November 10, 2010

Meeting up at Kilkenomics

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Hi, fancy meeting up for a jar at Kilkinomics if you are going? I’d love to put a face to your name which I recognise from the website over the past few years. It seems like we’ve been through quite a bit together at this stage!! How’s about 8.30pm Saturday night Langtons?

  1. Pete


    I’ll see you for a jar at Langtons.

    Would be a pleasure talking to you.

  2. irishminx

    See you there then.

  3. JHShanahan

    You’re on. See you there.

  4. Johno

    Dont post as often as I’d like but yeah ill be there. Delighted Kilkenomics is on! Hopefully be good for Kilkenny!

  5. crossroads

    Definitely up for that.

    Looking forward to Kilkenomics. A great initiative which will hopefully get more people informed and involved in positive actions to push forward the changes we need to make in this country.

  6. Committed to another event this weekend unfortunately as I’d really love to get along to Kilkenomics & to meet up for a pint. You’ll have to do another one….

  7. irishminx This is brilliant, please share, it’s funny and brilliant PR. My apologies for hijacking!

  8. David… could I say no its brilliant that such a venue is coming to Kilkenny.

  9. adamabyss

    See you there! I’ll be the one drinking Ballygowan!

  10. theliammurphy

    See you there David

  11. johnm

    the diaspora will be there in spirit.

  12. Dorothy Jones

    See ye there, will be going to some of the shows tomorrow. Just going to book now!

  13. adamabyss

    I am in the foyer of the hotel now on the computer (haha, how sad), with David running around busy behind me, if anyone wants to meet up today or tomorrow just call me on 086 177 0640, Adam.

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