          • Tony Brogan

            It was never posited as a solution.
            It was a result of a bank holiday that will occur as a result of a financial tsunami.
            All banks are closed. No money issued. business grinds to a halt. Gasoline supplies run dry in hours. Grocery stores are sold out in hours. No food available for the average city slicker to buy if they have any cash and if cash is acceptable.
            Jimmy’s post suggested a non perishable food stash and he is right. Paper money may go to zero and be unacceptable. The only real money will be gold and silver. I do not suppose you will have any.
            Food will be on the farms. Transport will not readily be available. All that is left are wheel barrows and horses and carts. Food will be expensive. You will need gold and silver to buy it.
            This is as devastating as your nuclear bomb. Are you prepared?

            I am deadly serious. Horse and carts are the most basic of economic tools to facilitate delivery of goods. And they do not run on petrol and oil.

            You are not Irish if you do not understand horses.

          • bonbon

            Unfortunately your crystal ball is not woking at all, maybe its one of those new energy saving lamps from Brussels. Obama is the problem. He is about to go for war with Russia, so forget horses and a stash. Think about what a 60 min exchange means.

            That’s the situation, most crystal balls lie on this.

            I put that on the table.

            True no feudal epoch or “solution” could ever conceive of what we have now.

          • Tony Brogan

            So you put armageddon on the table. What now. Perosnal letters to Obama and Putin.

            May as well plan for the horse and stash. A Practical solution. And if I were a farmer I think the same is nescessary as on reflection I suspect the maraudering hordes will strip the farm bare in minutes. They will probably eat the horse as well!

            As far as energy saving lamps are concerned. Better solar panels a 12 volt battery system and LED lights.

          • bonbon

            Napoleon returning, defeated, from Moscow had to march over the frozen battlefield where he was harrassed by Prussians before. I’ll bet they ate the frozen horses.

            Better not to get into such a situation in the first place. See Prof Werner, the QE originator, and his Euro comments below. Add that to the new Queen of Europe, self-crowned like her Vorgänger, Napoleon.

            Now look at this from Moscow’s perspective!

    • bonbon

      Can’t you see what’s going on? The British Empire (which I say politely) has no other option but to go to war with Russia. What do you think the demonizing of Putin is all about? Why now, why so acutely necessary now that incredible press reports, detailed below are the talk of the cafe? Do you not see Eire is not the slightest interest in this insane drive for thermonuclear war?

      Can you not smell the buildup?

      Now we who believe the world has a future, but without the British Empire and its lackies such as Obama, Blair know it must involve massive reconstruction after a financial breakdown. That means working with countries in the interest of survival.

      • Tony Brogan

        It is misleading to continually refer to a British empire. It is a financial empire, run by a handful of dynistic families seeking dominance and control and power.They facilitate the booms busts and wars.

        You make it sound as if it is a British state enterprise but in the past you called it Venetian!

        So outline what it is, who runs it and where it is based etc.

        • Hi Tony,

          Sorry to contact you through this medium but I thought you may be interested in a Monetary Reform conference next week in Dublin or the following week in Cork.

          For more details e-mail me at


        • bonbon

          No, it is is misleading, an error of almost all “think tanks” Stratfor included, to avoid dealing with Empire. There is only 1 global empire now. It has a history, oligarchism, ancient. Yet it is finished.

          A kind of instinct tells them that and the reaction takes 2 forms (a) a Dinosaur “bring it all down” reptilian reflex (b) human creative reasoning breaking through – FT on Jul04. Who will prevail? No guarantees exist, but the fight is on.

          • Tony Brogan

            Maybe so but it is not British per se. It is money based, and springs from disparate sources. some british are and have been involved.
            Call it what it truly is instead of harping on an ancient devide.

          • bonbon

            It is not English, but this is the British Empire, instated in 1763. Look at what it dd to England.

            This is a very important point. Avoided by most.

  5. The Path Least Travelled

    The Yellow Brick Road comes to mind in this article .

    Why should the Wagons head East when everything is in the West .

    There is OIL & Gas in The ATLANTIC .

    Just Dig It .

    Perusing existing political and social cum economic data and trends is a cul de sac acknowledged by Les Grande Armee in another time

  6. Rubber Bandits

    Lets give some credit to this great duo who have inspired the renaissance of this new reformation in Russia .

    Actually I have copies of fax correspondence in Russian between Putin when he was a Comrade Party Activist in his earlier years with a 2nd cousin of Maria Alyokina . This was at a time when true Glasnost was in the making or we thought it to be.

  7. mediator

    180 degrees – semantic I know.

  8. redriversix


    I don’t understand……….

    Why are Country is being ran into the ground,Why Banks and Corporations are put ahead of the rights & needs of the people who have contributed to this Nation since its inception.

    Why politicians refuse to accept that they are destroying us slowly , why they cannot question the most basic “solutions” coming from Europe.?

    Why they cannot accept their is no solution only total debt forgiveness and some form of devaluation/leave euro.

    Why the poor,vulnerable and weak must pay while Banks and their like get away with murder,Why is healthcare,social services An Garda Siochna,education and the elderly being repeatedly attacked/costs & services slashed while we have some of the highest paid politicians in the World in a Country that is Bankrupt.

    Why are politicians allowed make election promises and break them with no consequences.?

    Why do politicians treat us like complete gobshites and the mainstream media plays as the Government pet ?

    Why do we turn against each other over debt forgiveness when the Banks run roughshod over all of us?

    Why do they play politics with our lives,families & children,? Why do we allow them,are we getting what we deserve ?

    Why are small business that meet criteria not being supported.Bank of Ireland’s recent accounts show it to be insolvent,yet it forecloses on people who are lumped with additional costs for bailing it out every day.

    Why is the suicide rate climbing,?

    Why does David Mcwilliams,Constantin & Kelly not stand up and be counted and help those who are crying out for help ?….is it because of the “what can I do” attitude ?

    or is it because they are not suffering and the human instinct is self preservation for themselves and their families ?

    Ireland is rich in resources and poor in leadership,courage,and backbone.

    Budget 2013 will cripple,once again the vast majority of people & services in this Country and nobody will lift a finger,Why is that ?

    When will David et-al write about Budget 2013 ? you think people who lost their jobs,homes , families or businesses give two flying fcuks about Russia or Germany ? or are they not the “Target Audience” for S.B.B ?

    Does everyone have to suffer as I & many like me have/are did before anyone will gather together and say no more ?

    or will academics continue to spin out dross and drivel until someone they know suffers close to them,will we be reading charts and stats while Rome burns ?

    What makes a elderly Greek man burn himself to death in front of Government buildings ?

    What makes an Italian burn themselves to death in front of their Government buildings ?

    What makes a small Palestinian boy stand in front of a sixty tonne Israeli Tank ?

    What makes a Father,son,daughter ,sister,friend or mother take their own life during these times..?

    I dunno,but sure…..what can I do ?

    • molly

      Can somebody out there tell me the positive side to this current government ,I have tried and can’t find anything positive about this government or the last shower.
      I would say there is no difference.
      What I can’t get my head around is how the majority are made to suffer at the expense of so few and are prepaired to sit back and except this .
      Most of what we are told is lies ontop of more lies.

      • molly

        One example of this is a person in a very good high paying state job ,working his 20 /35 hours per week job nearing his big retirement package lump sum and pension (guaranteed guilt edge pension and mean while out he goes in his taxi.

      • Adam Byrne

        There is no positive side molly, plain and simple. Never will be from this shower.

        • molly

          It will be intresting to see what this government and it’s cohorts come up with come budget day ,the shirt off your back comes to mind.what ever happens you can be sure the government and there yes people will be protected.
          The only way to survive going forward is stand up for yourself and your family.

      • bonbon

        Yes there is actually a positive side, Would you accept it if told. I’m serious. People are in such a blind pessimist suicidal mood, they cannot hear anymore. Fine.

        Just watch at the reaction.

        Yes there is no guarantee in a fight of winning, but loosing is absolutely certain if you do nothing.

        • molly

          I would rather die fighting then let people who’s wages and lifestyle I pay for walk all over me ,they fooled ,conned and cheated me ,I say no more .
          Go shove you head up someone else’s arse.

    • They have no integrity and they don’t care as long as they are getting paid and looking after number one. They are too stupid to realise that by doing so they are destroying their country

      All the ‘whys’ you posted are exactly what’s on my mind. Yet Russian politics is far far more important.

      In short RR6 they are all spineless and there is not a man among them who is capable of telling the real truth in simple plain language

      I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night

  9. shay1975

    In response to michaelcoughlan, part of the problem is individuals looking to others to solve their problems. It is up to each individual to do what is necessary to protect themselves or at least help themselves.

