March 2, 2011

Election created a vacume not a solution

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Its becoming clear that the election has created a vacume – let’s no one mention the black hole that is the huge debt of the country and the silliness of the EU/IMF deal – lets focus instead on how many jobs for each new govt party. We need a referendum to bring closure to this voting process. Election got rid of Fianna Fial, but that’s only half the job.

      • blackcase

        You read the article – possibly (only possibly!) understoon the seriousness of it. And thats your only comment? The thing that bothers me is that you guys are allowed to vote as well!!! And actually, that explains EVERYTHING!

        • I am perfectly aware of the seriousness of the situation, and have been for years. Jumping up and down and shouting will achieve nothing, nor will muttering in to pints on a damp Tuesday. So why don’t you wind your neck in, and then tell us what you propose to do about this mess!

          Frankly, its about the best comment possible given the Kafkaesque absurdity of the situation Ireland is in.

  1. Thomas Cooke

    A Vacume is the gadget the government have invented for sucking out the last few drops of blood and money from u and me to pay the bank debt? But who is that Fianna Fial? thats what I’d like to know.

  2. Deco

    The biggest mistake anyone could make is assume that the next government will be less harmful than the last.

    Essentially, a proxy for ICTU and IBEC as been replaced with a proxy for ICTU plus a proxy for IBEC.

    Nothing has changed.

    But, I expect that for the sake of rescuing the “veneer” that we will expect all sorts of information and PR gimicks produced in the next month, to prove that things have changed.

    If FG were serious about reforming the state then FG would have called Senator Shane Ross before they called GimmeMore.

    The next thing you will see, the FG Five Point plan is to become a two point plan (if you are lucky).

    Already, as a consequence of the election being over, I have not heard one mention of the “Five Point Plan”. It is already being shoved into the background.

    And they both lied about taxation. They were both lying through their teeth when they discussed taxation last week.

    Taxes, including PAYE will go up.

  3. mully

    Hi David
    You say getting rid of FF is half the job what is the other half of the job?
    (Can only have referendum if FG/LAB push it and I can’t see that happening any time soon!!).

  4. Colin

    So Fianna Fail have reinvented themselves as Fianna Fial? Very clever of them, them boyos are always one step ahead of the rest of us.

    As for the election creating a vacume, I would have to argue that it was the vacume which created the election because since the EMF arrived in town, and Jim Higgins’ speech against Jose Mourinho Baroso there’s been a total lack of clarity.

  5. Thomas Cooke

    It looks like FG and Lab have sealed the deal today. No sign that they intend to get tough with EU/IMF. The pressure must be piled on to make them see sense.

  6. Dorothy Jones

    Is this why the markets have pushed the bond spreads up again to an all-time high?

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