January 30, 2011

A Few Volunteers

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Lets meet up tomorrow 1pm 133 Capel St. If you can’t make it no worries. There will be more meetings. I need organizers. Don’t worry about having no econ background. Lets give back a bit rather than taking all the time.

  1. Eire1

    Great, see you all then.

    • cyclo11

      Down here in Cork . Cannot make it today. Good to see people giving and not taking.
      Every contribution helps.
      I spent the weekend putting my ideas together and for the moment you can see them on http://www.trail-seekers.com/PeopleofIreland.htm
      love to hear your views before going further.
      Will post them on a dedicated site later.

    • juliehogan

      absolutely delighted and encouraged today that you are doing this david. im in wexford and cant make it today im gutted! please post the next meet day asap . i really really want to help. if there is anything that can be done from here in the meantime please let me know!

  2. I’ll be there, hope there are more from Waterford as I would like to meet others interested in putting up a Waterford candidate on David’s principles

  3. OrsonPresence

    Ok, I’ll be there.

  4. Begona

    You have my contact details. I would love to help in anyway possible. We need a BIG change in this country and the only way is getting away with FF and FG to start with… Contact me any time. I cannot be there tomorrow as I am away but any othre time.

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  6. TJM

    I’ll Try to make it


  7. Rory

    See you tomorrow, i’ve got someone to mind the kids.

  8. 80s emigrant

    I have a background in Geology, but that’s enough to know that nobody will lend to a money that is trying to straightjacket itself.

    However, I don’t live in Ireland so I don’t know how to contribute. But keep sending out e-mails if you figure out a way for me to help.

  9. 80s emigrant

    Lend to a country I should say…

  10. katseye

    kilkenny based how can i help

  11. Irish PI

    Hi all,
    Down in Limerick,anyone going as an independant?
    No backround in economics,but security and investigtion.
    and a Generalist Of All Trades
    What can I do??

  12. agfasfos

    Hi. Have background in Credit Management since 1987. Based in North East. Have e-mailed my details & willing to help as best I can.

  13. okokok

    I’m willing to come up from Galway tomorrow morning and do whatever is necessary.
    Just want to check whether this is solely Dublin based before I travel?

  14. ianhady

    I hope to be there.

  15. kb209

    can anyone help from abroad??!

  16. dwhelan

    Im looking forward to being there and meeting you all , this could be at start ….by the sound of things?

  17. delasamm

    won,t make it tomorrow see you next time

  18. cmsaint

    I am available to give some time, I am based in Co. Clare.
    I am a member of the Irish Democratic Party (soon to be registered) we
    will unfortunately not be in a position to run candidates in the coming elections, however we are looking to the next election to launch a campaign for a total renewal of politics and the establishment of a true republic in Ireland. The policies currently under construction are very much in keeping with the sentiments often expressed on this site.

    I would like to extend an invitation to all posters to look at the IDP web site http://www.irishdemocrats.com/
    and consider joining us to formulate detailed policies and working for the future of the people of our country.

    • mick downey

      Never heard of this party….I hope ye have the good of the country and its people at heart and have the decency and good sense to run honest capable and particularly qualified candidates unlike the shower of mickey mouse teachers we were stupid enough to vote in last time, in some bloody election if not this one. I don’t like to be coming across rude and abrasive but I can’t help thinking ‘too little too late buddy,next please’. My apologies for my cyniscism..I’m sure you’ll understand.

  19. TalentCoop

    Frequently out of country and not available tmorro but if I can help in any way, pls contact.

  20. Massey Ferguson

    Good Luck Folks,

    Based in Melbourne, so won’t be there.

    Do know this however. That I and plenty of other Emigrants I talk to regularly from the Ole Sod chat frequently about the farce that is Irish Politics, Finance & ‘Top’ Mgmt.

    When one has to assimilate to a foreign culture (granted Aust. is English speaking) your awareness grows rapidly as to how the world works. You have to adapt very quickly.

    When we now look back at Ireland, it is with 20/20 Vision. Rest assured there are many (Tens of Thousands) who will want to know:

    (i) How your meeting went.
    (ii) What you agenda is.
    (iii) The Action Plan moving forward in the immediate and longer term
    (iv) How the word can be spread from overseas and what assistance can be given.

    The biggest risk in life, is not to take a risk at all,


  21. rathcrogue

    OK David! I live in Carlow. Won’t be able to make it tomorrow. Organisation and management is my thing. So, here goes!

