September 29, 2011

Alastair Campbell

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David McWilliams interview with Alastair Campbell.

  1. Malcolm McClure

    David: Just watched your Geldoff and Capmpbell interviews. Both came across as intelligent and sober-minded subjects who deserved a better platform. I found both technical productions very amateurish and thought that your attempts to ‘do a Parky’ failed to rise to those occasions. If you can’t control the setting so that your body language suffers, then better not do it at all.

  2. next time malcolm come to one of the shows, they will do you more good that all that hobnobbing at mcgill that you do!!:) what do you mean by do a parky, i am not familar with parkinson really

  3. Malcolm McClure

    David; I regret my rather heavy handed comment above. I have seen others of your appearances that commanded total respect and felt that these instances did not do you justice.
    ‘Fraid that although a regular attendee at McGill, I’m an existential fly on the wall there rather than a glad-hander. I’m off back to London shortly so regret I can’t make Kilkenomics. John Mauldin is very sound so it should go down well.

  4. Dissavowed

    4th November 1997

    10 Downing Street.


    ……….New Labour did not choose to respond to my invitation to assist in developing a new fiscal strategy…….

    The Result however is an economic strategy that will fail, there will be a housing boom and bust in this parliament, and an even greater one in the next parliament…….

    Yours Sincerely,

    Fred Harrison

    For ten years Harrison identified for Gordon Brown the policies that could prevent the next boom bust.

    Brown failed to adopt the reforms.

    Instead, he fostered the state of denial that led Blair’s spin doctor, Alistair Campbell to write:

    “Dear Fred, I am a little bemused as to why you believe this country’s economic policy is ‘a shambles’.”

    Arrogant, and thick.

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