    But I suspect the choices available to most people are pretty tough and not something they want to face up to like selling or renting their property, emigrating, retraining etc… There is no silver bullet for the average Joe.

    It is not up to DMc to solve our problems. We each have to face up to them and resolve them individually and reading this blog I suspect would be part of that process.


  10. michaelcoughlan

    Hi shay1975,

    Thank you for your observation . Of course you are correct. Most people 40 and under are helping themselves by voting with their feet and emigrating. As a father of three young kids I have to make a decision to benefit them now. I hope and pray it’s the right one. I have never walked away without a fight or exhausting all options. I don’t think there is anywhere left to run anyway. I really wish I had the ear of the nation though. My time posting here is nearly at an end anyway because shortlywith gods help ( yes I believe in God) I will be too busy to have time to engage here. I really have enjoyed my time here and always look forward to reading the posts and responses.



  11. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    The floppy haired economist the saga continues………

    Floppy is on his way to the school to pick up his son. Floppy is delighted withhim self that he was able to describe to his son in such simple terms using the monopoly board and tree house as analogies for what a militarised paper economy is and the difference between making a profit by adding value and king a profit through wealth destroying asset stripping.

    He now has the dilemma of explaining to his son how a bank operates ie it’s modus operandi. Anyway floppy junior arrives out from school sits into the car and tells floppy Sr that today he was taught about biology and how viruses operate. He explains that a virus is a very simple organisim which infects a host cell in s healthy body replicates itself destroys the host cell in the process until all cells in the host body die causing the whole body to die. Floppy Jr explains to his dad that the virus is the most efficient of all because it dosent have to do anything valuable in the host body and simply uses the strength and vitality of the host body to achieve it’s goal. When the host body dies it simply moves onto a new healthy host body and so in.

    Floppy Sr seizes on his opportunity and points out to Jr that that is the way that banks currently operated by loaning money to healthy countries businesses and people until they have too much at which point the disease has spread too far. At that stage the banks Make even more money by breaking up their hosts and selling them off in individual pieces than they ever did in loaning them the money in the first place.

    Floppy Sr then explains that they now must go to the funeral of the carpenter who installed the treehouse. He committed suicide because he had no wages due to the fact that the bank were only lending money to a halfwit down the road who only produces rubbish tree houses because it is more profitable for the bank to bankrupt the halfwit and take his house off him in a no value added transaction than for the bank to back a true wealth creating very talented carpenter like the guy who put in the tree house to the Garden.

    Floppy Sr then also explains that is why he has to travel to other countries for work as an economist because if he tells the truth about how twisted the banking system works in Eireuba no one will employ him in Eireuba. This is because just like the recently departed carpenter he will do his job properly which is the worst thing possible in the eyes of the financial nazis in control of the banking and political establishment in Eireuba!

  12. I worked in Moscow at about the same time as David. It was something akin to the wild west. Disparate desperados fighting for territorial power.
    It was obvious that the worst elements of western greed were supplying the brains and the gangsters the brawn. So I sympathise with David’s hosts. It was no place for law abiding people.
    No intention of returning so I’m not sure how the poor proletariat got on but this article might give an insight into how Germanys youth might turn out as the next governing generation of the Euro-rump.

    • bonbon

      Was that the Yeltsin period, the rape of Russia? Khodorkhovsky actually thought his companies gas reserves were his private property to sell to Mobil! He was laboring under a disillusion. Kiryenko brought in the FBI – after all the caught Al Capone for tax-evasion.

      Depopulation began, a science brain drain, literally sucking the blood of a country. Putin has turned that around, he broke the rules. Explains why Gorbatchov supports the Riot.

      Remember Medvedev (the Bear) dumped his finance minister Kudrin (darling of the Citi) shortly before beautifully switching roles. Martial arts applied to politics! Cought London totally off balance. They are still floundering about.

  13. Btw. Shurely one couldn’t compare Tuireendubh to Ruza?

  14. bonbon

    Interesting that DWcW plays the Pussy card now. Obama is very “concerned” too :

    Obama White House Backs Convicted “Pussy Riot” Hooligans

    Aug. 17 (EIRNS)–The Obama White House today issued a statement in support of the three members of the Russian group Pussy Riot, who were convicted today of hooliganism motivated by religious enmity and sentenced to two years, minus double the time already served, for their February 2011 vulgar dancing and shouting of obscenities in Moscow’s Church of Christ the Savior. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland wrote in an official statement, “The United States is concerned about both the verdict and the disproportionate sentences handed down by a Moscow court in the case against the members of the band Pussy Riot and the negative impact on freedom of expression in Russia.” Spokesman Josh Earnest said separately to reporters that Pussy Riot may have been “offensive to some” (this refers to screaming obscenities on the altar of the cathedral), but that the three women were treated badly.

    The Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church officially called on on the government to review the sentence and show mercy.

    There was a violent pro-Pussy Riot action today in Kiev, Ukraine, where a member of the feminist group Femen–topless and with “Free Riot” painted on her skin–attacked a wooden cross that stands in a central monument ensemble as a memorial to victims of political repression in the 1930s Soviet Union. The woman cut down the cross with a chainsaw. People accompanying her stated that the action was “a warning” to Russian President Putin and Patriarch Kirill that Femen’s chainsaws would be turned against them, if they allowed Pussy Riot to be convicted.

    The New York Council on Foreign Relations today posted a long interview with Stephen Sestanovich, a geopolitician, former aide to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and former adviser to Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State, on “Putin’s Cultural War.” Sestanovich opined that “a lot of Russians are unaware that these performance artists are inspired by [French deconstructionist] Jacques Derrida” and therefore perceive “not post-modernist irony but sacrilege.”

    One of the day’s more bizarre events was the issue of a statement by the University of Helsinki, in Finland, denying news stories that the head of their political science department had been arrested for doing a Free Pussy Riot action in front of the city’s Orthodox cathedral.

    It said that the professor had been giving a briefing on the future of the euro, in front of the National Bank next door, while some feminists demonstrated for Pussy Riot at the cathedral. Evidently reporters had not been able to tell the difference.

    President Putin, asked about the case during a photo op after his visit to the London Olympics, said the girls were lucky they hadn’t tried to do their act at some holy place in Israel or a mosque in the North Caucasus, “because they would never even have made it to the local jail.” He said that the offenders are young and “should not be punished too harshly.”

  15. bonbon

    Now lets get to the root of this thing : war with Russia, thermonuclear war. The financial system is imploding faster that London can stand, Syria has been delayed by a clear warning from a nuclear superpower. Result, a financial explosion beyond belief s in the making. The insane faction in London wants to go after Russia, even though it is clear nothing can save their system in any way imaginable. We are dealing with pure insanity.

    Yesterday, three people who imitated Pussy Riot, did something similar in the Cologne Cathedral, and the Bishop of Cologne had already said previously that if this happens in Germany, people face up to three years in jail because this is a violation of religious feelings, so therefore, they would face a similar sentence.
    Why is it democracy in Germany, and why is it dictatorship in Russia, when the same thing is punished with the same sentence?

    Look at Navalny of the previous White Revolution fame, and Garry Kasparov, this is the network of Soros, the Orange Revolution, the whole Project Democracy. People should not be naïve, that if you want to make a war, you first have to demonize the leader of the country you want to declare to be an enemy, and therefore, this Pussy Riot thing is really part of the war preparation, and people should not be foolish and think it’s something different.

    • Tony Brogan


      August 20, 2012 at 7:45 pm

      Now lets get to the root of this thing : war with Russia, thermonuclear war

      Why are you promoting thermo nuclear war all of a sudden. Why alarmist scare tactics?
      Are you the mad man with the finger on the button?

      • bonbon

        Obama and Blair, are promoting war. Don’t be silly.

        • Tony Brogan

          May be, may be not and if they are where is the proposal to go nuclear. You and yours are the alarmists over and above a very tense situation.

          • Total Bollocks. Blair is a proven psycopathic war criminal and plundering Scot masquerading as an English colonial master. Fucking waken up

          • bonbon

            Be awake, Russia said repeatedly this year, many times, there is a red line. To put the issue in stark clarity, the strategic arsenal is being overhauled. Make no mistake about this.
            And everyone knows it anyway.

            The British Oxford promotion and funding of the characters DMcW trotted out, is, well, transparent. People have lost so many marbles, the think Bibi’s continual ranting to attack are just bluster – none of my friends would say that.

          • Tony Brogan

            War monger yes
            working for the banker elites yes
            1 million a year consultants fee from JP Morgan, yes
            Evil bastard yes

            Mad enough to blow up the world – debatable

            I am fully awake thanks but do not go for some of the garbage thrown around here.

            The question is who will blink first and It will not be Putin IMO. Syria is the line in the sand.

            The “Empire” will draw back and bide their time as they have done for 250 years.

