January 26, 2011

I am not running in the election

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Morning, there has been some speculation about me running.Thanks for all the support, messages,comments and enthusiasm but I am not a politician, unfortunately

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  2. markleahy

    I hear you. I appreciate your reluctance, your understanding of the incredible commitment and the unreasonably unbiased focus that your candidacy would bring. You’re already there David. The country needs you. Ireland’s great hero’s never felt stronger than you do now… be independent, even better !

  3. Johno

    Sad to hear but completly understand why. Im just wondering are you ruling out ever running for the dail at a future election?

  4. understandable BUT doesn’t mean you cannot help Shane Ross accumulate as many independents as possible to form a ‘party’ that will bring forward policies to change everything starting with the amount all servants of the State are paid

  5. Deco

    This will come as a massive relief to all the muppets that are on the ballot paper in Dun Laoghaire. All of them are utterly useless, in this moment of crisis. Dublin SE has Paul Sommerville. Dublin South has Shane Ross. In Wicklow, presumably Joe Behan will be running as an Independent and he has already indicated his opinion concerning Anglo, NAMA and all of this.

    I urge all of you to write David McWilliams’s name on the ballot paper, and write down your opinion of the rest of them.

    This is unfortunate. You might not be a politician – but none of the clowns available in DL know anything about economics. This means that there will be a continuance of the charade.

  6. LeftAtTheCross

    You are making the correct choice. The George Lee episode showed the shallowness of Dail politics. Political change can also be furthered through other avenues, including the opinion formation in which you are engaged. The media narrative needs critical voices such as yourself, Fintan O’Toole, Vincent Browne.

  7. David

    Understandable that you are reluctant to run. Can I ask two questions:
    1. Do you favour electoral reform in favour of a system which might facilitate national rather than local priorities being the key to success?
    2. Have you responded to the recent letter in the Irish Times which argued (perhaps facetiously) that you were the real originator of the blanket bank guarantee, insofar as you suggested it in your Sunday Business Post column of September 28th, 2008?


  8. Dorothy Jones

    Dear David
    Thank you for the clarity on your position. Good luck with the course in the Independent College and all of your other projects.
    Best from Dorothy

  9. BiggyWiggy Rogers

    I can totally understand that – I do hope that you will contribute to the future of this country in an advisory capacity to the Government of the day, and that you can, as Glengara posted above, help facilitate the creation of a new party – we SO desperately need new options.

  10. reggie981

    I’d help you in any way i could if you ran. Thats the truth, you have my email address.

  11. adamabyss

    David, I think you could be anything you want to be but I understand and respect your decision. I hope that influential people in the new government (no matter what form that might take) will listen to your learned opinions. You have been proved right so many times and it’s a crying shame for this country that no one in power up to now has considered your economic advice.

  12. Rheinmeister09

    Shame you don’t run as an Independent along with Shane Ross and Brian Lucey and a few others. You don’t have to be a politician just provide some clarity for the rest of us when the “Government” whoever they may be provide us with their usual spin to make them look good. Terrible shame maybe with enough support you might change your mind…

  13. malone

    For everybody who thinks that Mr mcWilliams should run as a candidate, I think his job, and maybe he see it as this, is to inform the people about the happenings of the inside word of power as he sees it. George Lee did the same but made the mistake of trying to change the system and got swallowed up by it, and now his voice is needed again and is nowhere to be heard. Shane Ross So far in the Seanead has not let himelf become infected with the system but if he gets elected will he too get swallowed up by the system ?

    I think it is up to the like minded ordinary people who share the qualities of independent thinking and clarity of view and have the determination to make a change to take up the gauntlet themselves and form totally different political parties to change things and take on the system and the big political heavyweights.

    I´m not saying that Mr mc Williams opinions are always right and that the members of the forum just blindly agree with him or should do as that would not be anywhere near independent thinking but he gives us a different perspective and has been proven right on a number of occasions and we should encourage a lot more of these independant voices to give us a lot more detailed prespective about what is going on in our country.
    As said George Lee did and Shane Ross is doing also at the moment but there should be a lot more of it.

