February 24, 2012

Punk Economics - Lesson 2

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Punk Economics is a new way looking at the economy based on the central idea that what is important is not complicated and what is complicated is never important.

Lesson 2: The ECB’s massive cash for trash scheme – bailing out banks with your money explained.

Hope you like it.

  1. conor_obrien

    Very interesting article on the power of the financial lobby in Brussels and how they infiltrated Charlie McCreevy while he was in charge there.


  2. SandyfordAl

    The cheap cash from the ECB to the banks is a mirror image of what’s going on in the US with the Fed keeping interest rates at close to 0%. What you’re saying about hedge funds making a fortune from this money is playing out in the US with the Dow Jones at ~13,000. Wait, could this be a stock market bubble in the making? When this bubble pops, I’m predicting that the top guys won’t suffer but the average Joe’s pension will take another big hit. Ah sure it’ll be grand.

  3. fecks11

    You have to wonder what motivates the Germans in all this. Are their plans to take Europe in an economical rather than a geographical sense without a shot being fired. The Germans (and their forgetful neighbours France) appear to be settling old scores and completing unfinished business.The Counties who reclessly loaned all the money are now telling us how foolish we were to take it and imposing austerity from which many societies will never recover. It looks like Germany will succeed in it’s master plan to rule all of Europe (without the nasty drawback of having to “own” these counties, As this picture becomes clearer I think that morally we should move away from this current Europe as we have seen all to clearly what Germany is capable of when they are in a dominant position. Initially I thought that the Germans coming back to rule us all by economic means was the stuff of nonsense but when you look at what is really happening I think it is time to isolate these serial invaders once and for all.

  4. Punk Economics – A Visual Masterclass for the Clueless

    This is a brilliant piece of work and puts paid to any idea that Irish people are not creative. It is an informative piece of of art which demonstrates the power of visual communication

    In nine minutes you nailed your points to the mast and reinforced the general views of your target audience. It is consistent with your style over the last decade and shows that you will go to great lengths to make economics as simple and entertaining as possible for the layman. After all it is the layman who needs to learn if we are to ever chase this wolf from the door

    The message sounds familiar and you have compressed six months worth of writing into a nine minute docu. I think you should make more documentaries because there is real talent at work here whither it be from your self or colleagues you work with

    We are being shown how to use technology to identify and capture an audience and learning that anyone who is focused can identify a niche and have a go. You don’t need credit and you don’t need a bank loan because you already have the assets. A pc, free software and a brain

    Throw in a video camera, a microphone, some felt pens and plenty of good old fashioned paper. Share your message and do it with a modicum of style and restraint. You give out high quality info and your readers don’t mind ads as long as their goals and priorities are placed before the ads

    I look forward to Punk Economics Episode 3. If anyone among the half million is looking for inspiration then ‘Punk Irish History?’ could bring outrageous fun and fame and ensure a lifetime of sine die from the great corridors of RTE. Sure where is the rebel in you?

  5. Grey Fox

    Just got over the shock of my weakly payslip,( and before anyone hops in, yes! I am very very grateful to have a job.)
    I did a little overtime last week and I had to earn 795 euro for the privilege of bringing home 403 to my family.
    This is getting close to the level which brought hundreds of thousands onto the streets in the seventies, I remember, I was there.PAYE Marches.
    Also, in an effort to attempt to assuage the generalisation of encompassing the entire Civil Service is overpaid wasters, I am a civil servant albeit very low grade, and yes! the waste and the ignorance of my fearless leaders sickens me to the pit of my stomach! every day!

  6. brilliantly done simple and to the point should be run on prime television every day for a month I am going to buy some of those cheap irish bank shares and watch them double then sell – may as well join the bankers gravy train

  7. Thanks for the supportive comments.


  8. Dorothy Jones

    Great again! Super stuff…fantastic imaginations and A1 graphics….need to get this to the students

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