May 17, 2010

How bankers brought Ireland to its knees

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Good article in the Financial Times on Ireland.

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  1. SM

    Ha ha..

    “Bertie Ahern, the Taoiseach who presided over the alchemical prolongation of the boom and hides his shrewdnesss behind a blokeish bonhomie and mangled syntax, saw it differently in 2006 when, as he put it, “the boom was getting more boomier”.”

  2. ThomasFergus

    Not bad, but far too many insiders for your blood David. I’d include Colm McCarthy, Charlie Haughey’s man, in that. Not to mention Geoghegan Quinn, Lenihan, Begg et al.

  3. Original-Ed

    “The Smart Economy”, a numbing staccato of hollow buzzwords, is a poor guide. “All that was a late boom idea that has suddenly morphed into a recovery idea,” says Whelan. “It’s suddenly become: ‘This is what is going to save the country.’” It falls somewhat short of reimagining Ireland.”

    It’s all very fine to take the piss out of this idea, but our paymaster neighbours judge a country by it’s technology. Diddle de is great fun and all that, but it has no substance as far as our European neighbours are concerned when it comes to serious living.
    An extract from the Sunday Times on Der Speigal comment about Greece says it all “Greece has no industry worthy of the name, makes no products with prospects on a global scale and carries no research to discover any”

  4. Ton

    “Shock though this is, Ireland appears to be managing it and doing so with an informed public debate. . . . . So far, there have been go-slows rather than strikes; government and unions have struck a deal on public sector pay and reform. The boards of the banks have been cleared out and targets for pent-up public anger have appeared on cue, with Sean FitzPatrick and his former finance director at Anglo arrested and questioned by the Gardaí. No banks are ablaze in Dublin; it is not Athens.”
    This part of the article paints a far to optimistic picture of the situation in Ireland, specially the text about the deal between government and unions. This is a proposed deal. This proposal is being rejected by some unions. Or did I miss something?
    Setting a bank ablaze, just as in Athens, is an example of stupid violence that would harm any protests.

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