October 4, 2011

Economics Without Boundaries

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A sound grasp of economics has never been more important. Without it how else can we begin to understand what has really happened to the Irish, European and global economies over the past 18 months?

If you would like to know more, join me at Independent Colleges for Economics Without Boundaries, a ten week course aimed at those who have some knowledge of economics but would like a greater understanding of how it all fits together.

By demystifying economics and making it jargon-free and accessible, students should come away with the analytical framework needed to see the world more clearly. The objective of the course is to enable the student to work and thrive in an economic environment such as a bank, financial house, the media, the civil service or a large corporation.

The cost of the course is €1,450 which includes all lectures, notes and a reception with myself at the end of the course. On top of that, each student will get a signed copy of Follow the Money and the Addicted to Money DVD.

If you’re interested in taking part in the course, I’ll be running a free online webinar at 7pm on Thursday October 6 where you’ll have a chance to put questions to me.

To take part, please email info@davidmcwilliams.ie with ‘Economics Without Boundaries’ in the subject bar. You will then receive an email on Wednesday evening containing a link and password that will allow you access the webinar.

  1. JHShanahan

    Here’s something to try and get your head around: How big is the Irish debt? How much do we owe?

    A couple of professors from the University of Limerick just published a study, “An Audit of Irish Debt.” The numbers are really shocking. Total debt is €370.1 billion. If my cancelling of the zeros is right, that works out to roughly €90,000 for every soul in this country. And if you apply the debt to just those who are working, that turns out to be €730,000 for each employed person in Ireland.

    So there you are: stuck with a big mortgage, up to your eyeballs in negative equity, your wages are being cut and taxes/levies have gone up — and now you find out that you owe nearly three-quarters of a million Euro so that the bankers can be bailed out. Fingers Fingleton is still ducking and diving, Sean Fitzpatrick is on the golf course, and David Drumm is on the run. Not a single waster has been brought to book — and you’re saddled with debt that your great-grandchildren will be repaying. Had enough? Let’s see what David has to say…

    For more, read: http://www.debtireland.org/resources/publications/an-audit-of-irish-debt/

    John Shanahan

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