January 30, 2011

A Few Volunteers.

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The key to the next election is economics. Yet, 15% of the potential TDs – the Independents – don’t have the money to pay for economic advice the way the big parties do, so I would like to give them economic advice for free. I will willingly give my time and experience to them but I will need help from volunteers to help me. Are you game to volunteer for a week or two or whatever time you have?

  1. EvertB

    Volunteer to do what exactly David?

  2. paddyjones

    Your policies are the same as Sinn Fein maybe you should give Pearse Doherty a call and offer your services. Maybe you dont agree with them on “other issues” but on the economy Sinn Fein are totally correct. Break the link between sovereign debt and bank debt and we can get rid of the IMF and go back to the bond markets in a year or so.

  3. agentino

    I am in. Anything to help. Anything at all.


  4. Rory

    I do not have a background in economics but I believe I understand your arguments, with which I agree. I would like to volunteer to help. Rory Mc Closkey, Lusk, North Co Dublin. rorymccloskey@yahoo.ie. I await your email. Thanks.

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  6. Juanjo R

    Yep. I’m Dublin city centre based architect and have been working extensively with state work ( educational ) the last few years and I have a prior history of working on both sides of the pro/anti planning divide ( there was heavy FF involvment in some of the stuff I opposed ) so I have a balanced informed view of these matters I’d say. I have a spread of other experience too and a reasonable knowledge of environmental/green issues .

    I guess I’m for social justice and equality basically – I’m not particularly left or right.

    Let me know / keep me posted.

  7. dmc

    David, I think is a good idea. If you can provide more details I would like to support this, David

  8. Is there an independent candidate running in Dun Laoghaire proposing your policies? If there is I’d like to support them in their effort get them to contact me.

    If not, roughly how many first preferences would it take?

    Would you be prepared to do a bit of campaigning in Dun Laoghaire?

    The financial backers you mentioned would they come in behind someone that signs up being a representitive of you and your policies privately?

    • Juan Keville

      Hi Glengara – there is a new independent candidate that will be running in the election for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. I have been at meetings all this week and I have decided to campaign for him and help him in any way I can. He’s not affiliated with any party and is not in with the unions, he is not a politician but he is a very good solicitor. His name is Carl Haughton and his website is http://www.haughtons.ie/.

      David, Carl could do with your help. Carl is a 40 year old hard working family man and as his campaign motto says — “Nobody’s candidate, but yours”. He’s for real change, and decided to close his practice and run for the general election.
      You will be hearing more of him from Tuesday on…

  9. jkelly

    Hi, I’m happy to help where it’s needed.


  10. adamabyss

    Back in University tomorrow David after the Christmas/exam break but I will do what I can at the weekends. I’m in Lucan, bit far from you but let me know anyway if I can help – adamabyss@hotmail.com

  11. BiggyWiggy Rogers

    I would be happy to help. I didn’t study economics.. but I have plenty of common sense to make up for that :) .. Sutton/Howth located….

  12. Anything that I can do to help, I have spent the last few weeks on blogs trying to get some ideas to try help solve the problems but I get only smart asses who do not give a dam, most probably civil servants. Science has cured most diseases but the most fatal disease of all “apathy” is rife. What you propose is absolutely vital for any progress in Ireland. I believe the President of Ireland who ever it may be, have the power to appoint, disolve a government, pass ledislation must have the power to control the governance of the country. The president should be advised by economists, business experts, marketing experts, basically people who have did it and know how things work. The government must consult the President on economic policy after the President has received expert advice.
    I believe another few months lead time into the general election would have put a different mind set in the frame, your idea is as close as we can get now. I really hope it runs for you. Anything I can do, count me in. Time on my hands. Lots to do and little time to do it.
    Eddie Smyth.

  13. cpdeb

    Would be happy to help. Lucky enough to have a demanding job (for now) but time available for this.

  14. OrsonPresence

    I could do it. Need to fully understand the time commitment though.

    I’m not an economist, I’m an arts graduate, but I am a former NYC based banker. On the independent front, I’m not Irish, and a relatively recent arrival, so no ties to any political party here in Ireland.

    I do have campaigning experience, I worked on John Major’s team in the 1992 general election.

    Seen you out and about a few times David, walking your dog on the pier or the hill.

  15. Berni Toft

    Hi David,

    I love the idea – have little time as I work and am a part time (accounting) student 3 nights a week – but if you think I could be of help, let me know.


  16. 42nights

    Not sure what you want done but count me in.

  17. mully

    Hi David you request is vague to say the least. However if you have a mind to affect change for the better and I can make a small contribution I’ll walk the walk. Primary teacher in Donegal with an interest in doing the right thing.
    If can help let me know.

  18. Eire1

    Great, well done David. I’m based in Meath so if I can help, I will. Could make Dublin north or south in 30 minutes due to our new, smooth, underused yet extortionately tolled motorways.

  19. R. Hamilton

    If I can help, I’m willing. Unfortunately, I’m very busy with a teaching diploma over next 2 weeks, so haven’t any time before that.
    Have a little campaigning experience – left the Green party after the Sept 2010 extended banking guarantee.