            If not I may as well go and have some fun as there is little enough time left.!

          • What sort of garbage Antonio?

          • Tony. Putin never blinks. He outblinked Chuck Norris!
            I have it on good authority.

  16. bonbon

    I’m afraid this will offend some, the “charming” “gig”. I think it was not good to bring this into an economics discussion, but well here it is. War is on the horizon, so people lose their better judgement and maybe their marbles. It is funny to see bloggers trying to be serious with this placed under the carpet like the 600 pound gorilla.

    I wish all to read this, to see the way Oxford’s Project Democracy really works. The girls will likely get bail anyway paid by British graffiti artist Banksy.
    The Guardian loves their lightness and gaiety. Well, well.

    Oxford’s Project Democracy Goes Hard-core: the “Pussy Riot” Action Against Russia

    Aug. 16, 2012 (EIRNS) — Project Democracy institutions, the media, and other promoters of cultural degeneracy are leading new attacks on Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, in connection with Friday’s planned announcement of a verdict in the “Pussy Riot” case. Three members of the self-styled “feminist punk band” are on trial for criminal hooliganism, defined as “gross violation of social order, expressing overt disrespect for society,” particularly by acts which are “motivated by political, ideological, racial, national or religious hatred or hostility, or hatred or hostility toward any group in society.” Last February the three young women were arrested while cavorting on the ambo (a platform in front of the iconostasis in an Orthodox church, restricted to priests and participants in sacraments) in Moscow’s Church of Christ the Savior, clad in brightly colored miniskirts and balaclavas. They were screaming an obscenity-laced “prayer” to the Virgin Mary to free Russia from Putin. Released and then rearrested two weeks later, the three were held in jail for five months before their trial began. In the interim, Pussy Riot’s film of the action was posted online (, supplied with a sound track making it even more blasphemous.

    Today’s media included a Reuters wire, “Russian female Punk Rock Band Trial Sets Tone for Putin Presidency,” and USA Today’s article, “Pussy Riot Verdict Caps Putin’s 100 Days” — the time since his inauguration in May. Amnesty International has declared the women “prisoners of conscience.” Paul McCartney posted an open letter to “show my support for [them] at this difficult time.” Last week Madonna vocally supported the three from the stage of a concert in Moscow (prompting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin to tweet about Madonna being an “old b.” — standing for “wh*re” in Russian).

    Several elements of the Pussy Riot provocation link it to the Oxford University-centered attack on Russia, documented in EIR’s “Michael McFaul and His Oxford Masters” dossier (Dec. 16, 2011, Jan. 20 and Feb. 3, 2012). The group’s m.o. matches points from the “198 Methods of Non-violent Action,” promoted by Oxford’s Gene Sharp in his irregular warfare handbook {The Politics of Non-violent Action}: #27 — New signs and names, #30 — Rude gestures, #32 — Taunting officials, #161 — Non-violent harassment, #178 — guerrilla theater. Formed in Autumn 2011, Pussy Riot was at the ready to go into action after the December 4 State Duma elections. On December 5, they filmed themselves doing their maenad dances and setting off Roman candles on the roof of the detention center where blogger Alexei Navalny and others were being held after the first arrests for unauthorized street protesters. Navalny attempted to testify as a character witness for Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the accused, but was barred by the court.

    Vladimir Pastukhov, an adviser to Russia’s Constitutional Court, writer for Mikhail Gorbachov’s newspaper, and currently a Visiting Fellow at St. Antony’s College, Oxford, has put out two major articles in support of Pussy Riot. The British site posted his “Pussysteria, or the Awakening of Russia’s Conscience,” in which Pastukhov said that Pussy Riot has drawn more sympathy than “Khodorkovsky alive or Magnitsky dead,” referring to two Project Democracy poster cases, and compared their potential impact with that of the Cossack Yemelyan Pugachov’s uprisings in the 18th Century. This week, in the Gorbachov-owned Novaya Gazeta, Pastukhov launched a new diatribe against Putin’s Presidency as “a regime of the lumpens,” using the Pussy Riot “witchhunt” and non lumpenized population’s alleged support for the women as evidence.

    “Free Pussy Riot” international propaganda emphasizes the pre-trial imprisonment of “mothers with young children.” The London Guardian loves the “lightness and gaiety” of the group with their “bright colours and tights and mocking balaclavas,” saying that their protest is “crafted from art, dance and performance.” But these latest Project Democracy favorites are a bit different: they combine “#22 – Protest disrobings” with points not even listed by Gene Sharp. According to well-documented investigations posted in Russian and English blogs, at least two of the imprisoned women were members of the anarchist collective “Voyna” (“War”), which Tolokonnikova endorsed in a manifesto. “Voyna” videos posted online include obscenities such as the same Tolokonnikova, naked and very pregnant, with giant cockroaches crawling all over her, and a video in which she has or simulates sexual intercourse during an orgy staged and filmed next to a stuffed bear in a natural history museum (supposedly to mock then-President Medvedev, whose name means “bear”). In another piece, a female member of the collective performs a sex act with a frozen chicken in a supermarket, in the presence of a small child. The Voyna group benefited from a 90,000 pound donation by the British graffiti artist called Banksy, who also posted bail for its members after one of their arrests.

    In the Russian media, the name “Pussy Riot” is often translated with words meaning “Kitty Cats” or, at worst, “Blasphemers.” But one member of the gang proclaimed their credo more openly, in a February interview published on “A female sex organ, which is supposed to be receiving and shapeless, suddenly starts a radical rebellion against the cultural order, which tries to constantly define it and show its appropriate place. Sexists have certain ideas about how a woman should behave, and Putin, by the way, also has a couple [of] thoughts on how Russians should live. Fighting against all that — that’s Pussy Riot.”

    At trial, the accused claimed their action was not anti-Orthodox, but only a protest against the ROC’s endorsement of Putin.

    • I don’t care about Pussy Riot. It’s a diversion. Red herring. It makes it easy to pick the next ‘bad guy’. Total con

      I am more concerned about who will be under the cosh in budget 2013

      Fuck. You guys are all over the place. Planet zod

      You don’t lift European Cups by taking your eye off the ball and losing your concerntration

      Get it together for cod sake. Or take the heighway

      • bonbon

        There is a very dangerous undercurrent running through now. Suddenly Moscow is all over the press. It is not a diversion from what the British Empire is planning, rather preparation. If that goes ahead, well forget 2013.

        The cause of all this is the economic breakdown, the worst in all history, the end of a system. I would not be too sure of any budget in 2013.

        • Bonbon all roads lead to London.
          The bastards are shameless whores hence the deregulation of 1987. The legacy of Reaganomics and the mad bitch in the attic. ‘New Conservatism’ ha ha bloody ha

          That idiotic ideology took over the whole western world. If you didn’t own property and shares you were a martian

          They will lunch with anyone who serves their interests. Never ever fucking trust that London mob

          Pinochet anyone. Davido?

          Nah. Didnt think that hook would bait even the stupidest fish

          The game is on. It’s all geo politics but the idiots we elect to run our affairs in europe and at home are nameless faceless brats who need slapping pronto

          Who is YOUR MEP lads. Be totally honest now. Did you know before the I put the question

          Oh yes I forgot. It is not in nature of ‘proper men’ to be seen as being wrong

          That is real playground

          You have to fight your way up in the playground before you can start taking on the Russians

          Now David. Waken the fuck up


    More craic bubbling though twoud take a better man than me to explain the macroscopic at play here. Our host might have coffee with the good Dr G presently. All will become apparent presently methinks.

    • Philip

      I find this monkeying about with interest rates when there is very little happening in the real world is one level below hokum numerology. Trying to make something move and make a buck out of it is all it’s about.

      Galbraith (Junior?) has a word on this.

      Maybe I am misinterpreting. But as long as we think the route is by fixing existing broken systems by patching up and muddling along what is there at present and hoping it’ll heal itself – we better not be holding our breath. The Financial System as it is at present is for the dustbin. Stop monkeying with it. Sooner our leaders know this, the better – and then we move on.

      Now, the premise by some on this blog is that the Financial System is a bit like a cornered rat and will spark off a war rather than retreat further. Syrian flashpoint(use the gas and yer toast a l’Obama) being a case in point. Just do not see the gain – and in war, there is always gain – mutually assured destruction is not an option.

      To be honest, I dunno anything anymore – even finding it difficult to tell the two dolphins apart in your little picture.

      • Adam Byrne


        ‘Our leaders’ (as you so eloquently put it – I can think of better ways of describing them) know full well what is going on.

        As usual, it’s all about lining their own pockets, holding power and pandering to the vested interests, with a healthy dose of incompetence thrown into the mix.

        They’ve no intention of initiating any positive change. They never had, despite the throwaway election promises.

        You may as well sing for your supper.


