November 16, 2010

Nationwide Tour of 'Outsiders'

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27 November 2010 – 16 December 2010


November 2010 — The Abbey Theatre is delighted to present OUTSIDERS by leading economist and commentator David McWilliams on a nationwide tour this November and December. The tour will start on Saturday 27 November in the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny and finishes on Thursday 16 December in An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny. David McWilliams takes to the stage in a show which is part stand up, part discussion, part social observation and is directed by award-winning director Conall Morrison.

OUTSIDERS is a characteristically vivid, humorous and uncompromising account of what is going on in Ireland. In a unique theatre piece that had its world premiere on the Peacock stage last June, McWilliams offers a narrative of the recent collusion between the insiders of the Irish political system and the financial sector.

McWilliams believes Ireland’s political and social divide is not so much about rich and poor, young and old, urban and rural, but about Insiders and Outsiders. The Insiders — found in every village, town and city — are those with a stake in our country who believe that today’s status quo must be preserved at all costs. The Outsiders — who might live next door — are those who realise that the status quo is part of the problem.

In Ireland every time there is a crisis, the Insiders get stronger, not weaker. Far from losing power and paying for the chaos they caused, they tighten their grip on the country. In contrast, the Outsiders are excluded and left to fend for themselves. That is what happened in the 1950s and the 1980s and it is happening again now. But there is an alternative. OUTSIDERS is about the alternative.

While the others cheered the boom, only one economist accurately predicted the collapse and mess we find ourselves in. He told you the truth then; he’s telling you the truth now.

Outsiders tour dates

Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny
Saturday 27 November, 8pm
Tickets: €18/€16 (conc.)
Booking: 056-7761674 /

Everyman Palace, Cork
Sunday 28 November, 8pm
Tickets: €25 / €20 (conc.) / €7 students (limited availability)
Bookings: / 021 4501673
Telephone & internet bookings are subject to a handling change

Town Hall Theatre, Galway
Tuesday 30 November, 8pm
Tickets €18/15 (conc.)
Booking: 091-569777/

Glór, Ennis
Thursday 1 December, 8pm
Tickets – €18/€15 (conc.)
Booking: 065 6843103 / www.gló

Backstage Theatre, Longford
Thursday 2 December, 8.30pm
Tickets €18/€16 (conc.)
Bookings 043 3347888 /

Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise
Friday 3 December, 8pm
Tickets €20/€16 (conc.)
Booking: 057 8663355 /

Siamsa Tíre, Kerry
Saturday 4, Sunday 5 December, 8pm
Tickets €19
Booking: (066) 7123055 /

Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire
Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 December, 8pm
Tickets: TBC
Booking: 01 231 2929 /

Garterlane, Waterford
Monday 13 December
Tickets: TBC
Booking: 051 855038 /

Draíocht, Blanchardstown
Main Auditorium
Tuesday 14 December, 8pm
Tickets: €18 / €14 (conc.)
Booking: 01-885 2622 /

Riverbank Arts Centre, Kildare
Wednesday 15 December, 8pm
Tickets : €20/ €18 (conc.)
Book 045 448327 /

An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny
Thursday 16 December, 8pm
Tickets €20/€15 (conc.)
Booking: 074 912 0777 /

  1. MadaboutEire

    Were you the only economist to predict the collapse?

    I understand the need to advertise and get people’s attention, but think that kind of line undermines more than anything else. Keep it real.

    • madabouteire,

      show me the guys who did? there is little point telling us in 2007 that we have a problem when the thing was practically all over. the iirish property binge stopped in mid 2006. the time to be brave was in 2002/03 and clearly there was only one economicst back then who said it would all end in tears. see the primetime interview in freefall…its on the site here.or check out the early 2000s artciles in the archive here.

      everyone is wise after the event, very few were wise in advance.

      all the best david

      • SFR Daniel

        Bravo! See you Tuesday in Galway.

      • MadaboutEire

        Will a prediction from 1998 do? (albeit a non-’economist’ one)

        David, you like history and you know well that the cycles of boom and bust are a salient characteristic of so called capitalist or State capitalist, as Chomsky cites it, economic and financial history.

        In Ireland,the average house was at one point 12-15 times the average industrial income, it was pretty evident that the writing was on the wall for the economy (I didn’t purchase a house, I knew it would end in tears and I was not alone), people working in the markets knew the numbers, they knew what was happening, the only surprise was that it took so long. You went public, that is your business and I saw the clip on Freefall from 2003, and it was great that you spoke out but I don’t think it was Oracle at Delphi stuff.