  20. cherian_george


    I generally see the argument of breaking up state debt from banking debt which to my mind is private sector debt in which the state had no business interfering. As Milton Friedman said ‘Corruption is Govt Interference in Private enterprise’.

    Having said that one of the biggest stake holders in the Bank Infrastructure of the country is the common man. So I see where the Govt is coming from also.

    The question is was it worth the price we paid or did Brian Lenihan land up doing an overkill. Did we a small country land up protecting big Investment banks around the world. I think we did.

    Going forward the question is what should we do ?. Now at this stage breaking up debt and burning the bod holders may improve Ireland’s Fiscal deficit and may allow us to go back to the Bond Markets. The question then what do we do ?.

    How do we build a sustainable economy that can stand on it’s own two feet.

    How do we drive Irish workforce to point where it can compete with other economies.

    How can Ireland re-align to changing world economic order. How does Irish business get a stake of emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, etc. For example India is about to be the biggest trading partner for Europe yet Irish trade with India is a mere 500 Million. How can this be improved.

    Here are some suggestions
    1. Ireland also needs a cultural shift in terms of how Ireland sees it’s value proposition. Building an economy around a 12.5 % corporation tax and subtly being the Wild West of Financial markets is not a real option. Ireland needs to find a better and more sustainable value proposition in the Global market. Ireland needs to identify and brand it’s core competencies.

    2. There is a need to find a Ireland Inc that is consisting of Indigenous Irish companies that have a clear value proposition in the Global markets. Ireland has a clear and distinct advantage is several verticals such as Food Production, Pharmaceuticals, and may be to a degree in Software & BPO. Ireland needs to invest in developing an Industrial policy in these areas that is not based entirely on a low corporation tax and subsidies but based on a solid education, Immigration, & Trade policies.

    3. A new Govt needs to focus on several things

    1. Reducing the Fiscal Deficit to about 4 to 5 % of GDP.

    2. Developing a macro economic National Recovery Plan

    3. A Plan for improving the Hard and Soft Infrastructure of this country. For example the Irish surface transport policy is flawed. It is based on roads and automobiles. This is a risky take because of rising oil prices. Instead Ireland needs to invest more in a Green Public Transport.

    4. Create an Ireland Brand that is targeted at emerging economies.

    Lastly, I will be happy to help anybody in anything that will move us forward.

  21. Colm Mac Caba

    Hi David,
    Count me in. I am more than happy to help you.


  22. irishminx

    I can give information on Social welfare, Supplementary Welfare Allowance and on relationships.
    I have a teaching degree in relationship mentoring. I work every second week so I am available the other week, plus I am often in Dublin, Cork and West Cork. I will email my contact details to David.

    Well done David, I heard you on Marian’s radio show this morning.


  23. simonlowe

    Hi David. An economics undergraduate student here in NUI Galway. Far from an economist but I keep up to date with your blog and I’d be happy to help out. Simon

  24. Rachael

    Im up for it! I am happy to help with sorting out sites, and sites that you can put up for free (not blogspots, although nowt wrong with them), just give me the text, pictures and I’ll happily do the rest for any number of independents.

  25. David
    I volunteer,you have my details, my vote is going to those against this debt deal.

  26. Colin

    Hi David,

    Great gesture by yourself. I’m in Limerick City (or citayyyyyyy if you’re a rubberbandit). Hopefully an independent with your endorsement will stand here. Keep me posted and all the best.


  27. TJM

    Hi David

    I can give a dig out. whats involved?


  28. irishminx


    I’ve just watched this. It’s interesting and something I feel we all need to think about!

  29. cmsaint

    I am available to give some time, I am based in Co. Clare.
    I am a member of the Irish Democratic Party (soon to be registered) we
    will unfortunately not be in a position to run candidates in the coming elections, however we are looking to the next election to launch a campaign for a total renewal of politics and the establishment of a true republic in Ireland. The policies currently under construction are very much in keeping with the sentiments often expressed on this site.

    I would like to extend an invitation to all posters to look at the IDP web site http://www.irishdemocrats.com/
    and consider joining us to formulate detailed policies and working for the future of the people of our country.

  30. Count me in though I’m in Malta next week and London the week after but contactable. I’m in Dub airport at the mo catching the 07.15 in the morning so can’t make tomorrows meet. Sorry.
    But whatever I can do, I will.
    West Cork / Kerry border based btw.
    Cheers David. Well done on a generous gesture.

  31. Perhapx

    I’m full time employed and very busy, but if I can help then I would. I no economist and I hope that that is not a requirement. So tell me more about what you have in mind.

  32. mick downey

    Answered the 3rd e-mail first,and a day late,apologies again!! Missed today ‘cos I was late checking my e-mails…how can I help? I’m in Mayo…I’ll travel if I can!!

  33. Bertie Ahern

    Well David as a former taoiseach and ex leader of a failed party, to volunteer my skill and time to help us all turn this country around is the least i could do. As i told you in Blanchardstown at Insiders, David Che McWilliams, start the revolution!

    Yours with a guilty conscience,
    the Messer down the back of the class,Bertie.


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