    Just to compare , yesterday RTE announced on the news and it was a short article that the bonds for the bailout funds yesterday were oversubscribed and a lot of the funding came from Japan
    What was not said was how much funding had come from China and the article was not discussed at all
    This morning a TD warned about the dangers of a Chinese takeover of the banks and the possibility of Chinese Military bases here ( dont know what that was about ) and it was also mentioned in the articles here last week.
    RTE has not mentioned about it at all about Chinese money been invested in our crooked banks.
    All that shower have talked about is what other wanker will lead Fianna Fail
    We must have independent media which are not controlled by the “indsiders”

  14. Malcolm McClure

    Although a sterling product of the Celtic Tiger years, perhaps it is a wee bit unkind to compare David with another of the feline species:

    Macavity’s a ginger cat
    He’s very tall and thin
    You would know him if you saw him for his eyes are sunken in
    His brow is deeply lined in thought
    His head is highly domed
    His coat is dusty from neglect
    His whiskers are uncombed
    He sways his head from side to side
    With movements like a snake
    And when you think he’s half asleep
    He’s always wide awake!

    Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity
    He’s broken every human law
    He breaks the law of gravity
    His powers of levitation would make a fakir stare
    And when you reach the scene of crime Macavity’s not there!

    You may seek him in the basement
    You may look up in the air
    But I tell you once and once again
    Macavity’s not there!

  15. Eoin_G

    That’s a shame. Are you sure you want to Let Ivana Bacik take the seat? Remember, you’re one of the men she’ll be actively discriminating against.

    • Deco

      Apart from anything else she represents a university, but has no clue about her own party’s policy on university fees. “It’s in our policy document”. She is just one interview away from becoming the next Royston Brady !!

  16. keith_dc2003

    Hi David, I’m new to this site, but a fan with a long time.
    Do you think there is any political party, or even a single polititian in Ireland, who will implement you’re 10 point plan to save Ireland? (ref. Irish Indo. Sat 8th Jan.). I don’t believe there is, but if there was, and IF I believed him: I’d vote for the bugger.
    Anyway David, stick to your principles, you and Morgan Kelly are the only two people in Ireland that many of us trust or feel know what to do. Thank you.


  17. NO HOPE

    Now the people will have no representation and we will have to listen to “in the interests of the country” and all that usual election bollocks.

  18. NO HOPE

    Mind you David, listening to Michael Martin already waffling on RTE news now after his win, one could be forgiven for not entering Irish politics. How would you remain sane listening to their BS day in and day out??? That`s why those who do, stay out of politics, and those who can`t, enter the best gig in town. Waffle for a few years and get 3 pensions, after a few years of innefective blundering.Insane…

  19. Dear all,
    David has declared his position and so be it!
    Now in my humble opinion;
    With only a few weeks to change the game there is but two choices left;
    1. Vote for an intelligent Independent (If you’re lucky enough to get that choice) or
    2. Vote Sinn Fein
    As I see it a vote for anyone else is tantamount to removing the rudder and casting ourselves adrift.
    So who feels that lucky?
    And if I’ve got that completely wrong please inform me of my error.
    Of course one of you may have a cunning plan?
    Do please tell!

  20. The Citizen

    David, I must say I’m disgusted. You said during your tour that you were “willing to serve the country if asked”. You were asked by an entire generation. You didn’t answer the call. Now go back and keep on spoutin the same reheated articles in the Independent and SBP. At least Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan, et al were willing to stand before the people. I’ve lost the respect which I’d had for you.

  21. agitprop

    You say you’re not a politician but neither were the guys in Leinster House – they are school teachers, lawyers and publicans. Please save us from them for pity’s sake!

