April 25, 2012

Reader Survey 2012

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DavidMcWilliams.ie has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers, for coming back to the site time and again and contributing to it’s success with your comments and opinions.

So we can develop the website further and make sure we’re providing the best service we can, we’d like to ask you take five minutes to complete our reader survey.

Survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/davidmcw

All entries will be entered into a draw to win a selection of David’s books and DVDs.

Click HERE to complete the survey.
Thanks for your time.


  1. John Q. Public

    That’s a crap prize, I have all that stuff anyway. How about a holiday? Or some cash?

  2. Stephen-tds

    Few things, first, add a proper wordpress plugin that doesn’t require local registration. Make comments *MUCH* easier.

    The survey has some broken questions.
    - The only about how often you visit the site only has once per week or daily, I’d guess most people come at least twice per week with two articles.
    - How do you rate DavidMcWilliams.ie on a mobile device overall? Question is just completely broken with 5 lines for one answer.
    - The answers have switched order on Q12 going from agree to disagree. From experience, that usually messes up reports as people will click the wrong thing. Q13 is different again.
    - Questions do not have an N/A option. I’ve never listened to a podcast so my answers here are just polluting the results.
    - I do not have a smartphone – This is a yes or no, not something that requires 5 options, but then I’d be interested to see how people answer.

  3. stiofanc02

    These online surveys suck.
    I hate them. I wont be doing it.
    David McWilliams however, does not suck.
    Hows that for some info.

  4. LongGone

    David, I did the survey and hope the feedback helps. All in all I think the content is great and the presentation here and on social media is not bad but could be better.

    Section 3 of the survey is somewhat confused however.

    Regards from the Hannover Trade Fair in Germany where German industry is flexing it’s muscles,


  5. John Q. Public

    Hey David, how about making the new ipad the prize?

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