      • You have a better chance of moving Queen Maeve’s cairn from Knocknarea

        Ahem, just wearing the green jersey for Sligo. Burp

  18. bonbon

    Ladies and Gentlemen, something is happening far north. Now realize Shannon is the deep harbor the new Arctic traffic will desperately need. Who will develop this harbor, private investors? Well how about Hamiltonian Credit? Siberia is a huge reserve, and Russia has hardly populated it yet. Plans for the Arctic city of Umka using the same construction as the Space Station modules are now go! Canada realizes this, how about it?

    First Chinese Ship Sails the Arctic ‘Mediterranean’

    August 18 (EIRNS)—The Chinese icebreaker {Xuelong} ({Snow Dragon}) is the first Chinese ship to have sailed from the Pacific to the Atlantic through the Arctic territory of Russia on the Northern Sea Route. The vessel docked in Reykjavik, Iceland Aug. 14, after having traversed the route through the Russian Arctic. Expedition leader Yang Huigen said that they had expected much more ice than they had encountered.

    “To our astonishment, most of the Northern Sea Route is open,” Yang said. He indicated that Beijing was mightily interested in the “monumental change” in the polar environment.

    “It took only 10 days to sail from the East Siberian Sea to the Barents Sea, and during that time there was only real pack ice for only seven days,” said Egill Thor Nielssen, an Icelandic scientist who sailed aboard the Chinese vessel. The Chinese are more interested in this route now, having found the passage so easy, Nielsen said. China has also applied to become a member of the Arctic Council. Although primarily utilized to support the Chinese research in Antarctica, the {Xuelong} has also made four trips to the Arctic via the Bering Strait.

  19. cooldude

    It’s not just in Russia that people are being detained on very dubious charges. A couple of days ago this ex marine was picked up in the so called free USA under the new executive order and is being detained indefinitely without trial. His huge crime is he posted some stuff on his facebook page which questioned the official version of 9/11. Big brother is closing in everywhere. You can be sure the internet is high on their list

  20. Jimmy R

    “But this is the point: while the Moscow of Putin is an enormously decadent city where anything goes, anything that threatens his power — no matter how moderately — is clamped down on severely.”

    There are parallels all over the world right now, most notably in that haven of “freedom and liberty” USA. A US soldier Bradley Manning is currently undergoing a military trial for exposing American war crimes in the Middle East. For his part in it, Julian Assange may face the death penalty if he ever ends up in America.

    Laws like the NDAA (signed by Obama around New YEars Day after repeatedly saying he would veto it) where US authorities can detain any person, even a US Citizen, INDEFINITELY on suspicion of terrorism. Recently, a judge upheld the legality of wire-tapping anybody they want without the need for a warrant.

    Is it any wonder we see nationalist and radical movements on the rise the world over? While corrupt and inept governments try to enforce policies maintaining the status quo, but hurting the majority of their people, society becomes more and more polarised.

    I wish I was exaggerating but this is only going one way. We are heading for massive civil unrest in many of the major countries if not another major world war, caused by the tensions this crisis has created.

    Where to go from here? While most financial minds are suggesting investment in gold and silver to protect wealth, I would go down a different route…Invest in non-perishables like rice, soups, water etc. Store them under the stairs, in the attic, under the bed, wherever. All the gold, silver and paper in the world won’t help you if a collapsed global banking system means you can’t exchange them for food.

    Some people above have asked what the solutions are. Well, the way I see it, we have 2 options. Mass disorderly default or mass orderly debt forgiveness. One of these involves banks taking a hit on purpose, the other occurs with them kicking and screaming. I’ll leave you all to decide which one is more likely.

    • bonbon

      We have already decided it is option number 3, Glass-Steagall, breaking up the banks especially the 6 Too Big t Fail, then Hamiltonian Public Credit for huge reconstruction, fully and detailed here. Splitting the banks will repudiate synthetic debt, and honor real physical economic debt with reconstruction on a scale never before seen.

      Actually the banks themselves will be relieved, as Citi’s Sandy Weill implied calling for Glass-Steagall.

      The British Empire will not be amused, although there is a faction of the City of London whose Financial Times on July 04 called for Glass-Steagall, that American solution of Franklin Rooseveldt in 1933.

      • Dorothy Jones


        • bonbon

          I hope you are watching the press. “We” includes many coming out publicly not. Even reformed Banksters like Sandy Weill, the FT on July 04, all posted here at this blog for anyone to google.

          There is no recipe or guarantee in war. It must be fought to win, so we can rebuild the economy.

          • Dorothy Jones


          • Dorothy

            Are you on The Riordans ? Biddy would love to hear from you.

          • Tony Brogan

            So you are a part of the elite, or prompted by the elite, or fed by the elite which explains why you were talking glass steagall a month before the mainstream press or your favourite ex ceo banker.

            you are the “Royal We”

            nothing is decided just because you say so–arrogance.

            So you are a mole as I suspected!! Manipulating the thinking process of the “illiterate masses” of this blog?

          • Dorothy Jones


            I’m not Riordans material :) :) but my response is more similar to the sentiments [16 seconds long] by Father Jack in this clip:



            The ‘Royal We’ struck me also….but better to have a sense of humour sometimes. Run on the beach this evening in the warm sunshine….nothing beat that.


          • bonbon

            Anyone who wants to survive, that is us human beings, we, know that this must be done. Proof of humanity is sudden flashes of insight, as Sandy Weill has demonstrated. If the Shatterer of Glass-Steagall himself can wake up one morning and smell the coffee, why can’t ye?

            So Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to survive. Get on board!

      • Jimmy R

        bonbon, there’s a big difference between what should happen and what will happen. While I agree that the banks should be broken up and investment kept away from retail, even if that were to happen, the debts that each of the banks are holding worldwide would cause the collapse of many countries and companies. With the politicians in the hands of the bankers, I can’t see them purposefully doing this.

        Sandy Weill is a former Citi chair. So while it may be important for him to say he would like Glass-Steagall back, it would be more important for a sitting CEO to say these things.

        To repudiate debt, as much as it should happen, would lead to massive turmoil in these banks. I can’t see them willingly going for it, and trying everything they can to avoid it.

        • bonbon

          Some will very well sigh a breath of relief. After all who wants to face a mob of dying starved “survivors”. It has, with a shock become clear what to do.

          Of course the other British Imperial faction want their property, Obama to use thermonuclear weapons against Russia. Putin disagrees with this.

          • Tony Brogan

            Where do you have the evidence to back up this loose talk of thermo nuclear use.
            I would like to see it>

          • bonbon

            What do you mean exactly? Have a look at the arsenals. The basic mirv unit is 470kt, 20 times Nagasaki. These cannot be used except in an allout barrage. Conflict with Russia means this.

          • Tony Brogan

            Who is advercating the use of nuclear weapons.
            Just looking at the arsenals is not good enough. They have been in existence 50 years or so and not used to date.
            We do not have conflict with Russia. So far, threats and posturing. All wars since WWII have been conventional.
            Russia has warned to not use nuclear weapons. Only if they are already destroyed may they pull the N trigger in desperation.
            In My opinion there will be no war over Syria. Russia is already there and Nato will not follow.
            fund insergents yes but not go in. And no “no fly zone”as In Libya

    • Tony Brogan

      i am in fundamental agreement with you but with a couple of comments.
      Obama has sign into law as yousa ythe right to apprehend anyone deemed to be adverse to the interests of the US.
      Habeas Corpus is removed, Posse comitatus is removed.
      I will decline to enter the US from now on and that means foregoing a few nice cruising grounds.
      It also means avoiding flights with US stop overs or trip connections.

      As far as the financial minds are concerned I think they are correct about gold and silver. you are also correct about storing non perishable food and have a source of water. do both they are not mutually exclusive.

      It is a fact that paper money goes to zero value. It is a fact that allocated bank accounts have been seized and people have lost there money. Several times in the last while. There is no guarantee if there ever was.
      Money in funds, stocks, bonds, etc is all suspect. The only safe money is that in hand at home with no third party involvement. Not even a bank deposit box.
      Use your own or private parties you can trust to hold anything of value if you can not afford to lose it.

      All the best, blessings

      Recently the only way to get food in Zimbabwe was to have gold. Those with the food for sale would not take paper money. I saw photos of women panning for gold and with the fractions of grams they recovered could get food to survive.
      Gold is always money and sometime it is the only money acceptable.

  21. Eireannach

    George Friedman’s STRATFOR geostrategic thinktank discussing Germany’s strategy:

    Here is how the article ends:

    Germany’s current strategy is to preserve the European Union and its relationship with France while drawing Russia closer into Europe. The difficulty of this strategy is that Germany’s trade policies are difficult for other European countries to manage, including France. If Germany faces an impossible situation with the European Union, the second strategic option would be a three-way alliance, with a modified European Union or perhaps outside of the EU structure. If France decides it has other interests, such as its idea of a Mediterranean Union, then a German-Russian relationship becomes a real possibility.