  22. trisholo

    heard you on the ray darcy show this morning. exasperating and frustrating. i’m one of the people on the ground, desperate for someone different, someone who is ready to CHANGE THE SYSTEM WHICH HAS FAILED US. repeatedly ray let you know the frustration of the ordinary voter. and you rattled on with excitement about your thought’s on why things have broken down, etc etc YOU ARE A DISAPPOINTING HURLER ON THE DITCH, you keep saying you are not a politician. precisely, that is precisely why we want someone like you to run. we want dissolve the political culture and replace it with something more vibrant and honest and far reaching. if you have the know how, then do you not feel some obligation to run?

    • keith_dc2003

      To be fair to David, what good could he do as a TD? None as far as I can see. If David were to join a political party he would be subject to the party whip: i.e. his opinion would be formally ignored.
      One cannot hope to change the system from within, as T.D.’s have no voice: only the select few ministers, really only the Taoiseach, have a vote.
      If David becomes a polititian his advice will be like a whisper on deaf ears, for to Irish polititians ignorance surely is bliss.
      The problem is not David. By staying out of a party he is at least being heard and that means people are wising up to what needs to be done: the polititians cannot pull the wool over our eyes while David watches them and educates us.
      What we need is a new political system. The same Dail, the same Seanad, the same Presidency: just no more career polititians. No more of 30 years of backbenching with no say followed by a massive pension or three! Let all polititians be elected once, and only once, for a fixed finite term of office. At the next election they are ALL dismissed and a fresh batch of polititians would be elected. Heck even better would be to draft the candidates and then we elect the ones we want.
      For continuity of political knowledge we could rely on the civil service. Thats what they are there for. We don’t need corrupt polititians for that: they won’t make a single meaningfull decision for risk of losing their seat and pension. For expert advice let the polititians consult the likes of David, Kelly, O’Leary, Dunne, etc.
      The problem with Irish party politics is: the careers, pensions, and the party whip system. Eradicate that and you may get polititians who serve for a moderate period of time, with no career goals, just a will to do right by their country until its time to hand over the reins to the next batch.
      In the mean time we can only hope in vain that our inept career polititians listen to David and others who freely and publicly offer sound counsel. Unfortunately they won’t, they have their own agendas, and we will vote them in again.
      David cannot change this from within, no one good man can change this rotten system on his own, when surrounded by willfully ignorant power hungry buffoons.
      We need to change the system for the better of our country. Unfortunately I have no idea where to start. Maybe someone else does?
      In the mean time let David keep informing us. For him to be elected would just result in him being gagged by the party whip. He is a man of principle and fortunately for us, he means well by our country. Please don’t crucify him for that. He never said he would be a polititian (that I know of), but he is willing to advise the buggers if they would just heed him and put the country first before their pensions and seats for just once!

  23. Bertie Ahern

    A tenement, a dirty street
    Walked and worn by shoeless feet
    Inside it’s long and so complete
    Watched by a shivering sun
    Old eyes in a small child’s face
    Watching as the shadows race
    Through walls and cracks that leave no trace
    And daylight’s brightness shun.

    Nose pressed hard on frosted glass
    Gazing at the swollen mass
    On conrete fields where grows no grass
    Stumbles blindly on
    Iron trees smother the air
    But withering, they stand and stare
    Through eyes that neither know nor care
    Where the grass has gone

    Pearly where’s your milk white skin
    What’s that stubble on your chin
    It’s buried in the rot gut gin
    You played and lost not won
    You played a house that can’t be beat
    Now look your head’s bowed in defeat
    You walked too far along the street
    Where only rats can run

    The days of Charlie McCreevy
    The race is almost run
    The days of Bertie Ahern
    The wheels have come of the wagon
    The days of Brian Cowen
    This country is fucked aah jaysus ahh lads
    We might as well go and commit suicide aah
    As a party i,aahh, think we already have,jaysus



  24. mishco

    What on earth made me think that someone who wrote “If I was Taoiseach …. what I would do to save Ireland?” and who went around the country like Daniel O’Connell had political aspirations?

    Maybe you’re right to leave politics to others, and you have your reasons. But, as Plato said: “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber”. At least you’ll still have plenty of dumb folk to write about after the next election!

