December 7, 2011

Can Ireland Host the Rugby World Cup?

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As a break from the budget and the Euro David debates whether Ireland can host the Rugby World Cup.

Newstalk’s Off the Ball debate with David McWilliams and Eddie O’Sullivan.

Listen to the programme here!

  1. I think this is a great idea. While we are on the subject, to host a European Soccer Championship 10 stadia over 30,000 capacity are required. Believe it or not, we already have this on the island. Many of our GAA stadia hold well in excess of that and, just like Croke Park was, could be used for international championships. Some of these stadia are due for refurbishment and this would be a wise investment, both for the GAA and for the country. Such a tournament should be an all-island event and some matches could take place north of the border.

    • David O’C, interesting idea. I’d be curious to see what the experience of other countries is in terms of the return on this investment. Presumably much of this discussion was already aired as part of the proposed Ireland-Scotland co hosted European Championship bid.

      • Indeed, yep. Though we were very much second fiddle in that bid. The idea of GAA grounds opening up wasn’t on the table then. Biggest problem with the whole thing, I reckon, is pitch size and crowd distance, but this could be easily mitigated.

        • Deco

          With Ahern gone, I reckon that the GAA will be more of an option – the last time some of the antics of Ditherer astounded GAA officials in particular, and the taxpayers in general.

  2. Juanjo R

    We could host the drinking bit!

    The GAA stadia aren’t to the required standards I think. Maybe in conjuction with Wales would be a better idea?

  3. Deco

    Good idea. Smaller and more manageable than that farce involving Bertie Ahern and the FAI (Farce Association of Ireland).

    We could do it with Scotland. Murrayfield would need a makeocer but there are options like some of the larger large soccer stadia in Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

    Because the IRFU is island based, the North could also be involved. It would be a good gesture as the North has links to Scotland as well as here.

    Final would presumably be in Croke Park, as it has excellent scale. If the GAA could support the initiative it would be a real runner.

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