March 2, 2011

Election created a vacume not a solution

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Its becoming clear that the election has created a vacume – let’s no one mention the black hole that is the huge debt of the country and the silliness of the EU/IMF deal – lets focus instead on how many jobs for each new govt party. We need a referendum to bring closure to this voting process. Election got rid of Fianna Fial, but that’s only half the job.

  1. David
    You’re a smart guy, but calling for a referendum is facile, pointless and a waste of money. We know the answer already. Let the new government get on with the hard grind of running this country, and avoid suggesting that there any easy solutions.
    And what’s a “vacume”?

  2. Maeve Harrison-Barbet

    Dear David,
    As per the last comment I left I cannot access the whole of whatever you said apart from the short bit which looks to me as though you have forgotten your grammar eg Let’s and let, and your spelling eg vacume instead of vacuum. Maybe this is an inposter posing as you ??

    In the past all I had to do when I got an email from Webmaster was click on the appropriate spot and I would get your full article but recently I just get a part of your first paragraph which is most frustating!

    Forever hopeful
    Maeve H-B

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