January 31, 2011


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As Fianna Fail wll not be returning to power for the forseeable future, they should impement futher reductions in goverment pay and pensions starting after 1 march2011.This would ensure genuine candidates , not the usual in for perks and great pay. Fianna Fail might then have finnally achieved something useful.
Previous governments have provided tax amnesties ,so why not debt amnesties

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  2. pauline

    Ireland is plagued with corruption and ennui. It doesn’t matter whether money has changed hands, it is still corruption. It is a problem worldwide, but in Ireland we have a choice to change it.

    Four Pillars is my attempt to do this. To remove the problems as I see them. It is one persons ideas on a discussion I believe we need to have.

    The Irish state was set up to be balanced, with the proper input from intellectuals via the Seanad and a President whose oath is to the welfare of the people of Ireland. This balance needs to be restored.

    In Summary —

    The Dail shall govern. It shall be independent of local government and as with the Legal system, TD’s will be forbidden to make representation to local bodies on behalf of their constituents.

    The Seanad will be a permanent integrity commission with the right to penalise corrupt or negligent TDS with the removal of all privileges of parliament and pensions and interface to the people via a legally enforceable petitions system. It’s initial investigation will be into the current financial crisis. Those found guilty will have all pensions etc. removed.

    The President shall be the Moral Guardian of the State and it’s people. He/She will have the right to send any piece of legislation of national importance to the people with the backing of the Supreme Court where there is clear indicators that the government may be at odds with the National sentiment.

    The Courts will provide Justice. They will be independent of political interference. Future reform will remove the Windsor system to be replace by a truth seeking method of legal recourse.

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