September 14, 2010

Is housing bubble about to burst?

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Prime Time from Thursday, 16th of October 2003.

Economist and broadcaster David McWilliams and Chief Economist with IIB Bank, Austin Hughes, debate the issue “Is housing bubble about to burst?”

The 20 minute video can be viewed here. You must have Real Player to view it.

  1. adamabyss

    Thanks for that David. Obviously you listen to people’s requests unlike any one in government or the banks. Adam.

  2. daveflood

    Austin Hughes must feel a wee bit silly now! Again a sensible argument David that not many listened to nearly 5 years before it all came crashing down and they still don’t listen to sense! Proof perhaps that FF will never listen to anyone but themselves.


  3. On the money and the button as usual David. I came home in 2003 after 28 years abroad on the back of information that Ireland had invented some miraculous New Way.
    It was apparently obvious that this Eire Nua of the late 90′s was heading the way of Thatchers Britain in the late 80′s but faster.
    And as regards “Loadsamoney”, even more distastefully.
    Still here and God knows why, when i had a lovely life in Limoges possible with an occasional commute to service London contracts.
    But what the hell. If you and GtCost can stick it, then so can I.

    I’ve just retired from the cut and thrust and opened a little café place up in the Muscraí Mountains. If you pass this way at some point, we do a decent expresso. I believe you’ve had some experience of Toureendubh previously.
    Keep the faith agus go n-eirigh leat.

  4. Hi David, I’d love to hear this. Would it be possible to strip out the video and upload the sound as an mp3 to the podcast section?

  5. Maire

    Why have you stopped me from commenting?

  6. Maire

    David stopped me from commenting on this page because he did not like what I had to say

  7. Maire

    Watch out my comments will be removed

  8. steveg

    Video link seems to be gone unfortunately

  9. Hi David, we could do with a speaker like you in Vancouver, Canada. We seem to have exactly the same thing happening over here where property prices are rising year-on-year and are highly over-inflated. Meanwhile people’s salaries have not increased that much. Low interest rates and lies in the media about a great outlook for 2011, promoted by real estate agents and their cronies just fuel the fire. Banks are giving out mortgages hand-over-fist.
    Canada is seen as strong in the Irish media, young Irish are flocking here. The truth is things are not all that rosy. The huge housing bubble in Vancouver and other parts of Canada is just waiting to pop, and then we’ll see the banks taking a hit, and you know the rest because it’s been seen all over the world…please send a FYI to the Canadian government.
    Read more on what’s happening:

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