    A German-Russian relationship would have the potential to tilt the balance of power in the world. The United States is currently the dominant power, but the combination of German technology and Russian resources — an idea dreamt of by many in the past — would become a challenge on a global basis. Of course, there are bad memories on both sides, and trust in the deepest sense would be hard to come by. But although alliances rely on trust, it does not necessarily have to be deep-seated trust.

    Germany’s strategy, therefore, is still locked in the EU paradigm. However, if the EU paradigm becomes unsupportable, then other strategies will have to be found. The Russo-German relationship already exists and is deepening. Germany thinks of it in the context of the European Union, but if the European Union weakens, Russia becomes Germany’s natural alternative.

    • Philip

      However impossible the the situation is with the EU, would Germany really be able to have a genuine 2 way relationship with Russia in the next 12 to 18 months?

      Am very interested to see how that might play out. Yes there is the energy/Tech swap. But the politics and social structures are very different.

      • Eireannach

        The biggest geopolitical error Western Europe and North America always makes is to underestimate Russia.

        Irish and British people think Russia is a backward tyranny. This is the same Russia that put the first man in space, developed the best combat rifle ever, detonated a 50 megaton bomb, and was once feared as being able to take over the world.

        Russia is European through and through. Russian music from mid-20th century is like music from the 21st century.

        Russia has vast resources of oil and gas and metals and minerals. It is destined to play a prominent role in the 21st century, and Germany can see this already. As usual, we are behind the curve.

        • Philip

          Totally agree. As I said earlier in this blog, Russian genius and creativity is incontestable. In that regard, Germany has a lot to gain. But the problem is…how can you get a fruitful relationship like that working between 2 societies that are so different in terms of how economies should be run etc. All I see is US intervening on tech share, Russians dropping the gates on possible brain drain etc. I just see no solid basis for mutual trust and economic development. Finland has been more successful – what is happening here? What am I missing?

          • Eireannach

            England and Ireland have a history scarred by the famine and colonisation, but if Ireland and England can be friends, it’s an especially fruitful and rewarding and deep thing, because of that shared history. It’s like healing in a marriage or a family.

            WW2 in the USSR was the most apocalypic thing that has ever happened in the history of the world. Germany’s Operation Barbarosa cost over 20million lives in the USSR. Ultimately, it was Stalin whose forces entered Berlin. Stalin and the USSR defeated the Nazis.

            As a result, Germany and Russia have an especially deep ‘karmic’ relationship, an especially deep need to heal wounds between the two of them which has nothing to do with Ireland or Britain or France, never mind American interference with the expansion of NATO.

            Germany has consistently opposed Eastward expansion of NATO, and has stayed out of Middle East oil wars, all because of its deep geopolitical shift toward alliance with and energy reliance upon overland oil and gas from Siberia.

            Gerhard Schröder went onto the Board of Gazprom when he stepped down as Chancellor.

            Look at this photo of Merkel, Medvedev and others opening the Nordstream pipeline and tell me there isn’t a deep geopolitical shift going on in Central Europe.
            Where is Britain, America or NATO in this photo?


          • bonbon

            Puting Khodorkhovski in jar, took them out of the photo. Maybe he can dine with the Riot girls now, even get free music?
            Meanwhile the world develops.

            The problem now is Blair who has the ear of Obama, going to war with Russia. Ireland must never forget what Britain is capable of. 2 World Wars, uninterrupted war since they got Bismark ousted in 1899. A trail of sheer horror and chaos. Now it leads straight to thermonuclear war. The Great Game.

            Look at the markers around the Trallee old Court House – Irish killed in Crimea. Edward VII’s geopolitician Mackinder, whose work was translated by Haushoffer to become Hitler’s politics, is at it again.

          • Philip

            Very educational Eireannach. Never looked at it that way. So Russia and Germany may be peas in a pod? Could this be the great western denial.

            Looks like Bonbon’s arguments are being strengthened. Oh dear. Looks like Russia and Germany have tio be nuked before they do any more good.

            Maybe Victor Veselago’s theories can help build the invisibility cloak needed to make them vanish to safety.

    • bonbon

      Basing your strategy on Stratfor is not a good idea. Do you want to know more about them? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

      • Tony Brogan

        Sure, I would love to hear more about Stratfor.
        They have been recommended to me by someone whose opinion I trust. Is he in error?

        • Tony,

          suggestion, trust no opinion.

          Global Intelligence Files

          Monday 27 February, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files — more than five million emails from the Texas-headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The emails date from between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods, for example :….

          • Eireannach


            PRECISELY due to its information exchanges with important power centres in private industry, the military and so on, STRATFOR has real insider knowledge about the workings of the world behind the scenes.

            This adds to their intelligence credibility. Would they be more credible if they were sitting in their boxer shorts in Texas googling about different countries, then cutting and pasting “intelligence” articles about those countries?

            Have you ever tried to get information in the Arab world or the Indian subcontinent. One word – baksheesh.

          • Hi Eireannach,

            Well, of course. it is the murky waters of intelligence “services”, of which Stratfor is a rather “harmless” version of what’s out there today.

            Having said that, the information and intelligence landscape has changed tremendously.


          • Tony Brogan

            Thanks for that Georg
            I have read the whole posting by the Wiki leaks.

            Stratfor was recommended by a source who has impeccable credentials in his personal dealings and reputation over the years.
            He suggested a subscription in stratfor as he said they were well connected and accurate in assessment.
            Also as they have heavy duty clients on their list they must reman accurate to stay in business.

            So Stratfor is a private espionage company.
            Now we have a counter espionage organization Wiki Leaks raiding and stealing private and personal information to make public.

            Both employ devious methodology to get information. Perhaps each are as good/bad as the other.

            Seems we are watching high stakes manipulations of public perceptions.

            your admonition to trust no one is a sad rule to occupy ones self with. No doubt I have been sucked in now and then which for years made me hesitant to express an opinion as I thought I may be misinformed.

            Historically i have learned to take what comes, evaluate, accept or not, keep an open mind and be ready for a change if further info warrants.

            any surge of “gut instinct” on an issue should be listened to very accutely and taken note of.

            Ones mind works subliminaly to solve problems while the conscious mind is otherwise engaged.

            One has to accept that most posters here are wanting the best solutions for themselves and society.
            One has to watch for the depraved souls trying to screw things up.

            I prefer to trust first and take people at face value. Then if they prove otherwise abandon. One gets a few slaps around the side of the head with a wet fish but on the whole I prefer to trust first and suffer from it rather than to not trust at all.

            Otherwise I would talk to no one and be off this site too.

          • bonbon

            Absolutely correct! They were disrobed a little while ago.

          • A complete sham German bother

            The Swedish courts threw out the ‘sexual assault’ allegations and presumed there was no case to answer

            However some ambitious Swedish prosecutor is having his ass tickled by the American authorities

            The western media have absolved all responsibility and abandoned the notion of ‘investigative jounralism’ for the same resaons as why oor David is blindfoled

            If they told the truth they would be sacked in the morning.

            It’s all very simple when your bs filter is working full pelt

            Just my observation for what it’s worth

  22. redriversix

    During the cold War we had “M.A.D”,MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION.


    Think I am beginning to miss the Cold War……..

    • Philip

      F.A.D. is the way politicians, interest groups, lobbyists are holding the wealth creators to ransom.

      And unlike MAD, it is bogus and a needless distraction, but made to feel real to preserve the status quo.

      We have real problems to solve. FAD is a con.

      • bonbon

        MAD is back in vogue with Obama on the red button. If he is not impeached, for well documented offences against the Constitution, we face thermonuclear war – unannounced, 60 mins. Look at the Ohio class sub fleet armory and pale.

        • Philip

          Well, it ain’t looking too good if the Romney and Ryan get back either. US looking very dodgy and making the Islamist Extremists look liberal of late.

          So question: Why not push the button now?

          • bonbon

            It has been delayed, thanks to very smart moves by Putin, hence the blog theme. Putin has wonderfully Jujitsu’d the Empire. They are going insane. They just cannot keep the stick-tape band-aid bailouts going! They pulled out their secret weapon, a Riot!

            The German Judges in Karlsruhe are now deliberating. How long can the financial system hold its breath. It would make a great picture. True blue-blooded Blair blue in the face, as Obama is tripped up at every turn. I wonder would Blair make a rush for that button?

  23. The pot is calling the kettle black. You have a problem with the Russian Government but you will never dare sharpen your pencil and balance your outlook by providing us with your thoughts on the American government and it’s attack dogs, Britain and Israel plus the odious regimes they sponsor.