        There were also many on the left, commentators, politicians, academics who were screaming against the lunacy of what was taking place – the property speculation, fast money, crazy land prices, flipping of properties etc. Joe Higgins was vocal while Peadar Kirby published a book also in 1998 (In the Shadow of the Tiger: New Approcahes to Combatting Exclusion) talking about social exclusion and inequality, he knew what the beast was creating and where it was leading. There was also the outstanding Tony Gregory who was a thorn in the side of the establishment. There were plenty wise before the event, and they are still wise thankfully.

        But as mentioned, I accept to some degree that publicity is the name of the game, just don’t become a victim of it, as I pointed out elswhere, the Romans put a slave on the chariot to remind the conquering General to keep his feet on the ground.

        Just on the issue of archive material, you wrote this in 2006 ( maybe in the course of your interview with Noam Chomsky you should have asked him about Milton and the impact of his ‘ideas’ on the lives of ordinary people, he has been consistently scathing of Freidman and the Chicago Boys.

        You mention at the very end of your tribute: “Milton Friedman wasn’t always right and his advice to the Chilean junta after the coup against the Allende government blotted his career”. That is quite a statement for a period which saw the skyrocketing of poverty in Chile, mass privatisation, full implementation of the neoliberal agenda, all well documented in Klein’s book ‘The Shock Doctrine’.

      • jimi

        i am agreement with you david, i recall a time post 2003 that i stopped believing in property market. i took the rationale that it was not reasonable for a one bed appartment in dublin to be 10 times the average industrial wage. somewhere along the line, there was affordability entering the market on the fringes of the dublin known as the commuter belt. i felt that these places were reasonably priced. it gave me an opportunity to get a decent sized property at not such a mad price. however, these developments were really only a product of a property market gone mad. they were a place that people planned on staying a few years before getting a property in an area they really wanted to live in. little did they know that it was a decision which like me they will be living with for a very long time. i did not hear any economist telling people not to buy, i agree with you, that it was far too late for me and my neighbours, to say that in 2007.

  2. dwalsh

    Nevermind the nay-sayers David; any creative activity that helps to educate and bring reality to the general population is positive and worthwhile. Best of luck with the tour and keep up the brilliant work you are doing on all our behalfs.

  3. SFR Daniel

    I saw this at the Peacock. It was an amazing experience, indescribable actually. Packed with information, loaded with wit and entertainment — very upbeat and encouraging despite the ‘bad news’. I can’t say enough good things about it. Go see if you haven’t!

  4. stiofanc02

    “MadaboutEire” sounds like the pious guy who limits himself to “just one glass of wine” on the night out. Someone who never created or invented anything. A little hubris and shameless self promotion is well placed and deserved here. Cant wait to see the show. David is my hero, and as for the Madman? You are a bore.

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  6. astainexile

    Just read your book The Generation Game and find
    myself animated about your proposals for Ireland
    to recreaate itself using the most valuable asset
    it has – its creative people and their inherent
    ability to connect. Your clever analysis
    of the Ireland’s recent economic history and the way
    you put it into a historic and global context is a real eyeopener. What a shame the politicians don’t have the humility or good sense to avail of the political and economic insight the you and some others I can think of could make available to them for the goodof the Irish people as a whole. I hope I can getto see your show, which I am sure must be promotingsome of he ideas that I have just been reading.

    Well done and keep up the good work – Ireland needs
    leaders right now.

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  8. Derek Hoare

    David – great show in Galway last night. Very insightful and informative in terms of how the economy has got into the state it is in – and more importantly offering a solution to the problem (that our politicans / civil service mandarins are too afraid to take).
    You asked what we, the people, could do to help make this happen. While there was a lot of enthuasiam in the audience, I do not see a US-style “Tea-Party” movement for reform happening in Ireland (are we too ‘shell-shocked’?). One suggestion then is, are you willing to post a ~10-15 minute synopsis of your arguments / proposed solution on YouTube? Then we, your audience, can contact family & friends so they can watch, become informed, and help push our ‘insiders’ to make the right decision. Before it is too late.

  9. SFR Daniel

    Yes, excellent Galway presentation.
    With all due respect to the concept, the actual ‘Tea Party’ movement was/is not actually about reform, despite what they claim. So not being able to do it is not exactly a handicap!
    I like the YouTube idea.

  10. MattOCallaghan

    I was at the show in longford last night and left feeling up lifted, however the budget anouncements today from FG and Labour made my heart sink and lead me to believe that the only hope of real change is a new political party, they are just not listening!
    I live in hope

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