May 9, 2011

I was speaking on Pat Kenny today on Greece, ECB and next moves

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  1. The Dork of Cork

    The ECB is still pushing because there is no forceful response – what do you expect them to do ?

    Goverment executives are just too weak minded.

  2. dwalsh

    David’s position in this interview is a big improvement on the unilateralism he has been pushing up to this. He understands now that this problem will be resolved by a multilateral restructuring at the European level and beyond that at the global level. At the same time we do need to manage our own position and survival within that ongoing process; and I for one do not have confidence in those who are in the key leadership positions at this time.

    Honahan – nice man out of his depth with the sharks in the financial sector. Morgan is right.

    • dwalsh

      re Honahan I retract. He is a gombeen man working for the ECB and the senior bond holders – not for Ireland.

  3. Thomas Cooke

    All these academic discussions are fine, when is something going to be done about it. Business can’t work in this environment of pending state default. We are losing the last shreds of credibility discussing default, denying default and then some are amazed at the lack of patriotism of people withdrawing their deposits from Irish banks. Time for us all to bail out I think.

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