January 21, 2012

This day in 2002 and 2007

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This day ten years ago, arguing that the mortgage system was skewed completely in favour of the banks and this week, five years back, arguing for early intervention our education system.

  1. Juanjo R


    I worked with schools in Ireland in construction and it was depressing to watch the political football that was made of the school building program and any renovation/emergency expenditure over the last few years. The school stock from the point of view of technical subjects -

  2. Juanjo R

    (Apologies – bloody smart phone) ……from the view point of the teaching of technical subjects, (subjects requiring specialised spaces i.e. computer labs ,science labs -) schools are particularly lacking in adequate numbers of such rooms to facilitate subjects needed in a smart economy.

    Improvements could have been made but that needed consistent committed spending not yearly parish pump game playing by politicians.

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