April 8, 2011

David on the Corporate Tax Debate

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David on Channe4 News on why the corporate tax debate with Europe is a red herring.

Take a look at the interview here.

  1. chthonic

    I like All of David McWilliams comments, juornals and
    talks. Not only does he tell it as it is but he tell it with imence clarity, in fact if he decides to use a term that he even slightly suspects that any one of his admires might fail to understand he goes to lengths to explain it. As in Sunday’s Business Post when he illustrated a posssible future loss in Portugal’s wine and and Cork trade as a ‘downward-shift’ in economic vernacular. These explanation, I think are completely priceless, quite apart from his
    clarity and ability to hit the point that the smaller beers can’t or won’t try to wet. Many thanks indeed. S

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