May 27, 2011

The Bailout - David McWilliams & Stephanie Flanders at European Zeitgeist 2011

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Stephanie Flanders questions David McWilliams about the European bailout. David focuses on Ireland and how austerity has diminished the economy.

  1. A deliberately media steered refocussing of public anger on the vulnerable is already evident. This opens the door for extreme views and is destructive on any Nation’s health.

    All private banking debts should be declared as odious, as they constituted a hostile act against the people of this nation.

    The undemocratic and unaccountable for ECB has brought this upon themselves when they abolished their requirements for Investment Grade collateral short before Greek went belly up. The scheme of Banksters to issue bonds to themselves and dump them as collateral is more than likely not a single occurrence.

    ECB is overexposed with PIIGS collateral that is fraudulent and worthless. As a result and in a panik move, the EU Parliament now accepts Gold as collateral, since 25th of May.

    It is outright theft of peoples asset that is proposed in Greece now and is equally on the agenda in Ireland.

    ECB’s and German Bundesbank activities were the true reason for the resignation of President Koehler and Axel Weber.

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