    This is a political article with one aim – to blackball the Russian gov’t for some obscure reason. There are far worse regimes that are supported by western governments yet you never ever mention this

    You won’t because you would be sacked. I know it. you know it and so does everyone who reads your work. Not all of them mind you because some of them are naive and too preoccupied with money

    The first shots have been fired in budget 2013, there is tremendous suffering among your own people and you choose to write about geo politics. You are out of touch not only with me but many of your ‘followers’. You sound just like an insider.

    It proves to me that you don’t listen to your posters.

    Stick to economics and forget all about politics. You obviously don’t have the balls for it

    • bonbon

      Playing the “Pussy Card”, Britain’s Oxford-run irregular warfare against Putin personally is a part of the runup to all -out thermonuclear war with Russia. First demonize the target, then…

      Trouble is with this feudal madness, we have the capacity to destroy the entire planet in 60 minutes.

      Have people lost their marbles – it’s only a financial toilet that needs to be flushed!

      • Tony Brogan

        You really think he will blow up the world?
        Is this Cuban missile crisis II?

      • No bonbon we have not lost our bloddy marbles. We will not tolerate any more fuckin war. Period

        The Americans and Israelis are permanelty at war. Yet we are having a go at the Russian?

        Please let’s see though this bullcrap using our brains

        It is naked propaganda

        • bonbon

          Wow, if only such Churchillian bluster could stop Obama. Or is it Chamberlinian?

          • Obama is a tyrant and Chamerlain was a limp wristed tory fuckwit who cheered when british boats were sunk by the fascist u-boats circa 1937. Total fucking morons. Churchill was a depressed alcoholic war monger. These guys are just faces. Not in the same league as Che Guevara mind you.

            Or Chavez or Rafael Correa

          • bonbon

            Still you sound like them. What gives? Not a mumblin’ word about the Riot?

    • Refreshing Paul.

      In addition, you will not find a single line or article by DMcW, not on the entire blog, about the occupy movements.

      He occupied the Irish economic yellow press niche, a talented networker and self promoter with connections.

      He fills the role of a pseudo rebel, a pseudo rebel with a punk dressing who just fits into the system, and in deed is part of it.

      Like your bank clerk who exhibits a mohican or a Jedward hair style.

      • StephenKenny

        I disagree with this analysis. I have no idea what David McWilliams is really like, but he has, and continues, to carry out a very useful task.

        People trying to bridge the gap between the reality of the situation, and public perception, must be very careful. Go too far, and he will just be marked as ‘one of those anti-everything idiots’. Start talking about ‘banksters’ and the effect of your narrative vanishes. People are far more likely to be convinced by a series of informing metaphors and arguments, than by a whole newspaper full of the standard left wing dialectic that is so prevalent at the moment.

        • Eireannach

          Who cares if the public are delusional?

          They have massive personal debt that they can’t pay. They can believe in the tooth fairy for all the rest of us care – they are GOING to lose their homes and be repossessed under the personal bankruptcy bill.

          Let them ‘believe’ it’s not going to happen all they want. Its over for them and their ‘property’ culture. End of!!

          • StephenKenny

            Anyone who enjoys the benefits of a modern society should at least be mindful, because this was a total breakdown of one of the features that underpins all modern societies, namely, the division of labour.

            Division of labour doesn’t work, and the advantages of it will start to disappear, if you can’t trust what other people are doing.

            We are brought up to believe that a lot of things can just be trusted, without any research, or careful evaluation and monitoring. Of course, market forces is a driver here – producers of exploding cars should go out of business – but that is only if we hear about the cars exploding. What about small intermittent faults in the steering mechanism?

            What happened was a complete breakdown in rules of the system, encouraging people to carry on believing things that were known, by the providers, to be untrue.

            These days people check the likelihood of a deposit taking organisation going broke, or letting the deposits ‘evaporate’. It’s a waste of time, adds no benefit to the system, and merely degrades people’s lives by adding stress.

            When we can no longer trust the purveyors of food, it will become a real hassle just going going out for a loaf of bread, having to spend time becoming more knowledgable on food production sources, processes,and logistics, i.e. doing the same as we now have to do for financial services.

            So in answer to your first question, only those who’s only concern it what they can get away with, should not be interested.

      • whatamess

        I would love to know Georg what your top ten or twenty websites would be ? for example you gave a link of and it seems excellent … i follow the comments on DMW regularly and follow yourself ,Tony Brogan , RR6 ,Bonbon,Pauldiv and Cooldude and others closely.You are clearly all more well read that me and again i would really be obliged ( that sounds like i should have a holster and 6 shooter )any of the guys named above to give me their top ten sites that they visit every day…i’m betting there are many many subscribers here like myself ,that maybe don’t comment ,but follow all your collective comments ,that would love to know from what sources you feel you can trust and rely on for uncensored ,unbiased observations of the world around us …thanks in advance

        PS ..”In addition, you will not find a single line or article by DMcW, not on the entire blog, about the occupy movements.” …so true ! and thats so bad !

        But give David credit,in addition to other v.good things ,he’s not censoring here and providing a forum for us all to learn from each other …

      • Unecoded translation:

        Never ever trust a fucking ‘journalist’
        They’re all fucking bastards.
        (Sex Pistols)

        Use our own brains. Work hard at it and keep working harder. If it hurts then you are stressed and not doing it properly. Be cool. Sure being ‘intellectual’ is only a matter of practising self expression and plain common sense. Anyone can do it. Ask Dave

        Intellectual Discipline (Deco) takes a lifetime to master

        I once saw a bank clerkess with lovely assets. Now that is a sight as rare as hens teeth

      • bonbon

        Incorrect, the OWS was heavily discussed here, anyone can google it. Nobody mentions them anymore, maybe thats what they want.

        Now the bankers themselves, like Sandy Weill have to come out and call for Glass-Steagall. That issue was on their list of 10 demands for a while until buried.

        Financial Times on July 04 called for Glass-Steagall echoed across the Atlantic. OWS could support that.

    • bonbon

      Totally wrong, actually Adam Smith definition.

      Our great economists Arthur Griffith and Matthew Carey, the USA’s Alexander Hamilton, and Germany’s Friedrich List, all clearly defined the National System of Political Economy. To attempt a Smith-ian reduction, is passee. In this sense DMcW knows what he is doing.

      We have a national political – economic situation that cannot be solved by either accountants, bankers alone.

  24. Tony Brogan

    Here is a list of news reports on US-russia relations

    I see a warning from Russia to not allow syrian conflict to get so out of hand that the use of nuclear weapons becomes an option.
    Cuba crisis II
    Russia tells US to back off and they will. China is in the Russian corner.

    • bonbon

      Well now you are catching on fast. I had to bang the table, sorry blog.

      I can post every public Russian statement, and in fact did since December 2011. Every missile test (Topol 4), the new subs. And the US ohio-class arsenal. Obama is the problem.

      • Tony Brogan

        I caught on to this a long time ago. I posted months ago (weeks?) that syria would not go the way of Libya and why.
        so do not credit any banging the table you have done for the above post. Quit yer bragging.
        Russian support troops shot down a “turkish” plane some time back. Supposed to be Syria defending its territory.

        • bonbon

          Still missing the point. See below Lavrov’s and Medvedev’s statements, clear unmistakable. Sovereignty will be defended. And a very clear reference to nuclear weapons.

  25. redriversix

    Finally a line in the sand has been drawn….

    Seamus Sherlock , who lives with his Family in Limerick on their Dairy Farm is resisting Eviction by the Sheriff and Bank of Scotland.

    Seamus has been in negotiations with Bank of Scotland over mortgage repayments over the last two years,when the Bank suddenly broke off talks and “Instructed”through the Court, the Sheriff in Limerick to evict him with no day,date or time for such action given to Seamus.

    Since the 16 August , when the letter from the Sheriff arrived he is receiving excellent support from his Community and all over the Country.

    Every day people people from all walks of life are arriving to offer time,food and support.

    Their is now a 24 hour rostered peaceful security presence at his Farm to stop the Sheriff gaining access to his home and farm,along with 30 tonnes of Baled silage blocking access !

    Small business have lent him Spotlights,generators,portacabins and Companies are bringing in diesel to supply Generators.

    People are pulling up in cars every day from all over the Country with Groceries,sandwiches and water.

    Although Seamus has been involved in helping people with their debts and offering advice over the last couple of years he still cannot believe how good people have and continue to be and says his faith in humanity has been restored.

    I drive down twice a week to supply lifts and collect donations from Dublin and the Counties I pass through en-route to his Farm.

    Seamus is not a reactionary,and he understands the responsibility he has,Seamus has never abdicated any of his obligations and recognizes them,all he asked for and needed was time and a payment structure that fitted with his falling income.