    I do feel more than a little disappointed, though not surprised as I’ve seen it all before. I suppose the only hope now is for us to get carried back to prosperity by China and the rest of the world. Or are miracles out of fashion?

  25. John-Paul O'Driscoll

    To David McWilliams:
    With all due respect, it is time for you to listen to the comments above and from many others who want you on the ballot. We and audiences to your editorials, Outsiders, Kilkenomics, etc., have listened and followed your commentary, proposals, and criticisms as some one who could separate the bull from the shit. Having enlightened us as to the bad decisions, steps, and actions of this sorry government, who is going to put your ideas in motion or bring your perspective to bear on the affairs of the country?

    I commented a few weeks ago that, all your wise ideas and proposals are of no consequence unless that are incorporated into policy or legislation. We can see even over the past 6 months, that, none of your ideas, editorials, commentaries, performances, or documentaries have influenced decisions made by Brian Lenihan, Brian Cowen, or the Central Bank, Department of Finance, etc. Government ministers, central bank governors, etc. do not run their offices or programs based on editorials, articulate critics, or on comments aired on the Frontline, or in ‘Outsiders.’

    Nor can voters who agree with your ideas do anything about them. All they can do is check off the ballot and run to the pub to get drunk watching the election results. What the comments above are telling you is that you are wanted on the ballot so voters can send you, with confidence, to Leinster House to help solve the problems as you have articulated. Would it make you a politician? Yes. What will it cost you? Criticism, frustration, and more.

    On top of the above, if you remain a commentator & entertainer, having laid out clear steps in the ’10 Step Plan’; having criticized all that was wrong, foolish, and incompetent over the past 2 years; and having imagined yourself as Taoiseach, it will serve no purpose to listen to your comments in the future, since they will not become part of the solutions which Ireland needs desparately.

    Your hesitation is understood. Your wisdom is needed even more because you are not a career politician.

    So, you can be like a spectator at Landsdown Road, urging players this way or that way, as they pay no attention to you, or you can be on the field where you can do something to the ball or to the other players.

  26. 20yearsagrowin

    David, It is perfectly understandable that you are not running. Who in their right mind would want to spend each day being frustrated and surround by the bunch of idiots that we call our Dail. Perhaps you can do better work being outside the tent p…..g in, rather than inside the tent p…..g out. Keep up the good work.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph
    of evil is for good men to do nothing” …Edmund Burke

  27. Deco

    We this thing has not even started and we are already fed up with politicians trying to sell us schemes that they have not costed, and which they have no intention of paying for.


  28. tony_murphy


    You have show how much more effective someone can be outside the straight jacket that is Dail Eireann and the many greedy, stupid, whipped incompetents that reside there.

    I for one am glad you don’t intend going near the place. The majority of Irish Politicians are a horrible breed IMO. The further away you stay from them the better.

  29. Gege Le Beau

    The wiser move, as soon as you enter that world your voice would have been lost, need people on the outside holding those on the inside to account, essential for any democracy, and you are well placed to do so.

    I would prefer to see a national government together with the best minds, points of view (divergent as well) as well as some public forum for the people to have their essential input, there is a lot of talent and wisdom out there, just a case of finding a means of harnessing it.

  30. petera

    Citizenship in a Republic.Count me in all hands to the wheel.
    write the program for smart government and hit enter.
    1. whistle-blowers rewarded, patriots and traitors.
    2 exiles get postal voting rights.
    3 find an exiled lawyer to head new AG office reform,she could burn more than a candle.
    4. HSE,IDA EI,FAS reform the golf clubs(unions/new management partnership to transform Irish state societies .with public TV broadcast of meetings committed of general goals targets outlined and discussed on allowing interactive polls and discussions.
    we needed hedge schools because of the last landlords ,we need leading edge online tools to survive the new cute landlords.because they’re going nowhere we’re stuck with them and their influence requires media complicity.The rot is deep keep holding up the mirror David.

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