January 30, 2011

A few Volunteers

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Wow, what a brilliant response! Thank you. I will get back to you a bit later. More than anything, I need a few organizers.

  1. CiaranDerry

    Hi David,
    Im delighted you are involving yourself
    in the badly needed improvement of society,
    in the Republic’s economic situation, I dont have
    much to offer in terms of economic knowledge
    but I am willing to help, albeit limited to a
    fairly average Joe soap!

    • cora322

      Get the constitution changed and lets Get rid of all politicians
      lets take this opportunity to get rid of all politicians and bring in 10 good people with experience of running businesses. we have a population the size of Manchester so why do we need all these TD’s not to mind the councilors- many of whom have no experience of ever having worked in a proper job and have no experience of the day to day struggles that ordinary people experience. Now with the internet things can be organised so quickly – look at Tunisia and Egypt.rgs Cora

      • Cashel

        Yes we have too many politicians and not enough who are prepared to act in the countries interest. Which is why we need people like Shane Ross and Stephen Donnelly in there. There are good people in parties and hope in the next Dail that will act in the Nations interest rather than their parties. To compare Ireland to Manchester is total rubbish. The only thing we have in common is similar population. Ireland is a country and needs to consider a range of issues that a city borough does not. If you want to measure how we are doing as a country it would be better to measure us against countries of similar population such a Singapore or Norway.
        No mater how bad you think we are here, we live in a fair democracy. We can and will reform our country in a civilised manner and not like Tunisia or Egypt.

  2. Phil Byrne

    Hi David,
    I would be delighted to get involved in your project. Let me know how I can help.


  3. Arthur Tormay

    Hi David,

    I would be delighted to help in any way I can. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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  5. murph

    Hi David
    I’ll help. I’ve over 20 years recruitment and resources management experience and am deeply saddened by the low self esteem of many people, professionals, in this country as their expectations of life here are sinking to an all time low. For many Irish citizens their days will end in a state of depression, anxiety, fear and complete loss of hope. Not everyone here has the mental or emotional capacity to pick up ther pieces and step up to the challenges facing this state. I’ll help you put a team together.

  6. CiaranT

    Hi David, I am also willing to help. Ciaran

  7. patrick74

    Hi David- Director of a small Digital Media company- Happy to roll up my sleeves and help out in any way that I can.

  8. richardwalshe2

    Happy to help in any way David. Not an economist but have a fair bit of time.


  9. thor17

    Hi, I am in, let me know what type of help is required. John.

  10. wexford rebel

    Am studying (via distance learning) geography and economics – but please don’t hold that against me. Would be glad to help if I could – and a really constructive and practical idea.

    Some questions, please:

    1) will those who are affiliated with “non-independents” be eligible under full disclosure / avoidance of conflict of interest in conduct, or are you only interested in the exclusively “non-aligned” helping you, so-to-speak?

    2) how exclusive will your advice be? Only one-on-one with specific candidates in private, or more open meetings/teach-ins?

    3) Or, would you consider public teach-ins available to all, followed by private consultations with local independents?

    I appreciate and respect why you would want to focus on Independents; I’m just suggesting there are others out there also, who genuinely want to learn and reinforce your message.

    Best of luck to you, regardless.

  11. eamonwalsh

    David, I am standing as an Independent Candidate in Galway West, fantastic that you are getting involved. I am running on a Disability, small business and reform ticket. I am with you…. and could use some help down here if you have spare capacity! Please see more on http://www.eamonwalsh.ie – Thank you very much for your support and speaking out. It’s what the people I am speaking to want. Well done!
    Eamon Walsh

  12. MichaelWall

    Hi David. Delighted to read your post. If I can be of any benefit, do not hesitate to contact me. Although not coming from an Economics background, I will be glad to offer any help that may be needed. Located Waterford/Cork.
    M. Wall

  13. BrianMc

    I can’t physically be present but I offer 30 ideas on Cultivation of Enterprise & Innovation, & on Healthcare & Education Reform: http://goo.gl/2kraj

    Regards & Best Wishes,

  14. paulm


    I would be delighted to help in any way I can, my background is not economics rather tax and accounting but would be happy to assist.



  15. OrsonPresence

    David, thinking about this, the person who can really execute on this for you is my wife. She worked for both Maggie and John Major as an organisor.

    You just need to sweet talk her a bit, she saw you on the hill today.

  16. DrKevinBrennan

    David, I would ge glad to help in any way but I am in the UK at the Moment, But please let me know if I can help from here.

  17. delasamm

    Following and willing to help.

  18. cmsaint

    I am available to give some time, I am based in Co. Clare.
    I am a member of the Irish Democratic Party (soon to be registered) we
    will unfortunately not be in a position to run candidates in the coming elections, however we are looking to the next election to launch a campaign for a total renewal of politics and the establishment of a true republic in Ireland. The policies currently under construction are very much in keeping with the sentiments often expressed on this site.

    I would like to extend an invitation to all posters to look at the IDP web site http://www.irishdemocrats.com/
    and consider joining us to formulate detailed policies and working for the future of the people of our country.

  19. condrond

    Hi David,

    This is a great idea which can allow people with industry experience and business experience to step up now and offer their idea’s on starting the economy again. We need radicle thinkers and people who are removed from political jargon and spoof, had enough of that nonsense. We need simple ideas, creative, progressive plans for jobs, people who can help bring great changes. I would be available to help in any way possible to make a difference. I am a chartered engineer with 15 years extensive industrial experience. Willing to share and help in whatever useful capacity is deemed suitable.

  20. Dorothy Jones

    I am in Berlin until 12 Feb. From 12-25 completely free for Paul,s campaign. So I will be on hand to give a dig out in any way that I can.

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