    The Bank pulled out of talks and got the Sheriff,the unusual thing about this is that the Sheriff standard procedure is to inform the “person”of the day and time of their arrival.They have deemed this inappropriate in Mr Sherlocks case which is ANOTHER breach of his rights.

    These Evictions will not be allowed to continue by Banks that have failed and have been bailed out be their Governments and the people are made to suffer unduly.

    If you would like to help in anyway,you can contact me at

    Thank you for today’s article David,very good

    Good luck to all


    • Eireannach

      Sounds like a little Sean Quinn hero down in Limerick.

      What’s such a big deal about being repossessed?

      It happens in the UK, the US and indeed in every other country all the time.

      If he doesn’t like the 36 month discharge period, he can transfer everything to his wife’s name and let her go bankrupt instead.

      What’s the need for all this cranky fuss? He can’t pay, so he ‘loses’, but life goes on.

      • redriversix

        Have you ever suffered Eireannach ?

        Seamus is nothing remotely like Sean Quinn

        Please read my post again if you wish and you should see this.

        Have a great day Eireannach,I wish you and yours well

    • cooldude

      RR6 you are a decent man in the correct meaning of that phrase. Non violent protest against these bankster mafia is the correct way forward. You might find this interesting

  26. StephenKenny

    When watching all these goings on,- the US/UK attacks on Iraq, Libya, Syria, and so on, and the Russian & Chinese responses – I’m repeatedly reminded of the 1960s ‘Domino Theory’. Of course, it will be unnecessary for the Russians and Chinese to fabricate a Gulf of Tonkin incident, as they can chose any one of a number of news items.

    What’s extraordinary to me is the degree to which the western populations have been convinced to accept the death of millions of people, and the total destruction of tens of millions of people’s modern lifestyles, returning them to the sort of corrupt, lawless, societies that we now see in Iraq and Libya.

    This, we are endlessly told, is a good thing. There was a famous US intelligence officer, during the Vietnam war, who informed reporters that a village that had just been completely incinerated, had to be ‘destroyed to be saved’. I just wonder how far they will go.

    • redriversix

      Hi Stephen

      During the Vietnam War many patrols had the mandate and orders to “SEARCH AND DESTROY” after some negative publicity,word was sent down from on high to change this directive from “SEARCH AND DESTROY” to “SWEEP AND CLEAR”….! That was the first time I became aware of the power of word play.

      The “powers that be” will go as far as it takes for them to achieve their ill gotten aims !

      • bonbon

        Tonkin was a setup. Now well known. Look what it caused.

        This time around no real conventional forces exist to conduct an Asia land war – thermonucear weapons are the inevitable conclusion to the old geopolitics, if not stopped.

        The Game is up. Putin knows it, and London too. Obama is crazy enough to bring out flag officer statements in the US and TelAviv.

  27. Blue Moon Wobble

    Tomorrow is the peak day . Although nothing visible can be seen it makes me wonder what is hiding undergrowth that we seem to elude.It takes a very small spark to show a big Bang …..amd maybe a long fuse.

  28. bonbon

    The message is out. I am sure many here have RT, some watch Max Keiser maybe? Well here’s the news :

    EIR’s, Executive Intelligence Review, LAWRENCE FREEMAN insisted repeatedly today in an interview on RUSSIA TODAY TV, that Nero-type President Obama “should be removed legally from office; he should have been removed earlier,” because he is moving to start a war in Syria, and support a war vs. Iran. RT’s questions focused on U.S. and Western policies towards Syria, and Russia’s efforts to restore peace in that country.

  29. bonbon

    Hessen State Radio Says the War in Syria Is a Proxy Targetting Russia and China

    Aug. 21, 2012 (EIRNS) — Hessische Rundfunk’s news radio station “hr-iNFO” had a report this morning headlined “Preparing for Day X,” in which Turkish German radio journalist Metin Fakioglu clearly stated that in Syria, a proxy war for geopolitical and economic interests is going on between the U.S. and the West more generally on the one side, and Russia and China on the other. Russia and the West have already brought their warships into the region, including an intelligence-gathering ship from Germany (as part of NATO’s Operation Active Endeavour since 2006, Germany sent Class 212A submarines into the Mediterranean in May 2011) and are using mercenaries to support both sides. According to Fakioglu, this is the first war over natural gas, concerning fields which were found on the Syrian coastline. But he also says that it is directed against the Russian presence in Syria, towards weakening Iran, and to cut off China from its energy supplies.
    Concerning the Syria’s internal conflict, Fakioglu clearly states that Assad still has the support of roughly half of the Syrian population (something that Western leaders can only dream of), and that a war would lead to splitting up Syria into at least Alawite, Sunni, and Kurdish regions. Although this may be the imperial game, there will be no “Day After” — at least, not a civilized one.
    In another report, hr-inNFO describes the Syrian opposition centered in Berlin, represented by Amr Al Azm, and their program “The Day After,” the same title as a 1983 made-for-TV movie on the effects of a nuclear war in a small Kansas town. Even though the question of thermonuclear war is not stated explicitly, it would be interesting to look into the release of their document at the end of August, which is to be distributed especially in Syria.
    Another interesting development is the remark of Angela Merkel’s press spokesman, Steffen Seibert, who was asked whether the data from the German surveillance are being shared with the Syrian opposition. He replied, “I believe it is absolutely natural that insights are being shared with NATO.”
    Why should any sovereign nation-state share its intelligence with the Empire?

  30. bonbon

    For those still grasping at RTE straws :

    Russia and China Respond to Obama Threat: We Will Defend National Sovereignty

    Aug. 21, 2012 (LPAC)–Russia and China, who are having a Russia-China Strategic Security Dialogue in Moscow this week, have jointly responded to the Aug. 20 threat by President Obama to take unilateral military action in Syria, in the case of some alleged threat of use of chemical weapons by President Bashar al-Assad, by reiterating their strict commitment to observing the principles of national sovereignty enshrined in the UN charter and international law.
    “Russia and China have very reliable criteria with which we measure all our steps. This is the necessity to strictly observe the norms of international law and the principles contained in the UN Charter, and not to allow their violation,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said as he was meeting with Chinese State Councillor Dai Bingguo in Moscow.
    Lavrov told the press that effective approaches can only be collective, and cited the resolution signed by the UN, EU, and Arab League on June 30 in Geneva, as exemplary of what needs to be done.
    Russia and China have consistently pressed the principle of national sovereignty, in the wake of the blatantly illegal violation of that principle in Libya, a violation which ended with the barbaric murder of the captive Muammar Qaddafi. So far, that assertion — backed up implicitly by opposition from the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff to a new Obama war — has worked.
    The stakes, should the U.S. move outside the United Nations to violate national sovereignty, were laid out most clearly by Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev in a May 17 speech where he said: “{Such [rash, military--ed] actions, which undermine state sovereignty, can easily lead to full-scale regional wars even — I am not trying to scare anyone here — with the use of nuclear weapons.} Everybody should remember this especially when we analyse the concept of state sovereignty.”

  31. bonbon

    Meanwhile :

    {FINANCE ASIA}’S READERS POLL 75% FOR RESTORATION OF GLASS-STEAGALL BANK SEPARATION. The editor of this prominent website oriented to Asian businessmen wrote on Tuesday that “some people are calling for the re-introduction of Glass-Steagall, a post-Depression set of rules that erected a strict (and simple) divide between Main Street and Wall Street banks, or something similar. And our readers agree — in our web poll last week, three-quarters of them said it is time for commercial and investment banks to be separated again.”

