June 17, 2011

Live from the Dalkey Gaeltacht:)

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  1. Tá do Ghaeilge go maith ar fad, is rud an-spreagúil daoine cáiliúil ag baint úsáid as an dteanga.

  2. Tull McAdoo

    It seems such a long time ago, that I was posting these, for a bit of light relief. Little did I know then just how deep seated the Banking problems really were.

    What has transpired since then…….what characters and chancre’s that have emerged…….As you would say yourself David “you could not make it up”…….
    Best of luck with the festival in Dalkey from all here in Perth, Or as I say “Goodnight Ireland, Sleep well”. Tull McAdoo.

    1. jim says
    Meeeself and “the brother” are just back from a great session above in the Dail bar. Great booze up with all the social partners past and present.

    Kavanagh was there with his arm around Sean (married to Gail Killelea property developer, heading for America), O stony grey soil of Ballsbride, you burgled my Bank account, says he. Never mind Board Pleanala Sean you’ll get your phallic symbol. How many stories do you want to break even?

    Behan was drunk in the corner since they “stretched” the “quare fella” Seanie Fitz, singing “the auld triangle went jingle jangle, all along the banks of the Dublin docklands.

    Thaigh Dempsey was out dancing with the Tainiste, “ill dance with ya Coughlan he said, dah diddly dah ” Watch them Coughlans said the Bird Hurley, they lost their footing on the land and they want it back…..Anglo wont take my field or foreign holidays said Donoghue. Your the bull, your the bull said Hurley and I’m not an informer, worse than Whores Thaigh, I never touched the bubble, I told nobody.

    Is that Beckett at the door I asked “the brother”. He’s waiting for Cowen, he’ll be along soon, I can hear someone on the road, say’s he.

    Harney was at the bar with her blown dry head in her manicured hands “their all gone now, there is no more the PD’s can do to me”

    Well with that up on the counter jumps “the brother” and shouts MOLECULOR THEORY, well you could hear a pin drop, fu.k said I to myself, not policemen turning into bicycles again. ”the brother” continued, a certain bank gentleman who has been rubbing US dollars so hard and so often that you can see by his appearance and his recent purchase of a big fat nest in Nantucket, that he is well on the way to becoming A BALD EAGLE. I rest my case, he said. I want ye all to reflect on who and what ye were rubbing shoulders on of late. The molecular structure of Fianna Fail is corrupt. Appointments are to be made at the Mater Private for scans and a reshuffle might be necessary….Music Maestro said “the brother” and the bar went back into full swing.
    ”the brother” has been reading economics in the bathroom of late and its only a matter of time before he’ll be called to Leinster House. Yes sir it will be a No.4 tram for myself and “the brother” via an Lar, when we are called for patriotic duty.

    January 31, 2009, 9:16 pm

    1. jim says
    Jasus man your right about Iceland their bankrupt and Liechtenstein bank……we know all about Liechtenstein banks, lets not open that can of worms. Norway, sure they sent the Vikings and murdered us in our beds, not to mention the Norsemen they murdered something. I’m not sure I’ll have to consult with John Allen on that. Were left with Switzerland and there’s no way I’m yodeling up in Lansdowne Rd.

    Sorry it’s “come on you boys in green for me” AND we’ll have no skiing down Croagh Patrick either by them Swiss. No sir “the brother” would take a dim view on that issue. Sorry man EFTA is out for me.

    By the way “the brother” is a very strange man, one time he wouldn’t look at an egg now since the banking crises he’s hoarding them up. Very strange!
    January 31, 2009, 1:31 am

    1. jim says
    Davidxyz, good news on the economics front for everybody. I put you proposal for EFTA membership to “the brother” and after 7 hours of deliberating in the bathroom he emerged with a very satisfied look on his face.

    He reckons the Swiss is our best option despite my reservations vis a vie skiing down Croagh Patrick. He has compiled a large list of tradable items for us to consider re our yodeling, thigh slapping new best friends.

    1. Tractor loads of dry turf.
    2. St.Bridged crosses
    3 Pigs crubeens,
    4. Wexford strawberries.
    5. Bottles of holy water from St.Manchan’s well(he reckons they may have a problem with warts)

    He thinks their dodgy bank accounts could be good for our new punts..wink..wink. He reckons a nice bunch of Swiss chalets on a golf course in Ballydehob could earn us a nice few bob from tourists. Suffice to say thumbs up from “the brother”.
    February 1, 2009, 3:14 am

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