January 26, 2011

I am not running in the election

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Morning, there has been some speculation about me running.Thanks for all the support, messages,comments and enthusiasm but I am not a politician, unfortunately

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  2. GregoryDonaghy

    Not being a politician is exactly why you should run, you would certainly have my vote!

  3. LeftAtTheCross

    You are making the correct choice. The George Lee episode showed the shallowness of Dail politics. Political change can also be furthered through other avenues, including the opinion formation in which you are engaged. The media narrative needs critical voices such as yourself, Fintan O’Toole, Vincent Browne.

  4. JusMc

    LeftAtTheCross,I disagree. David McWilliams, Fintan O’Toole and Vincent Browne are just the sort of people the country needs to sort out the shallowness of Dail politics. We need a total change from the self interested clowns we currently have.

    To me, its pretty easy to comment on what is wrong with something and talk about what needs to be done. We need someone to walk the walk and McWilliams et al are in a a unique position to do this in that they have a good reputation, strong networks within the media, are knowledgeable and appear to be honorable.

    At this stage they need to take a risk, get their hands dirty and run for election, not just talk / write about the situation. IMO it is immoral for them not to do this. People will follow.

    Enough writing and talking about the issues we face- we can get any ole clowns out of the universities to do that.

  5. LeftAtTheCross

    JusMc, well-connected individuals in power is part of how the economy became trapped by vested interests. (Although I’m certainly not suggesting that David McWilliams is part of that clique). We need policies, not personalities, dictating the future direction of the economy and society. The media has it’s part to play in that, and having articulate people with expertise shape public opinion in support of alternative strategies and approaches is also a vital role. To re-iterate the point I made above, not all politics takes place in the Dáil.

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