  32. bonbon

    Sandy Weill Weighs In Again in Glass-Steagall Battle

    August 21, 2012 (LPAC)–As Bloomberg news service panicked that Wall Street (and London’s) top spokesmen are pinned down by those pesky allegations of fraud and money-laundering for traffickers and terrorists, former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill came out swinging again for separating the banks, suggesting that he is thinking about drafting new legislation to force that through.
    In a long profile of the “devoted” Weill couple published by the {San Francisco Chronicle} on August 20 (“Sandy Weill, Retired Banker, Changes Key”), Weill reaffirmed his late July “jaw-dropping moment” when he endorsed breaking up the banks along the lines of the Glass-Steagall Act which he had done so much to overturn, and he told the Chronicle: “We have the Dodd Frank rules, but in my mind, there has to be a better way to do it. I think it can be done in a few pages. I don’t know what those few pages are, but I’m thinking about it. I expect to get back to it after Labor Day.”
    Weill insisted that he’s doing this to help restore public trust in the financial markets. The only reason he wanted Glass- Steagall repealed in the first place, he claimed, was to get into insurance underwriting, “and insurance had nothing to do with the recent financial problems.” But since then, “derivatives have gotten to be much more widely used. There is a lack of transparency, and banks have gotten over-leveraged. There should be nothing off the balance sheets,” Weill said.
    So where does that leave Wall Street opponents of Glass-Steagall? A long Bloomberg wire issued the same day worries that Wall Street finds itself “leaderless” since JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, Barclay’s Robert Diamond, and Standard and Charters’s Peter Sands were “muted by allegations that their firms rigged interest rates or were involved in money laundering. That means the industry is without an advocate to resist the most vigorous onslaught of regulations since Congress separated investment and commercial banking with the Glass-Steagall Act in 1933,” Bloomberg moaned. “It coincides with the lowest level of consumer confidence in U.S. banks since Gallup Inc. began polling on the question in 1979. The percentage of Americans saying they had a great deal or quite a lot of confidence dropped to 21% in June, from 41% in 2007 and more than 60% in 1980.”
    A senior staff member of Phil Angelides’s Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Thomas Stanton, rubs it in: Dimon, who once ordered politicians and Treasury officials around, now “is stumbling like an ordinary mortal.”
    Banks spent $61.4 million lobbying Congress and regulators in 2011, almost double the $36.1 million they threw around in 2006, but as Greg Donaldson, chair of Donaldson Capital Management LLC, told Bloomberg, their problem is that “the banks have no moral authority at the moment;” the banks are being hammered, and “somebody has to fight the damn thing.” But who? Bloomberg runs through the list of potential such leaders, only to knock each off the list, one by one, as tied down fighting to keep their banks afloat or fighting off legal charges. And “a similar leadership vacuum exists in Europe,” where even HSBC’s Stuart Gulliver “is hamstrung by allegations in a U.S. Senate report last month accusing Europe’s largest bank of laundering funds for the Taliban, Mexican drug cartels and international criminals,” no less.

  33. bonbon

    Hands Off the “Madonnina,” Mr. Monti!

    Aug. 21, 2012 (EIRNS)–Mario Monti committed blasphemy on Sunday, Aug. 19, when, addressing a Catholic meeting, he compared the euro to the Milanese’ most sacred icon: the golden statue of the Madonna (the “Madonnina”) atop the Milan Cathedral. “The euro is like the pinnacle on the European building; it is like the Madonnina on the Milan Dome.”
    Monti was probably emboldened by a recent endorsement for his government from the editor of {Avvenire}, the daily of the Italian Bishops Conference. Confused Italian bishops might have misunderstood a report that Monti is going to appear together with pop singer Madonna in her new video. According to press reports, Madonna wants to have Monti briefly appearing in her video because he represents “the symbol of Italy’s rebirth.”

  34. Whoooosh

    Flew in from miami beach BOAC
    Didnt get to bed last night

    You could have talked about the power of the Beatles in the psyche of Russian rebels in the late 60s. They wanted Beatles records and even risked being thrown in jail for listening to them

    The loved Blues and Country and Rock and Roll

    Now is that a far more human and interesting story than this crap you are peddling as ‘journalism’

    Easy paychecks make for think heads

    • bonbon

      Paul McCartney posted an open letter to “show my support for [them] at this difficult time.” Last week Madonna vocally supported the three from the stage of a concert in Moscow (prompting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin to tweet about Madonna being an “old b.” – standing for “wh*re” in Russian).

      Maybe they can listen to the Beatles now in the Llubyanka.

    • bonbon

      And the Riot is an Oxford project as fully documented above. See the bit about giant cockroaches in the Voyna video. Near enough to Beatles, what?

  35. bonbon

    Just imagine what Putin of Russia thinks when he read this!

    Inventor of ‘Quantitative Easing’ Urges Adoption of Schacht’s Recipe To Save the Euro

    Aug. 22, 2012 (EIRNS) — Richard Werner, a German-born economist at the University of Southampton, called for a genuine Schachtian plan to save the euro, in an interview with the Aug. 16 {Daily Telegraph}. Werner is credited for having invented the term “quantitative easing” in 1994, in proposing a money-expansion policy to Japan.

    Reporting on Werner’s proposal, James Hurley wrote in the {Telegraph}: “Hitler’s central banker, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, knew how to deal with a Great Depression, Prof. Werner tells us. He argues it’s about time we revived his sage economic ideas now.

    “Firstly, the plan involves the European Central Bank buying the banking system’s bad assets at face value, which Prof. Werner says would not cost taxpayers or cause inflation.

    “Next — and here’s Dr. Schacht’s 1930s magic – the Spanish government and others should stop selling pricey government bonds entirely.

    “Instead, they should fund themselves through loan contracts from banks in their countries, which Prof. Werner says would result in cheaper sovereign borrowing.

    “All very appealing — but shouldn’t we be wary of using ideas favored by the Nazis?

    “‘If we don’t want to adopt economic policies on the basis that they were favored by Hitler’s government, which is an understandable viewpoint, then we should not have introduced the euro in the first place,’ Prof. Werner responds.

    ‘The introduction of a single European currency, with the central bank located in Germany, was, after all, favored by Hitler and his technocrats.’”

  36. bonbon

    Again, from Moscow’s point of view, do we have the new Queen of Europe, following in Napoleon’s footsteps? Moscow has not forgotten, and must wonder have the Europeans lost their marbles again???

    New Book Exposes Merkel’s Euro Dictatorship, Media Slander Author Gertrud Höhler

    August 22, 2012 (EIRNS) — Gertrud Höhler, having dared to frontally attack Angela Merkel in her forthcoming book {The Godmother: How Angela Merkel Is Remodeling Germany} ({Die Patin. Wie Angela Merkel Deutschland umbaut}), is the target of a media assault, including descriptions of her as a paranoid. In contrast to excerpts of her book and a very straightforward interview with Deutschlandfunk on Aug. 8, {Der Spiegel} and {Süddeutsche Zeitung} try to drag her very interesting analysis of Merkel’s role in the euro system down to being a personal witchhunt or even a ‘bitch fight.’ In both articles, the debate is reduced to presenting Höhler as a failed personality launching a hate campaign against Merkel.
    Höhler is a literature professor at Paderborn University, and has written 15 books; she was an advisor to Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) and worked with the late Deutsche Bank CEO Alfred Herrhausen on strategic communication inside Deutsche Bank.
    Despite the media assault, Höhler manages to get some of her message through: that Merkel’s leadership is like that of both of Germany’s 20th Century dictatorships, that Merkel is trying to crown herself as the “Queen of Europe”; she is playing a “diabolical game” based on “revenge,” etc.
    In the D.D.R. (East Germany), “Merkel lived through the experience of people being and staying in power despite the fact they were unqualified. From then on, she said: so, this is possible.” After the collapse of the D.D.R., she “was a sleeper, until she got the taste of power.” She not only implemented the “streamlining” of the CDU, but also of all the other parties, bringing Europe to Judgment Day, by trying to save the euro and thereby sacrificing Europe to Mammon.
    At the end of the interview with SZ, the daily at least has to admit that maybe Prof. Höhler is trying to defend democracy.

  37. bonbon

    Clear unmistakable signals from Moscow.

    Aug. 22, 2012 (LPAC)–Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned on Monday that the implementation of the European missile defense project could become a throwback to the Cold War era, according to RIA Novosti.
    “Any unilateral and unlimited build-up of the missile capability by one state or a group of states would lead to the preservation of Cold War hangovers, damaging strategic stability in violation of all the OSCE members’ obligations not to strengthen their security at the expense of others,” said Lavrov. This is a test of Western sincerity about its commitment to equal security in Europe, he said, reiterating Russia’s demand for legally binding guarantees that the system will not be used against it. These guarantees should be verifiable, he emphasized.
    In September 2010, the U.S. dropped its plans for an ANM system in the Czech Republic and Poland, a move which was welcomed by Moscow. But last year, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Washington’s plans to deploy a missile interceptor site in Poland by 2018.
    In May, Russian officials, including Chief of the Armed Forces General Staff Nikolai Makarov, declared that Russia reserves the right to attack anti missile installations in Europe pre-emptively during a period of escalating crisis, because they will threaten Russia’s strategic nuclear missile deterrent force.

  38. bonbon

    A reminder this is an political-economics blog :

    Japan’s Exports Collapse as Euro Zone Crumbles

    Aug. 22 (LPAC)–Overall Japanese exports dropped 8.1 percent in July from a year ago, mostly due to the worsening conditions in the countries bound to the dead Euro. Economists had expected a drop of less than 3 percent.
    The exports from Japan to Europe were down 25 percent as Europe’s debt-ridden, austerity-ravaged economies are unable or unwilling to import Japanese goods. This is the biggest drop since October, 2009, when the fall in exports from Japan to Europe was 29 percent.
    Exports to China were also sharply down, by nearly 12
    percent showing the effects of the trans-Atlantic crisis on

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