  22. reggie981

    Cant be there today but am willing to help in the Wexford area. Just let me know what i can do. reggie981@gmail.com

  23. David

    I hope you can handle the numbers that will arrive…

  24. Sicilianyank

    Can’t make it today as have school runs in Dean’s Grange. But really would like to meet up and help as I am tired of the garbage going on and we need real solutions not the same old same old.

  25. Clare

    I would love to be there but fortunately I have work on.Looking forward to hearing how it went.If there is anyway I can pitch in my photography services are free for the cause.

  26. mharrop

    Sorry but can’t make it today, but would be willing to give my time in the Gorey Co Wexford area. Could also get a few other people in the area to give some time. Just let me know how I can help. 20 years experience in finance industry, (used to have a pod in castle st next to you)

  27. MariaC

    Hi David
    I completely support this and I want to be involved, but I cant be in Capel street today
    Please let me know how I can get involved, and where/with whom I leave my contact details so that I can be “mobilised”.
    I’m based between the west of Ireland and Dublin.
    My background is in management, organisation, policy analysis, socio-econ research and evaluation.
    I am currently free and available, and look forward to being able to help do something, anything to bring about some kind of change.
    You will have LOADS of people today, and LOADS of support even if we are not there in person.

  28. Thomas Cooke

    Good Luck with the meeting today David. Like many previous comments I’m working today so can’t make meeting. I think you will need to set a few regional dates and venues asap. I have experience in agriculture renewable energy and rural development. Have you an easy means for me to give a bit of financial support?

  29. CiaranDerry

    Hi Again,
    Unfortunately being in Derry I cant make meeting,
    but if any help needed around Donegal area please
    just let me know… good luck & well done you!!!

  30. Johno

    If you need help in the Kilkenny or south east let us know

  31. Riverbend

    Hi am based in Dun Laoghaire and would like to help if I can.

  32. BiggyWiggy Rogers

    Just wanted to say, I was so pleased to meet so many like minded folk today (more or less :) I appreciate we can’t all sing from exactly the same hymn sheet (it wouldn’t be healthy!) But we all want the best solution for this little Isle….and that’s a great objective.

    Thank you David for holding the meeting, acting as a central gathering point, and setting a great example by offering your advice and support – with you all the way. The future can be better if we all chip in. Belinda Rogers (biggywiggymusic@gmail.com )

  33. mick downey

    Only spotted this now as didn’t check my e-mails y’day…sorry all/David…next time a bit more notice and I’ll be there!

  34. Colm MacDonncha

    Only saw e-mail this afternoon.Count me in for any help I can give…I’m one of those teachers ‘sponging off the taxpayer’ according to IBEC but I’ve got a young family and a big mortgage like everyone else and want to help bring change, or at least get it started…

  35. Bertie Ahern

    if your car/van/bus breaks down on the way there David then check this guy out -top mechanic.


  36. molli

    hi david, only saw article now. would love to help in any way in Tipperary. Am almost banging head in frustration listening to gombeenism on radio today

  37. uchrisn

    Good initiative

  38. ekav

    Hi, just came across this today, I’m sick of doing nothing but complaining so I’d love to help out. I’m based in Dublin so will try to make the next meeting. Cheers

  39. dymps

    Wishing you and all the volunteers the very best. Only wish I could help out, living in County Carlow, full time mother and housewife, nevertheless should you think of anything I can do from home or around this county I would be glad to help

  40. Hi my name is Dave McInerney (http://www.aBetterIreland.com) I am looking for people to help me canvass Cork South West, It is a big sparse constituency and not having a party machine behind me is proving difficult. If anyone on here lives down here and like what I stand for and would like to see an end to gombeen politics then please contact me.

  41. kb209

    how did it go?

  42. Anthony Murphy

    Hello David
    I’m in the Drogheda area and would like to help out in what ever way I can. Are there other like minded people in my area?

  43. ACooney

    I am very interested in this movement. Some friends in London had proposed we would run a candidate in the NUI Constituency of the Seanad (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aidan-Cooney-for-NUI-seat-in-Seanad-Eireann/172260029471892)

    The various graduate networks in London would love to offer a voice to graduates and the Irish diaspora in London. Overall David this looks on paper a good idea but unless a movement that moves beyond the civil war politics, which with 2016 approaching and a SF strong party, Irish people will only be sucked back in to old ways.

    Aidan Cooney

  44. maynooth1

    Hi I just came across this trail this morning; do let us know when another meeting is being arranged as I’d love to start participating. Thx

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