December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to you and thanks for all your support during the past year…. it keeps me going. Let’s make 2011 a better one. All the best. David

  1. Arthur Tormay

    Happy New Year David.
    The darkest hour is just before dawn. Let’s hope that 2011 will begin the process for this little country of ours.

    Could we form a new Bank to harness the Irish deposits to start the process?

  2. dwalsh

    Happy new year David
    …and thank you for your insightful analysis and this wonderful forum.

  3. johnobee

    Happy new year David. Thank you providing an alternative, clear and insightful analysis at a high enough level of abstraction to allow the rest of us to get our heads around what is really going on. Keep up the good work in 2011.


  4. Dorothy Jones

    Happy New Year David and thank you for your articles over the years, the publications, the Outsiders, and Kilkenomics. It is a great compass for us mere mortals….. 2011: onwards and upwards….

  5. From all of us here on Greater Little Werburgh Street, North, thanks for the place of sanity and all good things for 2011

  6. Happy new year David, to you and yours. Keep on keeping on.

  7. tony_murphy

    Happy New Year David

    Thanks for all your efforts in 2010

  8. mully

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit Daithi
    Lean leis an obair maith.

  9. adamabyss

    Happy New Year David, family and ‘posters’.

  10. mike@mofp

    I wish you and your family a happy new year.

    Words are a very potent force and I believe Irish people are extraordinarily lucky to have access to your courageous and insightful commentary on the appauling state of affairs in Ireland right now.
    I know that you ship a degree of critisism and ridicule for expressing your views….but THANK GOD that you are gifted with the requisite courage……. I personally am buoyed by your many commentaries and your suggestions as to what NEEDS TO BE DONE to get us out of here.

    We pride ourselves in our educated population….yet it is ASTONISHING that a massive malaise is ongoing in our country and yet this EDUCATED population seem to be PARALYSED and helpless…

    I was mesmerised, when witnessing Niagara Falls from close up, by the sheer ferocity/power/violence of water at the point at which cascades over the edge of the falls and plunges downwards.

    We should be taking immediate and urgent action as a population…perhaps if we considered ourseves as a TRIBE [a term I borrow from Seth Godin] we would feel more unified and empowered.

    I wish you well for 2011..Please keep it up.

  11. vincent

    Happy new year David and many thanks to you and all the people of this land…

  12. irishminx

    Have a healthy, happy and love filled 2011 to you and yours and to all who post here.

  13. HAC

    Thanks David,

    A very happy new year to you and yours also. I truly admire your industrious and tenacious journalistic spirit which will always be a pleasure to support.

    Keep up the good work as your voice will make a significant difference for all concerned as we slide into 2011.

    It will be a better one!!!


    Mark Human

  14. Malcolm McClure

    Happy New Year, David, and thank you for laying foundations for optimism.

  15. All the best David …

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