September 13, 2011

David on the Greek crisis and where we go next

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David on the Greek crisis and where we go next.

Listen back to analysis of the economic and political situation with Greece, Germany and the rest of the Eurozone including Ireland with David McWilliams, Damien Kiberd, and the view from Athens.

Listen here from about 3.40 to 13.40.

  1. ladygee2

    Going by what David had to say on Lunchtime on Newstalk about the ongoing Greek financial crisis it looks as though the continuous ‘kicking of the can down the road’ by the various Eurozone governments is finally going to come to a head, which simply proves that the politicians in all of the Eurozone countries haven’t got a clue about economics in general. They were told time and time again what was going to happen, but they simply wouldn’t listen. They never do listen to common sense when it’s said to them all they do is continue on their merry way in doing what they’d been doing up to the time of they being told what would eventually happen.To put a finer point on it they simply haven’t got a clue!!!! They just continue to spout the usual bullshit and spin while Rome literally burns with Rome being the Eurozone. The whole deck of cards is going to tumble around our ears because of the banks and the bankers becoming to ‘big for their boots’.

  2. piombo

    Just listened to your intervention on Newstalk. Agree, as almost always with the ideas. May I ask a small courtesy going forward? Would you refrain from employing racist references versus Italians (my children are Italian and my wife is half German and half Italian). Italians don’t huff and Germans are not puerile.
    The vast majority in any of these countries share the angst just as much as our people in Ireland. Neither have I heard or read in either the Italian or German media jingoistic caricatures of the Irish. There is empathy and not enmity.
    Tschuess, arrivederci,

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