November 21, 2011

Me speaking as an Arabic woman on Arabic Television!

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  1. While the fascination with a foreign language wears off proportionally with increased language proficiency, it might be of benefit to have a transcription available for those with lesser proficiency in arabic, although, I am not not too sure about it anymore .

  2. keoghville

    Its time for that lady to read the news in that language in this country, as it stands we listen to so many lies. I who have no idea what she is saying would be none the worse off.

  3. Jaysus eh lads i ah thought dem drugs were playing tricks with me brain again. Some time i hear voices and then some times i forget everything. And then all these little ideas in my ahh brain, well i can,t really tell between what i can see and hear in my brain and wots reality. More Bass me thinks

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